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Unless otherwise stated, I drew the pictures shown on this page. They are copyrighted to me and can not be reproduced in part or in whole unless I give express written permission. If you see something that you think is exceptionally cool and that you just must have, email me, and we'll work something out. This is where I'm putting all the pictures that don't really fit into any of the catergories I've set up. Enjoy.

Butterfly Thumbnail Butterfly: Drawn on Microsoft Paint. Colored with Corel. The thumbnail has been fixed. 116 K.
Cat Thumbnail Cat: A picture of a cat character of mine. Rannon a very (extra)ordinary rust and cream colored cat. Scanned and colored on Micrographix. 90 K.
Chinese Design Thumbnail Chinese Design: I drew this several years ago from the edge of a plate I'd once seen. When I scanned and colored it, I thought it was Assyrian. I found a picture of the plate recently only to discover the design is Chinese. 33 K.
Coyote Skull Thumbnail Coyote Skull: This is what is called boredom in the paleontology lab. A quick pencil sketch I did of a coyote skull lying around. 63 K.
Deer Thumbnail Deer: Looking back at this picture, I wish that I had paid more attention to the front legs. They look a little off to me. I also really wish this had scanned better than it did. Done in colored pencils. The original looks much better. 74 K.
Dolphins Thumbnail Dolphins: My first attempt at using water color pencils. I think it came out really well. In fact, it came out better than my second attempt at using those pencils. This was inspired by a very small drawing in a National Geographic magazine of three dolphins. 60 K.
Flower Thumbnail Flower: The first picture I drew in 1999. It now resides with Kimoki in Florida. A black and white picture of a fantasical kind of iris. Done in pencil. 43 K.
Frog Thumbnail Frog: Something I work on at work. A small image of a frog drawn and colored on the computer with a mouse. 10 K.
Pleurant Thumbnail Pleurant: The Eternal Mourners from France would guard the tombs of great people, forever mourning their passing. Don't ask why I did mine in pink. I don't know. Done with watercolor pencils. 35 K.
Reality Thumbnail Reality: A picture that use to grace my old webpage. It conveys my feelings of reality quite nicely. 85 K.
Sam Thumbnail Sam the Cat: Sam managed to grace my notebooks and random sheets of paper with his annoying little presence for almost a year. He doesn't do that anymore thank goodness. 33 K.
Shadowlands Thumbnail Shadowlands: The original title graphic for my homepage at North Carolina State University. Done on Microsoft Paint. This was back when I had to put my pictures on disk and take them over to a friend's computer in order to covert them into something other than .bmp format. I still like it even though it's huge. 154 K.
Shadowlands 2 Thumbnail Shadowlands 2: After deciding that the original Shadowlands graphic was too large I made this much smaller version of just a shield and a motto.31 K.
Sunset Thumbnail Sunset: A herd of Brachiosaurs at sunset. Done all on computer with masks and gradient fills. 87 K.

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