Kimoki's Pictures Colored by Tsaiko

Unless otherwise stated, the pictures shown on this page were drawn by Kimoki. They are copyrighted to her and can not be reproduced in part or in whole unless she give express written permission. If you see something that you think is exceptionally cool and that you just must have, email me, and I'll pass your request along over to her. Over the years Kimoki has sent me a lot of artwork. I just couldn't resist coloring some of it.

4 Sisters Thumbnail 4 Sisters: A drawing Kimoki did of the Four sisters. Top left is Sarah, bottom left is Kari, top right is Casey, and bottom right is me. 102 K.
Alight! Thumbnail A light!: Picture demonstrating why foxes and open flames do not mix. Really like the background I put on this one. 102 K.
Duo and Pikachu Thumbnail Duo and Pikachu: Duo and Pikachu sharing a morning cup of... coffee? Is it wise to give either one of the coffe? Let's hope it's decaf. I love how I managed to get a somewhat anime style coloring on Duo. Just wish I remembered to put shadows on the table. 50 K.
Help! Thumbnail Help!:A picture of two dinosaurs. One contemplating a meal. One contemplating being that meal 0_o;;. 57 K.
Joi in color Thumbnail Joi in color: An absolutely wonderful picture tha Kimoki did of Joi with one of the wolves her brother commanded behind her. I love how my coloring came out on this one. A very good piece of fanart for Ani. 125 K.
Kami with Staff Thumbnail Kami with Staff: An attempt by Kimoki to draw Miome. She sent Miome and I the picture, and we both agreed that it looked more like my character Kami. So I colored it to look like her. 110 K.
Lost Suit Thumbnail Lost Suit: Why you should never jump into the pool if your swim trunks aren't tight enough. Tasuki sure looks embarrassed in this one. 100 K.
Mahlia Thumbnail Mahlia: A wonderful picture of Tanako's cat Mahlia. This is the first one I colored of her, so I would know how to place all the orange and black spots in future pictures. Such a cute calico. 31 K.
Naked Nuriko Thumbnail Naked Nuriko: A picture of Nuriko naked!. Don't worry, his back is turned and it stops just short of anything interesting. Rabid Nuriko fans should feel free to send me money for coloring this picture. 130 K.
Write more Lemons! Thumbnail Write more Lemons!: Okay, this will take some explaining. I hadn't written anything for a while. So to inspire me, Miome put a picture of Xellos (with no pants) as the background of my computer with the caption "Write more Lemons!". As revenge, I had Kimoki draw up this picture, which I promptly colored and put up as the background to her computer. I am not responsible for any pyschological damage this picture causes. 61 K.

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