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Unless otherwise stated, I drew the pictures shown on this page. They are copyrighted to me and can not be reproduced in part or in whole unless I give express written permission. If you see something that you think is exceptionally cool and that you just must have, email me, and we'll work something out. this is all my fantasy art, something I've been doing for a long time. Unicorns, dragons, gryphons, and the occasoinal phoenix can be found here.

Black Unicorn Thumbnail Black Unicorn: Pretty celetial tiger, one of the four (or five) major forces of China. In other words, Byakko!. Done in Photoshop with reference. 32 K.
Celestial Tiger Thumbnail Celestial Tiger: Once again, fun with line art. I didn't draw the original, but I modified it so much that other than pose, it's hard to recognize this picture. Done in MS Paint. 26 K.
Deer-like Unicorn Thumbnail Deer-like Unicorn: Paleo-lab boredom. I found a book on ancient mammals one day and was looking through the prehistoric deer section. One of the deer with tusks caught my eye and I thought it would make a greta unicorn. Hence, the picture. Done in pencil on notebook paper. Hence, the lines.
Dragon head Thumbnail Dragon head: An early copy of just the head of a dragon I am coloring in MS Paint. Lots of use of gradients. Yes, I'm doing it all by hand one pixel at a time and manually figuring out how to get the gradients to work. It's a hobby of mine. 20 K.
Oriental Dragon Head 1 Thumbnail Dragon head (machine, oriental): Fifteen minutes with a pencil and a piece of paper. Sorry about how light it was. It was scanned by a friend, and the original lost. I think eventually I'll redraw this one day. 12 K.
Oriental Dragon Head 2 Thumbnail Dragon head (oriental): Another fifteen minute creation again scanned by a friend. More oriental, less machine like. Another one I hope to redraw eventually. 17 K.
Demon Horse Thumbnail Demon Horse: A very simple line drawing I did several years ago, then colored with my crappy pre-Photoshop program. I like the simplicity, but wish I had done more detail. 41 K.
Faceless Elf Thumbnail Faceless elf: A faceless elf back from when I could not draw faces to save my life. Spent six hours doing all the folds in her robe. Never again. Though one of my better pictures. Done in pencil. 54 K.
Goat-like Unicorn Thumbnail Goat-like Unicorn: Horse make great unicorns, but so do goats! Based off a type of mountain goat from Nepal (I think). Drawn in pencil then colored in Photoshop. I love the way the hair came out. 28 K.
Colored Griffon Thumbnail Griffon (colored): I did not draw this. I've seen it as a piece of line art floating around the internet for some time. I've never found the original creator. But I cleaned it up, colored it, made it pretty. It's the almost the same coloring as one of my characters. 83 K.
Gryphon Thumbnail Gryphon: Based off the cover art of Merecedes Lackey's "White Gryphon." I was hoping for the slightly beefier style of gryphon, but it came out to thin. Oh well. Done in art pencils. 40 K.
Heraldry Thumbnail Heraldry: A dragon holding my own personal coat-of-arms. The shield breaks a couple of rules of hersldry but I still like it. 96 K.
Phoenix Thumbnail Phoenix: Lots of bright colors! It took me about two days to get this completely colored. I love it. All fire hues from purple to red, from blue to yellow. 82 K.
Purple Dragon Thumbnail Purple Dragon: A weel-drawn purple dragon head. I tried to give the dragon expression instead of just making it look like a big dumb animal. I think I suceeded. Drawn in pencil, and colored pencil. 104 K.
Unicorn Unicorn: A unicorn dipping it's horn into a pond to purify the water. I dont like how the eye came out, but others have told me its fine. Done in pencil on the envelope for a friend. 63 K.
Unicorn 2 Thumbnail Unicorn 2: Another pencil unicorn. Everyone say it together "Well placed rocks are your friends!" Not the best unicorn I've ever done, but decent. 69 K.
Water Unicorn Thumbnail Water Unicorn: Ever watch Pokemon? Rapidash was always my favorite, but I never did like the idea of a fire unicorn. So I made a water version. The tail was a pain to do, but turned out great. Drawn in colored pencils on my dorm room floor one summer. 80 K.
Wind Dragon Thumbnail Wind Dragon: A wind dragon chasing bubbles through the air. I especially like the coloration on the bubbles. Drawn then colored on the computer. 32 K.
Wyrmrealm Thumbnail Wyrmrealm: Pick up a copy of Anne McCaffery's "White Dragon.". Then look at my picture. Nifty, heh? Done in pencil and then in marker. I may or may not add the mountains and such. I like how simple this is. 159 K.
Xiuhquauhcoatl Thumbnail Xiuhquauhcoatl: Create your own god with a few pictures and about four encyclopedias. An Aztec dragon done during my junior year of highschool. Yes, the name really does translate to "Turquoise Eagle Serpent." 99 K.

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