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Unless otherwise stated, I drew the pictures shown on this page. They are copyrighted to me and can not be reproduced in part or in whole unless I give express written permission. If you see something that you think is exceptionally cool and that you just must have, email me, and we'll work something out. This is where I'm putting all the fan art and anime style pictures. Some are good. Some are not so good. I'm still working on my style (and how to draw people for that matter)

Chichiri Thumbnail Chichiri: A pencil drawing of Chichir from Fushigi Yuugi in the kasa looking a feather. Is the feather from Suzaku? Decide for yourself. I would have put the swirly symbols on the blanket thing he's wearing but they were too much of a pain to draw. So I left them off. 65 K.
Green haired girl Thumbnail Green Haired Girl: One of the best anime style pictures I've done. I especially like how her hair came out. Pencil, traced with pen, and colored with colored pencils. 60 K.
Girl in the Wind Thumbnail Girl in the Wind: Another anime girl her hair and clothes being blown by the wind. I'm less happy with the way this one turned out. Especailly after I used some kind of funky filter which distorted the colors. Pencil, pen, colored pencil with touch-ups in Corel. 85 K.
Joi Thumbnail Joi: An old picture of Joi I did before I actually learned to draw anime style. It looks nothing like what I imagined her to look like. Not at all happy with it. Done in pencil, scanned and colored on computer. 88 K.
Scary Hiei Thumbnail Scary Hiei: Why actually draw the character when you can leave it up to the imagination? I really like how this peice of fan art turned out. It's of the eyes and starburst of Hiei from yu Yu Hakusho. I really like the eyes. The concept is nifty too. 43 K.
Shirtless Tasuki Thumbnail Shirtless Tasuki: This absolutely stunning peice f artwork was not down by me. It is offical artwork from Watasi Yuu. I converted it into .bmp form and colored it pixel by pixel. I'm very proud of the results, though I hope never have to do that again. Unless I want to, of course. 234 K.
Wings Thumbnail Wings: Another attempt back before I could really draw anime. Though this attempt is better than some of the ones I've done. I just wish I had put pants on him. Oh well. Drawn and inked by hand, scanned and colored on my crappy graphics program. 110 K.

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