Warnings: slight violence but I doubt it
Pairings: will be 1x2, 3x4
Category: AU, action/adventure, fantasy, romance
Author: Arigatomina
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Without the Moon

Part 5

"Are you sure you want to go? You could stay the night, I don't mind."

Blinking at Duo, Wing shook his head quickly, "No I can't. I have to go now." Leaving the boy, he made his way across town with the invisible grace of any alley cat. He wasn't looking forward to seeing Heero, but he couldn't let the boy wonder where he was. A half an hour later, he scratched on the door to Heero's apartment, flinching when it was jerked open almost immediately.

Frowning, he entered the apartment, hopping onto the couch so he could meet those furious cobalt eyes. "Why are you so angry? I was just making sure they got home all right, it's a dangerous time."

"Right." Eyes narrowing as he stared at the cat, Heero folded his arms over his chest. "And when did you become so friendly? I can't believe the way you were hanging all over him."

Wing's ears flattened against his head as he glared, the hair on his neck bristling. "I like him. Duo is *nice*, he's funny and he's got a sweet attitude. If you're mad at me then that's fine but leave him out of it. He likes having me around and I'm not going to stop because you threw a fit. Though God knows why you would." Frowning, he could tell that Heero wasn't happy with what he'd said, but he really didn't know why his liking Duo angered the boy so much.

"A fit?" Snorting, Heero moved to sit at the table, his back to the cat. "Hang on him if you want, it's nothing to me."

//Is he...jealous?! I don't believe it....// His eyes widened as he looked at the boy's stiff back and a smile broke out over his face. //He is...this is too much...// Standing, he walked to the table, curling up in front of his dish on on the corner across from Heero. "You know, Shi-chan and Duo are very close. I was surprised at how protective Shi-chan is,"he said in an offhanded manner, pretending interest in his food.

"You're calling him that, now?"

"Sure, why not? I was also surprised at their relationship, it's so different from ours. I can't help thinking that you've been alone for too long, maybe that's why you're so jaded. But that doesn't make much sense since Duo's alone too."

"There's nothing wrong with being jaded," Heero said, tone giving the impression that he wasn't interested although his entire attention was focused on the cat.

"Actually, Duo was getting a job when I met him this afternoon. I should have known he was doing just what he said, Shi-chan says he never lies." Seeing Heero look up sharply, he continued, glancing down at his food as he batted a paw at it. "It seems he's been alone since he was six, and *he* didn't inherit anything from *his* parents. Of course, he didn't live in foster homes either. You know, you're luckier than I thought, Duo's been working since he was young. I never really thought about it like that but you have it easy. I didn't think it was a good idea for him to work right now, but it's just like he said, he has to feed his cat." Glancing at Heero from the corner of his eye, he could tell the boy was very interested. His voice still light as if he was just making conversation, he continued. ""I hadn't realized how young he is, after all, he's in the same classes as the rest of you. I should have thought of Wufei, he's in the same classes and *he's* a year younger. But still, Duo enjoys life so much, I guess that could be because of his age."

"How old is he?"

Hiding a grin, Wing shrugged, "Fifteen, *much* younger than you." Heero's expression darkened immediately, proving beyond a doubt that he liked the long-haired boy. "Maybe that's why we get along so well."

"I'm seventeen," Heero said sharply, getting up and shoving the chair against the table roughly, "and you're a cat."

"I know I'm a cat," Wing said, glancing at the boy as if he was an idiot. "Of course I am. But," he turned his back so he could hide his grin as he stretched slowly, "Duo has such a soft hand and he *really* knows how to pet." Catching the way Heero bristled, he laughed, making a hasty retreat when the boy stepped toward him.

* * *


Opening his eyes to find a small black face with shining eyes an inch from his own was quite a shock, amd Duo jerked back, falling off the bed. "Shit! Don't do that!" Catching his breath, he stood quickly. "What's wrong?"

Smiling when Duo began to dress immediately, Shinigami glanced out the window. "I was on the roof and I saw explosions coming from a plaza not far from here." Duo's eyes widened as he glanced down at his communicator and the cat shookhis head. "No, there hasn't been a call, you didn't miss one. But the explosions were black, Duo."

"That's them." Jerking on his shoes, he grabbed the cat, kissing his forehead before dropping him on the bed and moving to the door. He paused for a second, then turned back. "I'd tell you to stay here, but you won't." The cat managed to look adorable as his eyes were suddenly glued to the ceiling. "Yeah, so just don't get too close, okay?" Not waiting for an answer, he ran down the stairs, calling the others as he moved.

The five boys met not far from the school as the explosions were little over a mile from there. Duo had a thirst for details, and his mind flew as he watched the boys' transformations, noting that like him, they were enveloped in light which exploeded outward as they were revealed. Although in reality it took only a minute or two, time seemed to slow as he took in their appearances.

Despite the dark almost black purple light that had surrounded him, Wufei was dressed in white. His pants and shirt were loose although the shirt did have a high colar, trimmed in silver. A thin, circular silver band cirlced his forehead, a shocking contrast against his now-loose black hair and he had a long cape that seemed to come out of the back of his shirt. It was that dark purple-black on the outside, but shining silver on the inside and it reached the back of his knees. He was wearing silver boots to his ankles, and a chain of silver links circled his waist loosely, a long, curved blade hanging on one hip. He was also holding a weapon of some sort that consisted of a staff with a blade at both ends.

Eyes shining in that slowed moment, Duo turned to Quatre. The blonde boy looked like something out of Arabian Nights with the white head-peice that covered his hair. A pale blue band circled the white material around his forehead, and folds of cloth fell to his shoulders, an inch of it coming down over his bangs, not quite hiding the pale golden hair. His clothing was white, but the colar of his shirt was loose, not hiding his neck while the sleeves were tight at his wrists but had loose cloth falling down the the middle of his hands. A white cloak was held on his shoulders by a pale blue clasp, and the inside was the same blue. Like Wufei, he had a looped belt around his waist, but his was of that pale blue color and held two curved, semi-circular blades, one on each hip. His boots were white, and reached his ankles. Duo noticed that Trowa was also watching the boy and his eyes moved to the him.

Trowa was wearing green, surprising Duo since the boy had been surrounded by a tan light, and his pants were the same color. The shirt had a high, circular neck and tight wrists. His cape was the expected tan both inside and out, and while he had no hair peace, there was some sort of tan cloth covering his face so only his dark green eyes glinted. Well, one eye glinted, the other was hidden from where Duo stood by the boy's fall of red-brown bangs. He was wearing tan boots, and Duo noticed that his only weapon was a straight blade held on his hip by a tan, braided rope about his waist.

Having saved his favorite for last, Duo had to admit that Heero looked very good in his outfit, even if it was in contradiction to his planet. Rather than brown as he'd expected, Heero had been surrounded by a dark blue, nearly the same color as the boy's eyes and Duo wondered briefly if it wasn't the water on Earth that he represented rather than the land. Then his thoughts were gone as his eyes moved over the Japanese boy. Like Trowa, his weapon was a straight sword held by an ivory chain that blazed against his midnight blue clothing. The sleeves of his shirt ended an inch or so above his elbow and dark blue, fingerless gloves covered his hands, coming to his wrists. An ivory band circled his forehead, showing beneath his dark bangs as it seemed to disappear into his hair and he was wearing a white cape with midnight blue lining that reached his ankles. His boots were slightly higher than the others, but they were white and covered the bottom of his pants. As he looked at the boy, cobalt blue eyes met him and suddenly time shifted, moving at normal speed again.

Grinning slightly, Duo transformed quickly, wondering if the others would peruse him as he had them. Like Wufei, his hair came down, falling in waves to the back of his knees and drawing Heero's eyes like the best of baits. He was wearing a headpiece just like Quatre's, except it was black with a violet band around his forehead and it didn't hide his hair as it stopped at his shoulders. His clothing was also violet, but his shirt made a slight V at his neck, revealing a small silver cross. Like Quatre, his long sleeves ended tight at his wrists but with loose ruffles that fell half-way down his hands, his black fingerless gloves barely discernable. His long cape was completely black, and there was nothing around his waist as his weapon was the tall staff he held in his right hand. It was black, the slightly curved blade violet tinted and glinting in the dark. He also had tall black boots that reached halfway up to his knees. Heero stared.

A moment of silence was shared before Duo blinked suddenly as an explosion sounded in the night. Without a spoken agreement, they rushed to find their enemy.

* * *

They weren't very old, the two young men who seemed bent on destroying every building in sight. In fact, they looked like normal people if it weren't for their identicle black clothing which looked like a one-piece suit. That, and the fact that they were flying and destroying things with a black flame that exploded on impact. The five boy's converged on them quickly, vaguely grateful that the building were not residential ones but stores that were closed at the late hour.

"Well, Alex, looks like they're here. It took them long enough." Laughing, the black man eyed the boys, still having trouble with their ages. He'd been warned of their strength, but he scoffed at it. "They're children!"

Smirking, the blonde man shook his head. "Enough laughing, Meuler, let's just kill them and get on with this."

Nodding to each other, the moved together as they sent a dark bolt of black fire at the boys. Prepaired, the five boys split quickly, not giving the two enemies a single target. Moving to one side, Trowa's hands moved together as he sent a golden ball of light at the blonde man who flew to the side quickly. Close to Quatre now, Alex sent the black flame at the blonde boy, cursing when the boy drew his blades and made an X of blue light which desolved the attack before it could touch him. With the blonde man's back to him, Wufei leaped into the air, bringing his katana down in a cruel swipe and sending the enemy to the ground.

In the meantime, Mueler had his hands full as he dodged the powerful beam of white light Heero sent at him and landed as he sent black flame at Duo. It was obviously the only attack the two enemies had, and Duo had been expecting it. He'd already dodged and was quick to return the attack, hitting the black man in the side with a slash of violet from the edge of his scythe. It was just a glancing blow, and Mueler turned on him quickly only to catch another hit from Heero who was now at his back. The enemy fell heavily to the ground and the two boys moved nearer to each other as Meuler recovered, flying backwards so he could face the two boys without either at his back.

Alex was under heavy attack and having trouble with his three opponents. Dodging one attack only resulted in his placing himself in line with another attack. Wounded, he moved to Meuler, regrouping and looking around at the black sky above them. Joining the other three, Duo and Heero held their attacks as they waited to see what he enemy was up to, taking up positions where the five of them circled their targets.

Wufei and Heero exchanged a quick glance as the two men continued to simply float there, looking upward. Having decided to attack anyway, they were caught off guard when a harsh cry sounded to their right. Trowa was on his knees, and Duo cursed as he spotted Zechs behind him. Ignoring the two men in the sky, the five moved to Trowa, Quatre jumping behind the boy as he cut the beam of black light with his blades, sending it back to the white-haired man. Then Noin was in front of him and a pink semicircle of light appeared before her, deflecting the beam. Wufei sent an attack toward them, but it too was deflected. Then Zechs disappeared.

On guard, Duo dived to the ground as the man appeared before him, barely missing him as he tried what was obviously the power draining attack. Moving to attack again, Zechs fell back as powerful white light hit him, but then Noin was there again, cutting it off. Glaring, Heero tried futiley to get through the pink shield, jerking around when he felt a prescence behind him as Alex and Mueler sent simultaneous attacks at him. From the corner of his eye, he could see Wufei rushing toward him, but his attention was diverted as Zechs disappears from behind the shield.

Eyes in slits as he knelt beside Trowa who'd changed back after falling to the ground, Quatre forced himself to move as he saw Duo on the receiving end of the same attack that had felled the tall boy. Running to help, he skidded to a halt as Noin appeared before him, sending a black attack at him. Raising his blades with rapid speed, he blocked, eyes moving to where Duo was on his knees, surrounded by the continuous beam of black light the white-haired man was hitting him with. Dodging the woman's attack, he tried to get closer to the boy but was halted as he blocked again, his attack bouncing harmlessly off the shield she quickly surrounded herself with.

Not bothering to dodge the two men's attacks, Heero sent a beam of white light at them, cutting through their black attacks and knocking them apart. With a sharp cry, Wufei slashed Alex with his blade, purple light cutting him as well as the silver metal and the man fell to the ground. With a loud cry, Mueler froze as he watched the blonde man slowly fade out before disappearing altogether. With the force lessened, Heero left Wufei as he ran to Duo, but he slowed sharply when the white-haired man suddenly ceased the attack. Moving with uncharacteristic slowness, Duo turned and sent a violet beam at him but Zechs disappeared before it could reach him.

Reappearing behind the black haired boy, Zechs sent his attack at him, gritting his teeth when Wufei dodged immediately, obviously expecting it. Rolling on the ground, Wufei was on his feet again and twirled his double bladed staff, catching the white-haired man in the chest and sending him flying backward in a flury of purple-tinted sparks. Gasping, Noin left the blonde boy as she moved to help Zechs, hitting Wufei with the black attack that was so prominent among them. Quatre followed quickly, joining Wufei and sending a pale blue beam at them as he swiped on blade diagonally through the air, catching Noin Zechs briefly before Noin quickly used her shield.

Fury blazing through him, Mueler took one last look at the spot where his comrad had lain and flew to join the fray. Anger fueling his power, he caught Duo from behind, knocking him down as his attack was now more effective. Hands crossed, he continued, watching as the boy was slowly pushed downward, and unable to rise. Completely focused, he was caught unaware as a blow sent him tumbling for a moment before he turned his attack on Heero. A single glance at Duo who lay still on the ground had the Japanese boy's eyes blazing and he approached his enemy, ignoring the harsh power that hit him as he closed the distance between them. Forefingers and thumbs touching, he spread his hands, palms upward facing the man before sending out a thick beam of white that seemed to pass through the black fire like a hot knife through butter. With barely enough time to scream, Mueler was enveloped and faded out.

Breath coming in furious gusts, Heero's cold eyes flew around the battlefield as he saw the woman and the white-haired man engaged in combat with Wufei and Quatre. Knowing they could hold for a bit, he moved towards Duo, eyes widening when the long-haired boy slowly pushed himself up. Getting shakily to his feet, Duo's eyes flew to where the two boys were fighting and he nodded sharply to Heero before they moved to help. Ten feet away from their target, both fell hard as two dark-brown fire balls hit them from behind. Everyone seemed to freeze as Zechs let out a furious growl as he spotted Treiz and Une, then he glanced at the two boys who were also looking at the newcomers. Moving outside of Noin's shield, he caught drained Quatre quickly, eyes glinting when the blonde boy let out a pained cry before falling to the ground, his clothing changing back as he lay still. He was startled by how small the boy seemed, then he let out a harsh cry as he was thrown to the ground by Wufei's attack.

Shaking off his pain, Heero struggled to his feet as his eyes took in the new arrivals and he counter attacked immediately, hitting the brown-haired woman as Triez was gone suddenly. Sneering at the boy, Une's arm sweeped downward as she sent another brown fireball at Heero, smirking when he dodged quickly and the attack hit Duo who hadn't gotten up. Realizing her intent, Heero gnashed his teeth as he moved to put himself between the boy and her, eyes widening slightly as Duo transformed back before he centered his attention on his enemy, hitting her again. His attack faltered when he was suddenly caught from behind and he didn't have to look to know where Treiz had gone as he stubbornly continued his attack. Unable to move while the boy's white beam was holding her, Une's eyes flew to Treiz and he abruptly appeared in front of her. His beam countered Heero's and slowly overcame it as the dark-haired boy was thrown back.

Attacking the white-haired man and the woman who was acting as his shield, Wufei was startled when Zechs suddenly disappeared, prepairing himself for a back attack. In the meantime, he moved close to the woman who seemed surprised to have been deserted as she failed to block Wufei's blow, hitting the ground and not getting up as the black-haired boy quickly pressed his advantage. Her eyes flew to Zechs who'd appeared beside Duo, kneeling as he glared at Treiz and Une, then she disappeared quickly as the boy hit her again.

Separating as their opposition fell, Treiz moved to Trowa, intending to take him out completely as he was now defenseless, and Une went after Quatre. Shaking his head as he forced himself to his feet, Heero barely had time to realize his enemies were no longer in front of him before he spotted Zechs knelling beside Duo. A blast of power would hit the boy as well, so he drew his sord, swiping it in a horizontal line parallel to the ground and hitting the distracted man across the chest. Caught off guard, Zechs fell back. In the meantime, Wufei had placed himself in front of Treiz before the man could kill Trowa. His chances of victory were quickly decreased, however, as Noin joined the man, and he found himself overpowered. He could see Heero placing himself between the white-haired man and Duo, and his eyes widened as Une appeared beside the fallen Quatre. Then he hit his knees as a combined attack hit him and his mind barely registered the strange red fire that suddenly hit Treiz, lifting him off his feet and sending him skidding on the ground. Blinking, Wufei's eyes widened even more as he saw who'd sent it, everyone capable of moving turning as four girls entered the battlefield.

* * *

With a single glance, Heero took in the new-comers before he turned to continue his attack against Zechs, but the man had disappeared. Turning quickly, he scanned the sky around him, spotting him as a black light was sent at him he countered quickly, inadvertantly moving closer to Duo. The attack was cut off suddenly, and rather than question it, Heero used the opportunity to hit the man with his strongest beam.

Nodding to each other, Hilde and Relena centered their attention on Noin. Hilde's water attack caught the woman, surrounding her as Relena sent out a gold chain, jerking Noin out of the sky and slamming her into the ground. Dorothy ran to Une who'd turned from her target as the girl's had shown up. Catherine also joined in the defense of the fallen boys, Wufei grudgingly grateful for the assistance. Furious that one of the girls' attacks had hurt him, Treiz drew the long sword that hung at his side and flew into the sky. Choosing at random, he centered his attention on Hilde as he sent a dark brown slash at her, his eyes widening when the girl quickly dodged and Noin received the attack. Relena, who'd been near Hilde, was also hit with a glancing blow and was thrown backward, falling hard.

Facing three enemies at once, Une couldn't dodge quickly enough and was also sent to the ground. Pushing her head up, Noin's gaze flew to Zechs who was dodging Heero's attacks but not fighting back. Realizing the man couldn't without hitting Saturn, Noin disappeared quickly, barely managing to block Heero's attack. Looking over her shoulder, her eyes pleaded with Zechs and he gave a slow nod, staring hard at Treiz and Une as he gave a mental order to retreat. Grabbing Noin's arm as the woman wasn't as strong as usual, Zechs disappeared with her. Une moved to Treiz, watching as Zechs and Noin disappeared. Glaring at the six enemies, their gazes both fell on Heero, who's back was to them. They sent out one last combined hit which sent the boy flying backward before making their exit.

* * *
Forgive me, I'm no good at action or fight sequences so if this is halty or jilted or *not smooth*, I appologize. I knew what I wanted to say and what I wanted to happen, but it's hard to show how fast it happens without jumping from one action to the next. Also, I don't like to write dialog in fight scenes since I think two people trying to kill each other wouldn't take the time to talk. Especially when it means they aren't paying as close attention to the fight. It would be too easy to get stabbed in the back that way and none of my characters are that careless. By the way, the end is near.