What you need, Chapter 3

Author: Johnnyjosh

Fandom: DBZ

Rating: NC-17

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Pairing; V/G.

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Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language, slight angst.

Notes; TWT, AU, (just cause I can't find a way to work this into the timeline *LOL*) OOC (like always...) Just more of JJ's random weirdness. I've tried to set this after Buu,...but I've only seen to the Cell saga so please don't be angry about any inconsistencies.....*ducks flying objects* Basically there's no way to fit this into any kind of timeline, which makes it another of my completely AU fics.

Goku has a few needs that just aren't being met, think Vegeta can get over that colossal pride and show Goku exactly what he -really- needs? Better yet, can Goku get over his hangups and accept what Vegeta's trying to teach him?

Thanks to Lara for beta'ing!! *glomps*

"..." Speaking

*...* Thoughts


Vegeta and Goku finished their breakfast in silence, each man lost in his own thoughts.

*I'm going to get some answers out of him today, dammit!* Goku thought determinedly. *I won't be strung along anymore like this. I don't think I can take it for much longer...* He sighed softly, popping his last piece of bacon into his mouth.

*I don't think I can put him off too much longer.* Vegeta thought, scowling. *At least, not unless I can keep him off balance for the better part of the day.* An evil smirk appeared on his face. *No, I can't do that, we already have to deal with the harpy, that will be distracting enough for both of us, I suspect.*

The prince frowned, sitting back and crossing his arms over his stomach. *Speaking of the harpy...I'd be very interested in finding out why now, after all these years, she finally decides to kick him out. She's put up with his absences, and antics, for decades, without a word of complaint, then all of a sudden, boom. She throws him out on his ass.* He growled softly, not realizing he was doing so. *I will find out what this is all about.* He looked over at Goku and watched through hooded eyes as the younger Saiyan cleaned bacon grease off his fingers, sucking slowly on each digit, before licking the tip of the next one, and repeating the procedure.

"Are you quite finished?" He rumbled, eyes narrowed to glittering slits as the prince imagined that pink tongue lapping at a part of his own anatomy.

"Huh?" Goku turned to him, confusion plain on his face. "Finished what, breakfast?"

"That too..." Vegeta smirked, noticing a bit of stray ketchup at the corner of the Saiyan's mouth. "You missed a bit Kakarott, right over..." He darted his head forward. "Here," he purred, tongue sliding across the younger man's lower lip, then lapping away the ketchup.

Goku froze as Vegeta drew close, unable to so much as breathe as the prince's tongue caressed his lip. His eyes slipped closed as the other Saiyan's tongue licked at the corner of his mouth, and Vegeta's arms slowly wound around his neck. "Ve...geta...what?" he croaked, body tingling as Vegeta slid into his lap. "What are you doing?" Goku asked softly.

"Making myself comfortable." Vegeta snickered.

"You mean making me uncomfortable." Goku said with a rueful smile.

"Don't be like that, Kakarott," Vegeta chuckled. "We both know you like it."

Goku turned his head away, a dark blush spreading over his cheeks. "That's not the point, Vegeta," Goku mumbled. "You promised we'd talk about all this today."

Vegeta sat back and regarded the other man cooly for a moment, then moved off his lap. "Fine, lets get your things, help you move them into your room upstairs, and then we can go, have a spar and..." His nose wrinkled slightly in distaste at his next word. "Talk."

"Fine," Goku sighed and nodded, resigned to being put off again. He stood up and moved closer to Vegeta, setting a hand on his shoulder. A slight frown played on his lips as he thought about what he was going to say to ChiChi, not to mention their sons.

"Well, let's get to it, Kakarott," Vegeta said quietly, turning to gaze up at him. "No point putting it off."

"I guess so..." Goku swallowed, eyes narrowed as he focused his mind and transported the two of them to his former residence.


Son house.....

"Mom, MOM!" Gohan bellowed. He stood in the hallway, long, muscular arms braced on each wall as he attempted to block his mother's progress. "What's going on here? Why are you putting Dad's things out in the front yard?" The demi-Saiyan scowled, resembling his father for a few moments.

ChiChi sighed, setting down the two heavy, beige suitcases she'd been carrying. "Oh, Gohan," she said softly, reaching up and cupping his face with both hands. "It's not much, really. You're father and I...well...we're going our separate ways."

"What?!" Gohan yelped, dark eyes bulging slightly as he reached up and grabbed her wrists. "What do you mean, separate ways? You've been together for decades, had two children, helped raise a grand-daughter, and now you're...you're..." he winced at the word. "Getting a divorce?"

ChiChi tilted her head, a stubborn expression on her face as she wrenched her hands free, then once again grabbed the large suitcases. "Yes, we are. It's not really much of a change you know, all things considered," she snapped. She butted Gohan out of the way with her shoulder, and trudged noisily down the stairs.

Gohan slumped against the wall and ran a hand through his spiky, black hair. "What the hell does she mean by that?" he grumbled. He turned to look at Goten, who stood in the bedroom doorway, a stunned expression on his face as the youngest Son surveyed the mess that now made up his parents bedroom.

"I wish I knew," Goten whispered as his eyes raked over the rumpled bed, open and upended dresser drawers, and clothes strewn about the room.

"This is nuts!" Gohan said as he smashed his fist into the wall, leaving a sizeable dent. "After all this time, everything they've been through, Dad dying twice, years of him being gone, now they decide to split?"

Goten slowly turned to look at his brother. "Maybe that's the problem," he murmured.

"Wha..." Gohan began, then halted, eyes widening in realization.

ChiChi continued to mutter angrily under her breath as she stepped out the door and heaved the last two suitcases into the yard, one popping open and spewing white boxer shorts, orange pants, and blue and orange shirts all over the grass. "Hmph! There you go," she dusted off her hands, then settled her fists on her hips. "All packed up and ready to go AWAY!" she growled, stomping back into the house and slamming the door behind her. A strange sound made her look up, and she gasped as two figures materialized only inches away. "AAAIIIIIIEEEEE!" she shrieked.

Goten and Gohan were startled by their mother's cry, and all but flew down the stairs, both of them changing to Super Saiyan on the way.

"Mom!" Goten yelled, then screeched to a stop at the foot of the stairs.

"Dad! Goten! No, don't st...AAHH!!" Gohan shouted, as he collided with his brother, sending both demi-Saiyans tumbling across the room.

ChiChi leaned back against the front door, chest heaving, one hand held over her heart, a shocked expression on her face. "Goku! Do you have any idea how much you just...oooh...why you!" She raised her fists and brought them down on Goku's chest, making the tall Saiyan yelp as he backed away from her.

"Ow, hey! ChiChi, take it easy, woah...wahhh!" Goku tripped over his sons and added to the Saiyan pile-up on the living room rug.

Vegeta had wisely moved out of the way, and now gazed back and forth from the three Sons sprawled before him, to the hyperventilating, scowling woman to his right. His shoulders shook with silent laughter as he watched the vein throbbing in ChiChi's temple, then looked down and noted the increasingly nervous expressions of the three men on the floor.

"Now you listen to me, Son Goku," she began, slowly advancing on them, one hand suddenly clutching a frying pan.

Vegeta could no longer hold back a laugh, leaning back against the wall as he watched the three Saiyans scrambled away from her as one. He vaguely wondered where she always managed to come up with that frying pan, and shuddered as a mental image of some kind of holster under her skirt assailed him, effectively cutting off his laughter until Goku frantically hid behind his sons, who in turn tried to get behind him, the resulting scuffle making the prince smile once more.

"ChiChi, wait!" Goku pleaded, hands held up to ward her off. "I just came to pick up my stuff, and maybe...I don't know, talk about this, if you want!" he added hastily, as her eyes flashed angrily.

"I, for one, think you two need to talk about this," Gohan ventured as he climbed to his feet, dusting off his shirt and pants.

"Yeah, Mom." Goten said, looking back and forth between his parents.

"I don't want to talk about anything!" ChiChi hollered, waving her frying pan threateningly. She bleated in surprise when Vegeta strode up and plucked it from her hand, twirling it idly in his fingers.

"Listen, onna," Vegeta growled, leaning forward and staring her down. "I don't care if you want to or not, you're going to tell Kakarott exactly why this is happening, particularly why now, considering how much time you've spent together, and how much of a fuss you've always made about getting him back."

ChiChi bared her teeth at Vegeta, standing her ground against the prince. "That's just it, I was always 'getting him back'," she growled, then turned and began to pace back and forth across the floor. "When we were married, I thought I'd settle into being a good wife and mother, Goku would be a good husband and father, and we'd have a nice home, wonderful children, every woman's dream." With a sigh, she slowly sank into an armchair, resting her chin on an upturned hand. "Instead it's been a nightmare, since Gohan was just a few years old. First, Goku died, and was gone a year. Then, he came back, fought you, nearly died again, and went off to Namek." She looked over at Gohan fondly. "You were always so eager to follow in his footsteps, another reason I suppose that I got so angry about it all."

Gohan smiled uneasily, a slight blush on his cheeks. *She was always worried, all this time, that I'd end up dead too.*

"After that, he was gone for over a year again. When he finally did return, all of you had to start training for the androids," ChiChi sighed. "Not surprisingly, that wasn't even over with before Cell appeared, and Goku died again, staying dead for years this time, leaving me alone with both of our boys."

Goten helped his father up, and both men moved to sit on the couch, staring over at ChiChi as she continued to stare out the large picture window, seemingly lost in her own memories.

"Finally, he made it back again. But Buu showed up, and after that battle, which I have to admit was pretty amazing, I did manage to keep him for a few short years," she sighed softly, hands dropping into her lap as she sat back and smiled thinly at Goku. "But then, when you found Ubuu, it was off on another adventure."

Vegeta frowned as he pushed away from the wall, slowly walking over and gracefully dropping down beside Goku. Despite his first-hand knowledge of Saiyan nature, he couldn't help feeling a slight stirring of sympathy for the woman. *She's a ningen, which makes it difficult to begin with. Not to mention her values are more rigid than Bulma's. At least we had a decent idea of what to expect from each other, no unrealistic ideals in that household.* He thought.

"So, in other words, you've been apart so often, for so long, there's really not much point in trying to continue this, am I right?" He asked, glancing at ChiChi, one eyebrow raised. "You've lost whatever bond you had with each other."

"That's it, that's exactly the way I feel." ChiChi said quietly, with a slow nod of her head. "That spark, that indefinable...something...that was always there, it's just...just gone."

Gohan looked around the room nervously. He noted Vegeta and ChiChi's pensive expressions, while Goten and Goku just looked miserable. "I, um...I'm going to make some tea," he stammered, grateful to get out of the room and have a moment to react to the blow in private.

He stumbled into the kitchen, a sigh passing his lips as he put the kettle on to boil, loading a tray with cups, cream, spoons and sugar. *I can't believe this!* he thought, bracing his hands on the counter as he let his head fall forward, chin touching his chest. *Mom and Dad...separating...it's just...unreal.*

Moments later, the kettle whistled shrilly. *I guess though...I can understand Mom's feelings, if I really think about it from an objective point of view.* Gohan sighed softly, as he poured hot water into a teapot. *Ever since Raditz showed up, when I was just a little kid, Dad's always been gone, for one reason or another. Either dead, or taking off into space, or doing rigorous training. She could probably count on one hand the amount of times they've actually been able to celebrate more than one anniversary in a row.* He smiled wanly before he picked up the tray and carried it back to the living room.

"Thanks, Gohan." Goku murmured, pouring himself some tea, before he sat back on the couch.

"Well, what happens now?" Goten asked, wide, dark eyes flicking back and forth between his parents.

"Now, I think we've said all there is to say," Goku said quietly. "So, I'll be collecting my things, and taking them over to Capsule Corp. Bulma said I have a room there for as long as I need it." He looked over at Goten, who was clenching his fists in his lap, staring at the floor. "Hey, it's okay," Goku ran his hands through the demi-Saiyan's unruly hair. "I won't be far away, we can still see each other all the time."

Goten nodded slowly, swallowing hard when Gohan's arm wrapped around his shoulder. "I know," he said, closing his eyes and sighing. "But it won't be the same, you two not being together anymore."

"Yeah, I know, Goten," Goku nodded, moving closer and reaching out to embrace both his sons.

Vegeta frowned slightly as he noticed ChiChi's awkward squirming. He sensed her impatience, and could well understand her desire for their visit to be over. "Come, Kakarott. Let's get your things. If the brats wish, they may help you bring your things back to Capsule Corp., and help you unpack," he said, standing up and motioning for Goku to join him.

Gohan looked over at his mother, noticing for the first time the slight slump of her shoulders, the sad expression she was trying to hide, and he shook his head slightly. "No, I'm going to stay here for awhile, Dad. I'll be over later, okay?"

Goku nodded and stood up, then glanced over at Goten. "What about you, son?"

Goten gave his father a wry grin. "Actually, I think I'll stay too, and help clean up the bedrooms upstairs, it looks like ground zero up there."

"We'll be over after dinner, Dad." Gohan said as he rose to his feet, embracing his father.

"You most certainly will not!" ChiChi shrieked, as she leapt to her feet. "For your information, I think I rather like the idea of not having to cook five extra large pots of food. It'll be nice to try Bulma's method of cooking, and just throw a single serving dish into the microwave," she growled, crossing her arms and glaring imperiously at the three of them. "Goku, you'll be informing Mrs. Briefs that she's having two Saiyan guests for supper."

"Oh...ah..sure ChiChi." Goku grinned, one hand rubbing the back of his head as he took a step back.

Vegeta snickered at the cowed expressions on the other men's faces before turning away and heading for the front door. He paused as he realized Goku wasn't yet following, and turned around. "What's the holdup now?" he grumbled, crossing his arms and scowling.

"Well, just..." Goku shrugged, looking over at ChiChi. "This is kind of awkward, saying goodbye like this..."

"Don't be silly, Goku," ChiChi waggled a finger at him. "You said yourself you're just over at Bulma's. You'll see the boys there, or over here if there's a birthday or something..." She trailed off, then shrugged lightly. "Besides, it's not like we're parting as enemies or something, we can be friends, right?"

Goku nodded, a relieved smile spreading across his face. "Sure!" he said, feeling like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. "That would be great."

"Good," she hid a smile behind her hand and pointed to the front door. "Now you'd best get going, your prince awaits."

"Huh?" Goku turned around, a confused expression on his face. He meeped and rushed over as he noticed the dark expression on Vegeta's face, and the way his foot tapped on the floor as his gloved hands clenched into fists. "Alright then, let's get going!" He said almost too brightly, as he moved past the annoyed Saiyan and made his way to the front yard. "Aw, man," he whined, noticing the one opened suitcase. "Look at my clothes. Would you mind...oh...well, yeah, you would mind, actually, wouldn't you?" Goku laughed and shook his head. "Right, the prince of all Saiyans picking up someone's laundry."

"Indeed, the very idea is laughable," Vegeta sniffed, head tilting up as he closed his eyes, posture rigid.

Goku chuckled, kneeling down to stuff clothes back into his suitcase, before taking one in each hand and straightening up. "Well, seeing how my sons are both staying here, looks like you're stuck with helping me unpack." he teased, biting his lip to hold in a laugh as Vegeta twitched, turning slowly to glare at him.

"You can't put away two miserable little suitcases worth of clothing?" Vegeta said slowly, one eyebrow raised. *Wait a minute...unpack, means Kakarott in his bedroom, alone...and more chances to get under his skin...* An evil smirk settled on his lips, and he nodded curtly. "Very well," he said silkily. "I suppose I will just have to assist you then."

Goku blinked, then stared, perplexed by the sudden change. He felt a tingle of unease at the predatory gleam in the other Saiyan's obsidian eyes, and wondered if it had been such a good idea to tease him. He shook off the feeling as Vegeta's hand settled on his shoulder, and transported them both back to Capsule Corp.


Capsule Corp.

Mrs. Briefs squealed in delight as Vegeta and Goku suddenly appeared at the end of the hallway. "Oh, there you are!" she teetered toward them, swaying dangerously on her spike-heeled sandals. "Hello, Goku! Glad to see you back!" Bulma's mother smiled as she spied his suitcases. "Oh, will you be staying with us for awhile?"

"Ah, yeah, actually." Goku nodded, grinning as she all but bounced up and down, clapping her hands. "Oh that's wonderful! I just love having guests! Oh, and Vegeta, before I forget, my husband and Bulma fixed the gravity machine again, and managed to increase it's maximum gravity, just like you wanted."

"Finally," Vegeta grumbled. "Oh, and speaking of guests, Kakarott's brats will be joining us for dinner."

"Ooh! That's excellent!" Mrs. Briefs squeaked, making both men wince. "Well, in that case, I'd better get downstairs and starting thinking on what we're going to have, between those boys, the two of you, and Yamcha, my kitchen's going to get quite a workout tonight!" She turned and moved to the stairs as quickly as her tight pants and high heels would allow.

"Well, I'm glad somebody's happy," Goku laughed softly, lugging the two suitcases down the hall and into his bedroom. "Now, for the fun part, putting all this stuff away." He sighed, setting both cases on the bed and opening them. The tall Saiyan jumped as the door slammed behind him. "Vegeta?" he turned at looked at the prince uncertainly. "What are you doing?"

"Baka," Vegeta chuckled, closing the distance between them until he was all but molded to Goku's chest, abdomen and thighs. "I said I was going to help, remember?" He purred, leaning over and grabbing up a handful of shirts, purposely brushing against Goku's hip as he did so.

Goku bit his lip and swallowed hard. "Yeah," he said, voice slightly strained. "Just ah...I just need help with the clothes...that's all." The Saiyan stammered, backing away from the other man.

"Yes, the clothes..." Vegeta growled, standing stock-still as he stared at him intently. Suddenly, he lunged, hovering in front of the larger man as his fingers hooked in the hem of Goku's t-shirt, before he wrenched it up and over his head.

"Hey!" came the muffled protest, as Goku struggled free of the twisted material. "What do you think you...Vegeta!" He yelped, shocked as he was pushed down onto the bed, the smaller Saiyan pulling off his track pants. Goku blushed wildly, grabbing a suitcase and holding it over his boxers as he gaped up at Vegeta. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I was just going to help you with your clothes, Kakarott," Vegeta murmured, knocking the suitcase across the room with a flick of his hand. "Now that you have your own, I think you can give back the ningen's clothes, ne?" He chuckled softly. "But I think I'll give you a hand, or two, with something else, first." Then he plunged one hand into the other Saiyan's boxers, wrapping his fingers around the semi-hard length within.

Goku gasped, his entire face turning beet red as he struggled to move away. Small, distressed sounds fell from his lips as a hand clamped down on his shoulder.

"Be still!" Vegeta hissed, a brief flash of anger burning inside him, before it melted into lust. ""Just enjoy it." He whispered, leaning down and claiming the other man's lips in a possessive kiss.

Goku shuddered as a second hand wrapped around his arousal, stroking slowly. He parted his lips when a warm, wet tongue traced his lower lip, a moan escaping him as he settled one hand on Vegeta's back, the other clutching at the prince's spiked hair.

"That's right," Vegeta murmured, hands moving faster as he nipped lightly at the other man's lips. He smiled as inquisitive hands slowly moved to trace over his shoulders, before sliding down over his chest. A growl rose in his throat as fingers ghosted over his abdomen, stopping well short of his spandex covered erection. *Hn...soon, Kakarott. Soon you'll know, and accept.* Vegeta thought with a smirk, a wave of desire washing over him at the strangled sounds that escaped the younger man as he began to writhe beneath him.

"Vegeta.." Goku rasped, hands moving up to clutch at the older Saiyan's shoulders as he rocked his hips, the muscles of his chest and abdomen growing taut as he arched up toward Vegeta's hands. "Please, ah...Kami," he gasped, eyes slipping closed as his head fell back. A moment later he jerked his head up, eyes wide as he let out a startled cry, his seed coating the prince's hand, some landing on his own abdomen as his hips continued to thrust reflexively. "Nn...Vegeta..." Goku whispered, body going limp as his arms dropped back to the bed. A blush stained his cheeks, shame and confusion springing into his mind once more. "Why are you doing this to me?" He asked softly.

Vegeta tilted his head, staring down at him. "What do you mean?"

"Dammit, you know what I mean," Goku said through gritted teeth. "One minute you're your usual, angry, agitated, nasty self, and the next, you're all over me, making me..." He trailed off, looking away.

"Yes? Making you?" Vegeta prompted, expression hardening.

"You're either snapping at me, and calling me names, or you're...touching me, teasing me, making me want you to touch me," he sighed, trying to sit up, only to find himself pinned by the other man. "It's like that's your whole goal, is to make me want you to touch me, like you're trying to prove something."

Vegeta chuckled, leaning down and pressing a quick kiss to Goku's lips, before quickly, gracefully bounding up off the bed. "I am, actually," he grinned, sifting through the pile of clothes on the bed, throwing a pair of gi pants, and two shirts, one orange, one blue, at him, most of the fabric once again winding up draped over Goku's face.

"What?" Goku tore the clothing from his face and glared up at him. "What, exactly are you trying to prove? Tell me, right now!" He demanded, jumping to his feet and looming over the prince.

Vegeta snickered and shook his head. "Oh no, Kakarott. I said this morning we would spar before we talked, and so we shall. Pick your location, the gravity room, or the great outdoors. We'll train, then have lunch, and talk..." He poked Goku in the chest, quirking a brow as he leaned closer, looking as if he were about to impart some great secret. "You know, you already have some pieces of the puzzle from your wife. The blue-haired onna and I hold the rest." Vegeta said, laughing at Goku's confused expression before he stalked over to the door, threw it open with a bang, and strode out into the hallway.

"You know, I really hate when he gets all cryptic on me," Goku sighed, before following Vegeta downstairs

To Be Continued...

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