What you need, part 2.

This is a request fic for Kami Kaze, who won a little spot the difference contest on DWY.

Pairing; V/G.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language, slight angst.

Notes; TWT, AU, (just cause I can't find a way to work this into the timeline *LOL*) OOC . Just more of JJ's random weirdness. I've tried to set this after Buu,...but I've only seen to the Cell saga so please don't be angry about any inconsistencies.....*ducks flying objects* Basically there's no way to fit this into any kind of timeline, which makes it another of my completely AU fics.

Much thanks to Zandra Khi for beta reading for me! *glomps Zan*

Goku has a few needs that just aren't being met, think Vegeta can get over that colossal pride and show Goku exactly what he -really- needs? Better yet, can Goku get over his hangups and accept what Vegeta's trying to teach him?

Capsule Corp....

Vegeta landed softly on his balcony, striding forward and throwing open the doors. He stalked into his room, and immediately began rummaging through his dresser drawers. Goku landed behind him, and followed at a more sedate pace, peering around curiously at the sparsely furnished room.

"You know Vegeta, in all the time I've known you, I've never seen your bedroom." He quirked a brow as he noticed that there were no pictures on the off white walls, nor ornaments, or decorations of any kind on the dresser, the headboard and shelf above the bed, or the night stand. "Hmm....off white everything...it's kind of.." He toed the off white carpet gently, and looked up, noticing the bed.

"Kind of what?" Vegeta said, moving to the closet.

"Huh? Oh...never mind." Goku slowly walked over and stared down at the neatly made bed. "Black satin, why doesn't that surprise me?" He asked quietly as he took in the comforter, sheets, and mounds of pillows, all encased in shimmering jet black satin.

Vegeta stalked across the room, muttering to himself about a big ox, and size differences. "I'll have to find something for you to wear tonight and tomorrow so we can collect your things." He stated, taking another look through his drawers. "Even my son's clothing would be too small for you." He sighed.

Goku scratched his head. "Well, why don't you just loan me some shorts to wear to bed, and one of your body suits and stuff to wear tomorrow, till this outfit's washed?" He asked, turning and grinning at the prince.

Vegeta smirked, imagining the time he would have trying to keep his hands off the other Saiyan if Goku were to strut around in his own skin tight spandex. "Well, I'll give you some shorts to wear to bed, but no armor for you." The prince chuckled.

"And why not?" Goku crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at Vegeta. "I look just as good in that armor as you do." He said, then blushed and clapped a hand over his mouth as his words registered in his brain.

Vegeta let out a sharp laugh and spun, slowly but steadily advancing on Goku. The tall Saiyan backed away quickly, until the back of his knees hit the side of Vegeta's bed, toppling him over.

"Ah, but that's exactly my point Kakarott..." Vegeta crawled onto the bed, looming over Goku on his hands and knees. "Just having you here, when you're wearing that loose gi of yours, will be a test of my self control. If I have to watch you strutting around here in skin tight spandex, well.." He leaned down, breath fanning across Goku's lips. "I'm not sure how long I would be able to keep my hands to myself."

Goku pushed himself down into the mattress as hard as he could, staring up at Vegeta with wide eyes. "Vegeta...I don't think..." He stammered.

Vegeta laughed and jumped off the bed, whipping open the door with a bang and stalking down the hall.

Goku blinked as Bulma and Yamcha's voices, raised in indignation, floated down the hall. He watched as a laughing Vegeta re-entered the room, slamming the door.

"Here baka, these will have to do." He threw a nightshirt, and an extra large set of track pants and an oversized t-shirt at Goku, chuckling as they hit the confused Saiyan in the face.

"Thanks Vegeta." Goku's voice was muffled by the layers of material over his head. He scooped them off, and looked nervously at Vegeta. "Um...I'm not sleeping here...am I?"

An evil smile flitted across Vegeta's face, as he considered answering yes. He sighed softly. "No, Kakarott. You will sleep in the guest bedroom, just across the hall." The prince grabbed Goku by the wrist, hauled him off the bed, and unceremoniously flung him out the door.

The tall Saiyan grunted, tripping over the mat in the doorway and winding up sprawled on his face. "Vegeta!" He turned and scowled at the prince, slowly getting to his feet. "You little..." He began to advance on the smaller man.

Vegeta's eyes flicked to the left as he heard Bulma and Yamcha's door opening. Before Goku could react, Vegeta sprang forward and nabbed the larger Saiyan by the collar, pulling his head down and kissing him hard. "Quiet you.." He murmured, dragging Goku into the guest room.

Yamcha poked his head out into the hallway, drawn by Goku's angry voice. "So, that's how it is between those two..." He snickered, as he watched Vegeta drag Goku's head down for a kiss. "I always suspected something like that." He grinned and shrugged before ducking back in and closing the door.

Goku groaned, but from embarrassment rather than pleasure as he heard Yamcha's snickering. *Oh great...* He thought, protesting against the other Saiyan's lips as Vegeta slammed the door behind them and dragged Goku to the bed.

"There's your bed." Vegeta said, pushing Goku over onto it. "If you need anything, I'll be right across the hall. Just moan." He snickered, heading for the door.

Goku frowned, head tilted to the side. "Vegeta..?" He said softly. *Man, what is it with this hot and cold routine? One minute he's all over me, the next he's his usual annoyed self.* He thought, brow furrowed in confusion.

"What is it, Kakarott?" Vegeta paused in the doorway.

"I...um...goodnight." Goku said, looking up at him.

Vegeta looked at the other Saiyan, his face softening slightly. "We'll talk tomorrow. Goodnight, Kakarott." He said quietly, shutting the door behind him.

Goku stared at the door for several seconds after it shut. *Dammit....I don't understand.* Goku thought, turning over and burying his face in the pillows. *How did everything get so complicated all of a sudden?* The frustrated and confused Saiyan growled softly. *In the space of one night, my life is turned completely upside down, my marriage falls apart, I need a new place to live...* He flipped back over and turned his head to stare at the door. *And the person that has spent the last couple of decades trying to kill me, then just best me, or belittle me, comes on to me....and in the process, shatters all the beliefs and ideas I had about sex, and love...* He thought back to Vegeta's words earlier in the forest.

// "Vegeta...what..wait..you, you're a guy.."

"And your point is?"

"Ve...Vegeta..Wait..please, this..wrong.."

"Don't give me those foolish human notions of sexuality, that you can only mate with someone of the opposite sex, I don't care to hear about it. There's nothing wrong with what we're doing." \\

Goku sighed, crossing his arms behind his head and staring up at the ceiling. "It's gonna be a long night.." He said quietly.

Vegeta sat on his own bed, chin resting on a drawn up knee as he stared at his own bedroom door. *This is going to be fun.* He smirked, imagination going into overdrive as he thought of all the ways he could torment and tease the Saiyan over the next few days. *You have learned a lot about the power of the Saiyans Kakarott, but there's still a lot I have to teach you.* The prince chuckled softly. *Contrary to popular belief, we did enjoy things other than fighting.* He shut off the lamp, laid down, and pulled the blankets up to his chin. An evil snicker sounded in the dark. "If you get that nervous from a few caresses, I can't wait to see how you react when I step things up a notch tomorrow.." Vegeta purred, eyes slipping closed.

The next morning.....

Vegeta silently walked to his bedroom door and opened it a crack. *Good, everyone's still asleep.* He smirked, slipping across the hall and into Goku's room. "Wakey wakey..." He grinned, dumping the glass of cold water he'd taken from his bathroom sink right onto Goku's naked chest.

The tall Saiyan woke up with a shriek. "Yow! That's cold!" He cried, shooting up off the bed and tumbling to the floor with a grunt. "What the fu...Vegeta!" He glowered up at the prince, brows drawn together, lips pulled into a deep frown.

Vegeta slapped a hand over his mouth, sagging onto the bed as his shoulders shook. After staring at the wet, angry Saiyan for several seconds in silence, he flung himself onto his back on the bed, and burst out laughing. "Priceless..!" He gasped between breaths, turning his head and looking at Goku, almost in tears from laughing so hard.

Goku stood and folded his arms, scowling at the other Saiyan. "I don't think that was very funny. I think you could have found a nicer way to wake me up than that, Vegeta."

The prince sobered, jumping to his feet and stalking toward Goku, hips swaying as he stared up at him with hooded eyes. "Yes, I could have, actually. It was a tough decision you know.." He ran a finger up the center of Goku's chest, making the taller man shiver. "Trying to decide between waking you up with the cold and wet method.." The prince waved toward the glass still laying on the bed, "or the warm and wet method.." He purred, grasping Goku's hand and raising it to his mouth, before taking one of the other Saiyan's fingers between his lips and sucking on it gently.

Goku's eyes narrowed to glittering slits as he watched Vegeta holding his hand, head bobbing back and forth as his lips slid up and down Goku's finger, pausing to nibble at the tip before running his tongue up and down the length of it. "Vegeta...stop.." He breathed, slowly pulling his finger away.

"What's wrong Kakarott?" Vegeta asked, gripping his hand harder and resuming.

"Just...stop!" He wrenched his hand away and spun, intending to put some distance between them. "Itai..!" He yowled, pulling up his leg and gripping his shin, which had just made contact with the corner of the night stand.

Vegeta snickered as a stream of curses rang out. "Come on you big baby, stop hopping around like a baka and let's take a shower." He grabbed Goku's elbow, and dragged him to the door.

Yamcha stepped out into the hallway, and stared as a boxer clad Vegeta led a limping Goku into his bedroom. *Man, poor Goku, can't even walk straight this morning.* He spun and clapped both hands over his mouth to stifle a laugh.

"Come on Kakarott! The onna's mother only serves breakfast once, I'd like to get there before the brat and the ningen eat it all." Vegeta snapped. "Baka, by the time he's finished that shower, there'll be no hot water left, and the food will be gone." His eyes flashed as a thought crossed his mind. *Hm...why not?* Vegeta smirked, opening the door and stepping into the bathroom.

A few moments later, Goku yelped in surprise as the shower door opened with a bang, to reveal a naked Saiyan prince. "Vegeta..." Goku backed away quickly.

"I'm going to join you so you don't use up all the hot water, and we can get downstairs and eat. Damn, you take a long time in the shower, Kakarott." Vegeta glared at him and stepped in.

Goku stared at Vegeta nervously, trying to put as much distance between them as he could in the small shower stall. So focused on not touching Vegeta was he, that Goku never noticed he dropped the bar of soap. That is, until he stepped on it. Goku hit the floor with a loud thud, wincing as the back of his head connected with the wall. "Shit!" He hissed, eyes clenched shut as he rubbed his head. The Saiyan's eyes popped open as he felt hands on his arm, gently helping him up.

Vegeta smirked as he helped Goku to his feet. "You're a clumsy one today, aren't you?" He chuckled. "Tell me Kakarott, what's got you so jumpy this morning?"

Goku stared at Vegeta for a few seconds, his mouth hanging open. "Wha..? What's got me jumpy? Right! As if you didn't know!" He growled, snatching the bar of soap from Vegeta's hand and lathering himself up quickly. The tall Saiyan washed in record speed, making sure he looked everywhere but at Vegeta's naked form.

Vegeta smirked wickedly, staring openly at the other man's body as he waited for him to finish. After a few seconds, Vegeta couldn't help himself. He reached out and slid his fingertips up Goku's spine, snickering as the Saiyan shivered. "Need help washing your back, Kakarott?" He asked slyly.

Goku jumped and twisted away from him. "N..No thanks.." He stammered. "I think I'm about done, it's all yours!"

The prince bit back a laugh as Goku stumbled out of the shower, wrapping himself in a towel and skittering out to the bedroom to get dressed.

Goku muttered curses under his breath as he slipped into the track pants and t shirt Vegeta had provided for him. *Damn....why is he doing this to me?* He thought, sighing as he looked down at the tent in the front of his pants. *Every time I turn around, he's doing something, trying to turn me on, drive me crazy...* The Saiyan scowled. *He's already raised a million questions about our race, the ideas of sex and love I've been raised with here... * Goku shook his head, sighing as he dragged a hand down his face. *And Vegeta seems intent on keeping me confused, not giving me enough time to think about any of it.* The Saiyan pulled his knees up to his chest and looked out the window, emotions and thoughts jumbled.

Vegeta washed himself quickly and stepped out of the shower. *Well well, looks like I've given you plenty to think about today haven't I, Kakarott?* The prince smirked, observing the other man staring off into space before getting dressed.

Goku was snapped out of his thoughts when the bed shifted under Vegeta's weight. He turned wide, uncertain eyes to the prince. "Vegeta..?" He began haltingly.

Vegeta shook his head. "Let's go eat, Kakarott, we'll talk later." He sweatdropped as Goku broke into a huge grin, before leaping off the bed and fairly dancing down the hall. "Baka." He muttered under his breath, smirking as he followed him downstairs.

Bulma and Yamcha sat at the breakfast table, talking quietly. Both looked up as Goku bounded in and took a seat, Bulma blushing as Yamcha snickered and gave him a knowing look. "So, Goku, how was your ah...night? Sleep well?" He grinned.

"Um...yeah..why?" Goku blinked at him, then blushed wildly as he remembered Yamcha snickering when he had seen Vegeta kiss him in the hallway. *Oh shit! No! He must think that I...that we...Oh man..* Goku looked away, elbows resting on the table as he covered his face with his hands.

Vegeta walked in and paused, seeing Goku's embarrassment, and Yamcha's smug grin. "You making a nuisance of yourself again, ningen?" He sneered at Yamcha, taking a place beside Goku.

"No, I didn't say a word, did I, Goku?" He raised his glass to his lips, hiding a smirk as Bulma snickered softly.

Vegeta's eyes narrowed as he watched the two humans suspiciously for a moment. *Hmm...now how would I go about getting rid of these two?* He wondered with a malicious grin. "Here you go.." The prince purred, picking up a piece of bacon and lifting it to Goku's lips.

The taller Saiyan didn't think to question him, just snapped his head around and nibbled gently on the offered meat. After he ate it, and licked two of Vegeta's fingers clean as well, he raised his eyes to notice Bulma and Yamcha staring at him in shock, while Vegeta merely smirked. He opened his mouth to say something, as his face flushed dark red, and settled for crossing his arms on the table and dropping his head down to hide his face.

Bulma cleared her throat and stood quickly, grabbing Yamcha by the ear and forcing him to his feet as well. "Okay...yeah.." She forced a chuckle. "You guys go ahead and eat, Yamcha and I will take our plates to the living room, how's that sound?"

"But Bulma..." Yamcha whined, wanting the chance to unnerve Goku further.

"No buts!" She snapped, grabbing her plate and leaving the room.

"Oh, alright." Yamcha sighed and followed meekly.

Goku groaned and raised his head after they left. "Why'd you do that, Vegeta?" He asked quietly. "That was embarrassing, having them staring at me like that..."

Vegeta snorted as he heaped his plate up with bacon, eggs, home fries, toast, and sausages. "I was just offering you a piece of bacon, how the hell was I supposed to know you'd start licking and sucking on my fingers so.." He scooted closer to Goku, "erotically....hmm?" he finished, flashing the taller Saiyan a wicked grin.

"Well I...I wasn't paying attention..I was hungry, distracted, confused.." Goku said, almost pouting as he leaned his elbow on the table and rested his chin on his hand.

Vegeta leaned back in his chair and swallowed, shoulders shaking as he chuckled. "I suppose I should consider myself fortunate then, that you didn't just bite my fingers off instead of cleaning them off, ne?"

Goku slanted a look at him. "Hey... I'm not that bad." He grabbed his own plate and began to load it with food.

Vegeta merely raised an eyebrow and smirked at him.

"So Vegeta..." Goku began, poking at his food with his fork. "You said we were gonna talk about, ah .. stuff, today.."

Vegeta looked down at his plate. "Let's eat first, then see about getting your things, alright Kakarott?" He said quietly.

Goku pursed his lips, sighing in frustration. *Dammit...why does he keep putting me off?* He thought angrily, stabbing at his food with his fork. *I want some answers...there's too many things...I... I need to know more.* He looked over at Vegeta, curiosity etched on his features. *Who'd have thought that Saiyans would be so open and tolerant towards things like that.* He mused, expression turning thoughtful. *After seeing guys like Nappa, Raditz and Turles, I never would have expected Saiyans to be okay with same sex mates...* A small smile tugged at his lips. *Then again, who would have thought that Vegeta would want to be with me.* His lips parted slightly, eyes widening as something occurred to him. *What if he just wants to be with me, because I'm the last Saiyan left _to_ mate with? No..that can't be it, I can't believe that would be true. At least..* He looked at Vegeta. *I hope it's not true....*

Vegeta sighed softly, sensing the turbulent emotions of the man sitting next to him. *It would seem I've put off our talk long enough.* He thought, eyes narrowing. *So be it. As soon as we've finished collecting his things and bringing them here, I'll do it.* Vegeta nodded slightly, jaw set, dark eyes flashing.

Well, just what do you think Vegeta's going to say? *grins* Poor Goku, he's just a ball of nervous energy isn't he? *laughs* Ready for the lemon yet? *snickers*