What you need

This is a request fic for Kami Kaze, who won a little spot the difference contest on DWY.

Pairing; V/G.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language, slight angst.

Notes; TWT, AU, (just cause I can't find a way to work this into the timeline *LOL*) OOC (hopefully not too much...) Just more of JJ's random weirdness. I've tried to set this after Buu,...but I've only seen to the Cell saga so please don't be angry about any inconsistencies.....*ducks flying objects* Basically there's no way to fit this into any kind of timeline, which makes it another of my completely AU fics.

Much thanks to Zandra Khi for beta'ing this for me! *glomps*

Goku has a few needs that just aren't being met, think Vegeta can get over that colossal pride and show Goku exactly what he -really- needs?

Son house....around 11 pm.

"Goku! What do you think you're doing?!" Chichi demanded angrily as her husband, if you could call him such as far as she was concerned, slid his hand up her thigh. She turned in the bed and glared at him in the moonlight. "What are you doing in my bed?" She raised her arm and pointed to the door. "Get back in your own, right now!"

"Aw..but Chichi...please..?" Goku whined softly, his other hand sliding up to her shoulder and gently pulling at her nightgown. "I've been home for six months, and we've hardly touched each other at all. Come on.." He said softly, leaning down to kiss her. He meeped and pulled his head back quickly as her hand whistled through the air, missing the end of his nose by a hair.

"I said NO!" ChiChi bellowed, rudely dumping him out on the floor.

"But ChiChi...please..I need.." Goku stared up at her with puppy dog eyes.

"I don't care what you need!" She growled. "You can go find it somewhere else, for all I care. But don't you bring it home!" She glared down at him. "If you do find it somewhere else, you can move in with her, let her cook and clean and pine away for you, after you've run off and gotten yourself killed in battle." ChiChi crossed her arms and turned her nose up. "The sooner, the better."

Goku sat, still and silent for several seconds, digesting her words. Then he gaped up at her incredulously. "You...you're kicking me out?" He jumped to his feet.

"You could say that." She said quietly. "You can stay here until one of two things happens. Number one, those friends of yours decide to take pity on you and let you stay with them, or number two, you find someone else that is willing to put up with you."

"But..." Goku looked down sadly. He had felt something was wrong when he'd come back this time, but he never expected this. He swallowed audibly and nodded. "Okay ChiChi, if that's what you really want, then maybe it's best if I go." ChiChi snorted and laid back down, turning away from him and pulling the covers back up. "Now, go to bed, Goku."

The Saiyan slowly gained his feet and walked to the door. "I guess tomorrow I'll start looking for another place to live, huh?" When he got no response, he sighed and turned, quietly walking down the hall to the stairs. *No way I can go to sleep right now, maybe I'll go do some shadowboxing.* He thought, before his stomach rumbled loudly. *Or some fishing..* He amended with a soft chuckle.

Several minutes later saw the usually happy-go-lucky Saiyan sitting forlornly on the riverbank, the remains of a huge fish behind him. The glow of the fire to his left threw shadows across his handsome features, which were currently set in a thoughtful frown as he considered his options. *I can't stay here much longer, that much is clear...but where else can I go?* He wondered. *I can't stay with Gohan and Videl, I'd just be in the way. Same goes for Goten, in his new apartment...* He sighed, staring up at the stars. "Well, I guess I'll just have to throw something together. I lived my life alone in the wilderness once before, I can do it again." Goku said resolutely. He folded his hands behind his head and lay back on the grass, staring up at the stars.

Capsule Corp....

"Kakarott..." Vegeta stood on the balcony of his bedroom, staring into the darkness. *What's going on now?* He thought, scowling. He'd been roused from sleep by an odd feeling, akin to a ripple on the edge of his consciousness. He'd reached for it, sensing it was familiar, and realized it must be something coming to him through the bizarre link he'd had with the other Saiyan all these years. "What have you gone and gotten yourself into this time, baka?" He muttered. A knock on the door made him spin and walk back inside. "What is it?" He growled.

"Are you decent?" Bulma's muffled voice came from the hallway.

"I'm more than decent woman, I'm perfect." He smirked.

Bulma laughed and opened the door. "I heard you up and about in here, what's wrong? Something going on?" She walked in, wearing a light pink robe and slippers.

Vegeta sighed. "No, not really, just that the third class baka is stewing over something." He shook his head and walked back out onto the balcony. "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about."

A yawn from the hallway drew both of their attention. "Hey you two, what's wrong?" A sleep tousled Yamcha leaned against the doorframe.

"We're not sure yet, Yamcha." Bulma went over and looped an arm around his waist.

Vegeta sneered as he watched them. He'd never understood her infatuation with Yamcha before they'd gotten together and had Trunks and Bra, and he understood even less why she'd gone back to the ningen, and invited him to move in with her, after she and Vegeta had decided they made better friends than lovers.

"Vegeta says Goku is stewing over something." Bulma said, looking over at the prince. "You should go check it out Vegeta."

"What?!" He snapped. "Why should I go over there, it's not like I really care, if he needs help I'm sure he'll go and ask someone to help him. Why should I bother to chase him down?"

"Because.." Yamcha stifled another yawn. "If you don't, we'll have to put up with your bitching, and pissy moods for the next few days, until you do finally find out what's going on. Just go and help him deal with whatever it is Vegeta."

The Saiyan glared at the human, snarling. "I do not bitch, nor do I get into 'pissy' moods, as you call them you weak, pathetic human." He advanced on Yamcha slowly, lip curled.

Bulma heaved a sigh and stepped between them. "Yamcha's right Vegeta, if you don't go and find out what's up, you're going to be agitated, and snapping at everyone that gets within five feet of you. Just go."

Vegeta opened his mouth to protest, then shut it again, realizing she was probably right. *Yes, I probably will be pacing around like a caged tiger until I know what's happening...perhaps I should go. It's not like I'm afraid of anything..* He snorted quietly. "Very well, if you two are so worried about your precious Kakarott, and so afraid of my moods, then I'll go." He turned and glared at them. "But first you two get out of my room. I don't want you getting any ideas about using my bed while I'm gone." He fought to suppress a laugh at the looks on their faces.

"Just get out of here already!" Bulma hollered, her face red as she grabbed a disgusted looking Yamcha's hand, and dragged the hapless human out of the room behind her.

Vegeta chuckled as his bedroom door was slammed hard enough to rattle pictures on the walls, then his expression sobered as he turned and looked out in the direction of Goku's house. "You'd better have a good explanation for this Kakarott..." He grumbled as he took to the air.

Deep in the forest, several miles from the Son house.....

Goku sighed and shifted restlessly. "Damn." He whispered. "Still need..." He shivered as he slid his gi shirt off, and raked his fingernails down his chest.

Vegeta landed not far from the Son house and paused, head cocked to the side. "What the hell are you doing all the way over there at this time of night, you baka?" He asked quietly, sensing Goku's ki several miles to the east. He sprinted into the woods, running silently through the trees, as he pushed his ki level down as far as it would go.

Goku moaned as he caressed his erection through his gi pants with one hand, pinching his nipple with the other. The tall Saiyan's back arched, his head lolling to the side as his eyes slipped closed. He slipped his hand into his pants and gripped his arousal, stroking himself slowly. "Nn...yeah..." He panted through swollen, slightly parted lips.

Vegeta reached the river, drawn by the smell of cooked fish. He stepped out of the trees, and saw Goku lying on the ground, writhing, head tossing from side to side. He was about to step forward and speak, when he noticed where the Saiyan's hands were. With a soft gasp he stepped behind a tree, blushing furiously. *Well at least I know he's not in any trouble..* Vegeta scowled, starting to walk away. *Great. I came all the way out here, just to catch him jacking off?* The Saiyan froze as a loud, throaty moan tore through the air. *Dammit, he keeps that up and I just might be tempted to go and give him..a hand..* Vegeta smirked evilly at the thought, his body tingling at the sounds the other man was making.

Vegeta stood, undecided about what to do for several seconds, until his own erection began to throb almost painfully. He crept back to the tree and peered around the trunk, watching the other Saiyan pleasure himself, his own hand sliding down to caress himself through his spandex shorts.

"Hnn...ah.." Goku bucked his hips, hands sliding up and down his cock rapidly. He tossed his head from side to side, panting raggedly as sweat began to run down his face and throat.

Finally, Vegeta could stand it no longer. With a soft growl he marched out from behind the tree and stalked over, looming over the other Saiyan. The prince shivered as he stared down at the moaning, undulating man, having to use every ounce of willpower he possessed to keep himself from pouncing on the other Saiyan, ripping away his clothes and ravishing him.

Goku's brow furrowed, as something began to penetrate the thick haze of pleasure that clouded his mind. *Something...something's wrong..* He thought, hands slowing. He gasped softly as he sensed he was no longer alone, and his eyes popped open. A surprised cry escaped him as he realized someone was standing over him. With a burst of ki Goku was away from the person, and on his feet in a defensive crouch, seemingly unaware of the fact that his pants were sliding down his hips. "V...Vegeta?" He stammered. "What are you doing here? And why were you standing over me like that?" He asked, cheeks turning red as several possible answers flitted through his mind.

Vegeta smirked and sauntered forward. "Well Kakarott, when you decided to broadcast over broadband the fact that something was wrong, I decided I would get no peace until I came and found out what it was." He drew up until their bodies were almost touching. "Now I see what your problem is." Vegeta's fingertips caressed Goku's member, pulling a shocked gasp from him.

Goku silently cursed the connection he and Vegeta had shared over the years, realizing some of his feelings must have reached the prince and drew him here. "Vegeta!" The Saiyan cried when he felt the other Saiyan's fingers touching his arousal. He quickly stepped back, and promptly tripped over a tree root, landing with a thud and a grunt, arms and legs splayed. "Hey!" He yelled as Vegeta pounced on him, pinning his arms over his head. "What the hell are you...mmmph!" Goku's protest was silenced as Vegeta's lips met his in a bruising kiss. He moaned against the other man's lips as Vegeta's hand wrapped around his cock, and slowly pumped up and down.

Vegeta growled at the other Saiyan's moan, shifting so he knelt between the man's muscular thighs before breaking the kiss to trail soft kisses and nips down the side of Goku's throat.

"Hnn..." Goku groaned, then jerked and started to struggle. "Vegeta...what..wait..you, you're a guy.."

"And your point is?" The prince murmured, holding his arms down and stroking him a bit faster.

Goku shuddered and whimpered softly, trying to stay focused, but the feel of Vegeta's hands on him, the Saiyan's warm body pressed against him, the prince's lips and tongue teasing the sensitive skin of his throat, all conspired to drown him in sensation, until he could barely form a coherent thought. "Ve...Vegeta.." He groaned, shivering. "Wait..please, this..wrong.." Goku shook his head, even as his hips began to rock up toward Vegeta's hand.

The Saiyan prince growled and nipped at Goku's collarbone. "Don't give me those foolish human notions of sexuality, that you can only mate with someone of the opposite sex, I don't care to hear about it. There's nothing wrong with what we're doing." His lips trailed down Goku's chest, then he darted over and captured a pert nipple, sucking and nibbling gently.

Goku cried out, arching into the touch, hips jerking as he began to tremble, muscles twitching. "Hnn...Ve..geta..please!" He cried, hips thrusting wantonly as he roughly pulled his arms free, reaching out and fisting his hands in Vegeta's hair.

Vegeta groaned and slid his other hand down and into his shorts, gripping and stroking his own erection as well as Goku's. "Kakarott..." He moaned, biting and licking at the other Saiyan's chest and stomach as he panted harshly.

Both Saiyans cried out hoarsely and thrust against each other as they climaxed, trembling violently, before Goku went limp, Vegeta slumping over on top of him. They lay still and silent for several moments, until Goku's eyes popped open.

"Wow.." Goku breathed. "That was intense." He rested one hand on Vegeta's back, the other cupping the back of his head.

The prince yawned loudly. "So, what was it that was bothering you earlier?" He asked.

Goku sighed and told Vegeta about what had happened with ChiChi, and about not having a place to live.

Vegeta snorted. "Well, that's solved easily enough, if the blue haired onna has enough room to have that ningen move in, she'll have room for you too."

"I don't know Vegeta..." Goku looked down at him uncertainly.

He rolled off Goku and jumped to his feet, straightening his clothes. "Come on, let's go. We'll come back and pick up your things tomorrow."

Goku stood, looking uneasily at Vegeta. His eyebrows raised in question as Vegeta gave him a smirk. "What?" He asked softly.

"I like having you like this, uncertain, unsure of yourself." Vegeta chuckled. "You're afraid of what just happened, aren't you? What it does to your nice little ideas about men and women, right?"

Goku looked down, frowning thoughtfully. "Well, I'm not afraid, but all this.." He gestured to where they had been laying moments before. "Raises a lot of questions." He turned and gave Vegeta a serious look. "Questions I want answered when we get to Capsule Corp." He walked over and quickly put out the fire, then turned, waiting for Vegeta to lead the way.

Vegeta stared back at him, an evil smile on his lips. "I'll give you all the answers you need, Kakarott.." He promised, before leaping into the air and streaking toward home.

To Be Continued.....

Man, intense huh? Goku seems to have a few hangups about the whole man/man thing though... And what was with Vegeta's cryptic statement at the end? Keep reading to find out!! C & C appreciated and craved.