Twice Bitten, Thrice Shy, Chapter 3

By: Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom: Saint Seiya

(Although actually it was started based on the English Dic dub, so some of them may be a bit OOC. Also, for Hiso-chan, and a couple of others that were enjoying this fic in all it's 'dude' spewing KotZ glory, *giggles* the original Knights version will be continued on both my webpage, and my StS ML, )

Rating: NC-17 (Just your typical JJ-style smut! *LOL*)

Pairing: Shiryu/Shun, Hyoga/Shun, others?

Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language

EXTRA WARNING: This chapter contains a scene with a bit of dubious consent.

Notes: OOC, AU, PWP, TWT, etc, silliness, angst, insanity, you know the drill by now. If you can't handle my craziness, why are you here? *peers at you curiously*

Summary: Shun gets burned by love twice, can he find it in his heart to forgive and let someone in again?

Archived: Others, ask for permission, and no mst'ing.

This fic is dedicated to my lovely Saint Seiya muse, Pacifist Daniel *glomps, snuggles* Thanks to my ever-suffering beta, Espaa! Thanks also to Lara for the encouragement, and especially to Herve for the help with the series. Kudos to Animom for her continued good advice in the reviews! Thanks also to everyone else that gave me the good reviews for chapter 2!

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Later that evening, at the Kido mansion ...

The party was everything one could expect from a function put on by the Foundation. The hall was lavishly, but tastefully decorated, the music was low-key, subtle, perfect to dance to in the open area before the stage, but not loud enough to interfere with conversations. A long line of buffet tables were set up against one wall, holding enough food to easily satisfy twice the number of people in attendance.

True to Ikki's prediction, Seiya had spent the evening having a few laughs at Tatsumi's expense, and trading verbal barbs with Jabu in between being flirted with by Miho, and perhaps even subtly by Saori herself.


Hyoga leaned back on his chair and laughed softly as he watched Jabu and Seiya eyeing each other. *If they get their hands on much more of that champagne, we might have a fight on our hands.* The blond grinned and shook his head at the thought, then glanced around, looking for Shun. "Well, you sure disappeared fast, didn't you?" Hyoga murmured, then folded his arms and frowned, remembering how withdrawn the green-haired boy had been. He watched several of the other saints as they ate, drank, and conversed with other guests, a few of them flirting with some of the female guests. "You could have at least told me you were leaving, this is kind of...boring."

He stood and began to walk over to the buffet table, blinking as his vision swam slightly. *Dammit, I think that last glass of wine was a bad idea.* He reached out a hand and pressed it against the wall, waiting for the room to right itself. "Time to go..." he said quietly, turning his head and catching Seiya's eye. He gave the other teen a quick salute, then beat a hasty retreat. *Time to get the hell out of here before I end up embarrassing myself.*


Hyoga made his way up the stairs, right hand clamped firmly on the rail as he went. He cursed under his breath as he stumbled on a stair, just managing to keep himself from falling, and found himself feeling intensely grateful there was no one around to witness his clumsiness. As he reached the top, he paused, looking down the hall toward his room. The alcohol he'd consumed had left him feeling light-headed, his vision a little fuzzy, but overall the blond saint was feeling rather good, not at all like he wanted to hit the sack just yet.

A soft noise to his left drew his attention, and he turned, scowling as the room seemed to spin along with him. At the end of the hall, the balcony doors were open. A lone figure was leaning against the rail, head tilted up as if he were staring out into the night sky. Hyoga stood, still and silent for several minutes, content to simply observe the other boy. Blue eyes raked over the unruly mop of emerald-green hair, then traveled further, down the other teen's torso, a slight smile curling Hyoga's lips as he followed the line of Shun's long, slender legs. Running one hand through his blond hair, he gave a soft sigh, remembering the events of the last few days, particularly the way he and Shun had seemed to grow closer. *I hate seeing him like this, so withdrawn, depressed, he looks...* Hyoga blinked, his smile fading. *He looks lonely, like he needs somebody.*


Shun set his cup down gently, sighing as he continued to stare up at the stars, a pensive expression on his face as his fingers traced idle patterns on the iron bar before him. *What's wrong with me?* He wondered silently, brow furrowing as he mulled over the events of the last few days. *I just...can't seem to keep things straight in my own mind anymore. I thought... I thought Shiryu was the one I wanted to be with. I was determined to wait until he came back to talk things out, and see exactly where we stand, find out whether or not we can save our relationship...*

*Such as it was.* Shun made an irritated noise and shook his head slightly, banishing the snide voice that had been speaking up more and more often since Shiryu had left.

*But these last couple of days have made me wonder...* He thought back to the day he and Hyoga had gone jogging, when he'd slipped and injured his knee. He remembered the way the blond saint had shown concern, carrying him, then staying beside him as he made his way upstairs, even checking on him briefly after Ikki had left. *Am I really that...vulnerable right now, that a little concern and attention can sway my feelings so easily?* Shun frowned, hanging his head with a sigh. *This is confusing, and so wrong. Every time I turn around, I find myself comparing them. It's not right.* Shun gazed up at the stars and smiled faintly. *Shiryu is so... He's proud, with his own ideas about what's right, and what's appropriate. I knew that when I got involved with him, and it was silly to expect that just because we were sleeping together, that he'd set aside those opinions.* Resting his forearms on the rail, Shun let his gaze wander over the moonlit grounds below. *I liked him the way he was, I still do. I just...can't help but wonder if I can be satisfied with what he has to offer.* The teen chewed lightly on his bottom lip. There was no denying that he found Hyoga attractive, he had for quite some time. But he'd never approached the blond saint, as he'd never seen any hints that the other teen might return his feelings. Instead it was Shiryu who'd come to him, in his own quiet, reserved manner, and their relationship had begun.

*I do still care for Shiryu, I'm just...not so certain anymore that we're meant to be...*


Hyoga approached slowly, quietly, blue eyes raking over the slender form in front of him. "Something wrong?" he asked quietly, drawing up beside the other teen and leaning onto the rail, copying the other saint's pose. The world seemed to tilt sickeningly on its axis as he did so, and for a split second it felt as if Hyoga were about to topple over the railing. He closed his eyes tightly, one hand gripping the rail so hard his knuckles turned white.

"No, I'm okay..." Shun glanced up and smiled as Hyoga leaned down beside him, then green eyes widened in alarm as the other teen's eyes snapped shut, one hand clamping onto the rail as if he were going to fall. "Hyoga, are you okay?" Shun asked, setting a hand over his as he leaned closer to the blond, then recoiled slightly at the smell of alcohol on the Russian's breath.

"Yes, I'm fine," Hyoga kept his eyes shut, suddenly acutely aware of the other boy's proximity, the feeling of Shun's hand over his own making the hairs on his arm stand on end. He swore he could feel the brush of Shun's hair against his bicep as the younger teen moved closer. Blue eyes popped open, and Hyoga stared at Shun, eyes raking over the boy's face, then gazing into wide eyes that glittered in the dim light. *He really is beautiful...* he thought, reaching out to touch him.

"What is it?" Shun whispered, as Hyoga merely stared at him silently for several seconds. A light blush stained his cheeks when the other teen's hand curled around the back of his neck, fingers stroking his skin lightly.

The blond saint tilted his head, blue eyes narrowing. "I want..." he lunged forward, pausing just before their lips touched, "you."

A sharp gasp was torn from Shun as the other teen darted forward suddenly, claiming his lips in a heated kiss. The fingers that had moments before been caressing the back of his neck suddenly moved up, tightening in his emerald hair, a strong arm wrapping around his waist and hauling him forward until their bodies were pressed together. Shun's eyes widened when he tasted wine on Hyoga's lips. *Oh no, he's drunk! Does he even realize what he's doing? I can't let this happen...* He struggled briefly, but could do nothing to break the older saint's vice-like grip.

Hyoga moaned softly as a spike of heat and need shot through him. The other teen's body was warm and solid in his arms, Shun's mouth like warm silk against his own. He ran his tongue lightly over Shun's bottom lip, trying to coax the smaller teen into parting his lips. *God...feels so good,* the blond saint's world seemed to narrow down to an awareness of only the boy in his arms, the feel of his lips, the taste of his skin, the smell of soap and shampoo that still clung to him, the way each movement Shun made seemed to arouse him even more. *I want him. I can't, no... I won't wait anymore.*

Shun broke the kiss and stared up at him, breathing heavily, green eyes huge with shock. "H...Hyoga?" he stammered, blinking up at him. Before he could say anything else, the older teen shifted his grip, holding Shun tightly against his side as he swept him down the hallway. "Hyoga," he murmured, hands coming up to push against the saint's side, "stop, please, I can't... I can't do this. We can't do this. Not now, not when you're..." A trill of fear ran through him as they passed first Ikki's room, then his own, Hyoga showing no signs of stopping, or even that he'd heard Shun's words. "Hyoga!" he cried, digging his feet into the carpet and pulling back, forcing them both to a halt. "Stop, please? You're drunk, you don't mean..."

Hyoga whirled around as they stopped, setting his hands on Shun's shoulders and pushing the teen up against the wall. "I'm not that drunk, Shun. I know what I'm doing." Narrowed blue eyes searched the teen's face, before Hyoga leaned down and kissed him gently. "Please, Shun..." he rasped, nuzzling the green-haired boy's jaw, before raining kisses down the side of his throat. He bent his knees, lowering himself until they were eye-to-eye, his arms winding around Shun's waist before he claimed his lips in a searing kiss.

Green eyes slipped closed as Shun briefly surrendered to the kiss, hands cupping the Russian's face. "I can't, I'm sorry," he murmured against the blond's lips, before crying out in alarm as his feet left the ground.

Hyoga growled, lifting the smaller boy off the floor and pinning him to the wall, hands dropping down to guide the teen's long, slender legs around his waist. He nuzzled Shun's cheek, then moved to suck and nibble lightly on his earlobe. "Please, I need you," he panted, grinding against him slowly.

Shun gasped and shivered, eyes slipping closed as Hyoga's warm breath tickled his ear. *Why are you fighting this? You know you want him.* The teen's eyes opened, widening as he tried to crush the mutinous thought, without success. *Shiryu's gone, he took your words at face value and walked away. As far as he's concerned, you're through, so why are you pretending to be spoken for?* "Hyoga, stop it, please. I can't think..." he whimpered, eyes clenching shut as he felt his body beginning to betray him.

"Then don't." Hyoga whispered, capturing his lips once more in a slow, gentle kiss that made both of them groan. With a keening whine Shun gave in, legs tightening around Hyoga, fingers burying themselves in his blond hair. The Russian thrust hard against him, and was rewarded with a strangled moan, Shun's hands fisting in his hair as he timidly thrust back against him. That was all the encouragement Hyoga needed. He rocked his hips slowly, hands cupping the other teen's rear as he traced Shun's lower lip with his tongue, earning a soft groan of pleasure as Shun arched toward him. "I think," he began, voice strained, "we should take this someplace a little more private."

Shun nodded slowly, arms and legs releasing the other saint, before he was slowly lowered to his feet. Still reeling from Hyoga's touches and kisses, the emerald-haired teen gasped as he was pulled into Hyoga's room, the other teen not bothering to turn on the lights before he pressed Shun up against the door, once again claiming his lips in a fiery kiss. He moaned softly, shivering at the feel of fingers sliding under the hem of his shirt, ghosting over his abdomen.

Hyoga chuckled at the disappointed groan that fell from Shun's lips as he broke the kiss, pulling back only long enough to urge the younger to boy raise his arms so the blond could pull off his shirt. He darted his head forward, resuming the heated kisses as he tossed the garment across the room.

Shun stood up on his toes, pressing tightly against the older teen, arms wound around his shoulders as he kissed him back, shyly at first, then growing bolder, his fingers running through the Russian's soft, blond hair. He whined impatiently, hands dropping to tug at Hyoga's shirt, sliding it up slowly, hands splaying over the muscular chest as he nipped gently at Hyoga's lower lip.

Pulling back with a grin, Hyoga tugged his shirt off, tossing it over his shoulder before winding his arms around Shun's waist, both of them shuddering and gasping at the feel of skin meeting skin. Hands roamed greedily over smooth, warm flesh as the teens slowly moved away from the door, Hyoga steering them toward the bed.

Green eyes snapped open, a soft moan escaping Shun's lips as fingers toyed with the button of his slacks. With an impatient noise, he pushed the hands away, quickly undoing his pants and sliding them down, stepping out of them as they pooled around his ankles. He reached toward Hyoga, seeking to do the same to him, then blinked in surprise as the blond slowly sank to his knees in front of him. Shun's head fell back, a sharp cry escaping him as a warm, wet mouth closed around his shaft, Hyoga's lips sliding up and down his arousal. A strong arm tightened around his waist, holding him up when his knees began to buckle. "Nn, Hyoga..." he panted, then groaned, one hand sliding into the older teen's hair, the other hand moving to cover his mouth and stifle his cries.

Hyoga moved back and glanced up, frowning as he reached up and pulled Shun's hand away. "What are you doing?" he asked softly, fingertips stroking the boy's hand before he drew it down and pressed a kiss to his palm.

"I... The others," he said shyly, gaze shifting to the door, "they might hear us."

"Don't be so shy, nobody's there to hear us," Hyoga smirked, rising to his feet and stripping off his own pants. "Shiryu and Ikki are gone, and Seiya will be at the party for most of the night. Even if they were around, let them hear, I like a little noise." He reached down and wrapped a hand around Shun's cock, stroking languidly, chuckling when the other boy moaned and clutched at his shoulders. Leaning down, Hyoga kissed the teen softly, growling low in his throat as slender hands slid down over his chest and abdomen, then dropped further to wrap around his shaft.

Shun pushed away the images and thoughts the mention of Shiryu brought to mind, then opened his eyes and peered up at Hyoga when the other teen slowly pulled his hands away. "What's wrong?" he whispered, then gasped as he was pushed down onto the bed, before Hyoga crawled onto the bed and loomed over him, braced on his hands and knees.

Hyoga smirked and leaned down, nuzzling Shun's jaw, then moving further down, nipping and sucking at the soft skin of the teen's throat. "Nothing's wrong, I just thought we should move things over here," he murmured, lips trailing over Shun's collarbone, teeth raking over the pale flesh. He splayed one hand over the younger boy's chest, lightly stroking the smooth skin.

Shun moaned softly, arching his back as fingers skimmed over his chest, pinching first one nipple, then the other, drawing sharp gasps from the emerald-haired saint. "Hyoga," he groaned, eyes slipping shut as another hand caressed his abdomen, touching, teasing, but stopping just short of his arousal, "more..." he whispered, his own hands sliding over the older teen's chest, fingertips brushing his lover's nipples lightly.

The Russian smiled and continued his slow, torturous exploration of Shun's torso, heat coursing through him as his partner shifted restlessly. At his lover's soft plea, he slid one hand down, fingers curling around the teen's length while he moved his hand up and down in slow, teasing strokes, pulling a low moan from his partner.

"What...?" Shun looked up, blinking in confusion when Hyoga suddenly moved away, rising to his feet and padding to the bathroom. He sat up and stared after him, blushing slightly as his eyes traveled the length of the blond's nude body. "Hyoga..." the green-haired teen whined, laying back and sprawling his arms and legs over the bed, "what are you doing?" He grinned as the sound of bottles hitting the floor reached him, followed immediately by what sounded like several colorful curses in Russian. Shun rose to his feet, taking a step toward the bathroom. A moment later, Hyoga appeared in the doorway, blue eyes narrowed as the larger teen stared at him with a purely predatory expression. "What..." he yelped as Hyoga darted forward, wrapping his arms around Shun and lifting him off the floor, face buried in the crook of his neck.

"I was looking for this," the blond murmured, between kisses, licks and nips to the teen's throat. He pressed a bottle of massage oil into his hand, then raised his head and gave the boy a sly smile as he slowly walked over to the bed. Lowering himself onto it, he moved to kneel in the center of the bed, cradling Shun in his lap.

Shun bit his lower lip to stifle a moan before he wrapped his legs around Hyoga's waist, one hand clutching at the saint's broad shoulder, the other holding the bottle to his chest. Hyoga held up his hand, and Shun opened the bottle, pouring a generous amount of the almond-scented oil into the other teen's palm.

The Russian darted forward, stealing a quick kiss as he rubbed his hands together, coating them with oil. He reached down, one hand wrapping around Shun's arousal, moving up and down in quick, firm strokes which made the younger boy gasp, head falling back, emerald eyes slipping shut.

"Hyoga," Shun moaned, lifting his head and staring up at his partner with heavy-lidded eyes, whimpering softly when a fingertip circled his entrance, before gently pushing inside. The teen rocked his hips slowly as he was stroked inside and out, fine tremors running through his slender frame. With shaking hands, he poured oil into his own palm, before curling his fingers around Hyoga's shaft, hand moving up and down in slow, teasing strokes.

Hyoga panted softly, pressing a kiss to Shun's jaw, hot breath fanning over the teen's cheek. He pressed a second finger into his partner's tight channel, smirking at the keening sound that fell from the teen's lips as he curled his fingers, brushing against the boy's prostate gently.

Soft sounds fell from Shun's swollen, parted lips as pleasure spiked through his body. He raised his head, one hand cupping Hyoga's chin while he continued to stroke his lover's length, fingers tightening around the turgid flesh. The teen leaned forward, capturing the blond's lips in a slow, deep kiss that drew a low moan from his partner. The emerald-haired saint shifted restlessly, hands moving to grasp Hyoga's shoulders as he lifted himself higher, moving forward until their arousals brushed together, drawing a soft gasp from each of them. "Please, Hyoga," he panted softly, pressing open-mouthed kisses along the Russian saint's jaw, "I want you inside me..."

A deep growl was his only answer, Hyoga's hands shifting, tightening on Shun's hips before the smaller teen was pulled tightly against Hyoga's body. One arm slipping around Shun's slender waist as the head of Hyoga's cock pressed against his entrance.

"Aahh..." Shun threw his head back, a long, throaty cry bursting from him as he lowered himself onto Hyoga's length, a shiver running through him when the thick shaft brushed his sweet spot, sharp spikes of pleasure shooting through him.

Hyoga lowered his head, lips latching onto the soft skin of Shun's throat before he jerked his hips back and thrust into his lover with a grunt, trembling at the rasping cry that was torn from Shun's lips. "Nn...Shun," he breathed, lips pressing a trail of hot kisses up and down the side of the teen's throat.

Shun's arms snapped around Hyoga's shoulders, slender hands burying themselves in thick blond hair, fisting and tugging at the pale locks as he panted softly. He braced his feet on the bed on either side of Hyoga's legs, slowly lifting himself up, whimpering as the thick length inside him was nearly pulled out, before he dropped back down, a soft murmur of pleasure falling from his lips when Hyoga thrust up to meet him.

Hyoga struggled to match Shun's slow rhythm, snarling softly when his body demanded more. Strong fingers dug into the pale skin of Shun's hips hard enough to leave bruises, the larger teen shaking with the effort of holding back. He murmured his lover's name as the younger boy turned his head and captured his lips in a scorching kiss.

Shun released his hold on Hyoga's hair, hands moving to rest on the other saint's shoulders as he continued to move atop him, slowly, deliberately teasing them both until he too was trembling, a light sheen of sweat covering his alabaster skin.

"Shun, please..." Hyoga muttered against his lips, one hand moving up to squeeze his waist, the other brushing lightly over Shun's back. "I can't take much more of this..."

"I...I know," Shun moaned softly, nodding his head, fingers digging into Hyoga's shoulders before he lifted himself and jerked his hips down quickly, wrenching a hoarse cry from his lover. His head fell back, a wail bursting from his throat when the Russian's control snapped, large, strong hands holding the slender teen still as Hyoga slammed into him.

Hyoga clenched his teeth, then growled as their lips crashed together in a bruising kiss, Shun's arms wrapping tightly around his neck as they arched and rocked against each other, their movements becoming almost frantic, sweat rolling off moonlit skin. Sweat-dampened hair clung to flushed faces, the sounds of rasping cries, soft pleas and harsh panting filling the room, along with the musky smell of sex.

"Nn..Hyoga!" Shun threw his head back with a guttural cry , green eyes narrowed to glittering slits as the flush on his cheeks darkened. The teen groaned and writhed in Hyoga's grasp, arms and legs tightening around his lover as he climaxed. His seed coated the hand Hyoga had wrapped around his length, some escaping and landing on Hyoga's abdomen as Shun trembled, then slumped forward against the older teen's chest.

Hyoga inhaled sharply, the tightening of his lover's internal muscles sending him over the edge with a hoarse shout, head flung back, tendrils of blond hair sticking to his face and throat as his essence spilled deep inside his lover's body. He shivered violently, a soft moan falling from his lips as he pressed a kiss to Shun's temple, before collapsing onto his side, arms winding tightly around the smaller teen.

Shun clung to his lover, chest heaving, heart pounding as he fought for breath. A smile graced his features when he pressed his cheek to Hyoga's chest, feeling the older teen's heart still pounding as well. *Well, there's a few questions answered,* he thought, a satisfied grin stretching across his lips before the emerald-haired saint pressed a light kiss to the broad chest, *and here I thought all that time, that he wouldn't return my feelings...* He wanted to speak, but was unsure of himself, worried that whatever he said might break the spell they seemed to be under as they lay curled around each other.

Hyoga cupped Shun's chin with one hand, tilting the teen's face up and kissing him softly, fingertips grazing over his lover's face. He gazed down at Shun, lips parting as if he were about to speak, before he shook his head slightly and chuckled, rolling onto his back and stretching, one arm flung over his head. Hyoga let out a sigh, blue eyes slipping closed. *I don't think there's anything I could say right now that wouldn't be cheesy, or sound too much like some sappy declaration...*

Shun lowered his eyes, suddenly feeling shy and a bit awkward. *Now what?* he thought, biting his lower lip gently when silence fell between them, then stretched on. *This is almost starting to feel...awkward.* He slowly pulled away from Hyoga, sitting up and shifting toward the edge of the bed. *Maybe I should go.*

"Hey, where are you going?" Hyoga asked softly, curling one hand around Shun's arm and tugging gently, urging the teen to lay down beside him once more. "Come here, you," he murmured, pulling Shun closer, one arm wrapping around his shoulders as he pulled the blankets over them.

Shun stared up at Hyoga, eyes wide with surprise. "You...want me to stay?"

"Well, yeah," Hyoga laughed softly, fingers toying with the soft strands of emerald hair, "I don't make it a practice to have mind-blowing sex with someone, then toss them out on their ear."

Shun tentatively slid one arm across Hyoga's chest, one slender leg flung over the older teen's thigh as he pressed against his side. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to push away the chaotic thoughts that raced through his mind, from how he would tell Hyoga the truth about himself and Shiryu, and the Dragon saint's noticeable absence, to how he would eventually handle telling Shiryu about himself and Hyoga, whichever way things worked out between the three of them. *No, I'm not going to think about all that now, I'll... I'll deal with it all in the morning. Right now, I just want to enjoy this.* Green eyes opened at the feel of lips brushing against his forehead, Hyoga's arm tightening around him as the blond murmured a soft goodnight. "Goodnight, Hyoga, sweet dreams," he whispered, resting his head on the older saint's shoulder as his eyes slid shut.


A couple of hours later, Hyoga was awakened by a soft sound. Sapphire eyes cracked open, glancing around the dark room as he sought out the source of the noise. He looked over and frowned, realizing it was coming from Shun. Soft sounds of distress were falling from the younger teen's lips, tremors running through his slender frame. Turning onto his side, Hyoga wrapped both arms around Shun, pulling him closer. "Shun," he whispered, pressing a kiss to the boy's forehead, "wake up, it's just a dream." He smiled softly when the younger teen stirred slightly. Suddenly, sapphire eyes widened, the Russian feeling as if someone had poured ice water down his spine, not to mention over his heart, when the emerald-haired teen spoke.

"Shi..ryu..." Shun whispered, the word barely audible, "no, don't...don't go, m'sorry.. Don't" He pressed his face against Hyoga's shoulder, arm tightening around the larger teen's chest. With a soft sigh, the Andromeda saint stilled, his breathing growing deep and even once more.

Hyoga stared down at him for several seconds, an expression of disbelief on his face. *Oh, dammit!* He cursed himself for the fool that he was. *It all makes perfect sense now. Shiryu and Shun were involved, but they had some kind of fight, which explains why Shiryu left, Shun's been upset and Ikki's been pissed off. He must have known about it all along.* The blond saint heaved a sigh, slowly rolling onto his back once more, wincing as Shun curled up tightly against his side. *What a mess... Some friend I turned out to be. I told Ikki I'd look out for Shun, and instead I take advantage of him, seducing him when he's vulnerable. How...* Hyoga clenched his fists, teeth bared as he closed his eyes tightly. *How the hell am I going to explain this to Shiryu and Ikki?* He glanced over at the other teen, and couldn't help the wave of resentment that washed over him. *I wish you'd told me that you were seeing Shiryu. If I'd known you were involved, this never would have happened, no matter...* The blond sighed and slowly lifted a hand, gently brushing the hair away from Shun's face. *No matter how badly I wanted you, I never would have betrayed Shiryu.* He closed his eyes, one arm still curled around Shun's shoulders as he tried to push aside the thoughts racing through his mind.


A few hours later...

Shiryu crept down the hallway, silently making his way through the mansion. With a little help from Kiki, he'd made it back from Mu's in record time, his lover occupying his thoughts all the way. He stood in the main foyer, staring up the darkened staircase. "Well, here I am, now what?" The Dragon saint stood stock-still for several moments, debating what he should do. He made his way up the stairs, turning right and heading for his room.

"Should I wait to see him until morning? Or..." He murmured, tossing his bag into the corner and turning toward the door. Without a second thought, he darted out of his room, creeping down the hall toward Shun's. Easing the door open, he crept in, feeling his way in the darkness toward the bed, hoping Shun wouldn't wake.

A smirk settled on his lips as he imagined the teen's reaction to finding him in his bed come morning. *That would certainly shake things up, wouldn't it? It would definitely show him I really want to try and work things out...* Shiryu paused just before he settled onto the bed, realizing something was wrong. Reaching out, the dark-haired teen ran his hands over the covers, eyes widening as he realized the bed was empty. "The bed's still made, I wonder... No, the party's over, he should have been here by now." Shiryu sat down on the bed, shifting over to the far side and stretching out on his left side, facing the door. "Where the hell are you?"

He yawned then, stretching his arms and legs once more. Minutes later, Shiryu was asleep, his long journey back finally taking its toll.

When he awoke, the sun was just creeping over the horizon, a dim orange glow lighting up the room. The Dragon saint sat up quickly, glancing around the unfamiliar room. He felt a stab of guilt when he realized he barely recognized Shun's room in the daytime. "He's not back, he never returned last night," he murmured, fingers toying with the slightly rumpled blanket, "where the hell did you go, Shun?" Shiryu stifled a yawn, slowly rising from the bed. *I suppose there's nothing to do but wait until everyone else is up, so I can find out what's been happening while I was gone,* he thought, slipping quietly down the hall. He made his way back to his own room, quickly unpacked his suitcase, then made a beeline for the bathroom, intent on a long, hot shower before breakfast.


Half an hour later, emerald-green eyes opened slowly, blinking at the sunlight that streamed in through the window. Shun yawned softly, smiling at the feel of his legs tangled with Hyoga's. He stretched and shifted slightly, one hand coming up to stroke the arm still wrapped around his shoulders. "Mm, morning," he murmured, grinning up at Hyoga, the smile dying when he saw the expression on the blond's face. * he looking at me like that?* The teen wondered, green eyes widening as he stared up at his lover, worry clear on his face.

Hyoga gazed at Shun silently, his face grim, blue eyes narrowed. He looked away as they made eye contact, instead staring up at the ceiling, mouth set in a grim line. *How the hell do I do this, how do I say this?* He wondered, fingers caressing Shun's shoulder gently, before he forced himself to withdraw his arm. "We have to talk..."

"Hyoga," Shun sat up, leaning over him, one hand splayed over the Russian's chest, "what's wrong?"

"Shun," Hyoga said softly, voice hoarse, "last night... God, where do I start? Last night..."

A hollow feeling built in the pit of Shun's stomach when the other teen refused to look at him. "Last night was amazing, Hyoga," he said softly, reaching out, cupping the Russian's chin and forcing the older teen to look at him. He bit his lip, pain lancing through his chest at the miserable expression on Hyoga's face.

*Oh no... He can't possibly... He can't regret last night, can he?* The Andromeda saint thought frantically. *But I... He said it wasn't because he was drunk, he said he knew what he was doing, that he wanted me...* Long fingers tangled in the sheet, the hand not touching the other saints face clenching into a fist as pain, betrayal and helpless anger warred within him.

Hyoga sighed and glanced over at him, slowly sitting up. "Yes, it was, but Shun... It was a mistake, it shouldn't have happened." He reached out to brush a stray lock of green hair back behind the younger teen's ear, wincing when Shun pulled away from his hand and stared at him, wide eyes shimmering with tears. "Shun, I'm sorry, but..."

Shun tried to swallow past the lump in his throat, his eyes starting to burn. "No, it wasn't a mistake. Last night...we..." He wrapped his arms around his torso, staring at Hyoga sadly. "The hunger, the passion, the way we touched, the way it felt... You can't expect me to believe something like that was a mistake."

"Shun," Hyoga whispered, hanging his head in his hands and sighing heavily. "Don't. I know it was great, but there are other things to consider. We were lonely, we each needed someone. But what about..."

Shun flashed back on his last conversation with Shiryu, and immediately jumped to his own conclusions about Hyoga's words. "No," the teen shook his head wildly, scrambling off the bed and stumbling across the room to snatch up his clothes, "I don't want to hear this, Hyoga, please." Shun turned his back to the blond, quickly slipping into his pants, pulling his shirt roughly over his head. "The last thing I need is another round of excuses concerning the others."

*Not again,* he thought, fumbling with his clothes as his vision blurred with tears, *it was bad enough when Shiryu used everyone else as an excuse to not spend the night. Now I have to listen to you use them as an excuse to forget last night ever happened?*

Hyoga stared at the teen apprehensively, brow furrowed at the comment, then he too rose from the bed. "Shun, wait, you don't understand. Let me explain..."

"No..." Shun trailed off, spinning around and glaring at Hyoga, tears streaming down his face, "let me explain. I had...something, with someone else, but it wasn't working. Last night, I gave up any chance I had of making it work, to be with you." The younger saint gave a soft laugh that tapered off to a sob, slender hands fisting in his own hair as his shoulders shook. "I gave it all up, and for what? A drunken one-night-stand, with a person I've wanted for ages. Only to have him tell me the next morning how much he regretted everything we did."

Hyoga stared at Shun, tears in his own sapphire eyes as the full impact of the other's words hit him. *Christ, he was... He was willing to give up on working things out with Shiryu, to be with me?*

"Shun, no, I didn't mean it that way, just hold on a second." He stepped forward, hands reaching out to grasp the teen's arms.

Shun side-stepped Hyoga, quickly striding across the room. "No, I get it, okay?" He said, voice quavering. "We obviously had very different intentions toward each other last night. " He yanked open the door and darted out into the hallway, running away without so much as a backward glance.

"Shun! Come back!" Hyoga ran to the door, then halted abruptly when he remembered his current state of undress. He stared after the teen, bowing his head when he heard the faint slamming of Shun's door. "Nn...FUCK!" He shouted, slamming his fist into the doorframe, the wood cracking and splintering beneath his hand.


Shun collapsed onto his bed, curling up into a tight ball, breath hitching in his chest as tears continued to stream down his face. *What have I done? I messed everything up... First I drive Shiryu off, then I screw up any chance I had of getting him back, and now I've ruined my friendship with Hyoga...* He wiped at his tears with the hem of his shirt, trying unsuccessfully to stifle his sobs. *Why...why did I do it?* The teen buried his face in the pillow and let loose the wail of anger and pain that had been threatening to burst out since he'd run from Hyoga's room. He beat one fist onto the bed, taking a deep, shuddering breath.

*Dammit... No, this isn't all my fault. All I wanted was someone to be with, someone to hold, love...* The emerald-haired saint's sobs slowly tapered off as he continued his mental tirade, anger overtaking the sadness. *I wanted Shiryu to spend the night with me, was that really so much to ask? I told him I didn't expect him to be shouting about our relationship to anyone that would listen. I mean, it's not like I wanted him to start making huge public displays of affection or anything. It just...would have been nice to be able to wake up in his arms come morning...* Shun sighed heavily, lifting his head and wiping away the tears on his cheeks as he turned over onto his back, arms folded over his chest as he stared up at the ceiling. *But no, when I pushed for what I wanted, he pushed back. And when I said we should end things, he didn't try to talk me out of it, he just walked away...* He lifted his arms, hands rubbing almost roughly at his eyes.

He turned onto his side, curling up once more as another wave of sadness washed over him. *But last night... I thought, with Hyoga, that there was something special there. When I got up to leave, he... He stopped me. He wanted me to spend the night, he didn't seem to care about noise, or marks...* A faint blush rose on his cheeks as he remembered the raw lust the other saint had awoken in him. In truth, the Andromeda saint knew Hyoga wasn't all to blame for what had happened, his own weakness, vulnerability and lack of will had helped things to get so far out of hand. *I knew he'd been drinking, I shouldn't have let it happen. I believed him when he said he knew what he was doing because that's what I wanted to believe.*

He turned over onto his stomach, burying his face in the pillows, tears filling his eyes once more. *I should have just walked away. I wanted to wait for Shiryu to come back, to see if we could work things out, why didn't I? Now it's over. He won't want to work anything out with me when he finds out I slept with Hyoga while he was gone... * Shun shook his head with a soft sound, rubbing his damp cheek against the pillow. *Dammit, even after he walked away, even after I spent the night with Hyoga, part of me still wants Shiryu.* He thought with a heavy sigh. *What in the hell am I going to do?*

Finally, several minutes later, the teen's tears subsided. Sitting up slowly, he swung his legs over the side of the bed, debating what he should do. "I... I should talk to Hyoga, I suppose. That's the best place to start, by telling him about Shiryu. But will he want to talk to me right now?" He shuddered, then shook his head. "No, I don't have any idea what to do, what to say, I need to get my thoughts organized." With a sigh, Shun stood up, walking over to the dresser, pulling out a pair of black sweat pants and a hooded navy-blue sweat shirt, deciding to forgo his morning shower for now. "I'll grab some juice or something, then go out for a run, that'll help clear my mind a bit," he nodded, slipping into the loose clothing before walking to the door, "I'll talk to Hyoga when I come back." He sighed softly, opened the door slowly, stepping into the hall and glancing down toward Hyoga's room. "I really shouldn't have run away like that, without giving him a chance to tell his side of things..."


Hyoga growled under his breath, stepping into the shower and snatching up the soap, lathering himself up quickly. *Dammit, I really screwed that one up, didn't I? I was supposed to be telling Shun that what happened was a mistake, because I didn't know he was involved with Shiryu, and if I had, I wouldn't have gone after him the way I did. Instead, he thinks I just used him for a quick fuck while I was drunk, and this morning I just want to forget it ever happened. Why didn't I just spit it all out, why did I hold back, and let him get the wrong idea?* He sighed, letting his head fall forward and hit the tiles with a soft 'thunk'. "I have to talk to him, before this gets totally out of hand." he murmured, shutting off the water and stepping out of the tub. He dried himself off quickly, slinging the damp towel over his shoulders as he pulled on a pair of pants, slipping on some socks before making his way downstairs to the kitchen. *I hope I can find him before he decides to take off somewhere too...*


Shiryu sat at the kitchen table, sipping a cup of tea as he glanced over the newspaper. Grey eyes scanned the headlines, but the Dragon saint simply couldn't pay attention to any of it. With a sigh, he threw the paper aside. "Where is everybody? Someone's got to be awake by now," he grumbled, folding his arms and scowling, foot tapping in a mixture of anxiety and annoyance. *Ikki should have been down here by now, he's usually awake even before I am...* Air hissed between the Dragon saint's teeth, as he considered a disturbing possibility. *Maybe Shun told him everything, and Ikki decided they needed to get out of here for awhile. Shit, if Ikki knows, I might have a serious problem on my hands...*

Shiryu winced, once again seeing in his mind's eye the other teen's tear-streaked face as he pleaded with him to stay the night. *He never came back to his bedroom last night, where did he go?* He rested his elbows on the table, face cupped in his hands. *What if...I went too far by walking away, and he just gave up on us, for real?*

He looked up as someone came in, his heart skipping a beat at the sight of his lover. Grey eyes raked over the slender form, a frown appearing on his face as Shiryu noticed the troubled expression on the younger teen's face. *Three guesses as to what put that look in his eyes,* he thought with a twinge of guilt. Shiryu watched silently as Shun poured himself a glass of orange juice, then took a long drink. The ebony-haired saint stared as the younger teen's throat arched, revealing several angry looking red marks, and what looked like a dark bruise at the base, just above the neckline of his sweat shirt. "What happened to your neck?" He jerked, nearly upsetting his cup as the Bronze saint realized he'd spoken aloud.

Shun gasped, face paling, the glass slipping from numb fingers as an all-too-familiar voice rang out. "Sh...Shiryu?" he whispered, turning around slowly, one hand coming up to cover his mouth, the other gripping the counter behind him as he swayed slightly on his feet. *Oh no, not NOW...* The emerald-haired teen took a step back, green eyes huge in his ashen face. * can I face him, after everything that's happened, I...I'm not ready,* he thought frantically, swallowing audibly as he continued to stare at the other saint.

Shiryu rose to his feet, stunned at the other teen's reaction. "Shun, what's wrong?" He splayed his hands on the table, taking one slow step around it.

"'re back...?" Shun asked, voice quavering, tears filling his eyes. Relief, fear, and self-loathing warred within the slender teen, as he lowered his head. "When did you get here?"

"Earlier this morning, before dawn. I went up to your room, but you weren't there. When you didn't come back, I thought maybe you had taken off, too. I have to admit I was a little worried..." the ebony-haired saint trailed off, taking another small step forward as he noticed Shun's shoulders were shaking slightly. "Shun, talk to me, what's the matter?"

* day, no...not even one day. That's all I would have had to wait, and none of this would be happening...* Shun clenched his eyes shut, hands balled into fists. *If I'd just had enough brains and self-control to wait one more lousy day, then Shiryu would have been back, and I wouldn't have to tell him about Hyoga, or Hyoga about him, because there would have BEEN nothing to tell!*

"Shun?" Shiryu tried again, blinking in surprise when the other teen suddenly started pacing the kitchen, arms wrapped tightly around himself.

"Shiryu...there's something..." He stopped abruptly near the door, running one hand through his hair and releasing his breath in a shaky sigh. "There's something I've got to talk to you about..."

Both teens jumped as the door swung open, hitting the wall with a bang.

"Shun! We really have to talk about this," Hyoga said, striding over and curling one hand around Shun's bicep, "You have to let me explain. Last night was more than just some drunken one-night-stand. I wanted you, I have for a long time.." He trailed off as he noticed the horrified expression on the smaller saint's face. Hyoga swallowed hard as he realized Shun wasn't looking at him, someone behind him. He slowly craned his head around, sapphire eyes widening as he gasped softly. "Shiryu," he whispered, releasing Shun's arm and stepping away from him, "oh no, I'm sorry..."

Shiryu tilted his head and stared at Hyoga in confusion. "Sorry...for what? What are you talking about?" Grey eyes widened suddenly, as the other teen's words hit home. He gasped softly, noticing the long scratch marks running down the Russian's bare back. The Dragon saint's mouth went dry as he glanced at Hyoga's neck, noticing a dark mark on the side, just above where neck and shoulder met. It all became crystal clear when he once again glanced at the marks on Shun's neck. *No... Oh no, they didn't...they wouldn't...* he thought, taking a step back, shaking his head slowly. "Shun," he rasped, "you... You and Hyoga...?"

He swallowed thickly when Hyoga turned away, running a hand through his damp, blond hair before hanging his head, shoulders slumping.

Shun looked back and forth between the two of them, green eyes filling with tears as he saw the pain etched on Shiryu's face, then watched Hyoga hang his head in shame. When grey eyes came to rest on him, Shun hunched his shoulders, his expression one of pure anguish.

"Shun...?" Shiryu rasped, a sharp edge of pain in his voice. "You..." He choked on his next words, swallowing and trying again. "You slept with him?"

"Shiryu," Shun whispered, taking a step toward him. He held back a sob as the Dragon saint moved back quickly, anger flashing in stormy grey eyes before he turned away and refused to look at him. The emerald-haired teen glanced at Hyoga, closing his eyes, a single tear sliding down his cheek as the other saint kept his back to him as well. *They hate me...both of them... And they have every right to.* "I'm sorry... I never meant to hurt either of you..." He said softly, turning and fleeing from the room, tears flowing freely.


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