Twice bitten, thrice shy

By: Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom: Saint Seiya

(Although actually it was started based on the English Dic dub, so some of them may be a bit OOC. Also, for Hiso-chan, and a couple of others that were enjoying this fic in all it's 'dude' spewing KotZ glory, *giggles* the original Knights version will be continued on both my webpage, and on my StS ML, )

Rating: NC-17 (Just your typical JJ-style smut! *LOL*)

Pairing: Shiryu/Shun, Hyoga/Shun, others?

Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language

Notes: OOC, AU, PWP, TWT, etc, silliness, angst, insanity, you know the drill by now. If you can't handle my craziness, why are you here? *peers at you curiously*

Summary: Shun gets burned by love twice, can he find it in his heart to forgive and let someone in again?

Archived: Others ask for permission, and no mst'ing.

This fic is dedicated solely to my lovely Saint Seiya muse, Pacifist Daniel *glomps, snuggles*

Disclaimer: I don't own Saint Seiya, and am making no money from this.

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~~oOo~~ Change of scene or POV


"Oh...God, Shiryu..." Shun gasped, arching beneath the Dragon saint, fingers digging into the other teen's broad back, one long, slender leg wrapping around Shiryu's waist, urging him on. He moaned when his lips were claimed in a searing kiss, muffling his cries, as Shiryu's thrusts increased in speed, and force. A gasp escaped him as his lover grabbed his arms, forcing them to the bed, large hands wrapping around his slender wrists to hold them still.

"No marks, remember?" Shiryu murmured against his lips, dark blue eyes cracking open to stare down at him.

Shun groaned softly, nodding slightly. "Sorry," he whispered, biting his lip and whimpering as Shiryu continued to move inside him. Green eyes slid shut as Shiryu lifted one of Shun's legs onto his shoulder, changing the angle of his strokes. The younger teen cried out sharply, pulling against the hands pinning him down.

"Shh..easy," the older teen said softly, leaning down and nuzzling Shun's jaw, before moving further, capturing the boy's earlobe and worrying it gently with his teeth.

"I...Nnn," Shun arched his neck, fine tremors running through him as pleasure coiled inside him, sweat beading on his pale skin, "can't...Shiryu, please!" Hazy eyes opened to stare up at his lover, as Shun begged for release, whimpers and words giving way to loud moans.

Shiryu released Shun's wrists, then raised a shaky hand, gently caressing his lover's face, before pushing two fingers against the soft, pale pink lips. A groan escaped him as the younger teen eagerly sucked them in, licking and nibbling on them, staring up at him with hooded, glittering eyes. After a few moments, Shun turned his head away, his cries growing louder as he began to buck beneath the older teen. "Shh, no...Shun," he murmured, clamping a hand over his lover's mouth to stifle the noises as he lowered his weight onto smaller saint.

The emerald-haired teen writhed beneath his lover, his arousal caught between their moving bodies, the friction sending him over the edge, hips bucking, a keening wail bursting from his throat as he climaxed, the sound stifled by Shiryu's palm pressed to his lips. His essence shot into the narrow space between them, coating both of their abdomens, before he slumped back against the bed, panting raggedly.

A soft grunt, and a tightening of muscles were the only signs Shiryu gave of his own completion, before he collapsed on top of his lover, his weight pressing the smaller teen into the mattress.

They lay still and silent for several moments and Shun slowly wound his arms around his partner's shoulders, nuzzling his jaw with a soft sigh. *Any second now,* he thought, a frown settling on his lips as Shiryu, almost on cue, pulled away from his embrace, moving soundlessly off the bed. He strode across the room, picked up his clothing and began to dress, keeping his back to his partner the entire time. "You don't have to leave, Shiryu," Shun said quietly, sitting up and pulling his knees to his chest, hugging his legs as he watched the other teen sadly.

"Yes, I do," the older teen replied without pausing, the resignation in his voice signaling he'd been prepared for this discussion. "You know I can't spend the night, and you know why." He slipped into his shirt, running his fingers quickly through his long, black hair. "It's not wise to let the others find out what's going on."

"Oh, come on, Shiryu!" Shun was on his feet and across the room in a heartbeat, slender hands stroking over Shiryu's chest. "Spending the night doesn't mean we'll be standing on the rooftop, shouting it out to the whole world..."

"No, but what happens when Hyoga comes to ask you to go for a morning run with him, and he finds us in bed together, then everyone will know." The older teen pulled away then strode to the window, pulling aside the curtain and staring out into the night.

"Well," Shun hugged himself, feeling suddenly cold as his lover put distance between them, "call me crazy, but I don't exactly think they're going to be jealous or anything" he smiled at the weak attempt at a joke.

"Oh, and what about your brother?" Shiryu turned to face him, a severe expression on his face, made more ominous by the moonlight streaming into the room, casting his face into deep shadow. "Suppose he comes to see you early one morning, and finds us all cuddled up under the covers, he'd tear me apart, then where would we be? I can't see Ikki being very accepting of this. Would you be able to choose between him and I?"

"No, you're wrong," the teen shook his head quickly, taking a step toward his lover, freezing as the other man tensed visibly. "Shiryu, listen. I know Ikki is...a bit protective of me," at the other teen's snort, he continued, "but if he knew that being with you made me happy, he wouldn't try to come between us. I know he wouldn't."

"You might like to think all those things will just work themselves out, Shun," the older teen said quietly, "but I'm afraid I just don't share your optimism. I should go anyway, I need to pack a few things."

Shun stared at Shiryu for a few seconds, a sick, sinking feeling building in the pit of his stomach. "You're leaving?"

Shiryu nodded. "I'm leaving in the morning, going to see Mu for awhile."

Shun sat down on the bed, seeming to curl in on himself as he struggled to keep his feelings in check. Pain lanced through him, as Shiryu continued, seemingly unaffected.

"Kiki's meeting me and we're leaving pretty early, so if anyone asks, just pass it along that I'll be gone for a couple of weeks." Finally, the ebony-haired teen turned and seemed to notice some of his partner's distress. "We can discuss this," he waved his hand toward the bed in a casual gesture, " when I get back, all right?" He then turned and walked to the door. *I'm sorry, but this is just the way things have to be, Shun, why can't you understand?* Shiryu heaved a sigh, reaching for the doorknob. *Well, maybe a little time apart will help us both cool off. Then we can talk about it, when emotions aren't running so high.*

Shun's shoulders shook, arms tightening around himself as he fought back the tears burning behind his closed eyelids. "There won't.... There won't be anything to discuss," he said hoarsely, tears finally slipping down his cheeks, leaving silvery trails down the teen's pale skin.

That made Shiryu pause. His back stiffened, and he slowly turned around, face set in a blank mask. "What do you mean by that?"

"What I mean," Shun said shakily, rising to his feet, " is that this," he did a crude imitation of Shiryu's earlier gesture, "is over."

"What?" Shiryu stared at Shun, incredulous. "Where the hell is all this coming from?"

Shun gave a brittle laugh, a wan smile on his face. "Oh, this isn't something

that's just come about tonight. Actually, it's been building for awhile." He stood and slowly moved across the room, taking the place at the window his lover had occupied moments before. Tears continued to stream down his face, as Shun pressed his forehead against the glass. "I'm tired of you using the others as an excuse not to spend the night." He hung his head, emerald hair falling into his face. "Every time we're together it's the same thing. You come here, we have a few minutes together in the darkness, and then you leave, without so much as a kiss goodbye." He turned and pinned the other teen with a hurt, accusing glare. "I'm tired of being nothing more than a warm body for you to use at your convenience in the night, then becoming some dirty, shameful little secret you need to sweep under the rug before anyone else notices the next day." Shun was sobbing now, clenched fists resting on the windowsill as he swallowed hard, trying to keep his voice steady.

Shiryu stared at the younger teen, shock showing plainly in his wide blue eyes. ", you don't understand, it's not like that, not at all," he stepped away from the door, moving toward him. "It's not so much that I'd be ashamed of them finding out, I just... It would make things awkward. The others might not approve, and how do you handle it when a team of five members suddenly becomes a team of three and one couple?"

Shun shook his head and backed away quickly as Shiryu approached. "There it is again, the same excuse," his voice was raw as he spoke. "I really don't think they'd care, so long as we're still there for everyone when it counts."

Shiryu sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose when Shun backed away. "That's not the point. I'd care. I don't want them looking at us..."

"And what," Shun rasped, running a hand through his tangled, green hair, "knowing that we're a couple? I just don't get why that's such a problem, but it obviously is." He turned away, eyes downcast, shoulders slumped. "So let's just put an end to the whole thing, then."

Shiryu stared at Shun, a stricken expression on his face as he processed what the other teen had just said. Then his posture grew stiff, blue eyes narrowing as his features hardened, settling into a cold mask as an inexplicable anger built inside the Dragon saint. *Emotional blackmail won't work, Shun. You knew how I felt about this from the start,* he thought angrily, *I will not be pushed into an unnecessary confrontation with Ikki, or the others just to satisfy a whim.* "If that's your decision..." He nodded once, turning and flinging the door open, then slamming it on his way out. He strode angrily down the hall, heedless of whatever might be in his path.


Seiya hummed to himself, walking quickly down the hall, a drink and a late-night snack in his hands. He gasped as he turned the corner and a glowering Shiryu nearly bowled him over. "Hey, Shiryu!" he cried, barely saving his snack from crashing to the floor. The teen turned and watched his friend stalking down the hall, quirking a brow as the other teen didn't even acknowledge is presence. "I don't think he even knew I was there, what the heck's gotten into him?" The young saint followed Shiryu down the hall, blinking when the door to the teen's room was slammed hard enough to rattle pictures on the walls.

Footsteps were heard moments later, and a tousled blond head poked out, before Hyoga stepped into the hallway, yawning and stretching his arms over his head. "I don't suppose you could keep it down?" he asked sleepily, looking over at Seiya with bleary blue eyes.

"It wasn't me," Seiya pointed silently to the next door down the hall.

Hyoga turned his head and gazed at the door for a moment. "What's with him? It sounded like he was trying to destroy the place," he yawned again, eying Seiya's snack with interest.

The younger saint sighed and held out the plate of chips and dip. "Oh, all right..." He tilted his head, brown eyes shifting toward Shiryu's door once more.

"So, any thoughts about what's going on?" Hyoga asked as he grabbed another handful of chips.

"I'm not sure. All I know is I thought I heard another door slam just before I turned the corner at the stairs, and Shiryu nearly mowed me down. The other slam came from back that way," he pointed back down the hall, the way he'd come. "Shun's room is down there..." Seiya trailed off, thinking.

"Mm hm," Hyoga nodded, "and so is Ikki's. Maybe those two had words over something."

"That's...a good possibility," Seiya chuckled, then blinked and pulled his plate away when he realized Hyoga had eaten nearly half of his chips already. "Well, I'm heading for bed, night!" He waved and darted off to enjoy the rest of his snack in peace.

"Night, Seiya." Hyoga nodded and stretched, turning and going back into his own room, closing the door behind him.


Several minutes later, when all was quiet once more, Shiryu slipped out of his room, walking silently down the hall and making his way to the stairs. He all but ran headlong down the staircase, needing to get out of the mansion. *I know he's going to come to me, sooner or later, apologizing, blaming himself for it all, and wanting to make everything okay again,* he sighed, stepping outside and taking a deep breath of the cool night air. *I need to get away, right now, before he decides to come and find me. I don't want to say or do something I might regret...* Shiryu jumped as a small finger poked him in the back, fist whistling through the air.

"Whoa, take it easy, Shiryu! It's only me!" Kiki stood behind him, grinning up at him. "I was gonna come early and hang out for awhile, but, stuff came up..." He trailed off and shrugged. "After that, I was bored and didn't wanna wait around till morning. I was figuring on coming up and scaring the daylights out of you while you were sleeping..." he gave the saint a devilish grin, then pouted slightly. "Looks like you were ready for that though, how'd you know?"

"I didn't, I just...couldn't sleep." Shiryu answered quietly. "I was going to just go out and find something to do until you showed up, actually."

"Oh, what's got you so restless?" Kiki frowned up at him, one hand cupping his chin. "Something's bothering you, I can tell."

"Nothing," the teen shook his head quickly. "I just need a change of scenery for awhile. So, I guess you'll be bunking in my room tonight..."

"Uh uh, if you're this restless, I won't get any sleep anyway. I'll be sitting there watching you pace and brood all night, so we might as well go now."

"I do not brood..." Shiryu said quietly, unable to keep from smiling slightly at Kiki's smirk.

"Uh huh, riiiight."

Shiryu chuckled, then sighed, slowly descending the front steps with Kiki at his side, staring up at him intently.


Shun lay curled up in the center of his bed, the blankets tangled around his slender form, sobbing quietly into a pillow. He wasn't sure how long it had been since Shiryu had left, but it was long enough that the emerald-haired boy already regretted his earlier words. *What was I thinking? He wants to talk about it when he gets back, maybe...maybe we can work things out so we each get some of what we want, at least...*

Slipping out of bed, he padded lightly down the hall, knocking gently on Shiryu's door. His brow furrowed as he heard nothing but silence from within. "Shiryu?" he called softly, knocking again. Concern marred his soft features, as once again his knock went unanswered. He tried the knob, hunching his shoulders and pulling back slightly as the door swung open. "Shiryu?" he whispered, stepping into the room. Shun glanced around the enclosure, eyes widening as he noticed that most of the other saint's things were gone. He went to the closet, opening the door, and gasped softly as he noticed the other teen's cloth was missing. "Oh, no, he's already gone..." Shun leaned back against the wall, slowly sliding down to sit on the floor, tears in his wide, green eyes.


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