Shadow Eyes 


 Disclaimer: Only two things in this story (other than the plot) belong to me. The Venaki bond and the creature that killed Goku and Bulma. Please ask me if you want to use the Venaki bond, but you can have the creature if you really, really want it (though I can’t imagine why anyone would).



(Author’s Note: This is my first yaoi fic and I’m very nervous. I got the idea for it after drinking most of an entire 24 pack of Coke, so it’s kind of weird. All of the Saiyans and half Saiyans have their tails back, and the moon is back as well and indestructible. Goten and Trunks are mates.

This takes place in a reality very similar to the one in my fic Moon Called, except in this one Selene made her wishes a year later and didn’t attack anyone, therefore the Z warriors never had to fight her and Zab Jade never had to intervene. And obviously no one was gay in Moon Called, and Goku and Bulma weren’t killed by some weird creature.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] with any comments, good or bad. If you like my yaoi story, I might write more with different characters. Oh, I tried to keep Shadow’s identity a secret until the last moment. Let me know if I succeeded.)





Gohan gazed into the angry, dark eyes of his sparring partner. Shadow Eyes snarled at him and lunged, managing to punch him in the jaw.



Gohan laughed and grabbed Shadow around the waist, pulling the small, slender body tight against his own. Shadow hissed and spat, squirming in a useless attempt to get free.



“Oh no you don’t,” Gohan purred. He pressed his lips to Shadow’s, forcing the feisty little thing into a passionate kiss.



Shock held Shadow immobile for a few seconds before the deceptively fragile looking creature began bucking and twisting wildly, desperate to get loose.



“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Shadow snarled, dark eyes glittering angrily.



Gohan didn’t answer. He violently forced Shadow’s head to the side, sinking his teeth into the flesh where the shoulder met the neck.



You’re mine now, little Shadow Eyes. I’ve marked you, Gohan thought as he lapped at the blood, his tail swaying back and forth behind him. He slipped it around his prize’s waist and gently rubbed the tip against Shadow’s back. He started stroking the warm body with his hands and was rewarded when Shadow moaned softly and stopped struggling.



The next thing Gohan knew, their clothes were gone, and Shadow’s body was pinned beneath his own. He shifted a little, then violently thrust into the hot little body under him. Shadow cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, arching against Gohan and silently begging for more.



Gohan grinned and shifted all the way up to super Saiyan level two, using all of his strength as he pistoned in and out of the sexy little thing.



Shadow moaned and whimpered, bucking against him. Shadow was a very proud, wild creature who wouldn’t take kindly to being tamed and would probably try to kill him later. For now though, they were both enjoying themselves quite a bit.



This is what you get for wearing all that tight clothing, my sexy little darling, Gohan thought. Then he became completely incapable of thought as his body tightened into one of the most amazing orgasms of his life. Shadow cried out beneath him, and he threw back his head and screamed his mate’s true name.






Gohan snapped awake, breathing hard. Once again, Shadow’s real identity had faded away with the dream. The only thing he ever really remembered about his dream lover were the dark eyes. He had been having the dreams at least once a month ever since he had hit puberty.



He had thought that they would stop once he had married Videl, but they had only started coming more often. He now had them once a week. He always had the feeling that he knew Shadow Eyes in the real world, but the only dark eyed woman he really knew was his mother.



Shadow Eyes is just a figment of my imagination, Gohan thought. No woman could even withstand me becoming super Saiyan level two much less enjoy it as much as Shadow seems to.



Gohan sighed and went back to sleep. Tucked up against him, Videl silently cried. Once a week he would cry out that name and each time it would rip her heart to shreds. She had been with him for a long time, but she didn’t think she could take it anymore.



Her tears fell harder as Gohan murmured the hated name, putting more love and desire into it than he had ever put into her own.






“Power down all the way, Goku, or I will kill the boy,” the giant creature snarled. It held eight-year-old Goten in one clawed fist, and Bulma sat helplessly at his feet.



“All right,” Goku whispered, dropping out of super Saiyan and dropping his ki all the way down to the level of an untrained human.



“Kakarot, what do you think you’re doing?” Vegeta asked, staring at him in disbelief.



“I can’t fight him if he has Goten and Bulma, and I won’t let him kill my son.”



“How very noble,” the creature rumbled before vaporizing the Saiyan.



“K-Kakarot?” Vegeta said, staring wide-eyed at the place where he had been standing.



“Daddy, nooooooo!” Goten wailed, thrashing in the creature’s grasp. It laughed and flung the boy away.



“Now, time to finish you off, Vegeta,” it said, pointing its finger and shooting a ki blast at the small prince.



“No!” Bulma screamed, jerking to her feet and throwing herself between the blast and her husband. Vegeta shrieked in agony as he felt her die.



He fell to his knees, howling with grief as his power built to incredible proportions. Nothing he had ever experienced had been as painful as the sudden, raw emptiness inside of him. He lashed out at the cause of his pain, utterly destroying the creature as it looked at him in shock.



The power left as quickly as it came, and Vegeta fell to a heap on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. He barely noticed as Goten tugged at his arm, moving it slightly so he could snuggle up against the prince.



Vegeta instinctively curled his body around the crying boy as they shared their grief over the loss of their loved ones.






Goten woke up, crying softly. It had been ten years since his father and Bulma had died, but he still dreamed about it. He looked at Trunks, wanting to wake him up so that he could comfort him, but knowing that there was no point to it. His purple-haired mate just didn’t understand.



Goten had loved his father, but he had only known the man for a year. It was the sense of utter helplessness that had haunted his sleep for the past ten years, not grief. So many people had been hurt when Goku had died, and it was all because of him. He hated being the cause of so much pain.



There was only one person who understood how he felt. He got out of bed and slipped on a pair of boxers before padding down the hallway to his father-in-law’s room. He knew that Vegeta had had the dream as well. Because of a very faint mental bond that had formed between them, they always had it at the same time.



“What do you want, boy?” Vegeta asked quietly as Goten opened the door. He was sitting Indian style on the bed, his expression one of pain and loneliness.



“I had the dream again,” Goten said, sniffling.



“I know,” the prince whispered.



Goten crawled onto the bed and rested his head on Vegeta’s lap. “Why won’t it stop, Papa?” he asked. His mother had had a nervous breakdown after Goku had died once again, and he had more or less adopted Vegeta as his father.



“I don’t know,” Vegeta said, absently stroking the boy’s hair. “And don’t call me that. I’m not your father.”



“Whatever you say, Papa,” Goten said, grinning slightly through his tears.



Vegeta growled softly, but didn’t say anything. He just continued to stroke the young man’s hair. Goten sighed and snuggled closer before drifting into a deep, dreamless sleep.






Trunks woke up, reaching out for Goten before he even opened his eyes. He snapped his deep blue eyes open, frowning when he couldn’t find him.



“Damn, he must have had that dream again,” he muttered. “That means he’s in Dad’s room. Just great, now they’re both going to be all gloomy and moping for the next couple of days.”



He sighed and stood up, getting dressed before leaving the room. His father’s door was ajar, so he went over and peeked in. He couldn’t help a tender smile at what he saw. Vegeta was sprawled across the bed on his back with Goten curled up beside him, the much younger man’s head resting on his stomach.



They look so cute sleeping together, Trunks thought. Then he had to clamp his hands over his mouth to stifle a giggle as he realized how that sounded. I can picture it now. Next on the Jerry Springer Show: my gay lover is sleeping with my father.



He shook his head and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast, wondering how he was going to put an end to Goten’s inevitable bout of depression before it had a chance to really begin. His father would be depressed too, but the only thing he could do was hope that his little sister would be able to keep him from hurting himself too badly.



Vegeta had always had a self-destructive streak and it had gotten a lot worse after Bulma’s death. Trunks was convinced that he, Goten, and Bra had been the only reasons he hadn’t killed himself.



There were times when I almost thought it would have been better if he had killed himself. Trunks shuddered, remembering some of the horrible, self-inflicted injuries he had had to treat. Vegeta blamed himself for Bulma’s death, and subconsciously felt that he should somehow be punished for it.



He brightened slightly as he figured out a way to cheer Goten up. It had been years since the entire group had been together. He’d invite them all to come over for a party tomorrow.






“Do you think everyone will come to the party?” Goten asked the next morning, coming up behind Trunks and putting his head on his shoulder.



“I hope so,” Trunks said as he made coffee.



Krillin and his family, Gohan and his family, Tien, and Chiaotzu had all been invited. Yamcha had been banned from the house the day of Bulma’s funeral after calling Vegeta a heartless bastard who didn’t even care about his wife’s death.



Vegeta had gone deathly pale, a heart wrenching pain filling his eyes along with an insane rage. Trunks had been about to try and restrain him when Goten had given a howl of rage and had viciously attacked Yamcha.



No one had seen very much of him since then, and none of them particularly wanted to. It had been patently obvious to everyone else that Vegeta was suppressing his own grief in order to comfort and care for his two children. They had needed him to be strong, not an emotional wreck.



“Do you think Papa will make an appearance?” Goten asked, twining his tail around Trunks’ waist and kissing him on the cheek.



Trunks grinned. “Don’t worry. I’ll use my secret weapon on him.



Goten grinned as well. “In other words, you’re going to have Bra ask him.”









Vegeta threw a vicious punch at an invisible enemy followed by a flawless spin kick. He stopped and turned when he sensed his daughter’s ki approaching. The eleven-year-old girl ran up to him and jumped into his arms.



“Goten and Trunks invited everyone over for a party. Are you going to come?” Bra asked, rubbing her head against his chest and looking up at him with her large blue eyes.



“Um...I have to train,” he said, sounding uncomfortable.



“Please, Daddy?” she asked, giving him a sad, puppy dog look.



“Oh, all right,” he grumbled, putting her down.



“Yay!!” she yelled, running off to tell Goten and Trunks the good news.



Vegeta cursed under his breath. He had been raising Bra all by himself for the past ten years, but he had only been able to say no to her once. She had wanted to practice his Final Flash attack in the house. Even then, he had almost said yes.






“Pan will be home from school soon, Videl. Are you ready to go?” Gohan asked that afternoon. He hadn’t really seen much of his little brother since their father died, so he was anxious to get going.



“I’m not going,” Videl said quietly. “I’ve always known that you don’t really love me, Gohan, but I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t live like this.”



“W-what are you talking about?” Gohan asked in hurt confusion.



“I know all about the dreams you keep having. I know who you really love.”



Gohan paled. “Y-you know about Shadow Eyes?”



“Shadow Eyes?” Videl repeated, staring at him like he was crazy.



“I never remember Shadow’s name when I wake up,” he explained. “I’ve been dreaming about her ever since I hit puberty.”



Videl looked at him very strangely. “Gohan, you remember anything about ‘Shadow’ after you wake up?”



“Only the dark eyes,” he said, sounding miserable.



Videl squeezed her eyes shut, then opened them again. “I think...I think I’ll let you keep Pan,” she said, fighting back tears.



“What do you mean, you think you’ll let me keep Pan?”



“I’m leaving, Gohan. When Pan gets home, take her to Capsule Corp. Talk to your brother and your friends. They’ll help you feel better.”



“Videl, no! You can’t leave just because of a figment of my imagination!”



“Shadow’s a real person, Gohan. If you stop denying it, you’ll find out who. And then you’ll truly be happy.”






“Videl left you?!” Goten shouted, staring at his brother in shock. Gohan stood in the middle of the room, Pan’s hand gripped within his own. The little girl had tears streaming down her face, and Gohan was sniffling loudly.



“Hmmph. I don’t see why you’re so upset over one silly little human girl. There are plenty more were she came from,” Vegeta said from where he was leaning against the wall.



“Papa!” Goten said sharply. “Behave!”



“Quit calling me that, brat. I’m not you’re father,” Vegeta growled.



“Damn it, Vegeta, I love Videl! I can’t just replace her!” Gohan snarled, glaring at the infuriating prince.



Ever since Vegeta had had to train him to control his full moon transformation, they had gotten along rather well. But there were times when he just wanted to wring the arrogant little man’s neck.



“Well, she obviously doesn’t feel the same about you. Get over it and move on.”



“Like you got over Bulma?” Gohan sneered. Then he felt as if he had kicked an injured puppy as Vegeta’s suddenly pale face was filled with pain, loneliness, and self-hatred. “Oh, shit. Vegeta, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. It’s just...I...”



Gohan suddenly couldn’t take it anymore and fell to his knees, sobbing.



“Daddy?” Pan said uncertainly. Her whole world had been completely turned upside down. Her mother had left and her big, strong father was falling apart right in front of her.



Every one else stared at the crying half Saiyan, unsure of what to do. Finally Vegeta, who had managed to regain his composure, walked over to him and smacked him across the face.



“Get a hold of yourself, boy,” Vegeta barked, his tail lashing. “That useless mate of yours abandoned your daughter as well. What you do when she’s not around is fine, but you will not bawl like an infant in front of her.”



Gohan looked up at him, trying unsuccessfully to stifle his tears. Vegeta cursed and scooped Pan up into his arms, taking her away so she wouldn’t have to see anymore.






“What happened, Gohan?” Goten asked. Everyone had left, leaving the two alone to talk.



Gohan sighed. “I’ve been having...dreams...since I was thirteen. Videl finally got tired of it. She said that I love the person in my dreams more than her, and I’m afraid she was right”



Goten frowned. “Who were you dreaming about?”



“I don’t know!” he cried out in frustration, running his hands through his hair. “Videl says it’s someone we know, but I never remember anything but the dark eyes. That’s why I always think of her as Shadow Eyes. Videl knows who she is, but refuses to tell me.”



Goten sighed. “You need to talk to someone about how you’re feeling about Videl, but the only person who knows what you’re going through is Papa. Videl didn’t die, but you lost her and he lost Bulma. He knows exactly how you feel.”



“Yeah, but I don’t think he’s particularly happy with me right now.”



“Probably not. He’s the very last of his species and the one human he could truly relate to died to save his life. He’s lonely and bleeding inside. You practically rubbed his face in it.”



Gohan hunched over, looking like he was going to start crying again. “I didn’t mean to say that. I was angry and hurt. I really didn’t mean to say that.”



“I know. That’s why you’re still standing. If you had meant to hurt him, I would have hurt you, brother or not,” Goten said, his usually happy-go-lucky expression hard.



Gohan nodded, sniffling. Sometimes it seemed to him that Goten was more Vegeta’s son than Trunks was. He was extremely protective of the Saiyan prince.



“ you think he’d be willing to talk to me tonight?” Gohan asked.



“Maybe. He thinks you’ve spent too much of you’re life studying, but he likes you in his own way. He’s pretty much considered you a friend ever since he trained you for that year when you were thirteen.”



“I guess I’ll go find him.”



“Oh, shit!” Goten yelped suddenly, his eyes wide with disbelief. “I just figured out who Shadow Eyes is.”



“Who?!” Gohan demanded. His little brother just shook his head. “I need to know who she is, Goten.”



“I’m not telling,” Goten said, giving him a very strange look.



“Why not?!” he yelled angrily.



“When you’re ready to know, you’ll stop forgetting everything.”



Gohan snarled under his breath, then stomped off to find Vegeta.






Vegeta stood on the balcony outside his room, leaning against the rail and staring up at the sky.



“What do you want, boy?” he barked, sensing Gohan’s presence.



“I...I need someone to talk to,” the half Saiyan said hesitantly. “And I wanted to apologize for what I said earlier.”



“Hmmph. You already did that, remember?” Vegeta said, still not bothering to turn around and face him.



Gohan swallowed hard, then sighed. “ long will it take for me to get over her?”



Vegeta cocked his head to the side, thinking about it. “Probably only a couple of days, since she wasn’t really your mate.”



“What?” Gohan said incredulously, looking at Vegeta as if he had turned purple and grown antlers.



Vegeta glanced over his shoulder at him. “If she had truly been your mate, you would have formed a mental bond with her and she wouldn’t have been able to leave you. Since you didn’t make her your mate, you obviously didn’t really love her. You just thought you did.”



“Mental bond?” Gohan repeated, frowning slightly. Then his eyes went wide. “Wait a minute, don’t you and Goten have some kind of mental bond?”



“Yes, but it’s a Venaki bond, not a mating one. Goten’s got one of those with Trunks. Venaki bonds are much weaker, but much harder to block out for some reason. That’s why we both always have that damn nightmare at the same time.”



“Venaki bond?” Gohan was starting to feel like a parrot. “What’s that?”



Vegeta finally turned to face him. Leaning his back against the rail and crossing his arms over his chest. “Saiyans are pack creatures. We had a tendency to form pack groups. The lower classes usually referred to them as crews.



“It was decided that the royal line needed something stronger than friendship binding them to their crews, so some of one of my ancestor’s DNA was mucked about with. Everyone in my line is capable of forming a Venaki bond with any unrelated Saiyan. Or half Saiyan as well, apparently.



“I had a mating bond with Bulma. When she died, it was like there was a hole inside of me. I instinctively formed half of a Venaki with your brother in order to fill it a little. It would have faded away if your mother hadn’t lost it so badly when your father died again. Goten didn’t have anyone else to turn to, so he came to me and somehow ended up forming his half of the Venaki bond, making it permanent.”



“Oh,” Gohan said, blinking. “Can you tell me more about this mating bond?”



Vegeta sighed and rubbed at the bridge of his nose. “Wait right here,” he said, going inside. He came back a few minutes later with a small book, which he handed to Gohan.



“What’s this?” Gohan asked curiously, staring at the leather bound object.



“Saiyan mating habits are to complex to just talk about. I wrote that up after Trunks and Goten started getting attracted to each other, and began asking me too many awkward questions. Some of the stuff in there only applies to full-blooded Saiyans, but it needed to be mentioned in order to explain some of our rituals.”



“Can I borrow this?”



Vegeta gave him a look people usually reserved for stupid children. “Why do you think I handed it to you, moron?”



Gohan blushed. “Thanks for your help,” he said, reaching out a hand to pat Vegeta’s shoulder. The smaller man jerked out of his reach at the last moment, a wary look crossing his face before it went back to his usual expressionless mask.



Gohan silently cursed to himself. He had forgotten about that. He and Vegeta had more or less been friends ever since the prince had trained him sixteen years earlier, but for some reason, he didn’t like it when the half-breed got too close to him.





“Wow. This is pretty detailed,” Gohan said later that night, reading Vegeta’s neat, graceful handwriting. He had been given a room at Capsule Corp. since Pan was peacefully asleep in Bra’s room. No one had thought taking her home right now would be a good idea.



Gohan turned the page, carefully reading and analyzing each sentence. Pan needed a mother, and this time Gohan planned to do things right.



Apparently, there hadn’t been very many Saiyan females. Because of this, full-blooded males went into heat once every eight years. They would give off a scent that attracted both female and male Saiyans and would be attracted to anything that even remotely resembled a Saiyan, no matter what gender it was.



The Saiyan that was in heat had to prove himself worthy of a female by controlling his instincts and managing to fight off any males who had happened to catch his scent. He also had to win a fight against his chosen female, if he even had one.



If a Saiyan of either gender wanted a mate and neither one of them was in heat, they would still have to fight. The winner would be dominate. A Saiyan could also hunt down an unwilling mate. If they unwilling one was captured and lost the ensuing fight, he or she had to be the other’s mate, whether they liked it or not.



“That seems extremely barbaric,” Gohan muttered. But he couldn’t deny that it also sounded very, very exiting. “Must be the Saiyan part of me that thinks that.”



Gohan yawned and fell asleep.





“So, your ‘mate’ left you, hm?” Shadow said, smiling mockingly.



What the-?! Gohan thought, looking around wildly. I just dreamed about Shadow last night, I can’t be having another dream so soon.



“Now you need a new mate,” Shadow continued. “Who will it be?”



“You,” Gohan blurted.



Shadow laughed. “You’d have to hunt me down like a Saiyan and fight me. I don’t think you have what it takes, little half-breed.”



“I’ve fought you before and won,” he said smugly.



Shadow glared at him, dark eyes gleaming with barely suppressed rage. “I’ll see you dead for that, Gohan.”



“Yeah, right. We both know you can’t kill me and don’t even particularly want to.”



In an instant he was by Shadow’s side, forcing his feisty little dream lover into a passionate kiss.





Gohan snapped awake, his eyes as round and big as saucers. “Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit,” he repeated over and over again. He now knew who Shadow Eyes was.



Well, now I know why Videl and Goten both looked at me funny when I called Shadow a her, he thought, stifling a bout of hysterical giggling.



Shadow Eyes wasn’t a woman. Shadow was, and always had been, Vegeta.



Gohan’s face paled as he suddenly remembered every detail of every dream, and realized that his first Shadow dream hadn’t been a dream at all.



“Oh, Kami, no. I can’t believe I really did that,” he whispered, horrified at what he had done so long ago. He swallowed hard as the memory he had been partially repressing for the past sixteen years suddenly came back to him in full.





Thirteen-year-old Gohan threw a couple of punches while in the air, watching his current teacher out of the corner of his eye. By this time of the day, Vegeta should have already created an artificial moon so Gohan could practice controlling his transformation. But for some reason, the Saiyan prince had decided that they would take a week long break from it.



The small Saiyan was huddled near their camp fire, glaring murderously off into space. He had been acting strange all day, and there was an odd, very pleasant smell in the air.



Gohan breathed in deeply through his nose, savoring the wonderful smell. It made him feel all tingly and warm. He felt a sudden urge to fight someone.



“Hey, Vegeta, wanna spar?” he called down to him.



“No!” he growled, glaring up at him.



Gohan felt a sudden surge of anger and disappointment. He shook his head, wondering where the anger had come from. Then a sly smile crossed his face as a plan formed in his mind.



Vegeta yipped in surprise as a small, weak energy blast slammed into his back. He stood and whirled to face Gohan, his tail lashing angrily behind him.



“What the hell did you do that for?” he snarled, barely controlling the urge to fly up and attack the boy.



“Come on, Vegeta, don’t tell me you’re too chicken to fight me,” Gohan taunted.



Vegeta growled low in his throat, and before Gohan knew what was happening, the other Saiyan had launched himself into the air and punched him in the face.



“Not bad,” Gohan said, wiping blood from the corner of his mouth. The smell had gotten stronger and was starting to drive him crazy. Vegeta hissed at him like an angry cat.



The boy hit Vegeta with a powerful blast, then slammed into him and hung on, knocking them both to the hard ground below.



Vegeta grunted as his head slammed into a rock, then went limp when consciousness faded away. Gohan blinked as he sat up on the man’s stomach, realizing that the wonderful smell was coming from Vegeta.



There was a badly bleeding cut on his cheek. Without really realizing what he was doing, Gohan leaned forward and began gently lapping at the blood.



He growled softly as a sudden image of Bulma and baby Trunks appeared in his mind. That bitch stole what was rightfully mine! he thought angrily. I defeated him all those years ago when he fist came here. That makes him mine! She had no right to him!



Gohan sat up a little, cocking his head slightly as he thought back to the time he had found out that Bulma and Vegeta had had a child together. He had felt an unbelievable rage that he had quickly suppressed. He had thought at the time that he was mad at Bulma for sleeping with someone who was still an enemy, but now he realized he had been upset because she had taken what he considered his property.



I was just too young to claim him yet, Gohan thought, getting angry again. His tail lashed behind him. But I’m old enough now.



He leaned forward and kissed Vegeta, wishing that he was conscious at the moment.



Wait a minute! the small part of his mind that was still thinking clearly yelled in panic. He’s a guy!



Yes, but a very attractive guy, the rest of his mind answered as he broke off the kiss. He gazed down at his prize. Vegeta was wearing a black tank top and tight, black spandex pants.



Gohan slid his hand under the shirt, sighing as he gently stroked the sleek body beneath him. He’d been wanting to touch him like this ever since he had first seen him.



He got off of Vegeta and flipped him over onto his stomach. He was painfully hard and had decided to do something about it. He slipped Vegeta’s pants down to his knees, being careful about the tail. Then he removed his own pants before straddling the unconscious Saiyan and thrusting into him, gasping at the wonderful feeling of tight warmth around him.



Vegeta whimpered softly, but didn’t regain consciousness as Gohan brutally thrust into him. The boy screamed as he experienced the first orgasm of his entire life, then he fell on top of Vegeta, panting heavily.



A look of sick horror crossed his features as his mind began to clear. Oh, Kami, what have I done? his mind repeated over and over. How could I have done this to him?



He scrambled off of Vegeta, swallowing hard as he fought not to throw up. He tugged his pants back on, then gently pulled Vegeta’s back up, carefully threading his tail through the hole in the back.



He backed away from Vegeta and sat down hard. This didn’t really happen. He told himself. Then he repeated it until he had managed to convince himself that it had all been a dream.





Gohan came back to the present with a shudder. Vegeta must have been in heat. That’s the only explanation for that strange scent. Of course that doesn’t excuse what I did to him. I’m only half Saiyan, his scent wouldn’t have affected me that much unless I was already secretly attracted to him.



I still can’t believe I did that, he thought. I still can’t believe that even unconscious, Vegeta was a better lay than Videl.



His eyes widened at that stray thought and he blushed hotly. “Quit thinking things like that, you pervert,” he muttered with embarrassed disgust.



His eyes widened even as he realized he had thought of Videl without pain. Actually, her leaving had never really hurt at all, he had just been in shock. When he had broken down and cried, it had been because of what he had said to Vegeta.



He nodded slowly to himself and picked up the book, rereading the chapters on how to capture a mate.





“So, Videl left him because he was having dreams about someone called Shadow Eyes?” Trunks said, absently stroking Goten’s hair.



“Yeah,” Goten answered, nuzzling his head harder against Trunks’ chest. “He doesn’t know who Shadow Eyes is, but me and Videl know. You’ll never believe it.”



“Who?” Trunks asked curiously.






Trunks bolted up into a sitting position, staring at his mate in shock. “You can’t be serious. Your older brother is in love with my father?”



“Yep. Since he was at least thirteen, probably even before that. Now all we need to do is find a way to get them together.”



Trunks stared at him like he’s grown an extra head. “You want to play matchmaker with Gohan and Dad?”



Goten nodded. “Gohan really does love him, and Papa needs somebody. He’s so lonely, I can feel it leaking through our bond sometimes. He still blames himself for Bulma’s death, and he’s never allowed himself to really grieve for her. The only time he even let himself cry was right after it happened.”



Trunks sighed. “Okay what do you plan to do about it?”



“I’ll need one of your mom’s machines, you to run it, and a recent trace amount of Papa’s DNA.”





Trunks slid the strand of hair they had found in the shower under the scanner and turned it. Goten read the results on the screen and grinned widely.



“Man, we lucked out this time. I knew it’d be sometime this year, but I didn’t count on it happening so soon.”





That morning, Gohan hunted up his little brother, finally finding him training alone in the gravity room.



“Hello, Gohan.”



“Hey, Goten. Umm… I need to talk to you.”



“About what?” Goten asked, already having a suspicion. He smiled slightly as he noticed a familiar leather-bound book clutched in his brother’s grasp.



“I know who Shadow Eyes is now. It’s Vegeta. I want to make him my mate, but I thought I’d see how you felt about it first.”



“Well, I think you should keep him finding out your intentions for another five days. Then you should make your move.”



Gohan blinked at him. “You’re okay with this?”



The younger half-breed nodded. “Like I told Trunks last night, Papa’s lonely. He needs someone, and you obviously love him.”



Gohan swallowed and nodded. “Why five days?”



Goten grinned. “Because by then he’ll have been in heat for four days, and ready to jump anything with a pulse that’s even remotely similar to a Saiyan. If you’ve read that book, then you should know exactly what to do to take advantage of the situation.”







That night, Gohan went to Vegeta’s room to return the book. The Saiyan prince was once again out on his balcony, leaning far over the rail and unintentionally giving Gohan a very nice view of his spandex clad ass.



If having sex with him when I was child felt wonderful, it should be even better now, he couldn’t help thinking. I’m a lot bigger now and I imagine his body would be even warmer when he’s actually conscious.



He blushed, trying to banish the dirty thoughts his mind kept rebelliously conjuring.



“Umm. I’m finished with this,” he said, holding the book out toward him.



“Hmmph. Just put it on the bed and leave.”



Gohan nodded and did as he had been told.





Five days later, Vegeta lay curled up on his bed, his eyes closed as he fought to keep his breathing even. Being in heat lasted for eight days or until the one experiencing it had sex with something, whichever came first.



Vegeta had been dealing with it every eight years since he was thirteen. He had only gone into heat once while he was with Bulma, but he had been stuck in the wilderness with Gohan at the time.



He shuddered with disgust as he remembered the incident.





Vegeta regained consciousness with a pain filled moan, clutching at the back of his head. What the hell happened? he wondered, struggling up onto his knees. The last he remembered was the boy rushing at him before he fell to the ground and felt a sharp sting of pain against the back of his head.



I must have rolled over after hitting my head, he thought, seeing the blood stained rock near him. Well, at least I’m not being pestered by the urge to go back home and have wild crazy sex with the blue haired shrew.



His eyes widened and he went pale as he suddenly realized what that implied. He had only been in heat for a day; he should have seven left. He became aware of the fact that he smelled very strongly of Gohan and sex, and he was sore in a rather delicate area.



He slowly turned his head to stare at Gohan in shocked disbelief. The boy was curled up in a ball muttering “it didn’t happen” over and over. He sounded like he pretty much believed it too.



Oh great, I get raped by a half-breed brat, and he doesn’t even have the decency to remember it, he thought, his mental voice sounding miffed. He shook his head to clear it of that strange thought. I should be glad he’s making himself forget. He’d probably blab this to everyone. Then they’d know I got raped by a thirteen-year-old while I was unconscious. How humiliating.



He briefly considered killing the boy, but decided against it. He had been starting to like the kid before this happened, and it was obvious he hadn’t meant to do it. He narrowed his eyes, wondering how this could have happened.



He’d done some studies that showed that half-breeds didn’t go into heat and weren’t all that affected when a full-blooded Saiyan did. The only explanation was that Gohan had already been extremely attracted to him, and his scent had driven him over the edge.



Great, just great. Kakarot’s brat is attracted to me. My life couldn’t possibly get much worse, he thought, sitting down. He yipped and immediately got back on his knees, wincing. Mental note: sitting is not a good idea right now.



He sighed and reached into the pouch at his belt, taking out a senzu bean and popping it into his mouth. He stood up and started toward Gohan to shake the boy from his semi-trace. He stopped only a few feet away, shuddering in disgust. Just thinking about getting any closer to him made him feel faintly sick.



He still liked the boy, but he had betrayed his trust, even if it was an accident. “I forgive you, brat,” he muttered. “But that doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere near you if given the choice.”





Back in the present, Gohan quietly slipped into Vegeta’s room, gazing longingly at the curled up prince.



Quicker than Gohan would have thought possible, Vegeta shifted up to his hands and knees, glaring at him.



“What are you doing in here?” he snarled. “Go away!”



“No,” Gohan murmured huskily, slinking forward as he caught a whiff of that lovely smell he remembered from so long ago. He wanted to rub against his small, sleek body, basking in the wonderful scent.



Vegeta growled at him, his tail bristling to twice its normal width as it lashed back and forth. The growl turned into a hiss before he bolted for the balcony, flying away as fast as he could.



Gohan just grinned and followed after, powering up to super Saiyan level two in order to catch the quick little Saiyan.



He grabbed him around the middle and pulled him against his own body, bending his head down to kiss the wildly thrashing prince. He held still for an instant before continuing his frantic attempts to escape.



“Damn it, Gohan, let me go!” he snarled.



Gohan gave a soft, velvety laugh. “I don’t think so. I’ve caught you now, my lovely little prince, and I’m never letting you go.”



“I forgave you when you were a child, but I swear I won’t this time if you go through with this,” Vegeta growled, his eyes bright with anger and barely suppressed lust.



Gohan’s grip loosened as he stared at Vegeta in shock. Vegeta twisted from his grasp and flew a few feet away. “You knew?” Gohan whispered, his face pale.



Vegeta snorted. “Of course I knew, you idiot. I came to with your scent all over me, no longer in heat and hurting like hell in an area it’s generally difficult to injure while sparring.”



Gohan swallowed painfully. “Why…why didn’t you say anything?”



Vegeta gave him look an extremely scornful look. “What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey, everybody, I just got raped by a thirteen-year-old while I was unconscious. Please feel free to mock me now. Oh, and you won’t be able to confirm it with him, because the little brat went and forgot about it’,” he said, unable to keep the indignation out of his voice in his last sentence.



Gohan looked at him strangely. “You sound more pissed off by the fact that I forgot than you do about what I did.”



“I do not!” Vegeta yelled, blushing.



“Yes you do,” Gohan taunted, grinning.



Vegeta growled and lunged at him, managing to hit slug him in the face. Gohan just grabbed him again and gave him another kiss. He broke off the kiss, and reached for Vegeta’s lashing tail.



He gasped and then began moaning softly as the half-breed began to gently stroke his tail. He shuddered as waves of pleasure radiated from the sensitive appendage. Coherent thought went flying out the window, and he rubbed his cheek against Gohan’s chest, purring softly.



Gohan grinned and shifted his grip so he was cradling the small Saiyan against his chest rather than restraining him. He lowered himself to the ground, still caressing the incredibly soft tail. He removed his hand, immediately replacing it with his own tail before Vegeta could came back to reality.



He impatiently ripped the other man’s shirt off and sighed with pleasure as he slid his hands over the warm skin.



Vegeta’s breath was coming in short little pants and his half-closed eyes were glazed with pleasure. He wasn’t aware of anything but the intense urge to mate running through his system.



Gohan slid his hands down to Vegeta’s narrow hips, resting them on the spandex pants. He sent a surge of energy through his hands, disintegrating them. Vegeta was now only clad in his white boots and gloves.



Gohan grabbed his tail at the base and stroked it all the way to the tip. He moaned and fell to a quivering heap at Gohan’s feet. The half Saiyan took the opportunity to quickly strip out of his clothes.



Vegeta’s head cleared a little and he tried to scramble to his feet and get away. Gohan growled and grabbed his tail again, squeezing hard. Vegeta yelped, the pain bringing him to his knees.



Gohan softened his grip, once again stroking the delicate tail. He knelt behind Vegeta, placing his other hand gently on the back of his neck. Then he shoved him forward, pinning his chest and the side of his face to the ground. He had already wrapped his tail around his waist, keeping him on his knees with his rear in the air.



Vegeta began cursing and struggling to get free. Gohan just continued to caress his tail until he was still again. He cautiously removed his hand from his neck, and smiled slightly when he didn’t try to move.



He licked two of his finger’s getting them slick with saliva. Then he slid them inside Vegeta. He yipped, then moaned softly as Gohan found his pleasure spot.



Gohan moved his fingers around, stretching the other man and getting him slick inside. Then he removed them and thrust into him. He gasped. He had been right. Vegeta was a much tighter fit now, and he was much warmer while conscious.



He groaned and began thrusting his hips. Vegeta whimpered under him, pushing back against him in an effort to make him go faster. Gohan grinned and obliged him, wondering at the small Saiyan’s endurance. He was still at level two, while Vegeta hadn’t even powered up to level one.



He glanced down at his face, noticing that he was rubbing it against the soft grass, his cheeks flushed with pleasure.



Gohan moved his tail to stroke Vegeta’s erection, wanting to make his new mate feel more pleasure than he ever had before. He slammed his hips against him one last time before his orgasm rushed through him. Vegeta cried out as well as he was hit with one of his own. Then he collapsed to the ground with Gohan on top of him.



He pressed his mouth against Vegeta’s neck, and bit down hard where it met his shoulder. Vegeta cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and Gohan squeezed his eyes shut as he was hit with a rush of Vegeta’s memories and emotions.



He felt a soul searing loneliness combined with feelings of intense guilt. He still blamed himself for Bulma’s death. Gohan twined his mind into Vegeta’s, showing him that he wasn’t alone anymore, that he wasn’t responsible for what had happened to his other mate.



“I love you, Vegeta,” he whispered, rolling onto his side and pulling his mate against him, cradling him in his arms.