Revival of the Warrior Woman
Part Two
By Maria Cline

Krillian and Gohan were at a loss. They now had all of the Dragon Balls but no way to activate them. "Any ideas on what the password could be?" Krillian wondered.

"Not a clue. It could be Namekian so we couldn't guess it." Gohan figured.

"Too bad Bulma and Anna aren't here... they know Namekian pretty well." Krillian sighed and then they sensed a pair of powerful people coming this way. "Hey, Gohan! Did you sense that?"

Gohan nodded nervously. "Yeah... and there's two of them... I have a feeling... something's wrong with my dad!"

"I know... I think those two could be those Ginyu jerks! Come on, Gohan, let's hide!" Krillian ordered as he and Gohan ducked behind a rock. The two waited anxiously as the powers came closer. They both wondered how did the Ginyu Force took down Goku? And if they managed to take down Goku, how would they stop them? They watched anxiously as three figures landed on the ground. Krillian's face lit up when he recognized the main figure. It was Goku standing tall with Jeice and Pinky behind him.

"Look, it's the Dragon Balls!" Jeice exclaimed, "But, they're all dug up."

"And very recently too..." Pinky said as she scanned the balls. "My sensors are still a little fuzzy but... the ones who dug them up are close."

"Hey, Goku!!! It's me, Krillian!" Krillian greeted as he came up. Gohan watched from the rock. There was something off about his father that he couldn't explain. Something deep within his soul cried out in fear of this man. "Gohan and I were worried about you!" Krillian said as he stood up in front of Captain Ginyu. "I bet you whipped that doofus Ginyu into shape."

"That's Captain Ginyu!" Pinky spoke up as she glared at Krillian. "And he's no 'doofus'."

"That's right, Pinky... Captain Ginyu is a superb fighter!" Ginyu boasted.

Krillian blinked in surprise at the wench and then at Jeice. He wondered what the two last members of the Ginyu Force were doing with Goku in the first place. Especially since Pinky appeared to be still loyal to Captain Ginyu. Then he saw Goku's scouter. He had to tell Goku his questions. "Hey, Goku..." He glanced at Pinky and Jeice again and asked, "What are Pinky and Jeice doing here? Are they on our side now? And what's the deal with the scouter? I thought you don't want to look like a Saiyan."

"Maybe I like wearing a scouter." 'Goku' replied as he smirked evilly. **The dolt has no clue on what was going on.** "So... tell me... Krillian, any luck with the Dragon Balls?"

"Well..." Krillian sighed as he glanced at the Dragon Balls. "We did get them all but we don't know the password. Do you know what the password is Goku?"

Gohan watched his father smirked with an evil look in his eye. There was something not right about his father. He didn't know why, but his heart pounded and his breathing quickened. There was something not right about this man.

"Well..." Captain Ginyu glanced at the Dragon Balls and frowned. "Hmmm... maybe... why don't you let me give it a try?"

"I don't think that password those two gave us are right." Pinky whispered. "The weak woman was lying to us."

"Shut up, wench." Ginyu growled.

"Huh?" Krillian's heart pounded as he tried to make sense of these three.

Gohan, who heard every word Ginyu and Pinky whispered, poked his head out from behind the rock and yelled at the top of his lungs, "THAT'S NOT MY FATHER!!!"

Krillian was stunned as he looked at Gohan. "Huh?" Then it all made sense. This man who looked like Goku had a different aura and he was wearing a scouter. **Shit! I was fooled!** Krillian thought as he stared at the Saiyan in front of him.

"Pretty perceptive of you, kid." Ginyu complimented as he smirked. "You should know that I am not Goku... I stole his body!"

"St-stole his body?!" Krillian repeated, "How's that possible?! Who are you?!"

"Pinky, Jeice?" Captain Ginyu said as he looked at his two lackeys.

Pinky and Jeice posed together with their backs against each other and said, "We are the greatest mercinary team in the universe." Jeice howled as he spun his head around. "I am... Jeice!"

Pinky spun around and posed, "And I am Pinky, the Ginyu Wench!"

Captain Ginyu went on his toes and posed. "And I am Captain Ginyu!"

"AND WE ARE THE GINYU FORCE!" The threesome chanted in unison.

Gohan and Krillian sweatdropped at the sight. Neither of them could believe it. Goku had either lost his mind or he really was Captain Ginyu. Either way, his power was strong and he wasn't sure if he could beat Goku. "Goku, it's me, Krillian, can't we talk for a sec?" Krillian stuttered out.

"I'm not Goku, I'm Captain Ginyu in Goku's body!" Captain Ginyu insisted as laughed.

"If-if you're Captain Ginyu, th-then where's Goku?" Krillian wondered as he trembled.

"He's should be dead about now... that fatal wound I inflicted on my old body should do the trick!" Captain Ginyu laughed as he grinned at the two. "And I'll have you two joining him soon!" He leapt forward and savagely attacked the two. Gohan and Krillian, still in shock of this man who looked like Goku, just take the punches.

Captain Ginyu laughed as he bashed the two hard with his super fists. The power of the new body was intoxicating. He loved seeing the looks of strangers who thought he was their friend instead of their enemy.

Suddenly, a frying flew down and whacked Ginyu's head. "Ouch!" Ginyu screamed as he held his head releasing Krillian and Gohan from his attack. "Huh?" Ginyu looked down to see a dented frying pan at his feet. "What's this?"

"You know that you shouldn't take things that don't belong to you." A lone woman said from on top of a cliff. She was covered in a long black cape and hood with a frying pan in her hand. "That is not right."

Ginyu clicked on his scouter but couldn't get a reading. "Who are you?" He demanded.

The woman smirked as she jumped down and landed next to the Dragon Balls. "I am the light in your darkness. I am the most-feared woman in all the galaxy. I am your worst nightmare made flesh. I am the warrior woman, Chi Chi!" Chi Chi flung off her cape and hood with a single swipe.

"Nice intro..." Pinky said as she came up with paper in hand. "Have you thought about joining the elite band of mercinaries known as the Ginyu Force? We have several openings."

Chi Chi growled as she pointed a finger at the paper and it ignited. "Sorry, I don't do evil."

"Mommy?!" Gohan whispered as he came up. He could tell that the strange green woman was his mother despite the power change and her skin color.

Chi Chi's face softened as she gazed at her son's face. He was dirty and his clothes were slightly ragged. "Gohan... are you okay?"

Gohan gulped as he stared up at his mother. Tears filled his eyes as he jumped up and landed in her arms. "MOMMY!!! I MISSED YOU!"

Chi Chi smiled as she gently stroked her son's hair. She was touched by her son's lack of fear of her new appearence. Gohan was as opened minded as his father. "I missed you too, my baby."

"Daddy... Daddy's..." Gohan grunted as he pointed to Ginyu with a shaking finger.

"I know... I know and Mommy will take care of everything. But you must know that man isn't your father." Chi Chi said as she put her son down and then she glared at Captain Ginyu.

"Mommy? You're the kid's mother?!" Ginyu asked as he looked at her. "You don't look a thing like him!"

"Let's just say... I got a makeover on my trip." Chi Chi said, "Now surrender or you will suffer in every way possible!"

"You better do as she say." A figure said as he floated down to the ground and landed.

"Well... well... Goku... surprised you're still alive." Ginyu chuckled at his former body's pain.

"Huh?" Krillian muttered stunned about this turn of events. How did Chi Chi become a Namekian? Did that prevent her from coming before she was supposed to? Right now, he wasn't sure who's who anymore.

"Krillian, Gohan, it's me, Goku." Goku pleaded hoping that the two will believe him.

"Wha?" Krillian muttered as he looked between Ginyu and Goku. "Oh man! They did swap bodies!"

"N-no." Gohan stuttered as he shook. He could handle his mother looking like she could be related to Piccolo but seeing his father as a giant purple man with huge horns was overwhelming. Images of Goku, in his Ginyu body, flying on a nimbus, eating dinner with himself and the still green Chi Chi, and even out on Master Roshi's island surrounded by shocked people. "I CAN'T STAND IT!!!" He wailed at the top of his lungs.

Chi Chi grimanced at the scream and she gently hugged her son. "There there... Mommy will get Daddy back to his handsome self again." She comforted as she glared at Ginyu. "You better swap Goku back. Right now, you are weaker and more vulnerable than you should be. Give Goku back his body and I might let you live to see tomorrow."

Captain Ginyu and the other Ginyu members tilted their heads back and laughed. "Ha ha!" Ginyu said as he smirked, "I don't know what you're talking about, lady. In this body, I'm far stronger than any of you. In fact, I estimate my new body at 180,000! I'm unbeatable!"

"Only in your dreams, Ginyu." Chi Chi taunted.

"Sh-she's right, Captain Ginyu." Goku agreed as he held his wounded side. "You are very weak right now. Even weaker than you were in your old body."

"Oh really?" Ginyu asked as he flew up. "Pinky? Can you sense my power?"

"Not yet!" Pinky cried out, "My sensors are still off... I think something is interfereing with my scanner."

Ginyu sighed as he shook his head. "Wenches... no matter how advanced they are, they still give you trouble." He muttered, "Jeice! Give my power read-out after I power up!"

"Yes, sir!" Jeice said as he clicked on his scouter.

Captain Ginyu tensed as he focused all of his new power. Chi Chi and the others waited as Ginyu slowly glowed with a strange golden light. Gohan and Krillian gulped as they felt the power rising. Pinky and Jeice stared upward at their leader, trying to measure his new power. Unseen by the others, Vegita watched with his newly formed sixth sense. He wasn't sure how powerful Ginyu was supposed to be, but his power was rising.

Anna and Bulma landed on a cliff in time to see the Saiyan. "Ms. Bulma, Master Ginyu's power is rising exponentially." Anna computed.

Bulma growled and whispered, "Don't call that guy 'Master'. He's not a real Saiyan. Goku's the Saiyan. Oh brother, what am I talking about? Goku's not like any Saiyan."

"I am confused." Anna said as her eyes flashed green.

"You're not the only one." Bulma sighed, "Be quiet!"

"Yes, Ms. Bulma." Anna nodded as she looked up at the Saiyan.

Ginyu screamed and flickered gold. Everyone anxiously watched. The only ones that are calm were Anna, Goku, and Chi Chi.

Ginyu gasped as he strained his power limit to the maxiumum. "Well... Jeice! Give me a strength reading!"

"Yes, sir." Jeice said as he clicked on his scouter and his eyes widened. "Huh?"

Anna's right eye flashed and she frowned. "This is odd." She commented.

"Well... how high was it?" Captain Ginyu asked eagerly to prove how powerful he was.

"... 28,000." Jeice muttered.

"Speak up!" Ginyu ordered as sweat came down his forehead. He was getting worn out from the powering up.

"28,000, Captain!" Jeice spoke up louder.

Gohan and Krillian frowned in confusion. That was it? Captain Ginyu's estmation was way off. Chi Chi and Goku simply nodded at the truth. Vegita was also stunned. By his caculations, Ginyu would be very easy to beat up in his conditon. Anna nodded and verified, "His power reading is correct."

"Goku was right. Ginyu is so weak in his body now..." Bulma gasped in astonishment.

"Ha ha!!! What did I tell you?! I am so powerf-" Then the meaning of Jeice's words came to him. "Huh?"

"And... getting weaker..." Jeice said as his display lowered.

"That can't be right!" Captain Ginyu moaned. How could he get such a pathetic power reading? Goku was a super saiyan and all he got was a 28,000 power reading?

"See? You are pathetic, Captain Ginyu." Chi Chi said, "True power comes from being familiar with your body and power. Union of mind and body. You don't have that and hence, you are weak." She said as she glared, "Now give up that body and we will let you off this planet."

"Give up?" Captain Ginyu repeated, "I'll never surrender! Die, bitch!" He screamed as he attacked Chi Chi. Chi Chi dodged the punch and appeared behind him.

"Been there, done that." Chi Chi commented as Ginyu growled and swung at Chi Chi. The woman rose her hand and held his fist. "Huh?"

Chi Chi shook her head. "The more you resist the harder you just make it for yourself. You made five mistakes. One, you made me mad. Two, you impersonated my husband. Three, you tried to kill my friends. Four, you scared my little boy. Five, you made me mad."

Captain Ginyu frowned as he stared at his captured fist. "You repeated the same reason." He commented.

"Twice the reason to fear me." Chi Chi whispered as her fist clenched around Ginyu's hand. Ginyu grimanced as he pulled back his fist.

**Damn it, that chick is right. I have to adapt to this body and fast.** Ginyu thought. He could switch bodies with the woman but there was no way he could be some green girl. Ginyu smirked as he clicked on his scouter and tapped on a small button hidden next to his main button. "Don't underestimate Captain Ginyu..." Captain Ginyu growled as he flew up and attacked Chi Chi.

Chi Chi scowled as she dodged to the side and flew up. She could handle beating Goku's old body to a pulp. After all, there was advanced healing equipment on the ship that could heal him. However, she didn't want to kill Ginyu. Goku was the strongest warrior and he would be needed in his own body if they want to survive Freeza's wrath. She smirked and said, "Don't underestimate Chi Chi the Warrior Woman." She vanished and reappeared behind him. "I know Goku's body better than you do." She said as she clawed her hand and dug her nails right where Goku's tail used to be.

Ginyu screamed in agony as stabs of pain entered his very being. He was shocked at how the woman could deliver such a painful blow. "Gah!"

Chi Chi held on as she took her other arm and wrapped it around Ginyu's waist. "You see? I am Goku's wife. I know every inch of his body. I know when he sleeps at night. I know every faint scar etched on his skin. I sparred with him. I made love to him. I even spent time in his own head and felt every muscle movement. So I have you at a disadvantage. I know the body you're in like I know my own. Surrender! Now!"

Ginyu tensed as he forced the pain away from his mind. He had to play his card if he wanted to gain full power over his body. He gasped out, "Pinky! Now!"

Pinky flew up behind the occupied woman and pink energy flew out of her hands. "BRAIN DRAIN!" She screamed as her hands clasped on Chi Chi's temples.

Chi Chi's body tensed as the same disorientation overwhemled her like before when she was attacked by Anna's attack. Her body went limp and she fell to the ground.

"No!!!" Goku screamed in shock as he limped to Chi Chi's body. "Chi Chi?"

"Mommy?" Gohan whispered in shock as he stared his mother's body. "No!!! Not again!" He wailed as he flew up and bashed at Pinky.

Pinky flinched as she dodged and ducked the boy's fist. "Hey! What's the deal with this boy's power?!" She exclaimed as Gohan punched her into a nearby mountain.

"Let me at her!" Gohan boomed as he flew after her.

"You... that's one low trick!" Krillian growled as he powered up. Gohan was busy with Pinky. Goku and Chi Chi were in no condition to fight. He was the only one who can stand up to Captain Ginyu and he was scared.

"You can do it, Krillian!" Goku cheered as he cradled his wife's body in one arm.

Krillian nodded hesitantly. He wasn't as strong as Goku or Chi Chi but he had no choice. "Okay... I'll do it..." He tensed up and attacked the taller warrior. Krillian and Ginyu exchanged blows in mid-air. Vegita watched in interest from his hiding spot. While he could just take Ginyu on and beat him to a pulp, he wanted to see how the human can handle a foe slightly stronger than himself. Anna and Bulma also watched from their hiding spots.

"Ms. Bulma, may I aid in the battle?" Anna asked as she watched the two fights taking place.

"No... stay back." Bulma advised as she watched through her super powerful binoculars. "The Ginyu dorks think we are dead. We'll leave it like that until we're needed."

"Yes, Ms. Bulma." Anna complied as she watched again.

Gohan had rarely felt so mad in his life. Ever since he came to this accursed planet he had known nothing but pain and suffering. The peaceful inhabitants of Namek were being extinguished one village at a time. The race, except for a very few, are gone forever. They wouldn't even be in this mess if it weren't for Freeza knowing about the precious Dragon Balls. He growled as he thought of his mother, being a ghost or worst again and his father trapped in an alien body that's dying. He had to avenge them. He had to make things right. "MASENKO BEAM!" He screamed as he held his hands over his head and blasted at Pinky.

Pinky rose her hands and took the blast. Smoke and dust surrounded her as Gohan watched. The smoke cleared to reveal Pinky. Scratches that sparked in the air were all over her body. Her long pink hair was dirty and stuck out everywhere. "Ouch." She muttered as she collapsed.

Jeice who was watching the battle just gulped. Pinky was one of the stronger members of the Ginyu force. How could she just collapse from the boy's attack? He didn't know what to do. Ginyu didn't want him to interfere with his fight and he wasn't sure if he could take on the boy alone.

"Yes!" Gohan boomed as he posed. "No one messes with my parents!" He felt triumphant. For the first time, he had actually beat an enemy. Of course, he did feel slightly bad for beating up a girl android, but she could be fixed like Bulma did with Anna. Then he flew back to his father and mother. The feeling of triumph was replaced by exhaustion.

Goku still held Chi Chi in his arms as Gohan landed and watched anxiously. He noticed that he was still keeping his distance slightly. **He's still afraid of me.** Goku thought sadly as he caressed Chi Chi's face.

**No, he's just a little stunned.** Chi Chi thought out as she opened her eyes.

"Chi Chi." Goku said in relief as his wife sat up. "I thought..."

Chi Chi put her finger on Goku's lips. "You're still stuck with me. I won't let a little brain drain stop me." She vowed.

"Mommy." Gohan went to his mother and hugged her. "I thought you were a ghost again!"

"No... Mommy won't let that nasty pink android stop her." She said as she looked up to see Krillian and Ginyu fighting. "Now... if you excuse me..." She said as she put down Gohan and prepared to fly up.

"No, wait." Goku said as he put his hand on Chi Chi's shoulder. "Why don't we let Krillian fight this one out. He needs it."

"Huh?" Gohan and Chi Chi asked in unison.

Goku shrugged, "Well... I've known Krillian for a long time. He always felt... weak compared to others. If we have to face Freeza, we all have to have confidence in ourselves. Krillian can handle Ginyu all by himself. He just has to have confidence."

Chi Chi stopped and nodded. "Okay, you always know what to do when life is at stake... but I'm keeping an eye on them. If Krillian is dying, I will save his life."

"Thanks." Goku nodded greatfully at his wife's understanding.

The family watched Krillian and Ginyu again. "I hope he will okay..." Gohan muttered. He didn't want to say it but he didn't want to attack his father's body. He loved his father and he knew that his father was trapped in a different body but he didn't know if he could even hurt someone who just looked like his beloved father.

Krillian and Ginyu flew apart and glared at each other. So far, they had stalemated. They managed to dodge every blow and nearly anticipated every move. **Damn it!** Krillian thought as he stared at Ginyu. **I have to get that Ginyu, but how? He's as strong as I am and might get stronger... if he adapts I'll be in over my head!** Krillian thought.

**You have the power to defeat him.** A voice whispered. Krillian looked up to see a woman who looked somewhat like Chi Chi as a Human dressed in chains and long robes translucent in appearence. **Use the spirit within... when one is given the power of spirit, it never leaves completely.**

"Huh?" Krillian muttered when he felt a strange energy pulse in his body. It was warm and familiar. It was like the spirit bomb Goku had give him so long ago in a land far away. "It's... warm." He felt it in his hand and chest.

**Use it well...** The woman faded into nothingness.

Krillian stared at the air and felt it. He had a shot at getting at Ginyu but he had to have a plan. **Okay, if I beat up on Ginyu, I would have a chance at getting Goku back to normal. I hope this works...** He sighed as he stared at Ginyu again. **Well... even if it wouldn't get Goku back to normal, I would at least be tall.** He flew up and attacked Ginyu again.

He charged up a small Ki blast and flung it at the taller man. Ginyu smirked as he moved his head to the side. Krillian inched the small ball back and it struck the scouter. "I hate scouters." Krillian confessed as Ginyu reached up and stared at the remains of the scouter. "Now, for you." He flew upward and focused on the warm energy within. He prayed to whatever god could hear his prayers. **Please, let Goku know what I am going to do.** He thought as he rose his hand.

Ginyu smirked as he held up his forearms and prepared for an attack. **What's baldy going to do?** He wondered.

"Spirit... from deep within my soul, come out and help me beat this evil impersonator." Krillian chanted as a small blue white orb came out of his open palm.

Captain Ginyu frowned at the small ball of light. It was strange and he didn't have his scouter to tell him how powerful the blast will be but something from someone so short must be weak.

"Huh?" The watchers stared as Krillian held a glowing Ki ball in his hand. It wasn't like a normal Ki ball. True, it did have a bright energy of its own but it was different.

"He... has a sprit bomb." Goku realized as he clenched the side of his chest. "Oh man." The years Goku and Krillian knew each other enabled them to understand how the other thinks. Goku smirked as he realized what Krillian will do. **I better be ready.** He thought.

Vegita watched as Krillian held the ball in his hands. **That sphere looks so familiar.** He thought.

Krillian's hand tensed as he closed his eyes. **Sense the evil.** Krillian thought as rose the ball higher into the air. The last time he was in such a position, he missed his target. He wouldn't miss again. The evil energy reached out to him and he could almost taste it. He screamed at the top of his lungs, "SPIRIT GRENADE!!!" The bright ball of light flew out of his hand and bashed into Captain Ginyu. A bright white explosion filled the air and everyone shielded their eyes.

"Whoa!" Jeice screamed as his scouter's readings jumped at the blast.

The dust cleared and Ginyu laid on the ground battered and beaten. Krillian's heart pounded as he stared at the body. **Please don't let him be dead. I can't kill him. We need Goku back to being... Goku!** He thought frantically.

Ginyu moaned as he looked up. "D-d-damn you. How did..." He breathed heavilly. He couldn't understand it. How could such a small fellow have such a powerful Ki attack? His body was now useless. Most of his bones were broken and even for a Saiyan those could be fatal. He stared upward at the small man. He wasn't a Super Saiyan but his body would do until he could get a better one. Krillian screamed as he flew down the air for a full on attack. Ginyu smirked as he mentally prepared for his attack. He hadn't fully connected to his body so it would be easier for him to switch out. "Change now!"

Krillian gulped as he felt something locking on to his soul. Ginyu's eyes light up as the monk felt his soul starting to pull apart. **Come on, Goku...** He thought as he froze in mid air.

"This is my chance." Goku said excited as he started to move forward.

"Oh no you don't!" Jeice growled when he saw Goku getting to the two fighters.

"Let him have his body back." Vegita said as he came up and pulled the warrior away before anyone could see him.

Goku flew up and saw a bright yellow beam came out of Ginyu's mouth. **Gotta hurry! Gotta hurry!** He thought as he came infront of the blast.

"Huh?" Captain Ginyu muttered when he saw his old body blocking the way. He tried to pull off his attack but it was too late. A bright light overwhelmed the warriors and they blocked their eyes.

Finally, Chi Chi lowered her hand and saw the purple warrior hovering while staring at his own body in shock. Then, she looked at the beaten down warrior down below. He gazed at her and smiled warmly. She had a hard time sensing the Kis of the two warriors but she knew who was smiling at her. "Goku! You're back!" Chi Chi gushed as she flew up and cradled her warrior in her arms. Tears came down her cheeks as she held him.

"Ouch. Great to be back." Goku smiled softly as he stared up at her. He gasped as he looked up to see Ginyu angry.

Captain Ginyu felt his wound. He was dying and in great need of a new body. He glared at Krillian again. He had to get a fresh body.

"Anna, attack now!" Bulma ordered as she stood up and pointed at Captain Ginyu.

"Yes, Ms. Bulma." Anna said as she flew up and attacked the warrior.

Ginyu gulped as he fend off the attack. Bulma smiled smugly as she crossed her arms. "You're defeated, Captain Ginyu. Anna is an android, hence you can't swap bodies with her. I am a genius!"

"Damn." Ginyu muttered as Anna fought the man fiercely. He couldn't lock onto Anna since Anna had no Ki to lock onto. It was starting to look hopeless.

Suddenly, a blur came and Anna was forced back. "Identify yourself." Anna said as she scanned.

"Leave Captain Ginyu to me." Vegita ordered as he floated in mid-air.

"Yes, Master Vegita." Anna computed as she bowed.

"NO! Have you lost your brains?!" Bulma screamed at the top her lungs. "Captain Ginyu will snatch your body and we can't fight him again!"

"He can't snatch my body." Vegita said, "He won't have that chance!" He flew up and attacked the alien.

Krillian, Chi Chi, Goku, and Gohan watched as Vegita and Ginyu fought. Vegita kept on attacking while moving at super speeds to avoid eye contact with the fighter. "Oh no... if Captain Ginyu stole Vegita's body... we're dead." Goku moaned as he tried to get up. Chi Chi gently put her hand on Goku's battered shoulder.

"Relax." Chi Chi ordered, "You gotta save your strength. We'll take care of Ginyu, you just focus on staying alive."

Goku groaned but nodded slightly. He stared up into the sky praying that Vegita will come to his senses and let Anna fight. "Come on, let Anna fight. She can handle Ginyu." Goku moaned.

"I don't think he's listening." Krillian observed.

Bulma growled as she screamed, "Anna, go and help Vegita! Now!"

"I cannot do that, Ms. Bulma." Anna said as she looked at Bulma. "Vegita ordered me not to interfere."

"And you will just blindly obey! What if Vegita order you to jump off of a bridge? Would you do that?!" Bulma screamed at the android.

Anna blinked and said, "That depends on the location of the bridge."

Bulma facefaulted and moaned, "You're impossible! Just watch... okay?"

"Yes, Ms. Bulma." Anna bowed and resumed her watch.

Vegita and Ginyu fought on and the group became nervous. It was clear that the Saiyan was toying with Ginyu and Ginyu was letting himself get injured. "Vegita! Finish him now!" Chi Chi bellowed as she watched the two.

"Chi Chi... I got an idea." Goku said as he looked to see a frog hopping by. "Get... that frog..."

"The frog?" Chi Chi wondered as she reached out and grabbed the frog. She looked at the frog and then smirked. "Oh... I get it."

"Get what?" Krillian asked.

"You'll see." Chi Chi smirked as she held the frog in her grip.

Vegita bashed Ginyu into the ground and then flew down toward him. Ginyu looked up and yelled, "Change now!" A bright aura overcame the alien and Vegita froze in mid air.

"I... can't move!" Vegita realized in shock.

"Now!" Goku gasped out and Chi Chi threw the frog straight into the beam.

Captain Ginyu's eyes widened as he felt the frog's aura and pulled it into himself. "NOOO!!!" He screamed as he tried to pull away. A bright light flared out across the sky.

Everyone shielded their eyes and finally, Chi Chi blinked and saw Captain Ginyu falling to the ground landing on all fours. "Ribbit." He said as he hopped away.

"Huh?" Vegita wondered, confused as he landed. He looked at himself in relief to see that he was still a Saiyan. "What just happened?"

"You got saved by Goku, me, and a certain frog." Chi Chi said as she reached down and picked up the frog. "Hello, Ginyu." She tossed the frog to Anna and said, "Anna, toss the frog far away."

Anna caught the frog and asked, "Inquiry, which way?"

"That way." Bulma said as she pointed to the west.

Anna flung the frog away and said, "The frog is thrown."

"I'm glad he gone." Bulma sighed in relief, "And everyone is back to normal."

"Not quite." Goku moaned from the ground.

Chi Chi's eyes widened as she picked up her husband and held him. She can sense Goku's Ki flickering out like a candle in the wind. He was holding on by pure will and he looked like he was running out of will. "Goku! Hold on!" She glared at the others and asked, "Does anyone here have any senzus?"

"No... they don't." Goku coughed, "I... used the last one on Vegita."

Chi Chi glared at the Saiyan Prince and then at Goku. "Goku, I love you with all my heart but if it weren't for the fact you're dying, I'd kill you!"

Vegita just huffed as he turned away. "Wench, go in and prepare the healing chambers."

Anna blinked and said, "Master, my new 'name' is Anna Droid."

Vegita growled and demanded, "Who here tinkered with my Wench?!" Everyone remained silent as Bulma tried not to move. The Saiyan was obviously angry for this battle and the fact that someone had messed with his Wench. "Fine! Women! Runts! Wench! Follow me and take Kakarot with you." Vegita walked toward the spaceship and hovered up.

Anna followed and Chi Chi and the other Z Warriors just glared.

"What are you waiting for?" Vegita demanded as he glared back.

"Goku's dying, he needs help." Chi Chi said as she heaved Goku onto her shoulder.

"Yeah! He's like the last Saiyan, except for you! Don't you even care?!" Bulma griped.

"I'm... not a... Saiyan." Goku argued weakly as his eyes closed.

"Get him into the ship and he'll be fixed up." Vegita said, "Now, let's go..." He flew up and landed on the top.

"What... should we do?" Gohan asked confused. He was baffled on who to trust any more. Vegita threatened to kill him only a few hours ago. He had nearly killed his own father a month ago.

"I don't know." Chi Chi whispered.

"Trust him." Goku moaned as he opened his eyes weakly.

"Goku, have you lost your mind?" Krillian asked.

"Think about it... we need his help in order to defeat Freeza." Goku whispered and then collapse again.

Chi Chi felt everyone looking at her for advice. She was the strongest warrior here besides Vegita. "Follow him. Right now, Vegita is the lesser of two evils."

Reluctanly, Krillian and Gohan helped Bulma up the ship while Chi Chi carried Goku. They followed the Saiyan and the android down the long hallway that was littered with dead corpses in Saiyan armor.

"Ewww... yuck! This is gross." Bulma whined as she tipped toed around the dead bodies. "Who made this mess?"

Vegita looked over his shoulder and smirked evilly. "I did." He pressed on a button on the door. "In here." He said after the door opened.

The group entered the room and saw a huge tank in the center surrounded by control systems. Bulma and everyone else, except for the semi-concious Saiyan, looked around in awe. Vegita brushed off a table and a small box flew off and popped open to reveal an old hypodermic needle.

Goku opened one of his eyes and saw the needle. "GAH! NEEDLE!" With strength he didn't know he had, he pulled himself away from his wife and toward the door. "I don't want a shot!!!"

"Calm down, Goku!" Chi Chi urged as she held her husband. **How did Goku get so strong all of a sudden?**

Krillian and Gohan helped Chi Chi hold Goku down as Bulma held her head and Anna just stared. She looked at Goku and said, "Friend Goku, the hypodermic needle is not for your healing."

"The wench is right." Vegita agreed as he opened the door. "Wimp." He grumbled.

Goku stopped his 'escape' and looked at the group. "Oh... okay then." He said as he collapsed again. At once, everyone, including Anna, sweatdropped.

"Take him in." Chi Chi said as she helped Goku inside.


After getting Goku inside and filling the healing tank, the warriors watched the warrior inside.

"How long will this take?" Bulma asked as she examined the tank closely.

"For a Saiyan his size and weight, it will take aproximately one hour." Vegita replied as he rubbed his eyes. **Damn suns, what time is it?** He thought.

"Okay." Chi Chi said as she placed her hand on Goku's window. **Goku, rest, we'll hold the fort for you.** Chi Chi telepathically said to her husband.

**Okay.** Goku thought back.

"Now... we will need some new clothes." Vegita suggested as he looked at the group. "You are a mess."

"New clothes?" Bulma repeated as she looked at her own outfit. It was dirty and she had been wearing it for what felt like months. "Yeah! I need some new clothes, got any my size?"


Bulma and Chi Chi looked through the closets as Vegita showed Krillian and Gohan their uniforms.

"Oooh!!! It feels like Christmas!" Bulma cooed as she got out a long evening gown. "All these clothes and they are my size!"

"I don't like looking like the enemy." Chi Chi confessed as she looked at a set of female Saiyan armor. "I don't trust Vegita or even Anna since she is with him."

"What choice do we have?" Bulma asked as she pulled out an outfit and held it against her body. "This Freeza sounds evil if Vegita needs our help with defeating him. Vegita doesn't seem all that bad... in fact, he's kinda cute."

Chi Chi nearly fell over and asked, "Cute?! You find Vegita cute?! He's a genocidal maniac! He had killed millions if not billions lives! He went to Earth and nearly destroyed it! He nearly killed Goku and he was responsible for Yamcha's death!"

Bulma shrugged and said, "Everyone has faults."

Chi Chi held her head and moaned, "Bulma... you need to get back to Earth soon... this adventure is getting to you."

Finally, Chi Chi and Bulma came out. Chi Chi morphed another set of clothes for herself while Bulma was dressed in a skin tight white outfit with boots and a long cape.

"I hope Vegita thought of something sensible for Gohan to wear." Chi Chi muttered nervously. They entered the room and saw Gohan and Krillian wearing Saiyan armor. "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!"

"Saiyan armor." Krillian said nervously, "I know that we are dressing like bad guys now... but it's practical."

"I refuse to let either one wear such... evil clothes!" Chi Chi boomed, "Change back!"

"Come on, Chi Chi, loosen up." Bulma suggested, "Those clothes will protect them... and they need as much protection as possible."

"Yeah... and these clothes can withstand Ki blasts better than our old clothes and the new outfit is more flexible." Gohan said as he started letting loose a bunch of kicks and punches. "See?"

Chi Chi tensed up as she glared at the two shorter warriors. "After Freeza's dead, change your uniforms." She advised.

"Okay!" Gohan said relieved that his mother isn't too mad at him for dressing like the enemy.

Chi Chi looked up and felt Namekians all over the planet being killed. **Guru.** She thought as she stepped back. "We have to see Guru and Dende..."

"Okay, I'll go and see Guru. Chi Chi, you, Anna, and Gohan stay here with Goku." Krillian said.

"And what am I, chopped liver?" Bulma asked as she came up from behind the tank. She glared down at the monk.

"Hey... it's not like I forgot you or anything..." Krillian sweatdropped as he waved his hands. "You better stay here and find out anything you can from the computers."

"Fine." Bulma nodded as she looked at the computers. "This should be easy for a genius like myself."

"Okay." Krillian nodded at the others and ran off.

Chi Chi sighed as she held her head. "I hope Krillian and the Namekians are okay... I don't want any more dead..."

"He'll be fine, Mommy." Gohan said, "Krillian's strong."

Anna and Vegita were standing to the side. Vegita held his head and shook it. Anna frowned in concern as she said, "Master Vegita, you are tired, perhaps you need some sleep."

"I don't want advice from you, Wench." Vegita growled, "I'm fine."

"You are disoriented from your battles and lack of sleep." Anna argued, "You need rest."

"Look, who reprogrammed you? You are not supposed to second guess my decisions!" Vegita argued tired and irritable. The android was right in he being tired but she shouldn't argue with him.

"Ms. Bulma reprogrammed me after I was left behind." Anna computed.

Vegita glared at Bulma who was looking over a computer. How dare she tinker with his property? True, he did leave the android behind but the very thought of someone even messing with his property was upsetting. He glanced at Chi Chi and Gohan. They might protect Bulma if he blow up now. **Better wait for a moment.**

"Mommy, can we practice?" Gohan asked as he grinned, "I wanna show you how strong I am."

"I don't know..." Chi Chi glanced at Bulma, "I don't want to leave Bulma alone."

Bulma looked up and said, "I'll be fine. Anna's with me and so is Vegita and Goku."

"Goku is trapped in a healing chamber and I don't trust Anna or Vegita." Chi Chi glared at Vegita.

"You two go ahead... I mean, how long has it been since you spent some quality time with your son?" Bulma grinned, "This may be your last chance. Go."

Chi Chi sighed and said, "Okay... but keep your distance. I don't want to lose another friend." Chi Chi and Gohan walked outside.

Bulma sighed as she started on her work again. Vegita came forward and said, "Why did you tamper with my android?"

Bulma gulped as she looked at the shorter but much more powerful warrior. Finally, she looked down at Vegita. "You left her behind. You know, finders keepers."

"You gave my android a personality!" Vegita screamed as his aura flared out, "It's my andorid and I get to decide what must be done!"

"Well... you abandoned her and so she's mine to mess with now!" Bulma screamed forcing back every ounce of fear she had of this man.

"You don't have the right! Women aren't meant to mess with machines!" Vegita boomed, "You could've destroyed my machine!"

"I'm a genius... I can handle any machine, even alien technology is no match for me." Bulma boasted.

Vegita smirked as he crossed his arms. "Well... then a female genius must prefer females..."

Bulma's face went red as she screamed, "WHAT?! I'M NOT GAY! I LOVE GUYS! Look at this..." Bulma said as she gestured to her chest, "Is this a chest of a lesbian?"

Vegita looked at Bulma's chest and shrugged, "I've never seen a lesbian human before."

Smoke came out of Bulma's ears as she lunged at him and kissed him. Vegita kissed back and they kept on kissing, oblivious to the world around them.

Forgotten by both people, Goku stared at the two. He was shocked at the sight. His first friend and one of his greatest enemies were kissing and he couldn't do anything about it. **Man, Bulma sure has weird taste in men.** Goku thought as he slowly lost conciousness in the swirling healing fluids.

To Be Continued...