Finally! The Sequel to The Journey of the Warrior Woman is up! At least part of it. All characters, except for Anna Droid and Pinky, belong to Akira Toriyama. Anna and Pinky belong to me. Enjoy!

Revival of the Warrior Woman
Part One
By Maria Cline

Far away on a distant green planet called Namek, an android who was neither alive or dead looked up at the bright sky.

"What's wrong, Anna?" Bulma asked as she shook her.

"Transport unit was destroyed one minute and fifty-five seconds ago." Anna computed.

"Transport unit?" Bulma repeated. Her father has been working on Anna's tiny spacepod when she left. Knowing her father, he probably transformed the spacepod into a powerful ship complete with a stereo system and capachino machine. "Oh shit... oh no... oh no!" Bulma muttered as she held her head. "Are you talking about your private spaceship?"

"Of course. I received the data over my link. What is wrong, Ms. Bulma?" Anna asked as Bulma knelt down.

"Oh no. Oh no. Goku and Chi Chi must be on that ship! They may be the most powerful fighters I know but not even they can survive outer space! Anna, can you tell me if there's anything alive out there?"

Anna shook her head. "The explosion occured beyond my normal range. I can not detect that far out. I am unable to obey orders."

Bulma clenched her fists. "Damn it! I hate not knowing what is going on! I don't even know which one is dead!"

"Ms. Bulma... the transport unit was connected to my memory banks. It constantly transmits information to me when it was in commission."

"You mean you can find out what happened in the ship?" Bulma asked excited. She wanted to know what happened. Goku and Chi Chi were good friends of hers and if anything happened to either of them, she wouldn't know what to do.


"How long will it take?"

"That depends on the amount of information my link received and what information you require."

Bulma frowned and replied, "Okay. I need to know who's on your spacepod and what happened to the ship. Can you do that?"

"Yes." Anna answered as she looked up and her eyes glowed green. **Processing information... filtering transmissions to and from spacepod... process complete.** "There was a single occupant in the spacepod. Name: Chi Chi. Species: Human. Fate of spacepod... attacked by Ginyu Force."

"So... Chi Chi is... dead?" Bulma asked shocked.

"There is a chance that Chi Chi could possibly survive the explosion. Can Humans breathe in outer space?"

Bulma stared at Anna dumbfounded. "No! Of course Humans can't breathe in outer space!"

"Then Chi Chi is dead."

Bulma slumped down to her knees. Chi Chi was one of her best friends. True, they may be as different as night and day, Chi Chi was an old-fashioned type while Bulma prefered state of the art. But, they both shared an equal kinship to Goku. Also, Chi Chi's son Gohan was a good friend of hers, as well. He would be heartbroken to know about his mother's death. "Oh no... Chi Chi... gone like that. How can we tell Gohan and Goku?"

"A verbal message would accomplish the task." Anna replied.

Bulma glared at the android. She knew that Anna didn't have any feelings at all but she still didn't like Anna as a cold-hearted-machine. "I know that! But... well... Gohan and Goku loved Chi Chi. It will break their hearts to know that Chi Chi is... dead."

"Break their hearts?" Anna repeated, "I do not understand. How could Chi Chi being dead cause cardiovascular disruption?"

Bulma just shook her head. "I mean their feelings will be hurt. You can't understand what's it like to lose someone and feel your heart break."

"I do not have a heart."

"Precisely." Bulma said as she picked up her weapons and strapped them on. "Anyway, we have to get to Gohan and Krillian. They gotta know right away. Anna, locate Gohan and Krillian, are they around any enemies now?"

Anna's right eye flashed green and said, "They are currently with Vegita. Warning! Ginyu Force in vincinity! Caution is advised."

"The Ginyu Force?" Bulma repeated stunned, "Who are the Ginyu Force?"

"Information retrieval seqence engaged: Ginyu Force is a squad of elite mercinaries. They are highly trustworthy and had a 100% success ratio in planet renovation." Anna computed, "The details about this group of mercinaries are highly classified. I will need access to one of Lord Freeza's ships for more information."

"Forget it." Bulma ordered, "Just tell me, are they stronger than Vegita?"

Anna stood still for a second before replying, "Yes. They are of higher rank than Vegita and they outnumber him. They also have powers and abilities beyond that of a Saiyan."

"Are you sure?"

"That is what is programmed into me." Anna replied.

"We're doomed." Bulma sqeaked, "We have to get there, anyway. Besides, Goku should be here soon, right?"

"Yes, he is caculated to arrive in one hour, fifteen minutes, and six seconds."

"Okay, we'll get there and show up in one hour and sixteen minutes." Bulma said, "To watch Goku beat up the Ginyu Force. Let's go!"


Darkness... that was all that surrounded her as a figure slowly opened her eyes. She gazed at the veil of infinite space decorated by the dots that are stars. At first, she didn't know where she was or why she was out in space. A strange red cloth flew at her and she grabbed it. The cloth was dark blood red. Then she remembered a little boy and a strong man waiting for her. She spanned out her arms and sped off to where she knew they were waiting. **Gohan, Goku, I'm coming!** She thought as she tied the cloth around her forehead and flew off.


Krillian was not having a very good day. After he and Gohan got those power ups, they ran into Vegita again, and became his reluctant allies. Now, they were face-to-face with six strange beings wearing armor. There was a short green man with four eyes, a tall blue amphibious man, a yellow man with orange hair, a short orange-skin man with long white hair, a tall woman in pink armor, with white skin, and long pink hair and a tall purple man with a pair of long horns on the side of his head.

"Greetings! We are the..." The six figures immediately posted together and said in perfect unison, "THE GINYU FORCE!"






"And I'm Captain Ginyu!" Captain Ginyu boomed as they went into fighting position. "Now... give us your Dragon Balls."

"Oh shit..." Krillian muttered.


Goku could only wait as his ship came closer to Namek. He wondered how much stronger Chi Chi had become on her trip here. "Chi Chi..." Goku muttered outloud. He longed to be in her arms again. There was nothing he would like better than to hold Chi Chi in his arms again before everything became weird, even for him. When he was dead, Chi Chi was on Earth training to be the warrior woman she didn't want to be. When he came back to life, Chi Chi was a 'ghost' and they couldn't touch physically. Finally, when she returned to her body, he was so injured that he couldn't even hug her without feeling pain. Now, only a few light years separate him from his beloved wife and son.

Goku sat down and started eating. He had to eat and get strong for his family.


The ship landed on schedule right where he wanted it to land. Goku came out and saw carnage before him. His heart pounded in rage as he scanned out to sense that Gohan and Krillian were barely alive.

After handing out his remaining senzus to Gohan, Krillian, and finally Vegita, Goku asked, "Where's Chi Chi?"

"Huh?" Krillian blinked and said, "Wasn't she with you?"

"No... Chi Chi went ahead of me... she should've been here by now!" Goku looked around worried and asked Vegita, "Vegita, did you see Chi Chi?"

"You mean that wench?" Vegita asked, "No... when was she supposed to be here?"

"Yesterday..." Goku figured, "A few hours ago at the most."

"Then... she is dead." Vegita said, "The Ginyu Force most likely intercepted her spacecraft and destroyed it."

Goku's body tensed up and he yelled, "NO WAY!!! SHE CAN'T BE DEAD! Chi Chi's too strong... she can't die like that." He muttered.

"We destroyed that ship..." Burter said as he posed, "We saw one that's like one of those wench transports."

"Chi Chi's ship was based off of Anna's ship." Goku realized as he looked around.

"Who?" Vegita asked.

"We named that robot of yours, Anna Droid." Gohan said, "You know, so she can have a name."

"You renamed my wench?!" Vegita demanded as smoke came out of his ears.

"You abandoned her." Krillian pointed out.

"I was dying! Besides, no one tinkers with my wench." Vegita said, "Where is it?"

"Yeah, where is Anna?" Goku asked, "Is she with Bulma?"

"Uhhh..." Krillian stuttered.

"Who is this Bulma?" Vegita asked, "She better not be one of those types who go around messing with other people's property!"

"No one important..." Goku said as he thought about how defenseless Bulma would be if Vegita confronted her.

"Hey! Aren't we going to fight?!" Recoome asked as the other Ginyu fighters were confused by this pause in the fight.

"Right!" Goku realized, "Gohan! You and Krillian try to get the Dragon Balls back! Vegita and I will take of these guys."

"By yourselves?" Krillian asked, uncertain.

"Kakarot and I can handle these fools!" Vegita boomed.

"That's Goku!" Goku corrected. He didn't like the name 'Kakarot'. He didn't want to be reminded that he was a deadly saiyan who was supposed to destroy Earth.

"Whatever." Vegita muttered.

"Well..." Gohan looked at his father who had his serious 'ready to battle' look. "Okay! Just be careful!"

Goku smiled and did his peace sign. "No problem... just keep an eye out for your mother. She's way too stubborn to die before she could get here."


Chi Chi flew closer and felt Goku and Gohan's power. They were both very strong. Goku, her Goku, had become stronger than she had imagined. She smiled as she flew faster. **Don't start without me.**


"Ms. Bulma," Anna said as her eyes flashed, "Master Goku had entered my sensor range... his power level had increased approximately 40,000."

"Really?!" Bulma gushed, "All right! We have a chance! I knew Goku would come through!" She grinned as she held on to Anna's neck and flew on.

Suddenly, she remembered Chi Chi and her fate. "Oh no... Chi Chi... if Goku finds out... he will be crushed."

"Crushed?" Anna repeated, "I do not understand."

"Goku loves Chi Chi... with our Dragon Balls kaput and the Namekian Dragon Balls hard to get... we may not get her back. He'll be alone." Bulma explained.

"I can replace Chi Chi... my base form is identical to that of Chi Chi's and I can be programed to do the tasks Chi Chi once did." Anna said as she changed and looked identical to Goku's wife.

Bulma's eyes bulged and said, "Forget it! You can't just replace a person like you would a light bulb. It's not right..."

"I do not understand... I would be identical to Chi Chi in every aspect with the right programming."

"No... you can't replace someone like that." Bulma insisted, "It's not right for a woman to modify herself just so she could be a replacement. Besides, Goku wouldn't want it like that... we have to tell him and Gohan. They would notice that she's not here and be worried. Ooohhh... hey! Anna, can you tell me if anyone is near where the Dragon Balls are?" Bulma asked as she got out her radar and hooked it up to Anna's head.

"Scanning... comparing... there are approximately 50 low level guards in proximity as well as Captain Ginyu and Pinky, she is an advanced wench."

"Pinky?" Bulma repeated, "An evil android named 'Pinky'?"

"She is a powerful android who is more advanced than I am." Anna explained. She looked around and said, "Now, Captain Ginyu and Pinky are moving away from the Dragon Balls."

"Can you handle Freeza's footsoldiers?" Bulma asked.

"I believe so... most of them are mere guards with low power readings..."

"Then, we'll go and get those Dragon Balls!" Bulma insisted, "We'll get Piccolo and the others back... and we'll revive Chi Chi! For once, we'll be the heroes!" Bulma sighed, "No more being the 'weak genius'. I'll show them. Anna, to the Dragon Balls!"

"Yes, Ms. Bulma." Anna said as she and Bulma flew to the ship.


Meanwhile at the abandoned cave...

"Where are they?" Krillian asked as he and Gohan looked around. "You'd think they would leave a note or something..." He was worried. It was bad enough they were stranded on an alien planet surrounded by bad guys and having to team up with Vegita, the same alien who nearly destroyed Earth only a month ago, but now they had to find Bulma, who had the only Dragon Ball radar on the planet.

"Maybe, if we work hard enough... we can sense Bulma..." Gohan suggested.

Krillian's eyes brightened and nodded. "Yeah! We can do that! Boy, Gohan, you sure are smart for a kid."

"Awww... it was nothing... just came out of studying all the time like Mommy wanted me too..." Gohan said as he blushed.

"Let's focus together." Krillian said as he held up his hands. Gohan nodded and put his palms upto his friend's. They both had linked minds many times when they sparred in their mind. Now, they had to combine power to search for their friend's Ki on this planet.

As one, they reached out as one and felt everyone on the planet. They felt Nail as he was getting beaten up by Freeza. They felt Goku fighting Ginyu and someone else. They even felt Vegita. Then Bulma's power came up. It was normal for her but low for everyone else. "There!" Krillian pointed out, "It's this way!"

"I felt it too! Let's go!" Gohan said as they both flew up and at Bulma's power level.


The planet looked beautiful from where she was. She could see a small green ball growing bigger. Namek was different from Earth. It was green instead of blue and there wasn't very much life left. But, she could sense her son and husband still there.

Suddenly, a strange wave overwhelmed her mind. For a second, she heard Goku screaming in pain. **Goku!** Chi Chi thought in fear as she flew faster. Every instinct told her that something happened to Goku and she had to save him.


Goku was not having a good day. He held his side as he glared at Ginyu who was now in his body while he was in his. "What did you do?" Goku demanded as he felt the hole in his side. He stopped and realized that his voice sounded just like Ginyu's.

"I swapped bodies with you!" Captain Ginyu laughed in Goku's voice as he felt his own body. "Nice... not as buff as my old body... but the power..."

"You have such good taste in new bodies, Captain." Pinky said as she ran her hand over Ginyu's chest. "Hmmm... each one better than the last... how do you do it?"

"I just have a good eye." Ginyu said as he patted the android on the head. "She's such a doll, the most advanced wench yet... can even follow my orders from a different body... pretty sweet huh?"

Goku just glared as he watched himself treating someone else like a toy. It was unnerving to him to see someone with his face being so evil. What worried him even more is that if Ginyu now has his voice and body, he could take advantage of Gohan and the others.

"Hey, Captain Ginyu, here's your scouter back." Jeice said as he handed the scouter back.

Goku couldn't help but feel some hope. Everyone knew that he's not very good with technology. And if they knew Goku well enough, they would know that Goku would never use a scouter since it makes him look more like a Saiyan and he wouldn't need one in the first place.

"Thanks." Ginyu said as he fitted it over his head. "Now... let's head back to the ship... but first... we still need that password to use the Dragon Balls." Ginyu frowned.

"Boss, I detected the low level wench homing in on the ship." Pinky said, "Maybe she has it in her data."

"Yeah... that's it... and I'll get that Saiyan wench since she will follow any Saiyan's orders." Captain Ginyu said as he rubbed his hands.

**And Anna is with Bulma... damn it.** Goku thought fearfully. He wasn't sure how Bulma could handle Ginyu, Pinky, and Jeice. Even if Anna would fight Ginyu, she would be outmatched and be destroyed. Bulma wouldn't have a chance outnumbered and outpowered. Hopefully, Krillian and Gohan would be there to save them.

"We better go and get that wench! Two wenches at once should be fun... ha ha!!!" Captain Ginyu flew off in a blast of light and Jeice followed. "Yeah!!! This body's fast!!!" He screamed, leaving Goku behind.

"Damn it..." Goku muttered as he focused his energy and moved forward slowly. It was frustrating, not only did the life threatening wound made things painful but this body was completely different from his own. It was like the first time he was trying to use his Ki. Then, he tried to scan out for anyone and felt nothing. "Oh no..." He thought as he tried again. His sixth sense had weakened to the point he couldn't sense anything. He flew off to the direction where he last saw Captain Ginyu and the others went. "I hope they didn't change direction... hey... if I'm having this much trouble, Ginyu must be the same way! Got to hurry and tell the others before Ginyu adapts!"


"Goku... here's the thing, Chi Chi's dead--but don't worry, we'll bring her back with the Dragon Balls!" Bulma practiced as they went closer to the ship. "Nah... too blunt. Are we there yet?"

"Our approximate time of arrival is twenty minutes and thirty seconds." Anna computed as she rose her hand and blasted an attacking dinosaur. "Make that twenty mintues and fifty seconds."


"Hey, Bulma!" Krillian shouted as he and Gohan flew up. "What are you doing here?!"

"Duh! We're getting the Dragon Balls and get my boyfriend back!" Bulma answered, "I was sick and tired of waiting around with only Anna as company, and not only that but my hair is frizzy and I haven't had a shower all day!" Bulma ranted while Krillian and Gohan cowered.

"I'm sorry, Bulma, but it's safer for you two if you stay out of the way... let us deal with the Dragon Balls." Krillian said calmly.

Gohan reached into Bulma's pocket and got out the Dragon Radar. "Got it!" He said, "Let's go!"

"Bulma, stay where you are." Krillian ordered and then said to Anna, "You too, Anna."

"This way." Gohan said as he pointed to the west.

"Okay!" The two flew off in a blast of twin lights.

Anna and Bulma stared for a second before Anna asked, "Why did you not tell them about Chi Chi's death?"

"Because, I didn't have the chance." Bulma sighed as she lowered her head. "Anna, we're following them."

"But, Ms. Bulma, we were ordered to stay behind." Anna pointed out.

"I'm the brains of the operation and I say we go ahead!" Bulma screamed.

Anna's right eye flashed green and she looked around. "Ms. Bulma... I detected Master Vegita at the ship... all of the lower guard forms are now dead."

"V-Vegita?!" Bulma muttered as she gulped. "Great... oh great..." She said as she panicked. "Anna, can Krillian and Gohan handle Vegita?"

"The chances of them surviving a battle with Master Vegita is 2,345 to 1." Anna computed.

"Follow them!!!" Bulma screamed, "We have to warn them about Vegita!"

Anna's blinked again and said, "Ms. Bulma... I sensed Pinky, Jeice of the Ginyu Force, and... I cannot determine the other power reading... but he is Saiyan."

"Goku?" Bulma asked confused.

"I do not know... his power reading does not match the one I sensed from Master Goku. But his physical form is Saiyan." Anna said.

"I don't get it..." Bulma muttered, "Vegita is at the ship... Goku's the only Saiyan left, unless you count Gohan and he's with Krillian... there can't be another Saiyan right?"

"I do not know. All Saiyans have been verified by Lord Freeza himself."

Bulma gulped as she saw three figures in the distance. "Get down! Land here!"

Anna landed on the ground and Bulma got out her sonic gun. "Anna, get into defense position. I don't want to die without a fight!"

"Yes, Ms. Bulma." Anna said as she changed into her camoflage outfit.

The two watched nervously as the three came closer. Anna and Bulma gasped as the group landed on the ground. The lead man was Goku, wearing a scouter.

"Goku!" Bulma exclaimed as she ran up and hugged her friend. "It has been forever! How are you feeling? Did my daddy build you a spaceship or did he build you a spaceship?"

Captain Ginyu smirked evilly as he hugged back. "It's so good to see you too." He lied as he glanced at the saiyan wench.

"Master Goku?" Anna asked confused as she came forward. "Your readings are contradictory."

"You must be malfunctioning, wench." Ginyu said as he looked at Bulma again. His scouter picked up a power reading of 5. A very low power level, even for a human.

Bulma glanced up at Goku confused. Why was he wearing a scouter? She knew Goku hated his saiyan heritage and would never use technology like that and why did Goku call Anna 'Wench'. He was the one who gave Anna the name 'Anna Droid'. He of all people should call her by that name. "Goku... why are you wearing a scouter? And why did you call Anna 'Wench'?" Bulma asked as she tried to sound calm.

"Why... to see better with, my dear. And that wench is only called 'Wench'." Ginyu replied as he reached up and felt Bulma's chest. **Hmmm... firm.** He thought.

Bulma stepped back and slapped Ginyu across the face. "Goku!!! Don't you remember that you're married?!" **This isn't right... Goku would never do something like this to me! He would never be so cruel against Anna either! What happened to him?**

"Married?" Ginyu repeated confused. **Hmmm... this Goku guy has a wife? Didn't even know he's the type.**

"Yes! To..." Bulma paused as she added, "To Puar. Remember? She was best friends with Roshi and is Krillian's sister?"

"Oh yeah... Puar... I remember her..." Ginyu nodded.

Bulma fought the urge to gulp. This man was not Goku. Internal alarms rang in her head as she tried to figure out what to do. "Well... what are you doing here?" Bulma asked causually.

"I was wondering if you can tell me about the Dragon Balls' password." Ginyu said calmly as Jeice snickered at the scene.

"Password?" Bulma said, "You mean that phrase used to summon the dragon?"

"The same..." Ginyu nodded as he leered at Anna. "And to take the wench with us. We'll need her."

**For your sick games.** Bulma thought as she looked around. She didn't know the password and even if she did, she couldn't tell them. "Gee... I think the phrase is... Piccolo come here!"

"Piccolo come here?" Ginyu repeated as he glanced at the woman.

"Yeah... Piccolo's the password, right Anna?" *(Say yes)* Bulma said in Namekian.

Anna's eyes sparked as she said, "That is correct. Piccolo is a password."

"Good..." Ginyu said as he took Bulma in his arms. "Now... you two are mine!!!" He held Bulma in one arm firmly as he graced her face with the other. "Oooh... this will be so fun testing this body's parts..."

Bulma's eyes widened as she gulped. **This bastard is going to... no! I won't be done by this... whatever he is!** Bulma cried out, "What are you talking about, Goku?"

"I'm not this 'Goku'!" Ginyu said as he let go of his victim and then Pinky, Jeice, and Ginyu posed together. "I am the New and Improved Captain Ginyu!!!"

"And I am Jeice!" Jeice said as he posed.

"And I am Pinky! Captain Ginyu's loyal wench!" Pinky proclaimed.

**A shapeshifter!** Bulma thought as she frowned. **Of course! I should've known that there are shapeshifting aliens here!** "Okay... please don't hurt me..." She pleaded.

"I won't hurt you... yet!" Captain Ginyu said as he took Bulma in his arms again. "Now, be nice and this will be quick."

"Maybe..." Bulma said as her leg went back and then did a quick kick between the man's legs.

With a groan, Captain Ginyu fell over and held his crotch. Jeice grimanced, "Ouch... that gotta hurt."

Ginyu moaned in agony as he went into a fetal positon. "You... witch! How dare you insult me with this?!"

"Oh gee... making a pass at me and threating to rape me and Anna make me feel funny." Bulma said as she pointed her gun at Ginyu. "Now, where's the real Goku, you copycat?"

"He's dying thanks to me. In fact, you wouldn't recognize him if you tried!" Ginyu smiled evilly, "And that toy won't bother me. Pinky! Jeice! Get them!"

"Anna! Get Pinky and Jeice!" Bulma ordered as she got out a candy and shoved it into Ginyu's mouth. "Here..." Bulma got out her hand before Ginyu could bite it.

Ginyu swallowed the candy and got up. "What did you do? Poison me? Ha! Saiyans are very hard to poison!" Ginyu boasted as he grabbed Bulma again. "Now, you're mine."

"We have a saying on Earth..." Bulma said as she smirked, "Don't count your chickens before they hatched." She gritted her teeth and screamed, "SWEEEEEE!!!"

Ginyu's face paled as he moaned, "What did..." He rushed off into the lake.

"That should hold him...." Bulma smirked as she glanced at Anna who was fighting Pinky. Jeice was standing to the side watching the two. "Hey, Jeice!" Bulma said as she fired her gun at the man's head. The shot rammed into his head and the man screamed in pain.

"Yeow!!!" Jeice screamed as he held his head. "That hurts!" He glared at Bulma. "For a weak woman, you're one..." He glanced around and asked, "Where's the captain?"

"He had to 'step out'." Bulma replied as she fired again.

This time, Jeice dodged the blast and grabbed her. "You make a big mistake messing with the Ginyu Force."

"And you made the big mistake of messing with me." Bulma said as she clicked on a button on her wrist and a bright beam shot out of her belt. Surprised by the blast, Jeice was flung back into the rocks. "Now... for Anna..." Bulma muttered as she saw Pinky pinning Anna down. "Anna! Leave Anna alone!" Bulma ordered.

"Hello? I'm a super powerful android, most advanced model yet and you are a mere low level woman, you can't order me around." Pinky laughed as she took Anna by the temples. "Now, for that data."

Bulma gulped. She didn't have much time. Jeice and Ginyu will be back and she's running out of tricks. She reached into her pocket and got out her special. Anna told her about the other wenches and the genius made a weapon for wenches. Quickly, she got out her magneboom and put it on Pinky's head. Pinky screamed as she released Anna and held her head.

"Anna! Hurry!" Bulma ordered as she took Anna and ran as far as they could.


Jeice and Captain Ginyu growled as they marched to the battle site. "When, I get my hands on that witch..." Ginyu said as he wrung out his clothes. He was furious. He was one of the most feared mercinaries in the galaxy in the body of a super saiyan, and yet he was having a hard time with a woman with a power level of five.

"I know what you mean, sir." Jeice agreed. "But she should be running out of tricks..."

"Ooohhh... my head..." Pinky moaned as she stumbled forward. "That magnetic blast really scrambled my circuits for a sec..."

"What?!" Ginyu screamed, "You didn't get those two?!"

"Hey... I didn't think this Bulma was a threat." Pinky said, "Besides, the wench is stronger than she was supposed to be."

Ginyu scowled when his sharp ears picked up some muttering from behind the rocks. "Hmmm..." The man grinned as he powered up a ball and screamed, "Heads up!"

Bulma and Anna screamed as an explosion filled the air. Ginyu, Jeice, and Pinky came foward to see some chared clothes and metal. "That's that..." Ginyu said, "Better make sure they're gone... Pinky?"

"I don't sense the wench." Pinky said, "But... my circuits are still a little scrambled."

"Let me check." Ginyu clicked on his scouter and looked around. "Hmmm... only some low level animals... barely registered. Let's go! The Saiyan wench doesn't matter."

The three, glad that the two are gone forever, left. Unknown to either of them, a pair of very small figures came out of the rubble. Anna commented, "Captain Ginyu's blast was weaker than anticipated."

"Yeah... lucky for us." Bulma said as she patted her 'shrink belt'. After the two left their sight, Bulma tapped on her shrink belt and grew back to normal. Anna tapped on her belt and grew back as well. "Let's get out of here. Krillian and Gohan may have caught this imposter but they might not have a chance and we have to find the real Goku. Can you sense any other Saiyans around here?"

"Only Master Gohan, Master Vegita, and Captain Ginyu." Anna replied. Suddenly, she looked up and said, "Ms. Bulma, I sense another being coming. I... cannot determine who the being is."

Bulma sighed as she reloaded her weapon. "Okay... defense position, Anna. Don't attack unless I tell you to attack."

"Yes, Ms. Bulma." Anna replied.


Goku looked around frantically. "This is ridiculous... I still can't sense which way they went..." Then, he noticed two small figures on the ground. He recognized both of them. "All right! Anna and Bulma are okay... oh no..." He wondered if he should land and talk to them. Anna's sensors could maybe tell he was really Goku and Bulma knew him most of his life. Unfortunately, Bulma might kill him on sight and Anna might automatically defend Bulma. He took a deep breath as he slowly landed on the ground. He had no choice, if he wanted to live or have some chance to be Goku again, he had to trust his friends.


Bulma and Anna stared at the strange man who slowly landed a good distance. He was huge and purple with black Saiyan armor. He was holding his side in pain. "Do you know who he is?" Bulma whispered to Anna.

Anna shook her head. "No, but his power is very low and he sustains critical injuries, he poses little threat." She said.

"Keep on your guard anyway. Could be some trick..." Bulma said as she slowly came forward and held her gun up. "Who are you?"

"Bulma..." The man said as he smiled slightly, "It's me... Goku... please don't shoot."

Bulma scowled at him. She didn't want to make the same mistake she made with Ginyu. Then, she remembered what Ginyu said about Goku. **He was dying. In fact, you wouldn't recoginize him if you see him. Maybe, Ginyu wasn't a shapeshifter but a bodysnatcher... great.** Bulma thought. "Well... no offense, but you don't look like the Goku I know..." She said as she glanced at Anna who stood still. "Okay... if you are Goku, then you will know this..." She closed focused hard as her hand twitched. "The day we met, I remember that quite well... you were only fourteen at the time and you were dragging a giant fish home... I helped you drag the fish and you showed me a magic one star ball your grandfather Roshi gave you. I convinced you to let me have the ball after I kissed you and you fall in love with me. Where did this take place?"

The man gave Bulma a confused look and asked, "What are you talking about? Bulma, I know that you are smart, so your memory can't be that bad! I was twelve at the time but I said I was fourteen because I didn't know how to count. You did not help me drag the fish and the Dragon Ball was the four-star not the one-star and my grandfather's name isn't Roshi but Gohan, the guy I named my son after. And I did not fall in love with you! In fact, at the time..." The man looked down sheepishly, "I thought you were odd looking because of your big chest."

Bulma growled and screamed, "Hey! Was it my fault that you wouldn't notice a georgeous girl like me if it conked you over the-" Bulma stopped her rant. She stared at the man in front of her. Only one man could irritate her like that and still make seem so innocent. "Goku?" Goku nodded and Bulma ran up and hugged him. "Damn it, Goku! What happened to you?! Ginyu showed up looking like you... and... and... I had to fight for my life and succeeded brilliantly!"

"Sorry... I... Ginyu surprised me with that body swap technique." Goku said as he grunted. "Damn it... are you okay? I mean, did Ginyu did anything to you or Anna?"

"No... well... Ginyu groped me but I gave him a run for his money." Bulma grinned evilly. "Ha! Low level woman! I showed that jerk, never to underestimate the universe's most beautiful genius!"

"Good." Goku sighed in relief, "Oh man... where did they go and does Gohan and Krillian know?"

"No!" Bulma squeaked, "Shit! They are going to the Dragon Balls right now! We have to stop them! Gohan's smart and Krillian knows you but they're no match for them!"

"I better get there then." Goku said as he strained to fly up.

"Hold it! Anna, help Goku up." Bulma ordered Anna who was just staring. "You can't fly on your own like that..."

"That is Master Goku?" She asked confused. "If he is no longer Saiyan, what title should I give him?"

"I've helped her out but she still wants to use titles." Bulma said as she shrugged.

"Call me Friend Goku." Goku said calmly.

"Friend Goku?" Anna repeated, "What does that title mean?"

"A friend means that you care for them and the person care for you back." Goku explained slowly. "You are my friend and I am your friend. Like Bulma, Gohan, and Krillian are your friends and you are their friend."

"Friend." Anna repeated, "Very well, Friend Goku."

"Let's go!" Bulma said as she jumped onto Anna and shrank down to a smaller size.

"Bulma, you can't come!" Goku snapped, "You might get killed!"

"And it would be better if I stay here alone and defenseless?! Besides, maybe there's something at Freeza's ship that could reverse this... body swap or at least give us an idea on what we're up against! And I'm the only one who's not evil who could figure it out!" Bulma argued, "I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself."

"Okay..." Goku muttered as he figured that if Bulma and Anna could fend off Ginyu and the remaining Ginyu Force by themselves, they should be fine. "just don't get hurt." Goku said as Anna flew up carrying both Bulma and Goku.


**There it is...** Chi Chi thought in relief as she scanned for Goku but couldn't pinpoint his location. Her son's Ki however, was bright and clear. She had to hope and pray that Goku was closeby somehow.


Gohan and Krillian wiped their brows as they stared at the seven orange spheres before them. After what felt like an eternity, all seven Dragon Balls stood before them, and with that their hopes of reviving their friends.

"Well... this is it..." Krillian said as he stared at the balls. "So... ready to bring Piccolo and the others back?"

"You bet!" Gohan exclaimed, excited. It had been a long time since he had seen Piccolo. He wondered if Piccolo trained in the afterlife like his father did. Now he would find out.

"Oh sacred dragon, hear my howl and come on out to make my wish come true!!!" Krillian screamed at the top of his lungs.

The two watched in anticpation for the sky to darken and a giant dragon to appear. They waited...

And waited...

And waited...

Finally, the two glanced at each other and then at the Dragon Balls. Krillian spoke up. "What... what happened? Where's the dragon?" He was stunned beyond belief. "We have all seven Dragon Balls!"

Gohan gulped when he remembered something important. "Wait! Wasn't there a password?"

Krillian's eyes widened as he realized what went wrong. "Oh crud! How could we forget?!"

Unseen by the two warriors, Vegita was hiding behind one of the massive 'legs' of Freeza's spaceship. He watched the two try frantically to activate the Dragon Balls. "Damn it... those fools!" He growled, "Don't they have a clue about the Dragon Balls?"

Suddenly, he felt a strange pair of powers. They were both relatively weak but getting stronger. "Hmmm... this should be interesting."


Chi Chi felt relief as she breathed air. The air tasted so sweet and strange after so long without it. How did she survive without air all this time? She felt something different. She couldn't describe the feeling but deep down, she knew where Goku was. The woman closed her eyes and felt what appeared to be Goku's Ki, but it was distorted and weak. She couldn't be entirely sure that it was Goku, but she had to find out.


There was silence as Goku, Bulma, and Anna flew to the spaceship. Goku was still too weak to fly on his own and Bulma couldn't fly period, leaving Anna to fly them both under her own power. Finally, Bulma said, "Goku... there's something that I have to tell you."

Goku turned his head toward the much smaller woman and asked, "What?"

"Well..." Bulma sighed as she fidgeted. This may or may not be the best time to reveal about what happened to Chi Chi. But with everything going like they it was, this may be her only chance. "Um... it's hard to say... but... Anna received a transmission from the modified spaceship Dad gave Chi Chi and..." Bulma looked down and said, "Goku... the spaceship was destroyed. I think that..."

"Chi Chi's dead?" Goku finished as he sighed.

Bulma gulped and nodded. "You know?"

"Chi Chi left before I did... I thought she would be here but she's not." Goku explained.

"Chi Chi's spaceship exploded approximately 2 hours and fifty minutes ago." Anna computed.

Bulma cringed at Anna's bluntness. "Anna! Don't be so blunt!"

"That's okay... Anna's a little naive." Goku said, "Besides, I know that Chi Chi's alive."

"Huh?!" Bulma was shocked at Goku's denial that Chi Chi was alive. While she may not be able to fly on her own or shoot blasts out of her hands, she knew for a fact that it's impossible for a human being to survive in outer space alone. "Now wait a second... in case you didn't know... Chi Chi's spaceship exploded in space! And... if by some rare chance that Chi Chi did survive the explosion, there's the fact that there's no way she could survive in outer space with no air!"

"Yeah... I know..." Goku stared out over the green sky. "It's... it's hard to explain. I know that it's hard for you two to believe that Chi Chi can survive that explosion but... I just know that she's alive... somewhere... somehow..."

"How do you know?" Bulma asked in wonder.

"Because... it's a feeling I have sometimes... kinda... like a... an instinct." Goku tried to explain. It was a deep feeling that developed while he and Chi Chi were training in his mind. It was strange but he know that somewhere, Chi Chi was alive.

"Okay..." Bulma muttered as she glanced at Goku anxiously. She wasn't sure if Goku was in a state of denial or he truly believed that Chi Chi was alive. "Anna, can't you go any faster?"

"I am going within safety limits." Anna replied.

"Then go beyond those limits!" Bulma ordered, "Ginyu and his lackies are probrably there already! We have to get there ASAP."

"A-S-A-P?" Anna and Goku repeated confused.

"As soon as possible!" Bulma screeched.

Anna nodded and flew faster. Suddenly, her right eye glowed and Anna said, "Ms. Bulma, I detected another strong power reading... it is Namekian."

"Namekian?" Bulma repeated, "I didn't even know that there are any Namekians left. Who is he?"

"I cannot determine." Anna said, "But, the power reading is coming this way."

"Good... finally some nice normal Namekian coming to save us... must be Nail." Bulma sighed in relief as a figure appeared in the distance. Goku and Anna watched anxiously as the figure came closer.

"Ms. Bulma, the Namekian is female." Anna computed.

"Female?!" Bulma exclaimed in shock and in glee. "But how?! I thought there are no such thing as female Namekians!"

Goku sweatdropped as he looked at Bulma. "Huh?! But... how can they have babies then?"

"I don't know..." Bulma shrugged, "All Dende said was that they spit out eggs... maybe Namekians are asexual."

"A sexual?" Goku repeated, "A sexual what?"

Bulma sweatdropped and said, "Never mind... I forgot who I was talking to for a second."

"Ms. Bulma, the Namekian is approaching us at rapid speed." Anna computed as the figure came up.

Bulma and Goku just gawked at the newcomer. Anna was correct about the newcomer being a female Namekian. She was tall, with black hair and green skin. She was wearing a pitch black dress with a long white cape. On her forehead was a bright red bandana that seem to lit up her hair. She looked at Goku with dark eyes. Her eyes flashed red for a second and she shook. "G-Goku?" She whispered as she hovered closer to Goku.

Goku's eyes widened as he stared at the woman. Her voice was so familiar and something deep within himself told him who she was. "Chi Chi?"

The two lovers stared at each other. It was only a week ago that they parted ways to make their way to this strange planet. Only a week ago, they were more or less normal. Now, after what felt like an eternity of separation and hardship, Goku and Chi Chi could only find one thing to say.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!" They both exclaimed as they pointed to the other's body.

"I lost my body to a body swapper. Did it happen to you too?" Goku quickly explained as he stared at his wife. The last time he saw her, she was Human and now she look like Piccolo's sister.

"No... it was given to me by a former guardian of Planet Vegita." Chi Chi said. "She said it's temporary."

"Wait a second." Bulma said as she gotten over her shock of seeing her friend as a new member of a virtually dead species. "A Saiyan goddess made you into a Namekian? Why? That's... well... odd... wouldn't she change you into a Saiyan?"

Chi Chi frowned and said, "I see your point. Oh well..." She stared at her hands and then at Goku. "Oh Goku! You're hurt... Here, Anna, give Goku to me."

Anna tilted her head and Bulma said, "Go ahead." Goku reached over and Chi Chi held on to him. "Chi Chi, I'm dying to know more about this change but right now, Ginyu, who's in Goku's super powerful body, and his lackeys are going to Freeza's ship and Gohan and Krillian don't have a clue!"

"Oh my god! Gohan!" Chi Chi whispered as she paled. "Ooohhh... Gohan would never hurt Goku's body... and Krillian doesn't stand a chance!"

"Maybe they do." Goku confessed as the group stared at him. "Ginyu and I are... two different people... we're not even the same species. I think that Ginyu is vulnerable right now because he's just learning the basics on how to work my body."

"Say... that makes sense..." Bulma figured, "It's kinda like driving the same car all your life and when you change to a new car, you would have trouble using it because you are so used to the old car. Well..." Bulma smirked, "looks like my brains are finally rubbing off on you."

"We better go..." Chi Chi said, "I'll take Goku there."

"We'll follow." Bulma said as she went into Anna's arms. "Don't worry about us. One more thing... I fed Ginyu a Sweetrot... you know that thing that makes a person use the bathroom when you 'swee'. I don't know how effective it is on a saiyan but it might help."

Goku's eyes bludged and he asked, "You did that to my body? Cool... what else did you do?"

Bulma blushed and added, "Ohh... *ahem* I kicked him in the groin."

"WHAT?!" Goku and Chi Chi screamed.

"Hey! I thought he was some shapeshifter... look, go... we'll be fine." Bulma reasoned, "Good luck..."

"Right." Goku nodded and Chi Chi flew off with her husband in her arms.

Chi Chi strained with the weight as she focused every ounce of power she had to fly forward to her son and friend.

"Save some of your energy." Goku advised, "Ginyu may not be at his peak but he's still dangerous."

"I just want to be with my baby." Chi Chi whispered as she fought the urge to cry. "Oh Gohan... how will he react to us being... like this?!"

Goku grimanced in pain as he tried to hug his wife in comfort. Chi Chi was obviously upset about their appearence and how they might look to their son. "It's okay..." Goku comforted, "Gohan's a very open minded boy. He would understand. Besides, you are still you... despite the fact that you are green. You don't look that bad..."

"I look like Piccolo's long lost sister." Chi Chi sighed. "And you... well..."

"I know... but Gohan's strong, not just in body but in mind and soul as well. Right now, we have to get there and hope Ginyu didn't do anything to Gohan." Goku said determined as he tried to fly to help Chi Chi.

"I know... but he's just a little boy... we have to hurry..." Chi Chi strained as sweat came down her forehead.

"Chi Chi..." Goku said as he gazed forward.

Chi Chi looked beside her at the stranger who is now her husband. "Yes?"

"I still think that you are pretty."

Chi Chi smiled softly as she held on to Goku tighter. "Thank you..." Chi Chi put her free hand to Goku's face and caressed it gently. "We will get you back to normal. I promise no matter what happens, I still love you."

"And I love you. Now... let's focus on getting that Ginyu bastard..." Goku vowed as he felt new strength entering his strange almost broken body.

To be continued…