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Journey of the Warrior Woman
By Maria Cline

Bulma's Log 102801

I'm bored. It had three weeks since we left and the journey had been dull. Fortunately, Anna had been very entertaining. When Gohan and Krillian train, Anna and me would work on various devices. Anna was equipped with many schematics that had been very helpful. I even created a few weapons for myself just in case we get into trouble and Gohan, Anna, and Krillian can't help me. They're really cool. I just hope I don't need them.

Gohan was busy with his homework too. He's such a trooper. He constantly work his homework, train with Krillian, and keep the ship more or less tidy.

I miss Yamcha so much. I hope he's doing okay wherever he is.


Bulma turn off her recorder and looked at the instruments. "Hey, guys! We're almost there!" Bulma yelled as she turn on the monitor. Anna, Krillian, and Gohan all looked out at the monitor to see a gleaming green planet. It glowed almost like it had a light of its own. It was identical to Earth except for the fact that it was green.

"It's beautiful." Gohan gasped, "Don't you think so, Anna?"

"If you say so, Master Gohan." Anna replied.

"Hey! We got there ahead of schedule!" Krillian realized as he looked at the planet below.

"I know! That shortcut Anna showed us was great!" Bulma said as she get in her chair. "Get ready for landing!"

The ship landed smoothly if not a bit roughly. Bulma went up to the controls. She had been preparing to travel to a different planet with an possibly different atmosphere. "Okay, I packed a few oxygen masks. Anna doesn't need one since she doesn't need to breathe..." She glanced up to see Anna, Gohan, and Krillian already outside.

"Wow. This looks alot like Earth." Krillian realized as he looked around. The only difference between Earth and Namek was the green sky and blue ground.

"I know. It look kinda like the place Piccolo and Mommy trained me." Gohan commented. It was the same barren landscape that he recognized before.

"Well! Why not just put a couple of lawn chairs out here!" Bulma yelled at the top her lungs as she came out. "You didn't even bother to test the atmosphere to see if we can breathe in it or not!"

"Ms. Bulma, all inhabited planets that I had been to have the same oxygen based atmosphere as Earth." Anna commented.

Bulma groaned as she held her head. "Okay. Okay. At least we don't have to worry about air. Now... the Dragon Balls..." Bulma nervously tapped on on her radar and seven blinking lights appeared. "Okay! There are seven Dragon Balls right here!"

"Yes!" Gohan cheered, "We'll just get all seven and we can get Piccolo back!"

"And Yamcha!" Bulma added excitedly.

"And of course Tien and Choutsu!" Krillian yelled. The cheers stopped when Anna, Krillian, and Gohan looked up.

"Warning! Two intruders coming this way! Level D!" Anna warned as she went into fighting positon.

"Huh?" Bulma was confused. She was the only one of the group who can't sense anyone and she was scared. "What's going on!"

Two alien creatures hovered up to them. "What are they?" Krillian asked.

"They can't be Namekians." Gohan observed, "They're wearing Saiyan armor."

"No. They are Freeza's guards." Anna computed.

"Hold it right there!" One of them yelled, "Those aren't Namekians!"

"Let's kill them! They don't look like much of a threat. Two runts and two wenches." The two flew down at them.

"Anna! Protect Bulma!" Krillian ordered, "Come on, Gohan."

"Yeah." Gohan agreed as they flew up.

Anna stood in front of Bulma. "Yes, Master Gohan." She said.

It was a short but fierce battle. Gohan and Krillian with their same sizes and all that time training together in their minds fought in perfect unison. Bulma and Anna watched as the four fought.

"Whoa, they're good." Bulma said awed. She ducked her head as several blasts flew her way. Anna blocked them off with ease.

"Please remain in close proximity at all times until the battle is done." Anna said as held up her hands.

Gohan and Krillian finished off the two fighters. "That was easy." Krillian realized as he looked at Gohan.


"Oh shit!" Bulma wailed as she pointed to the ship. The three looked over to see the Namekian ship, their only way off the planet with a giant hole in the side.

"The ship is incapacitated." Anna figured.

"No duh!" Bulma sceamed, "Now, what do we do!"

"Fix the ship." Anna replied, "This ship is on its origin planet. If we get a Namekian and force him here, he will fix it."

"That's right! We'll just go to a Namek villiage and get someone to repair it! But we won't force him or her, we could just ask." Bulma beamed with hope.

"And get those Dragon Balls." Krillian figured, "All right!"

"Anna, you're the best!" Gohan exclaimed. Anna looked up and her eyes turned bright green. She knelt down to the ground and stared out. "Ms. Anna?"

"Anna?" Bulma shook her friend, "Are you all right?"

Gohan and Krillian gasped as a massive power came to them. "W-what power?!" Krillian gasped out, "It's way higher than Vegita's!"

"No way! Someone more powerful than Vegita?!" Bulma repeated, "But, how?"

"Lord Freeza." Anna answered, "Lord Freeza is here."

"Who's Lord Freeza?" Gohan asked as Anna shook slightly from what could be called fear.

"Master Vegita's boss and master. Lord Freeza is far more powerful than Master Vegita. Lord Freeza will kill us all of we get in his way." Anna explained as she processed the information, "We must evacuate the area."

"More powerful than Vegita?" Krillian exclaimed, "Oh shit! That guy must be deadly!"

"He is." Anna stood up and looked at the ship. "I suggest that all of you hide until he leaves or at least till we can leave. If we confront him, he will be mad and destroy planet Earth."

"Do you think Freeza know about the Dragon Balls?" Bulma asked.

"That is a strong possiblity. The scouters that Master Vegita use are on the same frequency as the other scouters. Lord Freeza or anyone can inercept messages sent by scouters. It is a tatic normally used to ensure thatr no one is plotting against Lord Freeza." Anna caculated.

"Bulma, check the radar again. Are any of the Dragon Balls grouped yet?" Krillian asked nervously.

Bulma clicked on the radar and gulped. "Yeah. Four of them have just been gathered at these coordinates."

Anna looked at the coordinates and said, "That is where Lord Freeza is at. I suggest we hide or surrender."

"No! We can't give up without bringing Yamcha back to life!" Bulma boomed as she stomped her foot, "We need those Dragon Balls."

"That's right." Gohan agreed fully. "We have to bring Yamcha and Piccolo back! Maybe, if we can get one of the Dragon Balls, we can steal the rest later."

"Okay... well... we could hide with the Dragon Ball until Goku and Chi Chi get here." Krillian said, "They will be a big help."

Bulma clicked on her radar. When she first went out to Namek, she thought that it would be a simple task of gathering the Dragon Balls and making her wish. Unfortunately, like all Dragon Ball hunts, this one had to involve nasty super villians who could destroy Earth. "There's one a few miles that way. It hasn't been touched yet."

"Good." Krillian sighed in relief. There was hope yet for him and his dead friends. If he could get that Dragon Ball, then at least Freeza wouldn't be able to make a deadly wish. "Gohan, come with me. Anna, you and Bulma find someplace safe to hide and stay there."

"I cannot complete that order, Mr. Krillian." Anna insisted, "It is my duty to protect and serve Master Gohan. I must escort you."

"Anna, this is an order; protect Bulma and follow only her orders." Gohan ordered. He didn't like controling Anna like a puppet but he felt that Bulma should have someone to protect her just in case. And that if they ran into Vegita, he wouldn't know about Anna being alive.

"Yes, Master Gohan." Anna said, **Adjusting order protocol, Bulma superior until overridden.**

"Let's go, Gohan." Krillian said as he and Gohan flew off leaving Bulma and Anna behind.

"We better go and find a good place to set up camp." Bulma sighed as she looked up at the green sky. **Yamcha, wait for me. I'll get you back one way or another.**


"Admit it, Piccolo, you were blushing!" Yamcha teased as the group ran down the Snake Road. They had just left Princess Snake's place after a small incident.

"I was not!" Piccolo growled, "I was just a little embarassed about mistaking her for King Kai!"

"She was all over you, Piccolo." Yamcha laughed, "And you were blushing."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Will you cut that out?" Tien screamed, "You two are acting like kids!"

"Am..." Piccolo retorted before closing his mouth. "Look, this little journey has been fun but you are starting to bug me!"

"Relax, just a few more miles and we should be to King Kai's." Choutsu figured as he rode Tien's back.

"We better get there soon if we want more training." Piccolo instructed.


"One thousand!" Chi Chi grunted as she did her one thousandth pushup. She didn't have a gravity machine like Goku's but she was wearing 300 lb weights on her wrists, waist, ankles, and chest. Her training outfit was a simple purple bodysuit with long gloves. She collapsed and breathed heavilly. "*whew*, that was hard." She grunted as she sat up. For the past five days, she had been doing nothing but train, eat, and sleep. "Better take a brake." She muttered as she got up and went to the communications system. "Chi Chi calling base, come in base." She said as she tapped on the button.

A screen appeared showing Dr. Briefs. "Ah, Chi Chi, how are you doing?"

"Pretty good, Dr. Briefs." Chi Chi replied, "How's Goku?"

"You're in luck. Goku had just healed up and is off to Namek. He should be there in... six days."

"So, I'll be there just just before he does." Chi Chi caculated, "Good. What about Gohan and the others?"

"They just contacted me. Vegita is on the planet and so is another powerful warrior named... Freeza." Dr. Briefs said concerned. "Oh, Lunch, Puar, and Oolong are here too."

"Hi!" Lunch, Puar, and Oolong waved.

Chi Chi smiled as she waved back. "Good to see that you are okay." Chi Chi commented, "How was Goku?"

Lunch answered, "Oh, he's been such a dear. Except when he snuck out a couple of times to train. He just can't stand staying still. Oh, and the way he screamed when they gave him a vaccination. Hee hee."

Chi Chi shook her head. A strong man like Goku, afraid of a needle? That was almost too ironic. "I have to get going." Chi Chi said as she tapped on her keyboard. "Bye."

"Bye. And good luck." Dr. Briefs said.

Chi Chi sighed as she turned off the screen. She was filled with mixed feelings. On one hand, she was happy that Goku was fine and is on his way to Namek. Unfortunately, right now, Gohan is trapped on the same planet as Vegita and Freeza. Two beings who could and would kill him. "What can I do?" She wondered. She will have to wait two more days till she can help if he needed help.

Suddenly, everything became quiet as the sounds of chains filled the air. Chi Chi powered up and looked around. "Where are you?" Chi Chi demanded as she reached out with all of her senses.

"Right here." A voice replied as a woman covered in chains appeared. She was the mirror image of Chi Chi. "I am Yasia. The former guardian of the Saiyan Homeworld."

Chi Chi's jaw dropped at the sight of the translucent woman. "Huh? You mean... like Kami?"

"Yes. I'm like that. When I was alive, I was the protector and guardian of the Saiyan Homeworld."

Chi Chi glowered. "You mean, that you're the god who let the Saiyans go around killing everyone?"

Yasia closed her eyes. "Yes. I know and fully understand how much you hate the Saiyan race despite the fact that your husband and son are members of that race."

"My husband and son are different! They are raised on Earth in a nice normal setting!" Chi Chi screamed.

Yasia slumped down and looked at her. "I know. That's why I'm so proud of them. Do you know what happens when a guardian dies?"

"They go to the Next Dimention?" Chi Chi guessed remembering what happened to Kami.

"Somewhat. But like all mortals, we were judged as well... not just by our own deeds but by the deeds of the race we represent. I represented the Saiyans and you can guess that I was judged cruely." She explained as she held out her chains. "This is my punishment. Every life, every world unjustly extinquished by a Saiyan I have to carry in the form of these chains. I must forever watch every Saiyan or someone with Saiyan blood. As long as the Saiyan blood is evident in the person, I am responsible for him or her."

"Oh my. I'm sorry." Chi Chi said. She knew that the guardian probrably had no control over her people and wasn't directly responsible for what happened to her and her family.

"But, for every life saved by a Saiyan or changed for the better my weight lightened." Yasia said, "Your husband and son had gotten rid of some of this unbearable weight and I wish to help you help them."

"I see... you know all about them?"

"Yes. I even helped out in the previous fights." Yasia explained as she sat on the ground wearilly.

"How?" Chi Chi asked, "I was there in the Vegita battle and I didn't see you, not even in my ghost form."

"I was beyond your sight. You were just adapting to what happened to you. I did help in my own way." Yasia said, "How did you think Gohan regrew that tail so suddenly?"

Chi Chi's jaw dropped. "You're right. That was rather convienent that it happened just when it did. How can you help me?"

"I can give you a great powerup. It will enable you to at least handle yourself against Vegita. However, it may cause side effects. I don't know what will happen. I never did it on a Human before."

Chi Chi frowned. She could either take a risk and get stronger but may pay a price or she could just train the way she was training and hope for the best. "What will happen if I don't take the power up?"

"Then, you may be no match for your enemies. You will have to battle fighters who are far stronger than Vegita and outnumber you." Yasia warned, "But, you will still be you."

Chi Chi's heart pounded. Should she take the risk and pay whatever price it may be? Her son's life is at stake and only she may save him. "Okay! Do it." Chi Chi said as she closed her eyes. "I'd rather suffer some physical deformity than let my son die. Just make it fast."

Yasia stood up and touched Chi Chi's shoulders. "You are a brave woman, Chi Chi. I hope that you won't suffer for long." An electric shock came out of her hands and into Chi Chi's body.

Screams filled the ship as Chi Chi collapsed on the ground.


"My head." Chi Chi muttered as she held her head with both her hands. The last time Chi Chi felt so strange was when she was just back into her own body. Her head spun as she slowly got up.

"You're finally awake." Yasia observed from her spot. "I was getting worried."

"I'm fine. A little thirsty but okay." Chi Chi insisted as she went to the kitchen and got some water. After drinking a huge glass, she wiped her mouth. "I can't believe how funny I feel." She took off her wrist weight and tossed it in the air. "It feels so light."

"Your power had increased greatly like I promised you. However, you do look different." Yasia said as she pointed to a mirror. "Look. Please, don't be mad at me."

Chi Chi nervously went up to the mirror and gazed at the reflection. Staring back at her was a female green face with long black hair and dark eyes. "My face!" She screamed as she took off her gloves to show green hands with white fingernails. "My hands! I'm a monster!" She wailed as she gawked at her reflection.

"No, a Namekian based lifeform." Yasia explained, "You are going to Namek and you will need the power of a Namekian to get stronger. Your strength, Ki, and even your senses have been enchanced. Don't worry, just relax and you will revert back. However, if you get mad, you'll turn green. You also have a couple of other powers that are beyond that of a Namekian. I do not know what yet, but they are powerful."

"I hope you're right, Yasia." Chi Chi said as she felt her face. "I don't know how Goku and Gohan will react to me looking... looking like this."

"They love you for you." Yasia insisted, "They are open minded people who will still love you." She slowly walked away. "I must leave and give my aide. You better train in that new form to get used to it." She advised as she vanished.

"Thank you, Yasia." Chi Chi whispered as she stare at her face. **I hope this sacrifice is worth it.**


It had been a very long journey for a group of dead guys. Piccolo looked behind him to see his traveling companions still trailing behind. He wasn't sure why he even bothered letting them catch up. They were hopelessly slow and they talked too much.

Finally, the end of snake road appeared before them. Piccolo couldn't help but feel excited about the end of a very long journey for him. Being dead wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, especially since he could train under the same god who trained Goku. If this god could train Goku better than Kami, he must be impressive.

"All right! We made it!" Yamcha exclaimed as they looked over the edge. Far ahead there was a tiny planet with a constant single road, a tree, and a house.

"That must be where King Kai lives." Piccolo figured, "Tiny place."

"Looks pretty far to drop." Choutsu said as he trembled slightly. "I don't know if I can jump that far, Tien."

Tien put his hand on Choutsu's shoulder. "Yes you can. It's just like jumping on the mountains only a little further down."

"And if we miss, we'll go straight to Hell." Piccolo added, "We have to make the jump. I'll go first." Piccolo walked back and the group parted to let the Namekian have room. The green warrior screamed as a bright glow emenated from his body and he shot down the path. He jumped high into the air and soared over the vast Next Dimention space. He could almost see Hell even so far high into the heavens. It was exhilerating. Finally, he landed on the planet face up with a world shaking thud.

"Ouch." Yamcha winced as Piccolo lay on the planet unmoving. "You okay?!"

"I'm fine!" Piccolo yelled as he groaned and grunted to get up. The weights on his head and shoulders felt much heavier as well his body. "Okay! Your turn!" Piccolo said as he hid his pain well.

Yamcha nodded and went back. He went on all fours and focused his power. It as a technique he rarely use after he learned how to fly. "SPEED OF THE WOLF!" Yamcha screamed as he ran down the path and flung himself off of the snake road. In a graceful dive he soared to the tiny planet and landed face down hard. "Ouch. I did hurt." Yamcha muttered as he slowly got up.

"Okay." Tien muttered as he lifted Choutsu up. "Ready?"

Choutsu nodded firmly as he looked at the planet. "Just throw hard."

Tien brought his arm back and flung Choutsu high into the air. He followed his friend and they landed hard on the planet.


Dear Journal:

Well... two days passed since I... became a monster. No, not a monster, just a freak. I've became used to my green face and body. I had been training very hard and I do feel more powerful. It was strange but almost like me. I haven't been able to revert back but that was because I was so tense in meeting Gohan back on Namek. I haven't contacted Dr. Briefs or anyone else since then. I haven't even talked to Goku yet. What should I do? Every night, I dreampt of Gohan being attacked by someone or something and I was helpless to stop it. Maybe, I should talk to Goku. It might be my only chance before he sees me like this. I can handle losing my body, but can I handle losing my Goku?


Chi Chi stared at the monitor for several minutes. "Come on, Chi Chi, you can do this." She muttered as she tapped on the communication button. "Goku? Can you hear me?" She asked.

A voice came out of the speaker. "Hi, Chi Chi. Sorry, I can't get on the monitor but I'm stuck on the spaceship."

"Of course, you're stuck on the ship. So am I. I can't get out without a space suit."

"I mean... _on_ the spaceship. I was doing some repairs and... well... I stepped in the super glue and now, I'm stuck."

Chi Chi fell over and moaned. Getting stuck in super glue on top of the spaceship sounded like something he would do. While her husband was a genius when it comes to martial arts, when it comes to something like spaceships, he would be lost. "Goku... how long have you been stuck?"

"Twenty minutes. I think that if I remove my boots and hurry back, I can make it." Goku said, "But, I can wait. How are you? Did anything happen to you?"

Chi Chi opened her mouth but nothing came out. What could she say? She met up with a former guardian who is relying on Goku and Gohan and whatever Saiyan is left to remove her punishment and now she is a green skinned freak? "Nothing." Chi Chi lied, "I missed you."

"I missed you too. I better get off this ship and get back to my training. Good luck! I hope you become really strong!"

"I am." Chi Chi smiled, "Goodbye." She turned off the link and slumped down. "Better get back to work. Hang on, Gohan. Mommy will be there soon."


Bulma's Log 1503002

What's taking Krillian so long? So much happened ever since we got stranded on this planet days ago. Vegita's here and so's Freeza (majorly bad dudes). Krillian went off with Dende to get a Dragon Ball and Gohan's still with me. This is so dull, I've been working on Anna to make sure she doesn't follow Vegita's orders. I'm making progress and she should be ready soon.


Bulma looked up to see Gohan flipping all over and practicing his moves. "Hey, Gohan, could you come over here for a sec?"

"What is it, Bulma?" Gohan asked as he landed and walked over.

"I'm a little concerned about Krillian. So, I'm checking the radar to see where the Dragon Balls are right now." She clicked on the radar and the two looked at it. There were five dots standing still, one that was moving toward them at an astonishing speed, and one that was standing alone at a distance. "*whew* Not all of them are at one place." Bulma said relieved.

Gohan focused outward and said, "The one coming up to us is Krillian."

"Then, the one that's standing alone must be one that Vegita missed." Bulma realized.

"Ms. Bulma, may I go and get the Dragon Ball?" Anna asked, "I am undetectable by scouter."

"I don't think so. What if Vegita sees you?" Bulma pointed out, "He'll want to take you away and force you to fight us. No. Gohan, you better go."

"Okay." Gohan nodded as he took the radar.

"But, Ms. Bulma, I stand a less likely chance to be detected and what would happen if Gohan get captured?" Anna insisted, "It's my duty to protect Gohan."

Bulma's eyes widened. "You... disagreed with me?" For the past month, she had been teaching Anna to be more assertive. Unfortunately, teaching an android slave to be independant is a trying experience. Anna had never revealed her opinion until now.

Anna frowned and nodded. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disrespect you like that. I do not know what happened to me."

"No. No. I should appologize." Bulma said, "You're right. You do stand less of a chance of detection. You can't be detected by Vegita since you have no life power and you're cloaked by scouters. Okay, you can go. But, this is an order. If you detect Vegita coming your way, hide. Don't let him see you. Better yet, put on a disguise."

"Yes, Ms. Bulma." **Taking idenity form 135.** Anna said as her form glowed and changed. Standing there was a tall man with blue hair and blue eyes.

"Wow." Bulma gushed as she smiled dreamly at Anna. "You look great." Gohan handed Anna the radar and the android flew off.


Anna flew toward the dot on the radar. Her scanners were on at full alert and her weapons array were on standby.

**Dragon Ball detection ahead. Slow down.** Anna thought as she landed at a destroyed village. Body parts and dead bodies were all over the place. Anna scanned out. **Lifesigns, none. Safe to continue.**

Anna quickly went to the lake and got out a Dragon Ball. **Dragon Ball aquired, return to base.**


An hour passed as Anna zoomed to the campsite. She was completely calm about her situation. Yet, she couldn't help but wonder about her former master Vegita. Suddenly, her scanners picked up the Saiyan. **Master Vegita detected. Ms. Bulma's directive clear, avoid."

The android swooped down and hid below a cliff. Her power output motor pounded as she watched her master flew with a Dragon Ball. Anna's sharp optic sensors studied the ball. **Object: Dragon Ball with one star. Last known location: In possession of Ms. Bulma. Conclusion: Return to Ms. Bulma promptly.**

After Vegita passed her, Anna blasted off to the campsite.


Bulma paced back and forth in front of Gohan and Krillian. "I can't believe that Vegita got that Dragon Ball!" She wailed. "What are we supposed to do?! Vegita will get all seven Dragon Balls and he'll be immortal and we'll be dead!"

"No, we won't!" Gohan exclaimed, "Miss Anna went off to the the Dragon Ball Vegita missed. She'll be right back and we'll have at least one."

"I know. I know. But what if Vegita caught her? She's created to serve him and not us! Ohhh... I hate to think what could happen."

"Ms. Bulma?" Anna asked as she landed behind her. **Revert to orginal mode.** She computed as she transformed into her dark eyed self.

"Anna!" Bulma turned around and hugged her. "You're okay! And you have the Dragon Ball!"

"Yes, I completed my mission like you instructed." Anna replied, "I was not caught."

"Oh! Anna! You're the best!" Bulma gushed as she hugged Anna again. "Now, we just have to wait for the others!"

"Come on, Gohan." Krillian said as he took Gohan's hand. "We better go to Guru's so you can have the power up. Anna, you better stay here with Bulma."

"I understand." Anna computed.

Gohan and Krillian flew off to Guru's leaving Anna and Bulma behind.


Chi Chi watched the controls anxiously. In just one day, she will arrive on Namek. The trip had gone faster than she thought and ended up a day early. "Might as well prepare." She muttered to herself as she opened her closet. She stared at her one peice armor suit and then at her training outfits. She needed something that could make her new look pleasing to the human eye. "Let's see...something that could match green..." Chi Chi muttered as she focused on her body. It was one of the tricks she picked up after her power up. A black outfit appeared on her body. It was like her old purple dress but with dark green on her top. Since it was made out of her own power, it could also reflect light Ki blasts and withstand the average blow. Then, she put on a black headband and matching fingerless gloves. Chi Chi gazed into the mirror again. "Let's go." She said as she went to the control deck.

She tapped on the automatic landing procedures. The woman wanted to be prepared just in case anything happened to her. "Let's see..." She closed her eyes and focused outward. "Oh no! There's five more fighters just behind me! And I can't take them on here."

The five spacecraft flew behind her and started firing. They were all smaller than the ship but their lasers were more powerful.

"Oh shit! Computer, engage in auto defenses!" Chi Chi ordered as jumped up.

"Auto defenses engaged." The computer's voice complied as weapons came out of the pod and fired back. The spaceships moved out of the way and kept on firing.

Alarms rang as the ship rocked. Steam hissed as they escaped from ruptured pipes. "NO!" Chi Chi screamed as she watched the ship being ripped apart. It can't end here. She can't die alone in space before helping her son. She can't die without being in the arms of her beloved husband one more time. "GOKU!!!" Chi Chi cried out as she was flung down to the floor.

In the middle of the vast void known as space, a small pod exploded in a million different directions.

The End... not!