This is the sequel to 'The Revenge of the Warrior Woman'. All characters except for Wench belongs to Akira Toriyama. Wench belongs to me.

The Healing of the Warrior Woman
By Maria Cline

It had been a long battle. The world was saved by a group of warriors who were willing to risk everything for the future. And four brave warriors lost their lives in the battle. The aircraft landed with a hiss and everyone came out, Master Roshi, Bulma, and Kurin. "Oh boy." Bulma muttered as she looked at the beaten up warriors. All her life, she had never seen the warriors in such horrible shape. They were caked with blood and dirt.

"Bulma!" Chi Chi exclaimed in relief as she appeared in front of Bulma.

The woman fell over in pure shock at the sight. The last time she saw Chi Chi, she was in a coma and the body was sent to the hospital. The image before her was translucent, almost like a mirage. "Ch-Ch Chi Chi?! But how?! Your body..." Bulma asked.

"Long story." Chi Chi answered, "I'm sorry about Yamcha."

"That's okay." Bulma replied unusually cheerful, "All we have to do is wait a year and the Dragon Balls will be active again. Then, we just use the Dragon Balls to revive the others!"

Chi Chi, Krillian, and Goku all look at each other in silence. "Bulma..." Chi Chi muttered, "We have something to tell you. Piccolo's dead. The Dragon Balls are gone."

"What?!" Bulma screamed, "But... but I thought there were six strong powers here. You, Krillian, Gohan, Goku, Vegita, and Piccolo!"

"Well, excuse me for living." Yajarobie said as he went beside her. Bulma face faulted.

"Where were you?!" Bulma growled, "I saw you in Baba's crystal ball hiding behind that cliff!"

"I was protecting myself. You can't expect me to fight alone against that giant monster, right?" Yajarobie explained.

"Hold it!" Kurin ordered, "We better focus on what's important now."

"Kurin, do you have any senzus with you?" Krillian asked, "Goku's beaten up, bad."

"I see." Kurin nodded, "I can't. Goku took the last of my senzus. It'll take me weeks before I can make some more. So, we better take them to the hospital."

"Okay." Krillian carried Gohan into the ship. It had been a long time since he had been in a hospital and it will be interesting showing up again. He paused as he looked at the little boy in his arms. **I hope the doctors didn't notice that Gohan's part alien.**

"Come on, Goku." Master Roshi said as he lifted Goku by the shoulders. Goku cringed in pain as he felt his broken bones shit in his body.

"Careful." Goku grimaced.


After getting the injured aboard, they went to where the dead ones lay. Bulma looked around wearily. "So... this is where Yamcha died." She still couldn't believe that Yamcha is dead. True, they weren't getting along too well for the past year because of his training but the thought of her Yamcha gone forever was painful.

"Yeah." Krillian replied as he walked beside her. He held his injured arm but didn't show any pain. However, the wise but somewhat perverted martial artist noticed something was wrong.

"Maybe, you should stay in the car with the others and rest." Master Roshi said concerned about his former student, "You are hurt." Krillian was like a son to the old sensei. The monk had grown under his watchful eye to become far stronger than Master Roshi had ever been.

"I'll be fine." Krillian insisted. While his arm was useless, he was far better than his fellow warriors. Gohan was still exhausted from his transformation, Chi Chi is in a comatose condtion, and Goku is mostly crushed. He felt somewhat guilty since he couldn't do more at the battle. He watched Bulma as she kept on looking around in a zombie state. Then, he knew something that might help Bulma get out of her daze. "Oh, Bulma, there's an android with the Saiyans."

"Really?" Bulma asked excited. She had never encountered a living alien android in her life. A chance to study a possibly sentient artifical life form is great. Also, the android might provide vast knowledge about the Saiyans and what their weaknesses are. The woe of losing Yamcha dimmed slightly as she thought of studying a real android.

"Yeah, it's over there." Krillian pointed over to a woman lying at a distance.

Bulma and Master Roshi ran over to see a young woman in saiyan armor lying on the ground. The two almost gasped in shock to see that the android's face was identical to Chi Chi's.

"She... she looks just like Chi Chi!" Bulma observed as she looked at the android. The odds of two beings with identical features are vast. Even if one of them was artifical, someone who designed her face never even met Chi Chi in his or her life. Someone up there must have some sense of humor.

"Whoa! What a babe!" Roshi exclaimed as he sped to the woman and touched her face. "She feels so real." He muttered as he drooled. "I wonder how real her other parts feel." He wondered as he reached up to feel her chest.

Bulma immediately slapped him on the head. "Master Roshi?! Leave her alone! If we need to know anything about those Saiyans, and we can't do it if you tamper with her!"

"I know that." Roshi insisted as he rubbed his head, "But, I just want to touch her."

"Well, don't. She is a machine. Okay, get her... I mean _it_ to the car." Bulma ordered. **This android must be so advanced being Saiyan technology and all. She must be super powerful.** "Say, Krillian, why does Vegita have an android with him?"

"That's what they call a 'wench'." Krillian replied, "Vegita told us that Wench is a sex toy for him. She provides entertainment for them."

"Oh really?" Roshi grinned at the android's body, "Say, Bulma, can you make her compatible with a lonely old man like me?"

"You better forget it." Krillian advised, "She's programmed to kill and torture anyone who's an enemy."

"Oh!" Master Roshi sweat dropped as he picked up the robot and carried her to the car. **Why are all the beautiful women in my life so dangerous?** He thought as he held the machine close to his body.


After taking all of the bodies and storing them in cryounits, the group finally made their way to the nearby hospital. The group was in silence as they contemplated what happened.

**I'm glad it's finally over. Vegita was one bad creep.** Krillian thought as he looked over at Bulma who was piloting with tears in her eyes. **Poor Bulma, she missed Yamcha so much.** Yamcha and Krillian were close during the year they spent training with each other. Krillian never realized how much he will miss them until it was too late. Choutsu, Yamcha, Tien, and even Piccolo all sacrificed their lives for Earth. Chi Chi may or may not be the same again after her fight. Goku and Gohan gained their own scars from the battle. Krillian shouldn't have been dead. Yamcha and everyone else agreed to fight and die since Krillian died once already. "Don't worry, it's... possible... to bring you back." Krillian said somewhat to his dead friends.

Gohan was asleep in Master Roshi's arms when he started to stir. "Huh?" He muttered as he opened his eyes and looked around. The last thing he remembered was lying on a rock staring at a huge light ball. He immediately noticed that he was covered in a small brown blanket and nothing else. "What happened?" He asked confused. How did he survive the battle? Who killed Vegita? And did anything happen to his parents?

"Gohan!" Chi Chi said as she appeared to her son, "You're awake! I'm so proud of you!"

"Mommy?" Gohan asked as he got out of Roshi's arms. He looked over to see Wench sitting in the next seat. "Gah!" He exclaimed as he held up his arms ready to defend himself against the android.

"Don't worry, Gohan, Wench won't hurt you." Bulma said, "She's completely out of power. She's like a harmless doll."

"She still gives me the creeps." Yajarobie muttered, "Why do you have to bring that hunk of junk anyway?"

"We can learn a lot from her." Bulma argued, "And with my help, I can make her into an ally." She looked at the android confidently. Goku had this odd habit of making enemies into allies. She knew that with the right programming, she could turn this destroyer into a friend.

Gohan looked around scared. He couldn't see his father anywhere. His father was in bad shape, what if that Saiyan managed to kill him? "Wh-where's Dad?"

"Right here, son." Goku called out. Gohan looked behind the seat to see his father, bruised, broken, but somewhat happy. "You saved all of us, Gohan. You were great."

"I... was?" Gohan asked his mother. Chi Chi only nodded with tears in her eyes.

"You bet!" Krillian answered, "Although, Vegita's still alive..." He then looked at Gohan again and grinned, "But, I'm sure he won't come back! You gave him a real run for his money!"

"All right!" Gohan grinned but then looked at Chi Chi, "But, what about you, Mommy? You're still a ghost."

"I'll be fine." Chi Chi insisted, "Don't worry about me. Even if we don't have the Dragon Balls anymore, I'll still find a way out of that coma."

"Maybe... maybe we can get her out with another set of Dragon Balls." Krillian muttered.

"What do you mean?" Bulma asked curiously.

"Well... I've been thinking about the Dragon Balls. From what I can figure out, Piccolo and Kami came from the planet called Namek." Krillian started out as he stared at the ground.

"They're aliens like me?" Goku asked as he tilted his head back to see his friend.

"Yeah. And I was thinking, what if there were more Namekians like Kami that can create Dragon Balls?" Krillian asked.

"Then... that means that there could be a whole planet full of aliens who can make Dragon Balls!" Gohan exclaimed happily.

"Or better yet, have a set of their own." Krillian added, "All we have to do is go to Namek, get some Dragon Balls, make a wish and poof our friends are back!"

"Yeah!" Master Roshi cheered as Kurin joined in. There was hope for the group. All they had to do was go to Namek and get their Dragon Balls. Their friends will be back from the Next Dimension and everything will be back to the way it was before this nightmare happened.

"Hold it." Bulma said as she closed her eyes, "I hate to ruin the parade but we don't know where Namek is or even if it still exists. For all we know, Kami and Piccolo would be the last Namekians in the Universe."

"Awww..." Everyone moaned. That was one tiny detail they had forgotten. No one knew about the existence of Namek until today. Not even Kami himself knew about his origins from the stars. So, no one on Earth would know where Namek is.

"Wait." Goku said, "I got an idea. I know just the man who can help us." He focused his mind outward to the being who had taught him the Kio-ken attack and the Spirit Bomb. "King Kai, can you hear me?"

**I can hear you fine, Goku.** King Kai replied telepathically.

"Who's that?" Master Roshi asked stunned. He had seen and heard many things in his very long lifespan but he had never dealt with talking to a god besides Kami.

"That's King Kai, the Guardian of the Northern Galaxy. Okay, King Kai, everyone's listening, can you tell us where Namek is?" Goku asked.

**Of course! I am the Lord of all worlds in the Northern Galaxy.** King Kai replied as he got out his handy dandy address book of planets. **Let's see... there's Nimrod... Nintendo... Nela... Neko... ah! Namek! It's 9045XY.**

"Did he just say 9045XY?" Bulma asked with a completely shocked look in her eyes.

"Of course, can you find that place or what?" Krillian asked.

"Turtle boy," Bulma said as she turned to Master Roshi, "hand me my coordinate calculator."

"Turtle boy?" Master Roshi repeated as he handed Bulma the calculator. He was insulted by that remark. He was everything except a boy. In fact, he was old enough to be Bulma's great grandfather. Still, he didn't say anything. Bulma was obviously stressed about the ordeal and losing her beloved. She needed to release the tenstion within her soul. Bulma stood up and Roshi took over driving.

**I didn't know there would be any more Namekians left. You see, many years ago, Namek was a beautiful place but then the climate changed and things became ugly. I'm afraid there were no survivors.**

"Bummer." Krillian muttered.

"Wait a second, if the Namekians make their own Dragon Balls, why don't they just make a wish to stop the climite?" Yajarobie asked.

"Simple, the same reason we couldn't get rid of the Saiyans with the Dragon Balls. The other dragon can't alter _climate_ because it's beyond his power." Master Roshi replied, "You can't make a wish that exceeds the Dragon's power and the Dragon's power is based off of the creator's power."

"Oh man and I thought the Dragon Balls are such a good thing." Yajarobie said as Kurin slapped the swordsman in the face with his tail leaving a long streak in the middle of his face.

**Wait! I can feel it! There are one hundred Namekians on the planet Namek and they are thriving again!**

Everyone's face brightened at the thought of Namek being populated again and thriving. "We have to face a hundred Piccolos?" Yajarobie exclaimed as he thought of the Demon King Piccolo.

**No no. The Namekians are a peaceful race like Kami. Piccolo was evil due to all of the evil influences of the Humans.** King Kai explained.

"Well, I guess no race is perfect, not even us humans." Yajarobie muttered.

"You should know." Chi Chi grumbled.

"All right! That means we can go to Namek and get the Dragon Balls!" Krillian yelled.

"Hold it! Do you know how we will get to Namek?" Bulma asked as she stared down at Krillian. "Huh? Bright boy?"

"We'll take a spaceship, of course." Krillian replied in a simplistic tone of voice.

"Oh really..." Bulma keyed in her formula and said, "Ah ha! I knew it. If we take one of Dad's spacecrafts which is the fastest on this planet, it will take us about 4399.25 years to get there. Hope you have an open calendar."

"Is that long?" Gohan asked as the others looked around in confusion.

"King Kai, can you help us?" Goku questioned the god.

**Er... ah... I'll work on that.** King Kai replied as he looked around on his tiny planet. Training warriors was easy but the god never needed to travel to another planet in the other world.

"No problem. It may take a long time in an Earth spaceship but what about a Saiyan space ship?" Krillian replied as he smiled. He remembered the ships Vegita and Nappa flew in.

"Say, didn't Nappa and Vegita show up in one of those things?" Master Roshi asked.

"Yeah, but those things are so small that there had to be two or maybe three for Wench here."

"That's right! And there's the one Raddiz came in but it was broken." Goku added as he mentally added, **By Gohan.**

"But, there's at least one more ship we can use and we can study it and make a larger model." Bulma said, "And Wench here might have some helpful data that we can use."

Krillian reached into his shirt and got out a small remote control. "Check this out. I picked this up when Vegita dropped it. I think it's some kind of remote control for the Saiyans."

"Let me see." Bulma urged as she snatched the remote from Krillian's hand. After one good look, she beamed and held up the remote. "Our ticket, to the Planet Namek!"

At once, everyone cheered, "ONWARD TO NAMEK!!!"


It was silent at the Earth's Death Station as Piccolo, Kami, Tien, Yamcha, and Choutsu waited anxiously. No one else they knew came here yet. Nappa appeared at the station and was instantly sent to Hell. After Nappa fell, no one else came. The group became worried. They can't find out what is going on in the other world. What if Vegita didn't kill Goku and the other but capture them and torchure them? While they would be alive, they would be in constant pain. Suddenly, Chi Chi appeared exhausted. "Chi Chi!" Piccolo ran up and helped her up, "Are you okay?"

"Why, Piccolo, I have no idea you feel that way." Yamcha implied.

"It's not like that!" Piccolo argued as he turned slightly red. He liked the human woman somewhat but in a different way. While Chi Chi is attractive by human standards, he would rather think of her as a sister he never had. "Anyway, is Gohan okay?"

"We won." Chi Chi said, "Earth is safe. Gohan, Goku, and Krillian are injured but alive."

"Yes!" Yamcha cheered, "Bulma's safe!"

"All right!" Tien applauded as Choutsu hugged him.

"I can't wait till Vegita come here so we can watch him go straight to Hell." Piccolo said as he grinned evilly.

Chi Chi looked away and said, "Vegita's still alive. Long story."

"Huh?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Hold it, Vegita escaped?" Yamcha asked nervously.

"Not really." Chi Chi muttered.

"Oh no." Piccolo groaned, "Don't tell me Goku let him go?"

"He did." Chi Chi replied.

"How could he do something so stupid?" Tien asked.

"I've seen Goku done some pretty dumb things but this tops them all." Yamcha agreed.

"I agree." Piccolo muttered, "How can he let that cold blooded Saiyan get away?"

"Actually, for all we know, Goku may have done a good thing." Kami said as everyone else fell over.

"Excuse me?" Piccolo said, "Vegita killed us, remember?"

"Of course I remember that." Kami said, "Goku has always spared those that would eventually become good men. Yamcha, you were once a desert bandit. Tien, Choutsu, you two were assassins in training. Piccolo, you tried to destroy the world. Goku knows who to spare and who to destroy."

"So, what you are saying is that someday, Vegita will be on our side?" Tien asked skeptically.

"Yeah right, and Bulma and Vegita would get married, have a pair of kids, and get a haircut." Piccolo muttered.

"It's true. But that does not matter now. Chi Chi, what are they going to do now?" Kami asked.

"Bulma and the others are planning to go to Namek and get the Dragon Balls from another Namekian." Chi Chi replied, "I don't know how long will it be but we will bring you back."

"Bulma, I can always count on her." Yamcha smiled, "I miss her."

"I know." Chi Chi smiled.

"Was Gohan hurt badly?" Piccolo asked.

"He was bruised up and he did have a few cuts. But, he'll be fine. The senzu beans are used up already so everyone had to heal naturally. Krillian was hurt too but just as bad as Gohan. Goku... Piccolo, do you remember Goku's condition when you were defeated by him?"

"Yeah. I broke all of his limbs and he had to ram into me with his head to win." Piccolo recalled, "Why?"

"It was worst." Chi Chi said.

"Ouch." Piccolo commented.

"I know." Chi Chi said as she floated up, "I have to go. Goku and the others are at the hospital by now."

"Okay! Tell Bulma I love her!" Yamcha yelled.

"And good luck on the journey!" Tien said as everyone waved.

With a flash, Chi Chi vanished and the warriors sighed in relief.

"So... what do you guys want to do now?" Yamcha asked.

"Why don't we go to King Kai?" Piccolo suggested, "If we were pathetic against Vegita now, we should do some heavy duty training."

"That's a great idea. I'd like to see this King Kai myself." Tien said, "If Goku was a match for Vegita, King Kai must be a great trainer."

"King Yama, is it okay if we went to King Kai's?" Choutsu asked.

"Why not?" King Yama said as he gestured to the Snake Way, "Just go down there. I must warn you, it will take a long time to get there."

"We do have time to kill." Yamcha joked. Piccolo and everyone else groaned.

Kami sighed and said, "You will need a sense of humor like that. I cannot join you. My place is where Gods go after death." He walked away through the gate that said, 'All Gods go here'.

"We better get started." Piccolo said as he ran down the Snake Way. The other warriors follow the Namekian.


It was a weird day at the hospital. Dr. Cast sighed as he looked at his patients. First, a huge man came in with a comatose woman in his arms. The comatose woman didn't have a mark on her and the man insisted that he had no idea what was going on. A couple of hours later, a group of people came in. One of them, he immediately recognized as Yajarobie, the leader of fighters who said that he will save the world. Obviously he was right.

He looked at the group of warriors and said, "Okay, let's get going." He went to Goku and asked, "What happened to you?"

"I was crushed by a giant monster." Goku answered.

Dr. Cast looked to the side and sighed. **I have to get all the oddballs.** He thought. "Okay, Nurse! Take him to emergency room 1! The rest of you can go and get cleaned up." He ordered as he walked away.

It was a tough procedure, Goku (the crushed one) was completely aware of what was going on, somewhat rare since most of the time, people in his type of condition would be unconscious or just in shock. Goku's screams echoed from the bottom floor to the top scaring every waiting patient and even some of the doctors and nurses.

"OOUUUUCHHH!!! HEY! STOP THAT! THAT HURTS!!!" Goku whined loudly.

Dr. Cast growled as he helped the nurses put his body in bandages. He wanted to gag Goku and knock him out to stop the screaming. However, he would get in trouble and Goku's friend Bulma Briefs, a rich and influencal woman would sue him to death. "Can you please be a little more quiet?" He ordered, "You are scaring everyone here!"

"Oh... sorry." Goku muttered as he clenched his jaw at the pain, "But it hurts."

"Relax or I will be forced to sedate you." Dr. Cast threatened.

"Sedate?" Goku asked as he blushed, "But I'm a married man! I'm sorry but my wife would kill you."

"... No, I don't mean that." Dr. Cast sighed, "I mean..." the man bit his lip as he figured how futile it would be to explain it to him. "Oh forget it!"

After looking at his patients, he moved them all to the same joint room. Bulma Briefs, the woman who was paying for them insisted on it. Besides, he wanted to keep all of them in the same room to make it easier to observe. He was busy checking on the tests and they all have different results.

"Here's the X-rays you ordered." Nurse Joy said as she gave him the X-rays.

"Good." Dr. Cast said as he put the X-rays up on the wall and looked. "Huh? The bone density is amazing and how can he have little organ damage with so many broken bones in the chest area?"

"I know. If his bone density was any less, his bones would have be crushed completely. And look at his spine." The nurse pointed to the X-ray.

"I see... there's an extra vertebrae at the end of his spine. Like he had a tail." Dr. Cast observed.

"The son is the same way. He had a lesser bone density but it's still much higher than the average human his age." Nurse Joy said as she held up another X-ray. "Like his father, he had an extra vertebrae that indicated that he once had a tail as well."

"Are you sure that they are human?" Dr. Cast asked.

"Positive. Ms. Briefs filled out the paperwork herself and they are all listed as 'human'."

"Hmmm..." Dr. Cast frowned. His instincts had been homed and finely tuned over the years of practice. Right now, his instincts are telling him that the group of warriors are more than what they seem.

He went to the room where they were at to give them the test results.


Goku lay there uncomfortable in the bio-bed. While he had been injured severely in the past, he had never had to recover the old fashioned way. He was wrapped up in almost every part of the body except for his face and part of his right hand and held down by the mechanical bio-bed to monitor his condition. Dr. Cast came in the room and said, "Well, the good news is that none of you will die."

"Can you tell us how long do we have to stay here?" Krillian asked.

"Yes. First of all, you and Gohan have some minor injuries, mostly bruises, Krillian, you have a sprained shoulder that must be in a sling for a few days and a concussion. Gohan, you have a minor concussion but it will pass in a few days. You two will just stay here for a maximum of four days."

"All right. I guess we're just lucky." Krillian said relieved.

"What about Chi Chi?" Goku asked concerned as he tilted his head to his wife's body. She was lying in a hospital gown with IVs in her and the monitor beating. Her hair was completely undone and lying out.

"Physically, she's completely normal. In fact, she's one of the healthiest women I have ever seen. However, she is in a comatose state. I... don't know how long it will take till she's revive." Dr. Cast said confused.

"Ha! Modern medicine. Never trust the stuff." Baba said, "Chi Chi's body is fine but that is not the problem. The problem is that the connection between her body and her soul is partially severed. It will take time for that connection to be healed but Chi Chi must remain somewhat close to her body until the connection is stronger or that it is healed. If she goes away from her body, she will only delay regaining her body completely."

The doctor frowned at the small woman on the crystal ball. He never trusted the alternative forms of medicine and strange women on crystal balls. "If you say so." He muttered.

"Thank you, Doctor, you too, Baba." Chi Chi said.

The doctor fell over and looked around. The voice sounded like an echo, almost translucent if it could be seen. "Who was that?"

"That's Chi Chi in her spirit form." Goku answered matter-of-factly.

Dr. Cast sweat dropped and sighed. **This must be the full moon. Well, at least there would've been a full moon if we have a moon now. Why must all the weirdos still come out on the full moon?** He thought as he continued. "The last one is Goku." He looked at the warrior and said, "Almost every part of your body is broken. Your legs are crushed and will take over a year for them to heal and longer for you to learn how to fight again. Your right arm is broken in 5 places as well as your shoulder. Your left arm is relatively fine but your left shoulder is sprained and your hand is fractured. You have 6 broken ribs and some internal bleeding that has stopped. It is a miracle that your spine and your brain wasn't damaged in whatever you were in."

"Oh... so... I can't train anytime soon?" Goku asked.

The doctor sighed and shook his head. "Not even possible. You can't even move for at least a few months. I have to get going now." He walked out of the door.

"Oh man. Looks like I'm stuck in here for a while." Goku moaned.

"At least we don't have to play mummy like you." Krillian joked.

"Don't worry, Goku. My senzus will be ready in a month." Kurin said, "Once they are, I'll send them over."

"Thanks, Kurin." Goku said in relief. The thought of being stuck in hospital room for several months sounds painful. He'd rather go into battles than stay still.

"I wish I can be healed just as easily." Chi Chi whispered, "I miss my body."

"Don't worry, Chi Chi, I'm just glad that you are okay. That all of you are okay and that our friends will be fine too." Ox-King said.

"I know." Chi Chi looked at her body. It was almost surreal to see herself lying in the bed. "I'm going in." She dove into her body. Suddenly, she founded herself surrounded in darkness. Voices echoed around her as she tried to find her way out. Finally, Chi Chi flew back out dazed.

"Chi Chi! Are you okay?" Goku asked concerned about about his wife's safety.

"I'm fine." Chi Chi admitted as she held her head. "It was dark in there. I couldn't open my eyes or anything! It was like I was drowning and I couldn't hold on to anything!"

"You need to recover your bond." Baba commented, "Just wait and it will heal."

"I hope."

"Hey guys!" Bulma said as she ran in. She decided to change her outfit and hair. Her hair was now undone and somewhat wave around her shoulders. She was also dressed in a T-shirt and blue jeans.

Master Roshi looked at her and said, "Oh! It's you, Bulma. I thought it was some psychotic nurse."

"Very funny." Bulma muttered, "Anyway, I just have some great news! I can get that spaceship. I've been studying this remote control all night and I've figured it out."

"Are you sure you figured that thing out?" Krillian asked skeptically. He knew that Bulma is a very intelligent woman, the smartest woman in the room and she did figure out the scouter but a remote control for a spaceship sounds much more complicated than a scouter.

"Of course! No Saiyan technology can avoid my brilliant brain." Bulma exclaimed, "In fact, I have a surprise." She took out her hand and pulled in Wench. She was dressed in a long red and white kimono robe with her white face and long hair.

"Gah! It's Wench!" Krillian exclaimed as he got up. He remembered how quickly and coldly, Wench was able to take Chi Chi down. This creation was thought to be dead but Bulma must've brought her back.

"What?!" Gohan yelled.

"You bet. Dad replenished her power supply and fixed her up! Dad was very eager to do that." Bulma said as she patted her achevement.

"Have you lost your mind?" Chi Chi said, "That thing tried to kill us. She put me in that coma!"

"Don't worry, she's harmless since Vegita and Nappa weren't here." Bulma said, "Isn't that right, Wench?"

"I am programmed to obey any Saiyans within range. Current Saiyans within range, Kakarot." Wench said as she went up to Goku. "Awaiting orders, Master Kakarot."

"Huh?" Goku said in confusion.

"Master Kakarot, do you wish pleasure for yourself? Or pain to the enemy?" Wench asked as she rubbed Goku's head.

"Gee... um... Ms. Wench, I don't care. But, what do you want?" Goku asked nervously. The android was almost identical to Chi Chi. However, she didn't have the Ki or the emotions of the woman. Wench was much like a puppet only the strings were invisible and intangible.

"I am confused. What do you mean, what I want?" Wench asked as her eyes flashed.

"Wench is a Saiyan sex toy." Bulma explained, "It's created to be a servant. She has no will power. Look, we're wasting time. Turn on the TV." She turned on the television.

The reporter said, "And in this isolation chamber was a strange spacecraft founded in the ruins of the East city." The man showed the Saiyan spaceship in a middle of a room.

"Gah! It's the Saiyan space pod!" Krillian exclaimed, "Those scientists must've gotten it before us!"

"And this will make it more fun. With this, the Saiyan remote, I'll just aim it at the TV... and we'll just watch their shocked faces as it flies off and come to us." Bulma said as she aimed the remote at the television and pressed on a series of buttons.

Everyone gathered to watch the set. Goku frustrated at the lack of mobility tried to raise his head to see. "Hey! I can't see!" Goku yelled as he moved his head up and down. The biobed was keeping him from looking at the monitor.

Wench glanced over at her master. Her master obviously seemed in distress and is in need of her services. "Master Kakarot, do you wish to see the monitor?" Wench asked in her non-emotional tone of voice.

"Of course!" Goku yelled. Wench, unseen by the distracted people, lifted the bio-bed up to where Goku can see.

"Is this to your liking, Master Kakarot?" Wench asked.

"Yes, thank you." Goku said as he watched. On the screen, the spaceship exploded and everyone paled. The only fully functional spaceship on Earth had been destroyed by Bulma's own hand. Their last hope to get the new Dragon Balls are gone forever.

The reporter, now covered in soot said, "Oh no! The spaceship exploded! What happened!"

Bulma's screams rang through the walls. "NOOO!!!" She held her head and looked at the remote. "I must've hit the self-destruct button!"

Krillian lay on the floor in a daze. Almost everyone was shocked at the concept. Their only spaceship that's intact and it's destroyed. The only one who wasn't shocked was Wench who simply said, "Master Kakarot, may I lower you?"

"Go ahead." Goku replied, "And, please, call me Goku."

Wench processed the request. Her master wished for her to address him in a different way. **Adjusting addressing protocol.** She thought and then said, "Yes, Master Goku."

"Wench!" Bulma screamed as she grabbed the android by the robe. "Why didn't you tell me there's a self destruct button?"

Wench tilted her head and replied, "You did not request the information."

Bulma gritted her teeth. "She's worst than Goku when I first met him." She grumbled. "But, now what will we do?!" She went to the other side of the room and turned her back to an open window. "We're all stuck here! Where oh where can we get a spaceship now?!"

Goku frowned and then asked, "Wench, do you have a way to travel with Vegita and Nappa?"

"Yes, Master Goku, I have a transport unit of my own." Wench said as she touched her chest. "I use it to travel with my masters in outer space."

"You do?" Bulma asked with hope in her voice. She should've seen it earlier. How else would Wench travel with Vegita and Nappa? The spacepods were built for one person and Wench would have to be a capsule to fit in with another Saiyan. "Where is it?"

The Announcer, who finally recovered from the blast said, "Oh... luckilly. There's another strange space pod in this lab that is still in tact. We will talk about it after we settle things here. Now back to Barbie and Ken for our latest news."

"Not for long. Get it, Wench." Bulma ordered, "And hurry."

"At once." Wench reached up and tapped on the red circle on her forehead. "Activate recall." She crossed her arms and her eyes lit up. "Code for recall... Sabat, Toei, Fukunaga, Watson."

A low hum emanate in the air as everyone looked out of the window. A small white sphere hovered up and went through the conviently open window. It landed in a hiss in front of the android. "Here's my transport." Wench said as she gestured to the space pod. It was just half the size of Gohan in height and was oddly designed. It's top half was red and the bottom half was white. Bulma face faulted at the sight. It was far smaller than what she was hopeing for.

"You're kidding, right?! Of course she's not kidding, she can't kid. She's a robot." Bulma ranted, "How can you fit into that tiny space?"

"Like this." Wench replied as she pushed on a button. The top half opened like a clam and Wench stepped into the ball and sat down hugging her knees. Her very form shrank as her hair was pulled into her head. The top closed over her and sealed.

"Ms. Wench?" Gohan asked as he poked the ball, "Can you come out?"

The top half opened again and Wench rose out. She stepped out of the ball and return back to normal. "If that is you wish, Master Gohan." She replied.

"None of us can fit in this tiny thing." Bulma observed as she looked at it. "What about life support?"

"Life support?" Wench repeated, "I do not require life support."

Bulma slapped her head. "Of course! Wench is a machine. She doesn't need to breathe and eat like normal humans." She paced up and down again. "So, right now all we have is a toy spaceship to turn into a real spaceship?! We need one right away!"

"Do I hear someone need a spaceship?" A deep voice emanated from the window. Bulma looked behind her to see a strange man with night black skin and a pair of beady eyes. She reacted like any normal person would. She screamed and fell over.

"Mr. Popo!" Krillian greeted.

"Hello, Mr. Popo." Chi Chi said.

"Hi!" Mr. Popo said.

"Who's that?" Master Roshi asked. He was for once, clueless about who was the mysterious man.

"That's Mr. Popo." Goku explained, "He was Kami's assistant, and the god before Kami and so forth."


"You have a spaceship?" Krillian asked hopefully. He was excited. The monk now knew that Kami was from outer space but he didn't know if there was a spaceship on Earth that can be used.

"Maybe." Mr. Popo replied.

"Maybe?" Krillian repeated.

"I do not know if what I have is a spaceship. If someone would come with me, I'll show him or her where it is." Mr. Popo explained.

Krillian thought of the only person he knew that would know anything about spaceships. "Hey, Bulma, why don't you go?"

Bulma blinked and repeated, "Yo-you mean me?"

"Well... you are the only technical genius of the group." Krillian explained.

"Oh... okay. But, Wench, you come with me." Bulma ordered, "You might be able to know something about it."

"May I escort Ms. Bulma, Master Goku?" Wench asked Goku.

"Sure, but call me just Goku." Goku insisted.

"Yes, Master Goku." Wench replied as she went to Bulma.

Bulma gulped as she looked out of the window. The only thing that was holding the man was a flying carpet. **Just my luck, Goku had to be in on the 15th floor.** Bulma gulped. "It's so high up."

"I'll support you, Ms. Bulma." Wench said as she held Bulma in her arms.

Bulma gulped as she and Wench stepped on the rug. "Just go slow." Bulma insisted. "This is my first time on a flying carpet."

"I'll be gentle." Mr. Popo said as Bulma sat on the carpet.

"I'm... ready." Bulma said.

Mr. Popo nodded and the carpet and the occupants vanished. Several minutes passed before the group finally started talking again.

"I hope that what Mr. Popo found is a real spaceship." Chi Chi muttered, "It would be very convenient if it is."

"I'm sure it is a real spaceship." Goku said optimistically, "After all, what else could it be?"

"Good question." Roshi replied, "Although, I should would love to get to know that Wench a whole lot better." He giggled as images of Wench filled his mind, "Those Saiyans are so lucky to have such babes as sex toys. Heh, whatta babe, I just wish Chi Chi would be more like *ow!*" The martial arts master held his head as a bed pan hit his head.

Everyone looked over at Chi Chi who was focusing the bedpan in the air. "You better watch it, pervert." Chi Chi growled, "I may not be able touch you but I can still bash your brains."

Master Roshi nodded and scooted away. "Okay."

"What was that?" Dr. Cast asked as he huffed into the room. "I've been getting reports of loud noises, and other strange stuff in this room! Can you please stop it?!"

"What strange stuff?" Goku asked innocently.

"I mean I heard about some strange man on a carpet just outside that window and some woman screaming so loud that patients fell out of their beds! And..." He looked around and asked, "Wait a second. Weren't there supposed to be two more women here?"

"What two women?" Krillian asked as he sweat dropped. **Oh great, Bulma and Wench would attract allot of attention by just coming here.**

"Two lovely women. One of them had long blue hair, blue eyes, she was Ms. Briefs, and the other one was I guess a geisha girl with a long kimono robe, a relative of Chi Chi's." The doctor described.

"Nope... never seen them." Krillian replied.

"Odd..." The doctor muttered, "Anyway, I was wondering if I could speak to Goku and his family, alone, please?"

"Okay." Krillian said as he was about to get out of the door.

The doctor stopped him and said, "Sorry, but you can't get out of room yet. Just get back into bed. Mr. Ox-King, can you stay here as well since you are Goku's father-in-law?"


"Come on, guys, we better let the doctor talk to Goku and the others alone." Master Roshi said as he, Baba, Yajarobie, and Kurin left the room.

The doctor sighed in relief as he closed the door. He took out Goku's chart and read it. "Now, Mr. Goku, I was looking over your tests and I find the results quite... interesting."

"How so?" Goku asked.

"Your bone density was 75% more than the average human, your blood tests are inconclusive, and there's reason to believe that you once had a tail." The doctor pointed out.

Goku looked at the man confused and said, "Is that all?" The doctor face faulted and he got up.

"Have you ever been to a doctor before this... incident?" Dr. Cast asked.

"No. Not really." Goku replied, "I've been to a healer. Does that count?"

"No. I'm just interested by your unique physical traits. Are you sure that you are human?" The doctor explained as he sat down.

Krillian gulped loudly. **Oh no. I had no idea that this guy here is going to notice that Goku isn't human! I wish Bulma was here so she can think of something.**

"Excuse me, Doctor, but Goku was examined before by Dr. Briefs. If you can let Bulma talk to you, she'll explain everything." Ox-King quickly commented. His many years of being a ruler of a small village and being a powerful 'villain' for so long had enabled the man to be a good politician.

"I see." Dr. Cast said.

"I'm back!" Bulma announced as Wench helped her off of the carpet and back into the room. "It worked! The spaceship worked! We saw Jupiter! It was amazing!" Bulma exclaimed with pure joy and then she looked around. "Hey! Where did everyone went?"

"Hi, Bulma!" Goku said as he looked at her, "This doctor is just talking to us about me. He noticed that I'm a Saiyan."

"Yeah." Gohan agreed.

The doctor fell over in pure shock. "A-a Saiyan?! You mean you are one of those aliens that supposedly destroyed East City?!"

"No, I'm not responsible for destroying East Town but I am an ali-." Goku replied before Bulma ran up and clamped her hands firmly on Goku's big mouth.

"Goku, shut up!" She smiled at the doctor and said, "Look, can you give us a few minutes to explain all this?"

"Well..." The doctor muttered when a nurse ran in.

"Doctor! There's this perverted old guy with sunglasses in the Nurses' lounge! Please, help us!"

Dr. Cast sighed. "I must be going. Ms. Briefs, please you better have a reasonable explanation about all this." He ran out of the room with the nurse trailing behind him. **Spaceships, Jupiter, Saiyans... this has not been my day.**

Bulma smiled sweetly until the doctor clearly left. "Hmmppphhhh!!!" Goku muffled as he moved his head sharply out of Bulma's grasp. "What's the deal?" He asked insulted.

"What's the deal?" Bulma repeated, "You were blabbing about being an alien! The same type of alien who just destroyed an entire city! Do you realize that if that doctor know what you are, especially in your condition, you will be the test subject for every nut ball scientist in this planet!"

"That's right!" Chi Chi said as she focused herself. "And what will happen to Gohan? He will never lead a normal life after this mess again!"

"What if we just tell the doctor the truth?" Goku reasoned, "He won't tell anyone else about me."

"Yeah. I think that the doctor would understand what we're going through." Gohan figured out.

Chi Chi and Bulma shook their heads at the two. The two warriors are so alike in thought and manners that it was astounding. "Oh well, that can wait for now. I need to talk to everyone now!" Bulma wailed.

"I wish we could just get everyone at once." Goku wished.

"I can retrieve the subjects if you wish, Master Goku." Wench offered as she came up.

"Okay, and please don't call me Master Goku." Goku said.

**Reqest unachieveable.** "Yes, Master Goku." Wench said as she went out of the room.

"I wonder why she can't just call me 'Goku'?" Goku wondered. He understood that Wench was a machine created by the Saiyans but seeing her calling him her master is a bit unnerving.

"Maybe, whoever programmed Wench made her unable to call any Saiyan anything but 'master'." Bulma replied, "Poor thing."

"Let me go, you nut!" Baba ordered as Wench came in holding Baba in one arm, Master Roshi in the other, in one hand she held Kurin by the neck, and in the other was Yajarobie.

"Wench?!" Goku yelled as he lifted his head up, "Let them go!!!"

"Yes, Master Goku." Wench replied as she released the four and they crashed to the ground.

"Oops." Goku grimanced, apparently, Wench take orders a little too litterally.

"That android is a nut!" Baba said as she got up, "She just came up and grabbed us!"

"You did ask for me to retrieve them, so I did." Wench said.

"Are you guys okay?" Krillian asked.

"I'm elastic!" Master Roshi said as he went up to the android. "You can carry me anywhere you want, honey!"

Wench tilted her head and asked, "What do you mean, want?"

"Wench, the next time I ask you to retrieve someone, just be a little more gentle, please?" Bulma said as she held her head.

Wench nodded. "Very well. It is just that in the previous 1,524 times Master Vegita ordered me to be forceful."

"Well, next time just tell them to come with you." Goku advised.

"Yes, Master Goku." Wench said as she bowed. **Adjusting retrieval protocol.**

"Hey, Bulma, what were you saying about the spaceship?" Gohan asked.

"Oh! It's a real spaceship! It's great! It's voice activated and everything!" Bulma gushed, "We went all the way to Jupiter and back in just seconds! You should've been there it was poetry in motion. It was like a well-greased wheel. It was as smooth as... as smooth as Master Roshi's head!"

"But not as hard." Mr. Popo added as he smiled.

"Wow, I'm glad it works, Bulma. You're a trooper." Krillian complimented.

"Just watch those comments about my head, young lady." Master Roshi said angry about the fact that Bulma made a bald joke about him.

"I'm just glad that you're coming with me, Mr. Popo." Bulma said to her friend.

Mr. Popo shook his head in horror. "I can't go with you, Bulma. No way. With Kami gone, I have to stay here on Earth to take over his duties and make sure the Lookout is well maintained. No way, I can't go on that long of a trip. Not me."

Bulma stood there shocked. "What do you mean? I need you, Mr. Popo! The ship only works on commands in the Namek language and you're the only one who can speak Namek!" Bulma explained.

"Maybe, I can teach you and Wench Namek." Mr. Popo said.

"No way!" Bulma argued, "We can't rely on Wench to pilot the ship! What if Vegita come up and regain control over her? No! Only I can do it!"

"Yeah! And you can fix the ship if anything breaks down!" Krillian added.

Bulma sighed. She was stuck. Mr. Popo couldn't leave the Earth and the only one other than herself who could learn Namek and fly the ship was a Saiyan sex toy. "Well... I can install a nice shower, a good television, a brand new hair dryer, and a nice feather bed too!" She glared at the warriors. "And I'm not going by myself. Someone has to come with me. It will take a month each way. Two months at the most. Chi Chi and Goku can't since they are in no condition to fight... and the others are dead..."

"Don't look at me!" Yajarobie insisted, "You can't pay me enough. Not even with food!"

"We won't even try." Kurin commented.

"You can bring me!" Master Roshi popped up, "I can be great company!"

Bulma paled as the thought of a long space trip alone with Master Roshi in a tiny spaceship. "Yuck! That would be worst than if you don't come!" She looked over at Krillian. Krillian was reasonably strong and will be completely healed by the time the ship is ready. "What about you, Krillian?"

"Two months?" Krillian repeated, "Well, I was hoping to train if more of those Saiyans show up but I owe the others at the very least."

"I wish I can come along." Goku said as he looked up from his bed, "This trip sounds like fun."

"Me too." Chi Chi added, "But, I have to stay and keep an eye on Goku. Besides, I want my body back."

"That's okay. You two need the rest. Just think up a good way to destroy those Saiyans if they show up here." Krillian said as he looked at his friends.

"You two will do just fine." Goku said.

Gohan listened intently to the conversation. He clenched his fists as he thought about his mentor, Piccolo, being stuck in the afterlife with no way to get back. True, he did promise his mother that he will study again after the Saiyans are defeated but the thought of just waiting for Piccolo to come back is nerve-wracking. "I... I'll go." Gohan said.

Everyone else looked at the boy in surprise. Just one year ago, they met him as a very shy and polite boy. He was timid and doesn't like to fight. However, thanks to Piccolo and oddly enough Chi Chi's influence, Gohan grew up rapidly.

"Gohan, you can't be serious." Chi Chi said as she went up to her son, "You barely survived those Saiyans and now you're going up into space."

Gohan had a determined look in his young eyes. "I... I have to go. I want to bring Piccolo and the others back to life. I should've done more in that fight while they were still alive! I'm coming to Namek with Bulma and Krillian."

"You- you can't! You missed over a year of school already!" Chi Chi screamed, "I was willing to come along so I can make sure you will be alive to grow up! Now, you are going off to some distant planet in an untested spaceship while that monkey man is still out there?!"

"Awww.... come on, Chi Chi. Gohan's a strong boy and Krillian and Bulma will be there." Goku said supporting Gohan's decision to go.

"But, Mom, I have to go!" Gohan insisted, "I owe Piccolo! I have to go and you can't stop me!"

Chi Chi stepped back and floated in shock. What can she do? Gohan had inherited her stubbornness and he loved Piccolo very much. "I... can't force you to stay. Okay, you can go. But, I expect you to do your homework on that trip. You still have to catch up."

"Yes!" Gohan exclaimed, "I can do it!"

"Very well." Chi Chi sighed as she sat back. **Oh please, don't let this be a big mistake.** She thought out.

"Say, can Wench come with you?" Goku asked, "She might be a good help to you guys and she might even learn more about being assertive from Bulma."

"You're kidding, right Goku?" Chi Chi demanded, "That toy nearly _killed_ me!"

"That's right!" Krillian agreed, "And Vegita might regain control over Wench and she'll kill us!"

"No way." Bulma said as she put her arm around Wench's shoulders. "I am a pure breed genius! I got Wench fair and square and I'll just make her not obey Saiyans any more."

Wench glanced at Bulma and said, "But... I need Saiyans' orders to function. My purpose is to entertain Saiyans and tend to their needs."

"You don't need Saiyans." Bulma said, "You have to learn to be self reliant."

"She's a machine. She could turn on us." Chi Chi warned warily.

"I know. But, Wench here have potential to have a heart. She can look after Gohan since he's part Saiyan. Isn't that right, Wench?" Goku reasoned.

"Master Goku is correct. I am programmed to serve and protect all Saiyans who are not a threat. That includes Master Gohan."

"Fine. She will go but only if Bulma keeps a good eye on her." Chi Chi muttered.

"Great! I can study her on the way to Namek!" Bulma squealed as she hugged the android, "It will be an entire month going there and back and I'll need a fellow girl to talk to and figure out. Wench, can you come with us?" Bulma asked her.

"I must ask my master first. May I go to Namek, Master Goku?" Wench asked.

"Of course, Wench, and please call me 'Goku'. Don't call me 'Master'."

"EXCUSE ME!" Dr. Cast growled as he came into the room. "I have a report that woman dragged your four friends here!" He pointed to Wench, "What is going on?!"

"I'll tell you." Bulma said as she sweatdropped, "But privately."


"And so, you see, Goku is vital to this Earth's defense. If anyone else knows about him being an alien, it could kill him." Bulma explained to the doctor in his office.

"I see." The doctor said as he sipped his coffee. For the past few minutes, Bulma explained to him about how Goku came to be and how he had protected Earth all his life. If he tells anyone else about Goku's alien origins, especially his link to the monsters that destroyed East City, Goku and the rest of his family would be held and tested on. "I have a duty to my patients and to the world's sake. I won't tell anyone else about the tests and I will falsify records. But, I want to examine Goku and his son further and if anything happens to him in the future, I wish to be his main doctor."

"That sounds fair." Bulma replied, "Goku must be here until the senzu beans are ready and we don't know any place else where we can keep him."

"These senzu beans, how do they work?"

"Magic." Bulma noticed the look of disbelief in the doctor's face, "I know that's hard to believe but it is true. I've studied them myself and I can't figure out how they heal or feed someone for three days."

"I must see this senzu bean work myself." Dr. Cast said, "I must get going to my rounds. Goodbye, Ms. Briefs." He walked out of the room and Bulma sighed in relief. At least her friends are safe from the public and they now have a professional medical doctor on their side. Even if they never needed a doctor in the past, they may need one now due to more powerful enemies they face.

Now, she just have to prepare the spaceship for a long flight to an alien planet, get herself ready for the trip, and reprogram Wench for more efficient human use. "Oh why does this happen to me?"


Goku lay there as he watched Gohan and Krillian prepare for the flight. Gohan and Krillian had already healed a great deal faster than the doctor had predicted due to their power and Gohan's alien nature. His own body was healing at fast rate as well but it would still be mangled by the time the ship would be ready to take off. He reached out with his left hand and flexed it. A few hours ago, he couldn't move it let alone flex it. It was a small comfort to be able to move some part of his body beside his head. He could still remember the time he saved the world from the Demon King Piccolo (Piccolo's father) with only one arm not broken. He looked over at the next bed where Chi Chi's body lay. While he knew for a fact that Chi Chi's spirit was somewhere else, he had to look at her.

"I miss having a body." Chi Chi mused, as she appeared sitting on his bed.

"What were you doing?" Goku asked as he looked at his wife's soul.

"Just resting. Musing." Chi Chi replied, "I was practicing what I can do in this form. Baba told me that I can possibliy reposess my body before you get healed up." She focused and held her hand to Goku's face. "I can feel people now if I focus on their souls and powers. I can also walk if I concentrate hard enough."

"That's good." Goku said as he tried to reach up to feel Chi Chi's hand. Midway up, he grimaced in pain as the injuries to his upper arm prevented him from reaching up fully. "Ahhh..."

"Don't move it more." Chi Chi ordered as she reached up and held his arm down. "You have to rest as much as possible. You are so injured, you can barely move your head."

"I know but..." he gazed at Gohan and Krillian and continued telepathically, **but lying around doing nothing is driving me nuts. I've been stuck here for two days and already I feel like climbing up the walls! I hate being stuck like this, Chi Chi. I haven't been outside in so long and I can't even move.**

"I know." Chi Chi whispered as she held her beloved's head. "It feels so funny for me to be like this. My connection with my body is growing stronger but I still can't enter. It's frustrating."

"Tell me about it." Goku agreed.

"I miss physical contact." Chi Chi muttered, "I want to hold you so much in my arms."

"That's kinda hard to do. I'm stuck in here, you're stuck out of your body... I'm sorry."

"No. I have an idea. Open your mind to me." Chi Chi ordered.

Goku looked up confused. "Huh?"

"Just do it." Chi Chi said as she smirked. Goku smirked back and closed his eyes. Chi Chi let herself float into his mind.


It was bright as Goku opened his eyes again and looked around. He was back home. The warrior looked down at himself to find himself completely healed and wearing his orange gi. "This is how I remembered it." Chi Chi said as she came up to Goku. She was dressed in the purple dress she wore before she began training again.

"What happened?" Goku asked as he walked around. "Is this a dream?"

"Yes and no." Chi Chi answered as she came up and hugged him. "I miss you so much."

Goku hugged back and smiled. "Me too. I dreamt about you and Gohan while I was in the Next Dimension." He released and gazed his wife again. "I never thought that you would go back to training and fighting." He said as he held her shoulders. "Why did you go back to training? I thought you don't want to fight any more."

Chi Chi looked away and answered, "I didn't. But, my son was kidnapped by Piccolo and you were dead. I had no choice. I can't just stand to the side and do nothing!"

Goku blinked as he stepped back. "So... you went back to fighting to help Gohan?"

Tears flowed down the woman's face as she nodded. "Yes. I want Gohan to be a scholar and I still want him to be one but I can't let him die! He's strong, Goku. I can feel it, even in here. Why can't he be a normal little boy?! He should be studying or something else instead of recovering from an earth shattering battle and going off to some distant planet in a strange spaceship! Why can't he just be a boy?!" Chi sobbed as she buried her face in his nice soft clothes.

Goku patted her head gently as he held her in his arms. When he died, he thought Chi Chi would just stay out of the way. He had no ideal of the pain he caused by his decision. True, he had to save the world from the Saiyans but he should've at least thought of Chi Chi more. "Oh, Chi Chi, I'm sorry. If only I came back in time, you wouldn't be in a coma and the others would be alive."

"Tell me, why were you late?" Chi Chi finally asked the question she kept on wondering herself. "Why didn't you show up earlier?"

Goku sheepishly scratched his head and replied, "Well... it was a mistake." He explained about how he was training and that King Kai realized how it will take him one day after he was brought back to life for him to return to Earth.

"So... the reason, Tien, Choutsu, Yamcha, and Piccolo died was a simple mistake." Chi Chi stated coldly.

Goku gulped and nodded.

"I see." Chi Chi sat down on a log and wiped her face. "Why did this have to happen? I didn't ask for this!"

"Neither do I." Goku answered, "This entire mess is my fault! It's my presence on this planet that lured the other Saiyans here."

"But, you saved this planet at least twice before Raddiz came here." Chi Chi said, "It's just some cruel joke someone out there thought of."

"Yeah. I wish I could go instead of Gohan but what choice do we have? Neither of us can go because of our conditions. Gohan's strong and can handle everything." Goku insisted to himself and his wife. Chi Chi took his hand and gently kissed it.

"There's something I had been wanting to do after you came back and the Saiyans were killed." Chi Chi muttered, "We were going to do this but our conditions prevented us."

Goku was confused for a second and then he smiled. "Okay." He picked up Chi Chi and carried her inside the house.


Back in the hospital, Goku moaned softly and rocked his head back. His monitors beeped loudly.

Gohan and Krillian looked at Saiyan in curiosity. "What's going on with my dad, Krillian?" Gohan asked as he went to his father's bed.

Krillian looked over at Goku who kept on moaning and breathing heavily. He glanced around to feel Chi Chi in Goku's body. "Ummm... don't worry, Gohan, your father's fine. He's just occupied."


Bulma wiped her brow as she looked at Wench's hardware. She wanted to check on her hardware and see how her mechanics work. "You are one interesting piece of work, Wench." She complimented.

"Interesting?" Wench repeated, "What do you mean 'interesting'?"

"I mean... you're a complicated machine but with very human like traits." Bulma explained, "Say, why were you named 'Wench'?"

"That is my name." Wench replied, "Why do you need to know?"

Bulma shook her head as she rubbed her forehead. "I mean, who named you?"

Wench tilted her head. "I wasn't named. I am a wench and I am called that."

"So... you don't have a name? Something that others call you to distinguish you from other... wenches?" Bulma asked. She couldn't believe how little respect Wench's masters had for her. While Wench is an artificial being, she's self-aware and could have feelings if it was programmed into her.

"If I was among other wenches, I would be called 'The Saiyan Wench' since I am programmed for Saiyans." Wench replied.

"So, you are basically called 'Wench' because you are a Wench."

"Precisely. Androids of my kind are called 'wenches'." Wench replied.

"I can't believe that you accept that name." Bulma sighed, "You need a real name. Here, on Earth, the term 'wench' is considered to be an insult."

"A real name?" Wench asked. She was slightly confused at the concept. During her duration as Vegita's wench, she was never called anything else but 'Wench' or 'Saiyan Wench'. Why would she need a 'real name'?

"Yeah. Want me to name you?"

"The only ones who have the authority to grant me a 'name' are Saiyans." Wench replied.

"Then, the only ones who can give you a name are Goku and Gohan." Bulma sighed. "Come on, we got to go to the hospital."


Bulma and Wench walked through the hallways. Wench was in her usual white-faced form. Around them, the men stopped what they were doing and stared at the woman.

"Who's the doll?" One man asked the other.

"Must be one of those entertainer types." The other man said as he grinned.

"I'd like her to entertain me some time."

Bulma glared at the men and grabbed Wench's hand. "Come on, ignore them."

"Yes, Ms. Bulma."

The two went to Goku's room and saw Krillian asleep and Gohan doing pushups. Goku was lying in his bed asleep and moaning softly. Gohan looked up as he did his hundredth pushup. "Hi! Is these spaceship ready yet?" He asked optimistically.

Krillian woke up suddenly. "Huh?" He glanced over to see Bulma and Wench standing there.

"Not quite. But it will be in one week." Bulma announced, "Anyway, did you know that she," she pointed to Wench, "doesn't have a real name?"

"No way." Krillian said, "You mean that you were just called 'Wench' because that's what they call androids of your type?"

"That is correct. I am called 'Wench' because that is my function." Wench replied.

"And the only ones who can give her a name are Saiyan and the only Saiyans here are Gohan and Goku." Bulma said.

"Really?" Gohan asked as he came up to Wench. "I'm sorry. What kind of name should we give her?"

"Something nice. Something that could define her without making it an insulting." Bulma said as she went to Goku.

Goku was smiling softly and moaned, "Oh, Chi Chi, yes... yes..."

"What's the deal with him?" Bulma asked as she pointed to the Saiyan.

"He's... occupied with Chi Chi." Krillian explained.

Wench went up to Goku and uncoupled the bio-bed. She opened it up and scanned the body. "Ms. Bulma, Master Goku is currently in sexual state of bliss. He must not be disturbed."

"Sexual state of bliss?" Gohan asked, "What does he mean by that?"

"When you're older, Gohan." Master Roshi said as he came in. "Hey there, ladies." The martial artist went up to Wench and asked, "So, you want to be named huh?"

"Only if my masters wish for me to have a different identification." Wench replied.

"We better get Goku out of whatever he was doing." Bulma said as she went up and knocked on his head. "Knock knock, Goku. Wake up!"

"What's going on?" Goku asked as he opened his eyes and Chi Chi floated out. Chi Chi's astral form was slightly ruffled but fine.

"We're giving Wench a name." Bulma replied, "Did we interrupt something?" She smiled slyly at the Saiyan. She knew him since he was a little naive boy and it's so interesting to see Goku as a full grown man with grown up desires.

"No." Goku said as he sat up and blushed wildly, "Let's see, it has to be something nice but be memorable."

"What about Bulma the Second?" Bulma suggested.

"That would be confusing." Gohan said, "What about Pan?"

"Pan sounds nice." Chi Chi commented.

"Nah." Krillian frowned, "I was thinking Marron."

"I got it!" Master Roshi exclaimed, "We can named her Hustler!"

Bulma slammed Roshi with a mallet and said, "Forget it."

"I got it!" Goku yelled as he looked over at Wench. "What about... Anna Droid?"

"Anna Droid?" Krillian, Bulma, Gohan, Master Roshi, and Chi Chi repeated at once.

"We can call her 'Anna' for short." Goku said, "It's simple and we don't have to worry about thinking up a new last name."

"That is so cute." Bulma said, "And an interesting pun, android, Anna Droid. I like it! What do you think... Anna?"

"Anna Droid. If you wish for me to identify myself by that name, I will acknowledge it." Wen- I mean Anna said as her eyes sparked. **Identity changed. Current identification now Anna Droid. Wench in identification reserves.**

"Anna... that does sound interesting." Master Roshi muttered, "Still wish it was 'Hustler'."

"Okay, that settles it. Your name is now Anna Droid." Bulma said.


Days passed until it was time for the Z Warriors to leave. Most of the preparations have been made except for one special item.

"I'm sure you can handle things until we get there, Gohan." Goku confided as he smiled at his son. He fought hard not to laugh at the outfit Chi Chi forced Gohan to wear and the new hair cut.

"But, I'm scared. What if we meet more of those aliens?"

"Don't worry, Gohan. You are very strong. You can do it." Goku said as he took out his hand. "Besides, Krillian, Bulma, and Anna will be there too." He patted Gohan gently.

"Okay. But, I don't know about Anna. She's okay but she's a machine. If Vegita comes, would she turn on us or turn on him?" Gohan wondered.

Goku shrugged the best he could. "I don't know. But, Anna can think on her own if given the chance. She has potential. Besides, I know another android who was nice and kind despite programming. She might be the same way. Just show her how to have a heart, Gohan."

"I will, Daddy." Gohan promised. His father was right. Anna might have a possible heart that was buried by being around evil Saiyans for so long.

"Gohan, it's time." Chi Chi said as she came up.

"Okay. Bye, Daddy, Mommy." Gohan hugged his father gently and then his mother's body. The little boy went out the door and off to a long interesting space trip to revive his friends and his dead mentor.

The End (for now)