This is the sequel to 'The Fall of the Warrior Woman'. I didn't make any money off of this and all characters belong to Akira Toriyama.

The Revenge of the Warrior Woman
By Maria Cline

Chi Chi was upset because she was now in the Next Dimension Station with no Goku in sight. "Chi Chi?!" A familiar voice called out as she looked behind her to see Yamcha, Tien, and Choutsu standing there.

"Yamcha! Tien! Choutsu!" Chi Chi cried out as she ran up and embraced her comrades. The group sighed as they returned the group hug. Another one of them had been killed in the battle leaving Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillian behind. But, Chi Chi had a family while the others didn't. Yamcha did have Bulma but their relationship had been rocky.

"Chi Chi, you're dead?" Yamcha asked.

"I... that android killed me. I fought so hard but that machine just killed me." Chi Chi explained in frustration. It was bad enough that she was killed but by an alien sex toy that have no emotions. She didn't even have a chance to strike at the Saiyans themselves.

"Oh man! And we were so hoping you were going to destroy those Saiyans." Tien muttered, "You're just as strong as Piccolo." He was shocked about how weak Chi Chi was compared to the two Saiyans. She had always been very strong and willful. If someone like Chi Chi and Piccolo fall so easilly as well as himself, what kind of chance would Goku have?

"I know." Chi Chi grumbled, "Where's Goku?"

"He left just before you came here." King Yama answered.

"WHAT?!" Chi Chi boomed as everyone, even the god fell over. "I just been through so much training, praying, and even dealing with those horrible Saiyans and that toy of theirs and he just left just when I came here?!" When she was killed, a part of her wanted to be with Goku again. Even if it was just to see him leave for Earth to take care of the Saiyans, she wanted to see him just one more time.

King Yama got up from behind his desk and gulped. While he had lived through the experience of a horde of evil people coming to him, like the entire Red Ribbon Army and Radditz, he could never handle the wrath of an angry scorned wife. "He was in a hurry."

"And now, I'm dead." Chi Chi moaned sorrowfully as she sat down on the cloudlike floor of Yama's palace. She can't be with Gohan or Goku in their most desprate battle. Now, the best she could do is wait to see if Gohan and Goku come here to the Next Dimention.

"Don't worry, Chi Chi. There's still the Dragon Balls." Yamcha said, "I mean, we just have to wait a year and we'll come back to life."

"Don't count on it." Piccolo said as he and Kami entered the gates with halos over their heads. Everyone except for King Yama face faulted.

"Piccolo?! Kami?! What are you two doing here?" Chi Chi screamed in shock. Now, she was frightened. Piccolo and Kami died and with them the Dragon Balls and any hope of coming back to life.

"We died. I saved Gohan from Nappa." Piccolo explained, "Kami died because he was linked to me. But, what are you doing here? I thought you're still alive."

"I'm not!" Chi Chi argued. While she was happy that Piccolo save Gohan from the saiyan, she was confused. How can Piccolo thought that she was alive? She knew that she was dead. She did end up in the Earth check in station.

Yamcha and the other warriors looked at each other equally confused. Yamcha glanced up at Chi Chi's head and gasped. "Chi Chi, yo- your halo." Yamcha said as he pointed up at Chi Chi's head.

Chi Chi looked up and saw only half a halo floating over her head. "Huh?" She knew that a halo over a person's head means that the person is dead but she never heard of a half a halo over a person's head.

"Oh... look at this." King Yama said as he looked at his directory. "Apparently, you are only in a very deep coma, just barely on the edge of death and life."

"What?!" Chi Chi was now even more confused than ever. She was really alive but in a coma? If so, what will happen to her soul? Is she brain damaged or worst?

"Let me explain." Kami said as he bowed. "Chi Chi, you are not dead like we are. But, you're not truly alive either. Wench had mentally forced your mind to be shoved out of your body and into somewhat state of limbo. A weaker person would be brain dead by that assault but you are different. Your sheer will had kept you at least partially bonded to your body. You are... the most correct term for this would be a Spirit. You can project your astral form anywhere you wish and you will have abilities in that form and pure physical attacks like punches will have no effect. In that form, you can do anything with your mind like a psychic; telekinesis, telepathy, and if you work hard enough, you can actually touch and manipulate objects on a limited basis. But... you must be careful. You will still be somewhat vulnerable to Ki attacks and mental attacks. And if you die, you will vanish completely."

"So, I can go anywhere I want now? Anything else?" Chi Chi asked in a sense relieved. She was alive and could help Goku and Gohan. Of course, she may not be seen or heard and can't touch anything but she didn't have to wait in the Afterlife.

"You can also possess others especially if they are unconscious. You can possess those who are still conscious but only if they desire it." Kami said, "You can also let yourself be seen with anyone as long as you will it."

"Good. Then, Gohan and Goku would be able to see and hear me." Chi Chi muttered, **Good. I have to give Goku a peice of my mind after this whole mess is done with. I want to be there till the end.**

"Also, since you are technically alive and dead, you can come here any time you wish."

"So, I can communicate with anyone here." Chi Chi said, "Good. I'm going back to Goku."

"Huh?" Yamcha asked as he ran up. "You gotta be kidding! If you die, you'll vanish. Boom, no Dragon Balls to save you." He was worried for his friend. Yamcha had always liked the woman, even if the first time they met that he knocked her unconcious. But over the time he trained with her, he gained a new respect for the woman. Chi Chi was willing to sacrifice her dream for a normal family life to make sure that her family lives.

"I don't care. I'll die for Goku again." Chi Chi said as she walked away, "How can I come back to this place of the dead?"

"Just use your mind." Kami advised, "You can transmit yourself to us. Just focus and concentrate."

"Right." Chi Chi ran through the gates and back to Earth.


Goku was angry. Actually, that was a complete understatement. He faced Nappa and yelled, "Kaio-Ken attack!!!" A red Ki flared around him as he tensed up. He can feel his power heighten to match his rage. The rage and anger of his friends' deaths. The rage and anger of his wife in a coma and unable to wake up for him. The rage and anger at himself for ariving too late to prevent the misery. **This is for you, Chi Chi.** He thought as he ran up to Nappa and in one swift move, broke his back. He could've killed him. It was simple enough for Goku to do. But he still had his humanity, and while he hated Nappa, he didn't want to show Vegita that he will stoop to the Saiyan's level.. yet.

Vegita's eyes widened as he watched Goku toss Nappa at him. Goku was strong enough to handle Nappa by himself. That showed some promise. Despite the fact that Nappa was pathetic compared to him, Goku was much stronger than the others. **At last someone halfway decent. He is the Saiyan. But how did he get that much power in such a short time?**

"Ve-vegita. Help me." Nappa pleaded, "With our combined powers, we can defeat him."

Vegita held out his hand and picked up Nappa. "I don't need your help." Vegita said as he tossed the behemoth up into the air and disintegrated him with a powerful blast projected to his body. There was no remorse nor guilt on his face.

"You... killed your own friend?!" Goku exclaimed in pure shock. **Oh man, Vegita is so evil. He's like a monster. He just killed a fellow Saiyan and we're kinda rare.**

"He's not my friend. He was an asset." Vegita replied coldly. "He just turned into a liability. Now, you have to face me."

Goku felt chills ran down his spine. He could already tell that Vegita's power is far more than Nappa's. He won't be as easy as Nappa and for some strange reason, he was actually eager to see if he can win. "Okay, but at a distance." Goku said, "Away from here."

"Fine. You can choose your burial."

**Gohan and Krillian are still close by and they might get hurt. And Chi Chi is no position to defend herself if anything happens.** Goku thought as he flew up. He didn't want to be responsible for anyone else to get killed. If he wanted to cut loose, he want it where he can't kill anyone by accident.

The two Saiyans flew to a more rugged deserted canyon. There weren't even any animals around. "Here." Goku said as he landed.



Chi Chi flew in her new form. She was much faster than before she had her body. "Gohan. I have to see Gohan." She muttered as she felt herself drawn to a Ki. "There." She muttered as she vanished and reappeared next to Gohan and Krillian as they flew to the island with her body on the Nimbus.

"Oh my god." Chi Chi muttered, "Goku's fighting Nappa and Vegita by himself?" She wasn't sure what to think. After all, Goku had always seem stronger than any other warrior. Like herself, Goku wouldn't want his family to die. Would it be possible for him to be strong enough to handle the two Saiyans by himself? She knew that if anyone can defeat them, Goku can.

"Did you hear something?" Krillian asked Gohan.

"Yeah. I thought I heard Mommy." Chi Chi gasped as she waved her hand in front of her son. It was true what Kami say, Gohan and Krillian could hear her and she wasn't even trying.

"It's just your imagination. Just keep on going." Krillian insisted as he looked at Chi Chi's body again. **Or is it? Oh man, this battle is worst than the time Piccolo attacked the Tournament. At least in the Piccolo battle, no one died.**

Chi Chi watched the two. **I must be invisible to them. No, I'll wait till they're back so I can tell them.** Chi Chi thought as she flew beside them.


Goku breathed deeply as he finished trying to fight Vegita in Kaio-Ken mode x 2. It barely fazed the Saiyan warrior. **Oh man. Kaio-Ken x 2 is no good. Looks like I better try out times three. Please hold up, body.** He knew that he could handle the double Kaio-Ken attack easilly but he never tried the triple Kaio-Ken attack. King Kai himself insisted that a triple Kaio-Ken attack is too much for Goku to handle. But, Goku had always been the type to push the limits of his own body when the situation demand it.

Goku took a deep breath as he focused his body. He had to give everything he have on Vegita if the Earth were to be saved. In his mind, he thought of Gohan and Krillian, injured and tramatized at the warriors' deaths. He also saw Chi Chi not as the warrior woman who was in a coma but as the lovely wife who he left to train. Why did she have to suffer thanks to him? "Kaio-Ken ATTACK TIMES THREE!!!" Goku yelled as the Ki around him flared. Every muscle in his body buldged to like he never felt before. He could feel his Ki sense, sight, smell, hearing, touch, and even taste enhance. While his power increased, he could feel the strain there. He won't have much time to battle Vegita. Hopefully, it will be enough.

Yajarobie who was hiding behind a rock gazed up and watched Goku's muscles inflate like a blow up toy. The sight was interesting and yet frightening. "Oh man."


Gohan slowed down and looked behind him. His father's Ki had multiplied a great deal.

Chi Chi also felt the power change and she looked behind her. **Goku's power is rising too fast. It's not natural. Even if he can power up like I do, he shouldn't power up so rapidly. Something's not right and Gohan and Krillian's not even aware. Oh well. They're too weak for Vegita. I'm stronger than them and I was no match for Vegita. Hang on, Goku. I want to be there in spirit to save you.** She flew back to where she can feel the abnormally strong Ki.


The two fought hard at equal levels. They fought at equal speed and strength, not giving in to the pressure. Finally, Goku's muscles strained as he landed on the ground. Vegita landed on a cliff above him. He wiped his face and saw blood on his glove. "Blood. I shed blood thanks to this worthless trash! THIS I CANNOT ENDURE!!!"

Goku looked up. "Oh man." He muttered as his body shook. The rush of power is fading and is replaced by a pain. The same type of pain that comes from working out without warming up. **Vegita's tough. If this drags out, I wouldn't hold out. He's so strong. Do I have a chance? Yes! He doesn't know that I'm in bad condition. I have to win! I can't let anyone down again!**

"FOOL!!! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS PLANET!!! THAT'S WHY I'M DESTROYING IT IN ONE BLAST! PREPARE TO DIE, KAKAROT!!!" Vegita boomed as he flew up and started powering up.

"What... is he doing?" Goku asked out loud.

Vegita's hands glowed. "GAAAALLLAAAATICCIC..."

"Oh shit! KAIO-KEN ATTACK TIMES THREE!!!" He screamed as he went into Kamehameha position. "KAAAAAMMEEEEHAAAMEEEE..."



Goku and Vegita maintained their Ki blasts in a struggle to overpower one another. Yajarobie who was hiding behind the rocks, had to struggle to maintain his footing. "WHOA!!!"

Chi Chi landed in time to see the two blasts. Even in her non-body form, she could feel the blasts' power. Goku's body tensed as he kept on firing. "KAIO..KEN...ATTACK... TIMES FOUR!!!" He knew that his already weak body couldn't handle a quaduple Kaio-Ken attack but if he didn't push any more, he will die anyway with the planet. A new rush of power and pain overwhelm him as he powered up his blast.

His blast grew much larger than the purple beam and overwhelmed the Saiyan. "NO!!! he was stronger?!" Vegita exclaimed as the blast took him far above him and into space.

Goku gasped for air as he hunched over. He was completely exhausted and his body was overwhelmed with pain from channeling of so much power. Every part of his body was aching and begging for rest. **Oh man, what a rush.** He thought as he breathe heavilly. Even breathing seem to hurt for him.

"Goku!!!" Yajarobie yelled as he came out.

"Ya-yajarobie?!" Goku asked as he looked at the short samuari. **How did he get here?** He didn't sense the man around but he was occupied.

"Goku!" Chi Chi joined in as she focused her power and appeared to the two warriors.

"Ch... Chi Chi!!! How?" Goku asked, "You..." He couldn't finish the sentence. In front of him was his wife, translucent to his sight but still there.

"I'm in a coma. I know." Chi Chi explained, "It's a long story."

"How did you get into that coma?" Yajarobie asked. He felt lucky for avoiding the fight with the Saiyans. Unlike the other warriors, he couldn't fly and have a limited Ki sense. He couldn't even fire a Ki blast. He's just a regular fighter with a katana to fight with.

"... I was fighting the Saiyans! And where were you?!" Chi Chi demanded. She was there when Yajarobie trained on the Lookout. He didn't do much training. All he did was eat and dodge attacks. In fact, the first spar she had with him, she beaten him up senseless.

"... I was calming the public." Yajarobie insisted. "I was doing my part."

"Maybe in taking the credit." Chi Chi snarled as she went up closer to the samurai.

Yajarobie gulped as he stepped back and went closer to Goku for protection. "Well... Goku here is the real hero. Wow, you were awesome!" Yajarobie complimented as he slapped Goku on the shoulder. The hero screamed in agony.

"Yajarobie!" Chi Chi screamed in anger and shock. She knew how weak Yajarobie is and that a simple slap on the back shouldn't cause Goku that much pain.

"I didn't hit that hard." Yajarobie muttered in confusion.

"I... overdid it a little. I pushed myself too hard. Every... muscle in my body is sore." Goku admitted as his body shook. That was a complete understatement. His body wasn't just sore, it was hurting bad.

"Oh... typical Goku." Chi Chi sighed as she smiled, "Always go in head first."

"At least it's over." Yajarobie said, "And here we are standing in victory!"

"No..." Goku said as he looked up. Vegita's Ki showed itself to him. He could feel Vegita's anger and power. "You two better get out of here. Vegita's still alive and pissed off."

"What... but... you were stronger than him! You can just defeat him again!" Yajarobie insisted.

Chi Chi tried to slap the samurai on the head only for her hand to phase through. "Goku's exhausted! He can't fight any more like this. I can feel Vegita now. He's alive, mad, and coming this way!"

"Oh." Yajarobie ran off and returned to his hiding spot. "Well... good luck!"

"Coward." Chi Chi muttered, not surprised at Yajarobie's reaction.

"You better go too. You're already in a coma and I don't want you to get any worst." Goku said as he gazed at his wife's form. He couldn't stand the thought of losing her again.

"No. I'm not leaving you like this with only him to help you." Chi Chi insisted. "I'm staying." Her form vanished but her voice remained, "I won't leave you. I love you too much to make you face this alone." She knew that a typical fight with Vegita is impossible but maybe she could help him. At least, maybe she can distract Vegita or something.

Goku nodded and smiled at her. He couldn't change her mind. Chi Chi's persistence was something he couldn't never battle. At least if something happens, Chi Chi won't get affected. "Okay."

Vegita reappeared in the sky. "So... you think that you can fool me by destroying the moon, Kakarot?"

"What... is he talking about?" Goku asked confused.

"I don't know." Chi Chi muttered. "When I was training with Piccolo and Gohan, Piccolo told me about how he destroyed the moon so the Saiyans can't use it to get stronger."

"How come? I looked at the full moon and nothing happens to me." Goku muttered.

"You fool!!! Don't you know your own power?" Vegita focused and created a Ki ball. "Moonlight is only sunlight reflected... but only when reflected by the moon does it contain green spectrum radiation. When the moon is full, that radiation exceeds 17 million zeno units per second and when we absorb that full amount through our eyes, that radiation set off a certain gland in our tails and we transform!" He held up the ball eagerly. "No matter what size the moon is, only a full moon produce 17 million zeno units. However, we created a certain technique that only the greatest Saiyan warriors can do. We can create an artifical moon that will make 17 million zeno units!" He laughed evily as he rose his hand to flung the ball. "You will wish that you haven't lose that tail of yours!"

"My... tail?" Goku questioned as he gazed up. He didn't fully understand what Vegita said but he knew that it must be bad news for him.

"His... tail?" Chi Chi repeated. **What is it about his tail?**

"Ha!" Vegita screamed as he flung the ball of light over Goku's head and he lifted his fits. "Burst and mix!!!"

The ball of light expanded and transformed into a giant glowing orb. "What he's doing with that light?" Goku wondered.

"I don't know." Chi Chi muttered as the Saiyan stares at it and laughed.

His pupils vanished and his fangs showed. The Saiyan grew as well as his Ki. "Oh my..." Chi Chi gasped as the Saiyan transformed into a giant ape wearing Saiyan armor.

"That form... looks so familiar to me." Goku muttered and then he yelled, "My grandpa!!! You killed my grandpa!"

"How?" Chi Chi asked, "Your grandfather died a long time ago! Before the Saiyans get here! Unless... no..."

"Ha ha! You are an idiot! All Saiyans transform like this. All Saiyans with tails that is."

"Saiyans... with tails?" Goku muttered as he thought back. All the times he saw the full moon while he had his tail, he couldn't remember anything after he saw the moon and thought he was asleep. Now, he knew. "I... that monster who killed Grandpa and attacked the Tournament was all me?!"

"Goku... I'm sorry. I had no ideal." Chi Chi confided as she tried to put her hand to his shoulder. She didn't know how the transformation could happen or why no one else had ever told her. Gohan could've accidentally see the full moon when he had his tail and destroy everyone and everything. **Is this how savage Saiyans are?**

"Grandpa, I'm sorry." Goku muttered.

"Now... die!" Vegita boomed as he lunged forward.

"No!" Chi Chi flew in front and tried to stop him. She phased into his body and saw Vegita's mind. Images of his life flashed before her eyes as she came out of the other side. Suddenly, she saw a small white and purple creature with long black horns. She didn't know who or what he is but it had a name. **Freeza?** She thought as Goku dodged Vegita's grasp. Chi Chi felt helpless as Goku ran away from Vegita who was just strolling at a normal pace. She wasn't completely comfortable in her new form and she didn't know what was going on.

"You can't run forever, Kakarot." Vegita said as he kicked Goku down with his massive foot.

"THE TAIL!!! GOKU!!! TRY CUTTING OFF THE TAIL!!!" Chi Chi screamed. She remembered how Vegita bragged about Saiyans with tails transforming. It had to work. Maybe, if Vegita lose his tail, he will get weak and go back to his normal form.

The warrior understood his wife completely. He didn't know why he didn't think of it before but it was worth a shot. He was exhausted and he had to weaken Vegita enough for the remaining warriors to finish. Goku yelled, "KAIO-KEN ATTACK!!!" He flew up and tried to cut off the tail. Vegita slapped Goku down with his tail and he was flung into the air and stopped as he rubbed his eyes.

Vegita lunged at him again yelling, "Don't die, boy, before I kill you!!!"

"Shut up!" Chi Chi screamed as she lashed out, "KAMEHAME HA!!!"

The bright blue beam flew out of her hands and through the ape. Vegita blinked for a second as Goku frowned. "I don't believe something so big can move so fast."

"I know." Chi Chi agreed. Vegita's ape form defies logic. He's super fast and super strong and worst is mad at the planet. What can they do against a monster like that?

"I need to power up. I need to concentrate for ten seconds!" Goku then prayed, "Tien! I'm stealing your move!"

He flew up in front of Vegita and yelled, "SOLAR FLAIR!!!" A bright blast shot out of his face and blinded Vegita. Unfortunately, Chi Chi was blinded as well.

Chi Chi floated with her eyes closed. "Goku..." She muttered as she rubbed her eyes. She knew one thing about her condition, she can be blinded by a solar flair. She blinked and saw Goku on a narrow pillar of land with his hands high in the air.

"What is he doing?" Chi Chi wondered as she flew up and heard him.

"The earth... the winds... and all living creatures... give me a little bit of your power to me, for this planet... please!" Goku pleaded as he stretched out his hands.

Chi Chi looked around and watched beads of light trickle from the land and from her body. The beads of light flowed into Goku's body.

She watched awestruck as the power flowed from the very planet, from every living plant, animal, and human to this man and transformed into a small glowing light. It shone with great beauty and power. Perhaps enough power to destroy Vegita.

"DIE!!!" Vegita boomed as a blast shot out of his mouth. Chi Chi turned and dodged the blast out of instinct.

"GOKU!!!" Chi Chi screamed as she watched Goku's grip of the ball loosened and he let go. The Ki ball crashed into the pillar destroying it completely in a giant explosion.

The Spirit felt the blast and was flung through the ground. "My head." Chi Chi muttered as she sat up. "Goku!" Could he survive his own attack like that? The explosion was great and Goku was very weak. She frantically looked around and finally saw her Goku lying there breathing, dazed, but okay.

Goku struggled to his feet muttering, "Stupid! Stupid! I should've noticed he did something like that." He held his bloody left shoulder in pain. He lost his last and only hope for getting Vegita. The warrior closed his eyes a little and felt just a small amount of the power left. But he couldn't create another Spirit Bomb with his strength and even if he could, it wouldn't hurt the mammoth ape.

"You got spunk, boy! But you ran out of everything else, didn't you?!" Vegita laughed as he lunged forward.

Goku raised his right fist weakly. Chi Chi stood in front of him. "Goku, you're weak. Run." Chi Chi insisted. Goku have no chance of fighting Vegita now. The best he could do is run away and maybe get someone to help him.

"I... put everything in that blast. I... have nothing left. I can't run." Goku admitted.

"It's about damn time!!!" Vegita said as lunged forward.

"You bastard." Chi Chi growled as she focused herself to Vegita.

"Well... the wench. And she's a ghost!" Vegita laughed as he went through and swatted Goku around and finally stepped on his legs.

"Goku!" Chi Chi screamed as she blasted Ki blasts at the behemoth only to watch them go through him. "NO!!!" She was angry. There's nothing she could do against him except watch as Goku lay there beaten but still alive.

"Oops! Looks like I just accidentally left you alive!" Vegita laughed again as he pointed his finger up. "You better hope that you die or would you rather live to see the world and your wench die!" The mammoth ape pushed his finger down. Chi Chi cried out as she flew up and went through the ape. She hovered there feeling helpless as her beloved lie on the ground dying.

"Shut up! Just shut up! You beat me, I admit it... you-you were stronger than me." Goku gasped out, "But... if you think that is... something to be proud of... just remember... you will pay... someday..."

**Chi Chi, move out of the way. I have one more blast.** Goku thought out.

Chi Chi looked behind herself and saw Goku's fist glowing with power. His life force was getting tapped to a very weak point. Maybe, he just wanted to hurt Vegita one more time before going off to the Next Dimention. She moved out of the way as Vegita loomed above him. She watched Goku lifted his hand and shot out a single blast into Vegita's eye.

Vegita was shocked as he stood up and held his eye. "You... you scarred me!!!" He screamed as he removed his hand from his eye.

"That... was... the last... bit of... my energy." Goku breathed out as he slumped down to the ground. "Heh... can't even move my... hands... now... Chi Chi... I... love... you... Vegita... now... you can do... what you want." He was exhausted and in great pain. He couldn't even move if he wanted to. He was never afraid of death. The only type of death he was afraid of is the meaningless type. But now, he is ready to give up the fight and surrender. He had said his goodbyes and he told Chi Chi how much he loved her. It came to him that he never told her how much she loved her. Maybe, she will completely forgive him for what he did to her.

Chi Chi's heart froze in her chest. Well, if she had a heart in her spiritual form. Goku gave up. He was waiting to die. "No..." Chi Chi moaned as she sat down on the rocky ground. She had never known Goku to give up. He had always been one of those types who won't quit no matter what. This was the first time she had known him to give up.

Vegita snatched Goku up into his huge hands and held him. "Now, prepare for a slow painful death." He said as he held Goku and slowly began to crush the man. Victory was his as usual. True, it's taking him longer than necessary to defeat them and he still didn't get the Dragon Balls. But, he still will destroy the planet and win.

"AAAAHHHH!!!" Goku screamed as he arched his head back in pure pain.

"Goku!" Chi Chi flew up next to Goku and felt his pain in her bones.

**Chi Chi! Go!**

"I... won't..." Chi Chi vowed as Goku screamed verbally as sounds of bones crushing fill the air. **The only one who can save us now... is...** She paled at the thought, **Yajarobie. Oh great.**

"Look! More bones crushing!" Vegita laughed again at the torture of his captive. He gazed at Chi Chi. "So... wanna see how long he will scream, wench?"

"You bastard!" Chi Chi screamed. "Stop it!!!" **I can't fight him! I can't touch him! All I can do is watch him!**

"Hey!" A young voice yelled.

Chi Chi and Vegita looked down on a cliff to see Gohan standing there. "Leave my Daddy alone!" Gohan ordered as he hid every ounce of fear in his voice. His instincts was right, his father was in danger and he, Krillian and Yajarobie were the only ones who can save him.

"Gohan!" Chi Chi screamed as she focused on Gohan. She didn't want him here. Gohan was no match for Vegita, even in normal mode. Why did he come here?

"Mo-mommy?!" Gohan gasped in shock to see his mother floating there. The last time he saw her, she was unconcious and on the Nimbus.

Chi Chi floated down to Gohan and said, "Don't worry, I'm not dead. I'm just outside of my body right now."

"What a touching reunion!" Vegita laughed as he held Goku tighter. "I just love when a family get together! They are so... interesting." Vegita put his massive hand on Goku's head. "Now, watch Daddy die!"

Chi Chi suddenly felt another presence. Krillian was powering up an attack. She could feel it. "Stop it now, you bastard!" Chi Chi pleaded to keep his attention. If she knew the monk, then he would be able to get Vegita back to normal.

"Too bad he's unconscious already. I like my victims to be conscious. They are more fun like that." Vegita said as he started to press on Goku's head.

"You would." Chi Chi snarled as a Distructo Disk shot to Vegita's tail. Vegita leapt high over the disk and it slashed through the cliff's top. Gohan toppled and regained his balance after the disk.

"How? How did he know?" Krillian stammered out. He didn't know what happened. A shot like that would've been able to take a giant monster like that by surprise. He aimed it just right and Gohan and Chi Chi was keeping Vegita's attention.

Vegita turned his massive head and replied, "I knew there was a third one around here. You sentimental worms wouldn't let your companion come alone."

"N-n-no!" Chi Chi screamed as Vegita laughed.

"Now, after I kill Kakarot, you two are next." Vegita said as he tightened his grip on Goku making some horrible grinding sounds.

"Damn him! He kept his wits even as a giant monster!" Krillian yelled out in shear frustration. **He's not at all like Goku!** He thought back to how Goku was completely out of control in that state. That primative state of mind was Goku's main weakness and the reason that those who are weaker could handle him. This monster had complete control over his actions, making him far more dangerous than Goku was.

"Stop it!!! Just stop it!!!" Gohan and Chi Chi pleaded.

"Hahahahaha-Huh?" Vegita said as he had a shocked look in his face.

"Huh?" Krillian asked as he and the other warriors looked to see Yajarobie with his sword just sliced off Vegita's tail in one quick cut.

Chi Chi, Krillian, and Gohan were stunned at not only at the fact that Yajarobie had the guts to do such a heroic act but that he actually succeeded in getting Vegita's tail. "He... did it." Krillian stuttered out.

"I didn't count on... a fourth one." Vegita muttered as he looked behind him. "MY TAIL!!!" The giant monster slowly shrank until he turned back to normal. He dropped the now mostly crushed Goku on the ground. "You... you bastards!!!" Vegita screamed as he looked around wildly. He lost his tail. While he wasn't too fond of transforming on a regular basis, losing a tail to a weakling was an insult to his pride as a warrior.

Chi Chi stared at the samurai who hid behind the rocks again. **Should've known it wouldn't last.** Chi Chi thought skeptically. "Goku?" She called out as she looked around. She hoped that he would be okay, at least alive.

**Can't... move.** Goku thought out weakly but clearly. He was on the edge of unconsciousness when Vegita finally let him go. He never thought he would be in so much pain and still be concious. It was worst than the times he was beaten up by Diamo Piccolo and his son Piccolo.

"You will pay for making me angry." Vegita said as he looked up with his remaining eye. **This is ridiculous. How can a group of weaklings give me this much trouble? I never dealt with weaklings this frusterating before this!**

"Wha- what happened? How did he... the monster?" Gohan whimpered as he shook with shock.

"Don't worry, sweetheart." Chi Chi softly said, "Mommy will explain it all to you later." **If we survive.** Chi Chi thought.

"There won't be a later for you wimps." Vegita warned as he jumped on the ledge and faced the young boy.

"Leave my son alone!" Chi Chi warned as she ran right in front of Gohan. Her motherly instinct overrode her reason. She wanted to protect Gohan at all costs.

"Ha!" Vegita laughed, "Let's see what happens when I use Ki on you." He lifted his glowing fist and blasted Chi Chi's form.

Pain racked her body as she floated in mid air in pain. "AAAhhh!!!" Chi Chi gritted her teeth as she held her stomach. It wasn't like being hit by a regular Ki blast. Her body echoed and rippled like water. Finally, she stopped screaming and held her sides.

"Mommy!" Gohan gulped as he stepped back. His mother was in pain, he could feel it but what can he do?

"Tell you what, you can be first to die. I feel like being generous." Vegita looked behind him and kicked Krillian as he flew at him. The monk was flung back and bounced on the cliffs and landed face first.

"Looks like he was eager to die first." Vegita said as he glared at Gohan. He punched Gohan in the stomach and the boy hunched down in pain. "What's wrong boy? You're half Saiyan aren't you? My wench told me herself." The ruthless Saiyan picked up the boy and held him by the collar. Vegita smiled evilly at the boy and then butted his head on Gohan. "At least your blood is red." He commented, "I'll be nice to you. You can die next to your Daddy." With that, Vegita tossed Gohan on the ground just next to Goku.

"Gohan..." Goku gasped as he opened an eye to his son.

Gohan just shuddered as Chi Chi stumbled to the two. "Goku... Gohan..." Chi Chi whispered as she lies on her side and floated in midair.

"Gohan... I can't move. My... entire body... is useless now. You have to... fight for me. Vegita's much weaker too..." Goku gasped out as he focused to remain conscious.

"Stubborn fool... who'd have thought he was still conscious?" Vegita asked as he stood on the cliff watching the exchange. He knew that the battle was his. Everything, was going to plan for once.

"I... he's too strong for me... it hurts..." Gohan moaned.

"All right!" Vegita yelled amused at Goku's pleas for help from his cowardly son, "You win! Kakarot dies first, then the brat, then the bald one, then the ghost of the wench *heh* should be fun killing her, AND FINALLY THAT COWARD WHO CHOPPED OFF MY TAIL!!!" Vegita screamed as Yajarobie cowered behind the rocks.

"I was hoping he would forget!" The swordsman gulped as he shook in fear.

"I... know you can do it... you don't have to defeat him... just hold him off..." Goku smiled weakly at his son. "I know you can do that... then... your mother will finish him off." He finished as he looked at Chi Chi.

"ME?!" Chi Chi squeaked.

"I... can't... he's too strong for me... I'm scared... he's stronger than Mommy." Gohan moaned as he kept his eyes closed.

Goku was getting frustrated. He would love to just take Gohan to a safe place and fight Vegita himself but he couldn't. He could barely move his head. No, Gohan's part Saiyan, he had to hold Vegita off for him if his plan will work. "What are you, a coward?!" Goku spat out as blood dripped from his lips, "Are you going to let all those people die for nothing?! Let your mother suffer like this?!" Gohan's eyes opened at the shock. Goku smiled and his voice softened. "I... know you can do it... Gohan." He said as he weakly moved his left arm, the only part of his body that wasn't broken besides his head, to Gohan. Gohan smiled as he reached up to his father. He just wanted his father back.

Chi Chi watched in awe as the two of the most important people in her life, her son, and her beloved husband reach for each other in mutual support. It would've been a beautiful scene but then Vegita flew up and kneed the heavily injured Goku in the ribs. "No!!! Goku!" Chi Chi screamed in horror as Vegita stood up to watch his victim spit out blood.

"I got impatient and I love making women scream in horror." Vegita said as he kicked Goku in the head.

"G-go..." Goku tried to say but pain and more blood kept him from saying it.

"...stop..." Gohan whispered as he watched his father get kicked on the head again.

Vegita laughed as he kicked his victim in the chest and head. "I could just kill you right now in just one shot but where's the fun in that? I love mixing pleasure with work!" The cold-hearted Saiyan kept on kicking.

"Stop! Vegita!" Chi Chi screamed as she knelt down. **What can I do?! I'm a ghost! I can't fight like this!** She thought.

"Stop it!!! I SAID STOP IT!!!" Gohan screamed as he got up. Rage filled his heart and every part of his tired body. Power that had been denied from him returned despite the wounds and fear. His parents were suffering and he had to save them. His body glowed with power as he glared at Vegita. "I'LL... I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

Chi Chi smiled at Gohan as Vegita stunned at Gohan's recovery and Saiyan rage repeated, "You... will kill me?"

Gohan blasted at Vegita and the man dodged the attack. The boy, only five years old, fought with his heart and rage guiding him.

"Ch- Chi, come closer..." Goku gasped out in more pain than he had ever felt in his life.

The monk, still recovering from that kick from the Saiyan, struggled to get up and held his injured shoulder. "I... got to..." He muttered as he stumbled to Goku. He knew Goku well enough to know that he had some plan going on, a plan that might work and save the world from Vegita.

"Why... didn't you tell Gohan to run?" Chi Chi asked as she knelt down beside Goku, "And what make you think I could kill Vegita? I couldn't even touch him."

"Just... hurry..." Goku pleaded as he moved his head to see his wife better, "while... I'm alive, I can... give you my spirit bomb."

"A what?" Chi Chi asked. She never heard of a spirit bomb before and it's not like Goku to use a weapon unless it's a form of Ki attack she had never heard of before.

Vegita and Gohan's blows echoed through the sky as the three warriors talked.

"W-hat are you going to give me?" Chi Chi was confused. How can Goku give her anything? She can't even touch him.

"Spirit bomb, I gathered a whole bunch of Ki and made one." Goku explained.

"Yes! I remember! It was that Ki ball you made to blast the monster with!" Chi Chi remembered.

"Most of it, got... away but I still have enough. Hold my hand." Goku said.

"I- I don't understand..."

"Hurry! Or Gohan will die!" Goku pleaded as he struggled to lift his broken arm.

Chi Chi put her hand through Goku's and focused. At first, it was nothing but emptiness but a familiar hand enveloped hers. Goku's spiritual hand was strong while the body was weak. She smiled as she held on tighter. It was the first time in what feels like an eternity that she was touching him. His hand felt so warm against hers. Goku whispered, "Hold on, Chi Chi." He closed his eyes and let his power flow to her.

It was pure white and glowed with it's own power. It wasn't like any other Ki she had ever seen before up close. Chi Chi got up and her fist glowed.

"Put your palm up and focus it into a ball." Goku instructed as Chi Chi focused. It was hard. The power of the ball was massive, even though it was much weaker than before. "Do it... Gohan... doesn't have much time!"

Chi Chi could feel Gohan's power getting weaker. She gritted her teeth as the power transformed into powerful Ki ball. It was from her form yet it was tangible to others. The previously last hope was back and can still save the planet. "I... is this it?" Chi Chi wondered.

"Yes! You did it!" Goku congratulated, "You... must hit him first shot. I can't... make another one of those."

"I... understand." Chi Chi replied as she held the world's last hope in her ghostly hand. She buckled slightly. The strain on her soul was obvious. She wasn't sure if she could keep a good hold on it long enough for her to throw.

"Krillian! Help, Chi Chi!" Goku ordered as Krillian came closer.

"How?" Krillian asked.

"Help me." Chi Chi pleaded, "I... can barely move with this. I must possess you but you must be willing to accept my soul." She lifted her other hand and Krillian accepted.

"Okay. Do it." Krillian agreed as he felt Gohan's Ki grew lower.

Chi Chi slipped into Krillian's body. She can feel his soul existing beside her own. **You can have control. Just let me do the bomb.** Chi Chi said.

"Okay." Krillian said as he saw his uninjured arm rose holding the Spirit Bomb. He ran off and jumped up a long cliff for maximum range.

Chi Chi and Krillian looked down to see Gohan and Vegita moving all over the battlefield. "Oh man, hold still." Krillian urged.

"I know." Chi Chi agreed frustrated as the two blurs kept on moving. "How can we fire accurately with those two moving around?" Chi Chi and Krillian never felt so much pressure in their lives. This was the first time that either of them have the fate of the world in their hands. Before, it had always been Goku to save the day but he is badly injured, maybe even dying, and they are the only ones who can use the bomb.

**Don't use your eyes.** A strange voice entered both of their minds.

"Huh?" The two said in surprise. The voice sounded old and yet somewhat young. It didn't sound familiar but yet they knew him somehow.

**I am King Kai. I am the one who taught Goku the Spirit Bomb.** King Kai introduced, **You must use Vegita's evil as a target, not his body, and throw when you know the moment is right.**

"Aim at his evil soul and not his body?" Chi Chi repeated as she closed her eyes and reached out. The two waited for the moment.

An eternity passed for the two as they waited for the right moment. Chi Chi felt moreThe Spirit Bomb, their only hope, burned brightly in their hands. Finally, they felt the evil of Vegita and opened their eyes. The evil was a black hole almost sticking out in their minds. "That's it!" The two exclaimed excitedly.

That was when Yajarobie decided to come out of his hiding spot and yell, "JUST THROW THE DAMN THING ALREADY!!!"

"You idiot!!!" Chi Chi screamed as she tossed the ball, prayed to whatever god exists to make it right.

Vegita, aware of the attack, looked behind him and dodged the ball. Gohan shook with fear as the Spirit Bomb traveled towards him. "NOOO!!!" Chi Chi yelled as her only child was going to be killed by a blast she had thrown.

"GOHAN!!!" Krillian screamed.

**Gohan! You have a pure heart! You can bounce it back!!!** Goku yelled telepathically.

Gohan nodded and held his hands out. The ball bounced off of his hands and flew back at a now surprised Vegita.

Chi Chi exited Krillian's body and said, "A little gift from the planet Earth. Enjoy it, Vegita."

The Spirit Bomb struck the man and blasted the man far into the sky once more. He screamed in pain and anger as he vanished.

For a second, the warriors gasped and gazed at the sky. There was nothing, no sense of evil, no clouds, not even a scream of agony. Finally, Krillian cheered, "YAHOO!!! WE DID IT!" Krillian jumped off of the cliff and ran to his friend, "GOKU! WE DID IT!"

Chi Chi smiled as she flew back to her husband. It was over. Vegita is killed and her family was finally safe. She was still outside of her body but that didn't matter. Right now, all she cared about was her family. "Gohan! Goku!"

Goku smiled relieved at the victory as he lie on the ground broken. "Gohan... Chi Chi..." He whispered.

Gohan laughed as he leaned against the cliff's side. He was alive and his parents were alive too. He limped towards his father and mother. "Mommy... Daddy..." He whispered as a tear came out of his eye.

The warriors gathered around Goku relieved because of their hard won victory.

"We finally beat him..." Gohan admitted as he smiled to his father.

"You had any doubt?" Krillian asked as he sat there.

"I'm just glad this is all over and we can get you to a hospital." Chi Chi said as she focused on her form to be visible.

"You two do look pretty awful." Goku admitted as he looked at the two small warriors, "And you don't have your body with you." He said to his wife.

"But Goku, you look much worst." Krillian pointed out and then the four laughed lightly at the small joke. It was safe enough to laugh at their situation.

A faint sound is overheard and Goku looked up confused. "Huh?"

The others looked up to see Vegita plummeting through the sky and crashed into the ground only a few yards away from the group. Gohan shook in disbelief. "The... the Saiyan!" He screamed.

"It's okay, he's dead." Krillian said as he looked at him. He had used a good amount of his power in helping Chi Chi throwing the ball and he couldn't sense anything from Vegita. **No one could survive an attack like that.** He reasoned to himself as he walked up to the Saiyan. "He was a very nasty foe. But, he was brave. That's the only good thing about him. I guess, I should dig a grave."

Vegita opened his eye and added, "For your own dead bodies!"

Krillian stepped back as the others watched Vegita got up from the ground exhausted. He was bloody all over with more cracks in his armor. The cloth part of his uniform was ripped in many places. "You've given me quite a beating. I almost thought you had me on that last one." He said as he clenched his fists. "You have taken a lot out of me but I can still kill you." With one arm, he swatted at Krillian and flung him to the ground.

Krillian coughed up blood from his lungs as the Saiyan continued, "After I'm done killing all of you, I'll take time to heal and then I'll destroy Earth!" He continued walking up to the immobile Goku. "What hurts the most is my pride for struggling with pathetic weaklings like you!"

"If we are so weak, why were you struggling?" Chi Chi quipped as she ran in between the Saiyan and her family.

"Shut up, wench." Vegita said as he focused all of his power and exploded outward like a volcano's eruption. "HIIIAAAAYYY!!!" In a giant explosion, all of the warriors were flung back in separate directions.

Vegita gasped as he looked around from the crater he made himself. Much to his disgust, the warriors moaned as they tried to move, even the greatly injured Goku and the ghostly woman. "What's wrong with me?" Vegita muttered as he stared at all of them. "They should all be dead!"

Dizziness hit him as he closed his eyes for a brief second. He opened them again as he floated up and landed next to Gohan. "I'm injured worse than I thought. Kill them now, rest later." He muttered as he looked at Gohan and his newly formed tail. "His tail! His tail grew back!"

Krillian opened his eyes in pain. "Yeah, Goku's used to regenerate too at the oddest moments." He muttered.

Vegita then looked up at his own man-made moon. The boy may be weak and vulnerable right now but if he transforms, he will regain his power and be far stronger than the prince. "Damn it! The moon will stay up there for another hour! If he transform, I'm dead!"

Chi Chi floated there as she opened her eyes. "Gohan." She muttered. "Gohan!" Gohan was still unconscious and she knew that Krillian would be no help in his condition. She frantically looked around and saw a dazed Yajarobie with his katana lying by his side. "I need this." Chi Chi said as she focus on the sword. "If I can just... hold on to it." She muttered as she focused harder. She had to move the sword. The sword lifted by her power. "Please, let me use it." Her hand became more solid as she shook.

"I won't let him change!" Vegita said as he picked up Gohan by the collar and was ready to kill him.

"No!!!" Chi Chi screamed as she flew with the sword in her hand. "HA!!!"

Vegita looked behind him and Chi Chi sliced through his armor and into his back. "You... you stabbed me in the back." Vegita felt at his back and fell over. "That's a coward's act!"

"I am only protecting my baby." Chi Chi growled as Vegita got up. He swung at the woman only to encounter air. "Physical attacks don't work on me, Vegita." Chi Chi smiled at the man. She knew how exhausted Vegita was. He may not be able to fire another Ki attack and that was her weakness.

"You fucking wench!" Vegita screamed as he kept on trying frustrated at the fact that she was smiling after wounding him with such an attack. He growled and then smiled. "Wait a second, you can't touch me." He said as he took the sword and flung it away. "I like it when someone is helpless to stop me. It gives me such a nice warm feeling inside."

"You bastard." Chi Chi growled. **I have to keep him busy. If Gohan wakes up and look at that ball in the sky, he'll transform and kill Vegita.** She knew that Vegita was a prideful man and that he was overconfident in himself. While she may not be able to attack him physically, she could still wound his pride. He didn't know Gohan like she does. "Ha! You make me laugh. I bet that you can't beat this Freeza guy!"

"Oh yes, I can! I just need to be immortal by that wish!" Vegita yelled back.

"What about Nappa and the other Saiyans? Why didn't you just want to wish back the other Saiyans to life?" Chi Chi pondered as she crossed her arms.

"I don't care about any other Saiyans!" Vegita laughed, "All I care about is me becoming ruler of the universe!"

Chi Chi's face softened with confusion. "Do you mean, that you don't care about the fact that you and Goku are the last Saiyans in the universe?" Chi Chi asked as she came up. Vegita was truly evil. He didn't even care about his own kind. All he cared about was himself and that everything goes his way.

"Of course not!"

"Not even your parents?"

"Bah! I didn't know my mother, and my father, I couldn't care less." Vegita brusqely confirmed.

"Then..." Chi Chi gazed into Vegita's eyes. She had to keep his attention longer until Gohan wakes up. She knew what to say that will make him keep his eyes on her and away from Gohan. "I pity you."

"... Pity? Me? Why would you pity me? I'm going to kill all of you and you are a mere ghost. You have no body!" Vegita laughed as he pointed to her.

"True, you are still much stronger than us and I do have no body. But, I have my family and friends. Do you know why you struggled with us despite your obvious strength? Because, we are fighting for the ones we love. Goku held on as long as possible because he loved this planet and would do anything for it. I became a warrior again because the ones I love are in danger. Gohan, my son, was willing to fight despite the fact he was scared because he love this planet and his parents, and Piccolo. Even Krillian held on and fought with every chance he got because he loved this world. That's our strength, that's humanity's strength, love." Chi Chi said as she smiled confidently. She didn't know how she could think up such a profound speech but it was right for the occassion.

Vegita blinked and then laughed. "*HAHAHAHA* Love! That's a good one! Saiyans never use love as strength! That's a weakness!" He turned around and walked away. "Love! Ha! That's a good one!" Then, a loud rumbling filled the air as Vegita looked around and remembered about Gohan. "The kid!!!" He ran up to see a transforming Gohan lying on the ground. **Damn it! That wench must've did that long speech on purpose!**

Chi Chi smiled slyly as she sensed Gohan's power rising rapidly. "Please, Gohan, it's up to you." She prayed. She never expected herself to hope her son would embrace his primal side.

Gohan grew larger as his body sprouted hair everywhere on his body. His clothes ripped apart as he grew larger. Vegita gasped as he watched the boy transform into the very monster he once was. He knew the transformation too well and in his weak state, he might die. "No! I can't let him change!" Vegita punched futilely at the boy as he grew larger. "The tail!" He realized as he went to Gohan's large tail and tried to rip it off but he was too weak.

Gohan now fully transformed roared in anger as he slammed his fist on the Saiyan. Vegita was plummeted to the ground as the others watched. Chi Chi went to Krillian who was lying there watching. "I wonder if Gohan will lose control like Goku did when he transformed." Krillian wondered.

"Lose control?" Chi Chi repeated as Gohan started bashing everything in sight.

"Oh no! He's the same!" Krillian cried out as he covered his head from the falling rocks.

"But... Gohan's part human!" Chi Chi screamed. She was scared. Was it a mistake to hope for Gohan to transform? She had no idea that Gohan would lose control.

Gohan held up a huge rock and went to his comrades. Yajarobie woke up and screamed in horror. Krillian and Chi Chi stared at the giant ape. Gohan, the nice little boy they loved, is a monster. The same type of monster who nearly killed Goku.

**GOHAN! STOP!** Goku's telepathic voice reached out to the warriors and his transformed son.

Gohan stopped and just stared out. A distant part of him remembered that voice in his head. He had to listen.

"Gohan! Get the Saiyan! He's the enemy!" Krillian yelled.

"Gohan! It's your mother! Listen to your humanity. You're not evil. Please, listen to your father and me. Attack Vegita. He's the real monster here." Chi Chi plead as she hovered in front of Gohan.

Gohan blinked and then glared at Vegita. He crushed the rock in his massive hands and bounded after Vegita. He remembered the reason for the change. All that was on his mind is the Saiyan's death. The Saiyan dodged and darted the monster's grasp. Gohan with his massive power and rage pounded on Vegita until the Saiyan flew up into the air and Gohan followed.

"Take this!" Vegita screamed as he flung a Ki blast similar to a Distructo Disk at Gohan and chopped off his tail. Then, Vegita sighed in relief but then the transforming but still huge Gohan had somehow managed to fall on top of the Saiyan. Vegita, weak from battle, couldn't move in time from Gohan's mass. Finally, the two fell to the ground in an earth shattering crash.

Krillian and Chi Chi looked and saw Gohan, asleep but unharmed, lying partially on top of a very battered Vegita. "He had to die that time." Chi Chi said to Krillian, "No one can survive a blow like that." She hoped that Gohan's unexpected blow had done it. Vegita's dangerous and should not be allowed to leave.

Much to Krillian and Chi Chi's shock, Vegita coughed several times and slowly reached into his uniform. He pulled out a small remote device and pressed several buttons. The warrior collapsed exhausted letting the remote fall out of his hand and on to the ground.

"What is he made out of?" Krillian wondered at Vegita's durability.

"Damn you." Vegita cursed, "Never... before... must I retreat..." He was very badly hurt. His bones were broken and his muscles were torn. Now, his only hope was to get off Earth in stasis mode and go to Freeza's base to heal at one of the healing chambers. A large sphere came down from the sky and landed next to the Saiyan. He never had to escape from a group of weak fighters on an unknown planet. Why did he have such trouble? He really hate this planet.

Krillian painfully got up and made his way to Saiyan and the spaceship. "Oh shit, if Vegita get away, he'll be back and destroy everything. I can't... let that happen." He fell from the cliff and got back up. As he made his way, he passed Yajarobie's sword. The same sword that had transformed Vegita back into a human like alien and slashed through Vegita's armor. It had been a very useful weapon in this battle. The monk picked up the blade and kept on walking. "This thing worked for Yajarobie and Chi Chi, it might work for me."

"Do it, Krillian." Chi Chi urged as she floated behind. She was exhausted from the battle. Her form flickered back and forth as she struggled to remain seen and heard. In her state, all she could do is talk to Krillian. All she wants is to have this Saiyan pay for his crimes.

Krillian went up to Vegita who was struggling to get in his spaceship. Goku watched intently. He knew his friend well enough to know what Krillian was going to do. Right now, he was torn from what he wants and what he needs.

"Now, you will die." Krillian said as he held the blade at Vegita's throat.

"I... can't move." Vegita moaned. He was too beaten up to defend himself against the bald man. If he doesn't escape, he will die on a pathetic planet and not achieve his destiny as ruler of the universe.

**Krillian! Stop!** Goku reached out.

"That... voice... Goku?" Krillian asked stunned. What did he want? Krillian was about to rid the world, no the universe, of a horrible evil. Why would Goku want Vegita to live?

**Yes, I'm too weak to use my voice. Krillian, please, don't kill Vegita.**

"What?! Have you lost your mind? Vegita killed our friends. He tried to kill us! He forced your wife into a coma and left her as a ghost!" Krillian screamed in rage. "Why? Vegita won't change like Piccolo."

**I know. It's just that...** Goku's mental voice grew hesitant, **I thought I was at my peak. But, Vegita is much stronger. I admire him for that. Besides, it would be a waste for Vegita to die like this.**

"You... want to kill Vegita yourself." Chi Chi realized.

**Yes.** Goku replied.

Krillian gritted his teeth as he glared at Vegita who was almost in the spacecraft. The fate of the world, no the universe, rested in his hands. Should he do what is right and kill Vegita? Or trust Goku and let him go? Goku had always the better instincts. He makes friends out of enemies on a regular basis. But his friends, Yamcha, Tien, Choutsu, and even Piccolo are dead thanks to Vegita. He couldn't bear the thought of Vegita attacking Earth again but he couldn't disobey Goku. Frustrated, he tossed the sword down and Vegita finally made it to the craft.

"You will regret that decision." Vegita said as he sat in the craft, "I will be back and I will kill you all."

The door closed and the craft flew off in the distance. Krillian and Chi Chi sighed in relief. Vegita was finally gone but at what cost? The monk looked at the ground and saw the remote lying there. He picked up the remote and tucked it in his shirt. It might come in handy somehow.

"Guys, I'm sorry for making you spare Vegita." Goku apologized as he tilted his head to them.

"That's okay, Goku." Krillian said as he went to Gohan who was still sleeping peacefully.

Chi Chi just sat there in mid air. She couldn't believe that Goku wanted Vegita alive simply because he wanted to kill him. Maybe, Goku wanted to preserve what's left of his race just a little longer.

"Chi Chi?" Goku asked as looked at her.

Chi Chi gazed at Goku coldly. "You better kill Vegita yourself, next time. If any more people die, it will be your fault." Chi Chi then looked at Krillian. "Can you bring Gohan to Goku?" Chi Chi asked. "The problem with Vegita being alive can wait for now. Right now, Gohan's hurt."

"I'm sorry. I will. I promise." Goku vowed. **I have to get stronger than him. I can't let them down again. I already made Chi Chi and Krillian mad at me. I'm sure I'll be stronger next time.**

"No problem, Chi Chi." Krillian grunted and lifted the small naked boy up.

"Is he okay?" Goku asked worried about the health of his son.

"He's fine." Krillian replied, "He's just exhausted from the transformation. Just a little rest and he'll be as good as new."

"Good." Goku and Chi Chi sighed in relief again.

"But... how can we get back?" Krillian asked. He was far to exhausted to fly back alone and they didn't have any capsules on them to provide proper transport.

"Maybe, someone will come and help us." Chi Chi replied.

A faint whoosh was heard overhead. The warriors looked up as Krillian moaned, "Not again." He was tired. The last thing he wanted was another fight with Vegita.

"Hey! Guys!" Master Roshi greeted out of the window waving his cane.

"Master Roshi!" Krillian exclaimed in pure joy. Chi Chi and Goku looked up at the upcoming air car and smiled in relief. Chi Chi put her hand on Goku's chest in comfort. It was finally over. The battle was won and the earth is saved. But at what cost? The warriors were dead, Chi Chi was still out of her body, and the Dragon Balls were gone forever.

Still, there is hope for all.

Not the End