This takes place after 'The Return of the Warrior Woman'. Yup, this is the second part of the Warrior Woman series. All characters except for Wench belongs to Akria Toriyama. Wench belongs to me.

** means thoughts

The Fall of the Warrior Woman
By Maria Cline

It was a grim day as the Ox-King went to the Kame Island. He remembered his many days of training in his youth with Goku's grandfather, Gohan. The old warrior sighed at the fact that his precious family was going to be fighting together against a pair of aliens that can destroy this planet. The worst part was that he can't do anything but watch. He was too old and weak to fight with them. He approached the house and entered.

Master Roshi opened the door and smiled at his former student. "Hey! Ox-King!" He looked around wwarilyand sighed in relief, "I'm glad you didn't bring Chi Chi along."

"She's going off to fight the Saiyans." Ox-King replied, "That's why she's not here."

Master Roshi fell over in pure shock. He heard that Chi Chi had been doing some training but now, she was about to fight a pair of deadly Saiyans who have more power than Raddiz ever did. "I hope... for the best." He muttered.


Chi Chi's heart pounded as she and the other warriors stood in a middle of the field. The two Kis in the sky were powerful even by Goku's standards.

"Mommy." Gohan said as he reached for Chi Chi's hand. "I'm scared."

Chi Chi held his hand and comforted, "It's okay. Goku will be here soon and he'll save us as usual."

"You're right." Gohan smiled at his mother.

Chi Chi nodded and held back her own fears. Goku should've been here by now. The Saiyans are here and they are coming toward them. She still couldn't sense any of Goku's ki so it means he's still dead. **Goku! Where the hell are you?**


There were two of them as predicted. Chi Chi, Piccolo, Krillian, Gohan, Tien, Yamcha, and Choutsu stood there facing two Saiyans. One of them was huge and bald with Saiyan armor and a distinct tail around his waist. The other was much smaller, only slightly shorter than Chi Chi and yet have a far more powerful and evil power.

"So... this is it. I am the Saiyan Prince Vegita and this is my main commander, Nappa." The shorter man said as he looked at the group. His eyes looked over the group and then fell on Chi Chi. "Well well, I have no ideal Kakarot has his own personal wench."

"A what?!" Chi Chi growled as she tensed. "And who the hell is Kakarot?"

**Chi Chi, that is Goku's Saiyan name.** Piccolo said telepathically.

"What makes you think that I am 'Kakarot's wench'?" Chi Chi asked coldly.

"You look just like one." Vegita said as he clicked on his scouter. Figures appeared on the screen and he smirked. "Well well, she's a living being with a power reading of 1305. Cute."

"A living being that looks like a wench?" Nappa said shocked.

"I am not a wench!" Chi Chi boomed, "Just fight me."

"Yeah!" Piccolo growled as he stood there.

"A Namekian." Vegita said as he looked at him. "So... that explains it. A Namekian came from the Planet Namek."

"Huh?" Piccolo said as he looked around. "I'm from outer space?"

"Whoa! Piccolo's an alien just like Daddy!" Gohan yelled.

"The Namekians must've created the Dragon Balls." Vegita figured out, "Okay, give me the Dragon Balls or else."

"Forget it!" Piccolo screamed.

"Then, we will kill you." Vegia said as Nappa got out some seeds. "Let's have some entertainment."


It was brutal. Nappa and Vegita released a group of monsters called Sabiamen. Yamcha had volunteered to be the first since Krillian already died and gotten resurrected by the Dragon Balls once and he didn't have a family to care for like Chi Chi. He was doing great against them until one of them jumped out of nowhere and self destruct. With great rage and ease, Krillian and Piccolo destroyed the rest.

**Where is he?** Chi Chi thought frantically as her body tensed. **Yamcha just died! If Goku was here right now, he could have taken care of those Saiyans in a heartbeat!**

"One down, four more to go." Vegita counted out as he smiled.

"Four?!" Krillian exclaimed as he looked at his group.

"But there's..." Gohan counted the group and said, "Five of us."

"I didn't count your wench." Vegita said as Chi Chi growled.

"Wench?!" Chi Chi screamed insulted by the fact that to these Saiyans, she was nothing.

"Hey, Lord Vegita, why don't you let me take care of them?" Nappa asked as he grinned at the group.

"Not all of them." Vegita warned, "The human wench is going to get one of our special surprises." He got out a small remote and tapped on a series of buttons. "Let me show you a certain friend of mine. It will take a while for it to show up. In the meantime..." He nodded toward Nappa, "Attack and kill everyone but the wench."

"No!" Chi Chi screamed as she lunged at Nappa.

Vegita vanished and reappared behind her. He snatched the woman into his arms and held her. "Now now, my little toy will play with you."

"Leave her alone!" Piccolo ordered as he powered up. He didn't know why he wanted to help the woman but he had to.

Vegita smirked at the Namekian. "Nappa, don't hurt the Namekian too much. He knows where the Dragon Balls are. I wouldn't interfere if I were you." Vegita said as he smirked, "Or this wench will die by my hands." Vegita tightened his grip on the woman.

The warrior woman gasped for air as he tightened his grip with astonishing ease. She stuggled to pry his arms apart to let herself breathe. The other warriors gawked to see Chi Chi, one of the most powerful warriors in the group, being held at the Saiyan's mercy.

"Here she is." Nappa said as he pointed up.

The other warriors looked up in shock to see a woman hovering down. She was dressed in long flowing black robes, long black hair, her face was completely white, with a red circle on her forehead. She landed, stood infront of Vegita and Nappa and bowed.

"Excellent, Wench." Vegita said as he smiled evilly.

"C-can you sense her?" Krillian asked nervously.

"I-I can't feel her at all." Tien said as all of his eyes widened in shock. "It's... like she's not even here!"

"Of course not." Vegita said as he released his grip on Chi Chi. "Wench is a android, a robot. My personal sex toy. I bring her along when I get bored and there's nothing to kill. She's quite amusing."

"A Saiyan sex toy?!" Piccolo exclaimed, "Great just great!"

"A Saiyan sex toy." Tien muttered as he stared at the woman.

"Wow." Choutsu gulped. Wench's face was expressionless.

"Ummm... Mommy?" Gohan asked confused, "What's... a sex toy?"

Chi Chi and the other warriors sweatdropped and Chi Chi said calmly, "When you're older, I'll explain it, hon."

"Boys." Vegita grumbled, "Wench, go into battle mode."

"Yes, Master Vegita." Wench said in a soft voice. She jumped up and a bright light shone over her. Her robes flew off and vanished in mid air and her hair shortened. She landed on her feet and everyone except for Nappa and Vegita gasped in shock. Wench was wearing Saiyan armor but more revealing. Her armor was like Radiz's only the hard white shell was like an Earth tank top. Her hair was short like a boy and her face lost her white color but retained the cold expression.

"Whoa!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Chi Chi..." Krillian muttered as he gawked at Chi Chi and Wench who were staring at each other. Without her makeup, her face was a mirror image to Chi Chi's. "She look just like... you."

"So... that's why Vegia was so amused." Chi Chi growled at the other woman.

"Master, what is you request?" Wench asked in a monotone voice that was identical to Chi Chi's.

"Kill this woman here." Vegita said as he pointed to Chi Chi.

"Yes, Master." Wench replied as she went into fighting position.

Chi Chi went into her fighting position and said, "Okay, you robot bitch."

"And since we don't want to waste too much time..." Vegita ordered, "Nappa, fight the rest."

"Even the Namekian?" Nappa asked.

"Yes, if we can't find the Dragon Balls here, then we can just go to Namek. Yes, Namek, that's where the true balls are. I should've seen it before." Vegiata said as he laughed.

"Huh?" Krillian muttered. **Namek?**


Wench glanced at Gohan and her right eye glowed green. "Scanning... Master Vegita, this boy is Saiyan." She said with what might sound like confusion in her voice.

"I'm aware of that, Wench." Vegita scowled, "He's a half breed."

"Yes, Master Vegita, but I'm not programed to hurt Saiyans and/or Saiyan half breeds under twelve standard years old." Wench pointed out.

Vegita grumbled. "Then don't hurt the boy."

"Yes sir." Wench bowed and went into attack position.

**Oh man, Chi Chi will have to battle her. And we have no idea how powerful she is since she doesn't produce Ki. Wait, she seems to be very computer like. I haveta do something about her. I got it!** Krillian smiled as he yelled out, "Hey, Wench! I have to ask you something! Vegita ordered you to fight Chi Chi right?"

"Chi Chi?" Wench repeated.

"Me." Chi Chi said as she stepped forward.

"Yes, I am ordered to do so."

"And you can't hurt Gohan here. Right?" Krillian asked as Tien and the others watched him.

"Of course." Wench replied.

"Chi Chi here, is Gohan's mother. And if you kill her, then that will really hurt Gohan." Krillian reasoned, "So, you can only obey one of Vegita's orders."

"But, my program and duty is to obey all of Master Vegita's orders." Wench said as her ears began to smoke and sparks flew from her eyes. "Warning! Warning! Wench main CPU locking."

"Fuck! Damn Earthling!" Vegita spatted out as Nappa went up and checked the android.

"Great, that Earthling made Wench confused and is now locked." Nappa said as he looked at the android's head.

"Then, reboot her, you dolt!"

"Heh heh." Krillian grinned as he posed, "Not bad eh. We Earthlings are pretty resourceful."

"Wow, what did you do?" Gohan adimired as Wench twitched and fainted.

"You sly dog, you confused her and make her programming all screwed up." Tien said happilly.

Nappa punched some controls on his remote and said, "Wench won't be on for another several hours."

"Oh great. Just fucking great." Vegita moaned, "Why do I have to deal with these out-of-date models? She keeps on giving me trouble and we have to fix her constantly. When I'm immortal and ruler of this Universe, I'm getting the newest Wench, keep her well tuned, and use her for my pleasures."

The other warriors gawked at Vegita's rant. "Let's kill all of them now." Nappa insisted, "The wench can wait."

"Of course." Vegita grabbed Chi Chi again with surprising speed and said, "I'll just wait for a little while for my wench fight."

"Leave me alone!" Chi Chi screamed as she banged on Vegita's arms.

"I don't think so. Nappa! DESTROY THEM!!!"

"Right!" Nappa flew at Krillian.

Piccolo blasted him from the side and Nappa stopped. "You're fighting me first, Monkey boy." Piccolo said as his fangs showed.

Nappa vanished and then reappeared and kicked Piccolo in the ribs.

Gohan and the others gulped in unison. "Nappa just kicked Piccolo down." Krillian observed.

Nappa laughed as he powered up. The earth rumbled and shook around him. Chi Chi's jaw dropped at the level of power Nappa showed.

"HIIIIYAAAA!!!" Choutsu screamed as he flew up at Nappa. Nappa turned and blasted him away.

"Choutsu!!!" Tien yelled as he watched Choutsu vanished. "You... you bastard!" He lunged at the giant Saiyan. Nappa smirked as he started blocking.

"Tien!" Chi Chi cried out as Nappa and Tien punched and kicked each other. Tien grew exhausted as Nappa just smiled evilly at him.

"Pathetic!" Nappa said as he took hold of Tien's arm and ripped it off.

Tien screamed in agony as he let go and fell to the ground. Where his left arm was, there was nothing but a stump. "Damn you!" He yelled as blood dripped to the dirt making it red. Nappa laughed as he kicked Tien to the ground.

"Next!" Nappa boomed as he looked around and then noticed Krillian. "Okay."

He rushed at the monk and Krillian gulped as he went into fighting positon. Chi Chi struggled in Vegita's gasp. She couldn't help but feel helpless about the battle. The reason she returned to fighting is so she can keep Gohan safe. Now, she's held hostage by a Saiyan monster with Yamcha dead, Choutsu possiblly also dead and Goku nowhere to be found.

"No!!!" Choutsu screamed as he ran up and attached himself to Nappa's back.

"Hey!" Nappa exclaimed as he turned around grabbing for the much smaller warrior. However, Choutsu was far beyond the giant's back.

"Leave them alone!" Choutsu demanded as Nappa flew up and rammed into cliffs and mountains. The brave little warrior clung onto him anyway.

"Choutsu!" Tien screamed as he watched Nappa doing everything he could to get the little man off.

Gohan flinched as he tried to look away. Piccolo gently moved Gohan's head forward and said, "Don't look away, Gohan. Choutsu's a good example to follow."

Choutsu's body glowed as Nappa flew down to the ground at record speed. A tear came out of the warrior's eyes as he whispered, "S-sorry, Tien." With that, he exploded in a blast of Ki that shook the heavens.

"Choutsu..." Chi Chi gasped. Choutsu had destroyed himself to kill Nappa. She never truly knew him or get to know him better but now, she felt nothing but sorrow as a giant cloud covered the Saiyan.

"No!!!" Tien screamed in horror as Nappa flew down. His top part of his armor was completely blown away but there wasn't a scratch on him. Tien's greatest fear became reality. Choutsu died, for nothing. "You... you bastard!!!" Tien said as he reached up with his remaining arm and started to glow. **Choutsu, I'm coming.** He called out across the dead link. He summoned all of his power, all of his life force, into a single beam of light. It blasted right at Nappa and created a huge cloud of smoke around him.

"Tien!!!" Gohan yelled as Tien gasped for breath and fell to the ground, lifeless.

"NO!!!" Chi Chi screamed as tears came down her cheeks. "You bastard! You just wait till my Goku comes and destroy all of you!!!"

"Goku?" Vegita repeated in amusement. "Who is Goku?"

"My husband." Chi Chi replied in pride, "A Saiyan like you only much stronger."

"Kakarot." Vegita said, "And where is he? If he is a true Saiyan, he would be here. Saiyans love fighting and killing."

"He's coming here to clean you clock." Piccolo answered, "He's just running late."

"I see." Vegita muttered as he looked at Krillian and Gohan. "Nappa, I suggest a break."

"A break?" Nappa repeated confused.

"I need a good challenge. And this Kakarot might provide more entertainment than these weaklings and even this living wench." Vegita commented, "Three hours should do. We wait three hours for Kakarot to show up. If he does, then we fight him. If not..." He grinned at Chi Chi as he let go. "Then, we fight regardless. I want to destroy this planet, become immortal and rule the universe."

Chi Chi stepped away and glared at him. "You definately have high goals." She whispered.

"It's my destiny." Vegita announced.

"Fine, three hours." Piccolo said as he sat down. Krillian, Gohan, and Chi Chi joined him in a circle.

"Mommy, are you okay?" Gohan asked.

"I'm fine." Chi Chi replied as she glared at the Saiyans and the android. "Goku better come back soon. If he doesn't..." She clenched her fist, "I'll make him pay!"

"So... what do we do?" Krillian asked.

"Wait." Piccolo answered.

"Yes. Wait and regain our strength." Chi Chi agreed as she got out a few capsules from her suit and tossed it. Out of a poof of smoke came a large picnic basket. "Here."

"This is not the time to eat." Krillian objected.

"Yes it is. We must regain our strength and we do that by eating." Chi Chi said as she got out a giant roasted dinosaur leg. "Here you go, Gohan."

"Thanks, Mommy."

Krillian gawked as the threesome started handing out plates and silverwear. "I'll take a wing." Krillian said.

"Okay." Chi Chi said, "Now, dark meat or white meat."

Krillan couldn't help but feel kinda funny. They were right now next to a pair of deadly Saiyans who just killed three of their friends and they were eating roasted dinosaur. "Dark."

"This is great, Mommy." Gohan complimented.

"Thanks, I was saving this for after the battle but now, I think that we better at least eat part of it." Chi Chi replied as she started to eat.

The two Saiyans couldn't help but smell the aroma from the basket. They haven't eaten since the last planet they destroyed. Still, they didn't say anything. After all, they are blood thirsty Saiyans who did not show hunger. "Nappa, is Wench functioning yet? She's taking forever." Vegita asked.

"She's on repair mode, sire." Nappa replied as lights circled Wench's form and started shooting rays into her eyes.


Two hours passed as the warriors waited. Chi Chi started knitting to ease her tortured nerves, Gohan was reading a book, Piccolo was meditating, and Krillian was watching the Saiyans carefully.

**Oh man, where's Goku?** Krilian thought as he looked around. Goku was never very good at showing up on time but this was the fate of the world. **Goku, you'd better show up.**

Meanwhile, Wench sat up and looked over at Vegita. "Master Vegita, I am functioning at 100%."

"About time." Vegita commented, "Just sit there and watch those three."

"Yes, Master Vegita." Wench said as she got up and went to Chi Chi and began to watch her intensly.

Chi Chi glanced up from her knitting and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Observing." Wench replied in her usual monotone voice. "What task are you doing?"

"I'm knitting."

"What does 'knitting' do to enhance your fighting power?" Wench asked in a child-like curiousity.

"It doesn't. It's just a hobby." Chi Chi answered.

"It doesn't aid you in getting stronger?"

"No. It's something that relaxes me." Chi Chi said as Wench watched some more. "Why don't you try?"

"I am not programmed for that sort of thing." Wench replied.

"What do you do, Ms. Wench?" Gohan asked.

"May I reply, Master Vegita?" Wench asked Vegita.

"Go ahead." Vegita replied, "There's nothing useful about you."

"Very well, sir." Wench said as if she didn't feel anything about the insult. "My main duties is to attend to Master Vegita, Master Nappa, and any other Saiyan who's not a threat in every way possible. I am capable of physical stimulation as well as entertainment in dancing and killing aliens in the most attractive style."

Gohan blinked and then stuck out his tounge. "Yuck. You mean you kill other people just to entertain?"

"And torture. I am programed with over one million-fifty-two thousand methods of physical and mental torture. My longest session of torture is 3 months, 4 weeks, 6 days, and 21 hours."

"Yes, my wench here can either give excellent pleasure or horrible pain. Either way, she's a wonderful form of entertainment when she's not locked up." Vegita said as he walked up and patted her on the head. "Nice toy."

"That's mean. She's not a toy." Gohan argued.

"Yes, she is." Vegita said as he kept on patting his possession.

"Gohan, don't be fooled by appearences. Wench may look human but she's not. She's a doll. A walking, talking doll." Piccolo advised. "If you have to fight _it_ then view it that way."

"I guess." Gohan muttered as he stared at the robot who looked identical to his mother except in expression.

Another hour passed as the warriors waited anxiously. Finally, Vegita got up and said, "Okay, three hours are up. Get ready to die."

Chi Chi growled as she flung down her knitting stuff and yelled, "DAMN YOU, GOKU!!! I SWEAR IF I DIE, I WILL KILL YOU!!!"

Krillian gulped as he went into fighting stance. Chi Chi and Piccolo came together and stood in front of Gohan. They didn't say it but they both felt the need to protect the boy they both loved.

"Okay! You two wenches fight!" Vegita ordered.

"My name is Chi Chi!" Chi Chi boomed.

Vegita blinked and then scratched his chin. "What spunk. Interesting. If it weren't for the fact that she's so weak, I would think of her as a female Saiyan. Oh well. Nappa... destroy them. But, leave the human wench alone so our toy can entertain us with."

"Let's go!" Piccolo boomed as he and Krillain focused. The two warriors multiplied into six fighters, three Krillians and three Piccolos. Gohan shook in fear as he hid behind a rock and watched the fight.

"Six fighters for the price of two." Nappa laughed as he flew up and fight the six.

**Idiots! Why are you fighting with your Kis divided like that?** Chi Chi thought as Wench came up.

"I'm here to fight you." Wench said in a simplistic tone of voice.

Chi Chi growled as she went into fighting positon. "Let's go." She said as she flew up.

Wench followed and the two started exchanging blows. At first, it was a complete draw. Chi Chi and Wench were both experienced fighters but Wench had fought in many more battles than Chi Chi and she have no hesitation to kill. She had neither soul or heart to guide her.

Chi Chi was strong from her heart. She uses her love for her family and her anger from battle to fuel her. She flew back as Wench looked at her. "Let's turn it up." Chi Chi said as her body glowed crimson red. She lifted her hands and pointed them straight out. **Better start using my special techniques.** She thought as she focused. "OX RAGE!!!" She screamed as a pair of blasts shot out of her hands and combined in the middle. The combined beam reached out and struck Wench in the chest.

The android was flung into the ground hard. She got up and brushed herself off. "Interesting attack." She commmented as she flew at Chi Chi again.

**She must not be able to feel pain.** Chi Chi thought, **She's going to be very hard to beat.**

Gohan gasped as he watched the battles. Krillian and Piccolo were losing to Nappa badly. Chi Chi was faring slightly better but by not much.

"Fight, Gohan!" Piccolo urged the boy, "We need your help!"

Gohan gulped and nodded. He powered up and flew at Nappa. "Ha!!!"

The three tried to battle Nappa. Unfortunately, they were all struck down like flies. "We need a new plan." Piccolo whispered, "We have to distract Nappa."

"I got it." Krillian said as he looked at Chi Chi and Wench as they fought. They were still fighting hand to hand with an occassional blast. **Chi Chi, take off Wench's shirt.**

**What?!** Chi Chi mentally screamed as Wench hit her on the head.

**Just do it.** Krillian urged.

"Okay." Chi Chi flew back and lashed out a series of Ki discs. "SHREDDER DISCS!!!" She screamed as the discs flew at Wench and began to rip away her armor.

"Whoa." Nappa looked at the two fight again. Wench's top was becoming undone.

"Now!" Krillian, Gohan, and Piccolo flew up and grabbed Nappa's tail at the same time.

Chi Chi smiled as the two clung on. **Of course. The tail. The tail is a Saiyan's greatest weakness. Just like Goku when he had his tail.**

Nappa laughed as he effortlessly flung Piccolo and Krillian away. "Fools, you think that we would fall to such a cheap trick." Nappa said as he laughed.

"How? I thought all Saiyans become weak when someone holds his tail." Krillian said as he was flung off.

"Only on weak Saiyans." Vegita added laughing. "We trained our tails to be numbed to pain."

"Damn it!" Krillian cursed as he got off of the ground.

"I know." Piccolo got up and powered up.

Chi Chi and Wench kicked and punched at each other.

"This is getting boring. Wench, finish her off! But leave her body intact. I may want her to be another toy for me. It would be fun to have something flesh and bone to have fun with for a while." Vegita ordered, "Nappa! Destroy the others! I don't want to wait forever to kill Freeza!"

"Freeza?" Krillian repeated as he got up slightly in pain, "Who's... Freeza?" The fight was getting to him and he was getting weak. **I don't know how much longer I can hold on.** He thought.

"At once, Master Vegita." Wench said as her hands glowed. She placed her hands on Chi Chi's temples and said, "Brain Death."

Her hands flashed as Chi Chi screamed. Her mind went out in all sorts of directions as she looked at Gohan.

"Mommy!!!" Gohan yelled as tears came down her cheeks.

**Gohan, I love you.** She thought out as she looked at Piccolo, **Look after... my... baby...** She whispered mentally as she collapsed.

Wench went to her knees as she lay back. "Power reserves depleated. Need power."

"You... you witch!" Gohan screamed as he ran up and kicked the robot in the head.

Wench twitched as sparks flew from her eyes. " de... Lo...rd..." She sputtered out as she closed her eyes. The android sputtered out energy and twitched lightly.

"A pity." Vegita muttered, "And such a loyal wench too. She lasted much longer than the others. Oh well, I was going to replace her anyway." The Saiyan shook his head as he glanced at the remaining three. "Now, those three."

"Okay!" Nappa flew up and punched Krillian out of the way and then flew straight at Gohan. His mouth glowed as he opened it wide.

"NO!!!" Piccolo flew up and blocked the boy with his own body. Pain surged in his middle as he focused to block away as much as possible.

"Piccolo!" Gohan yelled as Piccolo fell to the ground. Despite his pain, despite the fact that he was dying, Piccolo chuckled.

"I... *cough* never thought... I would... sacrifice my life for the kid. Don't worry, Gohan, your mother is still alive." Piccolo said as he closed his eyes. His remaining life force and his very body vanished from the Earth.

"No..." Krillian muttered as he got up. He looked up and felt Kami's life force fade as well. Kami and Piccolo, the god and devil, are joined at the hip. If one dies, the other dies as well to maintain the balance. And with Kami dead, the Dragon Balls are gone as well the hope of bringing back their dead friends.

"Pi-piccolo... Mommy..." Gohan whispered when a Ki suddenly flared in his sight of mind. A ray of hope came in that Ki. "Daddy! He's coming!"

"What?" Vegita repeated.

"All right!" Krillian said as a figure on the Flying Nimbus appeared. Goku stood there tall and proud as he hopped off of the cloud.

"What happened here?" Goku asked as he looked around.

Gohan shook as he muttered, "Tien, Choutsu, Piccolo... Mommy they... they killed them."

Goku shocked looked around to see Tien lying face down with a missing arm. He couldn't sense Choutsu or Piccolo, no matter how hard he tried. Then, his face paled as he saw Chi Chi lying there next to another warrior who looked identical to her but she was sputtering out energy. "Chi Chi!!!" He yelled as he ran up and picked up the woman. He can feel her Ki still there and he sighed in relief. Goku touched the other woman's temple and felt a very small drain. He removed his hand and gazed at Chi Chi. "I'm sorry." He whispered as he took a senzu bean and placed it in his wife's mouth. After forcing it down, she still lay there even after all of her wounds healed.

"Huh?" Krillian and Gohan said.

"I don't... get it. The senzu should've worked." Goku sobbed. His wife, in armor that was similiar to that when he first met her, was in a coma. She obvously wanted to fight with him and he failed her by showing up too late. If only he had came in time, he would've saved his friends and wife. "No!!!" His rage filled him as he snarled at Vegita and Nappa. Then, he calmed down as he went to Gohan and Krillian and gave them senzu beans. "Here. Get out of here."

"But... Goku! What about you?" Krillian asked after he was healed by the senzu.

"I'll settle my score with Vegita and Nappa." Goku said with ice cold tone of voice. "NIMBUS!!!" The cloud came again and Goku lay Chi Chi carefully on the cloud. "Take her to the island. Gohan, Krillian, you go with her."

"Oh... okay." Gohan nodded as the three went off.

Goku turned as his eyes became cold. His friends are dead, his beloved wife, in a coma, now it was pay back time. "Let's fight." Goku said as he went into position. **I will avenge you, Chi Chi. This I swear.**