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Rebirth of the Warrior Woman
By Maria Cline

Dear Journal:

Today is the worst day of my life. Why? Why did it have to be like this? My dear sweet Goku is dead (and is still training). That monster Piccolo kidnaps my little boy, Gohan, so he can train for a pair of aliens that's coming in a year. And I also found out that Goku, my Goku, is really a space alien who was sent here to destroy this planet. Thank Kami that Goku didn't want to do that.

But, that means that Gohan is really half alien and Goku is an alien! Oh!!!

Calm down, this is no time for hysterics. When I got Gohan, I made a vow to never fight again and to make sure that Gohan gets a decent education unlike his parents. But, it's so lonely here and I can't stand the thought of Gohan dying by aliens.

That's why I'm taking back my vow. I've prepared a note for my father and I got my training suit ready. I don't want to sit around waiting like this. Yes, I will do it.

Please, I hope Gohan will understand what I have to do.

Chi Chi


It was hectic as Tien, Choutsu, Krillian, and Yajarobie were getting ready to train for an entire year with god. Suddenly, a faint powerlevel is felt at the entrance.

"Who's that?" Mr. Popo wondered as he came up to see a young woman climbing up.

"Hello." She said as she jumped up and huffed. "You are going to train without me?"

"Chi Chi?!" Krillian exclaimed as he nervously went up. "What are you doing here?"

Chi Chi glared at the much shorter man. "What do you think? My husband's dead. My son's held hostage by an evil hideous demon-" She looked over at Kami and added, "No offence, sir. And there's evil aliens coming here to destroy this planet and you are asking me what am I doing here?!"

"Uhhhh..." Yajarobie muttered as he cowered near a pillar.

"I'm here to train. I want to one save my little boy. And two... destroy those aliens!"

"Chi Chi, you must understand, these are deadly foes." Kami said as he sweatdropped, "You will be killed."

"So?" Chi Chi crossed her arms scowling. "You macho men are merely fighting for the fate of the world. I'm fighting for my family! I want to train! I want to be strong! I want to fly without having a car! I want to be with Goku!"

Kami nodded as he stepped forward. "You are strong and have great potential. Fine, Mr. Popo will teach you all about Ki like he did with your husband." Kami gestured to a tall black man with a white turban, pair of weird eyes, and no nose.

"Hello." Mr. Popo said as he stepped up.

Chi Chi bowed respectfully. "Hello."

"Come, lets start with basic Ki." He led Chi Chi off to the palace as the warriors just gawked.

"Chi Chi's going to join us?" Yamcha finally understood as he picked up his jaw.

"She's going to get herself killed." Yajarobie muttered.

"Maybe, maybe not." Krillian said as he rubbed his chin. "Chi Chi's one scary woman. If she can scare Goku, imagine what effect she can have on those other Saiyans."

At once, the warriors imagined Chi Chi running around chasing a pair of tall Goku look-a-likes with skillet in hand. "I feel sorry for those Saiyans." Tien muttered as he sweatdropped.


Dear Journal:

I know it's been several weeks since I last wrote but I've been busy. I'm wearing weights like Goku wore except they were modified for my chest. I'm wearing a pair of shoulder weights and a pair of wrist weights. I can now fly (which makes things much easier to get around in) and I'm learning to blast Ki as well.

I can also feel the life force around me. It's strange. When I reach out, it's like I can feel every flame of life in the world. The most powerful 'flames' are here. But, I felt a pair of powerful Kis a good distance away. That must be Gohan and Piccolo. I knew because Kami told me himself. I was greatful that Gohan was alive and well. But, I don't know if he was the same little boy I know and love. I can't though. Kami told me to wait. He told me that Gohan's power is disparately needed for the upcoming battle. I will wait only because God himself told me to wait. But I will get you back, Gohan. This I swear.


Weeks passed as Chi Chi trained. Everyone was shocked about how quickly this woman had picked up on basic Ki techniques like blasting and flying. Chi Chi was wearing modified versions of the weights that the other warriors were wearing as well. Instead of a weighed shirt, she wore weighed shoulder pads, and a weight belt. They were a pain to move in but she wore them without complaint in her voice.

As she did practice flips all over the Lookout, Kami watched the woman trained furiously. "Chi Chi is progressing the fastest of these guys. She's could surpass all of us." Choutsu observed as she landed and and started doing katas at a super fast rate.

"Yes. I thought she had a warrior's spirit back when Piccolo fought it the Tournament but now, she has a much higher potential." Kami observed, "She's training to fight to protect her family from danger. She is like a lioness fighting to protect her cubs. Her power derives from her need to be with her love ones and since her son and husband will be in the middle of it, she will be a force to reckon with. I only hope it is enough."

Chi Chi was thinking differently as she punched the air. **Had to get stronger.** She thought as she gritted her teeth. Images of her son lost with a demon haunted her mind constantly. She wanted to go down and get him back but Kami kept on insisting that Piccolo is too strong and that Gohan is safe.

She hovered up and sat in a meditative position. It was a little exercise she learned in which she had to constantly float in the same place with the weights. It forces her to use her Ki power to the limit and more. **Must get stronger.** She thought as she clasped her hands in a praying position. **Gohan, if you can hear me, don't worry, I'll come for you.**

"Hey, Chi Chi, wanna spar?" Yamcha suggested as he went to the floating woman.

Chi Chi smiled as she unfold her legs and landed on the ground. She knew Yamcha longer than Goku. They met in the desert and he knocked her out cold. Now, they are both adults and maybe on equal level. "Sure. I need the practice. I won't be too soft on you." She grinned wildly and Yamcha frowned in confusion. He knew that Chi Chi had improved greatly over the short time she trained but she was no match for him.

"Okay." Yamcha went into a fighter's pose.

The woman lunged and the two exchange blows. The other warriors stopped as the two started to blur. Chi Chi screamed as she punched the other hard. Yamcha quickly blocked her blows stunned at both her speed and power. Suddenly, Chi Chi let out a strong kick and Yamcha flew across the Lookout and landed straight into a palace wall.

"Whoa." Krillian muttered with a dropped jaw.

Chi Chi simply bowed and then went to the palace. "I'm going to cook some lunch now." She walked away as Yamcha got up from the rubble.

"Damn, she's good." Yamcha admired as he brushed away the dust.


Dear Journal:

I'm getting so much stronger, it's wonderful. I've started wearing a set of wrist weights and been trying to sleep in a constant medative state to exercise my Ki. Kami taught me himself about that. How long has it been? Six months now? I can feel my boy's power starting to rise. I must be there but I have to be strong enough. Oh, Gohan, my baby, Mommy's coming.


"Hey, guys!" Bulma yelled as Yamcha lifted her up to the Lookout.

"Bulma!" Chi Chi greeted as she jumped up from her pushup position and ran to her friend.

"Chi Chi! You are looking strong, girlfriend!" Bulma squealed, "Training hard?"

"As hard as I can." Chi Chi replied as she pound her fists. "I want to rescue my boy back from that no good demon."

"I've seen Gohan myself just a few days ago." Bulma commented.

"Is he okay? I mean, has he been eating right?"

"He's fine." Bulma insisted as she smiled, "He looks strong and healthy and he missed you and Goku very much."

Chi Chi slumped down as she sniffed, "He missed me?"

"Very much."

"Did you fix that scouter yet?" Chi Chi asked deciding to change the subject to the matter at hand.

"Of course. Line up! Get your power levels checked! Take off the weights." Bulma announced as the warriors get in line. "First, Yamcha." Bulma said as she clicked on her scouter and read the readout, "650."

"Nice." Krillian and the others applauded lightly.

"Choutsu. 503."

"Cool." Choutsu replied.

"Tien. 702."

"Not bad."

"Yajarobie... 120."

"I was just warming up." Yajarobie grumbled.

"Chi Chi?" Bulma asked as Chi Chi took off her weights.


Bulma clicked on her scouter and stammered, "8-8-850?!"

"Gah!" Krillain and everyone else fell over. "She's that powerful?!"

"Good." Chi Chi said as she got out some bags. "Then, I'm strong enough to fight Piccolo and get back my baby."

"Chi Chi," Kami warned as he stepped up, "I must warn you that Piccolo will still be stronger than you. He had been training very hard for the Saiyans."

"I know but I have to do this." Chi Chi insisted as she bowed, "I won't kill Piccolo, yet. I respect you too much to kill him and you, Kami." Chi Chi put on her weights and bowed to Kami. "Thank you, Kami, Mr. Popo for your training."

She got her small bag and flew up. "Wait!" Yamcha yelled out, "Let us help you!"

"Yeah!" Krillian agreed, "Piccolo is tough!"

"No!" Chi Chi looked down at the group. "This is a matter of family. It must stay in the family. You guys just stay here and keep training. If I live through this, I'll meet you when the Saiyans attack."

"Then, good luck!" Yajarobie yelled out.

"Just becareful!" Yamcha warned.

"Say 'Hi' to Gohan for me!" Krillian waved.

Chi Chi smiled and flew off.

She flew for hours over the vast landscape. She was ready to battle a demon that she didn't have a chance to fight so many years ago. The woman hovered and stopped at a former mountain surrounded by a calm peaceful village. Memories came to her as she landed at her former home. For years, she had grew up here, trained here, and even got married here. She smiled at the memories and then frowned. "Must focus."

She zoomed away and flew to the desert. Ox-King got out and muttered, "Good luck."


Piccolo meditate as Gohan was practicing his basic moves under the searing sun. The young warrior was showing good progress and hopefully, he will be strong enough for the Saiyans. Suddenly, he looked up and felt a strong Ki coming his way. **Who's that? Can't be Goku and it's not my 'brother'.** Piccolo thought as he hovered up.

Gohan stopped and then looked up. "Who's that, Mr. Piccolo?"

"Wait a sec. Keep on fighting." Piccolo said as he flew up to the strong ki in the air. He was interested in the power level this person had. It wasn't as powerful as Raddiz's but it might've been a good comparison.

He gazed up and heard a war cry echoed in the air. "Wha?" His jaw dropped when a woman flew up at him and started to punch at him.

Piccolo dodged the blows and gasped as the woman stopped. "You!" She screamed as she breathed heavilly. "Release my boy!" Floating there in weights was a woman with dark hair and dark eyes. She was dressed in the same blue and red fighting outfit that he saw her wore the first time he saw her.

"The fate of the world is at stake." Piccolo grunted, "I'm training him to be the world's hope."

"And maybe to mold him in your image." Chi Chi accused, "I could see it. Once the Saiyans are dead, you'll sic Gohan against my Goku and kill him again!"

Piccolo snarled. She did have a point. He did want to mold Gohan in his image and kill Goku again. But, the boy wasn't bending one bit. "No."

"Liar." Chi Chi reached up and flung off her wrist weights, then her leg weights, her belt weight, and finally her shoulder weights. Piccolo's jaw dropped as he felt the power soar. Then, he removed his cape and turban. "Let's do it." Chi Chi ordered as she flew up and the two fought.


Gohan fired shots in the air as he felt Piccolo and the other large Ki fighting. "Wow. Look at that power level. I wonder who it could be?" He wondered as he flew to the two Kis.


Echoes of punches ran through the air as the woman and the demon fought. The two fighters flew apart and glared at each other. Chi Chi's outfit was ripped in several places and blood trickled down her cheek. Piccolo breathed deeply as he glanced at his own clothes. The woman was tougher than he expected.

"Not bad, lady. I thought Gohan got his strength from his father." Piccolo growled.

"My name is Chi Chi."


The two glared at each other for a long second. "You know, I thought you dislike fighting." Piccolo chided.

"Oh no. I loved to fight. But, I stopped fighting so Gohan will get a nice normal childhood."

"There's no such thing as a normal childhood with the parents he have. Especially his father, he's an alien you know."

"So? You're a blood thirsty demon who's the evil half of Kami. Gohan's not having a normal childhood right now."

"Shut up!" Piccolo ordered as he lunged forward. "Let me kill you!"

Chi Chi put up her guard and waited for an impact. Suddenly, a small blur flew up and came between the two. "STOP IT!!!" Gohan ordered as he breathed deeply.

"Gohan!" Chi Chi exclaimed as she hugged her son.

"Mommy!" Gohan greeted as he turned and hugged her back. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too, sweetee." Chi Chi cooed as the two hugged, "Oh, you have no idea how much I missed you. I mean, after that nasty Piccolo kidnapped you, I was afraid that I'll never see you again." She picked Gohan up and inspected him. "Are you okay? Did Piccolo do anything to you?"

"No. In fact, Piccolo is my best friend." Gohan said as he pointed to a stunned Piccolo. "Can I stay here to train?" Gohan asked, "Please? I promise, I'll catch up after we defeat the Saiyans."

Chi Chi gasped as she lowered to the ground and sat. "Stay? Stay?! Look! You shouldn't be fighting super powerful aliens at your age! For Kami's sake, you're only four years old!"

"But... I gotta fight, Mommy. If I had been stronger, I would've been able to save Daddy! Please! I... I can't let Earth down again!" Gohan said as he clenched his fists.

Chi Chi's face soften as she watched her boy. A mere six months ago, she was a typical mother and he was a typical boy with a monkey tail. Then, an evil alien came and her perfect world shatter. She was forced to embrace her warrior past again and Gohan, her little scholar, is forced to save the world when he's only four. "I... you're growing up way too fast..." Chi Chi replied as she hugged Gohan, "I can't make you not fight to save the world. You are a very strong boy and I'm proud of you for that. I... want you to be a scholar... and I know that it's what you want to be too and I guess I can't make you study if the world will end in six months. Okay, you can stay here to train with Piccolo."

"Yippee!!!" Gohan cried out as Piccolo let go of the breath he didn't know he was holding.

"But, I'm staying here too." Chi Chi insisted as Piccolo fell over.

"What?!" Piccolo exclaimed, "You can't be serious!" **Great, I have to deal with that woman too?! I'd rather face those Saiyans now.**

"Why not?" Chi Chi asked as she tapped her foot. "If Gohan's staying, I'm staying, I'm training to fight the Saiyans too and I won't let my boy go alone!"

"Please, Piccolo..." Gohan pleaded as he whimpered and gave Piccolo the puppy eye look.

Piccolo growled internally. Over the past six months, he had grown... attached to the boy. He couldn't find it in his heart to refuse the boy's mother and he certainly couldn't kill Chi Chi. "Okay! But, Gohan couldn't study. He has to dedicate the next six months to getting stronger."

"Fine!" Chi Chi snarled as she went up to the demon and hovered up to his face, "But the second the Saiyans are dead, Gohan's studying again! Got it, demon!"

Piccolo sweatdropped and stepped back. **Damn it, if she's on our side, we'll have no problem with those Saiyans.** Piccolo thought. "Fine, after the Saiyans die, Gohan studies."

"Good." Chi Chi crossed her arms.

"Fine." Piccolo crossed his arms as well.

"Yes! You two are the best!" Gohan squealed as he jumped up and grabbed Piccolo and Chi Chi's hands. "Yay!" He ran off yelling, "MOMMY AND PICCOLO ARE TRAINING TOGETHER!!! I'M THE LUCKIEST BOY IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!"

The two sighed. "Gohan is so sweet." Chi Chi said as she smiled warmly.


The two glanced at each other. "Did we just agree on something?" Piccolo asked.

"No. No, we didn't."



Dear Journal,

If one year ago, I would find out that I would be training my own son for a battle to save the world with a demon who tried to kill Goku I would go insane. But here I am, training to become stronger with the one man I never thought I would be fighting with. Piccolo was a good trainer, he had more first hand experience in fighting than Kami. But, I still don't trust him. But, I have no choice. Besides, Gohan loves him, almost as much as Goku and me. He even have an outfit that's just like Piccolo's. As much as I hate to admit it but I kinda like Piccolo myself. He has class and maturity. He definately has more manners than Goku. Maybe... maybe... he might be a decent role model for Gohan.

The day for battle is here. I have to be strong. I want to be with Goku again.


Chi Chi put down her journal and looked up. The pre-dawn sky was beautiful. It didn't look like the type of day that would make determine the fate of the world. She can feel a pair of faint Kis coming to the planet. "They're coming." She commented as she got up. "Gohan! Piccolo!" She called out as she looked at the two. They were meditating to gather strength. "We have to go!"

"I know." Piccolo said as he and Gohan got up.

"But first, we have to see your grandfather." Chi Chi advised as she put her hand on Gohan's head. "Come on."

"Huh?" Piccolo said as he ran infront of her. "What are you talking about?"

"Well... we don't know if we will live to see tomarrow, so we're taking a small trip to see my father." Chi Chi insisted, "And you coming too."

"Me?!" Piccolo exclaimed as Chi Chi grabbed his hand.

"Yes, you! I want you to meet my father. Come'on!" Chi Chi dragged the demon along as Gohan followed.


The sun slowly rose as Ox-King woke up to a pounding on the door. "Huh?" The giant put on his robe and went up to the door. "Yeah?" Then, his heart almost stopped as he noticed Chi Chi, Gohan, and a tall green demon standing there. "Chi Chi?! Gohan?!" The man ran up and hugged his daughter and grandson.

"Grandpa!" Gohan said as he looked up, "I'm sorry I haven't visited in a long time!"

"That's okay, Gohan. I understand that you have to go and save the world." Ox-King let go of his family and then looked at the green man. "A-a-and who's he?"

"This is Piccolo." Gohan said as he grabbed Piccolo's hand and tugged him forward, "He's my best friend and mentor."

The two stared at each other. Ox-King's heart pounded as he remembered how Piccolo had threatened the world. Still, Gohan seem to really like this demon and he remembered how he had threated people before he met Goku. "Well, it's nice to see Gohan getting new friends." Ox-King smiled hesitantly.

"Yeah. Well... he's an okay kid." Piccolo said as he nodded.

"Chi Chi, it's good to see you so strong." Ox-King admired, "You remind me of your mother."

"Thanks, Daddy." Chi Chi started to cry but then regained her serious expression. "I wish I can stay, but we have to go and save the world."

"I know." Ox-King went to the side and got out a small capsule. "Here, put this on. I made it for you." He gave the capsule to the woman. Chi Chi took the capsule and pressed on the button. A poof of smoke, Chi Chi came up wearing a completely new outfit. It was a long purple body suit covered with hard armor. It was conservative and yet show every curve of her body. Her hair was in a pair of tight buns that sat on her head like meatballs and around her head was a white and purple headband with a small jewel on it.

"Oh... Dad..." Chi Chi admired as she looked at herself.

"It's the latest in armor." Ox-King instructed, "It's made out of a synthetic material that makes it impenitrable to bullets and yet lightweight. The headband contains a high powered laser just like the one you had as a child but much stronger." Ox-King instructed.

"Wow." Gohan admired, "Do you have a suit for me too?"

Ox-King shook his head. "I'm sorry but that's a one of a kind suit. It took me a year just to make that one."

"Oh. Well... I don't need armor anyway! Because I have..." Gohan imediately flex his muscles and yelled, "Super saiyan power!"

"We better go. Thank you so much, Daddy. I'll use it well." Chi Chi hugged her father and then Gohan hugged him.

"Bye, Grandpa."

"Goodbye, Gohan. I'll be at Master Roshi's waiting for you two."

"Right. Let's go and see if your father's alive yet." Chi Chi said as she flew up, "Bye, Dad!"

The two flew up, Piccolo was just about to folow and then Ox-King yelled to Piccolo, "Piccolo! Wait!"

Piccolo stopped and turned to the larger man. "What?"

"P-promise me that you will make sure Chi Chi and Gohan's safe!" Ox-King ordered, "Please, Chi Chi and Gohan mean the world to me. If something happens to them... I'll never forgive myself."

Piccolo sighed as he reached out with his mind. **Relax, I won't let those Saiyans kill them.** He flew off.

So, the warriors flew off to their battle. Three people who didn't know if they will win the battle but they will try anyway.