All characters except for Anna Droid and anyone else you don't recognize belongs to Akira Toriyama and Funimation. Anna Droid belongs to me. This is the sequel to 'The Healing of the Warrior Woman'.

Warning: I do not know of any rituals for ghost exorisms, so I was forced to make them up.

The Ressurection of the Warrior Woman
By Maria Cline

Bulma's Log 100901

I can't believe this is it. I finally had the ship modified for Human use. The modifications included an obvious sleeping arrangements, I added several more seats for Gohan, Krillian, myself, and Anna. Of course, it may seem strange to have Anna get her own seat since she doesn't need to sit but I want her to experience normal life.

I hate traveling. Of course, I traveled all the time when I was Dragon Ball hunting but that was a long time ago. I was a teenager back then and I faced a whole bunch of monsters. If it wasn't for Goku, I would've dead a long time ago. Oh, I wish Goku would come with me. I feel so safe when I'm near him. He's so strong and handsome, just like Yamcha only much stronger. At least Gohan is coming with me, he's a strong boy just like his father was.

I just hope it will be a nice peaceful trip. Yeah right.


Many days passed as the warriors worked to get prepared. Finally, the day came. They decided to launch from Master Roshi's island since the Capsule Corps would be watched carefully. Bulma had brought the craft from the Corps building to the island and was getting ready. She had prepared for everything on this lengthy trip. She cut her long hair to shoulder length and held it back to with a headband. Her outfit is now a standard spacesuit design.

Anna was standing beside her. Bulma designed her new outfits so any possible enemy of the Saiyans wouldn't think of her as a foe. Anna was dressed in a tight black tank top with a pair of baggy camouflage pants. Her long hair was tied up in a ponytail and there were streaks of green pain on her face like tribal makeup. "Ms. Bulma, Mr. Krillian is coming this way."

On cue, Krillian came up. Unlike the two who were dressed like they were going into combat, Krillian was dressed in casual attire of a polo shirt and khakis pants with a baseball hat on his head. Slung on his shoulder was a small carryon bag with his battle outfit in it and a few pairs of underwear and socks.

"Is that all you're carrying?" Bulma asked in a sharp tone. She didn't want to go traveling out into space with who knows what out there. But, she was the only one who can speak Namekian and possibly repair the spaceship if something happens.

"You bet. I like to feel comfortable when I'm traveling." Krillian said as he held his bag closer to his body. He may be a warrior but he was a monk at heart. He always believe in simple things and to travel lightly for long distances.

Bulma humped. "This is no sleepover. Anna and I are taking this very seriously. I cut my hair so it wouldn't get caught in anything. I even gave Anna a new outfit so Vegita or any friend of his might not recognize her."

"I'm taking this seriously. My battle outfit is in here." Krillian said as he patted his bag.

"Well, you better be ready if anything attacks." Bulma grumbled.

"I'll be ready." Krillian said as he frowned. He knew that Bulma is under a great deal of stress but did she have to put it on him?


Anna's right eye flashed green as she looked up. "Ms. Bulma, sensors picked up Master Gohan and another power reading coming this way."

A giant air car hovered down to the ground. The group looked up as the craft's door opened. Ox-King came out and unloaded a bunch of suitcases. The group watched in awe as the gentle giant finally finished unloading. "Howdy!" Ox-King boomed as he waved.

"Hey, Ox-King!" Krillian replied as he waved back. He looked around and asked, "Where's Gohan?"

Ox-King sighed deeply as he opened the door and bend over. "Come on out, Gohan." Ox-King said as he let the boy came out. At once, everyone, even the normally stoic Anna, face faulted at the sight. Standing there was Gohan, a cute schoolboy's outfit replaced his battle outfit and his hair had been cut and restyled into a bowl style.

"I feel silly going into space like this." Gohan commented as he turned red.

"Do you have copies of all your homework?" Chi Chi asked as she appeared next to her son.

"Yup, and I'll work very hard on it." Gohan replied.

"Good." Chi Chi gazed at her son. She wanted so much for him to stay on Earth where it's safe, not into outer space. But, she couldn't stop him. He had a overwhelming sense of honor like his father. Nothing she could do would make Gohan change his mind about escorting Bulma and Krillian off to outer space. There was only one thing she could do for him, give him motherly advise. "Now, I know that this is your first trip into outer space but you have to be well behave. Brush your teeth every day, change your underwear once a day, do your homework on the trip, and call us every chance you get. Okay?"

"I'll be fine, Mommy." Gohan smiled at her.

"And..." Chi Chi added as she clenched her hands in worry, "if you see or sense Vegita or any other nasty people, just run away as far and fast as possible. I don't want you to get hurt or worst. Got it?"

"Okay!" Gohan reached up and hugged his mother.

"I'll miss you very much but I'm letting you go because I love you and I'm proud of you, my baby." Chi Chi sobbed as she focused to hold her only son for who knows how long.

After a long moment, the two finally let go and Gohan went to the platform to the ship. His grandfather quickly load up the large amount luggage on the ship.

"Why are you bringing all that stuff?" Bulma asked peeved at the fact that there are going to be access weight on the ship.

"Just the necessities." Chi Chi quickly explained as she pointed to various parts of the luggage. "I got him his little survivor's outfit, as well as his winter wardrobe, his nightgowns, his homework, his personal computer, his favorite cookies, some mustard, his hairdryer for his hair, hair gel to keep his hair nice, and some-"

Krillian overwhelmed about the fact that Gohan's bringing with him more than what he owns yelled, "No more! I get it!"

Bulma dazed at the fact she's going just said, "Let's get this over with."

The travelers put their gear on to the platform. Gohan's stuff took up most of the room. Anna didn't bring anything since she ever use anything but a small repair kit she holds within her. Bulma brought her stuff but it was already packed into the ship as well as her capsules. Krillian just brought a small bag.

"Good luck, Krillian, you guys must go off to search for the Dragon Balls." Master Roshi said in his most serious tone of voice. Krillian and his master shook hands in a firm resolve to be successful in their mission.

"Bye, Grandpa, Master Roshi, Mommy, and Turtle." Gohan said as he nodded to each of the non-travelers. "I'll be back, I promise." He bowed as Chi Chi fought the urge to cry.

Bulma closed her eyes as she spoke the password to rise the platform back into the space ship. "Piccolo."

The platform rose as the others watch. "Gohan." Chi Chi whispered as she gazed at the ship.

Inside the modified ship, the warriors looked around in the ship. There were one chair in front and three chairs in the back in a row. "Hey, Bulma, where should I put my stuff?" Krillian asked holding his only bag.

"How about in your big mouth?" Bulma snapped at the monk. She didn't want to go on the space trip. If it was up to her, she would just stay on Earth where she can be nice and safe. But no... she have to go to a distant planet with Vegita out there to bring back her beloved Yamcha.

"I had to ask for it." Krillian muttered as he put his bag down.

"Let's go." Bulma ordered as she sat in the main chair.


The take off was hard and fast. Krillian and Gohan screamed as they held on to their chairs. The force held on them did not surprise Anna and Bulma since they already experience such a takeoff before. Finally, the ship stopped and soared off to Namek.

Still recovering from such an exerience, Krillian and Gohan slowly got out of their chairs. "What a ride." Krillian said as tiny Gokus on Nimbus clouds circled his bald head.

"But, kinda fun." Gohan added as he went to a porthole. "I bet the earth looks beautiful from up here." He looked out of the window to see Earth floating in the dark space. Its bright blue glow stood out against the darkness. In the books, he had seen the picutre of the Earth many times, but this was the first time that he had ever seen it for himself. "Wow."

Krillian looked out of another window and gazed at the planet. "I never have been in space before." He muttered almost breathless at the sight. It was at that moment that he had never felt so small in his lifee. "What a sight." He looked over at Anna who was picking up all the stuff that had flown around. "Wanna see, Anna?"

Anna glance at the monk confused. "See?"

"The earth. It's so pretty from outer space. Hurry before we lose sight." Gohan said as he smiled.

Anna looked out of the remaining porthole and said, "I don't understand. It look like all the other planets I had seen with similar environments."

Krillian and Gohan frowned at the android. "Anna, you have to appreciate beauty of nature." Krillian argued.

"Ah. I understand. Master Vegita often tells me that nothing is more beautiful than an exploding planet or a powerful warrior beaten down by Saiyan hands." Anna commented as she stepped away from the window.

"..." The warriors looked at each another and then Bulma.

Bulma got up and went out. "I'm going to sleep."

"To sleep? Already?" Krillian said confused.

"The ship's controls are automatic." Bulma explained, "Nothing to worry about."

"Oh. Well, we might as well rest up too." Krillian reasoned as Bulma went into the ladies bedroom. He looked into his bag and moaned, "Oh man, I forget my pajamas. Looks like I'm sleeping in this."

"You can use my spare pajamas." Gohan offered, "I'm sure it can fit you."

Krillian grumbled. He hated the fact that Goku's five-year-old son is the same size as he. Of course, he is a little taller but in just a couple of years, Gohan will pass him. "I'm sure it will. Say, are you going to fight in that outfit?"

"Oh no. I made this while I was getting ready for the trip." Gohan reached into one of his small sacks and pulled out another outfit. He sat down and quickly put it on. After he was done, he stood up and gestured at it. "What do you think?"

The boy was dressed in a blue gi with red armbands and a white fluffy collar. It was a mirror image of Piccolo's own outfit without the turban and cape. "You really respect Piccolo, don't you?" Krillian said in awe. He knew that Gohan had great respect for the currently dead namekian but he had no idea that the boy almost worshipped him.

"Almost as much as my father." Gohan exclaimed.

"It is very efficient looking." Anna said, "May I go into sleep mode, Master Gohan?"

"You don't have to ask for permission for that." Gohan said, "If you want to sleep, you can just sleep."

"Hey, I don't know you need sleep." Krillian observed. He wasn't sure how to treat Anna. She looked fully human and yet seem completely obedient and robotic.

"I require to power down to reenergize my form." Anna said and then she closed her eyes. "Powering down." She lay down on the floor and remain still.

"Weird." Gohan muttered as he came up to Anna. "Miss Anna? Can you wake up? Please?" He asked as he shook the android, "You don't have to lie on the floor."


Bulma's Log: 101601

It had been a week since we left Earth. There were no signs of Vegita and we are going as scheduled. It's dull here. Gohan and Krillian train but in their minds. They told me that they do something called astral sparing. They fight but on a different level to practice their techniques. It's so they can keep training without destroying the ship.

My only friend who is the closest thing to a woman is Anna Droid, a former sex toy of Vegita's. I study her programming and her hardware. Her mechanics are so complicated and yet similar to a human structure. She was built with a power converter that is in the middle of her chest. Her main software was based in her head and along the spinal column for maximum speed of input and output of data. Of course, in many ways she wasn't like humans. She was much stronger and have a unique skin that enables her to alter her shape and deflect Ki blasts.

She also has self-awareness around her. While she will do anything we told her to, she seem to just want to do it. I like having someone I can boss around but it felt like she was a slave that didn't know what freedom is. I'm trying to teach her self esteem and about being her own 'master'. I hope I can change that.


Bulma turned off her tape recorder and lean back in the chair. "Just three more weeks to go." She muttered as she looked up. Bulma was dressed in only a gray sports bra and gray boxers. She looked over to see Krillian and Gohan sitting back to back with their eyes closed in mental sparring. Anna was busy cleaning up the various cans and food wrappers left around by Bulma herself. "At least those two are out of my way.” She muttered as she watched.

"Ms. Bulma?" Anna asked as she came up dressed in a black sports bra and a black pair of boxers. "You seemed stressed."

"I should be! Look! I'm out here in outer space in a spaceship with who knows what out there and I'm bored to death!" Bulma screamed, "Ohhh!!! Yamcha better be grateful when he's alive again!"

"Ms. Bulma, if you seek recreation, I can aid you. My main function is in entertainment." Anna said as she sat in Bulma's lap.

Bulma turned red and then shoved Anna off. "No! Forget it! Look, Anna, you're a girl, at least you look like a girl and I'm a girl too. That would be too weird. I'm not that type."

"What if I were to modify my appearence?" Anna asked as she stood up. She started to tap on her arm and said, "Modification to male form initiate." Anna lit up and transformed. Her breasts sunk in as her arms and legs bludged. Bulma's eyes bludged as Anna stood there transformed. Anna was now a tall lean man with short black hair and blue eyes. "Is this more to your liking?" Anna asked in a deeper tone of voice.

Bulma gulped as she gawked at the man. "Oh man. You're cute!"

Anna nodded once and knelt to her. "You approve of my appearance then?"

"Oh! I approve of your appearance very much!" Bulma exclaim as her eyes turned into a pair of hearts.

"Bulma?" Gohan asked as he and Krillian came in to see a familiar looking man kneeling next to a love struck Bulma. "A-A-Anna?!"

"Huh?" Krillian muttered as he looked up and down the strange man. He couldn't sense anything from him and there was no way that he could sneak on. "Anna? How did you do that?"

"I am created with the ability to transform into two different genders for maximum pleasure." Anna answered as he tilt his head.

"Whoa! You mean that one of the male Saiyans like guys?" Krillian asked.

"Sometimes, Master Raddiz wanted me to entertain in this form." Anna explained, "My other masters wish for different forms from me for different missions and I obey, Mr. Krillian."

"This is creepy." Gohan said, "Can you turn back?"

"Yes. If you wish for me to be a female again, Master Gohan." Anna answered.

"Please, Anna."

Anna nodded and then transformed back to her female self. "Is this more to your liking?" She asked in her familiar feminent voice.

The group nod in unison. "Incredible, she cooks, she cleans, and she can turn into a cute guy!" Bulma gushed, "She's perfect."

"I am created to serve you in any way possible, Ms. Bulma." Anna said as she bowed.

Bulma clapped her hands in glee. **This trip may not be such a bummer after all.** Bulma thought eagerly as she thought of all the interesting things she can do with Anna Droid.


Meanwhile, back at the hospital on Earth...

To a normal person, it looked like there was nothing going on. However, if one has a sixth sense, then he or she would see a translucent tall woman practicing moves in mid air. Chi Chi screamed as she flew up and did kicks and punches against an invisible enemy. She had to get stronger for Namek. Every fiber in her ghostly being wanted to be there for Gohan. Every day feels like an eternity for her as she wait for messages from Gohan. The only things that help pass time for her is training to become spiritually strong and Goku. He had been very helpful in training her in his mind. Of course, for him, it was the only thing he could do freely. He hated being trapped inside the biobed. He was a man of nature and feedom and being surrounded by four walls all the time while confined in a broken body would drive him crazy.

Chi Chi turned and then focused on a box of tools lying near by. The box floated up with great ease and the tools flew out and circled the box.

"Now, where's my box?" He wondered as he looked around to see a floating tool box with tools dancing around it. "AAAHHH!!!" The man screamed wildly as he ran down the stairs and into the halls.

Chi Chi turned and watched the panicking man ran off. "Oh shit... I hate it when that happens."


"There's nothing to worry about, Handi." Dr. Cast said as he and the handyman walked down the hall. The handyman was still in a state of shock. His skin was pale and sweaty, his hair was standing up thanks to the shock of his life. Even his strong, normally steady hands, was trembling slightly.

"Bu... but I saw my tools... floating... magic... this place is haunted!" The handyman stuttered with wide eyes.

"You have been stressed lately." The man replied, "The rumors of strange going ons have gotten to everyone. Why don't you just go home?"

"Home. Yes. I'll go home. I'm done anyway." Handi muttered as he walked away. He ran into a wall and managed to stepped to the door.

"I'll get your stuff." Dr. Cast offered, "And send it to you."

"Thanks." The man muttered as he walked away. **The kids will never beleve this.** He thought as he stumbled into the door before opening it and getting through.

Dr. Cast shook his head and went to Goku's room. For the past two weeks, Goku and Chi Chi had been nothing but trouble. They didn't mean to of course. But, their very presence seem to make odd things happen. Patients and his fellow coworkers would talk about a ghostly woman floating around and things moving on their own. The Psych ward was busy with different people going in and out in shock.

The man went up to the room and heard a distinct series of grunting and counting. "Goku." He sighed as he rolled his eyes. He came into the room and saw Goku, still in his body cast doing sit ups with Master Roshi counting while eating some cake.

"Five hundred more." The old man said.

"Goku!" Dr. Cast boomed as Goku and Master Roshi looked at the doctor. The doctor tapped his foot in his usual impatient way. In his many years as a doctor, he had seen patients with injuries still doing exercises but he had never seen a man in a body cast do situps. Before he met Goku, he didn't even know it was possible. "How many times must I tell you to not train in your condition! You might complicate some injuries and you could die."

"Nah! Goku's a tough lad!" Master Roshi argued as he patted Goku on the back. "He won't die."

Dr. Cast crossed his arms and frowned. "I know that Goku is a tough man, especially since he's a you-know-what but he still have his limits. Goku is healing at a faster rate than many of our other patients. But he still have to rest in bed with _no_ training and that's an order."

Master Roshi sighed as Goku lay down. In his long life, he had faced many enemies like Demon King Piccolo but he could never fight a doctor. "Okay, help me get him up."

The doctor and the martial arts master lifted the injured man back into the biobed. "There. Now try not to do this until you are fully recovered. And also, can you tell your wife to train somewhere else? She accidentally scared another handyman." The doctor ordered as he turned to leave.

Goku looked at the man and appologized, "Sorry."

"That's okay." The doctor walked out of the room and then he looked back with a confused look in his face. "Wait a second, how did he get on the ground to begin with?" The man shook his head. "I can't wait till the senzu beans are delivered." He stopped again, he couldn't believe that he actually believe in a magic bean that can heal broken bones. His patients are really affecting him. After Goku and Chi Chi are discharged, he will go on a nice long vacation.

Then, a pair of monks came up to him. "Greetings, we are a pair of monks sent to exorcise this hospital. We hear that there were ghosts here. May we provide assistance?"

Dr. Cast groaned as he closed his eyes. **A very long vacation.** He thought.


Time passed as Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, and Choutsu ran along the snake way. The warrior group huffed as they ran the long way. They didn't know how long it had been since they last took a break. Being dead, they discovered that they didn't need to eat or drink to sustain them. However, they are still vulnerable to fatigue.

They ran in a nice line. First was Piccolo, then Tien, then Yamcha, and finally Choutsu. "One-two, one-two..." Piccolo counted as he jogged.

Choutsu huffed and moaned as he ran last. He was the weakest and often float to go distances. "I... need... to... rest." Choutsu gasped as he fell to his knees.

"Choutsu?" Tien stopped and Yamcha ran into him.

"Hey!" Yamcha complained as he stepped back. "You could've warned us first."

"Sorry." Tien appologized as he went up to his best friend. "Choutsu? You okay?" He picked up the man.

"I'm fine, Tien. Just a little worn out." Choutsu wiped his brow. "You guys go ahead, I'll catch up." He hated being in the way. He always knew that he was the weakest one but that didn't stop him in the fight.

"No way. We go through this together." Tien vowed, "I'll carry you."

"Are you sure?" Choutsu asked as he looked at his beloved friend.

"Come'on! We have a god to meet!" Piccolo boomed as the three glared at him. They were all feeling exhausted despite the fact that they were dead. Piccolo, the only one not showing signs of slowing down was ordering them to keep up.

**Remind me again why he's our leader?** Yamcha thought out to Tien.

Tien glanced over at Piccolo and whispered in his mind. **Because he's wiser and can kick our butts.**

**Oh... right.**


"No! We don't need you! Go away! You're scaring our patients!" Dr. Cast boomed as he fought the crowd of priests, monks, and every ghost exterminator in the city. After the first two monks came, every patient, nurse, and doctor decided to hire someone to take care of the ghost problem. Before today, he had no ideal how popular ghost exorcists are.

"But, I sense a bestal presence." A monk said as he held his head. "She is very powerful and dangerous."

"I know, she's the wife of one of my patients." Dr. Cast replied, "Look, we don't have any ghost problems! It's all in your minds!"

"I'm sorry but we are hired to stop these ghosts and we will do so!" Priest Rezo boomed. "Everyone! Exorcise!"

The group ran off as Dr. Cast moaned. "What more can go wrong?" He asked.

As if someone was listening, a woman screamed, "LEAVE ME ALONE! *Achoo* Eeek! What am I doing here? *Achoo* Where's the guard?! I'll kill all of you!!!"

"I had to ask." Dr. Cast sighed as he went to the emergency room.


A few minutes later…

“I hope you don’t mind to get another roommate.” Dr. Cast said to Goku. He was relieved to see Master Roshi gone. The old man had been a bother to all the nurses with his rear slapping habits. Fortunately, he had to leave to watch Suzie Summerson's workout and he couldn't see the TV up close in Goku's room.

“Not at all.” Goku replied, “But why?”

“There’s no room and the psych ward is full too.” Dr. Cast explained, “If you don’t like her, I’ll get her to another hospital.”

“Her?” Chi Chi repeated as she stood next to the doctor.

“Yes…” Dr. Cast replied. He was used to seeing the ghostly woman around. “would you like to meet her?”

“Very well.” Chi Chi replied, “But if she’s dangerous to my husband, you will move her.”

“I understand.” Dr. Cast left the room and wheeled in a woman with long blue curly hair with a red bandana around her head. She had a broken arm and several bruises.

“Lunch?!” Goku recognized immediately.

“Goku? Is that you?” Lunch asked confused.

“You know her?” Dr. Cast and Chi Chi asked in unison.

“Yeah.” Goku replied as he smiled at Lunch. “Lunch was a good friend of mine back when I was training with Krillian and Master Roshi.”

“Wow, Goku, I nearly didn’t recognize you in all those bandages. What happened to you?” Lunch asked and then pointed to Chi Chi, “And what are you? Are you that ghost that all those people are hunting?”

Chi Chi sweat dropped as she lightly laughed. “I’m Goku’s wife, Chi Chi. We met at the Tournament, remember?”

“Oh! That’s right.” Lunch said cheerfully, “But, what happened to you two? Was it Piccolo?”

Goku and Chi Chi looked at each other and Goku sighed. "Lunch, there's something you should know. You see... a year ago... my brother Raddiz came to Earth from outer space. It turned out that I was an alien sent to Earth to destroy it..." Goku quickly explained how Raddiz came and threatened the Earth and how he sacrificed his life to kill Raddiz. The man explained how he trained in the Next Dimention to become much stronger for two more Saiyans came just a few days ago to threatened the world. "And so, we all trained..." Goku said as he looked up at Chi Chi. "Even Chi Chi..."

"We all became much stronger, especially Tien. I trained with him and learned tricks." Chi Chi continued, "He fought very hard. We all fought very hard but... the two Saiyans and the android... were much stronger. Tien fought very bravely and gave all he had in the end. I'm sorry. He's gone."

Lunch sat there in a daze. Her face was blank as the words finally had meaning. "Gone?" She repeated, "He's... dead.... Wh- what about the Dragon Balls?"

Goku nodded slowly. "I'm sorry." He said, "Yamcha, Choutsu, and Piccolo are dead too. Since Piccolo and Kami are dead, the Dragon Balls are gone as well."

Lunch's lip trembled as her eyes teared up. Finally, she howled, "NNNNOOOO!!!" She flung her arms around Goku as tears flowed down her cheeks. Goku slowly lift his arm up and gently comfort the woman.

"It's okay, Lunch. Don't cry." He whispered as Lunch kept on sobbing.

"Why does this have to happen to him? I miss him so much!" Lunch wailed as she cried onto Goku's shoulder. The bandages was soaked as the woman lifted her head up. "I... Aaaahhhh..."

Goku's eyes bludged as he waved his arm. "Oh oh! Lunch! Don't-"

"CHOOO!!!" Lunch sneezed and then her hair transformed from dark blue to bright yellow. Chi Chi and the Doctor (who was still in the room) gasped in shock as the blond looked around. "I can't believe that no good bastard died without telling me!" She boomed as she got out a machine gun. "Tien! Why didn't you did you walk out you no good mother fucker!!!"

"Lunch, I'm sorry about that." Goku said as he took the gun and put it to the side, "But you can't fire your gun in a hospital."

"Who's going to stop me?" Lunch taunted as she got out another machine gun, "Did you know that he left just because I robbed a train to make him the best dinner in his life?!" Goku shook his head as he took the machine gun away. Lunch got out another machine gun and continued, "Is it my fault that he can't stand being with bad babes with me?!..." Goku quickly took the machine gun and laid it to the side. Lunch undaunted took out a one handed missle launcher and continued, "He saved my life and I thought it would be good if I cook him a good meal!" Goku smiled nervously as he took the missle launcher and put it next to the machine guns.

The woman ranted on as Goku kept on disarming her. Chi Chi and the doctor watched as the arsenal grew with every rant. Machine guns, Missle launchers, hand pistols, bazzokas, brass knuckles, and even a mini-tank lay on the floor in a huge pile. After the woman was done with her long rant, she took a breath and said, "I need a drink. Hey, Doc! Where can I get a beer around here?"

"We don't serve alcaholic drinks around here!" The doctor said as he eyed the pile of arsenal. "Where did you keep all that stuff?"

The woman smiled and took the doctor by the shirt. "Would you like to know, Doc?" She whispered.


Goku sighed as he looked over to Chi Chi and said telepathically, **Chi Chi, can you go and get some pepper?**

"Pepper?" Chi Chi repeated.

**Yes. Pepper. Hurry.** Goku thought as he gently pulled Lunch away. Even with his diminished strength and broken body, he could still handle the evil woman until Chi Chi returns.

Chi Chi flew out of the room and to the cafeteria. Sitting at a table with a pair of priests eating their food was a pepper shaker. "Perfect." She said as she lifted the shaker up and carried it away.

Priest Rezo and Priest Zellos looked up to see the pepper shaker floating away. "God protect us!" Rezo exclaimed as he got out his exorcisim kit. "This cafeteria must be possessed by the ghost."

"We must purge this place at once." Zellos exclaimed as he took out his cross, "I wonder what does a ghost need with pepper?"

"I do not know but we must make certain all pepper shakers are decursed first."

Meanwhile, Chi Chi with shaker in hand flew down the hallways ignoring all the stares from the patients and other workers and flew into the room. "Here." She said as she held the shaker in her hand.

**Sprinkle it on her nose.** Goku telepathically said as he took another gun away from the evil Lunch.

Chi Chi frowned as she gently sprinkle Lunch's nose. She wasn't sure why she needed to something like this. But, if Goku insisted on it, it must be important.

"Hey!" Lunch yelled as she put her finger to her nose. "Ahhhh... choo!" She sneezed. Her hair and eyes turned back to their dark blue color. She looked around dazed and asked, "Did I do anything bad?"

The doctor's jaw dropped as Goku laughed. "Just the usual. You didn't hurt anyone though."

"Where do you hide all those weapons?" Dr. Cast asked as he tried to pick up his jaw.

Lunch pondered and replied, "I have no idea."

Chi Chi and Dr. Cast face-faulted at once. Chi Chi got up and said, "Goku, you have some odd friends."

The doctor sighed and thought, **The woman is a ghost and she calls Lunch odd.** "Well, I see that you three will get along fine. I'll clear off all these weapons and leave."

"Doctor!" Nurse Joy exclaimed as she ran in. "The exorcists are chanting in the cafeteria! I think they are trying to depossess the pepper shakers!"

"Oh no! I thought they would be gone by now!" Dr. Cast moaned as he pulled his hair.

"Exorcists?" Chi Chi repeated, "What are exorcists doing here?"

"They heard about you and came to get rid of you." Dr. Cast explained.

"Ummm... Doctor, what are exorcists?" Goku and Lunch asked simotaniously.

"Ghost exterminators." Dr. Cast explained, "After your wife started training, the patients and many of the workers here started calling every exorcist in the area."

"Oh no. I have no ideal that I caused so much trouble." Chi Chi moaned as she hovered in mid-air. "I'm sorry."

"That's okay, Ms. Chi Chi." Dr. Cast laughed nervously, "We have trouble with our patients all the time."

"Just none that are 'ghosts'." Chi Chi replied.

"... well... you are very unique people." Dr. Cast said, "Don't worry about me. Just focus on getting better." **And leaving this hospital before I lose my mind.** He thought.

"Why can't you just tell those exorcists that there's no ghost?" Lunch asked.

"I tried but they won't believe me." Dr. Cast said when a pair of monks came in.

"Excuse me, is there any pepper shakers in here?" One of the monks asked, "Priest Rezo believed that the ghost is focusing on the pepper shakers."

"Here's one." Dr. Cast insisted as he shoved the pepper to the monks. "Can you please leave? We have some patients in critical condition here."

"Of course." The monk bowed and the two ran off with the shaker.

"This is getting annoying." Dr. cast sighed.

"Too bad we can't just prove there's no ghost." Chi Chi sighed.

Goku's face lit up and said, "Maybe we can. Chi Chi. Can you make yourself look different to a lot of other people?"

Chi Chi pondered for a second and replied, "I think so. It's a matter of metal projection and what they expect."

"Good. Because here's my plan."


It was chaotic as the exorcists chanted in the cafeteria. "Ghostie, ghostie, go away! Go away for another day! Come back in May or some other day but just go away." They chanted as they held hands. The visitors and other people watched and even joined in the exorcism.

Chi Chi hovered in mid-air as she watched. The chants were annoying but didn't have any effect on her form. "This is what they do to get rid of ghosts?" Chi Chi asked as she laughed.

"I don't think this is working." A young teenaged boy said as he put down his staff.

"We could do something else to scare away the ghost." A tall woman with light grayish blue hair purred as she slightly hug the boy.

"Keep your hands off of him!" A slightly shorter woman with purple hair and long robes ordered as she yanked the boy away.

The other woman growled as she pulled the boy back to himself. An elderly priest with long gray hair marched forward and yanked the three apart. "Let's go back to the matters at hand." He advised as he looked up at Priest Rezo and said, "We must try a different chant. This entity is very powerful."

"Okay, let's do this one." Priest Rezo ordered, "Do this one exactly like I say it. Put your right foot in. Take your right foot out. Take your right foot in and shake it all about..."

Chi Chi laughed again as she watched the group doing a strange dance. After a few minutes of enjoyment, she finally appeared to all of them. She never had to appear to so many people at once before but it wasn't hard. She pulled forth an image in their minds of what to expact. She can't make herself look solid but that wasn't necessary. The woman hovered in mid air entirely white with long white hair, white gown, and a halo over her head. "I... am... the ghost..." She moaned and groaned as she rose her arms into the air. Every ounce of her will is dedicated to remaining focused and not to giggle at the situation.

"Begone, evil ghost and leave our pepper shakers alone!" Priest Rezo bellowed as he held up a salt shaker. At once, the other exorcists did the exact same thing. "Shake, men and women, shake!" They started shaking their salt shakers in perfect unison.

"Ohhh..." Chi Chi moaned in fake pain as she held her head. "You are too much for me! I..." She immediately faded away to everyone's eyes.

"Yes! We defeated the ghost!" Rezo exclaimed as the exorcists cheered.


Chi Chi immediately changed back to her normal dress and appeared back into the hospital room. She sighed as she wiped her brow. The exertion of will was hard but she didn't feel too exhausted.

"Did it work?" Dr. Cast asked.

Chi Chi smiled and flashed a 'V' sign like Goku would do.

"Oh. Thank, goodness." Dr. Cast said as he straightened himself off, "At least that was settled. "Thank you, Chi Chi and Goku."

"It was the least we can do." Chi Chi insisted, "I'm sorry for causing so much trouble."

"That's okay. Just be more careful when you train." Dr. Cast insisted, "We don't people to think this place is haunted!"

"Maybe..." Chi Chi gazed at her comatose body. It was so unsettling to her to see it there. Her heart longed to feel true air in her lungs and to eat and drink. "I'm going to try again."

"Good luck." Goku said as he smiled, "I'm sure you'll make it this time."

"Right." Chi Chi blew a kiss to her husband and walked into her physical body.


Darkness surrounded her as she floated in mid-air. It wasn't as sufficating as before but it was still overwhelming. Chi Chi focused on her hand and felt a titch. Around her, she could hear Goku's voice. "You're doing it, Chi Chi. Don't give up."

"Goku..." Chi Chi whispered as she concentrated more. A tingle flowed over her body as she felt pains and aches that she had never felt after she lost her body.

"Her vitals are picking up!" Dr. Cast's voice exclaimed.

"That's it!" Goku cheered.

"Have to open my eyes." Chi Chi's form glowed as she stared up into the dark sky.

She sat up slowly and stiffly. "Chi Chi?" Goku asked as Chi Chi rubbed her eyes. At fist, everything was a giant blur then things became clearer for her.

"Goku?" Chi Chi whispered as she coughed. "Oh. My throat."

"Relax, Ms. Chi Chi. You had been in a coma for a while. You would feel some discomfort but that's perfectly normal." Dr. Cast explained as he took her pulse.

"I do feel a little weak." Chi Chi muttered as she stretched. "Can I get something to eat and drink?"

"Of course, Ms. Chi Chi."


"I'm glad you are fine, Chi Chi." Lunch said as Chi Chi came out of the hospital bathroom dressed in her training outfit. Her father had the foresight of keeping it and a few other clothes in the room just in case she wanted to train with her body.

"Me too. I'm surprised that I feel so much better after eating." Chi Chi commented as she stretched. She turned red slightly as she remembered all the food she consumed from Dr. Cast. She couldn't control herself as she gulped down tray after tray of food. The hospital food had never tasted so rich and tasty. "I believe that I'm stronger than before."

"Incredible." Dr. Cast said as he was checking Goku. "Both of you are recovering at an astonishing rate. "Ms. Chi Chi, most people in a coma as long as you would feel some weakness and would stay in bed at least a couple more days."

"Well... I did do plenty of working out." Chi Chi said as she pointed to a small glass and it floated up into the air.

"Never underestimate the power of spiritual workout." Baba said as she came in with Master Roshi.

"Hello, Master Roshi! Hi, Baba!" Lunch chirped as she waved.

"Lunch?!" Master Roshi exclaimed as he came up. "What happened to your arm?"

"I had a teeny tiny accident with my motorbike." Lunch replied. "I'm only going to be in here for today."

"Oh. Have you heard about Tien?" Master Roshi asked as he tried not to peek Lunch's outfit.

"Uh huh." Lunch nodded sadly, "But, I also know about Gohan, Krillian, and Bulma going over to Namek to get Choutsu and Tien back. I wish I was with them."

"So do I." Chi Chi added, "But how? We don't have a spaceship and even if we do... it will take another month to get there."

"I'm sure Dr. Briefs will fix up another ship for us to go in." Goku said optimistically.

"Maybe." Chi Chi muttered.

"Oh, Chi Chi, I need to speak to your about your new power." Baba said, "How do you feel?"

"Great." Chi Chi flexed her muscles. "I feel like I can take on a hundred saiyans!"

"Good. I sensed that your power is getting stronger." Baba said, "Amazing."

"I don't understand." Goku said, "How can being outside your own body makes a person stronger?"

"That's right. I thought that since the body had been immoble for so long and the spirit outside of it, it would get weaker." Dr. Cast said. **I can't believe I said that.**

"In most cases, it's true. But, a person's strength is not just the body but the mind and spirit as well." Baba said, "That is one of the basis of Ki power. The mind and spirit works with the body to create those blasts. When the body is separated from the mind and spirit, your mind creates its own 'body'."

"My spirit form." Chi Chi realized, "And because my spirit form was strong enough, my physical body becomes stronger when my spirit form repossess myself."

"You became far stronger than you realized." Baba said, "Your mind is a great part of your new power now."

"That's great!" Goku exclaimed, "That means that when we go to Namek, we can help out."

"What do you mean?" Chi Chi asked, "How can we go to Namek? We don't even have a spaceship."

"You will." Dr. Briefs said as he came up. "Hello, Goku, Chi Chi, Baba, Master Roshi. I've been working on the spaceship Raddiz came in and another one from scratch. Been making good progress on both thanks to Anna Droid's help."

"When will they be ready?" Goku asked.

"I don't know yet." Dr. Briefs replied, "But, I'm positive that it will be done."

"Good. Why two spaceships?" Chi Chi asked, "Are they small one person types?"

"No... I've been expanding them but it's best if you see them yourself."

"Thank you, but I'll wait." Chi Chi said holding back her excitement. She will get to go to Namek and save her son again. She will not have to spend another night wishing she was there instead on Earth.

"All right! Say, Dr. Briefs, is it possible to install some training equiptment on the ships as well?"

"Well... there's this new device that will constantly work on your body that I just invented. It's a gravity machine that multipies the very gravity on that ship. Think of using weights all over your body all the time."

"Awesome!" Goku exclaimed, "That means that I could train on my way to Namek."

"You would." Chi Chi muttered, "I just hope you wouldn't do anything foolish until you were discharged."

"Of course not." Goku insisted, "I wouldn't do anything stupid."

"Oh well, I better go and work on the spaceships. One of them is almost done. I just had to put in a few modifications. When you're ready, just come by the place." Dr. Briefs walked out of the room.

Chi Chi sat there contemplating. Two ships just waiting for her and Goku. Her heart was ripped in two as she tried to think of what to do. Should she leave right away or wait for her husband? Goku was an adult but he still think like a child sometimes. He will go crazy just lying around with noone to keep him occupied like she could.

"Wow, two spaceships." Goku muttered. He gazed up at his wife and could almost feel her longing to go off to Namek. While most people accuse him of being dense, he didn't want to believe so. He could tell what is going on in Chi Chi's heart and he knew what she wanted more than anything. "Chi Chi, do you want to go to Namek now?"

"Me?" Chi Chi said, "I... oh... I'm so worried about Gohan but I can't leave you alone, Goku."

"We can watch Goku for you, Chi Chi." Lunch suggested helpfully, "You seemed so worried."

Chi Chi held herself. Every ounce of her motherly being wanted to go to Namek. Something deep within her told her that something is wrong and she had to be there. "You're right. I am worried. Something is happening to Gohan and I have to be there."

"Then go." Goku insisted, "I'll be fine here and Master Roshi and Lunch will be here with me."

Chi Chi looked over at Master Roshi and Lunch and paled. It wasn't like she didn't trust either of them. She could deeply tell that both of the liked Goku and can't stand the thought of him being hurt. But, Master Roshi couldn't keep his hands to himself and Lunch is... unpredictable. "I know." Chi Chi muttered as she closed her eyes. "But... I can't leave you alone!"

Goku reached up, took her hand, and held it firmly. "Chi Chi... I'll be fine. Go."

Chi Chi tightened the grip and gazed into Goku's eyes. She could tell that Goku had absolute faith that she will be fine alone in space. He believed in her strength and pure will. He loved her enough to let her leave to their pride and joy, Gohan. "Ohhh... okay. But, I have to get everything ready first." Chi Chi knelt down and held Goku's head in her gentle but strong hands. Softly, she graced his exposed face with her fingertips. "Just hurry up and heal." Chi Chi whispered as she leaned in and kissed hard. The monitors beeped loudly as Chi Chi let go and Goku gasped for air.

"W-wow." Goku muttered dazed as Chi Chi got up and left the room.


It was strange flying with a body again. Chi Chi closed her eyes for a brief second to feel the wind in her hair and face. It felt so good to be alive and to feel things with her fingers and other parts of her body. Her Ki was strong and was carrying her form with more grace and speed before. All that training had enabled her to become stronger. She opened her eyes to see the Capsule Corporation down below. It had been a long time since she had been here and she could barely remember it being so big.

She landed and looked around. "Dr. Briefs!" She screamed as she scanned out for his mind.

"Oh! Chi Chi!" Mrs. Briefs exclaimed as she came up with tea tray in hand. "Hi! Want some tea?"

"No... thanks." Chi Chi shook her head politely. "I'm here to see if the spaceships Dr. Briefs are working on are ready?"

"Those things? Oh, he's still working on both of them." Mrs. Briefs said, "How's your husband? Is he still hurt from that battle?"

"Yes. He's still in the hospital. I'm going ahead to Namek." Chi Chi explained, "I need a spaceship right away."

"Let me go and get him." Mrs. Briefs said as she and Chi Chi went to the backyard. "HEY! HON! IS THAT SPACESHIP READY YET?" She screamed as Chi Chi held her ears.

"Oh... Chi Chi." Dr. Briefs said as he came up. "I was about to call you. I'm almost done with one of the spaceships. It's Anna's old spacepod. Very interesting and I gave it a few modifications." He pointed up to a giant spaceship that looked like a massive version of Anna's spacepod.

"That's Anna's ship?!"

"Oh yes. That ship is almost done. You should see the other ship, that was a peice of work."

Chi Chi looked up at the ship. It was as big as her house. "Oh my... what does this have?"

"Full life support, a super powerful warp engine that is much faster than the Namek spaceship my daughter went in, a series of sensors, a long range communication device, over a month's supply of food, a navigation computer, a karaoke machine, and a juice bar." Dr. Briefs explained, "There's also a series of training equipment and a medical facility."

"Looks all set to me." Chi Chi said as she looked up and down the ship. "What's missing? Everyone looks okay to me."

"No offense, Ms. Chi Chi, but you are not a well known scientist like myself. There's something vital missing in this ship." Dr. Briefs said dramatically, "It is..." He opened the door to reveal the ship's interior and concluded, "A capachino machine."

Chi Chi stared at the ship and then at the doctor and screamed, "A what?!"

"Capachino machine, I'm having a hard time looking for a place to put it. I'm having similar problems in the other ship but that involves a stereo system." Dr. Briefs commented.

"Dr. Briefs..." Chi Chi growled slowly as she fought every urge to bash some common sense into the scientist's brain, "I don't drink capachino!"

"Oh... really? That's a shame. There's nothing like a good cup of capachino to start the day. Oh. And it needs to be powered up."

Chi Chi moaned as she held her head. "How long will it take for it to be powered up? Without the capachino machine?"

"Hmmmm..." Dr. Briefs took out his caculator and figured out his answer. "Oh, just one day. This ship is slower than Goku's would be so it will take you about... nine days going there."

"Nine days." Chi Chi repeated. "Okay, I'm going off to get everything ready. You better have this ship ready by tomarrow with or without the capachino machine!" Chi Chi's aura shot out around her and flew up into the sky.

Dr. Briefs watched the woman flew away and sighed. "Oh well, the capachino machine is out... maybe I can still install the stereo system."


"Okay, now, here's the number to Dr. Briefs, if you want to contact me, you have to through him." Chi Chi said as she gave Lunch a phone number. "Now, you make sure that Goku stays here until the senzu beans are ready. Don't let him train." Chi Chi warned, "Even telekinesis training might be too much for even him."

"Okay." Lunch said as she took the number.

"And I want to speak to your alternate personality." Chi Chi said as she got out a pepper shaker.

"Okay." Lunch sighed as she took the pepper and sprinkle it on her nose. *Achoo!* Her hair became naturally blond and her eyes became green as she looked up.

"Okay." Lunch grunted, "What do you want me to talk about? If it's about your husband, I won't put any moves on him. I love Tien."

"I know that and I trust you." Chi Chi insisted, "But, I need your help in making sure that Goku stays put."

Lunch got out a machine gun and held it up. "Don't worry, Goku won't be going anywhere."

"And keep an eye on Master Roshi."

"Will do, Chi Chi." Lunch winked, "I can handle that turtle hermit."



Chi Chi held her breath as she put the flowers in the vase. "So, the ship will be ready after you leave?" Goku asked from his bed.

"That's right." Chi Chi answered as she went to the chair next to Goku's bed and sat down. "I'll miss you so much."

"I'll be there soon too." Goku insisted as he slowly sat up. The doctor had finally got him out of the bio-bed and a good part of his injuries had healed enough so he won't be in a body cast.

"I know. I know. But this is my first trip into outer space." Chi Chi stared out into the sky. She could remember the time when she had to travel out to find Bansho fan. It was a strange and frightening journey for a little girl but she did it bravely and she had help from Goku. Now, she will have to go on another trip alone with no one to help her if she needs it. "I have to go alone."

Goku took her hand firmly. "We both discussed it before and we both agreed that you need to go and help Gohan. You're the strongest woman I know, Chi Chi, if anyone can go to Namek alone, it's you."

Chi Chi gently kissed his hand and a small tear came down her face. "And to think that we finally got some time together, I had to run off. I'm sorry."

Goku looked down almost ashamed. He was the one who left his wife without a second thought to train at King Kai's. Chi Chi should not be the one appologizing for doing something that any other mother would do if her son had went off into outer space. "No, don't be. Just good luck."

"Just meet me on Namek." Chi Chi whispered as she kissed her husband on the forehead and ran off.


"Is everything ready?" Chi Chi asked as she looked up at the spaceship. In her hands, she brought her battle suit, her training suit, a change of civilian clothes, and a few weapons.

"Yes. I didn't install the capachino machine but I did install a killer stereo system and put in a whole series of CDs to go with it."

Chi Chi fought the urge to roll her eyes. "Thank you. Let's go." She went into the ship, put away all of her stuff, and sat in the chair.

The monitor clicked on to show Dr. Briefs. "Now, I preprogramed the ship so it will go to Namek with little supervision. Ready?"

"I was born ready."

"Okay... 3..."

Chi Chi clutched her seat and reached out with her mind to Goku. **Goku... I love you.** She thought outward.


**Gohan... my baby... Mommy's coming.**


"Blastoff." Chi Chi finished as the ship roared into the sky and onward to Namek.

The End (Yeah Right)