Puss in Boots part 9. 

By Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte Maxwell

Rating; NC-17

Fandom: DBZ

Warnings; Yaoi, lime, language, violence.

Couple; Yamcha/Vegeta, Korin/Puar. (Don’t look at me like that! T_T You’ll see, just read!)

Notes; Crossover, OOC, AU, TWT, general insanity.  Yet another of JJ’s Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales *LOL*.

Disclaimer; Don’t own DBZ or Puss in Boots, also some of this fic was inspired by Nora Roberts’ Tears of the Moon, Jewels of the Sun and Heart of the Sea novels, which I also do not own.

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And please, no MST’ing.

Thanks to Anubiset for beta reading.


*thoughts* also used for Celera’s signing

~~oOo~~ Change of scene or POV.




Korin jumped up on the bed, sniffing the air. The odor of rancid pork made him recoil in disgust.  “Oolong,” he growled.  “You bastard, you won’t get away with this.” 


          “Oh no,” cried Puar.  “He must have known Yamcha is the descendant of the Marquis all along!” 


          “Which means he also knows about the Prince being able to bear children, and that he could carry the next generation,” Korin said, tail twitching in anger.


          “We’ve got to do something!”  Puar cried, turning to Yamcha, only to find four very shocked people staring at them. 


          “Did...those cats just start talking?”  Roshi asked, face pale. 


          “Oh boy, here we go again,” Korin sighed, sitting down and preparing to give them an extremely abbreviated version of the story. 




          Several minutes later, Yamcha woke up, groaning as he blinked his eyes and shook his head, trying to clear the fog from his brain. 

“Uhn...what...what happened?”  He asked softly. 


          “Yamcha!”  Puar cried, jumping up onto the bed beside him and nuzzling his chin.  “Are you alright?”


          “I think so, just got a bit of a headache is all.  Oh no, Vegeta!”  He said, eyes wide as he sat bolt upright.  “That thing...it took him,” he looked back and forth from Puar to Korin.  “That was...that was Oolong, wasn’t it?”  Both cats nodded.  “Well, what are we waiting for?  We have to figure out where they went!”


          “He said you were to go to your ancestral home,” Roshi supplied, standing in a far corner, wringing his hands nervously.


          “Then let’s get going!”  Yamcha cried, leaping out of bed.


          King Vegeta immediately stepped forward, wrapping one arm around Yamcha’s waist, as the younger man swayed on his feet.  Bardok joined his lover, standing in front of him, with his hands on Yamcha’s shoulders.  “I think we need to wait, come up with a battle plan,” Bardok frowned.  “We don’t know what we’re dealing with here, we’ve never fought this ogre before.  I don’t like the thought of just rushing in there.” 


          Puar and Korin looked at each other intently, then nodded. 


          “But we have fought him,” Korin stated.  “I think I know how we can beat him.”  Everyone turned and gathered around the large, white cat as he told them his plan. 




          Twenty minutes later, Yamcha descended the main stairs.  He was dressed in some clothing Korin had selected for him, and carried the sword his father had given him just before he died.  Puar blinked several times as she gazed up at her friend.  “That looks…” she trailed off, taking in the knee high leather boots, worn over form-fitting black pants, topped with a bright blue tunic woven through with silver thread.  A wide silver sash ran over Yamcha’s left shoulder, sitting across his chest, and a wide brimmed, black hat, also accented with silver trim, topped it off. 


“I like it.”  Puar padded over and sat beside him. 


          Yamcha smiled briefly, pulling on a pair of black leather gloves.  “Thanks, but I don’t understand, Korin, why was this outfit so important?”


          “Those clothes,” Roshi said softly, staring at the younger man.  “They’re-” 


          “Very familiar.”  King Vegeta finished, frowning.  “But I don’t know why.” 


          “The outfit was your grandfather’s,” Korin said, startling the King by jumping up on his shoulder.  “He had the outfit made for himself, after seeing the portrait of the Marquis in the hallway.  He decided he liked the style,” the white cat chuckled.  “Started quite a trend with it, everyone had to have it after that.” 


          “Ah,” Bardok smirked, unable to resist the temptation to scratch Korin behind the ears.  “I notice something else.  That sword, it’s a perfect replica of the sword the Marquis has in that portrait.” 


          “Actually, it isn’t a replica, it’s the real thing,” Puar batted at it with a paw.  “This has been passed down in Yamcha’s family for five generations.”


          King Vegeta’s eyes narrowed as he did some quick calculating.  “Sounds about righ,” he nodded.  “So, that is the real sword that belonged to the first Marquis of Carab.” 


          “Excellent plan, Korin,” Bardok shook his head and smirked.  “With the clothing, the sword, and Yamcha’s  uncanny resemblance to his ancestor, Oolong should be quaking in his boots.” 


          “Well, I hope so,” he jumped down off the King’s shoulder and headed for the door.  “But just in case, we’ll be coming with you, so we can try to provide an extra ace in the hole.” 




          The huge castle gates swung open, moonlight streaming down into the courtyard, reflecting off the smooth coats of the two cats that sprinted through the clearing.  Three men strode through the high, wrought iron gates, each dressed for battle. The King, the General, and the Marquis walked side-by-side through the yard, their steps almost perfectly synchronized.  The full moon shone down on them, its light glinting off silver and gold thread, sparkling on the handles of swords, and gleaming in cold, narrowed eyes, as the three of them headed for the market square. 


          Korin and Puar stopped in the middle of the huge square, each cat beginning to glow with a bright, golden light.  Moments later, where once stood two small cats, now stood two huge dragons, one white, one black, both with shimmering scales, huge wings, and wicked looking teeth and claws.  


          King Vegeta looked up at the two of them.  “Amazing,” he said softly, staring up into Korin’s glowing, blue eyes.  “How long can the two of you stay like this?” 


          “As long as we need to,” Puar said, voice deep and gravelly as she stared down at Yamcha with large, red eyes.  The black dragon flattened herself down, gesturing with her head for Yamcha to climb onto her broad back, while King Vegeta and Bardock climbed up onto Korin’s back. 


          Yamcha grinned, scrambling up onto her back, settling himself at the base of her neck.  “Wow, Puar, I’ve seen you change into a human, but this is just...wild!”  He chuckled.  “This should frighten Oolong off for sure!”


          “I wouldn’t be so sure.”  Korin growled.  “Oolong can transform himself too, as you’ve seen by now.”  The white dragon shifted slightly, mindful of the two men sitting on his back.


          “Yes, but there’s two of us, and only one of him, and I don’t think he knows who we are just yet,” Puar said, an evil smile settling on her scaled muzzle. 


          “Time for Oolong to take a trip down memory lane,” Korin said, returning the smile, before flapping his wings. 


          The five of them took to the air, the wind from their wings howling through the streets.


          Yamcha grinned wildly, scooting up Puar’s neck, until he was almost sitting on the dragon’s massive head.  “This is incredible!”  He cried, snatching off his hat and gripping it in one hand as he held his arms out, the wind whipping through his long hair. 


          “Hn...yes, incredible indeed,” King Vegeta grumbled, sitting behind Bardock on Korin’s neck, arms wrapped tightly around his lover’s waist as he kept his face buried in the younger Saiyan’s unruly hair. 


          Bardock snickered, eyes closing as the wind whipped past his face.  “What’s wrong, Vegeta?”  He asked, voice belying his amusement.  “Not afraid of heights, are we?”


          “No!”  The King snapped, growling low in his throat.  “But dammit, if I was meant to fly, I’d have been born with wings!” 


          Yamcha’s smile faded as they approached the Ogre’s castle.  “It’s huge,” he gasped. 


          “Yes, it is now,” Puar growled.  “It wasn’t that big in the beginning, but Oolong has been taking slaves and forcing them to build up his home, making it nearly as big as the royal palace.” 


          Yamcha snarled softly, one hand on his sword, muscles tensed as they slowly descended.  “This ends, now...” 




          “You’ll never get away with this!”  Vegeta howled in rage, struggling against his bonds.  “My father will come, he’ll kill you, you little pig!”


          Oolong growled and lunged at the prince, delivering a sharp slap.  “No one calls me a pig,” he shrieked, stepping back and double-checking the chains that bound the prince to the wall.  The Ogre whirled around as he sensed someone approaching.  “So, you’ve decided to show up after all,” he sneered, running out of the room. 


          He emerged through the large double front doors, striding onto the balcony and looking up.  “What?!”  He gaped at the two large dragons bearing down on him.  He gasped as he saw the young man sitting astride the black dragon.  “You!”  He roared, shaking a fist at the Marquis.  “You will not take from me all I have claimed over the years, nor will you get the chance to carry on your line and continue to threaten me!  This ends, now!”  He bellowed, transforming into a huge, black serpent, with large, leathery wings, and two small forearms, tipped with curved, razor sharp claws.




          Puar gasped, slowing in the air and preparing to battle the creature.  “Wait until he engages me, then jump onto Korin’s back,” she said quietly, turning to the white dragon.  “You get the three of them to the ground safely, then we can worry about getting Vegeta out of there.” 


          “But what about you?  You can’t take him on alone,” Korin protested.


          “Then you’d best be quick about getting them into that castle, hadn’t you?”  She chuckled, then tensed as Oolong streaked toward them.


          “Incoming!”  Yamcha yelled, crouching down on Puar’s head.


          “Now!”  Puar cried, tossing her head, launching Yamcha into the air.


          The young man leapt into the air, landing lightly on Korin’s head as the white dragon stretched his neck out.  “Let’s go,” he cried, drawing his sword and pointing to the balcony below. 


          Korin swooped gracefully through the air, ducking as Oolong took a swipe at him with his long tail.  He descended to the balcony, hovering in the air several feet above.  “Jump, I’ll give you cover until you’re inside the castle.” 


          King Vegeta, Bardock, and Yamcha dropped from Korin’s back, rolling as they hit the floor.  A split second later, all three men were up and sprinting into the dining room. 


          “Vegeta!”  The King cried, looking around frantically for his son.


          “Father,” came the answering shout, sending the three of them rushing headlong into the family room. 


          King Vegeta and Bardock raced over to their son, grabbing at the chains that bound him to the wall, only to be hurled across the room, as bolts of white lightening shot from the chains. 


          “What the...?”  Yamcha stared at the two unconscious men.  “Oh, no...” 

          “Yamcha, help me!”  Vegeta struggled against the chains, growling low in his throat.


          “I can’t, Oolong must have done something to the chains, I don’t think anyone but Oolong can touch them.” 


          “Very astute, my dear Marquis,” Oolong himself growled, striding into the room. 


          Yamcha spun around and glared at him.  “You!  What have you done to my friends?”


          “Oh those weakling dragons of yours?”  The ogre snorted.  “They went up in a puff of smoke,” he smirked as he looked at the King and Bardock laying slumped in the corner.  “So, looks like it’s just you and me, just like last time,” Oolong grinned maniacally.  “Again, I shall have the opportunity to wipe out you, your mate, and your children, all in one fell swoop, but this time, I won’t leave any survivors,” he sneered, advancing on Yamcha and Vegeta. 




          Two tiny field mice lay sprawled on the ground, moving their limbs slowly. 


          “Nn, ouch...”  Puar groaned, rolling over.  “Good thinking, Korin, those fireballs would have taken us out for sure, if we hadn’t have shrank ourselves down before they hit.”


          “Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t take into account the effects a fall from that height, at this size, would have.” 


          Puar chuckled.  “At least we landed in water, it wasn’t so bad.  But I don’t think I can transform again,” she sighed.  “My energy is pretty much drained.” 


          “Hm, maybe we can try just one more transformation,” Korin said, sitting on his haunches.  “Tell me, Puar, have you been able to transform back into your original human form?” 


          Puar paused.  “Yes, I can do it, but for some reason it’s the only form I can’t hold for more than a minute, at the most.  All my other forms I could keep for hours, if necessary, but that one,” she shrugged. 


          Korin smirked.  “A minute might be all we need, come on!”  He said, darting up the lawn toward the castle. 




          Yamcha grunted in pain as the ogre, which had transformed himself into giant armored knight, punched him, the massive fist sending him flying across the room, smashing a table and knocking over two chairs before he crashed into the stone wall. He lay still for a few seconds, his head spinning, as he fought to stay conscious.  “Can’t...give up now,” he groaned, slowly rolling onto his side.


          “No, Yamcha!”  Vegeta cried, as the huge black knight slowly advanced on his lover.  “Look out!”


          Yamcha heard a low chuckle, and knew the ogre was slowly coming up behind him. *So, this is it, then, is it?* He thought, letting out a soft sigh.


          “Come on, kid, this is no time to be lying about!”  A voice called out to him. 


          “Eh?  Lying about, am I?”  Yamcha growled, raising his head.  “You try having that…”  He trailed off as his eyes traveled up black clad legs, a blue tunic, and up to a smirking face, which except for several scars, was almost identical to his own.  “You...I know you,”  Yamcha rasped.


          “Well, I should hope so.”  The Marquis gave his great-great-grandson a rakish grin, grabbing him by the arm and hauling him to his feet.  He looked over at the Prince, and snickered softly.  “So, history repeats itself in more ways than one, does it?” 


          “Wha...what are you talking about?”  Yamcha asked, still dazed.  His eyes widened as a tall, slender man with wild black hair down to his waist stepped seemingly out of nowhere, and walked up to Vegeta, laying a hand on his forehead, calming the prince slightly.  “Who is that?”


          “No time.”  The Marquis said, scowling.  “We’ve got an ogre to take care of, son.” 




          “Now, it ends...The title Marquis of Carab will exist no more!”  Oolong laughed, his huge blue-black sword raised.  “What?!!”  He stepped back, eyes widening in shock as suddenly there was not one Marquis, but two, standing before him.


          “Well, you’ve got it half right, Oolong.”  Smirked the scarred Marquis.  “It will end, here and now,” both men stood, swords drawn, lips pulled back in identical angry snarls. 


          Oolong let out a howl of rage, sword rising above his head.  “No!  I killed you once, and I can do it again,” he shrieked, running toward them.


          Yamcha and the Marquis easily sidestepped the huge knight.  “What am I supposed to do?”  Yamcha hissed to his ancestor.  “My sword is no match for his!  Not to mention I don’t stand a chance of penetrating that armor!” 


          “We’ll think of something,” the Marquis answered gravely.  “We have to, it can’t end like this.” 


          “Not again,” said the other man, who was still trying to calm Vegeta. 


          Oolong spun around and prepared to attack again.  “I won’t let you use such pitiful tricks on me, Marquis, I don’t know how you’re doing this, but the original Marquis is dead!   I...Oh NO!  NOT YOU!!”  The ogre shouted, as he caught sight of two familiar figures standing in the doorway. 


          A tall, pale skinned man, with long, silky platinum hair, and ice blue eyes stood glaring at the Ogre.  He wore white wizard’s robes trimmed in black and gold, which flowed nearly to the floor, with loose, billowy sleeves, tied at the waist with a gold cord.  At his side stood a beautiful, petite young woman, with huge violet eyes, and long, blue-black wavy hair that fell nearly to her knees.  She wore an ornate blue dress that was cut to fit on the bodice, with tight sleeves, and a long, loose skirt, trimmed with satin and lace.  The dress was very high fashion, over a century ago. 


          “Yes, Oolong, us,” Korin said, his voice smooth and deep in his human form.  “Now you must deal with all of us together.” 


          “It’s time for you to answer for at least some of the suffering you’ve caused,” Puar said, her voice altered as well, much higher and clearer than Yamcha had ever heard it. 


          “I...no, you’re...you’re trapped inside jewels, you can’t have gotten free,”  Oolong spun around wildly, eyes flicking from the two Marquis’, to Korin and Puar.  “No, I’ve destroyed all of you...how can this be...how,” he whimpered, losing his concentration and reverting to his small, pig-like form. 


          “Now, do it now!”  Korin shouted, pointing at the ogre. 


          The Marquis and Yamcha both rushed at Oolong with a primal roar, swords cutting through the air and slicing him into three pieces, his body hitting the floor with two solid thuds, dark red blood beginning to seep into the floorboards.


          King Vegeta and Bardock came to just in time to see the ogre’s death, and watch as the chains holding Vegeta to the wall vanished.  Both of them scrambled to their feet and raced over to the prince, gathering him up and carrying the struggling, shaking man to the dining room table. 


          Korin groaned, his body flickering and then starting to shrink.  Puar’s did the same a few seconds later, and soon both of them had reverted to cats again. 


          “Korin?  Are you alright?”  Puar asked worriedly, as the white cat staggered slightly. 


          “Yes, I am, I’m just exhausted,” he said softly. 


          “Come on, let’s go and rest with the prince.  Coming, Yamcha?”  Puar called as they padded out of the room. 


          “Yeah, just a second,” the young man nodded, standing over the ogre’s corpse.  


          “We did it,” Yamcha said softly, turning to his grandfather, blinking in surprise as he found no-one behind him.  He quickly looked over to where Vegeta had been chained, but the mysterious man that had been beside him, was also gone.  “What the...where did they go?”  He asked softly.  He failed to notice the blue glow that surrounded Oolong’s body as the ogre’s massive power began to seep from his corpse, the magic building dangerously as Oolong was no longer alive to keep it in check.  The energy swelled and gathered, dispersing in a huge explosion that sent Yamcha careening across the room, this time almost putting him through the stone wall, breaking several bones, and causing numerous internal injuries.


          The young man shuddered once, eyes rolling back as he passed out from pain and shock.




          Vegeta and his parents cried out at the explosion, both men throwing themselves over their offspring to protect him.


          “Yamcha!”  Puar cried, racing into the smoke-filled room, heedless of her own safety.  “Oh no,” she whimpered, finding him on the floor, head bent at an unnatural angle, as blood seeped from his nose and mouth.


          Vegeta squirmed out from under his parents and raced after her.  “Yamcha!”  He coughed, waving his hands to clear the smoke.  “Yamcha,” he whispered, falling to his knees beside his unmoving lover.


          King Vegeta and Bardock stood side-by-side, hands entwined as they watched anxiously. 


          “Let me see.”  Korin said softly, padding over and nudging Yamcha’s chin.  He sighed sadly, as he felt the young man fading fast.  “Dammit, I wish I could do something...” 


          “Yamcha?”  Puar put her paws on his chest, leaning down and licking his chin.  “Yamcha, come on, hang on.” 


          Vegeta leaned down, stroking Yamcha’s cheek.  “Wake up...please,”  he whispered, his eyes glistening.  “Come on, Yamcha, you can’t go now, not after all this,” he looked around the room.  “Dammit, you killed that blasted ogre, got back your ancestral home, avenged your family...”  Vegeta stroked the other man’s cheek. “You saved me,” the prince closed his eyes, hands fisting in Yamcha’s tunic as he shook him gently.  “Damn you, Yamcha,” he whimpered, breath hitching in his chest.  “You can’t die on me, not now!  Please...”  Vegeta slumped over, forehead resting on Yamcha’s chest.  “I love you,” he whispered, voice barely audible.  


          Korin gasped as warmth flooded his body.  “What...what’s happening?”  He looked around, eyes wide as he suddenly floated up off the floor, bright pinpoints of golden light surrounding him.  The points converged into a solid wall of blinding light, causing the three Saiyans and Puar to duck their heads, covering their eyes as best they could. 


          When the glow faded, there stood Korin, in his human form, with one subtle difference from his previous transformation.   


          “Korin?”  Puar stared up at him incredulously.  “You...your staff, I thought you’d lost it, when...” 


          “I did,” Korin smiled softly, hefting the thick, wooden staff.  “It was destroyed in the battle with Oolong, but it seems to have found it’s way back to me,” he looked down at Yamcha.  “Which means I can do something to help our friend, finally.”


          Puar and Vegeta watched anxiously as Korin began to chant softly, setting the tip of his staff on the center of Yamcha’s chest.  The white haired wizard began to glow with a bright, blue light.


          “Wha...what’s he doing?”  Prince Vegeta breathed, watching as the light began to transfer from Korin’s body, to the staff, slowly making it’s way down to Yamcha. 


          “He’s doing a healing spell, a very powerful one too, that’s one even I can’t do,” Puar whispered.  “If anything can save him, it’s this.” 


          All three Saiyans watched intently as the light flowed down through the staff, into the new Marquis’ chest, the blue glow slowly spreading until it encompassed Yamcha’s entire body.


          After several tense seconds, Yamcha groaned softly.


          Everyone cried out in relief as his wounds began to disappear, and his eyes opened, at last. 


          “Yamcha...”  Puar sobbed, burying her face in the crook of his neck.  She pulled her head up, eyes wide, and dashed to Korin’s side as the wizard slumped to his knees with a sigh.  “You did it!”  She laughed, leaping up onto his shoulder and nuzzling his chin. 


          Korin nodded.  “He’ll be fine, just needs a couple of days rest, as do I,” he said softly. 


          Bardock and King Vegeta rushed forward, Bardock checking on Yamcha, while the King helped Korin over to a sofa.  “Why don’t we rest a bit, then we’ll all go back to the palace, there must be horses and a carriage around here somewhere.”




          “Here now, did we miss all the fun?” came a gravelly voice, as old man Carvere limped into the room.  “Aw, now, look at that, I believe we just got here a bit too late.”  He banged his staff on the wooden floor.  “Damn it all,” he grumbled, as the villagers that had followed him chuckled.  “Well, then, seems you’ve managed to accomplish your goals after all, young master,” he gave the prone Marquis his almost toothless grin, poking at the pieces of Oolong’s body with his staff.  “The little bastard is dead, and you can reclaim your home,” he threw back his head and laughed as he noticed the way the prince was hunched over him protectively, holding Yamcha’s hand.  “So, it would seem history has repeated itself then.” 


          “Huh?”  Yamcha blinked, looking around at the amused smiles of the villagers.  “What are you talking about?” 


          “Well, from the way the Prince is fawnin’ over you, I’d say you two are more than just friends,” Carvere chuckled.  “You’re more like your great-great-grandfather than you realize.”


          “What are you talking about, old man?”  Bardock demanded, tiring of the man’s remarks. 


          “Well,” Carvere smirked.  “I’m talking about the fact that our new Marquis and the Prince are quite cozy.  Reminds me of the tales of the old Marquis, and his mate, who was also a Saiyan male.” 


          “WHAT?!!”  The Saiyans, Yamcha, Puar and Korin shouted in unison. 


          The villagers burst out laughing, as Carvere continued.  “Yes, the Marquis of Carab had a Saiyan male for a mate, why, Dante over there, his great-great-grandmother was the man’s midwife!  Delivered all their children, she did, passed the story on to all her children, and grandchildren.”


          King Vegeta sat down heavily beside Korin, eyes wide with disbelief.  “You mean to tell me, that people actually knew, and your ancestors...accepted this?”


          “Oh sure!”  Carvere waved a hand at him, chuckling.  “Everyone knew.  Why, for that matter, everyone knew about your grandfather and the Duke, too!” 


          King Vegeta groaned, covering his now beet red face with his hands, as Bardock snickered. 


          “There was talk about your father, but that never went anywhere.  Now you and that General of yours,”  Carvere grinned.  “That’s a whole other kettle of fish.”          


          “What do you mean?”  Bardock’s head snapped up, his onyx eyes wide.


          “Oh come now!  Everyone has been speculating for years whether or not Vegeta and that so-called adopted son of yours, Raditz, who just happens to look like a tall, long-haired Vegeta, were the products of a union between the two of you,” Carvere chuckled, watching with interest as both men stuttered and blushed furiously.  “So, tis true then,” he said quietly, a triumphant grin spreading across his face. 


          “Oh, leave them alone, you old pervert!”  An old woman stepped forward and swung a broom at Carvere’s head, narrowly missing him.  Carvere shouted in indignation, and both of the seniors engaged in a duel, his staff against her old wooden broom. 


          Yamcha chuckled as he watched them go at each other.  “You’d think those two were brother and sister or something,” he sat up slowly, smiling as Vegeta sat down beside him, pressing against him, arms sliding around Yamcha’s waist.  “I’m glad you’re okay,” he said softly, kissing the Prince’s forehead.


          Vegeta drew a deep, shuddering breath, burying his face in the crook of Yamcha’s neck.  “I thought you were dead...”  He trailed off, voice cracking. 


          “Shh,”  Yamcha soothed him, pulling the smaller man into his lap and stroking his spiky hair.  “We’re all okay.  You, me, your parents, Puar,” he paused, looking over at Korin as he sat beside the King, with Puar, still in her cat body, curled in his lap.  *How come Korin’s in human form? * he wondered, before remembering the curse.  Yamcha turned and put a finger under Vegeta’s chin, lifting the prince’s face until they were staring into each other’s eyes.  “Do you love me, my prince?” 


          Vegeta narrowed his dark eyes.  “You can be an impulsive, reckless fool sometimes, Yamcha,” he muttered, scowling.  “But yes, I do,” he ducked his head shyly. 


          Yamcha chuckled quietly.  “And you, Vegeta, can be an impatient, impertinent little brat,” he ducked his head as the prince swatted at him, shooting him a glare.  “But, I love you, too,” he breathed, leaning forward and capturing his lover’s lips in a gentle kiss. 


          They broke apart as a loud cry sounded from behind them.


          Korin was grinning, his arms wrapped around Puar, as the petite, dark haired woman squirmed in his lap, laughing.  “Look at me!”  She cried, smiling at Yamcha.  “I’m human again, for real this time!”


          Yamcha smiled back, his eyes growing misty.  He suddenly gasped, blushing furiously as it sank in that this woman had been inside the body of the cat whom had shared his bed, sat in the room as he changed, sat by the rivers as he bathed... *I never thought about it before, even after I knew about the curse, it just never really sunk in that she was anything but a cat...* 


          Puar threw back her head, laughing loudly as she realized where his thoughts were going.  “Don’t worry, Yamcha.  I have been through that with three generations of your family, it didn’t bother me, it shouldn’t bother you, either,” she snickered.  “Besides, you were all good looking, so, I guess you could call that one of the perks of being a cat.”


          “Puar!”  Korin shouted, causing everyone to burst out laughing. 




Six months later, at the Marquis’ estate...


          Vegeta sat at the dining room table, snatching up anything that was within his reach and stuffing it into his mouth, oblivious to the looks he was receiving from Celera and Roshi, Korin and Puar, his parents, his brother Raditz, and Yamcha. 


          “Is he eating for two, or ten?”  Raditz remarked, effortlessly catching a potato that was thrown at his head and dropping it onto his plate.  “Thanks,” he deadpanned, smirking as Yamcha snickered quietly. 


          The Marquis slid an arm around his mate’s shoulders, leaning over and kissing his cheek.  He laughed as Vegeta merely grunted in response, continuing to stuff his face. 


          Bardock and King Vegeta sat side-by-side, exchanging sly glances as they pressed their thighs together under the table, and discreetly held hands.  Celera and Roshi sat at the other side of the table, chuckling at the Saiyans’ antics.


          *So, we know all about Vegeta and Yamcha’s upcoming event, when are you going to make your announcement?* She gestured. 


          Bardock and the King blushed, both men suddenly growing quiet, staring down at their plates.


          “Eh?  What announcement?”  Roshi demanded.  “I’ve heard nothing about any special announcement,” the old man folded his arms and frowned, a bit miffed at being left out of the loop. 


          “Well,” King Vegeta stood slowly, looking over his family and friends before glancing at his mate.  “For several years after Raditz’s conception, Bardock and I took herbs to prevent conception.  But, as we were not together for many years, nor did we think we would be together anytime soon, we stopped taking them.” 


          “The reason we didn’t start taking them when we did start...being intimate,” Bardock blushed slightly.  “Was because we thought we were too old to have any more children,” he dragged a hand down his face as silence, interspersed with a few quiet gasps, met his words. 


          The silence was broken by Vegeta’s fork clattering to his plate, as the Saiyan managed to swallow a large mouthful of food with some difficulty, causing his mate to pat him lightly on the back as he snatched up his glass of water to wash it down.  “Which one of you is with child?”  He rasped, between coughs.


          “Ahm...well,” the King blushed slightly, reaching up and scratching the back of his head.  “Both of us.” 


          Cheers and cries of congratulation rang out as everyone was up and around the couple, all except Vegeta and Yamcha, who traded looks and snickered, leaning against each other. 


          Yamcha nuzzled his mate’s hair affectionately.  “Well, I must say, I couldn’t have found a more interesting, and unique family to become a part of.” 

          “Oh just say it, Yamcha, we’re weird,” Vegeta laughed, pressing tightly against him and kissing his jaw. 




*laughs* I know, I know, my fairy tale happy ending again, ne? *chuckles* Well, what did you think?  R & R!!