Puss in Boots part 8. 

By Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte Maxwell

Rating; NC-17

Fandom: DBZ

Warnings; Yaoi, lime, language, violence.

Couple; Yamcha/Vegeta, Korin/Puar. (Don’t look at me like that! T_T You’ll see, just read!)

Notes; Crossover, OOC, AU, TWT, general insanity.  Yet another of JJ’s Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales *LOL*.

Disclaimer; Don’t own DBZ or Puss in Boots, also some of this fic was inspired by Nora Roberts’ Tears of the Moon, Jewels of the Sun and Heart of the Sea novels, which I also do not own.

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And please, no MST’ing.

Thanks to Anubiset for beta reading.


*thoughts* also used for Celera’s signing

~~oOo~~ Change of scene or POV.




Both men jerked, each letting out a startled cry, as the door was kicked open.  There stood a shocked Bardock, a stunned Roshi, and an enraged King Vegeta. 


          “Get off that bed you...you,” the King was at a loss for words, as he took in the sight of Yamcha lying on top of his son. 


          Yamcha stared at both men in shock. *These are Vegeta’s parents?* He thought, stunned. *Why, they barely look ten years older than the Prince himself!*


          “Too late, father,” Vegeta smiled slyly at him.  “We’ve already done the deed.  Now I see why you relented, and did it twice, with Bardock,” he squirmed slightly beneath Yamcha, kicking off the covers enough to reveal their nakedness, and compromising position.  “I must say, I rather like being on the bottom,” he snickered, as Bardock slammed his fist into the wall. 


          “Dammit boy, stop this lunacy!  Get off of him!”  Bardock shouted at Yamcha. 


          “There’s no point now,” Vegeta sneered, wrapping his legs around his lover.  “We’ve already done it, twice to be exact, I’m sure to be pregnant.  After all, it only took you and father one try each to get each other with child.  Right... Mother?” 


          Bardock slumped against the wall, staring at his son in horror.  “You...you know?”  He rasped.


          All of them froze when a single, loud thud resounded through the room, as King Vegeta passed out cold.




The Marquis of Carab’s estate...


          The ogre Oolong sat at the head of the lavish dining table, heaping trays of food covering every surface of it.  His appearance was not one that would normally inspire fear in people, being that he looked like a small, pink pig, that walked on two legs.  But those that crossed him soon found out about his horrible temper, and explosive power.  He turned his head and stared out the window, ignoring the nervous servants that scurried around the room, setting out food and clearing away dishes.  His eyes narrowed as he concentrated on the nagging, prickling feeling, that had been bothering him all day.  “I know something is afoot,” he growled softly.  “It feels like some strange sense of deja vu, like an old enemy has returned.”  The ogre pondered the enemies he had made in this land.  The ogre looked up as one of the servants escorted a man into the dining room. 


          A short, skinny man, with pointed features and beady eyes shuffled into the room, looking around and grinning as he rubbed his hands together. 

          “You have some news for me, do you?”  Oolong asked, annoyed at the man’s inspection of his treasures. 


          “Oh, yes, yes I do!”  Peirin grinned at Oolong. 


          The ogre decided to destroy the man as soon as he told him whatever was so important. *This man is the type that would sell out his family for a song, not someone I relish the thought of keeping around,* he scowled. 


          Peirin came closer to the table, sniffing the air, his mouth watering as he stared at all the food laid out.  “May I?”  He asked with a simpering smile. 


          “Yes, fine.  Take a plate, then start talking!”  Oolong snapped, growing angry. 


          Peirin snatched up a plate of pastries and began to stuff them into his mouth, speaking between swallows.  “Someone came to the village this afternoon, strange young man, claiming to be a descendant of the Marquis of Carab.”


          “WHAT?!!”  Oolong shot out of his chair and was around the 20 place table before Peirin could blink.  He grabbed the man by the throat, then snarled.  “Why did no one tell me this right away?”


          “Sir...ack...ghhnn....”  Peirin tried to speak, gasping as Oolong released him abruptly.  After a few seconds of coughing, he continued.  “That old loon Carvere had a picture his grandmother had drawn when the Marquis was still alive, this young man is the spitting image of the Marquis.  It must be true!”


          Oolong drummed his fingers on the table, glowering.  “So.  My arch nemesis did manage to save one of his children.  I thought I’d killed them all,” he spun and strode out to the balcony.  “No matter, this descendant shall be taken care of in short order,” he turned back to Peirin.  “Where is this man now?” 


          “In the city, he is with a farmer named Ox and his family, they will be staying at the palace,” Peirin said, around a mouthful of cheese.


          “The palace, hmm?”  Oolong said with an evil smile.  “Very well then, to the palace I go.  This ends, now!”  He shouted, transforming himself into an owl and disappearing into the night, completely forgetting about Peirin as he hastened off to finish his nemesis. 




The Royal Palace...


          Bardock slumped against the wall, staring at his son in horror.  “You...you know?”  He rasped.


          All of them froze when a single, loud thud resounded through the room, as King Vegeta passed out cold.


          “King Vegeta!”  Roshi cried, kneeling beside his long-time friend.


          Bardock stepped forward unsteadily, looking back and forth between the bed, and the unconscious King, at a complete and utter loss for words.


          Celera appeared moments later, her eyes widening as she took in the two naked men on the bed, then the prone form of her husband. *Oh no, Vegeta, what have you done?* She gestured frantically. *I know you wanted to stop the wedding, but was this really necessary?* She stalked over and threw a blanket over them. *You two just met, and already you’re willing to conceive a child with him, just to spite your father?  There were other options, Vegeta.* 


          “No there weren’t!”  The Prince snapped angrily.  “I couldn’t be sure you and Bardock would be able to talk him out of it, and I didn’t want to give the crown over to Raditz, nor did I want to actually carry out my last ditch plan, which was to go public with the diaries.”


          “You wouldn’t dare!”  Bardock roared, face flushed, cords standing out in his neck.  “Do you know what that would do to your father?” 


          “I said it was my final option, in case all the other plans didn’t work!”  Vegeta shot back.  “I decided that giving up the crown would bring about too much scandal as well, because father would have to admit he was Raditz’s parent.” 


          “So you jump in bed with the first good looking commoner to come along?”  Bardock growled, glaring at Yamcha.  “This is lunacy!  You could at least have chosen someone who’s presence in the castle would not have raised too much suspicion!”


          “For your information, mother,” Vegeta sneered, smirking as Bardock shuddered at the word.  “Yamcha is no commoner.  He’s a direct descendant of the Marquis of Carab, he’s come back to rid us of Oolong, and reclaim his ancestral lands.”


          “That’s it!”  Roshi cried, climbing to his feet and all but running into the hall.  Bardock and Celera followed, wondering what he was up to. 


          After climbing two flights of stairs, Roshi emerged in the hallway leading to Celera’s sewing room.  “Here it is,” he said, staring up at a huge portrait. 


          *Amazing,* Celera gestured, a smile spreading across her face. *Yamcha looks just like him.*


          “But...it’s not possible!”  Bardock breathed, craning his neck to stare at the face in the picture.


          “It’s more than possible.”  Roshi said with a grin.  “Vegeta’s telling the truth, that young man is the Marquis’ descendant, come back to avenge his family at last.” 


          A howl of rage, echoing up the stairs, had them all staring at each other for a moment.  “Vegeta!”  Roshi and Bardock cried as one, all three of them racing back down to Vegeta’s bedchamber. 




          Vegeta’s eyes widened as his father scrambled to his feet, lips twisted in a hideous snarl as the King slowly advanced on them.


          “Get the hell away from my son,” he hissed, hands twisted into claws.  “He is going to be married in a month’s time, no matter what he wants.  He is not going to carry some common peasant’s child, he is going to continue the line, in a way acceptable to the general public, whether he LIKES IT OR NOT!!”  The King roared, lunging at them. 


          Prince Vegeta rolled both of them off the bed, keeping Yamcha behind him as he backed both of them into a corner behind the bed.  “No I’m not!”  The Prince shot back, seething.  “I am not marrying that shrew, and I’m not hiding my feelings, or my condition!”  He growled, deciding to carry on the charade that he may have already conceived.  “You can try to send me away, give the crown to Raditz for all I care, let him be the one to keep up your precious appearances, I won’t do it!”


          “Oh yes you will!  And you’ll like it!”  The King snarled, grabbing the bed and hurling it, wooden frame and all, across the room. 


          “Oh I don’t think so father, you can’t marry me off to that big-mouthed shrew, how the hell do you think I could hide a child inside me from my own wife?”  The Prince smirked.  “This marriage can’t take place, not now, not ever.” 


          Something snapped inside the King’s mind, as the Prince gave him that insolent smirk, and his lips twisted in a horrible smile that made both men’s blood run cold.   “Oh yes, I will Vegeta.  If I have to throw you and your lover in separate dungeons, and see to it that the doctor finds a herb to stop that child from being born, whatever it takes, you will do as I say,” the King advanced on the Prince, delivering a vicious backhand and sending him crashing to the floor.


          Yamcha stared down at the Prince, feelings welling up inside him, vision blurring as his eyes glistened.  “How could you say such horrible things,” he growled softly.  “You are such a manipulative bastard,” the young man hissed, turning to face the King. 


          King Vegeta stared down at his son, his expression one of shock as the red haze of rage slowly lifted from his mind.  “What...?”  He lifted his head, looking at the other man in confusion.


          Yamcha glared at the King, his voice rising in anger.  “Vegeta will not be forced into marrying anyone, I don’t care what you want, you are just pushing him into this because you can’t admit your own feelings for Bardock!”  He stepped forward and shoved the King back, face contorted in anger.  “I won’t let you do this to him,” Yamcha ground out, before throwing his head back and letting out a primal howl of rage.


          King Vegeta grunted in surprise and pain as the younger man slammed into him, both of them hitting the floor and rolling around, Yamcha’s fists swinging wildly. 


          Puar was about to yell at Yamcha, when the sound of flapping wings caught her attention.  She looked up, and saw a large, brown owl sitting on the windowsill, watching the fight.  She wasn’t quite sure why, but the large bird gave her an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach.  She wisely decided to remain silent and stay out of the way. 




          Oolong seethed as he watched the two men rolling around on the floor, exchanging blows. *So, not only is this one a perfect replica of the first Marquis, he’s fallen in love with the Prince, and taken advantage of Saiyan anatomy just as his great, great-grandfather did,* he flapped his wings in agitation. *Now he’s trying to carry on the line, I won’t let it happen!  I will destroy him, and the Prince too,* the ogre flew into the darkness, already formulating a plan. 




          Bardock raced into the room, Roshi and Celeste not far behind.  “Stop it, both of you!”  He cried, dragging a still naked Yamcha off the King.  “What is the meaning of this?”  The burly general demanded.


          “He’s insane!  Look at the levels he’s sunk to, to force his son to bend to his will!”  Yamcha shouted, pointing at Vegeta, who sat on the bed, covering himself with a blanket, one corner of his lower lip bleeding.


          *What happened?”  Celera gestured, rushing over and gently stroking Vegeta’s cheek. 


          “Yes, what exactly did happen here?”  Roshi asked, looking back and forth between the three men. 


          Yamcha quickly told them what the King had said to them, about the marriage, locking them both away, and finding a way to stop Vegeta’s pregnancy. 


          Bardock inhaled sharply as Yamcha finished, staring at his former lover with slitted, glittering eyes.  “You,” he began, striding quickly toward the King, intending to knock some sense into him, literally.


          Everyone blinked as Celera stalked up to her husband, grabbing him by his coarse, spiky hair and yanking, eliciting a startled cry of pain from the King, before leading him into the hall.  She paused in the doorway, gesturing for Bardock to follow. *Wait here, we’ll be back,* she signed to Roshi, Yamcha and Vegeta. 


          Roshi sighed as he walked over to the water pitcher, wetting a piece of cloth and bringing it to Yamcha.  “Let’s get you cleaned up, Vegeta, then I would like you two to explain what, exactly, is going on.” 


          Vegeta nodded silently, watching as Korin and Puar padded down the hall after Celera, Bardock and the King. 




          “Let me go, dammit woman!”  Vegeta roared, yanking free of his wife’s grasp, losing a few hairs in the process.  He growled loudly, then gasped as Bardock gripped his arms, bending them painfully behind his back.  “Bardock!”  He winced, as the other man put pressure on his wrists, forcing him to stand on his toes.  “Take your hands off me at once!”  He shouted. 


          “Yes, that’s it, your royal high and mighty pain in the ass.”  Bardock hissed.  “Scream a little louder, attract the attention of all the guards so they come and investigate, and find your son in bed with the new Marquis,” he smirked as the King’s mouth snapped shut. 


          The irate King cursed and muttered under his breath all the way to his own bedchamber, scowling as Celera threw open the door, and Bardock threw him down on the bed. 


          *How dare you?* Celera gestured, stepping forward and glowering at him. *You knew Vegeta was against getting married to that woman, why couldn’t you leave him alone?  This whole situation is your fault!* She crossed her arms and turned away from him. 


          “Wha...me, my fault?!  How the hell is it my fault?!”  Vegeta sputtered, face nearly purple with anger. 


          “You know it is,” said Bardock.  “You planned all this, never consulting either of us, because you knew that we’d try to talk you out of it.  You intended for this to take place no matter what any of us, including our son, thought,” the burly soldier shook his head, walking over to the window and staring out at the stars.  “All because you couldn’t stand the thought that your son might share your, and your father’s, and your father’s father’s, proclivity for men,” he sighed.  “Your grandfather didn’t try too hard to keep what had happened a secret, how your father was conceived, he seemed proud of the fact that Saiyan males could do something so amazing.”  Bardock turned to the King.  “It was your father that was ashamed of it, and tried to hide it when he conceived you.  He passed that shame on to you in full, didn’t he?”


          Vegeta hung his head, gnawing on his lower lip. 


          “I’ve put up with this long enough,” Bardock said softly.  He strode over to the door.  “Whatever Vegeta decides to do, he has my support, I am going to tell _my son_, that, before I leave.”


          “Leave?  What do you mean, leave?”  The King was on his feet instantly. 


          “I mean, simply, that I’m moving out of the estate behind the castle.  Horetsu is dead, there is no need for me to be on the palace grounds.  Raditz, Turles and Kakarott are comfortably settled in their own homes, with their own families, and I’m sick of standing around here, day in, day out, trying not to show how I feel about you, because you’re too damned ashamed to admit you love me in return.”  Bardock spun on his heel and was gone.  


          King Vegeta stared after the other man, eyes wide.  “Bardock,” he whispered.  He yelped as Celera’s hand connected with his cheek.


          *Don’t just stand there, you fool, go after him!* She began shoving him out the door. 


          Vegeta snapped out of his daze, and ran after him.  “Bardock!  Wait,” he cried, grabbing the general’s thick bicep. 


          Bardock paused, taking a deep breath before whirling to face the King.  “You go too far, Vegeta!”  He snapped, fist shooting up and connecting with his jaw.  “First you take my son from me, and I don’t see him for three years,” he cried, dragging a hand down his face.  “Then you give me a child, but he has no birthright, other than the adopted son of a general, and now, you force our first born into a marriage he doesn’t want, so you don’t have to worry about feeling ashamed of how your grandchild is conceived!”  He spun and ran up the hall, eyes shining as his lips twisted into a snarl.


          The surprised King sat sprawled on the carpet, rubbing his sore jaw for several moments.  “Bardock!”  Vegeta leapt to his feet and sprinted after him, grabbing him by his tunic and pulling hard. 


          Both men growled as they wound up falling to the floor, wrestling and rolling around.


          Celera watched in amusement. *I think Bardock’s finally gotten through to him, perhaps now he’ll finally admit how he really feels.* 


          Vegeta staggered to his feet, pulling Bardock up with him.  “Get your ass back in that room, we’re not finished yet,” he ordered. 


          Bardock tried to pull away, glaring at the King as he refused to relinquish his hold.  “I have nothing more to say to you,” he said with a note of finality. 


          “Very well then, you will sit and listen to what I have to say.”  Vegeta dragged the general back into his bedchambers.  “Leave us, woman,” he ordered. 


          Celera nodded, smirking, as she slipped out of the room, almost tripping over the two cats, as they pushed their way in. 


          As soon as the door shut, Bardock wrenched free of the other man’s grasp.  “Twenty six years, Vegeta,” he growled angrily.  “Over a quarter of a century, I’ve stood by you!  And what did I get in return?  It took until after our second son was born for me to be able to spend time with both of my children, and still, even after all this time, you are ashamed of what happened.”  He punched the wall, leaving a sizeable indent.  “All these years, I stayed silent, did as you asked, gave up my first-born son, kept my distance in public, because I loved you, and I respected your feelings.  When did you respect mine, Vegeta?”  Bardock asked quietly, sitting on the bed.


          King Vegeta sighed heavily, dragging his hands through his hair.  “I...you are right, Bardock,” he sat down beside him.  “I have asked a lot of you over the years.  And gave you very little in return.”  The older man hung his head.  “Perhaps I have also gone too far forcing Vegeta into this marriage, as well.” 


          Bardock quirked an eyebrow.  “Perhaps?”  He smirked. 


          “Oh alright!”  Vegeta snapped.  “I knew Vegeta was showing signs of following in my footsteps, and I wanted to nip it in the bud.  You and Celera were right, I should have listened to you,” he scowled at the other man.  “There, I admitted I was wrong, are you happy now?” 


           Bardock nodded. “Partially.”


          The King shifted uncomfortably, as a war began to rage within him, between his heart, and his pride. *Dammit...I know what he wants me to say,* he thought, cheeks flushing slightly. *But do I dare say it?  Can I say it?*  Finally, his heart won out.  He turned and leaned forward, until their faces were less than an inch apart.  “I’m sorry, Bardock,” he whispered, before brushing his lips against Bardock’s in a feather light kiss. 


          The general stared at Vegeta, eyes wide and disbelieving. “You...you’re apologizing?”


          Vegeta chuckled.  “Yes, I am.  I know it’s not something many have heard from me, but I’m sure before this day is through I will be saying it many times over,” he sighed, slipping his arms around Bardock’s waist. 


          “Mm hmm,” Bardock nodded, leaning forward and resting his head on Vegeta’s shoulder.  “You’ll be apologizing to Celera, Yamcha, and our son, why, you’ll be apologizing more today that you probably have in your entire life,” he snickered as Vegeta growled softly. 


          “Yes, yes.  Very funny, Bardock.”  Vegeta scowled, then his expression softened.  “While I seem to be in the mood for setting aside my pride and admitting my feelings, there is one more thing I should say.”  He turned and nuzzled the other man’s unruly sable hair.  “I love you,” he whispered.  “And I’m sorry it took me 26 years to say it to you.”


          Bardock’s eyes slid closed, as he took a deep, shuddering breath.  “I knew you cared, but it still feels better, hearing you say it,” he wrapped his arms around Vegeta’s shoulders, and rested his forehead against Vegeta’s.  “I love you too.” 




          Korin smiled as he listened to the two men finally confessing their feelings for each other. *It’s about damn time,* he thought, then suddenly shivered as his body began to tingle. *What’s happening to me?* He wondered, as his throat grew warm.  He looked over at Puar, and quickly darted to the door. 


          Puar looked at him in puzzlement, following and helping him to pull the door open wide enough for them to slip out.  “What’s wrong?”  She asked quietly, as they pushed the door shut.


          “I...I don’t know,” Korin said, shaking his head.  “I feel strange.”


          Puar nearly fell over in shock.  “Korin!”  She whispered loudly.  “Did...did you just...talk?”


          Korin stared at her.  “I...I suppose I did,” he said quietly, looking at her with wide green eyes. 


          “Come on, let’s get back and see how the others are doing.”  Puar raced down the hall, feeling elated. “I can’t believe it!”  She said happily.  “You can talk!”  Perhaps you can shape shift too, like me,” she stopped on the stairs and turned to stare at him.  “That means just one more step, and we’re free!”  She cried, then ran over and nuzzled him with a loud purr.


          Korin nuzzled back, purring as well.  “We have a lot of catching up to do,” he said softly, as they lay down on the stairs and, for the first time in 100 years, had a proper conversation. 




The Marquis’ estate....


          Oolong paced back and forth in the main family room, smirking as his boots scuffed over the decades old bloodstains.  “This is the room where I killed them all,” he smirked.  “This is where it began, and this is where it shall end.”  He once again transformed into an owl, and flew back toward the palace. 




The Royal Palace...


          King Vegeta smiled as he pulled his lover closer.  “It’s been too long, Bardock.” 


          “Agreed.”  Bardock nuzzled the King’s neck, tongue flicking out to taste smooth, bronzed skin.  “I’ve missed this, Vegeta,” he breathed, before his hands slid into the other man’s silk shirt. 


          “Hnn...as have I,” Vegeta moaned softly, then his neck as Bardock nipped gently at the sensitive skin.  He buried his hands in his lover’s hair as the other man gently pushed him back onto the bed, nimble fingers stripping away his shirt, and undoing his pants.  “Bardock,” he breathed, arching into the younger Saiyan’s touch as Bardock stroked his chest.


          “Hmm?”  The burly soldier smirked as he quickly removed his own clothing, laying down beside Vegeta and pulling a thick blanket over them.


          The King cupped Bardock’s handsome face in his hands, pulling him close for a long, lingering kiss.  He snuggled up to the younger man, hands roaming the other’s broad back eagerly. 


          “So which of us gets to be on top?”  Bardock leered, causing the King to burst out laughing. 


          Vegeta tried to suppress his laughter and hold a straight face.  “If I’m not mistaken,”  he snickered.  “You were on top last time, hence Raditz’s conception, yes?”  Bardock nodded.  “Well then,” he growled, all but pouncing on the younger Saiyan.  “That would make it my turn.”


          Bardock gasped as Vegeta’s hands darted down, grasping his arousal and squeezing gently.  “Ahn,” he shivered, hands fisted in the sheets as Vegeta nipped lightly along his shoulder.


          Vegeta stared down at his lover, memorizing every inch of his face and body.  *I’ve been a fool,* he berated himself. *My pride has kept us apart for half our lives.  But no more Bardock, I promise you that,* he thought, before throwing himself into the task of pleasing his lover. 


          Bardock moaned, undulating sensuously as the other Saiyan’s hands skimmed across his abdomen, making his muscles twitch.  “Hnn...Vegeta,” he purred, as the King nipped, licked and kissed his way down his chest. 


          “Patience, Bardock,” Vegeta smirked.  “We’ve waited this long, a few more moments won’t hurt you.” 


          “Dammit, Vegeta, I-”  Bardock’s protest was cut off as his lover pushed two fingers into his mouth.  The burly Saiyan growled softly, looking up at him with narrowed eyes before sucking on the digits, coating them liberally with saliva. 


          Vegeta leaned down, rubbing their noses together as he moved his hand down between the other Saiyan’s muscular thighs.  “Enough with that sharp tongue of yours, Bardock, I can think of better things for you to do with that mouth,” he murmured, seizing his lips in a searing kiss as he pushed a finger into him. 


          Bardock groaned into the kiss, hips rocking as Vegeta added a second finger and slowly moved them in and out of the tight opening.  “Ah!  Please, Vegeta,” he rasped, twining their legs together and wrapping  his arms around him. 


          The King shuddered violently, his lover’s plea nearly wiping away what little self-control he had left.  He pulled his hand away, sliding one arm around Bardock’s waist as he settled between his thighs, the head of his arousal pressing against his lover’s entrance. 


          Both men gasped, muscles tense as Vegeta slowly pushed into his lover. 


          The King cursed softly under his breath, fighting to keep from climaxing as he slid into the tight heat.  He paused, trying to regain control of his senses. 


          “Vegeta...”  Bardock ground out, hips bucking slightly. “Move,” he growled, legs sliding up to wrap around the older Saiyan’s waist.


          The King slid his other arm around Bardock, holding him tightly as he began to rock his hips, taking his lover with slow, deep thrusts. 


          Bardock whimpered, clutching the other man tightly with his arms and legs, his own erection trapped between them.  “Vegeta, I,” he gasped, his head tossing from side to side as he arched up to meet his lovers’ gentle thrusts.  “I want more...”


Vegeta moaned softly as his lover began to tremble beneath him, Bardock’s voice growing louder as he pleaded for more.  He buried his face in the crook of the younger Saiyan’s neck, one hand sliding down to wrap around his lover’s arousal. 


          Bardock’s head snapped back, a guttural cry escaping him as Vegeta’s hand slid up and down his length, his thrusts coming harder and faster. 


          Both Saiyans clutched each other tightly as they arched and rocked against each other, their passion building to a fever pitch.  The blanket slid to the floor, pillows soon following as their movements became more frantic. 


          Bardock’s fingers dug into the older Saiyan’s back, his eyes clenched tightly shut.  “Yes, Vegeta!”  He cried out, teeth bared as he clung to his lover.


          The older Saiyan growled in response, sweat running down his face as he panted harshly. 


          Both men stiffened, dual cries of release muffled by each other’s lips as they shared a hungry kiss. 


          Vegeta slowly rolled off Bardock, lying down beside him and immediately pulling his lover close.  “Now where did that damn blanket go?”  He muttered, as the chilly evening air hit his sweat-slicked skin.  He grumbled as he reached over and pulled it up off the floor, covering them both once more. 


          Bardock grinned as he snuggled under the heavy blanket with his lover. 


          Vegeta narrowed his eyes at him.  “And just what is so funny?”  He asked, quirking an eyebrow. 


          “Nothing,” Bardock answered, nuzzling his chin.  “Just thinking that I’m going to enjoy making up for lost time.”


          “Aha.  Now I see where the boys got their sex drive,” he chuckled, earning himself a playful swat from the general. 




          Yamcha lay on the bed, Vegeta sprawled on top of him.  “Don’t worry Vegeta.  Bardock and Celera will talk some sense into your father.”


          “He’s right!”  Roshi said, pacing the room nervously.  “If anyone can make him listen to reason, it’s those two.” 


          “Besides, you know he couldn’t have meant all those awful things, Vegeta,” Yamcha stroked the Prince’s upswept hair.  “He wasn’t thinking properly, give him time, I’m sure he’s sorry by now that he ever said it.”


          Vegeta growled softly, nuzzling deeper into Yamcha’s embrace.  “I don’t care,” he said petulantly.  “I’m not marrying that female, and if it means I can’t be who and what I want to be, then I don’t want the crown, either.  I want out of here, the sooner, the better!” 


          All three men looked up as a large, brown owl flew into the room, settling on a bedpost. 


          “I’m glad you feel that way, my dear Prince,” the owl said, slowly changing into a giant, winged serpent.  “It makes what I’m about to do a whole lot easier!”  The creature laughed maniacally as it looped itself around Vegeta and took to the air. 


          “Vegeta!”  Yamcha cried, jumping up and trying to free the Prince from the thing’s grasp.  He was sent flying by the creature’s tail, smashing into a wall and slumping to the floor, unconscious. 


          Oolong chuckled.  “Hey, old man,” he called to a fearful, trembling Roshi.  “Tell him that if he wants his Prince back, he has to come see me at his ancestral home.  We’ll be waiting,” he snickered. 


          Roshi cried out as the huge serpent shot a fireball from its mouth, knocking a large hole in the wall, before disappearing into the night with the screaming, struggling Prince in tow.  


          Puar and Korin raced into the room, darting around looking for their friends. 


          King Vegeta, Bardock and Celera followed soon after, drawn by the sound of the explosion.  Celera ran to Yamcha’s side and checked him for injuries, while Roshi explained to them all what had happened. 


          Korin jumped up on the bed, sniffing the air. The odor of rancid pork made him recoil in disgust.  “Oolong,” he growled.  “You bastard, you won’t get away with this.”


          “Oh no,” cried Puar.  “He must have known Yamcha is the descendant of the Marquis, all along!”


          “Which means he also knows about the Prince being able to bear children, and that he could carry the next generation,” Korin said, tail twitching in anger. 


          “We’ve got to do something!”  Puar cried, turning to Yamcha, only to find four very shocked people staring at them. 


          “Did...those cats just start talking?”  Roshi asked, face pale. 


          “Oh boy, here we go again,” Korin sighed, sitting down and preparing to give them an extremely abbreviated version of the story. 


To Be Continued......


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