Puss in Boots part 7. 

By Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte Maxwell

Rating; NC-17

Fandom: DBZ

Warnings; Yaoi, lime, language, violence.

Couple; Yamcha/Vegeta, Korin/Puar. (Don’t look at me like that! T_T You’ll see, just read!)

Notes; Crossover, OOC, AU, TWT, general insanity.  Yet another of JJ’s Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales *LOL*.

Disclaimer; Don’t own DBZ or Puss in Boots, also some of this fic was inspired by Nora Roberts’ Tears of the Moon, Jewels of the Sun and Heart of the Sea novels, which I also do not own.

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And please, no MST’ing.

Thanks to Anubiset for beta reading.


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~~oOo~~ Change of scene or POV.





          “I think we accomplished some of our mission, although I don’t think Yamcha will be pleased with any of us for a little while...” Puar winced, as she looked at her friend.


          “Prince Vegeta, get up, can you not see that man is hurt?”  Bardock snapped, before he reached down and grabbed Vegeta by the arm, then proceeded to unceremoniously haul the prince to his feet.  “Come, let’s get him into the castle,” he grabbed Yamcha under the arms, and Dom rushed to help, Herve opting to stay behind and tend to the displays. 


          “Come on then, let’s get him into the castle.  I recognize you.”  Bardock said to Dom.  “You are all with Ox and his family, no?”  Dom nodded mutely, as he stared down at Yamcha worriedly.  “Very well, he will have a room in the castle as well, let’s take him up to his room, and I’ll ask for a healer.” 




          “Oh my goodness!”  Chichi, Fifi and Bibi were on their feet instantly, worried over their injured friend.  Ox and Roshi stood beside them, their questions unheeded in the commotion.


          “Step aside,” Bardock growled impatiently.  “We need to get him to his room first, then we can get answers,” he sighed as the family refused to move. 


          “WHAT’S GOING ON?!”  King Vegeta bellowed, as he stood at the head of the table and glowered at everyone, Celera by his side. 


          Bardock scowled at the Prince.  “Well, sire, it seems that your son has taken to assaulting innocent people in the marketplace.  He slammed into this poor young man, injuring him.  I’m not sure of the extent of his injuries, if these people would kindly MOVE,” he shouted, and glared at them all.   “Perhaps, then, we could get him up to his room, and find out.” 


          King Vegeta’s eyes flashed with anger, before his gaze snapped to his son.  “You attacked this man?  Why?”  He demanded. 


          “I DID NOT!”  Prince Vegeta hollered.  “It was an accident!  Korin was running away, and I was trying to catch him, and...oh no!  Korin!”  He looked around frantically, then let out a relieved sigh when the huge white cat leapt onto his shoulder.  “But...where’s the other one?”  He scowled as Puar leapt onto his other shoulder and licked his cheek.  “This is all your fault, you know,” he frowned blackly at her.


          “Yes, I remember seeing those cats racing out of here, Vegeta hot on their heels,”  Roshi nodded. 


          “I know, they nearly bowled me over leaving the castle, without an escort, I might add,” Bardock glared. 


          Celera tapped Bardock on the shoulder. *Take him up to his room, I’ll be there shortly.  Bring Prince Vegeta with you,*she turned and went to get some supplies.




          Several minutes later, Celera entered Yamcha’s room.  She winced as she saw the bruising on his back, as well as numerous splinters. *Very well, let’s get started then,* she gestured, after handing her bag to the Prince.


          “What do you want me to do with these?”  Vegeta demanded. 


          *Well, seeing that you caused the injuries, I think it’s only fair that you tend to his wounds,* she gestured.


          “Hmph,”  Vegeta pouted.  “I’m a prince, not a healer.”


          “She’s right,” Bardock hissed at him.  “You were careless today, this needn’t have happened.” 


          “Now see here, my son is not...”  King Vegeta fell silent, as he found himself on the receiving end of twin glares from his wife and Bardock.  “Oh, alright,” he grumbled, stomping out.  “Mind you, watch him, Bardock.”


          Bardock smirked at Celera.  “Good idea, my Queen, making the Prince tend to him, teach him a lesson,” he turned to Ox and his family.  “What do you say we all go down and finish breakfast?  They don’t need our help, and your friend will need rest, after his wounds are taken care of.”


          “Yes, you’re right, although I can’t eat right now, I must get back to my goods, I have work to do,” Ox said, and Dom nodded in agreement.


          “And we’re going to look at all the lovely fabrics and jewelry.  Not to mention the eligible young men wandering about.”  Fifi smiled, and shooed the girls out.  


          Bardock stood and watched for several minutes, observing the Prince as the young man carefully cleaned Yamcha’s wounds, fingers ghosting over smooth skin.  *Don’t get too interested, son.* Bardock thought with a frown. *Your father is still intent on announcing your supposed engagement tomorrow,* he set his jaw and quietly left the room. *I have to find a way to put a stop to this, for I can see it all ending very badly if he pushes ahead with it,* he turned and stepped out into the hall, only to find the King waiting for him.  “What is it?”  He asked softly, noticing the troubled frown on the other man’s face. 


          “There’s something familiar about that young man, but I can’t quite figure out where, or when, I might have seen him before,” the King pondered, pacing back and forth across the hall. 


          “Mm hmm...”  Bardock nodded, stroking his chin.  “I thought so too when I first saw him.  Even Vegeta acted strange when he saw him, like he was trying to place his face.” 


          “Hmm,”  King Vegeta shook his head.  “I’ll think about it over breakfast, I’m sure it will come to me eventually.” 





          Nearly an hour later, Vegeta and Celera finally removed all the splinters from Yamcha’s skin, applied healing herbs, and bandaged him up.


          *Well, he should be fine after a bit of rest,* Celera gestured. *Come on, let us go and have something to eat.* 


          “No, I’m going to sit with him a bit longer,”  Vegeta said.  “There’s something about him, something familiar.” 


          *All right, if you need anything, we’ll be downstairs,* she left quietly. 


          Several minutes later, Yamcha woke up to the sensation of someone staring at him.  “You’re the brat that hit me,” he muttered, turning over onto his side.  “What’d you do that for?” 


          “I didn’t mean it, I was chasing my cat, Korin...”


          “Korin!”  Yamcha sat up, wincing.  “Then, that means...you’re Prince Vegeta?” 


          Vegeta narrowed his eyes.  “How do you know about Korin,” he asked. 


          “Oh, ah..long story,” Yamcha chuckled nervously, then put one hand up behind his head.


          “It wouldn’t involve a talking, blue cat, would it?”  Vegeta scowled at the two cats that sat quietly in the corner. 


          “Puar,” Yamcha said sharply.  “What’s going on?”


          “Er...ah...well, we didn’t mean for it to happen, Prince Vegeta came out into the hallway at the wrong time, and sort of overheard me talking,” she buried her face in the blankets, Korin jumping up and nuzzling her.  Puar quickly explained about the chase, and the last minute plan.  “We thought it was the perfect time for you and Vegeta to run into each othe,” she said, then slapped a paw over her mouth as she realized she’d just given away their whole plan.  


          Neither man seemed to notice her slip, as Vegeta started to fire off questions, Yamcha doing his best to answer. 


          “Hold it!”  Puar cried, holding up a paw.  “I think we need to start from the very beginning, intertwining both stories to it makes sense,” she sat on Yamcha’s lap and recounted the tales of the Marquis of Carab, Oolong’s appearance, the destruction of the Marquis and his family, her and Korin’s tale, and then finished with their curse. 


          “So you see, Prince Vegeta, as soon as Korin and Puar help us find true love, their curse is lifted,” Yamcha said. 


          Puar ducked her head.  “Well, it’s not quite that simple.”


          “Huh?  What do you mean?”  Yamcha looked down in surprise. 


          “Well, there’s a little problem.  It seems Korin hasn’t been able to get King Vegeta and Bardock together, quite yet,” Puar sighed.


          “King Vegeta, and Bardock?”  Yamcha asked, confused. 


          Vegeta stared at her thoughtfully for a few minutes, wondering how she knew about that.  “We’ll worry about that later, right now we need to think of a way to get me out of this stupid wedding father intends to announce tomorrow,” he growled.  “I can tell you for certain that blue haired bimbo is most definitely not my true love,” he frowned, then a sly smile crossed his face.  “I may have a tale or two to share with you as well.”  Vegeta said softly, launching into the story of his own birth, and that of his brother, Raditz. 


          “Oh, my gosh...”  Yamcha sat, stunned as he processed what he’d just heard.  “So Saiyan males can have children?  That’s amazing!”  He looked down at Puar.  “I’d heard gossip, but nothing that sounded plausible.  But it’s all true, isn’t it?”  Yamcha looked up at Vegeta.  “But your father’s married, how can we help you two if he’s already married?”


          Vegeta smiled.  “My...well, Celera knows all about them, and she is all for it.  Her marriage to father was one of convenience, rather than love.  She knew about Raditz and I all along,” he shook his head.  “She seems to like the idea of father and Bardock finally admitting the depth of their feelings for each other.” 


          “Well, I’d like it too!  Then we’ll be one step closer to getting out of these cat bodies,” Puar snapped.  “Now, come on then, let’s think of a way to get you out of this wedding.” 


          Vegeta smirked evilly, chuckling quietly.  “I’ve got a plan in mind already.”


          “You do?”  Yamcha grinned at him, and Vegeta was struck by the man’s good looks.


          *This deception of mine won’t be much of a lie at all if he keeps smiling at me like that, * Vegeta thought, resting a hand on Yamcha’s leg. “Yes, I do.  Here’s what I propose,” he quietly told them of his plan. 


          Minutes later, Puar giggled and nearly rolled off the bed, Korin snickering quietly beside her.


          Yamcha stared at the Prince, blushing furiously.  “Well, alright, if you’re sure he won’t kill me...” 


          “I’m sure.”  Vegeta chuckled.  “Puar, all you have to do is get Bardock and father to come to my bedchamber, tonight, after Yamcha’s friends retire for the night.  He and I will take care of the rest,” he grinned. 




Roughly twelve hours later...


          “Are you sure this is going to work?”  Yamcha asked, limping into Vegeta’s room after him, looking around nervously.  “What’s to stop your parents from just ripping me apart on the spot?” 


          “Because there will be the possibility that I could already be pregnant, right?  So why bother now?  They’ll probably be looking for ways to hide my condition, and they can’t very well marry me off while I’m carrying, now can they?”  Vegeta purred, running his hands over Yamcha’s broad shoulders. 


          “W...well, n...n...no...”  Yamcha stuttered, as Vegeta’s small hands dropped down, and the Prince pinched and rolled his nipples gently.

 “Nn..Vegeta, are you sure we...should actually, I mean, ” his protest was silenced as Vegeta’s lips covered his, the Prince’s tongue flicking out to run over his bottom lip.  “Prince V...Vegeta,” Yamcha moaned as the smaller man’s fingers ghosted over his abdomen, then slipped down to caress him through his pants.  Yamcha gasped, then arched his back as Vegeta trailed burning kisses across his chest, then moved up to lick and nibble lightly at his throat. 


          “Hnn, Vegeta,” he groaned softly, eyes sliding closed.  “Are you sure?  I mean...I know this is a farce to fool your father, but I just… I don’t know...” 


          “Hush.”  Vegeta commanded softly, growling under his breath as he pulled impatiently at Yamcha’s clothes.  “I know what I’m doing.”


          “But you said we were just gonna act like...” Yamcha was cut off, as Vegeta’s lips found his once again in a heated kiss.


          “I said no such thing, I said they were going to catch us after the act was finished, at no time did I imply we were just going to _pretend_ to have sex,” the Prince leered at him, as he led Yamcha over to the bed.


          Yamcha allowed himself to be drawn over to the massive bed that dominated the room, watching through hooded eyes as the Prince sprawled out in the center of it, beckoning him with one graceful hand. 


          “I’m waiting,”  Vegeta purred, stretching languidly, then arching his back and narrowing his eyes at the other man.  *I’m glad I got over the embarrassment of reading those damn journals,* he thought with a smirk, remembering the painstaking detail with which his father had described his encounters with Bardock in the books.  *At least now I’ve got a good idea of exactly what needs to happen tonight…*


          Yamcha needed no further encouragement.  He clamored onto the bed, and settled between the Prince’s thighs, moaning as those muscular legs clamped tightly around his waist.  “Vegeta,” he gasped as the Saiyan began rocking his hips, causing their hardened lengths to rub together.  Yamcha growled softly and buried his head in the crook of Vegeta’s neck, finding and matching his rhythm. 


          He looked down in surprise as the Prince snarled suddenly, pushing him away.


          Vegeta picked up a bottle of oil from the table beside the bed, pouring some into the palm of his hand, then handing it to Yamcha.  “Put that on your fingers,”  he said quietly.  “You’ll have to prepare me.”


          Yamcha looked at him for a moment, confused, then moaned loudly, nearly dropping the bottle as Vegeta’s oil coated hands wrapped firmly around his erection, squeezing and stroking roughly.  “V..Vegeta!”  He cried, writhing and bucking.  “Please,” he whispered, beginning to tremble.


          Vegeta smirked up at him.  “I don’t think either of us will last very long, will we?”  He laced his fingers with Yamcha’s, coating the other man’s hand with oil, and then guiding it down to his entrance.  “Here,” he whispered, darting his head forward and kissing his lover.


          Yamcha pushed gently against the tight ring of muscle, slipping a finger inside Vegeta.  He paused when the smaller man grunted, stiffening in his arms at the invasion.  


          Vegeta growled low in his throat and broke the kiss.  “Keep going, if I wanted you to stop, believe me, you’d know about it,” he snapped, reclaiming the other man’s lips in a bruising kiss. 


          Yamcha laughed softly.  “Yes, I can believe it,” he whispered, nuzzling his lover’s cheek as he slid a second finger into him, scissoring the digits inside him. 


          Vegeta closed his eyes, relaxing under the other man’s gentle touch.  Suddenly his eyes snapped open, a small sound escaping him as Yamcha’s fingers brushed against something that sent pleasant shocks rippling through his body. 


          “Hmm?”  Yamcha looked down as Vegeta began to whimper softly, hips rocking up toward his hand, the Prince’s hands gripping his biceps tightly. 


          “Yamcha,”  Vegeta whispered, reaching down and trying to move the other man’s hand away.  “I want you...inside of me.” 


          Yamcha braced his weight on his arms, looking down at his lover intently.  “You sure you’re ready?”  He asked quietly.  Vegeta nodded, staring up at him through glittering, slitted eyes.  “All right, then,”  He leaned down and kissed the Prince, moving up until the tip of his cock brushed against Vegeta’s entrance. 


          Both men moaned, as Yamcha slowly pushed into Vegeta, leaning down to kiss Vegeta’s shoulder, as the Prince nipped lightly up and down the side of Yamcha’s neck.  Vegeta slid his arms around Yamcha’s shoulders, as Yamcha gripped his hips, then they began to move in unison.


          Soft panting and whispered pleas floated through the air as the two men clung to each other, lips meeting in fiery kisses, hands roaming over sweaty skin.


          “Yamcha,”  Vegeta purred, legs tightening around his lover.  “Faster...” 


          He shook his head stubbornly.  “I want to enjoy this,” he panted, reaching up to run his fingers through the Prince’s stiff spiky hair. 


          “Remember, they’re supposed to catch us after the fact, when it’s too late to do anything about it, not halfway through,” Vegeta chuckled. 


          Yamcha faltered for a second, the thought of the King and Bardock walking in on them any second chilling his blood.  “I don’t like having to rush, my first time with you.”


          “Well, would you rather this plan fail, and we all get in heaps of trouble over nothing?”  Vegeta nibbled on his lover’s lower lip.  “I want them to think I may have already conceived, so they can’t force me to marry,” he stroked Yamcha’s cheek gently.  “Besides, you’re frustrating the hell out of me!”  Vegeta hissed, bucking his hips for emphasis.  “I want more,” he growled.


          Yamcha laughed softly.  “Very well, but know that I will find a way to corner you somewhere, and then I’ll be taking my time with you.  You think I’m frustrating you now?  Just you wait,” he smirked at his lover.


          “Yamcha!  Do it!”  Vegeta demanded, digging his fingertips into Yamcha’s shoulders. 


          “As you command, my Prince,” he said softly, drawing his hips back and slamming into his lover.  He shivered at the sharp cries torn from the Prince’s throat as he took him hard, and fast. 


          Vegeta threw his head back, eyes closing as he began to tremble uncontrollably.  “Ahnn...yes, Yamcha!”  He shouted, body jerking as he climaxed, his seed spilling onto his own chest and stomach. 


          Yamcha growled and panted, thrusting a few more times.  Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out of his lover, groaning as his own essence pooled on the sheet below them. 


          “What...why did you,” Vegeta started to ask, then paused.  “Oh, yes,” he smiled slightly, wrapping his arms around his lover’s neck as Yamcha collapsed on top of him. 


          Both men jerked, each letting out a startled cry as the door was kicked open.  There stood a shocked Bardock, a stunned Roshi, and an enraged King Vegeta. 


          “Get off that bed you...you,” the King was at a loss for words as he took in the sight of Yamcha, lying on top of his son.


          “Too late, father,” Vegeta smiled slyly at him.  “We’ve already done the deed.  Now I see why you relented and did it twice, with Bardock,” he squirmed slightly beneath Yamcha, kicking off the covers enough to reveal their nakedness, and compromising position.  “I must say, I rather like being on the bottom,” he snickered as Bardock slammed his fist into the wall. 


          “Dammit boy, stop this lunacy!  Get off of him!”  Bardock shouted at Yamcha. 


          “There’s no point, now,” Vegeta sneered, wrapping his legs around his lover.  “We’ve already done it, twice to be exact, I’m sure to be pregnant.  After all, it only took you and father one try each to get each other with child.  Right... Mother?” 


          Bardock slumped against the wall, staring at his son in horror.  “You...you know?”  He rasped. 


          All of them froze when a single, loud thud resounded through the room, as King Vegeta passed out cold.


To Be Continued...


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