Puss in Boots part 6. 

By Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte Maxwell

Rating; NC-17

Fandom: DBZ

Warnings; Yaoi, lime, language, violence.

Couple; Yamcha/Vegeta, Korin/Puar. (Don’t look at me like that! T_T You’ll see, just read!)

Notes; Crossover, OOC, AU, TWT, general insanity.  Yet another of JJ’s Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales *LOL*.

Disclaimer; Don’t own DBZ or Puss in Boots, also some of this fic was inspired by Nora Roberts’ Tears of the Moon, Jewels of the Sun and Heart of the Sea novels, which I also do not own.

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Thanks to Anubiset for beta reading.


*thoughts* also used for Celera’s signing


          Two hours later, Yamcha leaned forward in the driver’s seat.  “Ox, is that the city?”  He asked, staring awestruck at the tall, ornately carved gates, and the wall that seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see.  “Why is that huge wall there?”  The young man swallowed, as he took in the armed guards patrolling across the top of the wall.


          “That’s been there ever since...”  The large farmer looked around quickly.  “Since Oolong came to this part of the country,” Ox sat back and sighed.  “The King, at the time, didn’t really know the extent of Oolong’s power.  That wall won’t do much good if he actually decided to attack, but it gives the people of the city some small measure of comfort.” 


          “We’re almost there!”  Chichi cried, she and Bibi bounced excitedly.  “Ohh, I can’t wait to see all the fine things that will be at the market.” 


          “Not to mention the handsome men that will be milling about.”  Bibi tittered, putting a hand over her face, as she blushed slightly. 


          “Ya!  That’s right!  You’re going to catch some young men’s fancy!”  Fifi smiled at the two girls affectionately.  “I’m sure there will be a few broken hearted men here before the market’s done.” 


          “Oh mother,” Chichi grinned back. 


          “Come on everyone, I’m sure Roshi’s waiting in our usual spot, time to go get set up!”  Ox yelled, urging the horses through the gate. 


          Fifi raced in after him, almost crashing into the back of Ox’s cart with her own as he pulled up sharply in front of his longtime friend. 


          “Why you...!”  Ox scowled, and shook his finger at his wife.  “One of these days, that constant urge to race is going to get one of us hurt!” 


          “Nah,”  Fifi grinned, waving a hand at him.  “I know what I’m doing.  You worry too much!” 


          Ox shook his head, as Dom and Herve jumped down and began setting up the stands for their goods. 


          “Hello Ox!”  Roshi greeted his friend with a smile, walking up and clasping one of Ox’s huge hands in both of his own.  “Good to see you again!  I see you brought the women, and Bibi’s with you again this year, eh?”  He bowed politely to the women, and said a hearty hello to Dom and Herve.  “Now, who’s this new fella that you,”  Roshi paused, staring at Yamcha intently.  “You...look quite familiar young man, have we met?”


          Yamcha swallowed nervously.  “Um, no sir.  This is my first time to the city.” 


          “Hmm...perhaps I’ve met some relatives of yours in previous years.  I’ll have to remember.  Your face is so familiar,” Roshi shook his head and turned back to Ox.  “Well, my friend, the houses on the castle grounds are all full this year, I’m afraid you will just have to make do with staying inside the castle proper this year,” the old man chuckled, as Bibi and Chichi squealed with delight.  “Boy, those two are taking it hard, aren’t they?” 


          Ox laughed.  “Oh yes, they love the castle, the grounds, the banquets, and the celebrations your King always holds.  I appreciate you helping us out again this year,” he clapped a hand on Roshi’s shoulder. 


          “Nonsense!  That’s what friends are for, right?”  Roshi smiled up at him. 


          “Okay now, Dom, Herve, Yamcha, would you mind getting everything set up while I get the women comfortable?”  Ox asked. 


          “Of course, don’t worry about a thing, Ox,” Yamcha smiled, loading up a stand with vegetables. 


          “Yes, go on, we’ll be fine here,” Herve said, swatting at Dom, as the other man nearly hit him with a board. 




          “Are any of you hungry?”  Roshi asked, leading them into the main dining hall, which was dominated by three huge tables, each loaded with nearly unbelievable amounts of food.  “It must have been a long trip, you could probably do with something to eat.”  


          “Yes, I am very hungry, thank you,” Fifi said, much to her husband’s consternation. 


          “Well, sit down, and dig in!”  He clapped his hands, and several servants instantly appeared, pulling out chairs, pouring drinks for the family, and bringing around trays laden with meat, potatoes, pots of stew, vegetables, fruit, cheeses...


          “This is wonderful Roshi!”  Fifi smiled, standing to hug their longtime friend.  “As usual.” 


          Roshi grinned and sat down beside Ox.  “You may get to see the Prince soon, he skipped supper last night, I don’t think he’ll be able to stay in there much longer, with that appetite of his,” the old man chuckled.


          “Oh?  He’s not ill, is he?”  Ox looked over with concern.


          “Well, that depends on how you define ill.  I know he’s very angry at his father right now,” Roshi said quietly.


          “Oh dear, so King Vegeta has finally decided to force his son into marriage, has he?” 


          Roshi nodded.  “To some Duke’s daughter, name’s Bulma,” he said, around a mouthful of food.  “Personally, I don’t think this is going to work.  Bulma just wants his power, prestige, and money.  She’s also got a big mouth, and is foul tempered,” he leaned over and whispered in Ox’s ear.  “You know of the Prince’s propensity for men, she’d never keep it a secret if she caught him at it,” he sat back and sighed. 


          “Oh dear...” Ox stared down at his plate for a few seconds, before slowly resuming his meal.  “This is serious, isn’t it?”


           Roshi nodded, his expression grave.  “King Vegeta intends to announce the engagement tomorrow.” 


          Puar sat on Chichi’s lap, her sensitive ears picking up every word. *Oh no,* she thought. *I’ve got to go and find Korin, we have to put a stop to this.  Better yet, we’ve got to get Vegeta and Yamcha together right now, before it ever starts!* She jumped down from his lap, and went racing up the stairs in search of her love. 


          “Puar!  Come back here!”  Chichi cried, starting to rise. 


          “No, don’t worry dear, it’s alright.  She can’t hurt anything,” Roshi waved her back to her seat.  “She’s probably caught the scent of Vegeta’s cat, Korin, and is off to check him out,” the elderly man smiled.  “Maybe someone will make a good match this year, at the fall festival,” he said wistfully.   




          “Korin...where are you?”  Puar growled in annoyance as she raced through the halls of the castle.  “His scent’s everywhere, how am I supposed to find him in this huge place,” she panted, the seemingly endless corridors stretching out on all sides.  “I’ve got to find him and come up with a plan, today, before it’s too late!”  The cat darted into each and every room on the floor.  “Damn, where could he be?  With my luck, he’s probably on the very top level,” she sighed, hanging her head briefly.  “Oh well, have to keep searching!”  She ran to the stairway and moved up to the next floor. 




          *Poor boy...* Korin thought, snuggling up to the Prince, as he sat staring out his bedchamber window. *You have to go down and face them sometime, you know,* he looked up in alarm as the Prince’s stomach growled horribly. *Not to mention you need to eat, too.* 


          “I’m not going to do it.  I refuse to eat, I refuse to leave this room, until father gets this ridiculous idea of marrying me off to that wench out of his head,” Vegeta said, jaw set stubbornly.  “I don’t care what he says or does, I’ll find a way to get out of this city, or I’ll publicly rescind the throne, and hand it over to my brother, or  I’ll tell everyone about him and Bardock, before I let him do this to me!”  The Prince spat angrily. 


             *Hmm,* Korin thought, amused by the Prince’s statement. *That might be a good card to play, but not to your father, * he jumped down and padded across the room, snatching up one of Bardock’s old tunics that Vegeta had taken, and kept for reasons he’d never elaborated on out loud. 


          Vegeta looked down at the tunic, frowning in concentration.  “Bardock’s tunic,” he said softly, and then smirked evilly.  “You may be on the right track, my friend.”  He picked up Korin, set him in his lap and ran  his fingers over the dark burgundy fabric absently.  “Perhaps I should go and see my ‘mother’, and tell him about father’s diaries,” the Prince chuckled, as he looked over at the throw rug at the foot of his bed, which concealed several loose floorboards. “Father never noticed his books missing, of course he wouldn’t.  He thought he’d hidden them away, where no-one would find them,” Vegeta shook his head.  “Now, I know father is still in love with Bardock.  He never intended to look at those diaries again, but he couldn’t destroy them, either,” he shook his head.  “It’s a good thing father trusts Celera as much as he does...” Vegeta said.  “Otherwise, he’d have never stopped looking for those books,” he smiled. 


          Both of them looked up, as someone knocked at the door.  “Who is it,” he demanded.   A soft, distinct pattern of knocks came.  “Come in, mother.”


          Celera quietly entered the room, and rushed to his side. *I’m sorry son, I just heard this morning what your father intends to do.  What can I do to help?* She looked at him, her face pinched with worry. 


          “It’s alright, mother,” he smirked.  “I have a plan.”  He quickly explained what he was going to say to Bardock.  “If anyone can convince father to give up this fallacy, it’s him.” 


          *You may be right, interesting plan, Vegeta,* she gave him a sly smile. *I agree that saying all this to your father might just push him to dig his heels in harder, but Bardock will make him listen to reason.  When will you go to see Bardock?* 


          “Today, if I can,” Vegeta said.  “I hope you don’t mind, but I might have to produce the books themselves, to make them see that I have more that just idle gossip to back me up.”


          *No, no, I don’t mind,* Celera grinned. *I rather fancy the idea of seeing your father’s face when you show him those books,* she gestured, staring off into space, as she thought back to the little deception she’d perpetrated to ensure Vegeta would have his father’s diaries. 



//Four years ago...


          “Well then, where the hell are they?!”  King Vegeta roared, storming down the hall, a very nervous Roshi, and an angry Bardock on his heels.


          *What is it, Vegeta?*  Celera gestured.


          “Oh, ahm...it’s nothing,” Vegeta answered, eyes darting about the hallway.


          *It does not sound like nothing,* Celera motioned with a small smirk.


          “Oh, uhh...”  Vegeta searched for a reasonable answer.


          “Some of the King’s personal papers have gone missing,” Bardock answered for him, earning a grateful glance from his former lover.


          *Oh...*  Celera looked at her husband with a coy smile. *You mean those big, leather bound diaries you hid up in one of the towers, the one with the leaky roof that no one else goes into?* 


          Vegeta and Bardock paled noticeably, the King swaying on his feet briefly before grabbing his wife and pulling her into one of the guest bedrooms, Bardock slamming the door behind them, as Roshi stood guard outside. 


          “What do you know of them?”  Vegeta demanded angrily.  “What did you do with them?”


          *Well,* Celera pulled away from him and sat on the bed, smirking. *I was looking at the room to see if I might yet find a use for it, and while I was poking around, I came across those diaries.  I was curious, so I took them and hid them in my sewing room.  Once I started reading them,* she paused as Bardock inhaled sharply. *I thought you might start getting frantic about their whereabouts,* she looked at them pointedly. *Both of you.*


          Vegeta leaned against a wall, dragging his hand down his face.  “So how much did you read?”  He asked quietly.


          *All of them,* she motioned. *I know all about your birth, you and Bardock, and Vegeta and Raditz.* She smiled slightly as both men exchanged panicked looks. *I’ve known for over a year.*


          “Wha...a year?!”  Bardock cried, incredulous.  “But...you never...never gave any indication that you...why didn’t you...?”  He slumped into a chair and buried his face in his hands.  “What do you want from us,” he asked plaintively. 


          King Vegeta looked back and forth between them.  “You...wouldn’t think of holding this over our heads, would you?  I’ve given you a good life, provided for all your needs and wants...”


          *Yes, yes, you have done all that,* Celera gestured impatiently. *But I do want something from the two of you.* 


          Both men stiffened slightly.  “What is it?”  Vegeta whispered.


          *First, I want you to stand up Bardock, then, I want you to move closer together.  Well, come on!  Get up* She stood and pulled a grumbling Bardock to his feet. *Now, no, no, no, closer,* she pushed the burly general closer to the King. *Closer, closer, there,* she stepped back as both men stood, shoulders touching.


          Bardock stared down at the floor, blushing, while Vegeta glared daggers at his wife.  “What are you about, woman?”  He growled. 


          *I want you to turn and face each other, and admit that you still care for each other, then, I’m going to leave, and you two will kiss, and make up,* she blushed, and continued. *Just like those steamy escapades you wrote about in those diaries.* 


          Vegeta sputtered angrily; while Bardock whimpered in embarrassment, face crimson.  “You wrote all that in there?!”  He demanded. 


          “Ahm, yes,” Vegeta answered quietly, his face red as well. 


          *Oh yes, he did,* Celera gave them a huge grin. *In great detail, in fact.* 


          “Vegeta, how could you?!”  Bardock bellowed, then groaned and covered his face with his hands. 


          “Well, I...um,” King Vegeta gestured helplessly with one hand. 


          *Enough stalling,* Celera gestured, stomping her foot for emphasis. *Do it.  Turn, face each other, and admit you still care for each other, now.  Or else…* She glowered at them. 


          Both men turned slowly, meeting each other’s eyes with difficulty.


          “You...are an arrogant...selfish, stubborn sonofabitch, but,”  Bardock sighed, as Vegeta glowered at him.  “I still care for you.”


          Vegeta’s eyes softened slightly, as he cupped Bardock’s chin.  “And you, can be a domineering, rash, impulsive, crazy idiot, that flies off the handle with the slightest provocation,” he chuckled, as Bardock’s head snapped up, the other man pinning him with a glare.  “But yes, I still care for you as well.”   


          Celera smiled, and breathed a quiet sigh of relief, as both men stared into each other’s eyes for several seconds. *Well,* she gestured to no one in particular. *I suppose I’ll just take my leave, then.* 


          “Oh, no,  you don’t!”  Vegeta growled, turning to look at her.  “Not until you tell me where those books are.”


          *Oh,* she paused, giving them a sheepish grin. *Well, you see, I decided that if you put them up in the tower, under that leaky roof, you knew they’d be destroyed.  But it seemed you didn’t have the heart to destroy them yourself, and, since I’d taken them about 8 months prior, I thought that after that long, you didn’t want them anymore.  So, I used them to start the fires in the sewing room, when it got cold at night.* 


          “You...burned them?”  Vegeta asked softly, leaning against Bardock as he shook his head slightly. 


          *You’re angry with me, aren’t you?* Celera gestured, looking suitably chagrined.


          “No, not really,” Vegeta sighed.  “Perhaps it’s for the best, Bardock and I have our memories, we don’t need to have our exploits recorded on paper where someone else could get their hands on them and use them against us.”  Bardock nodded in agreement.  “Very well, get out of here then, woman, we have things to discuss.” 


          *Yes, I’m sure you’ll do a lot of ‘discussing’, won’t you?* She grinned, shoulders shaking with mirth as she darted out of the room. //



          Celera came back to the present with a sigh. *Dammit,* she scowled. *I thought that getting them to admit what they felt for each other back then would keep King Vegeta from doing something foolish like this!  Damn him and his stubborn pride!* She looked over at her son. *I hope this works, Vegeta, you may be right, the only person that might be able to sway your father from this horrid plan of marriage, is Bardock.* 




          Puar sagged to the floor, panting as she climbed the last staircase.  “Whew, top floor.  He’d better be here, if I find out he’s been out in the back gardens all this time, I’ll claw his eyes out,” she gasped, sitting up.  “Well, I guess I’d better get back to my search, though I could sure use some water about now,” she slowly got to her feet, and padded down the hall. 


          “Korin?  Are you up here?”  She whispered, meowing intermittently, hoping to catch his attention.  “Oh, blast it, Korin, where are you,” she growled. 




          Korin’s ears twitched as he heard something, or someone, out in the hall. *That’s funny,* he thought, shaking his head. *I could have sworn someone called my name.*


          “Oh, blast it, Korin, where are you?”


          He jerked, eyes wide. *I know that voice, can it be?* Korin leapt down from Vegeta’s lap and clawed at the door, finally managing to squeeze out. *Puar?  Can it really be you?* He raced down the hall, and nearly mowed her down in his haste.  A deep purr burst from his chest as he nuzzled her chin, pausing to lick her cheek. 


          “Korin!”  Puar cried, snuggling up to him.  “I missed you, it’s been so long,” she let out an answering purr, coiling her tail with his as she licked his jaw. 


          After a few seconds of affectionate nuzzling, she pulled back.  “Korin, where’s the Prince?  I just heard about this wedding that’s to be announced tomorrow, Korin what are we going to...Oh, shit,” she stared past Korin’s shoulder, mouth open, pupils dilated.  


          Korin looked at her quizzically, then turned to see what had startled her. *Oh dear.  Well, I’d say we won’t have any trouble getting his attention, * he thought as he looked up at the pale, wide-eyed Prince. *He must have followed me into the hall, and heard Puar talking...great.  So what do we do now?* He wondered. 


          His question was answered when Puar darted down the hall toward the staircase.  “Come on!  Let’s go,” she cried.  Korin darted after her. 


          “What...wait!  Come back here!”  Prince Vegeta bellowed, snapping out of his stupor and giving chase.    “Who are you?  Korin, where are you going?”  He cried, racing after his friend, and the mysterious talking cat. 




          “Got a plan,” Puar said, as they raced down the stairs, Vegeta’s footsteps not far behind.  “I found someone for Vegeta, his name’s Yamcha, he’s my third person to help.  Just as Vegeta’s your third, right?”


          Korin nodded, thinking briefly of Bardock and the King. *I’ll deal with them later,* he thought as they ran across another hallway, to the next set of stairs. 


          “Good.  Now, what if we kill two birds with one stone?  Yamcha’s a descendant of the Marquis of Carab, he looks just like him!  You have to see it to believe it.  I think maybe we should see if we can get these two together.  How about it?”  Both cats gasped, as Vegeta nearly managed to catch them.  “Come on then,” Puar cried.  “To the market!”


          Vegeta ran as fast as he could, but it still was just barely fast enough to keep them in sight.  He dimly registered the words she was saying, ‘Marquis of Carab’ standing out in his mind, and the name ‘Yamcha’. *What is she saying,* he wondered. *Is there a new Marquis?  I thought Oolong had destroyed him and his family,* he shook his head, and kept running, chasing the cats through the banquet hall and on toward the front gates. 




          “Prince Vegeta?  Prince Vegeta, wait!  Aren’t you going to join us for...oh never mind,” Roshi trailed off, as Vegeta streaked past them. 


          “Well, I wonder what’s gotten him so excited?”  Chichi looked after him, bewildered.  Bibi and she exchanged confused glances. 


          Fifi laughed.  “Seems Puar is leading the Prince’s cat on a merry chase, and the Prince is tagging along.” 




          The two cats and the Prince were little more than a blur as they streaked through the castle gates.  Vegeta sidestepped at the very last second and narrowly avoided a collision with Bardock. 


          “Here, now, where are you off to?”  Bardock yelled after him, then looked back at the castle briefly before the burly soldier decided to give chase. 


          “General Bardock!”  A palace guard called, as he and three others jogged out through the gates.  “Sorry sir, he was too fast, shall we go after him?” 


          “No, don’t worry about it, I’ll make sure he stays safe myself,” Bardock broke into a sprint, and quickly caught up to the trio.  “Vegeta, stop!”  He called.


          “No!  I have to catch Korin,” the Prince yelled over his shoulder. 




          “There he is!”  Puar cried, as she caught sight of Yamcha.  “See him?  Over there, getting some water!” 


          Korin nearly stopped running as he gaped at Yamcha. *My gosh, he has to be a descendant of the Marquis!  Puar was right, the resemblance is uncanny!* 


          “Okay, now here’s the plan,” Puar quickly told him what to do as they streaked toward Yamcha. 




          *I don’t know what manner of sorcery this is, but that talking cat is not getting away with my friend,* Vegeta growled under his breath as he put on an extra burst of speed.  He gasped as both cats abruptly stopped.  “What the-” he cried out as he saw both cats leap onto the shoulders of a tall, handsome young man, who, unfortunately for him, looked up just in time to see the Prince careen toward him, unable to stop. 


          Bardock winced as he watched the Prince smash into the hapless man, sending them both sailing.  “That had to hurt,” he observed quietly as he saw Yamcha land hard on a partially set up wooden stand, Vegeta’s weight on his chest driving him into the wooden planks. 


          Yamcha cried out in pain as the sharp corners and edges of the boards dug into his back, and several splinters broke through his shirt to pierce his skin. 


          Bardock skidded to a halt beside them, watching as Vegeta stared down at the man for several moments, seemingly in a daze. *What’s wrong with you, Vegeta,* he wondered, watching the strange looks that played over the Prince’s face as he continued to gaze down at the man. 


          *There’s something familiar about you,* Vegeta thought dimly, seemingly unaware to what was happening around him. *I know you from somewhere.* 


          “I think we accomplished some of our mission, although I don’t think Yamcha will be pleased with any of us for a little while,” Puar winced as she looked at her friend. 


To Be Continued…

Gah, did it to you again, didn’t I? *smirks* How exactly will Yamcha react when he wakes up.  Can Puar and Korin make their plan work?  Keep reading to find out!