Puss in Boots part 4. 

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Rating; NC-17

Warnings; Yaoi, lime, language, violence.

Couple; Yamcha/Vegeta.

Notes; OOC, AU, TWT, general insanity.  Yet another of JJ’s Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales *LOL*.

Disclaimer; Don’t own DBZ or Puss in Boots, also some of this fic was inspired by Nora Roberts’ Tears of the moon, Jewels of the sun and Heart of the Sea novels, which I also do not own.

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*thoughts* , also used for Celera’s signing.


//diary entries\\


          //The door to Celera’s sewing and sunroom opened with a bang, to reveal an extremely agitated prince.  Celera gazed at the young man she called her son mildly, wondering what had set his temper off this time. 


          “All of you, out!”  Vegeta snapped at the noblewomen who were currently being taught some new stitches by Celera.  “I must speak with my mother, and I will not have your wagging tongues spread my business all over the square by this afternoon!”


           The four ladies sitting around his mother stood and huffed in indignation, but withered under his baleful glare and slowly filed out. 


          Celera set aside her sewing, and raised her hands to gesture to her son, her only way of communication, as far as anyone else knew. *What is it, my son?  What has upset you so?* Her hands moved slowly and gracefully through the air.


          Vegeta stammered and stuttered, unsure how to begin, so instead he merely pulled the black book from his shirt, and held it out to her. 


          Celera gasped softly, face paling as her hands flew to her mouth.  She sat stock still for several seconds, before her hands moved away from her mouth to gesture once more. *So, you finally found it.  I knew your father would never tell you.  I was thinking I might have to help you find it soon, so you would know the truth,* she gestured. 


          “But...  You, you...  Why would you help me, you knew the truth all along, and you just,” Vegeta looked at her, confused.  “You treated me like your own son, you cared for me, for all intents and purposes, you were my mother.  Why would you go along with all of this?”  He asked.     

          Celera sighed. *Because, I am a mute my son, and any kind of problem like this is a strike against a woman, something that keeps her from being desirable.  But if you add to my muteness the inability to have children, then you can see for yourself that no man would want me.* She reached over and hugged him. *Your father offered me high social standing, a beautiful home, and above all that, a baby for me to love.  If it weren’t for your father, I never would have had the chance to be called mother.  And, because I love you.* She kissed his forehead.


          Vegeta swallowed past the lump in his throat.  “I love you too mother, and I appreciate all you’ve done for me.  But...  Well, I can’t help but be curious...”  The prince trailed off.


          *I understand son, you want to know about Bardok, don’t you?* She smiled at him when he nodded. 


          “Why didn’t he come to see me more often?”  Vegeta couldn’t quite keep the hurt out of his voice. 


          *He was busy with your brother, and half brothers.* Celera gestured, eyes widening when Vegeta’s face went deathly pale. 


          “B...brother?”  He stammered.


           Celera nodded and picked up the king’s diary, skimming through the pages until she found the entry she was looking for.


          Vegeta sat forward and stared at the page, disbelief etched on his face as he read. 



Year fifteen hundred twenty three, fifth month, eighth day. 

I am excited, and a little apprehensive this morning.  I sit here, in my tent, with my advisors, and my generals.  He is here.  His father Kyabitzta died last year, and he was given new rank, because of his excellent battle skills, and strategic abilities.

We sit planning our offensive, as the  Sereonans have finally declared war and crossed our eastern border.  Bardok is as handsome as ever, I find myself unable to concentrate at times, forcing myself to stare at the maps, rather than his face.  I know Roshi notices, as does Bardok, for Roshi clears his throat and calls my name often, and I think I see a flush spreading across Bardok’s cheeks occasionally in the dim light.   I must focus!  We are to do battle in the morning; I must be ready!  I can’t let him distract me, nor myself distract him.  It is too dangerous, given the impending fight.  I wish I could just throw all the other generals out and have him to myself.  It’s torture having him standing beside me, after three years without seeing him.


Year fifteen hundred twenty three, fifth month, eleventh day.


What a glorious battle!  Two solid days of fighting with swords, bows, catapults, fists where it became necessary, it was invigorating to be on the battlefield again!  My men fought like demons, ploughing through the Sereonans with ease. But even so, I am saddened to report we had quite a few casualties.  We lost 40 good men.  Another two dozen were seriously wounded.  I will do what I can to make sure the families of our lost men are taken care of, and our wounded soldiers get the best care possible. 


The end of the battle is what sticks out in my mind most, when Bardok and I were left to fight back-to-back, swords in hand.  It was amazing really, the battle cries, swords slicing through the air, not to mention our opponents, the fear in the Sereonan’s eyes as they realized they were about to meet their fate at our hands, it was wonderful. 

It didn’t take long at all for the Sereonans to decide they were outclassed, and order a retreat.  I called for the men to take no prisoners, and they didn’t.  The battlefield was red with the blood of our enemies, and still my men chased them down, wanting more.  Even after the retreat was sounded, and all the Sereonans fled back across the border, it took Bardok and I knocking some sense into a few of our own men to keep them from chasing the Sereonans through their own territory.  I still laugh at the sight.  My love and I having to run our own soldiers down and give them a sound punch to the jaw to bring them back to themselves.   I hadn’t realized until this skirmish started just how much I’d missed the battlefield.  Nor how much I’d missed Bardok.  I’m a bit sorry the battle ended as quickly as it did. 

But no matter, there will be a grand celebration at the palace, it could go on for several days.  I know Bardok will not miss out on a good feast, and drinking and carousing for a night or two.  I will find an opportunity to talk to him then.  I will also make sure he has some time with his son. 



          Vegeta looked up, smiling slightly.  “I remember... Yes!  I remember the night father and the generals came home from defeating the Sereonans!”  The young prince grinned.  “They were all so happy, father picked me up in his arms and set me on his shoulders, I was carried into the dining room, and allowed to sit with the men for a while, until the ale started to flow.”  He chuckled.  “Then language and topics of conversation became too coarse for my young ears, so father said...  But I remember Bardok.  After the feasting and drinking, he walked up to his room, father showed him the way.”  Vegeta’s eyes glazed slightly as he tried to remember. 



//       “Leave me be, Vegeta,” Bardok growled as the King offered to help him down the hall.  “I can walk, you know.” 


          “Aye, but you’ve never been to this part of the castle, and while you can walk, you don’t do it very well at the moment,” the king chuckled.


          Bardok turned to snarl at the king, but stopped short when he saw a pair of wide dark eyes peering around the corner.  “Is that...?”  He asked softly, pointing.


          King Vegeta spun around, and noticed the tip of their son’s black flame of hair still sticking out.  “Vegeta,” he barked.  “What are you doing up at this time of night, wandering around this part of the castle by yourself?” 


          Vegeta pulled back shyly, thumb in his mouth as he blinked at his father.


          “Now, it’s alright, leave him be.  Come here, lad,” Bardok knelt and held out his arms. 


          The prince stared at Bardok, his onyx eyes huge in the candlelight.  He looked Bardok over carefully, and studied the burly Saiyan’s face intently, as if he were searching for something.  Bardok sighed and was about to stand, when an impish grin lit up the little boy’s face.  With no warning, the child raced down the hall and crashed into Bardok, sending him sprawling on his back.


          “Oof!”  Bardok winced as his head connected with the floor.  “You crazy boy!”  He chuckled, slowly sitting up.  He looked down in surprise as Vegeta curled up in his lap, the boy’s tail coiling around his wrist.  “What’s this?  He acts as if he knows me,” he said softly, staring down at his son. 


          “As he well should.  I would think the boy could sense that you are-”


          “Hush, now,”  Bardok said softly, shaking his head at the king. 


Vegeta nodded at him, a tight-lipped smile on his lips as he watched their son snuggling up to his other parent.    \\




          “I remember!”  Vegeta cried.  “He carried me back to my bed, and sat down beside me, stroking my hair.  Then he leaned down and kissed my forehead, just like...”  He paused and looked at Celera.  “Just like you do.  So it’s true then.  He is my... my mother,” the word was awkward for Vegeta to say while thinking of the tall, wild haired warrior.  “And he does care.  But, he just can’t be around all the time, because then everyone would find out about him and father,”the prince sighed.  “I wish things could be different....  That father and Bardok could be together, and happy.  Why does love have to be so difficult?”  He sighed. 


          *My son.* Celera gestured. *Love does not have to be difficult, so long as things like pride don’t get in the way.  That is what keeps your parents apart, their own stubborn pride.* 


          Vegeta chuckled. “I can believe that!”  He blinked when his mother pushed the book back toward him.  “Yes, my brother,” he said softly, scratching Korin’s ears as the white cat peered at the diary as well.   



Year fifteen hundred twenty three, fifth month, sixteenth day.

I have not entered anything in my journal for several days, because I am shocked yet again by my own actions.  I cannot explain why I would willingly do such an insane thing, but I have.  Gods help us all, I must be losing my mind.  All because of him.  Damn you, Bardok!  You must have bewitched me!


We arrived home from defeating the Sereonans, the men still restless even after the fierce battle the previous day.  The people lined the streets, welcoming us home with cheers and gifts.  A huge feast awaited us at the palace; every kind of meat, pastries, ale, it was glorious.  My son and Celera stood on the steps in the main hall, and I gave Celera a sound kiss on the lips, she smiled and swatted at my arm.  We’ve put up good appearances so far, even though we are more friends than husband and wife. 

My son, I swept up in my arms and carried through the banquet hall.  He laughed and squealed as the men cheered and shouted, he was very excited to be part of the celebration. 

I sat with him on my knee over dinner, and had to keep from staring as Bardok boldly took the place at my right, usually reserved for Roshi.  The old man didn’t seem to mind, merely gave me a nod, and mouthed the words _be careful_ to me.  Celera took the place to my left, as was the custom, and gestured wildly to Roshi.  We drank and ate, talking, sometimes shouting to be heard, until the talk turned to things too crude, I felt, for young Vegeta’s ears.  I told Celera to take him off to bed, and we continued to dine and drink well into the night. 


It was in the early morning before I managed to drag myself away from the table, barely seeing straight from too much ale and wine.  Bardok was in an even worse state than I was, as he followed me to his room.  I had already decided on the way home that he should be put in a chamber as close to mine as I could, so that I might perhaps find a way to slip in and talk to him un-noticed.  As we walked to his room, he turned, and noticed we were being followed.  It was our son.  Vegeta poked his head around the corner, watching Bardok for a few moments, before the boy ran over and leapt at him.  As long as I live, I will never forget the sight of our child curled in my love’s arms.  After several moments of merely staring at his son, stroking his hair, and rubbing his back, Bardok turned his gaze up to me.  I was stunned to see tears in his eyes as he held Vegeta tight.  I whispered to him how sorry I was that things couldn’t be better, that he couldn’t be here by my side always, but he shook his head and stood.  ‘It was not meant to be’ he said to me quietly, before asking where Vegeta’s room was.  

I stood in the doorway, and watched as Bardok set Vegeta back in his bed, sitting beside him and stroking his cheek as he listened to the child’s prattling and laughed at his stories.  Finally, Vegeta yawned, and started to drift off.  A lump rose in my throat, as Bardok gently leaned down and brushed the child’s bangs from his face, before kissing his forehead tenderly.

After Vegeta was asleep, we crept out of his room and walked down the hall.  We were both silent, wrapped up in our own thoughts, and all too soon, we stood at the door to Bardok’s room. 

‘I would speak with you in the morning, Bardok.’ I said to him, turning to leave.  His hand closed around my forearm, hard enough to make me wince.  ‘And I would speak to you now,’ he growled, pulling me into his room. 

I gasped in surprise when he slammed the door, and pinned me against it, leaning close.  I swallowed hard when his breath, still smelling strongly of ale, fanned over my lips.  He was so close... I only had to but move forward the slightest bit, and our lips would be pressed together.  I tried to ask him what he was doing, but all that came out was a nervous stutter. 

‘Horetsu wants to move out of the southern estate,’ Bardok slurred.  ‘She thinks since my rank is that of general, we should live as the others do, close to the palace, in the heart of the city.  She wants to be able to come to market, and the shops, see all the fine things our fair city has to offer,’ He sneered, rudely shoving me over onto the bed, then climbing up to loom over me on his hands and knees. 

‘We’ve also found out that she can’t have children.  We’ve been trying for two years to get her with child, but have failed.  She’s so desperate to have a child to raise, that she’s even hinted at adopting from the orphanage.’  Bardok said softly, pushing my collar aside and leaning down to kiss and lick at my throat.  ‘It does not seem fair, Vegeta.  You have our child, whom I’ve only seen once now, since he was born three years ago, yet, I cannot have a son or daughter of my own.’ 

I began to arch and moan beneath him, as his hand slid down between my legs and teased my manhood.  I knew we should have stopped there, I knew what he was about, even why he was doing it, but I did nothing. 

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I leaned up and kissed him passionately, my hips arching into his touch as I clawed at his shirt, trying to remove it.  Bardok pulled away from me, hands tearing at our clothing, ripping away all barriers.  He fell upon me with a snarl, lips raining kisses up and down my jaw as his hands slid over my body.  ‘You’ll be the one carrying this time, Vegeta.’  My lover whispered in my ear.  ‘And this time, it will be mine to raise.’



          Vegeta blushed furiously, covering his mouth with his hand as he skimmed to the next entry, which took two pages.  “Father, you...sex fiend,”he muttered, eliciting a dry, voiceless chuckle from Celera.   “Here we go,” he said softly, after flipping through several more pages. 



Year fifteen hundred twenty three, ninth month, thirtieth day.

Bardok has been out on the southern border, for over four months, making sure the Sereonans adhere to the peace treaty we signed with them two months ago.  Bardok’s plan for our child is simple.  He intends to come back in time for our child to be born, and bring it home to his wife as a war orphan, saying his father was killed in the battle with the Sereonans, and his mother died in childbirth.   I can’t stand the thought of parting with my unborn child, but it is the fair thing to do.  My lover gave up our first child to me, now I will give him a child in return.  I suppose such is the way of things.  When you love someone, you are willing to make sacrifices you would never, ever even consider otherwise...



          Vegeta skimmed forward several more pages, already knowing the answers he sought, but needing to read them off the pages. 



Year fifteen hundred twenty four, first month, twenty eighth day.

Our second son was born eight days ago.  I am just now regaining my strength enough to sit up, take proper meals, and write again.  Our child is again handsome, strong, and healthy.  And a good deal larger than Vegeta was.  I had a difficult time keeping my state from everyone, and had to be all but hidden in the final month.  Bardok was here by my side, face pale with worry as he sat, watching the doctor carefully as he tended to me.  I think I shall remember the pain for the rest of my days; I’m in awe that Bardok stood the pain of Vegeta’s birth so stoically.  Nary a sound passed his lips when he was in this bed, almost four years ago. As much as I love my sons, this is not an experience I would ever care to repeat.  There will be no more children for my love and I, the doctor has seen to it.  He’s the son of the doctor that tended my father, and revealed to me once that his father told him all about my birth.  He has given me a special herb, which he says will keep Bardok and myself from conceiving again.  I don’t know if it will work or not, as of now, what with the state I am in, I think it may be a very long time before Bardok and I ever get to test it’s effectiveness.  Bardok has expressed his concerns, saying we have tested our luck twice already.  Next time it might run out.  I agree, so we have decided to refrain from being intimate with each other again.

We’ve named our son Raditz, and in three more days, he goes home.  Albeit home will be a great deal closer now, seeing that Bardok and Horetsu have moved into a large house on the north side of the city.  He will be but minutes away, as opposed to days.  I look forward to both of us being able to have time with our sons.  As a son of one of my generals, no one would think to question Raditz running through the castle, with Vegeta as a playmate.  I can hardly wait to see how they get along. 


          Vegeta wiped quickly at his eyes with his sleeve, laughing softly when Korin leaned up and licked his chin.   “We get along just fine, and now I know why,” he said softly, closing the book.  “So.  They had Raditz. Bardok took him home to his wife, and they raised him as their own.   Then they found out Horetsu could have children after all,” Vegeta scowled, referring to their eight-year-old twin sons, Kakarott and Turles. *Little hellions that they are...* He thought.


          *Yes.* Celera gestured. *And Horetsu almost died giving birth to them.  Bardok came and begged the doctor for more of the herb he’d given to your father, so she would not conceive again.  Her health has been very frail since their birth, which is why they now live in the manor behind the castle, so the palace doctors will be able to get to her in minutes, if anything ever happens.* 


          Vegeta sighed.  “I understand Father and Bardok,” He paused, unable to call Bardok Father, or Mother.  “Had to marry to keep up appearances, but why have they tried so hard to push aside their feelings for each other?


          *It is as I told you son.  Their pride and stubbornness keeps them apart.  If we could find a way to get each of them to set aside their pride, and admit how they feel, then, perhaps...* Celera’s  hands came to rest in her lap.*


          Vegeta stared into space, scowling. *Someday, Bardok, Father...  I will see you together.  I will have my answers, and you will admit what you feel.* 


 end flashback....


          Vegeta sighed, walking over to his bed.  “Father doesn’t understand... Or maybe he understands too well.  He can never have the one he loves.  He knows I prefer men, so he’s trying to make sure that appearances are kept up right from the start.  But that blue-haired witch would never understand!  She’s not like mother!  I can’t marry her, she’s got a big mouth, and she’s just trying to marry me for status, and money,” he lay down on the bed, curling into a ball.  “We’ve got to find a way out of this Korin.  The market and fall festival starts tomorrow, and father will be announcing our engagement the second day of the festival.  What are we going to do?”  Vegeta asked quietly, staring at the wall, lost in thought for several minutes.


          Korin stared at Vegeta intently. *I don’t know my friend, but I do know that until we get your Father and Bardok to admit how they feel, your father will not relent.  Besides, until I get those two together, my job will not be even half finished,* the cat/wizard sighed. *This would have been so much easier if I had Puar’s power to talk,* he curled up tight against Vegeta’s chest, and closed his eyes, feeling the prince’s breathing become deep and even, signaling the troubled man had finally fallen asleep. *Don’t worry, my dear Prince.  We’ll find a way out of this mess, I promise you.* 



Poor ‘Geta, (both of em!)  Poor Korin.  Are the King and Bardok EVER gonna get it together?  Will Vegeta get out of marrying his arranged fiancé? Find out next time! C & C craved and appreciated.