Puss in Boots.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom: DBZ, crossover with the `puss in boots' fable, and some elements of the `Jewels of the sun', `Tears of the moon' and `Heart of the sea' books as well.

Rating; NC-17

Warnings; Yaoi, lime, lemon, language, violence.

Couple; Yamcha/Vegeta.

Notes; OOC, AU, TWT, general insanity. Yet another of JJ's Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales *LOL*.

Disclaimer; Don't own DBZ or the story, or the novels for that matter T_T.

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Special thanks to Anubiset for beta reading this little monster for me! *glomps*



~~oOo~~ Change of scene or POV



The next morning, in Ox's cabin.


Yamcha sat up in alarm as the entire cabin started to shake, a loud pounding resounding from the door, nearly toppling the whole structure. “Wha...who's there?!” He shouted, climbing out of bed and dressing quickly.


“It's me, Ox!” A loud voice called from outside.


“Ox?” Yamcha raised an eyebrow and slowly opened the door. “Who's Ox?” He gasped as he saw the answer looming in front of him. *Whoa! This guy's huge!* Yamcha stared up at the massive farmer.


“I'm Ox.” The man extended an unbelievably large hand to him. “I own this land, and this cabin.”


“Oh! Gosh, I'm sorry!” Yamcha went inside and quickly packed up his things. “I was just leaving anyway, to go to the city.”


“Oh no, you don't have to leave young man. I just wanted to introduce myself, and..um...” Ox pondered how to bring up all the things Yamcha's brother had said to him last night. “Well, the city, hm? You should take some time to make sure you are familiar with the city laws before going there, son, some of the laws, and their penalties, are quite harsh.”


Yamcha looked over his shoulder at the man, curious. *In all the things mother said about the city, never once did she mention anything like that.* “What kind of laws and penalties?”


Ox tried to remember some of the more extreme examples he'd heard of, not caring if they were actually true or not. “Well, one time I heard tell of a man being beheaded right in the city square, simply because he spit at the wrong time, and his spit landed on the hem of a noblewoman's dress. She screamed for his head, and boy, they gave it to her...literally,” the tall farmer shuddered.


Yamcha stared at the man, flabbergasted. “Surely you jest,” he said weakly.


“I most certainly do not!” Ox loomed over him, his expression stern. “My friend Roshi, who has worked in the palace for the royal family since he was a boy, told me so himself! Why, he was the very same person who took the time to instruct me carefully on each and every one of the city's laws and ordinances, so that I could safely come and sell my goods at the market. He also made sure that I knew the best and safest routes through the ogre's territory,” he grabbed Yamcha firmly by the shoulders, and peered into his eyes. “These are things you would do well to learn, before rushing off to the city. If you can't make it through ogre territory, you'll spend the rest of your life as one of his slaves. But even then, if you did make it through, your ignorance of the city ways could very easily get you killed.”


Yamcha stared down at the floor. He'd had no idea going to the city could be so complicated and dangerous. *What do I do now?* He wondered. *I can't just go barging through this ogre's lands, and once in the city, how will I know what to do?*


Ox saw the change in the young man's features, and felt the way Yamcha's shoulders slumped under his hands. “I'll make you a deal, Yamcha. I could use an extra pair of hands around here, what with harvest time coming up soon, and I'll need that same extra person to help me take all the crops and livestock to the city to sell at the market. If you stay here for a couple of months, and help me with my harvesting and hauling it to the market, I'll instruct you in the ways of the city. When it's time to head to the market, I'll show you the best routes through ogre territory, as well,” Ox stood up and grinned down at him. “How about it? You can live here in the cabin, or stay at the main house, it's up to you. I'll give you your room and board, and pay you what I can now. Of course, the bulk of your pay would come after we sold everything at the market, but you would have some money beforehand, I'll see to that, because you might find things you like there, before the crops and livestock are sold that you'd like to buy for yourself.”


Puar jumped up on the counter, and from there leapt up onto Ox's shoulder, nuzzling his jaw and purring loudly.


“Hey, a kitty!” Ox grinned, reaching back and petting her. “She's cute.”

Yamcha smiled. “Well, I suppose it would be better to learn of the city, and this..ogre first. And, the money would come in very handy. I accept your offer Ox, and thank you, for letting me use your cabin.”


“No, thank you. I can never seem to find decent help around here; they all seem to be more interested in trying to take my little girl away from us. My precious Chi-Chi,” Ox gushed.


Yamcha blinked and stared up at him. “I have no interest in marriage and family just yet sir, your daughter is safe from me. I wish to strike out and make my way in the world first, before I even consider settling down with someone.”


Ox nodded. “Well, that's a very good plan son, a very good plan indeed.” He looked around for a moment, remembering how he had lived in this very cabin while building his house and barn, eager for the day he would be able to go and ask his beloved FiFi to marry him. He smiled and looked out the cabin window, lost for a moment in his reminiscing. “Well!” Ox clapped his hands. “I'm sure my wife and daughter have breakfast on the table, and are waiting for us, let's go eat, shall we?” Yamcha grinned and nodded, following him.


The rest of the day passed in a blur for Yamcha, as he met Ox's wife FiFi, and his daughter Chi-Chi, who was obviously very marriage-minded. After they had breakfast, Ox took Yamcha on a tour of the house and the barn, showing him all the livestock. After lunch, the fields and orchards.


“You have an incredible farm, Ox!” Yamcha exclaimed. “Your fields are even bigger than my father's were! And your livestock,” he shook his head. “I wish someday I could be as prosperous as you.”


“Don't fret.” The large man clapped him on the shoulder gently. “I will teach you more than just city ways, and routes through ogre territory, I'll show you everything I've learned about running a successful farm, as well.”


And so began Yamcha's education in the business of farming, as well as the ways of the city, under Ox's careful tutelage. True to what Puar had said, Yamcha was a hard worker, and a quick learner. He toiled all day in the fields, or worked with the animals, without a word of complaint, and listened carefully to all Ox had to teach him.




Late one night, after Puar and Yamcha had been living with Ox for about three weeks, Yamcha lay in bed, Puar curled up beside him purring as he scratched her behind the ears. “Well, Puar, what do you think? This is working out pretty well, and I know we will easily be able to stay on until it's time to take Ox's goods to the market, but what of us after that? The money we earn will only go so far, what should we do with the money we get? How can we make sure it is put to the best use? This is all so overwhelming, all the things we have yet to do, and learn about the world, I think we lived a bit too sheltered a life with father,” he sighed.


Puar looked up at him intently for several seconds. *Perhaps it's time to reveal my secret. I can't tell him all my plans just yet, but I can tell him just enough. I need his cooperation to a point, anyway.* She bumped her head against his leg before getting up, stretching, and climbing into his lap. “Don't worry, master Yamcha, I have everything all worked out,” the cat chirped.


Yamcha gasped and nearly fell off the bed in his shock. “P...Puar?!” He cried, jumping to his feet and staring down at her.


Puar growled softly, as she was tumbled out of his lap. “Yes?” She looked up at him, quirking an eyebrow.


“You...you can talk!” He raised his arm and pointed a shaky finger at her. “How..where did you learn to talk?!”


Puar smirked. “I can do a lot more than just talk, master.” She jumped down to the floor and suddenly began to glow. Moments later, she grew in height, body changing to that of a teenage boy, with long chestnut hair and big brown eyes. “I am also a shape-shifter.”


Yamcha slumped into the chair, staring. “You...what are you? How did you come to be with my father?” He sat forward as Puar sat on the bed, looking down at the floor.


“It's a long story.” She said softly. “It all began almost 100 years ago. I was a young girl, in what is now the city of Vegeta-sei. I was envied by some, feared by others because of my magical powers,” she sighed. “I came from a long line of magicians, sorcerers, and witches. My family had always been consulted, whenever disasters befell the city, or someone was gravely ill.” Brown eyes came up to meet Yamcha's. “I never thought much about my life beyond magic, certainly nothing about love, but my family did. They were looking for a match for me, but most of the men in the village were afraid of me. Except for an ugly old ogre named Oolong. He was determined to become my husband, and have my power for himself. But I had no intentions of giving my heart to anyone, least of all an ogre. But that was before he came to the city..” A strange, misty look came into Puar's eyes. “Korin..he was a wizard. He was strong, and handsome, I fell in love right away. My family decided Korin was a good choice, so they went and announced that he and I would be married.” She drew her legs up and shuddered. “Oolong's wrath was terrible. Storms raged through the city for days, people grew sick and died, whole fields of crops simply withered in a matter of minutes...” She shook her head. “He found an old curse, one that would separate Korin and I from our bodies, and imprison us in jewels for all eternity. We would still be able to think, and feel, but no one would ever see us in our prisons.” Puar buried her face in her hands. “Korin wasn't strong enough to stop it,” she jumped as Yamcha sat beside her and clapped a hand on her shoulder.


Yamcha tilted his head to the side. “How did you get away with just being turned into a cat?” He asked.


Puar sighed. “I didn't, but my family found us. They were too late to stop it, so they banded together and used all their magic to give us new bodies. Unfortunately they had to make sure he would never recognize us, so they chose cat bodies. Which explains why we no longer have magical powers. Then, my grandmother and grandfather gave up most of their power giving me the ability to talk and shape-shift. There just wasn't enough power for them to give Korin the same gifts,” she sighed. “The curse was for us to stay like that for all eternity, but my parents managed to change it a bit. If we can each bring together three people in true love, we'll be set free.”


“So, you have to help three people fall in love?” Yamcha asked, eyebrows shooting up.


“No.” Puar chuckled. “Korin and I each had to strike out and find the first person to help. He found Prince Vegeta the first, and I found...your grandfather.” She smiled at his surprised gasp. “When I found him, he was alone, penniless, a man with a mysterious past, and what looked like no future. I teamed up with him and helped him make something of himself, and find true love,” she sighed. “Then his four sons were born. The youngest son, your father, was left to fend for himself when the head of the family passed on. Together, we got his mill going, and he met and fell in love with your mother.” She ruffled his hair affectionately. “Now, it's your turn.”


Yamcha was silent for several seconds, and then turned to her, eyes wide. “So...the prince of today is Prince Vegeta the third, and I'm the third generation of the family you're helping. As soon as you get both of us to fall in love, you're free,” he grinned.


Puar turned and smirked evilly at him. “Yes...indeed, as soon as we can get you two to fall in love, we're free.”


To Be Continued…

Oh boy, Puar's got something up her sleeve, huh? And man, some story behind her and Korin! Will she succeed in her mission? Keep reading to find out!