Red Riding Hood, JJFFFT (JJ's Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales) style. Chapter 4.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Rating; NC-17

Series; Dragonball Z, sorta *giggles*

Pairing; Raditz/Kakarott, Brolli/Raditz, Brolli/Kakarott/Raditz, Gah! Tentacles? Noooooo!!!!! Just kidding! *LOL* (Was in a really bizarre mood when wrote this one)

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, semi-NCS, language, extreme weirdness!


No MST'ing, no offence, but I don't like it.

Notes; AU, so Raditz is NOT Kakarott's brother in this! OOC, more of JJ's fairy tale bastardization *ROTFLOL* This particular fairy tale was suggested by Muryx and Chibi Vegeta. Thanks to Goruda-chan for beta'ing.


Brolli sighed, the fingers of one hand tracing swirls in the sticky seed cooling on his chest. "Well." He smirked. "If that's the kind of show you put on, especially during your first time, I can't wait to see what you're going to be like one I get my hands on you, and Raditz too."

With that, he sat up and snapped his fingers, causing the image of Raditz and Kakarott in the mirror to disappear. Then he held his arms over his head, and once more assumed the guise of Ox. "I'm waiting for you..." He said ominously.


Kakarott grinned as he leaned against Raditz, enjoying the feel of

the burly woodman's arm draped over his shoulder.

"What are you grinning about, Red?" The older man chuckled.

"Just...everything." Red Riding Hood bit his lower lip to stifle a giggle, cheeks flushed.

Raditz smirked. "You do realize, don't you, that your grandfather's going to realize what's happened as soon as we walk in, right?"

Kakarott paused, eyes widening. "He will?"

"Mm hmm..." Raditz snickered. "But it won't be that big a deal, he's been trying to hook us up since last year."

The teen suppressed a laugh, falling into step with Raditz once more as they cleared the woods. "Hey, he's been doing some bread baking of his own!" Kakarott said, inhaling deeply. "Mm...smells good." His step quickened, as they approached the cottage. "Grandfather, we're here!" The teen shouted, banging open the door.

"Hello, Red! What a surprise!" 'Ox' came into the kitchen, sweeping his 'grandson' into a bear hug. "And Raditz, you came back, will you be joining us for a late meal?"

"No, I found Red wandering the forest, all alone, so I just decided to see that he got here safely." Raditz said quietly, eyes on the floor. *I hate lying to him, but now isn't the best time to come right out and tell him about us.* He thought.

Brolli smirked. "Well, I insist you stay for something to eat!" He turned and put the kettle on to boil. "Oh dear..." He shook his head. "Silly me, I haven't anything ready but some bread, I must admit I wasn't expecting anyone tonight."

"Oh that's alright!" Kakarott chirped. "I have a whole basket of treats that my mom packed for you, let's eat those!"

"That is an excellent idea Kakarott." Brolli smiled, gesturing toward the table. "Come on then, sit down! Don't be shy."

Kakarott began setting the treats on the table, chattering away to his 'grandfather', as Brolli and Raditz sat down.

Finally, all the pastries and cookies were laid out before them, as Kakarott took a seat on the other side of Brolli.

"Mm..." Brolli purred, eyes shifting back and forth between the two men. "Looks good enough to eat."

Raditz looked up at 'Ox', eyes narrowed. "What a deep voice you have tonight, Ox." He said slowly.

Brolli gave a sinister chuckle. "All the better to converse with you."

Kakarott blinked as the other man reached for a pie. "Wow, what big hands you have."

"All the better to touch you with." Brolli snickered, waggling his eyebrows at Raditz.

"W..what big eyes you have." The woodsman stuttered, at last realizing that something was horribly wrong with the picture.

"All the better to see you with..." He purred, leaning forward and nuzzling Raditz's hair.

"What the...hey!" Raditz yelled, jumping to his feet. "What are you about, Ox?"

Kakarott gasped, face paling. " a...a big..." He choked on the words, as he stared at the bulge in the front of the other man's pants.

Brolli laughed, holding his arms above his head, body glowing as he took his own form again.

Raditz growled, running to stand in front of Red Riding Hood, fists clenched. "What sorcery is this?" He snarled, staring up at Brolli.

"Hey! I know you, you're the man that was in the forest earlier!" Kakarott stared at the other man's bare chest, then blushed as his eyes were drawn to the bulge still visible through the man's loose white pants.

Brolli smirked, stepping closer to them. "I believe your next words were going to be what a big bulge I have, yes?" He snickered when Kakarott nodded. "Well, do I really need to tell you what I'm going to do with that?"

Kakarott shook his head quickly. "What are you doing here, and where is grandfather?"

"Your grandfather is safe and sound, just out of the way for a little while, so we can get to know each other a little better, without interruption."

Raditz growled, tugging on Kakarott's arm and making a break for the door. "What?!" Raditz gasped, as Brolli seemed to just appear before them. "Come on!" He turned and almost dragged Kakarott down the hall, heading for the back door.

"Ah ah ah...Can't have you leaving just yet, the fun is just beginning." Brolli murmured, reaching out and grabbing each man by the back of his shirt and pulling them into the bedroom.

", please, wait, what are you doing?" Kakarott cried, as Brolli closed his eyes and chanted softly.

"What...are those?!" Raditz struggled furiously in the larger man's grip, looking on in fear as what looked like tentacles, made purely of bright golden light, began to emerge, first from the wall beside the bed, then from the bed itself.

"I think I like you...there." Brolli smirked, tossing Kakarott onto the bed. ", what are these things?!" The teen shrieked as the glowing ropes snapped around his arms, legs, and waist, firmly tying him down.

"Red!" Raditz lunged toward him, snarling as Brolli held him back. "Let go..uhn.." He grunted as he was flung against the wall. "No...don't touch me!" He hissed, as the tentacles slowly curled around him. "Stop it! Who are you, why are you doing this?" Raditz demanded, struggling against his glowing, undulating bonds.

Brolli regarded them both for a moment. "Oh, that's right..." He slowly approached the whimpering Kakarott. "I made a promise, that when next we met, I would tell you my name, didn't I, Kakarott?" He climbed onto the bed, straddling the teen's waist, moaning softly as the glowing tentacles brushed his already aching arousal. "My name..." He breathed, leaning down and brushing his lips across the younger man's. "Is Brolli."

Raditz gasped. " can't be!" He struggled even harder, trying to break the bonds. "Leave him alone!" He shouted.

Kakarott trembled, staring up at Brolli with pleading eyes. "Why are you doing this?"

"I'm not going to hurt you, or Raditz." Brolli murmured, trailing his tongue up the side of Kakarott's neck. "I just want to have a little fun with you." He smirked over at Raditz, eyes traveling up and down the woodsman's muscular frame. "This one caught my eye a couple of years ago, I've been watching him all summer, every summer since."

Raditz blushed at Brolli's words, shifting nervously.

"And you, Kakarott..." He whispered, "I first noticed you last year. You'd grown up a lot, into a very handsome young man." He nipped lightly at the teen's jaw, chuckling as Kakarott shivered.

"Hmm? A little nervous, are we?" Brolli smirked, climbing off the bed and sauntering over to the woodsman. "Perhaps Raditz and I putting on a little show will help you warm up to the idea." He waved a hand idly, and more glowing tendrils snaked out of the wall, ensnaring Raditz's legs and spreading them.

"No, stop it...I... Hey!" He yelped, as Brolli quickly and efficiently tore away his shirt and pants. "What do you think're doing..." He trailed off softly, looking down as Brolli darted his head down to capture a nipple between his lips, sucking and nibbling gently. "Nn..." The burly woodsman groaned, as a large hand wrapped around his stirring arousal and squeezed him gently. "Ahn...B...Brolli..." He panted, arching his neck as the other man's hand slid up and down his shaft.

Kakarott turned his head, watching intently as Brolli sank to his knees before Raditz, waving his hand, which caused the tentacles to push the woodsman's hips forward.

Brolli smirked as he felt the teen's eyes on him. "You like to watch, Kakarott?" He gestured once more, and the ropes swung Raditz around sideways, enabling Kakarott to see what Brolli was about to do.

Raditz gasped, arching his back as a warm mouth engulfed his rock hard length, Brolli's lips sliding down to the base of his cock. "Oh...yeah..." Raditz rasped, writhing and twisting in his bonds as Brolli's mouth moved up and down his arousal.

Kakarott whimpered softly, arching off the bed, his arousal nearly painful as he rocked his hips, slitted eyes trained on the two men before him. " fair." He whispered, muscles tense as bowstrings as he watched Brolli's lips sliding up and down Raditz's length.

Brolli pulled back and gave Kakarott an evil grin. "No, I suppose it isn't fair, is it, Kakarott? I'm over here pleasing your woodsman, and nobody's taking care of you." He titled his head to the side, and chuckled. "Come on, Raditz, we'd best not neglect our young lover." Brolli waved his hand toward the bed, causing the glowing ropes the held the woodsman to carry him over to the bed.

Kakarott gasped as Brolli waved his hand again, and the teen's own bonds tightened around him momentarily, lifting him up off the bed and repositioning him on his knees at the head of it, legs still tied to the bed, arms secured behind his back. "I...what...what's happening?" He asked, as his clothes literally vanished with another wave of Brolli's hand.

"Now, I think you've had enough of a demonstration from me, Raditz..." Brolli purred, smirking as the glowing tendrils deposited the woodsman on the bed, on his hands and knees in front of Red Riding Hood. "You will please Kakarott, as I take you." He said, one hand gently gripping Raditz's hair and forcing his head up.

Raditz growled softly, eying the teen's arousal hungrily. Without warning, he darted forward, opening his mouth and taking half of the thick shaft into his mouth, sucking hard.

Kakarott gasped, head falling back as a low, throaty moan escaped him.

"Mm hmm..." Brolli smirked, pushing a saliva coated finger into Raditz's body, thrusting gently. "That's it, make him moan, Raditz. But don't let him cum." He whispered.

Raditz cried out as Brolli entered him in one slow, steady thrust, the sound muffled by Kakarott's length as he continued to please him.

Brolli shuddered as he pushed himself into Raditz's tight heat, the other man's muscles tightening around him. "Hn....Raditz..." He rasped, fingers digging into his lover's hips. He remained still for several seconds, waiting for both of them to adjust.

Raditz moaned as his lips moved up and down Kakarott's length. He arched his back and rocked back, silently asking the man behind him for more.

Brolli began to pant softly, moving inside Raditz with short, gentle strokes.

Kakarott raised his head, glittering eyes narrowed as he looked down, watching his own length being engulfed by Raditz's mouth. "Nn...Raditz..." He groaned, hips rocking slightly. He looked up and bit his lip, a keening sound escaping him as he watched Brolli moving in and out of Raditz.

Brolli smirked at the teen. "I thought you might get off on watching." He pulled his hips back and thrust hard into Raditz, his eyes never leaving Kakarott's as he slammed into his lover, drawing muted cries and growls from the woodsman.

Kakarott trembled violently, the combination of Raditz's mouth on his length, and the visual stimulation before him bringing him close to the edge.

"Enough, Raditz." Brolli said softly, stroking his hair.

Raditz released Kakarott's erection, bucking back against Brolli, eyes rolling back as the other man leaned over him, one hand reaching around and gripping the woodsman's erection, stroking him roughly, while angling his strokes to hit Raditz's prostate.

"Ahnn....huhnnn...yes...Brolli..." Raditz moaned, slumping forward until his cheek rested on the bed. He bit his lip, a muffled cry escaping him as his seed shot out, coating Brolli's hand.

"Mm...that's it..." Brolli gave Kakarott a smug smile as he pulled out of Raditz. He snapped his fingers, causing the bonds that had held the woodsman in place to vanish, allowing the burly man to slump over onto his side. "And now, for you." He purred, waving his hand.

Kakarott gave a startled cry as his glowing restrains lifted him up, pulling him down onto his back, legs spread, arms pinned over his head.

"Perfect." Brolli smirked, lowering himself down onto the writhing teen. He kissed Red Riding Hood hungrily, growling as the younger man's tongue darted out eagerly to meet his.

Kakarott whimpered in frustration as he pulled against his bonds. "Let me go..." He rasped, trying to wrap his legs around the larger man's waist.

Brolli chuckled. "Next time. I promise you."

Kakarott growled up at him, eyes dark and glittering. The teen's eyes widened as Brolli quickly thrust two fingers into him, searching for his pleasure spot. A high pitched cry let Brolli know he'd found what he was seeking, and he ruthlessly exploited the spot, reducing the teen to a quivering mass of desperate need.

"Nn...Brolli!" Kakarott cried, writhing beneath him. "Do it, now...please?" He jerked, back arching almost painfully as Brolli positioned himself at the teen's entrance, and buried himself inside him with one smooth, quick thrust. "Brolli....Nnn...uhhn..." He panted harshly, sweat beading on his brow as his head moved from side to side, eyes clenched shut, lips pulled back in a silent snarl as he arched and thrashed beneath the larger man.

Brolli growled low in his throat, sweat running down the sides of his face as he thrust into the teen, Kakarott's moans and pleas making him tremble as he neared release. He looked over at Raditz, and smirked briefly as he noticed the woodsman staring at them. "Come give him a hand, Raditz." He rasped, looking down at the teen's weeping erection.

The other man needed no second invitation. He quickly moved over, wrapping a hand around Kakarott's erection and stroking him, as he leaned over and seized his lips in a demanding kiss.

Kakarott stiffened, his scream muffled by the kiss as his seed shot into the air, landing on his own chest and stomach. He slumped back to the bed, breathing hard, as Raditz lay down beside him, both of them looking up at Brolli through glazed, hooded eyes.

Seconds later, Brolli threw his head back, climaxing with a roar of pleasure, his seed shooting into his lover's body. He slumped over on top of Kakarott, snapping his fingers and releasing the teen from his restrains, laying down beside him as well.

Kakarott sighed and smiled, looking back and forth between both men. "This is going to be an interesting week." He chuckled.

Raditz blinked a few times, his head clearing. "Wait a minute, Brolli, what did you do with Ox?"

"Oh, right, yeah!" Kakarott struggled to sit up. "Were is my grandfather?"

"In the pantry." Brolli yawned. "He's safe, frozen until we get some sleep, get up, get dressed, and make this bed." He smiled slightly.

"Well, maybe we should let him out." Kakarott said, shaking Brolli's shoulder. "You can have my room while I ah...tell Grandfather some of the new developments, all right?"

"Oh, very well." Brolli grumbled, getting up and moving into Kakarott's room. He reached his hand out into the hall and snapped his fingers.

"Come on, Raditz, let's go get cleaned up, then we'll talk to grandfather." Kakarott said, moving to the back door.


Ox fell to the floor in a heap, grunting as his head made contact with the pantry door. "What...where!?" He shook his head and sat up, his memories from earlier fading rapidly. "Hmph." He got to his feet, rubbing his head. "Strange, I must have slipped and fallen." The old man shook his head and opened the pantry door. "Either that, or I'm getting like Kakarott, falling asleep at the drop of a hat, even while standing up."

"What the heck?" He stared at the table, which was laden down with pastries, pies, and cookies. "Kakarott!" Ox grinned, stomping through the house. "Where are you, Kakarott?" He wandered down the hallway, pausing as he saw a tall, handsome young man stretched out on his grandson's bed. "Um...excuse me, ah..."

Brolli sat up, smirking. "Hello there. I believe Kakarott and Raditz are out back getting cleaned up."

"Oh, did you come with Kakarott?" Ox asked, blinking at the strangely dressed man.

"You...could say that." Brolli gave him a wicked grin.

"Oh....oh!" Ox turned away, blushing. *I know I told the boy to sew his wild oats...but...* He thought, then shrugged. *Guess my grandson's got a bit more to sew than the average man.* Ox chuckled.

Brolli rose from the bed, brushing past Ox and making his way back to the kitchen. "You should probably wait for them in the kitchen, I'm sure they won't waste any time getting back in here to share in those treats Kakarott brought for you." Brolli snickered.

Ox smiled ruefully. "I'm afraid you're right, the way those two eat, if we don't get ours first, there might not be any to get." He paused, as Brolli walked toward the door. "Wait, where are you going?"

"I should go." Brolli said quietly.

"Nonsense, you can at least stay for dinner!" He said, then snapped his fingers. "I almost forgot, I have some meat and cheese to set out, give me a hand, young man."

Brolli trailed after the old man, helping to set out meat, cheese, a pitcher of water, plates, and cups. He leaned back against the counter, watching as Ox bustled about, putting the kettle on once more, humming as he sliced and buttered bread. *This is nice.* He thought, his expression wistful. *I remember when I had a home like this one, mother bustling about in the kitchen, baking, cleaning, taking me out to play, or just going for a walk...* Brolli sighed, taking a place at the table as Ox poured hot water into a teapot.

Ox studied the other man surreptitiously, noting the sad look in his eyes. *I wonder what's wrong?* He thought, setting the teapot on the table and taking a seat beside him. "So, what's your name..." He began.

"Grandfather!" Kakarott burst into the kitchen, nearly jumping into Ox's lap as he hugged him tightly.

"Hello there!" Ox laughed, wrapping the teen in a crushing bear hug. "Hello, Raditz, joining us for supper after all, then?"

Raditz leaned against the doorframe, blushing as he looked over at Brolli. "Yes." He said quietly.

Ox looked back and forth between the three of them. "Well, this isn't fair." He chuckled. "You three know each other...intimately..." He said, grinning as all three men had the grace to blush. "But I still don't know who this young man is." He clapped a hand on Brolli's shoulder.

"Grandpa..." Kakarott sat down beside the old man. "This, is Brolli."

Ox looked over at Brolli intently for a few seconds. "You're not like I thought you'd be." He said, continuing to study him. "Somehow I thought you'd be bigger, and meaner looking. And I wouldn't expect you to wind up in a...compromising position with these two."

Brolli shrugged, becoming pensive and withdrawn.

"He's not what everybody thinks he is." Kakarott began, taking a deep breath and launching into Brolli's story.

When he'd finished, Raditz and Ox sat still and silent, their expressions grim. Kakarott and Brolli jumped when Ox's fist banged down on the table.

"That son-of-a-bitch!!" Ox growled, huge hands curled into claws. "If he ever shows his face around here, I'll tear him apart!"

"Hmm...if my ax and I don't find Paragus first, Ox." Raditz said, his voice dripping with venom.

"I don't think either of you will find him." Brolli said quietly. "I've lived alone in those woods for 15 years, and have never seen him. Not once."

"You mean you,ve lived out there, all alone, since you were five?" Raditz asked, staring at him in disbelief. Brolli nodded slowly.

Ox looked over at Brolli for a few seconds, debating, then spoke up. "Brolli, I think fifteen years alone in those woods far too long. Why don't you come stay with me?"

The other three men gaped at him. "What?!"

"Well, yes. I think it would be a good idea." Ox said, crossing his arms. "Raditz has work here, so he is around in the summer, true enough, but he does have to find work in other places during the winter, after all the work I have for him is hardly enough to keep him going for an entire year." He looked over at Red Riding Hood. "You live with your mother, and are usually only here once a month. I would like some company around here, besides, I'm not getting any younger you know, this place is getting a bit much for me to keep up by myself."

Kakarott smiled. "So, what do you think, Brolli?"

"'re not afraid of me?" Brolli asked, staring at Ox.

"No, should I be? My grandson and Raditz don't feel threatened by you, so I'm not either."

"I...don't want to impose." The tall man said quietly.

"Nonsense!" Ox said, reaching out and ruffling Brolli's hair. "You'll be earning your keep, with the chores around here." The old man chuckled. "Besides, we're close to the forest, that's what you need, right? You have to be able to stay close to it to keep your powers strong?" He paused, and Brolli nodded. "Well then, I'd say this is the perfect place for you. Why, this cabin sits right on the edge of the forest. You can go and wander the woods anytime you like."

"Well...I..." Brolli stammered.

"Then it's settled." Said Ox firmly.

Brolli nodded mutely, then went back to his meal.


After the dishes were cleared and washed, Ox, Raditz, Brolli and Kakarott sat in the living room, in front of the fireplace, trading stories. Raditz told some ribald tales from when he was a bit younger than Kakarott, and Ox shared stories from the farm he grew up on. The three men listened as Brolli shyly told them stories from his time spent in the forest, of the magical creatures that lived there.

"Wow, who would have thought there were so many amazing things hiding in the forest." Raditz said, leaning back and staring at the ceiling, trying to imagine the creatures Brolli had described.

"They're very timid." Brolli said. "They don't like to be seen, they're afraid humans would either try to catch them, or destroy them"

"Yes, unfortunately." Ox sighed. "People have a tendency to fear what they don't understand, and what they fear, they seek to destroy." The other three men nodded.

Their musing was interrupted by a loud knock at the kitchen door.

"Coming!" Ox stood and made his way to the door. "Oh, hello, can I help you?" He asked the tall, intimidating looking woodsman that stood in the door.

The hulking man scowled at Ox. "Good evening sir." He said in a deep, rough voice. "I was wondering if you might need someone to cut wood and help to maintain your cottage for a while, in exchange for room and board."

"Oh, I'm afraid I have someone to take care of both the house, and grounds, and do wood cutting. And one of them is working for room and board, the other has his own house. But thank you."


Raditz and Kakarott had taken advantage of Ox's absence, sliding over onto the couch beside Brolli, hands sliding over the man's smooth skin.

"Stop it!" Brolli hissed, arching slightly as one of Raditz's questing hands found it's way inside his loose white pants. "Ox is right there in the kitchen, talking to someone!" All three men paused, listening as Ox refused the man's offer, but invited him in for some supper.


"So, what brings you out this way?" Ox asked, sitting across from the stranger.

"I come to see if there is any truth to the rumors of Big Bad Brolli, the golden giant who roams the forest, and can tear a man apart with a thought." The man growled around a mouthful of food. "They say he's been terrorizing this area for years. I intend to put a stop to it, once and for all."

"Really." Ox said, eyes narrowing. "What if those rumors turn out to be false?"

The woodsman looked up at Ox. "Why would so many people pass around the rumors if they weren't true?"

Ox shrugged. "All I know is I've lived here in this very cabin for over 50 years, and the woodsman that's been working for me for the last five years, has a small cabin even further into the woods than this one, and neither of us have ever had any trouble."

"Hnn..." The woodsman sneered. "Well, there are some that say they have had much trouble." *Usually the ones that bear a slight resemblance to me.* The man thought with a snarl.


Brolli's eyes narrowed as he finally placed the woodsman's voice. "I know that man..." He snarled softly.

"What? Who is it, Brolli?" Kakarott whispered.

"It's... My father..."


"I see. Um, what did you say your name was, sir?" Ox asked, stomach fluttering as he realized he might already know the answer.

"Paragus." The man stated, eyes hard and cold.

Ox's eyes slid to the left as he heard a scuffle starting in the living room. "Excuse me." He said, standing. "I have to check on something, I'll be right back." He darted into the living room, and gasped as he saw Raditz and Kakarott struggling to hold down a glowing, growling Brolli. "Let him go."

"What?!" Kakarott and Raditz cried in unison.

"You heard me." Ox said, his expression blank. "Hold it." He set a hand on Brolli's chest. "You go out there, on one condition. You don't kill him."

"But....he..." Brolli snarled, hair flickering gold.

"I know what he did, son. But killing him won't bring your mother back. The only thing it will do, is make you just like him. Spiteful, vindictive, and a murderer."

Brolli paused, hair returning to black as he regarded Ox.

"You don't need to kill him, with your powers he's no threat to you. It's one thing to see him punished for his crime, but quite another to murder him in cold blood." Ox cupped Brolli's cheek. "He's the monster, not you. Don't let him win, Brolli. Don't let him make you into a monster too."

Brolli looked way, eyes glistening. "It hurts." He whispered. "What he did, it still hurts. He...he killed her. She was trying to protect me, and he killed her...beat her to death..." Brolli said, voice breaking as his shoulders started to shake.

"So. Looks like the rumors are true, you survived, alone, in the woods all this time after all." Paragus stood in the doorway, sneering. "Well, I suppose I'll just have to remedy the situation."

"You think with your trusty little ax, or your fists, you can kill me? Maybe you could have when I was a child, but not now." Brolli glared at his father.

"Oh, I have no intention of trying to wipe you out that way." Paragus cackled, the sound sending shivers up the spines of the other four men. "I've picked up a little magic of my own!" Paragus held up a piece of old parchment, and began chanting.

"What's he doing?" Kakarott cried, as Paragus was surrounded by a blinding glow.

"Foolish boy!" Paragus laughed as he finished chanting, and the glow faded to reveal a large ball of light hovering above the man's outstretched hands. "This ball of light magic will pass through anyone without evil intent, but anyone with a black, evil, unforgiving heart will be incinerated!" He laughed maniacally. "And now, my son, it is time for you to join your beloved mother!" Paragus shouted, throwing the ball at his son.

" Brolli! You are not evil, you're not like him! Forgive, and don't dwell on the past, you've moved past what he almost made you!" Ox shouted, setting a hand on Brolli's shoulder and standing fast against the howling wind that began to rip through the cottage.

Brolli looked over at Ox, surprised. He gasped as Kakarott molded his smaller frame to Brolli's back, hands sliding around his waist. He looked over to his other side, as Raditz leaned into him, one arm flung over Brolli's broad shoulders.

"Ox is right, Brolli!" Raditz shouted over the wind. "He can't hurt you anymore, the past is behind you, let it go!"

Paragus snarled as he watched the three of them embracing Brolli. "Oh, so you've forgiven me, have you? For dragging your mother through the forest by her hair, begging for mercy, then throwing her to the ground and beating her until she was dead?" The old woodsman laughed insanely. "It was really quite delicious, you know, her screams, the struggling, then the popping noises, as I broke her ribs with the ax handle. Oh, the wet, gurgling cries she let out, as she began to drown in her own blood were wonderful!"

Brolli's face went pale, his eyes narrowing.

Ox gasped as the ball that floated toward them began to turn grey. "Don't listen to him Brolli!" He cried, holding fast to the young man. "He's trying to draw out your hate! Don't let him do it, he's just trying to drag you down with him!"

"That's right." Raditz growled, moving closer to him. "Don't let him get to you."

"Come on, Brolli!" Kakarott cried, clinging to him tightly. "You know your mother wouldn't want it to end like this, she would have wanted you to move on, and be happy! Don't let him take away her last wish! Don't let him destroy you!"

Brolli stared his father down for several seconds, before letting his eyes slip shut, a serene, peaceful expression on his face.

"Yes! That's it, this is the end!" Paragus crowed, arms held high in the air. "Now I've finally got y...WHAT?!!" He gaped, as the glowing ball pushed against Brolli's chest, then passed through all four men. ", it can't be, it simply cannot be! That ball was supposed to destroy you, you monster!"

Kakarott stepped out from behind Brolli, the glowing ball hovering above his hands. "He's not the monster here, Paragus." He said quietly, moving to stand in front of Brolli.

Brolli looked down at the teen, smirking. "I didn't know you possessed magic, Kakarott."

"Neither did I." Red Riding Hood grinned up at him.

Brolli cupped Kakarott's hands with his own, as Ox and Raditz each laid a hand on Brolli's forearm. He looked up at Paragus, scowling. "Now, let's see how this ball reacts to you!"

"NO!!" Paragus shouted, as the four men moved as one, sending the glowing ball of light hurtling toward him. " CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!!!" He shrieked, then let out a bloodcurdling scream, as the ball hit him in the chest, burning a gaping hole in his torso.

Ox, Brolli, Kakarott and Raditz gasped, as a bright blue flame engulfed Paragus, flaring out across the room before burning itself out, leaving nothing to show that Paragus had been there, save for a large ax leaning in the corner of the room.

Brolli sighed as he picked up the ax. "It's over. He's gone."

"Yes, but not by you." Ox ruffled his long, shaggy hair gently. "Paragus was destroyed by his own evil."

Raditz and Kakarott nodded, each wrapping an arm around him.

"Come on, let's go out and get some fresh air." Kakarott said, leading Brolli outside.


Two days later....

The four men sat on the river bank, stomachs full of fish, caught in the river, and apples and berries picked from the trees and bushes surrounding them.

"Yeah, this is the life." Raditz grinned, leaning back and sprawling across Brolli's legs. The taller man laughed, burying his fingers in the long, black tresses.

"So how's Turles doing, Kakarott? Still working in the city?" Ox asked.

"Yes, he's doing fine, he sent a letter to mother though, telling her he'll be home next month for an extended visit while the shop is under repairs from that fire they had." Kakarott said, cuddling up to Brolli's left side.

Brolli looked over at the teen, brow furrowed. "Who's Turles?"

"He's Kakarott's brother, they practically look like twins, except Turles isn't nearly as naive as Kakarott." Raditz laughed as Red Riding hood growled and swatted at him. "Compared to Red, he's downright wicked."

"Really..." Brolli leered.

"Huh...hey! Don't even think about it! You're spoken for!" Kakarott pouted, then knocked the larger man down onto his back and pounced on him.

"Doubly so." Raditz growled, joining Kakarott in attacking a squirming, hollering Brolli.

Ox rolled onto his back, howling with laughter. "I think things are going to be a lot more interesting around here from now on." He grinned, wiping tears from his eyes.


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