Red Riding Hood, JJFFFT (JJ's Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales) style. Act 3.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Rating; NC-17

Series; Dragonball Z, sorta *giggles*

Pairing; Raditz/Kakarott, Brolli/Raditz, Brolli/Kakarott/Raditz

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language


No MST'ing, no offence, but I don't like it.

Notes; AU, OOC, more of JJ's fairy tale bastardization *ROTFLOL* This particular fairy tale was suggested by Muryx and Chibi Vegeta. Thanks to Shad for beta'ing. ~~oOo~~

Ox hummed and smiled as he bustled about the kitchen. "I wonder if Red Riding Hood will be coming to stay with me again soon." He said, as he punched down the huge ball of bread dough. "I sure hope so, then I'll get more of Chi-Chi's great pastries." The old man grinned. *Not to mention finally get Raditz and Kakarott to admit how they feel. This silliness has gone on long enough.* He sighed. *Every summer it's the same thing, Kakarott comes to stay, he spends most of his time mooning over Raditz. Then Raditz ends up getting distracted, and I'm left wandering around with no one to talk to because those two are too busy brooding, and trying to hide their feelings.*

"Huh?" Ox jerked and stared out the window as something large and black darted across the yard. "What was that? It wasn't Red Riding Hood, maybe Raditz is back already."

He moved toward the back door, and jumped back, letting out a cry of surprise and fear as the door was suddenly thrown open. "What...who?" Ox stared at the creature that stood before him, unable to believe his eyes. There, in the doorway, stood an enormous black wolf. Ox jumped to his feet, intending to grab a weapon of some kind, but instead sagged against the wall.

*It...that thing stands almost as high as kind of sorcery is this?* The old man wondered, as he realized the wolf's shoulders were almost level with his chest. *I guess this is the end then.* He thought sadly, thinking of his grandson, wishing he could have seen him one last time. He squeezed his eyes shut as the wolf slowly padded toward him.

"What's the matter, old man?" A soft, deep voice broke the tense silence. "Afraid I'm going to eat you up? Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not struck on the taste of other humans." The wolf made a disgusted face, well, as much as he could considering he had a muzzle.

Ox's eyes popped open, and he stared at the wolf in shock. "Did...did you just speak?" He whispered.

"Well," The wolf craned his head around. "I don't see anyone else around here, do you? So I guess I did speak, now didn't I?"

Ox found himself fighting not to laugh out loud as the wolf rolled his dark eyes, and shook his head, his lion-like mane of jet black fur whipping through the air. "What do you want from me?" He asked quietly, moving over until he had the table between them. "And what did you mean when you said _other_ humans?"

"I want to get you out of my way for a couple of hours." The wolf said, baring sharp teeth. He growled deep in his chest, as wet popping sounds filled the kitchen. "And as for what I meant by that."

Ox gasped, sickened at the awful sounds coming from the wolf as he began to change shape, his muzzle receding, the fur on his body disappearing. He stared as the wolf finished his transformation, changing into a tall, dark haired man. "Who...who are you?" He stuttered, taking in the man's clothing, which consisted of a pair of white gi pants, a dark red sarong, a thick gold necklace, golden arm bands on his biceps, golden bands that covered most of his forearms, set with blue stones, like his necklace, a gold belt, and golden boots, also set with large, blue stones.

"Hmm." The man gave an evil laugh. "Let me give you a hint." He snarled softly, veins standing out on his arms and chest, as bright light seemed to radiate from the man's very skin.

Ox cried out in terror as the man grew in size, seeming to fill the entire kitchen, his hair flickering gold and sticking out in all directions, and the man's dark eyes fading until they were pure white. "What! Oh no, no! Not you!'re...but it can't be." Ox whispered, pressing himself against the wall. "You're Brolli!"

"That's riiiight." Brolli sneered. "In the flesh." He stalked over and grabbed Ox by his shirt collar. "Now, to get rid of you for a little while, so I can have some fun with that cute little grandson of yours." He snickered. "Not to mention that woodsman, Raditz was his name, no?"

Brolli carried Ox through the kitchen, and almost threw him into the back pantry. "Let's make sure you stay put, and stay quiet." He smirked, holding out his hands, which began to glow white.

Ox opened his mouth to scream, but the sound died in his throat as he was slowly turned to stone. Brolli studied him for a moment, then slammed the door.

"There we are, that should keep you out from underfoot for a while." Brolli grinned. "And now, to get ready to receive my guests." The man chuckled as he crossed his arms over his head, his body glowing.

A few seconds later, an almost perfect replica of Red Riding Hood's grandfather stood in the center of the kitchen. "This is going to be fun." Brolli snickered.


Raditz sat back, holding a hand over his mouth to stifle a belch. "Mm, your mother is an excellent cook, Kakarott." He said, wiping a last crumb from the corner of his mouth.

"Yeah, she is." Kakarott smiled back, toying with a corner of his red cape. "She's taught me most of her baking secrets, but I just don't seem to have the patience to do it right." He sighed.

"Don't worry, Red." Raditz chuckled, reaching out and brushing a stray lock of sable hair back from the teen's forehead. "You'll learn."

Red Riding Hood looked up at the older man shyly for a moment, debating. Then, slowly, he moved over until he was close enough to lean against him, gently at first, then pressing more firmly against him.

Raditz looked down at Red Riding Hood, one eyebrow raised. "Red...what are you...?" He paused as the teen scrambled into his lap, and nuzzled his neck. "Ka...karott." He rasped, feeling the younger man's hands slipping inside his shirt, nimble fingers ghosting across his stomach, making his muscles twitch. "You...what are you doing?" Raditz asked softly, eyes sliding shut as Kakarott's fingers brushed over his nipples.

Red Riding Hood buried his face in the crook of Raditz's neck, blushing furiously. "I want you." He whispered, reaching up tentatively to stroke the older man's cheek.

"Red, are you sure?" Raditz asked, gripping him by the shoulders and staring at him intently. "I don't want to push you into anything."

"You're not." Kakarott said firmly. "I...I've liked you for a long time, Raditz." He blushed, head dipping down slightly as he continued. "I watched you every summer, but now it's different." The teen said, fingers sliding into the woodsman's thick black hair. "I want to do more than just look." He leaned up and pressed his lips to Raditz's in an awkward, slightly clumsy first kiss.

Raditz let his eyes slip closed, one large hand cupping the back of Kakarott's head as the other slid up his back. He let the teen have control for a few moments, then slowly took over the kiss. He coaxed the younger man's mouth open, and was surprised as Kakarott responded instantly, the teen's tongue darting out and into his own mouth eagerly, still tasting slightly of baked apples and cinnamon. Raditz groaned as Kakarott began to squirm restlessly in his lap, inadvertently rocking against his nearly painful arousal.

"Take it easy, Red." He whispered, breaking the kiss and nuzzling his lover's cheek.

"Raditz." Kakarott breathed, licking and kissing his throat as his movements grew more agitated. "Please?"

The woodsman shivered as the teen began to rock in his lap, the younger man's hardened length pressing against Raditz's stomach. He closed his eyes and leaned his head down, nipping lightly at Kakarott's jaw. "Shh." He whispered. "Take your time."

"Hnn...I can't!" Kakarott cried, jumping off Raditz's lap and grabbing his hands. "Raditz." He growled, nearly tearing off his red cape and throwing it to the ground, then wrapping his arms around Raditz's waist dragging him to the ground with him.

"Kakarott!" Raditz cried, shocked at the teen's sudden aggressiveness. "Red, wait, why don't we..." He gasped as Red Riding Hood pounced on his chest, capturing his lips in a bruising kiss. He shuddered as Kakarott's fingers fumbled to undo his shirt, a frustrated whimper coming from the teen as the buttons resisted the efforts of his trembling fingers.

"Here." Raditz purred, as he flipped them over, settling between the teen's legs and rocking against him. "Allow me." He said, stripping off his shirt, and undoing Kakarott's as well.

"Perfect..." The woodsman whispered, parting Red Riding Hood's white shirt, then darting his head down, raking his teeth over the younger man's collarbone.

Kakarott let out a soft sound, hands twining in the woodsman's long, coarse hair. "Raditz..." He moaned as the other man's lips moved down his chest, pausing to capture a hardened nipple. He arched his back, throwing a leg up over Raditz's hip as a large, calloused hand slid down the front of his pants, rubbing his arousal. "Ah...hnn...yeah." He panted, rocking his hips up against the hand that was delivering those slow, short, torturous strokes. "Please..." Kakarott whispered, his own hands moving up to grip Raditz's shoulders tightly. "Raditz, I need...want..." He whimpered, staring up at his lover with pleading eyes.

"Hush." Raditz said softly, nuzzling the teen's neck. "You'll get what you want soon enough." He chuckled.

"Raditz...touch me, please?" Kakarott ground out, writhing as the older man moved away from him slightly.

"Yes, Red." Raditz smirked, undoing the laces on the front of Kakarott's pants, and pushing them down off his hips. "How's this?" He whispered, wrapping a hand around the teen's cock and stroking him.

Kakarott growled softly, hands shooting up and into Raditz's hair. "Better..." He purred, tugging hard on the woodsman's hair. "But there's still something missing..."

Raditz winced, then relented, allowing himself to be dragged down into a smoldering kiss. He moaned against the younger man's lips as long, muscular legs wound around his waist, squeezing tightly. Raditz broke the kiss, trailing lingering kisses along Kakarott's jawline. "I was going to suggest we wait until you got to your grandfather's, and were settled in before pursuing this..." He chuckled softly. "But I don't think either of us can wait that long."

Kakarott shook his head wildly, struggling briefly before managing to roll them over. "No way. I want you Raditz, right here, right now..." He whispered, straddling the woodsman's hips and rocking against him.

Raditz hissed softly, fingers digging into the teen's hips as he stared up at him through slitted eyes. "Are you sure you know what you're asking for?"

Red Riding Hood nodded quickly, pulling his shirt off and tugging his pants a little further down his hips. "I'm not as innocent as all of you like to think, you know." He smirked down at the woodsman, scrambling off him just long enough to kick off his pants, before divesting Raditz of his clothes as well. "I've watched the other guys that live nearby, watched them taking girls into the barn, or out into the forest behind their houses..." Kakarott purred, straddling Raditz once again. "I've watched some of them take other guys into the hayloft, too." He leaned down and nuzzled the older man's cheek, hands roaming the across the burly woodsman's chest. "I think I've got a pretty good idea of what it is that I want from you." The teen grinned.

"Really..." Raditz smiled up at him slyly, hands sliding down to cup his bottom.

"Yeah, really." Kakarott said softly, stretching out on top of him.

Both of them moaned as Kakarott rocked his hips, his arousal rubbing against Raditz's own silken length, eliciting a shiver, and a low growl from the older man. "Say my name..." Kakarott whispered, tongue skimming over the woodsman's corded neck.

Raditz trembled as the teen's hot breath tickled his ear, then a moist tongue teased his throat. "K...Kakarott..." He groaned, arching his neck to give his lover better access to the sensitive skin.

"Hnn...say it again..." The younger man growled, his movements becoming more urgent.

"Ahnn...Kakarott..." Raditz breathed, gripping his lover's hips and grinding against him. "I want you..." He moaned, nipping at his shoulder.


Brolli, still in his Ox guise, paced back and forth across the bedroom angrily. "What is taking them so long? If I have to go out there and get them..." He trailed off, looking over at the mirror on the wall. "Hmm...maybe I should just take a peek at what's keeping them, before I go out hunting for them." Brolli snickered. "I wouldn't want to interrupt anything...important."

He walked over to the mirror, quietly murmuring an old spell, the tip of one finger glowing. "Let's see what you're up to." He touched his finger to the mirror, and the reflection of the bedroom, and himself, disappeared.

"So, I see my guests have decided to start without me..." Brolli mock pouted, reverting to his own form as he sat on the bed, watching intently. "Looks like I caught you just in time for the main event." He purred, hands sliding down to stroke his stirring erection through his pants.


"Raditz." Kakarott moaned, dropping light kisses across his lover's jaw. "Can't wait...anymore." He whispered.

Raditz growled, then nodded. He stuck two fingers into his mouth and liberally coated them with saliva. "Come here, Red." He murmured, cupping the back of the teen's head and pulling him down for a kiss, before reaching down with his other hand, and pressing a finger against Kakarott's entrance.

Kakarott gasped against the older man's lips, as he felt something pushing into him. "Raditz...what..." He began, pausing as Raditz kissed him more forcefully.

"Shh...relax, Kakarott. I don't want to hurt you." The older man explained. "I just need to stretch you a bit, so I don't hurt you. I don't like to brag..." He smirked up at the teen. "But I am rather well endowed."

"Mm I see." Kakarott smirked back, hands sliding over Raditz's chest as he allowed the other man to guide his hips back, until he was positioned over his lover's arousal.

"You ready?" Raditz whispered, body tense as he waited.

Kakarott nodded, biting his lip. He whimpered as Raditz slowly drew his hips down, the head of his lover's thick cock pushing past the tight ring of muscle. "Ahn...Raditz, I..." He groaned, hands gripping the older man's forearms tightly as he was lowered. "It...burns." Kakarott whimpered, eyes clenched shut as at last Raditz's length was sheathed inside him.

Raditz bared his teeth, fighting to keep himself from thrusting, allowing the younger man to adjust to the invasion.

"Hnn...ah..." Kakarott sat back, hands splayed across the older man's broad chest , eyes closed, teeth bared.

"You okay Red?" Raditz ground out, breath coming in short pants.

"Uh huh..." Kakarott answered weakly, nodding his head. "Feels better..." He wriggled his hips slightly, drawing a sharp hiss from his lover. His eyes popped open and he stared down at the other man. "You okay?"

Raditz nodded, swallowing hard. "Yeah...feels good." He rasped, voice tight with barely suppressed need.

Kakarott looked down at him, a sly smile spreading across his face. "Really..." He murmured, wiggling his hips again. A loud groan from Raditz was his reward, the sound spurring him on to be even more bold. "Then how does this feel?" He braced his weight on his arms and slowly rocked his hips, biting his bottom lip as he moved up and down Raditz's length.

"Hnn! K...Ka...karott..." Raditz stammered, eyes clenched shut, teeth bared as his fingers dug into the teen's waist. He growled low in his throat, arching as Kakarott began to rock his hips faster.

"Hnaahhh...Raditz..." Kakarott moaned, head dropping forward, breath coming in gasps as he moved atop his lover. His head lifted, eyes glazing over slightly as one hand slid down to wrap around his own weeping erection, stroking himself in time with his movements. "Ahn...can't..hold on...I...Raditz, I'm gonna..." He whimpered, head whipping from side to side as his eyes clenched shut. A split second later, the teen let out a keening cry, his seed shooting out and falling onto Raditz's chest.

The burly woodsman followed moments later, arching his neck and letting out a roar as he bucked his hips, spilling his essence inside his lover.

Kakarott moaned, slumping over and collapsing on the older man's chest, panting harshly.

Raditz sighed, a contented smile playing on his lips as he reached up and stroked Kakarott's hair. "Damn, Red." He chuckled softly. "I've been fantasizing about doing that for the past year."

Red Riding Hood yawned softly, curling up on top of him. "Well, was it as good as you imagined?"

"Oh yeah." Raditz smirked. "Although, I always imagined I'd be the aggressor."

The teen looked up, blinking wide, dark eyes at him. "I wasn't too aggressive, was I?" He asked uncertainly.

Raditz laughed, draping his arms around his lover. "Don't be silly." He mock growled at him. "Now, what say we get dressed and head over to your grandfather's house?" He shivered as a cool wind began to blow. "It's getting pretty late, it'll be dark by the time we get there as it is."

Kakarott nodded, slowly getting to his feet and searching for his clothes.


Brolli sighed, the fingers of one hand tracing swirls in the sticky seed cooling on his chest. "Well." He smirked. "If that's the kind of show you put on, especially during your first time, I can't wait to see what you're going to be like once I get my hands on you, and Raditz too."

With that, he sat up and snapped his fingers, causing the image of Raditz and Kakarott in the mirror to disappear. Then he held his arms over his head, and once more assumed the guise of Ox. "I'm waiting for you..." He said ominously.

To Be Continued.......

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