Red Riding Hood, JJFFFT (JJ's Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales) style. Part 1.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Rating; NC-17

Series; Dragonball Z, sorta *giggles*

Pairing; Raditz/Kakarott, Brolli/Raditz, Brolli/Kakarott/Raditz

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language


No MST'ing, no offence, but I don't like it.

Notes; AU, OOC, more of JJ's fairy tale bastardization *ROTFLOL* This particular fairy tale was suggested by Muryx and Chibi Vegeta. Thanks to Lara for beta'ing.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a young man named Kakarott, who lived with his mother, Chi-Chi, in a tiny house at the edge of the woods. Everyone loved him, because he was such a friendly person, not only with the neighbors, but with the wild creatures too. The squirrels, the birds, the rabbits, all were his friends, except maybe the large fish that swam in the lake not far from the house, you see, Kakarott loved fish, and often would come home dragging two or three fish, each bigger than he was, behind him.

Not many people called him Kakarott, because he always wore a red cape with a hood, made for him by his mother. He was called little red riding hood, until he reached his teenage years, and now he was just called Red Riding Hood.


One day, Red Riding Hood was out in the back yard, laughing as he watched the squirrels chasing each other around the yard. He lifted his head and sniffed the air. "Oh boy! Mom's baking!" He cried, getting up and dashing into the house.

"Mom! Is that for me?" Kakarott asked, hopping from one foot to the other excitedly, and wiping the drool from his chin, as he watched his mother taking cookies, pies, and some pastries from the oven.

"Well," Chi-Chi cocked her head to one side thoughtfully. "I suppose you can have one pie. But that's it!" She shook her finger at him, making Kakarott, cower slightly. "You know your grandfather has been ill lately. I'm really worried about him." She said softly as she packed the rest of the goodies into a large basket. "I want you to take these treats to him, and visit with him for awhile."

"Don't worry mother, I'll make sure these treats get to him, and I'll stay with him for a while, alright?" The young man said, striding down the hall and donning his red cape. "How long can I stay?" He asked, fastening the ties and pulling his hood up.

"You can check and see if he needs anything done around the house, you know how he lets things get into disrepair around there, honestly!" Chi-Chi shook her head, lips pursed. "If it weren't for that woodsman, Raditz, that place would have fallen down around Dad's ears ages ago!" She paused and thought for a moment, not noticing the blush that spread over her son's cheeks at the mention of the tall, handsome woodsman. "You might need a day or two, if there's yard work, this is the time of year Raditz would be cutting wood for winter, he might be a bit too busy to do chores for dad. Why don't you spend say...a week with him?"

"Okay, I will!" Kakarott grinned, snatching up the basket and all but running down the steps, carrying his pie in his other hand. "See you in a week, mom!" He called.

"Oh! Wait Kakarott!" Chi-Chi cried, running out after him. "Remember son, take the path across the fields, don't cut through the woods! And don't talk to strangers! And do not, under any circumstances, talk to anyone that resembles what I told you of..." She paused and looked around, lowering her voice. "Big bad Brolli." She all but whispered. "If you see someone that looks like what you've been told, run, you hear me? Just run!"

Red Riding Hood sighed. *I know, I know.* He thought, careful to turn away before rolling his eyes in exasperation. *That silly old wives tale about the giant with the golden hair, and pure white eyes that roams the forest, who can tear a man apart with a thought he's so powerful. People have been saying that for years, but no one I know has ever actually seen him.* Kakarott thought with a smirk. *It's just a story told to kids so they won't go traipsing through the forest, and getting lost or some silly thing.*

"Yes mother." Red Riding Hood said. "If I see anyone like that, I'll run away, don't worry." He shook his head slightly and quietly walked away.

"You'd better!" Chi-Chi shrieked, going into a rant, and not noticing her son was already leaving. "I've told you what a wicked, wicked creature he is, why, he'll lure you into the darker part of the woods, do all kinds of unspeakable things to you, then toss out your remains for the vultures. You stay out of the woods Kakarott, promise me!" She spun around, and gasped as she finally noticed he was already gone. "Oh, please be careful son!"


Red Riding Hood strode down the path, humming to himself. *I sure am hungry.* He thought as he looked longingly at the basket. *I could eat that pie mom packed for me, but then, what will I have to give to Raditz?* The young man thought, a deep flush coloring his cheeks as he remembered his visit to his grandfather the previous summer. *This year will be different, I'm ready for you Raditz.* He though with a smirk.


One year ago...

//Fifteen-year old Kakarott sat on the back steps of his grandfather's cottage, watching Raditz as the burly woodsman swung the ax time and again, pausing every so often to pile the wood in the shed. He blushed every time the older man's onyx eyes raised to meet his own. *He sure is handsome...* The young man thought, watching as Raditz wiped an arm across his brow and sighed.

"It certainly is hot out here, isn't it Red?" Raditz smirked at him, chuckling under his breath as Kakarott blushed wildly at the nickname.

Red Riding Hood nodded and ducked his head coyly. He liked the nickname when Raditz called him that, but he grew annoyed when anyone else did so. "Y-Yes,'s very hot." Kakarott stammered.

The teen jumped when the door banged open behind him, and his grandfather slowly lowered himself to a kneeling position beside him. "I thought you might like some lemonade." Old man Ox said softly, setting down two tall glasses. "Why don't you take that one to Raditz?" Ox winked and gave Kakarott a knowing smile.

"G...Grandpa!" Kakarott gasped, pressing himself back against the wall, his entire face a deep crimson. "Was I that obvious?" He whispered.

"Yes, you were." Ox chuckled. "You've been moping over him the entire day." The old man grunted softly as he stood once more, his knees creaking. "I don't mind this, really..." He gestured to Raditz and back to his grandson. "But keep in mind, you're mother is eventually going to expect you to settle down and give her a grandchild or two, but..." He grinned and ruffled Kakarott's hair. "You're young yet, you have time to" He cleared his throat, then laughed at the young man's stupefied expression.

Raditz watched the exchange surreptitiously, smirking as he watched the emotions playing across the teen's face. *Now I wonder what Ox could be saying that could be affecting him so.* He thought, trying to suppress a laugh as Ox grinned and gave him a thumbs up from behind Kakarott's back. *I know when I first started working for the old man, I never would have pegged him as being such a hentai.* Raditz stripped off his shirt, noting how the teen's eyes raked over his bared chest, the boy's expression one of hunger. *It's too bad he has to leave for home tomorrow.* He sighed. *Ah well, he's a bit too young yet, give him another year to grow, maybe then.* Raditz turned and began piling up the last of the wood.

Kakarott picked up both glasses of lemonade and slowly made his way over to the older man. "" He said, holding out a glass. "You look like you could use a drink."

Raditz reached out and took the glass from the teen, letting his fingers graze over Kakarott's, enjoying the startled gasp the contact wrenched from the young man. "Thank you." He said softly, taking a drink.

Red Riding Hood swallowed hard, mouth and throat going dry at the smoldering look Radtiz was giving him over the rim of his glass.

"So, you are going home in the morning?" Raditz asked. Kakarott nodded. "I'm going after I finish this, so I guess I won't see you until next summer." He said, reaching out and running his knuckles down the teen's cheek.

"W..wait, aren't you staying, for dinner?" Red Riding Hood asked, grabbing the man's hand and holding it to his cheek.

Raditz chuckled. "I had breakfast here, and lunch as well Red, remember? I think your grandfather would like to enjoy a quiet meal with his grandson, before you have to go back. I'll be around, you'll see me next year." He finished his lemonade and handed the glass to Kakarott. "Take care." Raditz said simply, turning and donning his shirt, before picking up his ax and heading into the woods. "Be seeing you, Red." He waved over his shoulder, not looking back.

Kakarott stood, clutching the glass to his chest as he watched Raditz leave. The teen sighed as the woodsman disappeared into the trees. "Yes, next year, Raditz. Next year." //


Red Riding Hood was jerked out of his memories just as he was about to walk into the great oak that separated the two forks in the path. "Hmm." Kakarott stroked his chin with his hand. "I know mother wants me to go through the fields, but that will take all day. Besides." He looked up. "The sun is warm today, these treats will not last in the heat. I'd better take the woods, that way I can be at grandfather's before nightfall." With that, he set off down the path that lead straight into the heart of the woods.

"Hello Red Riding Hood!" Called Puar, a magical cat that roamed the forest. "Off to your grandfather's today?" She asked, floating up and landing on his shoulder.

"Yes." Kakarott answered, scratching her behind the ear. "I am supposed to take the path through the fields, but these treats mother made won't stand up to being lugged around all day in the heat." He sighed. "And frankly, neither will I, so I'm going to take the path through the forest."

The teen held out his hands and rolled his eyes as he saw his friend was about to protest. "I know Puar, I know, Big Bad Brolli lurks in the woods. That's just a silly old wives tale as far as I'm concerned." Kakarott frowned. "I mean, how can a man be so large, and so strong that he could tear a man apart with a thought? And the descriptions of him, I mean, a giant, with golden hair that sticks out in all directions, eyes that are pure white, not to mention the way people describe his muscles, arms as big as tree trunks indeed." He scoffed.

"Oh, it's true enough Red Riding Hood." Puar shuddered. "I've caught a glimpse of him, only once mind you, and I hope to never see him again! He is as big, and fierce looking as everyone says!" She hopped down and grabbed up a stick, waving it in the air. After a few seconds, a wisp of smoke roiled off the end of the stick.

"What?" Kakarott stared as a large, nearly transparent mirror hung in the air before him.

"Look closely Red Riding Hood, this is what I saw of Big Bad Brolli." Puar whispered, as a form began to appear in the mirror.

Kakarott gasped as he saw the giant in the mirror, huge muscles bulging as he single-handedly knocked down a huge tree, then dragged it off. "He...Oh my..." He whispered, as he remembered the eerie white eyes. "He is a frightful sight, isn't he?"

"Yes, now you listen to me Red Riding Hood, if you should hear something large, and heavy moving toward you through the forest, don't wait to see what it is, just hide, and if you get a glimpse of anything remotely resembling that, you run as fast as you can!" Puar waggled a blue paw in his face. "Understand?"

"I will, Puar, I promise!" The teen swore, biting his lower lip. "I always thought Big Bad Brolli was just some silly story made up to keep children out of the woods."

"No, he is very real, and very dangerous." Puar frowned.

"But, I don't understand. He...looks so strange. What exactly is he?" Red Riding Hood asked.

"Well, there are many stories, but the one I believe myself, is that he was born of a woodsman, and a sorceress. Brolli was born with his mother's powers, but because he was just a baby, he had no control over them, so his father found out almost immediately what they both were. He killed his wife, and tried to kill Brolli too, then hurled their bodies into the fields for the scavengers."

"That's horrible!" Kakarott cried, a hand over his heart.

"Yes, it is." Puar sighed. "Anyway, obviously Brolli's father didn't kill him. He survived, somehow, alone in the woods, and like his mother, his power is increased by his proximity to the forest, which is home to a lot of us magical creatures, which is why he stays here." She shook her head. "They say that's why he's so evil, the time he spent as a babe, lying there in the field, all alone, with only his mother's rotting corpse, and the vultures for company. Some say he seeks revenge, looking for his father, hoping one day to lure him into the woods, and do something vile to him. That's why he attacks certain woodsmen, ones that resemble his father. He hasn't killed any of them, yet. But one day, he may very well find his father. I almost feel sorry for the man, imagining what Brolli will do to him."

"Wow, that's quite a tale." Kakarott breathed, eyes wide.

"It is. But there's a bit more to it." Puar regarded him somberly. "You must not talk to strangers in the woods, even if they don't look like him, because the golden giant is not Brolli's true form. He can change his appearance, the golden form is merely a manifestation of his power. So be careful." She warned.

"Alright..." Red Riding Hood said distractedly, thoughts whirling as he set out on the path through the woods.

Puar watched her friend worriedly. "I hope you remember what I've said, Red Riding Hood."

Neither one of them noticed the snow white eyes that had watched the entire exchange from high above, hidden in the branches of the great oak tree.

To Be Continued.....

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