Due to the fact that most of my old favorites have vanished from the web, -_-; this page is going to be under heavy construction for awhile, until I can find some new ones to share with you.


The haven for all adult writers after the revamping of!

GW Addiction, one of the first, and best, GW fic archives I ever found!

Jeice the bishonen page

One of the first, and best, pages dedicated to Jeice I've found on the web, midis, wavs, movies and pics, check it out before it's gone, as she hasn't updated in a long time. 

Darkrose's Doujinshi page. 

Mm, lots of yummy doujinshi from several series here, I especially

enjoy the FF and YGO yaoi ^_^  Definitely worth a good, long look!

Ill Will Press

Home of Foamy the squirrel, need I say more?*LOL* 

Anime Web Turnpike

Though no longer being updated, there's still a lot of good links to be found here.

Need I really say more?  Come on, check out my page at least!