Lavenderlocks and the three Sons.

Rating; NC-17

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon. (Lots of hot monkey sex here).

Notes; AU, TWT, OOC, silliness, spoof, comedy. Just more of JJ's random smut *LOL*

Pairings; Trunks/Goku/Gohan/Goten

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Thanks to Lara for encouraging my interest in fairy tales *chuckles*.

Synopsis; with a name like that do I really have to tell you?

Yet another of JJ's fantastically fractured fairy tales!

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"Dammit what's wrong with you?" Trunks Briefs swore viciously as his time machine lurched wildly to the side. He had recharged the machine after defeating the Androids and Cell in his own reality, and had decided to pay a visit to his friends in the other. But nothing had gone right since he'd hit the button to start the machine. The panel that displayed his targeted time and coordinates kept flashing on and off, and the tiny ship's power output kept fluctuating wildly. "Oh Kami," he screamed as everything around him erupted in a bright orange fireball. "Nooo!"

Son Goku set the last bowl of beef fried rice on the table. "What do you boys say we go and get cleaned up before supper?" He asked Gohan and Goten.

"Sure, Dad," replied Gohan, before he stood and pushed in his chair.

"Yeah," his teenage brother Goten grinned, "sounds good to me."

The three Sons had been very lonely since Chi-Chi, Goku's wife and the mother of Gohan and Goten, had died shortly after Goten was born of a virus that had swept across the land. They didn't often receive visitors, and were so self-reliant they rarely needed to go into town for anything.

Goku laughed as he and his sons wrestled and jostled each other on their way to the stream, just a short distance away from the house. None of them heard the odd popping noise as Trunks Briefs was forcefully expelled into their universe, his broken time machine hitting the ground with a loud clang, the unconscious demi-Saiyan landing with a thud.

"Hey!" Goten giggled as his brother and father splashed him. "Oh yeah?" he said challengingly before grabbing his older brother and forcing his head under the water. "Take that!"

Goku threw back his head and laughed, not noticing as his sons locked eyes and nodded. The tall Saiyan suddenly found himself under the water, and wound up sucking in a lungful of water before managing to get his head above the surface. "Oh yeah? You're going to pay for that!" Goku grinned, grabbing his sons and dragging both of them into the water with him.

"Uhnn..." Trunks groaned, pushing himself into a sitting position on shaky arms. "Kami, what happened, where am I? Or when am I?" he asked, looking over and gasping as he saw the smoking, twisted remains of his machine. "Oh no! How am I going to get home?" He started to hyperventilate, then forced himself to calm down. "Don't panic," he told himself, "I can just fly to Mom's, right?"

He swallowed hard and tried to do just that. "What the... Ow," Trunks cried as searing pain lanced through his skull, "man..."

Collapsing to his knees, Trunks moaned softly. "That explosion must have done some damage after all.. Shit! I can't fly, I can't go home, what am I going to do?" A whimper escaped him, the demi-Saiyan starting to panic again. "Don't worry. This is Goku's house....I hope.." He got to his feet and peered in the nearest window. Pictures lined the wall, showing Goku, Gohan, Chi-Chi, and a young boy who looked just like Goku. "Yeah, this is it."

He heaved a sigh of relief as he saw a picture of Bulma standing with the Z fighters. "Mom and grandpa will be able to help me! I'll have to ask Goku or Gohan for a ride," he smiled wanly, then winced as his head started to pound, and his stomach rumbled loudly. "But first I need food, and some aspirin."

He walked around to the front door and knocked, smiling as the scent of food wafted out through the front window. "Weird," he said when he got no answer. "I can smell supper on..." Trunks peered in the window, and saw three huge bowls full of rice, meat and vegetables sitting on the table. "Aw man...I'm so hungry...." He groaned, stomach practically roaring by this time. He stared in surprise as the front door creaked, swinging open a little. "Man...this is starting to creep me out," the demi-Saiyan said softly.

"Hello?" He called, stepping into the house. " anybody here?" He took off his sword, leaning it against a chair in the hallway. He slowly made his way around the main floor, looking in the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, and calling up the stairwell several times. No one answered. "Man this is just bizarre!" Trunks muttered to himself, walking back to the table. "I should go look for them," he said, wincing as his stomach let loose another cacophony of protests. "Okay," the young man sweatdropped, "maybe I should eat first."

He looked at the three blue bowls on the table. The biggest one had 'Goku' on the side. The next largest one said 'Gohan', and the last, but still fair sized bowl, said 'Goten'.

"Goten? That must be the son Goku had after I went back." Trunks smiled, glad he would get to meet the brother his Gohan had never had.

He picked up one of the large spoons, and walked over to the largest bowl. "This looks good," he said, filling the spoon and popping in into his mouth. Suddenly the demi-Saiyan's face turned bright red and he clutched his throat, muted sounds of distress escaping him. He ran to the sink and turned on the cold water tap full blast, spraying water all over the counter, thoroughly soaking his head, and nearly drowning himself as water gushed into his mouth and up his nose. He pulled away and shook water from his hair, choking and sputtering. "WOW THAT'S HOT!" He shouted. "Let's try the other one." He sighed as his stomach rumbled again.

Trunks picked up his spoon and rinsed it, cringing as he saw the water everywhere. "I'd better get that cleaned up." He said, grabbing a dish towel and mopping up most of the mess. "Now..." He dipped his spoon into Gohan's bowl, and was careful to test the contents with his finger. Good thing he did, too. "Ewww..." Trunks dropped the spoon into the bowl. "Gross! It's ice cold!" He sighed dejectedly. "I'm almost afraid to try this one..." he said, picking up another spoon.

He dipped the spoon into Goten's bowl and again tested it with a finger. "Hey...that's not bad!" He grinned, sitting at the table and pulling the bowl closer. "It's just right," he said happily, digging in.

Five minutes later, Trunks had practically inhaled the entire bowl, and leaned back in his chair, a satisfied smile on his face. "Boy I'm stuffed," he sighed, then looked around. "Well, I guess seeing how I ate the least I can do is clean up."

The young man stood and put Goten's bowl in the sink, rinsing it with warm water. He then grabbed a cloth and wiped the table. "That oughta do it!" He smiled as he placed the clean bowl back on the table, then yawned. "Man I sure am tired. I wonder if they've got a guest bedroom upstairs?" He slowly walked toward the stairs, wondering if he should take so much hospitality without being offered. "I'm sure they won't mind as long as I don't dirty the place up." He yawned again and headed up the stairs.

When he got to the top, he faced five doors. Two on each side, and one at the end of the hall. "Hmm...that's the bathroom.." Trunks saw the shower stall and the sink. "And this is..?" He opened the first door on his right, revealing a computer desk, a computer and piles of books. "Hmph." Trunks chuckled. "That must be Gohan's room for studying." He closed the door and opened the next one. "Hmm, I think this one's Goku and Chi-Chi's room. I don't know..." He grinned mischievously. The young man crept in, looking around as if he expected to be caught any second. "Let's see," he slowly climbed onto the bed, and yelped as he sank into the middle. "Hey, let go! Lemme out!" He cried, fighting his way off the bed. "How can anyone sleep on something like that?" He wondered, shaking his head.

He walked over and tried the first door on the left. "That looks pretty comfortable," the demi-Saiyan said, walking in and sitting on the edge of the bed. "Yeah..." He smiled and leaned back.

After a few minutes, he began to shift uncomfortably. "Man this bed is hard!" He cried, sitting up. "I can't sleep here either," Trunks said miserably. He trudged out into the hall and tried the last door.

"This looks interesting," Trunks said with a grin as he saw sports posters, family photos all over the walls of the room. The bed was covered by a baby blue bedspread that reached the floor on all sides. "Hmm..warm too." He yawned once more and climbed onto the bed. "Man, this one's just perfect" The lavender haired man wrapped himself up in the bedspread and promptly drifted off to sleep.

Ten minutes later, the three wet, tired Sons made their way through the front door.

"Man, I'm starved!" Goku smiled, slopping his wet clothes to the floor on his way to the dining room table.

"You bet!" Goten copied his father.

"Me too!" Gohan chirped, throwing his clothes into the laundry basket and picking up his father's and brother's clothes as well.

"Don't worry about the laundry son, we'll all take care of it after we..HEY!" Goku shouted, eyeing his bowl, which had a spoonful missing. "Someone's been eating my supper!"

Gohan rushed in, eyes wide. "Hey, you're right, Dad! And look!" He pointed at his own bowl. "Someone's been eating mine, too!" The eldest of Goku's sons was also missing a spoonful of food from his bowl.

Goten skidded into the kitchen to check on his own food. He wailed as he saw the empty bowl. "WAAAHHH!!! Someone's been eating my food too, AND IT'S *sniff, sniff* ALL GOOOOONE!!!" The shocked demi-Saiyan collapsed to his knees sniffling and hiccuping.

"Dad?" Gohan stared at his father. "Who would have done such a thing?" He grabbed his brother's bowl and gave him almost half of his own food.

The eldest Son scowled, powering up to SSJ. "I don't know son, but after we eat, we'll find out." He scooped some of his own food into his youngest son's bowl.

The still upset teen climbed into his chair, wiping at his eyes and eating his food quickly, peering over his shoulder every so often, as if watching for the food thief to return.

Two minutes later, the three had wolfed down their food, and Goten and Gohan joined their father in changing to Super Saiyan.

"Let's look upstairs." Goku said after a quick examination of the main floor. They flew up the stairs, and each man took a door.

"Hey, there not in here, but someone's been sleeping in my bed!" Goku said incredulously. "Not only did they eat our food, they messed up my bed! I don't believe this!"

"They're not in my study," Gohan breathed a sigh of relief that his computer, his only link to all his lovely hentai and yaoi sites, was untouched. His stack of textbooks he used to hide his porn magazines and doujinshi were unharmed as well. "They're not in your room Gohan," Goten said. "But they've been in your bed too, your comforter's messed up."

Gohan rushed in and pretended to straighten his pillows, surreptitiously checking that his vibrator was still under the mattress where he'd left it. *Whew! I'd rather they stole my food then my toys and doujinshi.* Gohan thought to himself.

Goten slowly opened the door to his own bedroom, hoping they weren't in there. *Please, don't let them find my candy stash..* Goten pleaded silently.

"Hey, they're here," he whispered. Goku and Gohan were immediately at his side.

"Careful son.." Goku said quietly as Goten crept to the side of the bed. "What is it?" he asked.

"It''s an angel." Goten whispered, peeling the cover back to reveal a fan of long lavender hair spilling off the edge of the bed. Fine boned features made up the beautiful face, features which were soft as the man, who looked to be about Gohan's age, slept peacefully. "He's gorgeous," Goten said, then blushed wildly as his father and brother both looked at him in surprise.

"He's right Dad. He is very nice," Gohan smirked.

"Yeah, he is isn't he?" Goku reached down and brushed his knuckles against the side of the mysterious man's cheek. "But what are we going to do with him?"

"Well, he stole our food, and messed up our beds," Gohan leered, "I think we should take it out in trade." Both Sons stared at him in amazement.

"I think I like where you're going with this, son." Goku smirked.

Trunks woke up to the feeling of hands touching him. One hand caress his face, while the fingers of another ran gently through his long lavender hair. Two more slid back and forth across his chest. "Mm....yeah," the demi-Saiyan moaned, bucking his hips, "feels good..."

"He's certainly seems to be enjoying himself," Gohan snickered.

Trunks jerked awake as he realized who the voice belonged to. "Gohan!" He gasped as this version of his mentor leaned down and kissed him. "Mph," he tried to protest, but Gohan's lips were firm against his. The demi-Saiyan's eyes widened as large hands splayed against his chest, forcing him to lie still, while two more hands tickled his thighs. He pulled forcefully away from Gohan's lips, and gasped as he found himself staring into three sets of aquamarine eyes. "Goku? Gohan...?" He looked at the younger man, which looked like a carbon copy of Goku. "You're Goten?" He asked, pushing at the hands and trying to sit up.

"How do you know our names?" Goku asked as the three Super Saiyans exchanged confused glances. They quickly pushed him back down onto the bed.

"Listen to me!" The demi-Saiyan cried, powering up to SSJ2. "It's me, Trunks! You know, son of Vegeta and Bulma? Come on you guys, quit playing around!"

"Bulma and Vegeta?" Goten cocked his head to one side. "Bulma married Yamcha years ago. Are you from a different universe or something?" The youngest Son snickered.

"Yes, exactly!" Trunks said. "I've come through time and space, I was trying to get back to a different place, but my ship broke down and now I'm stuck here." He sighed, powering down.

"Huh." Goku considered this information for a moment. "Well, I'm sure Bulma could help you fix your ship, but first, let us give you a warm welcome to this universe." The Saiyan chuckled, powering down as well and forcing Trunks to lie flat.

Trunks looked to each side as Gohan and Goten powered down, before both men took an arm and pinned him, while Goku ground his hips against Trunks. The young man's blue eyes widened as he felt the Saiyan's rock hard erection rubbing against him.

"Goku," he moaned, his head falling back as the Saiyan's lips left a trail of fiery kisses down his throat. "Gohan, Go...Goten..." He rasped as the other demi-Saiyans ran their hands under his shirt, stroking his stomach and chest. He gasped as questing fingers grazed his nipples, while hands tangled in his long lavender hair. A deep purr burst from his chest as Goten leaned down and kissed him, tongue sweeping into his mouth.

"Nn, I can't wait," Goku pulled back and tore off his shirts, ripped away his sash and struggled out of his pants. "Kami, I want you, " he moaned as he undid Trunks' grey pants, slowly pulling them down.

Trunks sat up, eyes sliding closed as gentle hands removed his jacket and muscle shirt. "Ah, hnn..." His back arched as lips and teeth grazed his nipples, hot mouths trailing across his chest and down his stomach. "Ohh...uhh....Hnahh!" Trunks cried, bucking and thrashing as a warm mouth engulfed his straining arousal. "P...please, G...Goku, ah..nn...." He buried the fingers of one hand in Goku's unruly sable hair, grasping the back of Gohan's neck with the other as the demi-Saiyan trailed hot kisses down his abdomen. "Goten..." Trunks whispered, staring up at the younger man with passion glazed eyes. "C'mere," he purred, leaning up to capture the demi-Saiyan's lips in a hungry kiss.

Goten growled into the kiss, both hands fisting in Trunks' silky hair as he kissed back aggressively.

Gohan purred softly as his father pulled away from Trunks' member, eagerly taking Goku's place as the older Saiyan knelt between Trunk's thighs and gently lifted his hips off the bed. Goku quickly licked his hand, coating it with saliva and spreading it on to his erection.

Trunks inhaled sharply, eyes snapping open when he felt the head of Goku's shaft pushing against his entrance. He clenched his eyes shut again at the slight burning sensation that radiated from his anus as Goku slowly entered him.

Gohan growled as Trunks' hand shot down and tightened painfully in his spiky black hair. He sucked harder on the demi-Saiyan's member to take his mind off the discomfort.

Trunks gasped as the head of Goku's cock rubbed something inside him that sent a jolt of pleasure through his body. He cried out against Goten's lips as Goku chuckled and began rocking his hips, rubbing the demi-Saiyan's prostate almost continuously.

Goku growled low in his throat, the younger man's muffled cries driving him nearly insane with need. He pulled back his hips, then thrust forward again, burying himself inside Trunks. The Saiyan shuddered violently at the hoarse shout he wrenched from the other man, and gripped Trunks' hips tightly. "Don't let him cum yet." Goku rasped, waiting until Gohan nodded before he began slamming his length into his lover.

Trunks arched and bucked, his cries of pleasure muffled by Goten's lips, body trembling as he neared release. He broke the kiss as Goku's movements became more frantic. "Kami, yess...." He groaned, trying to raise his hips in time with Goku's thrusts. "No, Gohan, don't stop," he pleaded as the other man pulled away from his cock and squeezed the base of it. ", please..." He begged. "don't...more, please, Gohan....No...Dammit, no!" He cried when Goku threw his head back and shouted as he came. Trunks groaned in frustration when the tall Saiyan withdrew and moved away from him.

"Who goes next?" Goku panted, collapsing beside the three demi-Saiyans.

"I do." Gohan and Goten answered at the same time.

"No way! I'm the oldest!" Gohan shouted, getting in his little brother's face. "I should have him next!"

"Nu uh!" Goten countered, brandishing a fist in his brother's face. "Dad, tell Gohan to stop using that stupid I'm the oldest thing!"

"Shouldn't you let Trunks decide who he wants next?" Goku asked, yawning loudly.

Trunks looked back and forth between the two Sons, trying to decide who he wanted next.

"Hey, I got it!" Gohan smirked at his little brother as he pulled out a quarter. "Let's flip for him."

"You're gonna flip a coin over me?" Trunks cried indignantly, trying to sit up. He grunted as he was rudely shoved back down.

"Kay, Goten, heads I win, tails you lose." Gohan grinned as he prepared to flip the coin.

"Gohan....." Goku said sternly. "What have I told you about that?"

The eldest brother sighed. "Okaaaay," he said, "what do you want?"

"Heads," Goten chirped. His face fell as the coin landed on Trunks' chest. Tails. "Crap!" He stomped out of the room.

"Gohan, why don't you share with your brother?" Goku asked, sensing the sudden shift in his youngest son's mood.

"But Daaaad..." Gohan whined. "I always have to share everything with him! The computer, food, clothes, everything! It's not fair!" He pouted.

Trunks finally pushed Gohan away. "Excuse me! I'm not a toy or something that you can talk about as if I'm not here ya know!" He growled, flipping Gohan onto his stomach and pinning him to the bed. "Now," he purred into the surprised demi-Saiyan's ear, making him shiver, "I think I rather like the idea of having both of you at once. Provided I get to take you first." He chuckled, grinding his still-hard cock against Gohan's rear.

"Goten!" Goku called, getting off the bed. His son came in, still pouting. "Why don't you join them? I'm going downstairs to get started on supper." He smiled and kissed his son's forehead, ruffling his hair as he walked out of the room. "Have fun boys." The Saiyan chuckled as he headed down the hall.

Goten growled softly as he watched Trunks thrusting against his brother and heard the soft cries coming from Gohan as he rocked his hips back and forth. Goten quickly stripped off his own clothing and climbed onto the bed.

"Mm..." He nuzzled the back of Trunks' head, smiling as he buried his face in the other man's soft lavender hair. "Trunks," he mumured, breathing in the sharp scent of the man's sweat, as well as the musky smell of sex.

Trunks leaned his head back, moaning softly as Goten's hands slid across his chest, then down to wrap around his erection. "Ahh...hnn, Goten.." He moaned as the other demi-Saiyan gently squeezed his length, then began to stroke him.

"Wait," Trunks rasped, reaching down and pulling Goten's hands away from his arousal, "let's get him in on the action too." Goten and Trunks smirked at each other as they flipped Gohan onto his back. Goten pulled off Gohan's T-shirt, and Trunks slid off his pants and boxers. Trunks eyed Gohan's erection hungrily for a few seconds, then settled himself between the man's legs.

Goten watched, grinning as his brother arched off the bed, a hoarse cry escaping him as Trunks' lips slid down his shaft. He looked down in surprise as Gohan's hand snapped up and gripped his thigh, then slid up. "Don't even think about it!" He growled, slapping the offending hand away with a shudder.

Trunks suppressed a laugh as he raised himself to his knees. "Looks like he's ready for more," he chuckled, lifting Gohan's hips and positioning himself at Gohan's entrance. "Just relax." Trunks whispered, leaning down and capturing the other man's lips in a searing kiss.

Gohan whimpered softly as the head of Trunks' cock pushed into him. He forced himself to stay relaxed.

"Goten," Trunks ground out, trying to stay still and give Gohan time to adjust. "Please? I want you too," he whispered.

Goten needed no further encouragement. He drew up behind Trunks and ran his fingertips up and down Trunks back.

Trunks gasped, involuntarily thrusting his hips forward as Goten's questing fingers pressed his tail spot. "Kami," he cried, shivering as pleasure shot up and down his spine, "Goten..." He rasped. "Do it again...please..please, touch me again," he begged softly.

Goten grinned ferally, fingers rubbing Trunks' tail spot in a fast rhythm. "Like that, huh?" He snickered as Trunks lost control, pulling back and slamming into Gohan relentlessly.

Gohan groaned and writhed beneath Trunks, hands fisting in the sheets and shredding them as his legs snapped tight around Trunks' waist. "Kami, Trunks!" He cried, head whipping from side to side.

Trunks panted raggedly, body arching, sweat beading on his forehead as he pounded into Gohan. "Gohan, Goten," he turned and captured the younger man's lips in a hungry kiss, "please....?"

Goten smirked and pressed against Trunks' back, his hand sliding down between the man's legs. He pressed his finger against Trunks' opening, and pushed it inside. Goten added a second finger and searched for the demi-Saiyan's prostate. He grinned as Trunks' shout let him know he had found it.

"Goten!" Trunks cried, desperate to feel his other lover inside him.

"Man you are impatient aren't you?" Goten chuckled as he spread Trunks' legs further. "You ready?" He purred, leaning forward and nuzzling Trunks' ear.

"Yes!" Trunks shrieked, thrusting his hips back and forth harder, making Gohan thrash beneath him.

"Okay," Goten breathed, slamming his length into Trunks. The young demi-Saiyan's eyes nearly rolled back in his head as he was surrounded by tight hot flesh. "Kami," he croaked, "feels good..." He panted, nearly knocking Trunks over with the force of his thrusts.

"Nn...Gohan,Goten..." Trunks groaned, rocking his hips back and forth. He remembered the pleasure he had felt when Goten touched his tail spot, and chuckled as he slipped his hand behind Gohan's back, feeling for the other man's tail spot.

Gohan screamed as searing pleasure shot through his body as Trunks hit his prostate, and rubbed his tail spot. He panted harshly, hands sliding up his sides, then shooting down and grabbing his own erection, pumping himself roughly in time with Trunks' thrusts.

Trunks cried out as Goten's fingers once again rubbed his tail spot. "Go...ten..." He groaned, reaching around behind him. He smiled as his own fingers managed to brush the young demi-Saiyan's own pleasure spot, making Goten arch and growl, his thrusts coming harder and faster.

The three men arched and bucked against each other, their movements becoming more frantic as they neared release.

Goten was the first to climax, the cries and panting that filled the air, Trunks' tight flesh gripping him as he pistoned in and out as well as Trunks' talented fingers on his tail spot driving him over the edge. With a warbling cry he came, trembling violently, then slumped over Trunks' back.

Gohan was next, hips bucking wildly as a hoarse shout was torn from his throat, his seed shooting into the air, some hitting Trunks' chest, the rest splashing back down onto his own chest and stomach.

Trunks thrust once, twice, three times then threw his head back and screamed, shooting his own seed deep into his lover's body. He slumped over top of Gohan, Goten still pressed to his back.

The three demi-Saiyans lay in a sweaty tired heap, trying to get their breath back as hands skimmed over slippery flesh, and lips locked in gentle kisses. All three jumped when Goku opened the door.

"Dinner!" The eldest Son said brightly, grinning at them.

Gohan and Goten were out of bed immediately, each throwing on a pair of boxers and tearing down the stairs. Trunks blinked and stared for a moment, then started to panic.

Goku chuckled and shook his head. "Don't worry. There's no way they can eat it all. They'll just see the new food, and I hid enough of that for the two of us, and all the leftovers from lunch." He grinned.

Trunks looked at Goku in shock for several seconds, then burst out laughing. "Man you amaze me no matter what universe I'm in!" He grinned back, coming over and glomping the tall Saiyan.

Goku draped an arm over his shoulders, leaning down and kissing him softly. "So, wanna go get something to eat?"

"Umm..." Trunks pondered. "No. I want to take a shower first." He glared as Goku snickered. "What?"

"Nothing," He grinned. "Well you do smell like sweat, and sex..." Goku purred, leaning down to nip at his shoulder. "Say, Trunks, you want some help in the shower?"

"Sure," Trunks smirked, grabbing Goku's hand and leading him down the hall.

He looked back quizzically as Goku sighed. "What's wrong?"

Goku looked at him strangely. "I suppose we should call Bulma tomorrow and ask her to come look at your machine."

Trunks thought about it for a few moments. "Don't. I think I'll stay here and...enjoy this fabulous Son hospitality for a few days." He grinned wolfishly at Goku. He laughed as he was scooped up and carried into the bathroom.

The end.

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