Kakarotto, a new take on Cinderella.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Rating; NC-17

Fandom: DBZ (duh! *laughs*)

Pairing: Vegeta/Goku, mentions of Nail/Piccolo.

Warnings; AU, TWT, parody, OOC, weirdness, insanity, yaoi, lemon, bitch Chi-Chi and Bulma.  Don’t like OOC and silliness?  Perhaps you’re lacking a sense of humor?  Then screw off and don’t bother reading, because this isn’t for you.


Oh, and I should also warn you, MPREG!  Yes!  The much-dreaded MPREG! 



Notes; As I said, an AU fic.  Imagine a world where Saiyans and humans acutally co-existed.  BUT....Chi-Chi is a female Saiyan in this fic, okay? 

This is in response to Kami Sama’s challenge on the Anything goes fanfiction club.

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Disclaimer: Don’t own the show or the story, making no money off this.

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          Once upon a time, in a beautiful kingdom full of magic and mystery, ruled by the powerful and wise King Vegeta, there lived a widower Saiyan.  Bardock was his name, and he had been a fine and loyal general in the royal army.  He had been well-rewarded for his faithful service throughout the years, the King had given him a large plot of land, and a rambling mansion.  He had married a beautiful Saiyan woman and they had a son, Kakarotto.  Tragically, Bardock’s wife died in childbirth. 

          Bardock was a kind, and loving father, giving Kakarotto fine clothes, a Hiya dragon for a pet, horses, everything his son desired.  Still, Bardock thought Kakarotto needed a mother’s tender care, so he remarried.  He chose a woman from a neighboring kingdom, Chi-Chi was her name, in the hopes that her two young daughters would also have a positive effect on his son. 


          Sadly, the good Bardock died a short time later, and the stepmother then began to show her true nature.  She was cold and cruel, horrendously jealous of Kakarotto’s fine features and gentle sweet disposition, for these qualities made Chi-Chi’s own daughters, Bulma and Juuhachigou seem even meaner and uglier by contrast. 


          The two sisters were dressed in rich, fine clothes, and all the best jewels, paid for, of course, by Bardock’s estate, which was rapidly dwindling to nothing from all the selfish spending the women did.  Kakarotto was only given old clothes that had belonged to his father.  The only gift Kakarotto received from his stepmother was  a pair of silky blue arm bands.  Of course, with Kakarotto being as trusting and naive as he was, it never occurred to him that there was an evil purpose behind such a fine gift.

          Chi-Chi’s mother had given her those arm bands long ago as a means of controlling Saiyan men, because you see, they suppressed ki, rendering the man as weak as an average human. 


          This was how Chi-Chi and her daughters began to force Kakarotto to become a slave in his own house. 


          Every morning, Kakarotto rose with the sun to fetch the water, light the fires, cook the meals, do the laundry, scrub the floors, and generally be at his stepsisters and mother’s beck and call.    


          Chi-Chi, Bulma and Juuhachigou slept in the upstairs chambers, in large beds with soft sheets.  Each of the rooms also fireplaces that were always well tended by Kakarotto, to keep them comfy and warm.  Kakarotto’s bedroom was a tiny little thing, far up in the garret under the roof, which leaked into his room,  and had drafty windows.  A couple of threadbare blankets and flat pillows were all that adorned the lumpy mattress that was supposed to be Kakarotto’s bed. 


          The room was full of mice, and birds made there home in it as well, but through it all, Kakarotto never complained.    He remained gentle, sweet and kind, dreaming that someday he would be free of this hard life, and he would find true love. 


          He made friends with the birds that sang to him each morning, waking him with sweet melodies that never failed to put a smile on his face.  He made friends with the mice, giving names to each of them and sewing them little coats and hats and  often rescuing them from traps or from Lucifer, his stepmother’s nasty sabertooth tiger that was supposed to pass for a pet.  He even had a secret friend, a little elf named Krillin who often would tell Kakarotto wonderful stories of adventure, and grand battles he had witnessed.  The little elf had no magical powers, but he was a true friend who would help Kakarotto with his work, whenever he could move about unseen by Lucifer. 


          Every day Kakarotto had to prepare breakfast for the household: a bowl of cream for Lucifer, a bone for Hiya dragon, oats for the horses and corn for the chickens, geese and ducks.  Then he carried three trays upstairs to his stepmother and stepsisters. 


          “Take the ironing, and have it back within the hour,” Bulma snapped.


          “Take the mending and don’t be all bloody day with it,”  Juuhachigou demanded.


          “Pick up the laundry and get on with it Kakarotto,”  Chi-Chi yelled.  “When you’re through with that, wash the carpet in the main hall, clean the drapes, and wash the windows.”


          “Yes, stepmother.  Yes, Bulma.  Yes, Juuhachigou.”  Kakarotto replied, sighing, but never complaining.


          “Psst!  Kakarotto,”  Krillin poked out from a heating vent, two mice sitting on his shoulders, chittering happily.  “Give that mending and ironing here.  I’ll take it to your chambers.” 


           “Gosh..are you sure?”  Kakarotto asked shyly.


           “Yeah, come on now, you go on and start on the other stuff and I’ll get these guys here to help me with this!  I’ll be down to help you with the other stuff as soon as I can,” the little elf grinned at him, then disappeared back into the vent.


          *I sure am lucky, to have such good friends,* Kakarotto thought, genuinely touched.                        




           Meanwhile, in the royal palace, King Vegeta raged in his private chamber, as the grand Duke Roshi cowered in the corner. 


          “It’s high time that brat married and settled down,” the King raged.


          “But, your majesty,” Duke Roshi cringed as Vegeta began firing ki blasts around the room.  “First, he has to meet a girl and fall in love...and that could prove difficult, considering...” 


           “Love, schmove!  I don’t give a shit about love,” the King cried, picking up a goblet and hurling it against the wall.  “Vegeta just has to want to screw her, and get her pregnant.”


          He paused and glared over at Roshi, making the Duke tremble.  “For that matter, it doesn’t even have to be a she.  You’re right, my good man.  Saiyan males can conceive, so my son’s proclivity for males won’t be a problem either.”  King Vegeta chuckled, an evil gleam in his eyes. 


           “B..but your majesty,” Duke Roshi stammered, his face turning red.  “Where will you find a Saiyan male that is actually willing to conceive and carry a child?”


          “Oh, I’ll find one,” the King smirked, rubbing his hands together.  “I shall find one.”  He spun on his heel and stalked over to the cowering human.  “Go and have a proclamation written.  My son comes home tomorrow morning, and we will have a grand ball to celebrate the day after.  By royal decree, all eligible human and Saiyan females, and all eligible Saiyan males, WILL attend.  The penalty for refusing will be execution,” the King growled.  “Now go!”  With that, he hurled the old man out into the hall. 



           The very next day, Oolong, the royal messenger, delivered the invitations and posted the royal decrees. 


           “Ooohh!  A ball!”  Both stepsisters jumped up and down happily, squealing in delight. 


           “Yes, girls, let’s take a look at what you two have to wear.  Come on now, quickly!”  Chi-Chi shooed them upstairs, then turned and addressed her stepson, who had been cleaning the grand staircase.  “Kakarotto, the notice says every Saiyan male is to attend, too.  You may go, if you finish your work, and if you have something... appropriate to wear,” she snickered, as they walked upstairs. 


          “I will get it done.  I’ll get it all done, and I’ll wear father’s old formal uniform,” Kakarotto said quietly, hope in his heart that at last finally some of his dreams would come true. 


          However, the stipulation that Kakarotto finish all his work would prove to be a problem.  As it was, Kakarotto still had to iron his sister’s skirts, set out their accessories, help them dress, and then clean up all the clothes and things they had strewn all over their rooms.  Not to mention all the extra chores that Chi-Chi had assigned him earlier that day. 




          When the carriage arrived the next evening, Kakarotto was still dressed in his dirty rags, hair a mess, soot on the end of his nose, and no idea of how to fix up his father’s old, out-of-date uniform.  He had been given not even a moment to himself to prepare for the ball, his stepmother and stepsisters had seen to that. 


          “Well, that’s too bad,”  Chi-Chi sighed dramatically.  “I guess you can’t go Kakarotto.  But, don’t feel badly dear, there will be other balls, and other opportunities for you,” she smirked and gave a jaunty wave as she and her daughters finished getting ready. 


           Kakarotto slowly trudged up the stairs, and closed his bedroom door.  He walked over to the window and gazed out sadly at the brightly lit castle in the distance, watching as a long line of carriages slowly made their way to the castle gates.  Suddenly, a soft glow came from behind him.


           Kakarotto spun, and tears filled his eyes.  There on a hanger was his father’s old formal uniform, the white material gleaming, carefully embossed with fresh gold thread and new buttons, the Saiyan emblem for Bardock’s family pinned to the lapel.  The mice and birds that shared Kakarotto’s room were lined up along the beams, chirping and squeaking happily. 


          “We knew you wouldn’t have much time to get ready, so we decided to help you out a little, the only way we could,” Krillin said sheepishly, shuffling his feet and gazing at the floor.


          “Oh Krillin...”  Kakarotto breathed, staring at it in awe.  “It’s beautiful!”  He ran over and quickly changed into it, admiring himself for a moment in the mirror, before taking a comb, quickly fixing his hair, then wiping the soot from his face.  “Thanks, you guys,” he beamed. 


           “Yeah, well, heh heh...”  Krillin grinned as he put his hand behind his head, grinning.  “It was nothing.  We found a lot of this stuff tossed in corners, under beds and just forgotten.  It wasn’t any trouble to touch this thing up a little after everything you’ve done for us,” he chuckled, as Kakarotto ran over and swept the elf up in a bear hug. 


           Poor Kakarotto never thought to remove his arm bands, they were such a part of him, and he thought they would not be noticed.


           “Wait,” Kakarotto cried as he raced down the stairs.  “Please, wait, I’m coming too!” 


          When Bulma and Juuhachigou turned and saw Kakarotto dressed so nicely, they were furious.


          “That thread!  That’s my thread from my embroidery lessons,” Bulma shrieked, tearing at the collar.


          “That silk!  It’s from my scarf,” Juuhachigou cried, ripping at the silk that lined the cuffs of Kakarotto’s jacket. 


           “This,” Chi-Chi walked up and tore away Bardock’s family crest from the lapel, taking most of the material with it.  “Was a gift from your father.  It’s mine,”  the woman hissed as she stormed out the front door, casually tossing the emblem into the weeds.  “Come girls,” she commanded. 


          The two sisters snickered at Kakarotto, who stood there in little more than tattered rags, before heading out the door.  


           Kakarotto spun and ran out the back door,  past the fountain and flung himself onto a bench sobbing.

          “It’s not fair,” he cried, tears streaming down his face.  “I give up, it’s no use...” 


          Krillin and Hiya dragon slowly walked out into the yard, unsure of how to help.  Hiya dragon whimpered softly, and butted Krillin’s hand with his head, seeking a reassuring pat.  Krillin stroked the dragon’s head absently, tears streaming down his face.  Kakarotto’s four horses also peeked over the fence at their weeping master, sensing something was wrong. 


          Krillin gasped, his eyes widening as the air around Kakarotto began to shimmer and sparkle. 


           “Why?  Why do my dreams never come true?”  Kakarotto sobbed. 


            “Nonsense child,” a soft voice said, as a large, green person with pointed ears and antennae appeared on the bench, holding Kakarotto’s head in his lap and stroking his hair gently. 


    “Would you stop that pathetic crying,” a harsher voice rang out, and Kakarotto jumped to his feet to face a second green man, this one much bigger, and much younger than the first. 


           “Wha..?  Who are you guys?” he asked, eyes wide. 


          “I’m your fairy godfather Kami, and this unpleasant upstart,” he gestured to the man beside him, “is my assistant, Piccolo.  He will be taking over your case,” Kami smiled. 


           “Now, things will finally start to happen around here,”  Piccolo snarled.  “You’ve waited far too long, old man,” he growled, standing beside Kakarotto protectively.


           Kami smiled to himself. *Oh, yes, I definitely made the right choice in giving him Kakarotto.  If anyone could jump start this poor boy’s good fortune, it’s Piccolo.*   He looked at Kakarotto.  “Now child, I’ll need a pumpkin.” 


          Kakarotto stared at him quizzically for a moment, until Piccolo swatted at him, then he ran and obediently fetched the largest pumpkin he could find. 


           “Good.  Good!  This will do just fine,” Kami smiled, as Piccolo crossed his arms and scowled.  “Now, where..”  Kami laughed softly.  “I seem to have misplaced my wand.  Hmm, now where...oh, bother!  Where are you?”  He asked, beginning to get impatient. 


           “Great, and I’m supposed to learn from this twit?”  Piccolo asked under his breath, as he reached into the back pocket of Kami’s white robe and pulled out the missing wand.


    “Oh, yes...  Yes, thank you, my boy,”  Kami sighed with relief.  He tapped the wand against his hand a few times to get the magic started, then waved the wand over the pumpkin, starting to sing.  “Salagadoola, menchika boola, bippity boppity boo...” 


           Piccolo made a great show of covering his sensitive ears at the other godfathers’ raspy, off-key singing, but smiled as he watched Kakarotto’s amazed stare, when the pumpkin rose up and it’s vines turned to big, elaborately gilded wheels, the pumpkin itself having turned into a handsome white coach. 


           “Now, we’ll need some mice,”  Kami said, looking over to where Krillin and Hiya dragon stood. 


          “Why the hell do you need mice when you’ve got four perfectly good horses standing right there?”  Piccolo bellowed as he pointed to Kakarotto’s four black horses.


          “What?  Oh, yes, good point, my boy, good point.  Yes,” he cleared his throat, happy Piccolo was so observant.  “Those horses will do nicely, indeed.”


           Kami waved his wand, singing again, and Kakarotto’s horses were instantly clean, shining, and outfitted with fancy white harnesses, blinders and large feathers on their head, and beautiful white beads woven into their manes.


          “Wow...”  Kakarotto said softly as he watched the magic being performed.


           “Now, what’s a coach, without a coachman and footman?”  Kami asked with a smile.  He gestured to Hiya dragon, who was instantly transformed into a proud coachman, then Krillin, who became an elegant footman.  “Wonderful!”  Kami exclaimed, quite pleased with himself.   *Now let’s see what Piccolo has learned,*   he thought, as he shooed Kakarotto to the coach.  “Now child.  One thing you must know is you have to be home by midnight.  Because on the last stroke of twelve, all this will be changed back to what it was before.  Got it?” 


          “Yes, but..”  Kakarotto began, looking down at the remains of his uniform.


           “Now, now, no need to thank me, just go and make those dreams come true!”  Kami said. 


           “HOLD IT!  You ninny,”   Piccolo exclaimed.  “Do  you really expect him to go to a ball, dressed in those rags?”


           “What?  Oh!  Oh, my,”  Kami said, an embarrassed flush creeping over his cheeks as he took in Kakarotto’s ripped clothing and disheveled hair.  “I suppose that wouldn’t do at all.  Take care of that, would you, Piccolo,” he smiled. 


          “I suppose I’d better get started taking care of you sooner, rather than later.  If you wait around for him to take care of you, you’ll never have these dreams come true,” Piccolo growled in impatience.

           He walked up to Kakarotto, and tried to say the magic words, but he couldn’t force the ridiculous song past his lips.  “Oh, dammit, never mind,” he said, then smacked Kakarotto in the head with his wand. 


          “Ow!  Hey, what was that...”  Kakarotto trailed off as his rags changed, everything disappearing to be replaced with a brand new formal Saiyan uniform.   Kakarotto gasped as he took in his clothes.  He wore shiny black armor on his torso, tight-fitting black pants, knee-high, black boots, elbow-length black gloves, and a long, red cape. 


           “Wow Kakarotto you look great!”  Krillin beamed. 


           “You’re looking pretty sharp yourself!”  Kakarotto smiled back. 


          “Get going!  It’s already 8:30, and you have to be back before midnight,”  Piccolo said impatiently. 


   Both godfathers waved, as the coach took off for the palace. 




The royal palace, sometime later........


          Prince Vegeta stood at the front of the ballroom, on a small stage.  He yawned loudly, and scowled at all the vapid girls that had gathered at the foot of the stage, batting their eyelids at him, and giggling.  The girls soon moved off and began gossiping and scheming on how to best get the prince’s attention.


          “Well, this stinks,” Bulma stomped her foot angrily.  “He didn’t even let us recite the greeting we practiced.” 


           “I don’t care, I didn’t like him anyway,” pouted Juuhachigou. 


           “Girls, girls, please, it has always been my fondest hope that one of my children make something of themselves, and marry well.  Please try not to get so discouraged,” she soothed them, by touching their hair gently.


          Bulma was immediately determined once more to get him to notice her.   *Imagine the things I could buy with his dough,* she cackled to herself.


          Prince Vegeta glared angrily up at his father. 


           “Dammit, he’s not cooperating!”  King Vegeta hissed, glaring back at his stubborn son.  “He is supposed to take a liking to at least one person here,” he groaned. 


          Roshi looked around at the people assembled.  Many Saiyan males in the kingdom were already paired off with Saiyan females, and the human females were so pathetically frail and weak, Roshi wasn’t surprised the prince wanted nothing to do with them.


           “Dammit, Roshi, what am I going to do?  I want nothing more than to see my son happy, and have a little time with my grandkids before I pass on,” he sighed heavily.    


          “Well, your majesty, I’m sure there’s got to be someone out there for your son.  But these human girls are pretty vapid and flimsy compared to the Saiyan women, add to that the fact that your son isn’t really interested in women in the first place...” he trailed off.  “But face it, it’s not like some drop dead gorgeous Saiyan warrior is just going to breeze in here....” 




          “Oh gosh I hope I’m not too late!”  Kakarotto cried as he raced to the ballroom.




          “All dressed to the nines, looking good enough to eat,”  Roshi continued,  “and steal away your son’s heart.”


           The King sat forward suddenly as something on the other side of the ballroom caught Vegeta’s attention.  The prince had whirled around to stare at something neither the Duke or the King could see.


           “What’s he looking at,” the King demanded.  “Get down there, and find out!”


           Roshi raced down the stairs, and into the ballroom.  He stopped dead at the scene that was unfolding in the entranceway. 


           Everyone in the ballroom turned and stared as a tall, handsome Saiyan stood in the doorway in full regalia.  Men and women alike were drawn to the perfect body, and the soft boyish features, but, three people were not so impressed.


          “How did he get here?”  Bulma pouted, as she saw the way Vegeta’s eyes were riveted to Kakarotto.  


          “Oh, well, he can have him, for all I care,” Juuhachigou waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. 


          Chi-Chi’s face darkened, a horrible evil rage burning inside her.   *I’ll see you dead before I see you get such a prize, Kakarotto,* she thought spitefully. 


           Vegeta made his way quickly to the doorway, eager to see the new arrival. *Hn, now that I like.   This might not be such a bad night, after all,* he smirked.

           His body tingled as his eyes roamed up and down the other Saiyan’s well built frame, enjoying the way his tight leggings showed of the long, well toned legs.  The prince’s mouth watered as he took in the broad chest and shoulders hidden under the chest armor. *Oh, yeah, this is DEFINITELY going to be a long night.*   He chuckled softly as he watched the man’s long reddish brown tail twitching nervously behind him.


          “I’m not too late am I?”  Kakarotto asked, his head cocking to the side at the strange look the man was giving him.  “Is something wrong?  This is the ball decreed by the King for all eligible Saiyan men to come and meet the prince, is it not?”


           “Yes,” the prince said as he glided forward, running a finger down the black armor.  “So, you came here just to meet little old me, did you?”  Vegeta smiled up at him evilly. 


           “You’re prince Vegeta?!”  Kakarotto cried, horrified that he hadn’t noticed until now the royal emblem that adorned Vegeta’s white armor.  He dropped to one knee gracefully.  “Excuse me my lord...please.  I didn’t know!”


          “I asked if you had come to meet me,” Vegeta said, his voice growing hoarse as his mouth went dry and he broke out in a sweat.   *He...how can he be so damn beautiful?  He’s the most exquisite creature I’ve ever seen.  And his power level!  I MUST possess him.*  Vegeta thought, his jaw setting in determination.   *You will be mine.* 


           “Yes prince Vegeta....I....you’re father said every eligible Saiyan male was to attend-”  Kakarotto was cut off as Vegeta’s gloved hand fisted in his hair, and the prince captured his lips in a demanding kiss.  Kakarotto’s eyes widened, and pleasure spiked through him at the touch.  He moaned softly as his eyelids fluttered closed. 


     After a few moments, the prince released Kakarotto as suddenly as he had grabbed him.   “You will dance with me,” he growled, taking Kakarotto’s hand in a firm grip and leading him into the ballroom. 


          Many sets of narrowed, jealous eyes watched as the Prince and the mysterious, handsome Saiyan male whirled around the dance floor.  Their timing was perfect, the way their bodies flowed and brushed against each other making it look as if they were made for one another. 

          They danced around the main room for only a short time, before Prince Vegeta grew annoyed with all the stares, and led Kakarotto away to a more secluded spot, where they continued to dance for what seemed like hours. 


          Finally, the Prince couldn’t resist the temptation any longer.  He grasped the other man’s hand and wordlessly led the Saiyan up the hidden staircase to his own bedchamber, unaware of the few eyes that still followed them. 


          Chi-Chi had seen her daughters off to dance with some handsome sons of nobility, before following the pair discreetly, rage showing clearly on her face. 


          Duke Roshi had also followed the two, watching from behind a curtain as the soon-to-be lovers vanished. 


          “Did you get a good look at who it was, Roshi?”  The Duke jumped as the King appeared at his side.  “Yes, sire.  I know him from somewhere, but I can’t remember where.   He is so familiar to me...” the old man trailed off. 


           “Well, let’s celebrate.  I’ll tell everyone that the Prince has selected his mate, and we can all dance and enjoy the rest of the evening,” the King said happily.


          “As you wish, sire.”  Duke Roshi said, still puzzling over where he knew the young man from.                                                




           “What’s your name?”  Vegeta rasped as he pushed his soon-to-be lover down on the bed. 


           “K..Kaka..Ohhh, Vegeta,” he gasped as the Prince trailed fiery kisses down his throat.  “What are you doing to me..?” 

           The Prince chuckled.  “I’m going to do everything to you, now what’s your name?”  Vegeta paused and looked up at the man expectantly. 


          “Kakarotto,” he panted, his body throbbing with a need he couldn’t explain.


           “Kakarotto,  I like it.”  Vegeta purred as he pulled off his lover’s chest armor, then set about peeling away his leggings. 


          “I’m glad it pleases you my Prince..ahh...uh!  Yes, Vegeta!”  Kakarotto cried out as Vegeta’s lips wrapped around his straining arousal. 


           Vegeta smirked as he pulled away.  “I’m glad it pleases you, Kakarotto,” he said seductively, before once again taking the other Saiyan’s length into his mouth.


          Kakarotto arched and gasped, moaning as the Prince’s clever tongue gave him pleasure beyond his wildest imaginings.  “N..no, please Vegeta, don’t stop,”  he begged, as Vegeta pulled away and stood at the foot of the bed. 


    “Easy,” he whispered, pulling off his gloves and giving the other man a feral grin.  “I just want to move on to other more.... mutually pleasurable things.”


           Kakarotto’s eyes narrowed with desire as the Prince pulled off his own clothing, the low light casting deep shadows on his well muscled body.  “Come to me my Prince..”  Kakarotto said softly, holding his arms out to the other Saiyan.      


          Vegeta was on him in an instant, his tongue sliding up and down Kakarotto’s corded neck, while one hand wrapped around the other Saiyan’s erection, stroking him gently.  Vegeta then brought his other hand up to Kakarotto’s mouth and  slid two fingers past the swollen, pale pink lips.  “Suck,” he commanded.                 


          After Kakarotto coated both fingers with saliva, the Prince pulled them away.  “Now relax,” he said softly.  “If you tense up this will be more painful, than pleasurable.” 


          Kakarotto nodded, relaxing his body as Vegeta’s fingers slipped between his legs.  He gasped softly and locked eyes with Vegeta, tail twitching again with unease, as Vegeta slowly pushed a finger into him.  Kakarotto closed his eyes briefly, then their gazes locked as Vegeta slid in a second finger and slowly pushed them in and out of his lover.  Kakarotto’s body jerked, then his eyes snapped shut as his back arched, a low cry torn from his throat when the Prince’s fingers brushed his prostate.


    “You like that, hm?”  Vegeta purred as he lowered his head and licked the tip of Kakarotto’s erection.  He chuckled as the younger man nodded vigorously.  “Then you’ll love what I do next,” he whispered as he positioned the head of his cock at Kakarotto’s entrance, entering him with one smooth, gentle thrust.  “Nn, yes...” he moaned, his head dropping down to his lovers’s chest as he paused. 


          Kakarotto whimpered as Vegeta’s length filled and stretched him, his body trying to get used to the sensations. 


          Vegeta gave the other Saiyan a few moments to adjust, one hand moving up to run slowly through the other man’s unruly hair.  When the younger man began to shift restlessly beneath him, Vegeta smirked and pulled most of the way out.  “Ready?” he asked softly.


          “Yes, I think so,”  Kakarotto whispered, then his eyes flew open and a strangled groan was wrenched from him, as Vegeta thrust back in, brushing once more against the spot inside him that made the Saiyan gasp in pleasure.  Hoarse cries left him as Vegeta moved, the younger Saiyan reaching up to grip the Prince’s shoulders tightly as a sensation of pressure built inside him.  “Vegeta” he groaned, when the Prince’s hand wrapped tightly around his shaft, stroking it in time with his thrusts.   


           “Ka..Kakarotto,”  Vegeta was panting harshly, sweat running down his face as he thrust into his lover.  Both men bucked and cried out as they found release almost simultaneously, muscles tense, bodies trembling.


        Vegeta smiled wanly as he collapsed on top of the other Saiyan.  “Now, that-”  Both men jumped when someone began pounding on the door to the prince’s bedchamber.


          “Open the door son,” King Vegeta demanded.   “We want to meet your mate.” 


           “Father!”  Prince Vegeta shouted.  “Leave us the hell alone!”


          The King was silent for a second, and Kakarotto stared at the door in fear.  He had heard from Krillin how strong and fierce the King could be, what would he do after such a statement?  Needless to say, Kakarotto was intensely relieved as the King laughed heartily. 


          “Very well, I see I will not be long waiting for grandchildren, then,” he chuckled as he went down the hall toward his own bedchamber.  “But you have lots of time to do that.  I expect you to present this mate of yours to me, in my chambers, in half an hour.”


           Vegeta heaved a sigh.  “It’s useless to put this off, you know.  He won’t stop until I’ve presented you to him.  Come on, get dressed, now,” he kissed Kakarotto on the end of the nose affectionately. 


          “I...you want to present me to him, as,” he blushed and looked away, fingers toying with the blankets.  “As...your mate?” 


          “Yes, of course I do.  If I didn’t, why would I have danced with you in front of everyone, not to mention dragged you up here to have my way with you,” smirked the Prince, grabbing the other man by the hair and kissing him hungrily.  “Now, get dressed, we haven’t got much time.”  The prince didn’t know how right he was...


          A few minutes later, Kakarotto finished fastening his cape and leaned forward to kiss his prince, who was levitating in the air in front of him, hands touching his shoulders gently.  Kakarotto moaned softly as the Prince’s tongue ran over his bottom lip teasingly, strong hands kneading his shoulders. 


           “Roshi!”  King Vegeta’s bellow came from the hallway again.  “What time is it?” 


          “Five minutes from midnight, your highness,” Roshi bellowed back.


           Kakarotto’s face paled.   *Five from midnight?!  Oh, no, I’ve got to go!*   He hated himself already for what he was about to do.  “Vegeta, where is um...you know,” he shifted uncomfortably.  “Where’s the bathroom?” 


          “Oh,” the prince chuckled.  “Through that door.”  He pointed to the back corner of the room.  “I’ll go see father, and make sure he knows not to bore you to death with speeches, or harass you with a million questions.”  He smiled, and leaned up for another kiss.  “I’ll be waiting for you,” he whispered.


           “Yeah...”  Goku said, trying desperately to keep his face neutral. 


           Vegeta left, shutting the door firmly behind him.  Kakarotto waited several minutes, until he heard King Vegeta boisterously welcome his son into his chamber.     *It’s now or never.  I’m so sorry, Vegeta, but you can’t find out the truth like this.  I’ll come back tomorrow, and explain properly.  Goodbye for now, my Prince.* A tear made it’s way down Kakarotto’s cheek as he quietly slipped out the door and ran lightly down the hall. 


           Master Roshi just came from the kitchen, and was almost knocked over by the fleeing Saiyan.  “I say there, Bardock!  How many times have you been told to have a care inside the palace?  Clumsy ox,” he muttered, then his face paled as he recognized the armor as being on the one the Prince had become smitten with.       “Bardock....THAT’S IT!  I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!”  Roshi shouted and tried to chase the panicked young man, but it was no use.  “Kakarotto,” he called weakly as he stopped and sagged against the outside steps leading down to where the carriages were parked, gasping for breath.


          “Duke Roshi!  Are you alright?”  Oolong, one of the people in charge of seeing to the carriages during the ball, ran over and helped the old man up. 


          “Yes, yes, I’m fine, but Kakarotto has fled the palace!”


           “What!?  Oh, no!  Both the King and the Prince will be furious!  They just announced that the Prince and Kakarotto are to be married in two weeks time!”  Oolong jumped from one foot to the other nervously. 


          “Well, we can find him if we hurry!  Run and tell the King that Kakarotto is the son of Bardock, then have them meet us at the royal carriage.   I can direct them to his house,” Roshi said as he hurried down the steps.  Oolong nodded and tore back into the ballroom. 


           Krillin!”  Kakarotto cried, racing forth and jumping into the carriage.  “Let’s move!  It’s three minutes to midnight!” 

          “You got it, bud!”  Krillin jumped in after him, and Hiya dragon snapped the whip, sending the carriage racing toward home. 


          “You’re highness,”  Oolong stage whispered to King and Prince Vegeta.  “Kakarotto has left the palace, it is believed he is heading for home!”


           “What?!”  Both Vegetas cried in outrage and shock.  “Why is he leaving!”  King Vegeta demanded. 


          “I don’t know, sire, but Duke Roshi tried to stop him.  He just got into his carriage and left-” Oolong cringed as he was grabbed by the back of his shirt.  Both King and Prince were suddenly surrounded by bright flames of ki, before they ran for the balcony, taking to the sky.

         They landed in the courtyard, where King Vegeta grabbed a sputtering, indignant Duke Roshi, and the four of them were airborne, Roshi pointing the way to Bardock’s estate.  


           Another pair of ears had overheard all the juicy details of this little debaucle.  Chi-Chi rounded up the girls and quickly bustled them into the carriage, telling the driver they had to be home because of an emergency.  The driver cracked his whip and they were off. 






          “Oh no!”  Krillin cried as the palace clock began to chime.  “We’re almost out of time!”







           “Come on!”  Chi-Chi shouted at the driver.






          “That way your majesty!”  Roshi cried.  “Not much further now!”






           “Stupid Kakarotto.  Why’d he end up winning the Prince?”  Bulma pouted.   


           “He hasn’t won anything yet,” Chi-Chi grinned evilly.  “Nor will he ever, if I have anything to say about it...” 






           “Hurry you guys!  We have to get around the second bend across the bridge!”  Kakarotto cried.  “We can hide in those trees!”





          The carriage raced toward the bridge dangerously, almost tipping as they rounded the first bend, Hiya Dragon, Krillin and Kakarotto all giving a sudden shout, certain they were about to flip the carriage.  “Hold on, we’re almost there!”






           “Where could he be?”  Prince Vegeta snarled in frustration, scanning the ground for a carriage.


           “There’s one!”  Oolong pointed at the carriage carrying Chi-Chi and her daughters. 




          “No, the carriage Kakarotto left in was white, gilded with gold.  It was nothing like that one.”  Duke Roshi sighed as they flew on. 






          “I’ll get you Kakarotto.  You are one thorn in my side that will cease to exist after tonight,”  Chi-Chi growled.  Bulma grinned maniacally at her mother’s shocking words, while Juuhachigou shrank back in her seat, appalled at the sudden change in her mother. 






           “KAKAROTTO!”  Vegeta shouted into the night sky, his expression a mixture of frustration, pain and betrayal.  “Why...why did you leave?” he rasped. 


          The King shot his son a worried glance.  “Don’t worry, we’ll find him.” 






           “Kakarotto, tonight you die, I’ve had enough of you ruining my plans,”  Chi-Chi hissed.  Bulma snickered, and Juuhachigou recoiled, scooting back as far as she could get from her mother and sister. 






           “Here it comes!  This is the end!  Everybody off the road and into the trees to hide!”  Kakarotto cried. 

          The carriage quickly turned back into a pumpkin, the horses losing their fine accessories.  Kakarotto, Krillin and Hiya dragon found themselves sprawled on the road, the two men dressed in their former rags, including Kakarotto’s ki-suppressing bands.  “Come on we don’t have time to sit around!”  Krillin cried as he helped his friend up and they all disappeared into the forest.  




          Chi-Chi grinned as she felt the sudden drop in Kakarotto’s ki.  “There,” she cried, pointing to the forest just over the bridge. 


          “Hey, what’s a pumpkin doing in the middle of the road?”  Bulma asked. 


          As soon as the carriage stopped, Chi-Chi jumped out.  She leapt onto the coachman’s seat and snapped the poor man’s throat.  “Can’t have any witnesses,”  she growled softly.


          Juuhachigou gasped, her eyes impossibly wide.  She turned and ran up the road, not caring where she was going, just trying to get away from them. 


           “And just where do you think you’re going, my dear daughter?”  Chi-Chi purred, leaping into the air and landing in front of her.


          “No, leave me alone,” she begged, stumbling away.  “You...oh, you killed him,” she cried.


           “Yes, that was the general idea, and we’ll kill Kakarotto, too.”  Chi-Chi leered down at her.  “Now, you have two choices.  You are either with us, or against us.” 


          “I...I can’t just stand here and watch you kill people.  I, yes, we treated Kakarotto like shit, but to kill him,” she trailed off, starting to cry.


    “Well,” Chi-Chi sighed sadly.  “I’m very sorry to hear that, because there are only three types of people here tonight.  Victims, like Kakarotto, participants, like your sister and I, or witnesses.  You, my dear, are a witness,” she said, charging up a ki ball.


          “You leave her alone!”  Krillin cried, jumping out from the bushes and attacking Chi-Chi with all his might.  Chi-Chi was taken aback for a few moments, then quickly regained her wits and pummeled both her daughter and the elf into the ground.   She laughed as she walked away and left them both for dead. 


           “Kakarotto,” she shouted.  “Come out, or I’ll kill them both!”


          “All right,” Kakarotto said softly, slowly coming out from the cover of the trees. 


          “So, not only did you find your way to the ball, you stole the show, and the prince’s heart.  No...I WON’T HAVE IT!”

           She leapt at him and, because poor Kakarotto’s armbands had reappeared, Chi-Chi was able beat him into unconsciousness in seconds, with the help of her other daughter. 

          “Now, let’s go home and put an end to this, once and for all,” she cackled as they dragged Kakarotto to the carriage. 




           “Dammit how did he get so far in so little time?  We haven’t been able to spot him anywhere!”  Prince Vegeta cried. 


           “Don’t worry, Vegeta,” said the King, a grim frown on his face.  “We’re not far from the house now, just a few more minutes and we’ll have him, and our explanation of just what the hell is going on.” 




          Chi-Chi pulled the carriage up to the run down barn, stepping down from the driver’s seat, then dragging the still-unconscious Kakarotto out and dumping him onto the ground.  “Let’s get this over with,” she snarled as she pulled off her scarf, then took the one from Bulma as well.  She quickly bound Kakarotto’s feet and hands, and the two women dragged him into the barn.  After three tries, they finally managed to get him into the hayloft where they locked up the door and closed the trapdoor over the ladder, locking it as well.  “He’s trapped in there, now,” Chi-Chi smirked.


           “We’re not just gonna leave him there, are we?”  Bulma asked quietly.


          “No, dear,” Chi-Chi chuckled softly.  “We’re going to do this,” she snatched up two torches and lit them, handing one to Bulma.  “Come on, let’s finish it,” she called as she walked into the barn. 

          She and Bulma dropped their torches in a pile of hay almost directly under where the still unconscious Kakarotto lay. 


          The fire began spreading quickly and soon it was licking at the floor under the still-unmoving Saiyan.


          Kami and Piccolo appeared around the other side of the barn, having sensed their charge was in danger.  Piccolo’s eyes widened with fear as he stared at the flames.  “Do something old man,” he cried, running to the side of the barn, but unable to enter because of the thick smoke, and roaring fire.  “Help him!”


           “You’re the only one that can help him now Piccolo,” Kami said softly. “My powers are fading, that’s why I turned him over to you.  You haven’t even reached the pinnacle of your power yet.  Even I don’t know how strong you could be!  Look inside yourself, and find the power to save him!”


           Piccolo turned back to see the flames licking up toward his charge.  “Dammit,” he squeezed his eyes shut and drew out his wand.  “All right, I can do this!”

           He took a deep breath.  “Bippity....”  Sparks shot out from the end of his wand.  “Boppity...”  The sparks turned to a huge ball of energy.  He pointed his wand at the sky... “BOO!”  An enormous thunderbolt shot out from the end of his wand and lit up the heavens, and the night sky was immediately blanketed by heavy storm clouds.

          Seconds later, a torrential downpour began to soak everything, sending water down through the decrepit barn and snuffing out most of the flames. 



The King and Prince were startled by the loud clap of thunder, and they had trouble keeping in the air as wind buffeted them, and heavy rain drenched them, making it difficult to see. 


          “What the hell was that!?”  King and Prince Vegeta cried in unison. 


          “I don’t know but I’ve got a bad feeling.  That sound came from Bardock’s estate,”   Roshi said as he tried to turn around for a better look.  “We’d better step on it, you two.”




           “Wow,” Kami said softly, staring at the smoke pouring from the barn as water continued to run down the sides of the building.  “I never knew we could do that...”


           “NOOO!”  Chi-Chi screamed as her plan was thwarted.   She turned and snarled as the King, the Prince, Oolong and Duke Roshi landed in the yard.


           “What is going on here?”  The King demanded.  His question was answered as Kakarotto began to scream inside the barn. 


           “Kakarotto!”  Prince Vegeta shouted and burst into the barn.  “Kakarotto!” 


           “Up here,” he rasped, his voice hoarse from the smoke he’d inhaled.  “Vegeta...”  Kakarotto smiled weakly, trying to sit up. 


           “Kakarotto, what the hell... WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!”  The prince snarled in rage as he snapped the bonds around the other man’s wrists and ankles, brow furrowing as he wondered why the other Saiyan hadn’t been able to break free himself.    He carried his love down from the hayloft and out into the fresh air.


          “Is he alright, son?”  The King hurried over, making sure the other man wasn’t hurt, and his eyes narrowed as he looked at the bands Kakarotto wore around his wrists.  “Where did you get these, my boy?” the King asked softly, pointing to them.


           “Stepmother, she gave them to me,”  Kakarotto whispered. 


           “Hmm, really...”  King Vegeta turned to Chi-Chi with interest.  “Ki suppression devices have been outlawed for over four decades, woman.  So, explain to me why you not only have some, but you’re using them.  The penalty for using such devices is a minimum of twenty years in prison,” he sneered as he walked over and shoved her to the ground. 

          “Not to mention the penalty you will face, for trying to murder a member of the royal family.  That is high treason.  Your penalty is death, in the most painful and drawn out way we can find, with unimaginable torture being inflicted before we allow you to die,” the King growled, looming over her.  “Of course, that last bit isn’t stated in the laws, that’s just my personal preference…”


          “But he’s not a member of the royal family,” she shrieked.  “He’s-”


           “He’s the man my son has chosen to marry!  They are officially engaged!  He is considered part of the family, and under my personal protection,” the King roared. 


          Chi-Chi knew from the look in the King’s eyes she was not long for this world, so she sent a message to Bulma.  Her oldest daughter nodded imperceptibly and they discreetly powered up for one massive ki blast at the Prince and Kakarotto. 

           *NOW!!* Both women fired with everything they had.  Kakarotto was especially weak, but Prince Vegeta’s ki was too weak to defend them because of his close proximity to the bands. 


           “NO!”  The King, Oolong and Duke Roshi cried.  The King, enraged, pointed a finger at each of the women and vaporized them instantly. 


           “Kakarotto!”  Piccolo cried and shot a blast of his own at the ball of energy hurtling toward his charge, but he knew he’d expended far too much power earlier to be able to nullify this blast.  He jumped and gasped as a strong arm wound round his waist, and a second blast joined his, destroying the ball of light that threatened the two Saiyans.


           “Hey, hot stuff,” a low, rich voice purred in his ear.  “Nice storm earlier, I’ve never seen anyone pull of something like that before.  I’m impressed,”  Piccolo gasped as a tongue flicked out and licked his ear.  “Name’s Nail, and I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time.”


          Piccolo was spun around and faced a rather handsome fairy godfather, a little older than himself, with a cocky smirk and no shirt on. *Although, with a body like that he has good reason to show it off,* Piccolo shook his head to clear away the hentai thoughts. 


           “Let me go!  Who do you think you are!”  Piccolo demanded haughtily.


           “Mm, hard to get, oh, man, I love that,” Nail purred, leaning forward to brush his lips against Piccolo’s. 


          “Now cut that out!”  Piccolo growled, whacking the amorous fairy in the side of the head with his wand.  He looked around at his charge, only to see Kakarotto and Vegeta fighting to remove the blue wristbands. 


           “Yeah,” Nail sighed.  “You’re right.  Let’s get rid of those troublesome bands first.”   He walked over and touched his wand to each of the bands in turn, and they fell to the ground harmlessly.   He smirked down at Vegeta, who in turn was gaping at Nail, Piccolo and Kami in amazement. 


           “Who...who are you?”  He asked, tightening his arms around Kakarotto protectively. 


          “Well, I’m your fairy godfather, Nail, and this is Kakarotto’s fairy godfather, Piccolo.”  Nail smiled softly at him. 


           “You...you two saved us, and you...  You were the cause of that storm earlier.”  Vegeta stood and walked over to Piccolo.  “Thank you,” he looked up at Piccolo somberly.  “I owe you a great debt for saving our lives.”


          “Hey, yeah, well...it’s okay.  It’s my job to protect Kakarotto and those near and dear to him,” Piccolo said awkwardly, taking a swing at Nail as the other godfather attempted to grope him again.


          Vegeta moved back to Kakarotto’s side as the tall Saiyan groaned softly.  “Are you alright?” he asked softly, shooting an annoyed glance around him as Oolong, Roshi, and the King crowded around them.


    “Yeah, I’m fine, Vegeta, just fine,” he said one still-shaky hand resting on Vegeta’s shoulder





Two weeks later.....


           Kakarotto and Vegeta were married in one of the most lavish ceremonies the kingdom had ever seen, and shortly afterward, Piccolo and Nail announced to their charges that they were joined as well.


           Juuhachigou and Krillin survived, and Juuhachigou was so touched by Krillin’s bravery in trying to save her, that she fell in love with him. 


          One year later saw the birth of Kakarotto and Vegeta’s son Bardock, who was a holy terror.  The King was ecstatic to finally have a grandchild to spoil, and the boy was eventually calmed by all the love around him.


          Nail and Piccolo also had a son, Dende.  He was raised along with Bardock, and Nail and Piccolo both swore to protect the younger Saiyan until their son was old enough to protect his future charge himself. 


And they all lived happily ever after....




So...was that fractured enough for you? *snickers* Flames and lame comments about OOCness or anything like that will be laughed at.  You were warned; don’t come crying to me now.