Title: Just A Fantasy 4/4
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 3/3-4/05
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou (tiny bit of Honda/Ryou and Jou/Ryou)
Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: PWP, bdsm
Status: complete.
Spoilers: nope
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.
Summary: Ryou's kinky fantasy is acted out by Bakura, with help from Jou and Honda.

Notes: I was originally going to use multiple points of view in this, but it was more fun telling the story entirely through Jou's reactions. Judging by the gleam in Honda's eye, there might be a sequel, though. Ya never know.
Thanks once again for the lovely reviews. I hope you like this part as well.


Just A Fantasy, conclusion.

Jou decided that Bakura had more self-control than was humanly possible. He could see how much the "Boss" wanted to take his not-so-helpless victim right then and there; desire and lust seemed to radiate off of him like heat waves. Besides that, when he stood up, the bulge in his jeans was so obvious Jou was surprised he could move without wincing. He was also a little disconcerted at the size it appeared to be. He looked down at Ryou's slim body and winced a little in sympathy. Then he discreetly tucked his own equipment away out of sight.

It looked like it took a lot of effort for Bakura to finally drag his gaze away from Ryou's ass, which was still glowing pink from being spanked. He looked around the room for a second, apparently considering his answer to Honda's question of where and how he wanted Ryou. When he spotted the low table where they'd eaten, he smiled.

"Hold him," he said to Jou, and then he looked at Honda and nodded toward the table. "Clear that off."

"Oookayy," Honda said with a gleam in his eyes.

Honda moved the forgotten food off the table, not bothering to be too neat about it, while Jou kept a firm grip on Ryou by his hair. Ryou still remained on all fours with his bound hands in front of him. His large eyes were nearly closed and his hair fell softly over his face. He would have looked like an angel, if it wasn't for the way his tongue kept slipping out to lick the remains of Jou's orgasm off his lips.

After watching Honda for a few seconds, Bakura knelt next to Ryou. Jou got his knee out of the way so the Boss could get in close to his soon-to-be-victim.

"I'll take him for a moment," he said quietly. Jou let go and sat back on the sofa. Ryou trembled a little as Bakura's hands came around him, but he kept his eyes closed and his head down as he was pulled back into a kneeling position. He seemed completely passive. Only his quickened breathing betrayed him when Bakura reached down to check on the state of his arousal.

Jou had forgotten about the cock ring. Now he could see that Ryou was as hard and erect as a flagpole, the tip gleaming with moisture and veins fairly pulsing along his length. Bakura licked his lips unconsciously as he made sure the ring was still snug. It occurred to Jou that Ryou might have learned some of his hot cocksucking techniques from the master.

Honda stood ready behind Bakura, and Jou waited for a sign of what to do next. But they waited in silence as Bakura and Ryou seemed to fall into a little scene of their own for a few minutes.

Bakura knelt next to Ryou, facing him, with one arm around him firmly, the other caressing his hair and his face. Ryou kept his eyes closed, but he seemed to Jou to be waiting for something as Bakura's caresses continued.

Bakura leaned closer and whispered something in his ear. Jou saw a shudder run through him, and caught the tiny nod of his head. Bakura's smile deepened.

Jou's breathing got shallow as he watched them, sensing the erotic tension increase without knowing why. Bakura slid one hand down again to fondle Ryou, and he heard Ryou's breath catch as he ran a fingernail very lightly up the underside of his stiff cock.

With his other arm around Ryou's shoulders, Bakura reached up and clamped his hand over Ryou's mouth. A strange, singing moan came from Ryou's throat as Bakura continued to play with him. Hands clenched in the air in front of him, Ryou's fingers curled and his chest heaved with his quick breaths. When he started to squirm, Bakura's hand clamped down harder.

"Your body is mine," Bakura said in a dangerously low voice. The moans continued to rise from Ryou. "They're going to hold you down while I fuck you, long and hard. If you're a good fuck," he continued, while Ryou started to jerk his head from side to side, "If you're a good enough fuck, I'll let them fuck you too and then I'll fuck you again."

With every repetition of the word "fuck," Bakura's fist plunged down Ryou's length. Ryou's body didn't know what it wanted to do; he struggled as if he was desperate to get out of Bakura's grasp, but his knees spread wider and his hips jerked to plunge his length into Bakura's fist.

With a weird feeling, Jou discovered that he was starting to get hot all over again. Watching Ryou's hips flex, watching his whole body clench and quiver, and hearing those strange pleading sounds muffled by Bakura's hands.. .it was all having a bizarre effect on him. At least, he thought it was bizarre, for him anyway. Maybe it was due to the scent of male sex that now permeated the room, or maybe it was the way Bakura smiled so lovingly at Ryou while he teased him to madness.

When Ryou's struggling became almost too frantic for him to hold on with one hand, Bakura pulled his head back and stopped touching him. Ryou's breath came in gasping puffs through his nose, which was almost blocked by Bakura's hand as well.

Bakura's started to caress his hair again, and he placed his lips against Ryou's cheek. This eventually calmed Ryou. In another minute, he was still again, although he was now more tense than ever. He breathed slowly and deeply, as if he was determined to maintain control.

Just before Bakura let him go, he pulled Ryou's face around toward his, and Ryou opened his eyes. Jou had always thought Ryou's eyes were huge, almost too large for his delicate face. Now they seemed even larger, and if Jou wasn't crazy yet, they were smiling.

Bakura replaced the hand over Ryou's mouth with his lips. Ryou gave one more of those keening moans as Bakura kissed him. It was gentle at first, but in seconds Bakura was ravishing his mouth. Actually, Jou noticed, the ravishing was pretty much mutual.

Suddenly Bakura pulled away, yanking Ryou's head back by the hair.

"Now," he said, twisting Ryou's hair so hard that Ryou finally winced in pain.

Shifting gears so quickly Jou was startled, Bakura jerked his head at Honda and himself. "Get him up off the floor. Don't be gentle," he snarled.

As Honda swooped down to take Ryou's arm, Bakura stood up and turned toward the table. Jou scrambled up from his lounging place on the sofa and grabbed Ryou's other arm. Together he and Honda dragged him up to his feet.

"Over here," Bakura ordered, and they marched him over to the table.

"Face down, or...?" Honda questioned.

"No. On his back."

Bakura snatched a small cushion off the sofa. "Prop his pretty ass up on that," he said.

Honda and Jou turned Ryou around and maneuvered him down so that he was sitting on the edge of the table. Then they pushed him back, guiding him since his hands were still bound.

The table was just the right size, Jou realized. Ryou's head was right up at the edge, and his butt was strategically placed at the other end. With the pillow under him, he'd be just the right height for a kneeling Bakura.

Ryou lay there on his back panting softly with his bound hands in front of him. His fingers twitched. Jou realized his erection was in easy reach.

"We can tie his hands under the table," Honda suggested. Bakura nodded his approval, and Honda set to work. The table was just the width of Ryou's shoulders, and with his hands tied beneath it, he was pretty much held in place by his own arms.

His legs hung out over the far end of the table. Bakura stood between them, pushing his knees apart. Ryou struggled a little, looking up at him apprehensively. His stiff cock bobbed in the air over his stomach.

"What a perfect little prize you are," Bakura said with a sneer. Jou recognized the glitter in his eyes as a mixture of lust and affection as he gazed down at his captive lover.

"If his ass is as good as his mouth," Honda said in his smug gangster voice, "you're in for a hell of a ride, Boss."

"No shit," Jou muttered, not really trying to stay in character.

Bakura gestured to the two of them.

"Spread his legs. I want him wide open."

Honda got that steely glint in his eye again as he grabbed Ryou's knee and yanked it up to his chest. Jou followed his action with the other leg. Ryou was pretty flexible, he found, but he followed Honda's example and tugged hard to make Ryou feel like he was really being spread open for the boss. Jou caught that odd look in Honda's face, and realized with surprise that Ryou was staring back, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. He didn't think Ryou could get any more turned on than he already was, but his lips parted and his pupils dilated a little more. He seemed mesmerized by Honda's glare.

Bakura stole his attention back by dropping to his knees between Ryou's legs and prodding at his ass with his hands.

"Oh, what a fine treasure we have here," he said, mockingly reverent as he fingered Ryou. Ryou's eyebrows twisted in distress as Bakura poked a fingertip inside of him. He squirmed, trying to wiggle upward on the table, but Jou and Honda held him down so he couldn't get far.

Bakura's grin was as wicked as Jou had seen it for a long time. He put his fingers to his lips and sucked on them wetly, then returned them to Ryou's opening. Ryou's lip trembled and his lashes fluttered while Bakura pushed his finger further inside.

Jou felt funny watching this, but he was astounded by what Bakura did next. Still smiling demonically, he dropped his head between Ryou's legs. His tongue came out and prodded the base of Ryou's cock, just behind the cock ring. He licked up over the ring, up the length of Ryou's bulging cock, and then back down, while Ryou made odd growling sounds in his throat. Watching that tongue lap its way up and down again made Jou's tired cock twitch back to life a little. He tried to ignore that as Bakura continued.

After two long, wet strokes, Bakura backed down the other way, lapping at Ryou's perineum and then, to Jou's mingled horror and fascination, to his anus. Jou found himself biting his lips between his teeth, trying not to reveal his discomfort as he watched Bakura push his tongue inside Ryou.

Ryou took a long, deep breath, and shuddered as he let it out slowly. Bakura lapped at him for a few more seconds, then raised his head to look at his victim. Ryou's eyes were closed and his expression was pure rapture. To Jou's surprise, Bakura looked nearly as pleased. He bent down and kissed Ryou's belly.

Bakura sat up on his heels and finally, after all this preparation, opened his jeans. Ryou lifted his head, craning his neck at an awkward angle to try to see. Bakura pulled out his cock, grimacing a little as it was released from its long confinement in his tight jeans. He kneeled up higher to give Ryou a better view. Ryou whimpered, looking as if he was seeing it for the first time ever and finding it the most frightening thing he could imagine.

Jou decided it was no use pretending not to stare. Bakura's cock was probably not longer than Ryou's (or his own for that matter), but like the rest of his body it was thicker. It twitched in his hand, and the pulsing tip was deep red. It seemed to be reaching for Ryou's vulnerable body, aiming at him like a deadly missile.

Bakura pushed his jeans down past his hips, sliding his hand into his pocket at the same time. He came out with a small tube, which he quickly opened, spurting clear gel onto his hard cock. He hissed as it landed on his skin, then spread it over and under his length, holding Ryou's gaze the entire time.

When Jou grew uncomfortable watching Bakura stroke himself, he turned to watch Ryou instead. Ryou's eyes were large and full of fear, but he was licking his lips at the same time.

Bakura leaned in and pressed the head of his erection against Ryou's opening. Ryou went rigid and started to moan.

"Please, no," he sighed, at first softly, "No, not that... don't, please..." His head rolled from side to side, he wiggled on the table, and his leg muscles clenched and jerked in Jou's grasp. His moans grew louder as Bakura pushed deeper inside of him, inch by inch. "Please, please, stop... nooo..."

Jou felt his gut twist. For years it had been hammered into his head: "No means no." However crude he might be in other ways, he was proud of the fact that he understood that, especially when he knew lots of guys who still thought there was some kind of grey area in that word. Listening to Ryou beg and plead, sobbing the word over and over, he had to fight the urge to let him go and then yank Bakura off of him by the throat.

Honda caught his eye. He must have recognized Jou's conflict because he scowled and gave a firm shake of his head. Then he looked pointedly at Bakura.

Contorted with lust, Bakura's face had nearly the same demonic look Jou remembered from the times he had dueled Yami and taunted the rest of them. Yet he still watched Ryou's face intently. Instead of all his attention being focused on his own cock, it was still focused on his lover.

Jou suddenly got the whole picture clear in his mind. It was all upside down from what he'd thought it was. Every single thing Bakura did here was for Ryou, not himself. Sure, he was getting off on it, but that was just because it was obvious how much Ryou loved it. He watched every sign Ryou made, and in spite of his struggles, all the signs were of rampant arousal. Ryou may have been the one tied down and helpless, but it was really Bakura who was as tightly bound as a pet on a leash, right from the start.

After all, Jou remembered, he was the one who gave Ryou that safeword. If he was going to use it, now was the time, but nobody was talking about rice balls.

Once that light went on in his brain, Jou gave all his attention to holding onto Ryou while Bakura started to fuck him in earnest. He and Honda braced themselves as Bakura's pounding threatened to jerk the table out from under them. Not only that, but Ryou tried to arch his back and push up as well. It was all they could do to keep him down flat on the table.

Bakura curled low over Ryou, so that Ryou was bent nearly double under him; Bakura's hands clenched in fists on the table beside Ryou's face and he stared down at his lover. Ryou's moans changed from protests to breathless pleas for more.

"Bakura... oh please fuck me, harder... please, please, let me come, Bakura, please!" he chanted in time with Bakura's thrusts. Bakura smiled and kissed him. Ryou kept pleading right through the kiss.

Bakura muttered something Jou couldn't hear against Ryou's face and neck. It sounded like words of praise and longing. He raised his face and caught Ryou's eye again.

"I feel so good inside of you, my Ryou," he said.

Ryou's whole body tried to lunge upward. Jou struggled to keep him down and keep his legs up and open. Bakura backed off, raising himself up again so he could reach between them. Ryou's moan cut off short when Bakura touched the cock ring.

"Are you ready to come for me?" he teased as he started to release Ryou. "I want to feel it now."

He pulled the cock ring off and tossed it aside, and immediately started to pound into Ryou with quicker thrusts. Ryou thrashed so hard Jou nearly lost his grip on his leg, but then he let go deliberately. Honda did too, and Ryou clamped his legs around Bakura's rippling body. Ryou let out a howl Jou had never heard from a human being before, shuddered from head to toe, and threw his head back. He came hard, his cock dancing as the milky fluid shot out of it all the way up to his own face.

Bakura slowed his pace for a minute, giving Ryou time to catch his breath. Then he lowered himself down and sucked the offering off Ryou's face and throat.

As he swallowed, his hips pulsed faster. Jou watched, fascinated, as his thigh muscles rippled and jerked. Bakura pressed his face against Ryou's neck, muffling his scream of release. Then he fell still. His arms trembled as he held himself just above Ryou's body.

Honda caught Jou's eye across Bakura's back, giving him a grin and a raised eyebrow. Jou raised a brow back at him and shook his head with a soft "whew" in answer.

They waited while Bakura and Ryou recovered. For that matter, Jou found he had a little breath-catching to do as well. Bakura looked like he could hardly raise his head, but he managed to roll a little to the side and caught Jou's eye.

"Hands," he croaked. He sounded too exhausted to speak. It took Jou a second to catch on before he reached under the table to untie Ryou's hands. Knowing how stiff he must be, he lifted Ryou's arm and guided it around Bakura's' back. Honda did the same on the other side.

Somehow the two on the table managed to look comfortable, snuggling for a couple of minutes while Honda and Jou waited. Ryou raised his hands to trail through Bakura's hair, limp with sweat on his neck. The marks from Honda's belt circled his wrist like a strange bracelet. He smiled at Bakura, who finally managed to lift his head and smile back.

Honda dropped to a squat beside them, and they turned toward him.

"I'm guessing you don't really need us to do any more?" he said. "You know, that little threat you made about a gang-bang - that was just a threat, right?"

Jou's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. He'd forgotten about that part. He couldn't do that! Before he freaked out too much about it, Bakura shook his head.

"I'm afraid it was. As much as my Ryou would love to have each of you take him, I would rather have him be able to walk tomorrow."

Jou breathed a sigh of relief while Ryou gave Bakura a mock pout of disappointment.

"Maybe another time, my sweet little morsel," Bakura said, nibbling his pouty lip.

Jou let that one pass without comment.

It took a while for Bakura to haul himself up off the table and for Ryou to sit up with his friends' help. Then, to his and Honda's amusement and Ryou's obvious delight, Bakura picked him up like a blushing bride and carried him to the sofa. Honda spotted a blanket draped over a chair on the other side of the room, and brought it over for Bakura to cover Ryou's flushed and sticky nakedness.

They looked ridiculously snuggly, Jou thought, with Bakura lounging on the floor next to Ryou, their hands entwined and their eyes locked on each other. How could Bakura's demonic eyes convey so much tenderness? It was about the last thing he'd expected to see when he came over earlier to play video games and hang out with his friends.

They turned to him and Honda at the same moment.

"I must thank you for indulging Ryou in his fantasy," Bakura said. "You both performed excellently."

"Thank you," Ryou added, blushing like a virgin but grinning at them like a fiend.

Jou grinned back and shook his head in amazement, as much at himself as at them.

"No problem," Honda said. Jou caught his friend's intense expression out of the corner of his eye, and decided to ignore whatever that might mean.

They left soon after that, each carrying a load of food that Ryou insisted they take from the fridge. He'd prepared a small feast for them, not knowing that he was going to be the centerpiece of another kind of feast instead.

Walking away from Ryou's apartment, arms loaded with containers of snacks that would last them a couple of days, Jou nudged Honda with his elbow.

"You really got into that," he said. "You're pretty good at this role-playing scene, old friend. Or have you done this sort of thing before?"

Honda didn't answer right away, just stared ahead with that steel-eyed look for a few seconds. Then he turned to Jou with his goofy, best-buddy grin. "Tell you what, old friend... you don't tell me your fantasies and I won't tell you mine, okay?"

Jou thought about a few of his own fantasies... the one about Kaiba and his Blue Eyes White Dragon, or the one about Mai and her Harpy Ladies... He juggled food boxes until he had a hand free to give Honda a friendly slap on the back.

"That's a deal, buddy," he said.

**The End**

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