Title: Just A Fantasy 3/?
Author: Tsutsuji
Fandom: Yugioh!
Type: Slash/yaoi, m/m
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou, Honda/Ryou, Jou/Ryou
Warnings: BDSM
Summary: Feeling unusually generous, Bakura sets out to fulfill one of Ryou's secret fantasies and invites Honda and Jou along for the ride.

Just A Fantasy 3

Jou relaxed his grip on Ryou's arms as he realized he'd been digging in deep enough to leave bruises. He checked the belt tied around Ryou's wrists. Ryou had flexed and twisted his hands against it, and there would be more marks from that. Nothing serious, Jou realized, and Ryou hadn't been twisting the bonds in a way that might possibly free his hands. It looked more like he'd increased the pressure on purpose.

Honda had recovered, pretty much, and had zipped himself back up. Ryou looked a little sad about that. Bakura still knelt next to him, but he'd lightened his grip on Ryou's cock. Apparently the immediate danger of Ryou coming too soon had passed for the moment. But Bakura wasn't taking any chances.

"Wait here," he said, with a significant look at all of them, especially Ryou. Honda squatted in front of Ryou again. The ersztwhile captive gave him a look of sheepish grattitude before once again lowering his eyes. Honda returned his smile with a cocky grin, then fell back into his stoney-faced gangster role.

Bakura left the room for a few seconds and came back with something in his hand. Jou looked at it curiously. It was two short strips of leather joined together, something like a double watch band. Bakura held it up for Ryou to see, giving him a stern look and then that wicked grin.

"This should do the trick," he said as he knelt next to Ryou again.

Ryou bowed his head, hissing softly when Bakura's hands closed on his erection again. Jou suddenly realized what the leather strips were. The cock ring fitted snugly around Ryou's balls and the base of his cock. It would help keep his erection from flagging, but it would also keep him from coming until Bakura was ready to let him do so.

Honda nodded his approval. Ryou appeared completely subdued, with his head bowed and his hair falling over his face. But Jou saw his tongue flick out to lick some of Honda's essence off his chin, and his body still trembled with excitement.

Bakura was looking at Jou with amused expectancy. Honda was staring down at him too, a smile playing at the corners of his lips. Jou suddenly realized what they were waiting for.

"Oh, yeah. My turn, I guess."

"He's good," Honda said. "You'll like it."

"Yeeeahh.." Jou said, trying not to sound too doubtful, if only for Ryou's sake.

Honda came around behind Ryou to take his arms, and Jou stood up. He looked down at their prisoner, who remained with bowed head, kneeling with his knees spread, his erection jutting out stiffly from the leather rings.

"Okay... " He looked around. He couldn't imagine standing there as Honda had done while Ryou did that to him. He had an idea. He pulled aside the low table that held the remains of their food. Then he sank down onto the low sofa, stretching his long legs out in front of him. Might as well be comfortable, he thought.

"Bring him over here," he said roughly, with a jerk of his head.

Honda's eyebrow quirked and he rolled his eyes a little, but he didn't say anything. He and Bakura took Ryou by the shoulders and half dragged him over to Jou on his knees. Jou spread his legs, and Ryou was deposited between them.

Honda considered the position Jou was suggesting. He looked from Jou's crotch to Ryou. He smiled, and Bakura caught his eye and smiled as well.

"Yeah, this'll be good," Honda said in his tough-guy voice.

Ryou's head whipped around in surprise as Bakura tugged on the belt at his wrists, freeing his hands.

"On your hand and knees, pretty boy," Honda said, shoving his head down. "But don't get any ideas."

Bakura handed him the belt, and he yanked Ryou's wrists together in front of him and twisted the belt around them. Then he pushed Ryou toward Jou. Ryou landed on his bound hands, his face right in front of Jou's crotch. He stared at it nervously.

Honda and Bakura both stepped back and looked at the two of them. Bakura gave Jou that approving smile again. As Jou had intended, Ryou's ass was now perfectly displayed for them. Honda nudged his knees apart for a better view, then knelt next to him, hand at the back of his neck to make sure he didn't try to skitter away.

"Anytime you're ready," Bakura said in his low, seductive voice.

Jou leaned forward and pulled Ryou's face up to look at him. Huge brown eyes stared back at him. Anticipation, fear, and some kind of longing filled those eyes. Jou touched his lips, and they opened. The wet tip of Ryou's tongue touched his fingertip. Jou's cock responded with a little interest of its own. That was good. For a minute there, he'd been afraid he'd ruin the whole thing by not getting it up for Ryou. Apparently that wasn't going to be a problem after all.

"You want it? Show me," he said. "Convince me. Better still, convince the boss you want it. 'Cause he's gonna give it to you when he's ready, whether you make it easy or don't. Got that?"

Ryou looked bewildered and lost for a moment, as if he couldn't understand why they all wanted him to do these things. Jou leaned forward, grabbed his hair, and pulled his face down to his lap. He rested his other hand on the buttons of his jeans but didn't open them yet.

"Come on," he snarled. "Do it. Let me feel you wanting it. Once you've convinced me, I'll let you have it."

He raised his eyes to the other two. He didn't want them to see how nervous he was about this. Honda gave him an encouraging nod, but Bakura was staring at Ryou's ass.

Jou followed his gaze. Ryou's long, gleaming hair fell onto his neck and the smooth skin of his back. His hips were narrow, but his ass was nicely rounded, and white as snow. Jou felt another spark in his cock as he gazed down at Ryou's body. A nice ass was a nice ass, he realized, and with that thought his cock gave another definite twitch of interest.

He tugged on Ryou's hair, and Ryou's face fell against him. At first there was just a slightly warm pressure, which was pleasant but not too exciting. But then Ryou began to move his face side to side. He opened his mouth, and Jou felt hot breath through the denim. Ryou felt his way to the ridge of Jou's slight erection and closed his mouth around it.

Bakura knelt behind Ryou. His hand disappeared from Jou's sight between Ryou's legs. Ryou sighed and trembled, and Jou felt the sigh vibrate against his balls. Bakura did whatever he was doing again, and Ryou sighed again, and Jou almost moaned as his cock came alive. He started to get the feeling that he might be doing some serious moaning in a minute or two.

Ryou worked him through his jeans, trying to suck and nudge. His breath got hotter and heavier as Bakura continued doing whatever he was doing. When Ryou's hips started to flex, wiggling his nice round ass in the air, Jou's cock decided it had enough convincing.

"Shit," Jou muttered, suddenly desperate to get his jeans open. He yanked Ryou's hair to get his face out of the way. He'd pulled a little harder than he mean to, but Ryou didn't seem to mind at all, not even wincing as he reluctantly backed off.

Jou fumbled with the buttons of his jeans one-handed, swearing a few more times before he got them open. Honda helped by holding Ryou's head for him so he could use both hands to free himself from his clothing.

He'd barely gotten a sigh of relief out before Honda pushed Ryou back onto him. Ryou's lips ringed the head of his cock, his tongue flicked at the very tip, and Jou thought he'd been struck by lightning. He threw his legs out and his head back with a sharp moan. He didn't know if Honda pushed Ryou onto him or if Ryou took him in deeper of his own accord. He'd never gotten so hard so fast in his life.

Ryou's tongue swirled around his length while his lips clamped and sucked. Jou couldn't believe how good it felt. He was amazed that Honda had been able to stay standing. His spine already felt like it was melted to liquid and about to go up in steam.

He had to slow down. He wasn't sure he could stop himself, but he managed to tug back on Ryou's hair instead of yanking him forward and thrusting himself deeper into that incredibly hot mouth.

He caught Bakura looking at him across Ryou's back with a very self-satisfied smile. For a moment Jou felt like he was the captive in the scenario, totally under Bakura's control. He grimaced, but that didn't do anything to decrease the intensity of his arousal.

Bakura leaned over Ryou's back. His long fingers caressed Ryou's hair. Ryou slowed down in response to the touch. He sighed, and the vibration from that sigh didn't help any either. But the pressure of his tongue let up a little, so Jou could at least breathe again.

"Too eager for you?" Bakura said. "He does appear to be very talented, doesn't he? But it seems our little pet needs to be reminded that he is not the one in control here."

Ryou paused at these words. He couldn't turn his head to look at Bakura, but his eyes which had been closed in concentration now opened. He still held Jou in his mouth, but with only the heat of his mouth and light pressure of his tongue, Jou could at least think a little.

Bakura caught Jou's eye, with a quick glance aside at Honda as well. Was he sizing them up again, or warning them? He moved back and ran his hand over the smooth roundedness of Ryou's ass. Ryou shivered. Jou realized it was a shiver of anticipation.

With a strange, unreal feeling of fascination, Jou knew what was coming next. He wasn't even surprised. Lying back and spread out on this sofa with his nerves on fire, with the mouth of his most demure and proper friend wrapped around the most raging hard-on he'd ever had in his life, he didn't think anything could shock him anymore

Honda knew what was coming too. He held the back of Ryou's neck in place, bracing him as well as making sure he couldn't escape. And Jou could tell from the tension in Ryou's body that he knew, too, even though he couldn't see it coming when Bakura raised his hand in the air over his exposed and vulnerable ass.

Bakura's hand was a blur in the air, and the crack of hand hitting skin was so loud even Honda jumped. Jou felt the shock of it go through Ryou and into his own cock. Ryou trembled as Bakura's hand slapped his flesh again and again. Jou counted a dozen, before the trembling moan in Ryou's throat began to vibrate around his cock, making him too distracted to count anymore.

Ryou was no longer sucking on him, but his mouth was hotter than ever as he jerked with each slap of Bakura's hand. His low moan grew in intensity. He didn't even try to pull away. In fact, he leaned forward, taking even more of Jou into his mouth, and his butt seemed to dance in the air as if to meet Bakura's touch. His skin was no longer creamy white but flaming red. Bakura's eyes seemed to gleam with the same fire that burned in Ryou's skin.

Jou felt like he had to move. Something had to happen, and soon. As Ryou jerked forward from one particularly hard slap, Jou's cockhead hit the back of his throat. Ryou swallowed, still moaning, and Jou nearly screamed.

His hips came up off he sofa of their own accord, and he found himself ramming his whole length into Ryou's mouth. Ryou shuddered around him, grasping him with his tongue.

It was too much. With a yell, he pulled Ryou off of him, then went rigid. He felt himself explode into the air. Part of his mind realized he was writhing like a spastic having a fit on the sofa. His cock was so sensitive it felt like hot wires were being drawn through it as he came. Through a haze, he saw Ryou open his lips and catch the showering drops on his tongue.

He managed to open his eyes a moment later to find Honda staring down at him with a knowing smile. He raised and wiggled his eyebrows, as if to say, "I told you it was good." Jou smiled back weakly. He realized that Ryou was nuzzling his thigh, carefully avoiding his ultra-sensitive cock.

"Jeeze," he breathed. "Shit. Wow."

Bakura chuckled. The hand that had been spanking Ryou's perfect ass a moment ago was now caressing it, Bakura's palm moving in circles over the reddened skin. Ryou was still wiggling slightly into Bakura's touch. Jou thought he could see the heatwaves rising off Ryou's backside.

Looking down at Ryou, Jou felt a stab of affection so strong it took him by surprise. He found his fingers stroking Ryou's soft, tangled hair, damp with sweat. Jou smiled at his sweet, delicate, strong, kinky friend.

Fighting a wave of satisfied sleepiness, he watched as Bakura's hand slipped down, disappearing again from his sight between the twin mounds of Ryou's ass. Ryou went still, his breath quickening into short gasps. His mouth went slack against Jou's thigh and his lashes fluttered.

Ryou made a sound Jou had never heard from the throat of a human being before, a pleading, growling moan, an animal sound of pure desire. Bakura drew a deep sigh and let it out slowly, as if hearing that sound made it hard for him to breath. His eyes blazed with a possessive fire.

"Looks like he's ready for his reward, boss," Honda said softly. "How do you want him?"

As Jou watched Bakura's face, it occured to him that he'd never seen anyone look like he wanted something so much, so badly, in his entire life.

[to be continued.