Title: Just A Fantasy 2/?
Author: Tsutsuji
Fandom: Yugioh!
Type: Slash/yaoi, m/m, pwp
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou, Honda/Ryou, Jou/Ryou
Warnings: BDSM
Summary: Feeling unusually generous, Bakura sets out to fulfill one of Ryou's secret fantasies and invites Honda and Jou along for the ride.
AN: This story got held up while I tried to decide how much s/m to put in it, and whether to be realistic about consensual sm or just go with the fantasy. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks to my enthusiastic reviewers for this fic, especially Yami no Hikari. Without them it might have taken me even longer to update. (You can take that as a hint!)

Just A Fantasy 2

"It's just a fantasy
it's not the real thing...
sometimes a fantasy
is all you need..."
--Billy Joel


Jou always figured, whatever you were doing, may as well put your whole heart into it. This didn't apply to schoolwork, of course, but it was a rule for everything else in life, and especially if you were doing something for a friend.

Keeping that in mind, he tried to recall the details of Ryou's fantasy that Bakura had just told him and Honda about a few minutes ago. His brain had stalled part way through the telling. As he watched Honda tighten the belt around Ryou's wrists, it came back to him.

"Ryou has fantasies of being the center of an orgy," Bakura had said in a low voice when Ryou was out of the room. "In particular, he often thinks of one or both of you taking him together."

"Taking him?" Jou stuttered while Honda frowned in surprise. "You mean, like...?"

"Sexually having him, doing what you will with him, however you want to put it. Fucking him senseless, to be blunt," Bakura added with a leering grin. It was at that point that Jou's brain seemed to disconnect from his ears. He'd heard the rest; he just couldn't make sense of it at the time.

"In particular, there is a scenario from his fantasies that I would like to re-enact," Bakura had continued. "In this fantasy, you two work for a boss who has a desire for beautiful, helpless young men, which you acquire for him by whatever means necessary. You have grabbed Ryou off the street and brought him to your boss, who you then entertain by preparing him for the boss's pleasure. Do you get the picture?"

"You're the boss in the fantasy, right?" Honda had said, giving Bakura a shrewd look.

"Of course," Bakura smiled at him. "And you also understand, I'm sure, that I wouldn't share my Ryou with anyone else under any other circumstances?"

"Not a problem," Honda said, and Jou nodded quickly. That part he got the first time.

But now, he was supposed to be playing this role of one of the henchman to Bakura, anonymous tough guys who were supposed to "prepare" Ryou. He wasn't sure just what "prepare" meant, but he guessed he was going to find out. Obviously, in Ryou's mind, having his arms tied behind his back was part of it.

In his teenage quest for illicit sexual thrills and information, Jou had stumbled upon a few stories of bondage and other kinky things, but he'd never been much attracted to those things. He'd seen too much violence in real life to find anything romantic or erotic about it. At the time, he'd shrugged and thought, "Whatever floats your boat, I guess." He certainly hadn't expected to find out that the most quiet and gentle one of his friends was into this kind of thing, or to discover that he was a part of that friend's kinky fantasy.

And he'd certainly never thought he'd be groping another guy's body and turning him on. But that's what was happening, no doubt about it. He had Ryou by one shoulder, Honda had him by the other, and Bakura had spread his legs. Honda's free hand was on his thigh, squeezing as he pulled his legs open wider. Jou ran his hand up and down Ryou's other leg, stopping just below where Ryou probably wanted his hand to go. If the flushed skin, flared nostrils, and panting breaths weren't evidence enough, there was that increasingly obvious bulge in Ryou's jeans to make the case.

"Show me what you've brought for me," Bakura said, a quiet command.

Jou and Honda turned Ryou around so he faced Bakura, and held him like he was on display. Honda pulled his head back by the hair. Ryou made a little whimpering sigh whenever Honda tugged on his hair and seemed to melt a little more.

"Do you like what we brought you?" Jou asked, falling into his role. "What'd'ya think - pretty nice, huh?"

Ryou's eyes fluttered open, still unfocused at first, until he was caught by Bakura's gaze. Bakura sat back on his heels and looked him over, slowly, piercingly. When his gaze returned to Ryou's face, Jou almost swore he could see the electric current that leaped between them. Bakura smiled the smile of a predator.

Then something odd happened, so quickly that Jou almost thought he imagined it. Ryou's eyes filled for a second with a look of warmth and gratitude. A tiny smile touched his lips before he lowered his eyes submissively again. And that time, it was Bakura who seemed to melt in a blaze of love so fierce Jou thought it would singe the air. Then it disappeared. The predatory, masterful look returned to Bakura's face. He leaned back and glanced sharply at his "henchmen."

"Very nice," Bakura said, his voice a growl of approval. "Now, strip him."

Just like that, Jou thought. He caught Honda's eye.

Honda shoved Ryou toward Jou, who grabbed him by his bound arms and swung him around toward his friend. Kneeling behind Ryou, Jou held him firmly with his arms locked inside Ryou's bound limbs. Ryou gave an experimental squirm against his grip.

He leaned forward, putting his chin on Ryou's shoulder. Soft hair tickled his nose. It smelled surprisingly nice. Ignoring that, Jou made his voice rough as he spoke into Ryou's ear.

"You wanna struggle, go right ahead. Makes it more interesting for the boss if you wiggle around a bit."

Ryou's eyes flew wide open in surprise, and then the same flush that had appeared when Honda first touched his face flared up again. Bakura smiled approvingly.

Jou grinned to himself. His tough-guy voice worked. He was catching on.

Honda knelt between Ryou's legs, leaned in over him, and took Ryou's shirt in his fists. Ryou looked up at him helplessly. Honda turned to Bakura.

"Fast or slow?" he asked.

Bakura's smile grew wider.

"Quickly. I want to see the prize you've brought me."

Honda ripped Ryou's shirt open. Ryou gasped and closed his eyes. Jou felt a tremor run through him as his skin was bared. Honda quickly ran his hand over Ryou's chest, pausing to flick one nipple with his fingernail. Ryou jumped and swallowed hard again.

Jou looked over Ryou's shoulder, gazing down at him with a strange sort of disinterested curiosity. He'd seen Ryou shirtless in the locker room at school, even seen him naked in the showers, but he'd never really looked before. He just had the impression that Ryou was thin and pale, but now he could see the soft but definite curve of muscles under his fine skin. He was a little better built than Jou had realized. The tension in his body and the way his chest was rising and falling rapidly, helped define his form. However, it was clear Ryou's strength was no match for his or Honda's, say nothing of the two of them together.

It was weird to think that Ryou found their strength attractive. But he supposed it made sense; some girls were attracted to their tough-guy style, which was part of the reason they played it up - although, so far, it had never gotten either of them very far.

But now things were about to get weirder, Jou thought. Honda was pulling open the fly of Ryou's jeans. Ryou went completely tense as Honda got the too-tight jeans open and shoved his hand inside. Ryou's head fell back against Jou's shoulder, then whipped forward again, and he made a strangled, questioning sound.

"Oh yeah," Honda said as he coaxed Ryou's erection out of the confines of his jeans and briefs. "You'll like this, boss." He was grinning wickedly as he exposed Ryou to Bakura's gaze.

Jou had to whisper to Ryou to remind him to breath again. This time Jou didn't blame him; he'd be holding his breath too if Honda's big paws were all over his private parts like that, for fear he'd break something. Except Jou wasn't sure that was exactly why Ryou was choking on his own breath.

Honda held Ryou in his hands, lifting his cock and balls out of his jeans. Ryou had to squirm his hips up at an awkward angle to accommodate him and keep his balls from being pinched in the fly of his jeans. Honda looked like he was considering leaving him like that, but then apparently decided to take mercy on him after all. With more care than his attitude suggested, he nudged Ryou's jeans down off his hips, freeing him. He yanked Ryou's stretched-out legs closer together in order to pull the jeans off completely, leaving Jou with a naked, aroused Ryou in his arms.

"Nice," Jou said, squeezing Ryou's biceps in his hands. "Just where we want you."

Ryou swallowed hard.

Jou looked up at Bakura. His own cheeks were a little bit flushed now, his nostrils flared and his lips were parted. Apparently Ryou's fantasy was working better for him than he'd expected.

Jou supposed he could see why. If he was into guys (which he wasn't), the sight of Ryou layed out like this all naked and available and obviously aroused would probably be taking his breath away right now too. Ryou certainly wasn't bad looking. For a guy.

Honda looked from Ryou to Bakura and back again. He held Ryou's ankles slightly apart; Jou could tell by the tension in Honda's arms that Ryou couldn't move if he wanted to. Honda wasn't smiling, but there was a strange gleam in his eye as he looked down at his captive.

"What do you want us to do with him now?" he asked quietly.

Bakura seemed to remember where they were. He dragged his eyes away from Ryou to look at each of them in turn. Jou got the feeling he was appraising them, wondering just how far they would go along with this. Jou wasn't sure he knew the answer to that himself.

"I think one of you should put that pretty mouth to good use," Bakura said finally. "Let's find out if our little guest is the cocksucker he appears to be."

Jou barely kept his cool and hid his shock. Did that mean....? Yeah, it must mean that, from the way Honda was smiling his gangster smile and staring at Ryou's mouth. He realized the shock must show on his face when Honda looked at him and his smile turned into one of amusement at Jou's discomfort.

"Sure thing, boss," Honda said smoothly. "I was wondering that myself."

Well, that answered the question about how far Honda would go. But what about Ryou?

Jou shifted so he could get his hand around to grab Ryou's face and turn it toward him.

"You ready for this?" he asked, trying not to step too far out of his role while still taking care of his friend. "Is this part of it?" he added softly.

Ryou understood. He blushed crimson and his lashes fluttered for a second, before he managed to look Jou in the eye and smile.

"Okay," Jou said.

Honda stood up in front of Ryou. Jou realized what needed to be done to make this work. He hauled up on Ryou's arms to get him up to a kneeling position. Honda yanked open the fly of his jeans and stepped in front of Ryou. Jou wrapped one arm more firmly inside Ryou's. With his other hand he grabbed a fistful of Ryou's soft hair and pulled his head back so his face was at the right angle.

Honda's hand played on his own cock. Jou was surprised to see that it was already half-hard. He watched his friend's face with greater curiosity as he moved closer to Ryou, lightly stroking himself. Honda stared hard at Ryou, unsmiling. Ryou looked up at him, at his hard, emotionless expression, and he got that melting look again. His eyes lowered to Honda's cock, and became very large.

Honda took Ryou's chin in his hand. With Jou's hand at the back of his head, together they guided Ryou's face toward Honda.

"Come on, cocksucker," Honda said in a low, smooth voice. "Come on, take it."

Jou had only heard that voice from him a couple of times. Both of those times, the other guy had a knife and thought he could win - but he didn't. Jou wondered if the rest of them knew just how dangerous Honda could really be.

Honda's fingers dug into Ryou's chin. Ryou struggled, squirming in Jou's arms. A whimper escaped his mouth as it was pried open.

Even as Ryou seemed to try to yank free of Jou's hold, Jou could see his cock jump against his thigh. The flush of arousal spread across Ryou's face and chest. Jou managed a glance aside at Bakura. He was leaning forward, his eyes glittering. His tongue came out and touched his lip just as the tip of Honda's cock slipped between Ryou's lips.

"Yeah, that's it... take it, take it all," Honda said in his strangely impassive voice.

Except for his open pants and a slight flush creeping up his neck into his face, Honda was as cool and composed as ever. Not a hair out of place, not a hint of a smile. Just that fierce look he got in his eye sometimes, and that wrinkle he got between his brows when he was determined. He stared down at Ryou like a stone statue as his thick length slid into Ryou's mouth.

Ryou made pleading sounds low in his throat. Bakura seemed to be answering them with soft growls of his own as he bent closer.

Ryou was writhing now, and Jou suddenly realized he was no longer even pretending to resist. Honda's stony expression cracked a little as Ryou began to suck on him for real, making wet, hungry sounds as his tongue and lips slid back and forth on Honda's erection. Honda seemed to lose the ability to speak words, falling into a rhythmical murmur of encouragement.

A thrill of arousal surprised Jou as he watched and felt Ryou work on Honda. He was getting hot watching his best buddy get sucked off by their kinky friend. That was weird.

He decided he might as well not resist the feeling. If it was working for them, why shouldn't it be working for him too? He finally found himself completely immersed in the scene. He caught Bakura's eye for a second, smiling a crooked smile to show that he was finally fully on-board. Bakura responded with a raised eyebrow and a grin before turning his attention back to Ryou.

Jou pushed himself closer to Ryou's back, bracing him as much as holding him captive. He found himself chanting words in Ryou's ear, words that seemed to send shivers through Ryou's shoulders and down his spine.

"You like it, don't you, pretty boy? What a great little cocksucker we found. Keep it up, now, and do a good job for my friend, and then you'll get your reward from the boss."

Jou remembered how Ryou seemed to melt when Honda had pulled his head back by the hair, so he tightened his fist in the soft strands again. Sure enough, another shudder ran through his captive's body, and he moaned around his mouthful of Honda's flesh.

Honda held Ryou's head as well while he thrust in and out of his mouth, pushing further in each time. Ryou choked and balked a little as Honda's tip hit the back of his throat. Honda and Jou loosened their grip instinctively, and Ryou shifted the angle of his head a little to accommodate Honda's length. Then he clasped his lips tightly around the stiff shaft. Jou saw a little tremor run through Honda, though his expression remained cool and impassive.

Bakura moved in closer. Ryou jumped as the boss touched him for the first time, and another questioning sound escaped his throat. Bakura knelt next to Ryou and reached between his legs. Ryou made a muffled yelp around Honda and stiffened.

"Oh, no, not yet; it's far too soon for that," Bakura purred with a wicked grin. Ryou suddenly struggled for real, and Honda grimaced as the pleading yelp Ryou made vibrated through his cock.

Jou peered down over Ryou's shoulder to see Bakura's long fingers tighten around the base of Ryou's stiff, weeping erection. Ryou's eyes bulged and he managed to look at Bakura, begging and apologizing all at once.

"Finish him off first," he growled at Ryou, indicating Honda. "But don't think of coming until I decide to allow it!"

Ryou squeezed his eyes shut. With all three of them holding his head now, and Bakura's other hand squeezing the base of his cock, he couldn't even move to nod. He signaled his compliancy by sucking harder on Honda. Honda's eyes widened. He pulled back and then plunged into Ryou's mouth again. Harder and faster he fucked Ryou's mouth. Tears leaked from Ryou's closed eyes, his body shuddered, but Jou knew he suffered only from the need for release.

Honda cracked at the last second, his face a grimace of intense pleasure as he threw his head back and gave a shout. He came hard, and Ryou swallowed convulsively. Bakura tugged at his head, Jou followed suit, and the last of Honda's seed spilled over Ryou's face and ran down his chin.

Ryou gasped, still swallowing what was left in his mouth, as Honda swore and pulled away.

"Damn. Damn," Honda said, trying to get control of himself again. "Damn, that felt.... damn," he panted.

Jou watched his friend, amused and surprised. He wondered if Ryou was just that good, or if Honda had some fantasies of his own that Jou didn't know about.

Then again, he'd felt pretty good himself, just from watching, and from feeling Ryou writhe against him, and watching Honda's face and Bakura's hungry, possessive expression. He'd actually started to get aroused, and that was something he didn't expect when he agreed to go along with this little role playing game. Who knew?

[to be continued]