Title: Just A Fantasy 1/4
Author: Tsutsuji
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Type: Slash/yaoi, m/m
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou, Honda/Ryou, Jou/Ryou
Warnings: BDSM
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters, I'm making no money from writing this fic and I intend no copyright infringement.
Summary: Feeling unusually generous, Bakura sets out to fulfill one of Ryou's secret fantasies.
AN: An attempt to write a somewhat realistic BDSM play scene, resulting in typical OOCness, I suppose!

Chapter 1

Their first warning was that the invitation came from Bakura himself, rather than Ryou. It was just an invitation to come over to Ryou's place and play some games, but Honda and Jonouchi were still surprised that it came from the darker side of the duo. Jou wasn't sure they should go at all, but Honda talked him into it.

"It can't be a Shadow Game," Honda reasoned. "Yami no Yugi made sure of that. And besides, we don't hang out with Ryou often enough. I'm sure he'd like some company besides Yami Bakura's, even if they are practically engaged."

Jou reluctantly agreed all of this was true. Yami Bakura had been rendered magically harmless at the same time he'd become a living body again, and the Millennium Items were all powerless now. And besides that, Jou remembered, Ryou had the best stock of games next to Yugi himself. So he agreed to go along after all.

They gathered in Ryou's living room, played video games, and talked. Bakura hung out with them, rather than hovering in the background as he usually did, although for the most part he watched Ryou rather than playing along. It seemed to Jou as if he felt he had to keep an eye on Ryou.

But after a couple of hours of playing around, they felt comfortable enough with him there that even Jou began to think he wasn't so bad after all. Being with Ryou seemed to have mellowed him out, even if they did both seem to have rather macabre senses of humor at times. He even began to feel a little guilty that they hadn't included Bakura in their group more often. After all, he was as much into games as any of them, and Honda had discovered that if you asked him just right and gave his ego a few strokes, he was perfectly willing to share his considerable expertise with a few tips and pointers.

Ryou went to make them some snacks. Honda offered to help, but he insisted that he didn't need any, and that Jou and Honda should continue the game they were playing. But as soon as he was out of the room, Bakura stopped the game. Before they could protest, he got their full attention by saying he had a very great favor he wanted to ask of them.

"What favor?" Jou asked, utterly surprised that Bakura would admit to needing anything from them.

"The real reason I invited you here isn't to play games, at least not these games. Don't look so nervous, Jonouchi, it's not a Shadow Game either," he chuckled. "You might consider it a gift for Ryou, a surprise I'm preparing for him."

"What kind of surprise?" Jou challenged.

"One he will enjoy very much. You see, I know some of his most secret fantasies, and there is one which I would like to fulfill."

Honda and Jou exchanged a look - doubt, wariness, and more than a little curiosity.

"Uh, what fantasy?" Honda asked cautiously.

He told them.

"You're kidding. Tell me you're kidding." Jou said. It was the most bizarre proposition he could ever imagine coming from the former tomb robber.

"Not at all," Bakura said. "Believe me, I'm not anxious to share. But Ryou wants this. Or at least, he thinks he does. Perhaps the reality will disappoint him."

"Maybe not, if we play our parts right," Honda said, to Jou's surprise. "It's like a role-playing game, right? We're just playing our characters. It's not really us, not like we are in real life."

"You can look at it like that," Bakura agreed.

Jou looked from Honda to Bakura and back again.

"How can we trust you?" he asked, glaring at Bakura. "How do we know this isn't just some sick game you're trying to play with all our heads? Especially Ryou's."

"Ask him yourself. His response should give you your answer."

They all looked up as Ryou came in, a tray of food in his hands. Honda jumped up and helped him set the tray on the low table, then sat down next to him.

They each took a few bites. An odd silence had fallen. Jou couldn't look at Ryou, and neither were the others looking at him. Bakura was staring thoughtfully at Honda, whose mind seemed somewhere else. Jou glance over and caught Ryou looking at him anxiously.

"Is something wrong with the food?" Ryou asked, concerned. "I've never seen you nibble before, Jonouchi!"

Honda and Jou both looked up guiltily, and immediately exclaimed that it was great. Jou stuffed a few more mouthfuls in to prove it.

Ryou turned to Bakura.

"Bakura, I hope you haven't done something to make my guests uncomfortable," he said with mild but pointed accusation.

Bakura smiled. "I'm afraid I probably did. But that reminds me: did you boys have something you wanted to ask Ryou?"

"Ask me? What about?"

Honda, sitting next to him, leaned over to look him in the face. But Honda's serious look got to Jou. Before Honda could say anything he had to blurt out something, even though he realized he probably looked like an idiot. He grinned, blushed, and scratched the back of his head like he was about to tell a very bad joke.

"Heh, Ryou, you haven't been having any, y'know, weird dreams about us, have you? Ha-ha, nah, you couldn't have!" Jou laughed and rattled on.

Honda didn't laugh, and continued to study Ryou's face, watching the flush that crept up from his collar to the roots of his hair. Jou sputtered into silence.

Ryou turned again to Bakura.

"You told them?" he said in a choked voice. "You said you wouldn't tell anyone!"

"I said your secret was safe with me, and I meant that I respect it enough to try to make it a reality for you. Don't you want to try it out in real life?" His voice, like his smile, was a strange blend of creepy and seductive, Jou thought. But there was something else in it as well, something he wouldn't have expected from Bakura: affection.

Ryou hung his head, though Jou could still see his cheeks flaming red through the curtain of white hair.

"Ryou," Honda said quietly. "It's okay if you say no. We won't be offended. But if it's really something you've been thinking about, you should tell us."

Ryou was silent a moment longer. Then he spoke, almost in a whisper.

"It is. I'm sorry. You must be ashamed to be near me."

Honda and Jou stared at each other in shock. Then Jou mustered up a smile and a shrug.

"Nah, we're not ashamed of you. I've dreamed weirder things, let me tell you," he said.

"Yeah, and we definitely don't want to know about those dreams," Honda added lightly. "Actually," he continued, turning back to Ryou, whose face was still hidden, "I have to admit I'm kind of flattered."

Ryou glanced up in surprise at that. "Really? You don't mind?"

"Not at all," Honda said earnestly.

Jou glanced at Bakura, who was now watching Honda intently. The dark half wasn't smiling, but then he wasn't glaring either. Jou wasn't sure what that meant.

"Then you'll agree to what I've asked of you?" Bakura said.

Ryou's eyes became huge.

"That's right, he did more than just tell us about it," Honda affirmed. "He asked us to do it for you. Here and now. Do you want that?"

Ryou stared at him, speechless.

"Wait a sec," Jou said. "We didn't say we would. I still gotta be sure that this is something *Ryou* wants, not just *his* sicko little fantasy." He jerked his thumb at Bakura.

Ryou blushed furiously at this, but said nothing. Bakura gave a short laugh. Honda kept staring into Ryou's face.

"I think there's one sure way to find out," Honda said. His hand came up to touch Ryou's cheek, the back of his knuckles brushing over the hot, flushed skin. Jou fell silent as he saw Ryou's gaze go a little unfocused.

"You don't have to do this," Ryou breathed, barely moving his lips.

"Yeah? What if I want to?" Honda said. It almost sounded like a threat.

Jou gaped. But what was more surprising than Honda's tone was Ryou's response. His eyes grew wide. His mouth fell open in surprise, and Honda slipped a fingertip between his lips. Jou thought Ryou was going to melt into a puddle on the spot, the way the heat flamed into his face and his eyes glazed over.

Bakura gave another low chuckle. Intent upon watching Ryou's face, he reached over and brushed back the strands of hair that were blocking his view, but did nothing else.

"Go on then," Honda said, drawing his finger across Ryou's lips. Ryou's lashes fluttered down, and with a shudder he closed his lips around the fingertip and gently drew it in deeper.

"Oh," Jou said, getting the picture at last.

"Okay," Honda breathed after a moment, slowly drawing his hand away. He was a little flushed now as well. "I'm convinced. I think we can do this. How about you, buddy?"

Ryou dropped his head again, hiding his face.

"Uhh..." Joey still wasn't sure about it all.

Honda let his hand trail down Ryou's chin, to his shoulder, then reached up the side of his head, entangling in his hair. Jou saw Ryou lean into the touch just a little, as if he didn't mean to but couldn't help himself. Honda pushed his head up and back, and Ryous' lips parted again, his eyes still closed. Honda shifted, pushing the table back toward Jou and leaning more over Ryou, pushing him back a little. He glanced at Bakura sitting on the other side of Ryou, who seemed to understand. His hand clamped onto Ryou's shoulder, while his other hand took hold of Ryou's knee and nudged it outward. Honda pulled on Ryou's other leg.

Ryou's breath quickened. His eyes flew opened and locked on Bakura's. The former spirit was definitely smiling now, Jou noticed.

"Still not sure if Ryou wants this?" Honda said to Jou. "Check this out." He looked down, and Jou followed his gaze down Ryou's body. "Pretty clear evidence, I'd say."

Ryou squirmed and made a little sound of protest as they spread his legs, but Jou could tell he wasn't really struggling against them. And as he glanced down Jou had to admit, the bulge in Ryou's jeans was a pretty clear sign.

"Come on, Jonouchi," Bakura said. "You're part of this as well. They all are, aren't they?" he continued in a purring voice close to Ryou's ear. "Sometimes it's the two of you, sometimes all of the others, Yugi, and Seto Kaiba, and Anzu, all touching you, all taking you..." Ryou's breath came in quick shallow gasps. "Even Yugi's Other Self, sometimes..." he sounded to Jou like he'd rather eat live snakes than let the former Pharoah enter into this fantasy and touch Ryou, but the effect of the words was the same anyway. Ryou squirmed, the bulge grew larger. Honda yanked his head back by the hair, and Ryou let out a moan.

Jou made up his mind at last. He stood up and stepped around the group, and knelt on the floor, behind Ryou's shoulder next to Bakura. He glanced again at Honda. His friend seemed to be getting into this role-playing thing really well. Honda had some strange look on his face, as if he had some secret understanding of what Ryou wanted.

Jou was not so caught up in the role, not yet anyway. Maybe Honda had done something like this before and never told him, or maybe he'd just thought about it, but it was all new to Jou. Well, new as a reality, anyway. He'd heard about the kinky things some people did, but never expected his own friends, least of all Ryou, to ask him to do any of those things.

He reached around tentatively to touch Ryou, sliding his palm over his shirt and down to his waist. Ryou's chest was rising and falling rapidly, the muscles of his torso flexing under his shirt. With a strange feeling in his gut, Jou reached lower. His palm barely, barely touched the telltale bulge in Ryou's jeans. Ryou gave a startled gasp and arched his back. Honda took hold of his hair and pulled his head back again, and joined his hand to Jou's, pressing down. Ryou made a sound between a gasp and a squeal as his hips bucked.

"Yeah. He wants this," Honda said softly.

But Jou had to make sure, just for his own peace of mind. Sometimes your body thinks it wants something that your mind should know better than to let you have.

"Ryou," he said firmly. "Look at me a sec, would you?"

With an effort, Ryou opened his eyes and turned to face him.

"Listen, Ryou, I just gotta know that this is really okay with you, especially if we're gonna play it the way Bakura here said you dreamed it. So I'm gonna give you something I read about, called a safeword. If we do something you don't like, you say this word and it stops, no questions asked. Okay with you?"

Ryou's glazed look faded a little and he nodded. "Yes."

"Any objections from the rest of you?" he asked challengingly.

Bakura shrugged. "If you insist."

Honda nodded his agreement. "That means if you just say 'stop,' we keep right on going," he added with a grin.

"Okay. You say the word, uh, riceball, that's your safeword. And if you can't speak for some reason, you stick all your fingers out like this." Jou held up his hand, fingers splayed. "All right?"

Ryou nodded again. "Yes. Thank you, Jonouchi-kun."

"Don't thank him yet, he hasn't done anything useful," Honda said. Jou made a face at him.

"Well, let's do this then," he said to Honda, who smiled back grimly.

"Yeah. Let's do it."

He pushed Ryou back against Jonouchi. Jou held him by the shoulders, letting his fingers dig in hard. Bakura knelt at Ryou's side, holding his legs apart. Honda knelt up on his knees, and, holding Ryou's gaze in his, took off his belt. He moved around behind Ryou and reached in front of Jou, pulled Ryou's arms back, and tied his wrists with the leather strap.

"Breathe, Ryou," Jou said in his ear. "You keep panting like that, you're gonna pass out before we get anywhere."

Bakura laughed quietly. Ryou took a few deep, shuddering breaths.

"That's better," Jou said. "Stay with us, now, 'cause we're just getting started."

to be continued!