By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Rating; NC-17.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon (in much later chapters, this might end up being an epic *sighs* again) Language.

Notes; AU, Crossover, weirdness, TWT, No show plot is left intact! *LOL* OOC, just insanity.

Sorry to any trekkies if there's inconsistencies here, I really need to watch the show more! And I don't know the exact size of an Oozaru, so sorry if I got that wrong too.

This is a response to my own challenge on my yahoo ML, DragonWing_Yaoi.

Pairings; Spock/Vegeta. heard right! Spock/Vegeta!!!

//Captain's log//



"Captain!" Uhura turned in her seat, her dark eyes wide. "The distress just..stopped." She turned back to the communications console and tried to re-establish contact with the outpost on Diridian M3162, which had sent out a plea for help two hours ago.

Captain James T. Kirk sat in his chair, eyes narrowing slightly as his hands clenched into fists. He felt so helpless as he watched the viewscreen.

"Dammit Jim we've got to do something!" Dr. 'Bones' McCoy seethed as he also stared at the screen.

"Spock.." Kirk turned to the Vulcan science officer. "Can you make any sense of what's happening down there?"

"Negative Captain." Came the reply as Mr. Spock scanned the lines of data flashing across his computer screen. "The scanner readings are being compromised by the massive electrical and magnetic fields generated by the climatic conditions."

"Well we can't just stand here!" Bones stepped closer to the screen, face pinched with worry. "People could be dying down there!"

The bridge crew of the Enterprise stared at the image of Diridian M3162. The planet, a recently discovered class M, with what was thought to be a relatively stable climate, was currently a dark grey instead of it's usual blue and green. Spock's scans had indicated the entire planet was experiencing severe weather conditions, which included electrical and magnetic storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

"How many people are stationed on the Diridian outpost?" Kirk asked.

"Three hundred and forty eight sir." Uhura answered, having accessed the records knowing he would ask.

The Captain looked away, jaw tightening. "We..have to find a way down there, there's no other choice." He said, rising abruptly. "Bones, Spock." He said. "Gather the necessary personnel and equipment, we're going down there. Mr. Sulu, bring the ship into orbit." He turned to Uhura. "Call starfleet and ask for a medical ship, and have it equipped with extra shuttle craft, if we can't do an emergency beam out to evacuate, we'll have to do it by shuttle. Scotty." Kirk lifted his head, waiting for a response from the ship's engineer as they entered the turbo lift.

"Aye Captain." Came the boisterous response.

"We're going to try to get down to the planet's surface and see what's happening down there, I want you keep a lock on us for as long as possible, and if we get into any trouble, start beaming us out right away."

"I'll do what I can sir." Scotty said, turning to the transporter and eyeing it apprehensively. "But it's not goin ta be easy!"

The three men were met in the shuttle bay by a nurse carrying three medical bags, one of which she handed to Dr. McCoy, and two junior science officers who immediately started handing long reports to Mr. Spock.

"Alright." Kirk strode into one of the shuttles. "We'll take two shuttle craft. Bones, you're with me, Spock, you the science officers will take the other."

"Yes Captain." Mr. Spock picked up his own case of equipment and entered the second shuttle.

"Be careful Captain." Scotty's voice came over the shuttle's communication system. "The electromagnetic fields down there will make it impossible for me to reach you when you get too close!"

"Don't worry Mr. Scott. We'll be careful." Kirk smiled as he sat down at the controls.

The two shuttle craft slowly made their way out of the shuttle bay and moved away from the ship.

"Captain." Mr. Spock's voice came through the com link. "I will try to re-establish contact with the probe we launched earlier." The two junior science officers each took a console and began attempting to scan past the storm once again. "Raise the shields, and let's try to break through the atmosphere." Kirk said, strapping himself into a seat beside Bones. "Full impulse power."

Chikyuu...another dimension, another time..........

Vegeta laughed as he flew through the sky. His tail was restored, and he had used the second wish to make himself be able to reach SSJ3 with his tail intact. "Now let's see what the third class baka yarou has to say about this!" He smirked and streaked off to a deserted island.

"Hmm....what should I do first..." He grinned. "What the hell. I feel like a little stroll down memory lane." The prince's lips twisted into an evil sneer as he gathered a ball of ki into his hand, focusing and concentrating it. "It's been a long time since I've done this."

Back in the shuttle craft.....

"Damn!" Captain Kirk swore as he tried to help the officer steady their shuttle.

"Spock!" Bones tried to contact the other ship. "Are you alright back there?"

"We are experiencing severe turbulence as well Doctor." The calm voice of the other man grated on McCoy's nerves. There was no time to argue however as both ships were caught in a severe wind, sending them careening to the left, then lurching down fast enough to lift those not securely strapped in right out of their seats.

"I'm afraid Doctor that we will need your services for one of our own men when we land." Spock's voice came again, belying no emotion, only stating a fact. "Junior science officer Jones was not wearing his restraints a moment ago and struck his head on the roof of the shuttle craft."

"Shit!" Bones swore vehemently, scowling. "Crazy rookie officers, never think about the little trying not to get injured in the middle of a mission." He grumbled.

Kirk shot him a sideways glance. "There's no time for that now, let's just try to land this thing in one piece." Both men bent over the control consoles, silently working to steady the ship. They jumped as a huge blue thunderbolt ripped through the sky just above them. They heard and felt the crash from behind them, and both men turned to each other, eyes wide as they realized the bolt had just struck the other shuttle craft.

"SPOCK!" Both men shouted in unison.

"Captain! Dr. McCoy!" The panicked voice of the other junior science officer came through the comm link. "Mr. Spock...he's...Oh God..." The man was obviously near tears.

"What the hell happened?!" McCoy demanded. "What happened to Spock?"

"Sir...Mr. Spock..he's gone." The officer's voice came again.

"Gone?! You mean...he's dead?" Kirk whispered, eyes wide.

"I...I don't know sir. The bolt of lightening hit us, and then it came into the ship through the main console, and hit Mr. Spock. Then...he..he just vanished sir."


Spock grunted as he was deposited none too gently onto his butt. He looked around briefly, eyes scanning his surroundings before he stood and dusted off his uniform. He shielded his eyes as a bright flash lit up the sky. The sound of snarling and growling to his left had him spinning in that direction, phaser out and ready to shoot.

There stood a man, much shorter than Spock, with a tight blue uniform with white and gold armor. He had ebony hair which stood up like a long black flame. The man appeared to be staring up at the sky, straight into the light. Spock pulled out a tricorder and scanned the ball of light that appeared to be just hanging in the sky.

"A highly concentrated form of artificial moonlight." Spock looked up at the orb curiously. His attention was once again drawn back to the man to his left, and the Vulcan's eyes widened slightly as he saw the man had nearly tripled in size. He pointed his tricorder at the strange being and watched in amazement as the man continued to grow in size, fur sprouting all over his face and neck and the bones of his face shifting.

Spock stared at the huge ape-like creature which now stood about 80 feet high.

"There, let's see how Kakarott likes this." The Oozaru chuckled and stomped off.

"Fascinating." Spock breathed, one eyebrow raised as he stared after it. He put his tricorder back in his bag and quietly made his way after the creature, taking care to stay hidden behind rocks and shrubs.

To Be Continued.......

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