By Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte

Pairing; Goku/Yamcha, Vegeta/Goku.

Rating; NC-17.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, mild angst.

Notes; TWT, kind of PWP, OOC, (hope not too much..) slight Yamcha bashing. Songfic to Fearless by Brian Adams.

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Description; A love triangle fic, this song got played at work over and over and over again, and I could see this scene playing out in my head. *grins* Finally I just had to do it.

Moonlight streamed in through the bedroom window, casting an eerie grey light over the two writhing, sweat drenched figures on the bed.

"Ahnn.....Goku..." Yamcha gasped as the Saiyan thrust into him. "Please...." He moaned, fingers tightening in spiky black hair. A sharp cry escaped him as he came, his seed shooting out and covering both their stomachs. Goku grunted and shot his hips forward, his own essence spilling deep in his lover's body.

Goku slumped on top of Yamcha, panting. He closed his eyes and turned his head away, keeping his lover from seeing the slight frown on his handsome face. He and the human had been a couple for about two years. They had seemed happy at first, always together, and having fun, but then Yamcha had started up with his old tricks, namely flirting with girls, and going out all hours of the night to concerts and clubs. Goku had tried to talk it out with his lover, and when that hadn't worked, he'd simply tried to accept it, seeing this kind of behavior when Yamcha and Bulma were together. But he just couldn't.

In the end, Goku had fallen into the arms of another, and now he found himself torn, unable to make a decision. It was tearing him apart inside.

He curled up beside Yamcha, lying still and quiet as the human's breathing became deep and even, signaling he was asleep. After almost an hour, Goku couldn't stand it anymore. *I'm sorry koi...* He leaned over and brushed a light kiss across the other man's cheek before disappearing.

Vegeta's eyes lifted from the book held against his chest as the air stirred at the foot of his bed. He sat up, covers falling down to reveal him wearing nothing but a pair of silk pajama pants. A glowing light appeared, then swiftly took the shape of his secret lover. "So." The Saiyan prince sneered. "You came crawling back after all, did you?" He closed the book and set it on the night stand, folding his hands over his chest. "What's wrong Kakarott....little ningen not satisfying you again?" His voice dripped with venom. *I hate this dammit! Bakayaro lives with a weak human..who has neither the ability, or a clue of how to satisfy a Saiyan, and then he has the audacity to come and see me when he needs more...* Vegeta snarled softly as Goku walked over and sat on the bed beside him. "Kisama!" The ouji hissed. "You've got a lot of damn nerve! Coming to me after being with him!"

"Vegeta..please..." Goku whispered, fingers trailing along Vegeta's silk clad thigh. "I'm sorry...I know what you said, but I need..." He was cut off by Vegeta leaping off the bed and leaning against the wall, putting distance between them.

"You need." Vegeta scoffed, glaring at him. "Yes...of course..you need your little ningen to live with.." He shook his head. "And you need to creep around in the middle of the night to come and see me to satisfy all your other needs."

Goku hunched his shoulders, eyes shut tightly. "It's not like that Vegeta..you make what we do sound...."

"Tawdry? Cheap?" Vegeta snapped, slamming his fist into the wall. He laughed, but the sound had a hollow, bitter ring to it. "What the hell do you want from me Kakarott? Do you expect to walk in here, after taking your weak, superficial lover, and have me be so grateful you even came that I just lay back and spread my legs for you?" The prince's hair flashed gold briefly in his anger. "I told you the last time you came here that I will not stand for playing second fiddle to a....a ningen!" He seethed. "You can't even remember what I tell you from one week to the next..."

Goku dragged his hands down his face. *Kami...do I ever remember that night..* He shuddered, remembering their fight a week ago. It had taken two senzus for Goku to make himself presentable enough to go home after Vegeta had finished with him. *I know he wants all or nothing...but...I care for Yamcha...* He turned and looked over his shoulder at the prince, dark eyes haunted. *On the other hand, I...I can't let go of Vegeta, either.* Goku sighed, knowing Vegeta's pride would not permit this situation to go on much longer. *Dammit...I've got to do something soon...before Vegeta decides to do it for me.* He pondered Vegeta's words. Suddenly an evil smirk settled on the younger Saiyan's face. "Vegeta..." He purred, standing up and turning around.

Vegeta tensed, dropping into a half crouch as the younger Saiyan slowly walked toward him, an uncharacteristically predatory grin on his face. "Keep your distance." He growled. "I've already given you my answer. You will not take me...not when you still stink of the ningen..." He hissed.

Goku smiled slyly at him, dark eyes flashing. "Who said anything about me taking you koi..?" He purred, coming to a stop before the ouji. "Maybe this time..." He breathed, sinking to his knees in front of the smaller Saiyan. "...I want you to take me..."

Vegeta quirked an eyebrow at the other Saiyan's words, then smirked as Goku leaned forward and began nuzzling his stomach. His eyes slid closed as the larger man's fingers hooked in the waistband of his pants and slowly pulled them down.

"Geta...." Goku murmured, flicking his tongue out to taste Vegeta's skin. "Please..."

Vegeta inhaled sharply as Goku's mouth moved lower, then his nose wrinkled as his eyes popped open. "Kakarott...." He growled as the smell of the humans sweat and sex hit him. "You need a bath." He grabbed Goku's arm and proceeded to half drag, half carry the surprised Saiyan down the hall to the bathroom.

Goku grunted, splaying his hands against the wall as Vegeta unceremoniously flung him into the shower stall. "Hey!" He yelped as the prince tore away his boxers. "I needed those..." He swallowed hard as Vegeta slowly peeled off his own pajama pants.

Vegeta reached out and flipped on the taps, pulling the lever to turn on the shower, then chuckling at Goku's surprised cry as cold water poured down on him. He turned the hot water up, and stepped in. "Kakarott...." He twisted and glared up at the other Saiyan as large hands slid over his chest in slow circles.

Goku blinked as Vegeta grabbed his hand and slapped a bar of soap into his palm. He looked down and cringed slightly at the other man's stern look. "Okay, okay.." He sighed, pulling away and lathering himself up. "Boy you sure are being picky tonight koi.." He grinned, then sobered at the venomous look Vegeta shot back at him.

"You can go home anytime if you don't like it." Vegeta said, voice low and dangerous. "You came to me asking for my touch..." He moved to leave the shower stall. "I don't think it's too much to ask that I not have to smell the scent of your other lover's cum all over you while we are intimate."

Goku wrapped his arms around Vegeta, frowning at the tenseness in the other's body as he slowly coaxed him back. "Gomen Vegeta...I...you're right. It's not too much to ask." He said softly, leaning down to rake his teeth up the side of the prince's throat. He stepped into the spray and rinsed his body, eyes closing as small hands slid across his stomach. "Vegeta..I.." He groaned as the other Saiyan's hand plunged down to grasp his half hard cock, stroking him slowly. He threw his head back, a low growl bursting from his throat as Vegeta roughly pushed two soap slicked fingers into him. "Please..." He rasped as the other Saiyan stretched him gently.

Vegeta rested his cheek against Goku's broad back, smirking. He probed for his koi's pleasure spot, and snickered when loud whimper let him know he'd found what he was seeking.

Goku growled and panted, hips bucking, fingers raking down the walls of the stall while Vegeta pleasured him with his hands. A low chuckle sounded from behind him, and Goku gasped in surprise, suddenly finding himself on his knees, legs spread wide as Vegeta knelt behind him. "V...Vegeta..." He stuttered, freezing when he felt something hard and thick pressing against his entrance.

"You want it koi?" Vegeta said softly, pushing against him a little harder, soapy hands coming around to grip Goku's erection and slide up and down quickly. He smirked as Goku writhed in his arms, a quavering moan escaping him. "I asked you a question.." He purred, slowing his hands.

Goku nodded his head rapidly. "Y..yes...'geta...please..AAhhhhnnnn!" He cried out as Vegeta's length plunged into him, driving deep and stroking his prostate. "Nn....hai...Veg..etaaaa...." He moaned, hands clawing at the wall, hips bucking back to meet the other man's thrusts.

Vegeta snarled, hands digging into the other Saiyan's hips hard enough to bruise as he pounded into his lover. *You will beg koi....beg me for more...admit I can satisfy you in ways the little ningen can't.* He smirked as Goku growled and arched before him.

"Vegetaaa...Onegai....More.." Goku groaned, twisting in the prince's grasp and rocking his hips. "Harder...." He whimpered, shuddering as spots appeared before his eyes. "Uhh....hnn....Vegeta...ah...hai....HAAAIIII!" The Saiyan threw his head back and screamed, his seed shooting out and hitting the wall.

Vegeta buried himself in his lover one last time and climaxed with a shout before slumping against the taller man's back. His eyes slipped closed, the only sounds in the room those of the shower and heavy breathing.

Goku leaned forward, his weight braced on his hands, head resting in the crook of his arm. He whimpered softly as Vegeta pulled away from him and stood. The Saiyan craned his neck to look up at his lover. "'geta?" He asked softly.

The prince leaned forward and shut off the water, hooking his hand under Goku's arm and coaxing him to his feet. "Come on, Kakarott..." He purred softly, obsidian eyes gleaming. "Let's take this someplace more...comfortable." He threw a towel at Goku, chuckling as it hit him in the face, and moved quickly down the hall.

"Hey!" Goku laughed, snatching the towel off his head and racing after the smaller Saiyan. He ran into the bedroom, and sensed Vegeta's ki a split second too late as the prince came up and tackled him from behind. "Vegeta!" Goku yelped as he found himself turned in mid-air and slammed onto the bed, Vegeta's hands pinning his wrists down.

Vegeta smirked and darted his head down, attacking the Saiyan's nipple with his teeth and tongue before the other man could think to protest. He chuckled softly as the taller man began to shift restlessly beneath him. "Hnn....ready for more I see?" The prince purred.

Goku moaned softly when Vegeta's hand closed around his shaft and squeezed gently, before sliding up and down. "Vegeta..." He whispered, arching off the bed into the other Saiyan's touch. He gasped, feeling the head of Vegeta's arousal pressing against his still slick entrance. "Yes..." He rasped, hooking one leg around the prince's waist, while Vegeta drew the other up over his shoulder. Goku threw his head back, a loud groan escaping him as Vegeta plunged his length into him once more.

The sounds of squeaking bedsprings, loud moans, panting and flesh hitting flesh filled the room as the two Saiyans arched and bucked against each other. Bright light flashed across the walls as Vegeta's power level soared.

"More!" Goku cried, all but bouncing off the bed with the force of Vegeta's thrusts, hands fisted in the sheets, tearing them to rags while his head tossed from side to side.

Vegeta, already powered up to SSJ, complied immediately, jumping to level two. His eyes opened, and he gazed down at the other Saiyan, feeling Goku's body tensing and starting to tremble. He snarled softly at the ear splitting shriek that tore itself from the other Saiyan's throat before Goku's seed shot into the air, dropping onto his own stomach and chest, then Vegeta followed his lover over the edge with a scream, before slumping on top of the other Saiyan.

Several moments later, Goku shifted slightly beneath him, burly arms wrapping around Vegeta's shoulders. "Mmm...." He purred, nuzzling the prince's hair. "Arigato Vegeta..that was incredible.." The tall Saiyan smiled, hands running up and down Vegeta's back slowly.

"You should go Kakarott." Vegeta muttered. "Go home before your little ningen wakes up." He slid off of Goku, curling up beside him.

"His name is Yamcha, Vegeta, and he was sound asleep when I left, the guy sleeps so deeply you could set off a bomb under the bed and it wouldn't even faze him." Goku chuckled.

"Still, I wonder how he'd react to you showing up, naked, with my marks all over you, not to mention my scent..." Vegeta purred, running a finger down Goku's stomach.

Goku's mind whirled. *Oh shit! He's right, I have no boxers, no senzus with me to take away these bruises and bite marks...and..* He sniffed the air. *Man..I do have Vegeta's scent all over me.. Oh man, I hope Yamcha is still asleep....*

It's 3 AM, and I'm lying here next to you, whatcha gonna do?

Will you tell a story, when he asks you where the hell you've been, or will you tell the truth?

"Mm....Hmm?" Yamcha cracked open an eye as his hand snaked across the bed in search of his lover's warm body, only to encounter cold sheets. "Goku?" He sat up, blinking in the moonlit room. "Where the hell did he go this time?" The human wondered aloud. "This is the third time this month he's disappeared like this... If it were anyone but Goku..I'd suspect he was cheating on me.." Yamcha sighed.

I ain't holding back, I know where I stand, I just wanna be with you.

Gotta face the fact, baby I'm your man, I've gotta get it through to you

I'm fearless.

Vegeta scowled at Goku's sudden silence. "Kakarott, why do you do this?"

Goku tensed, staring up at the ceiling, his face set in a hard mask. "What?"

"Don't play dumb with me Kakarott. Why do you plaster that shit eating smile on your face and pretend to be happy with the ningen, then skulk around in the night to have your needs met? Why do you insist on playing this ridiculous game?" Vegeta growled.

"Vegeta..." Goku sat up, dragging a hand down his face and heaving a frustrated sigh. "I care for Yamcha. I told you that. But..." He turned to face the prince. "I care for you too..." He leaned down to kiss Vegeta, but blinked in surprise when Vegeta stood up, stalking to the bedroom door.

The Saiyan prince paused in the doorway. "Kakarott...." He began, turning to face him. "I'm sick of this nonsense. I refuse to be used in such a fashion anymore. You say you care for both of us, then stop playing Yamcha for a fool, and treating me like your whore." He held up a hand to stop Goku's protests. "You have 24 hours to make a decision Kakarott, before I make it for you."

"Vegeta..." Goku stared at the other Saiyan, eyes wide.

"24 hours Kakarott, you either tell the ningen what you've been up to, or I'll tell him for you." Vegeta snapped, spinning and striding down the hall. "I'm going to take another shower, you can show yourself out." He said curtly.

Goku winced as the bathroom door slammed, looking over at the clock. "Man..3 AM, and Gohan's coming over at nine..." He yawned. "This is not gonna be a good day.." He sighed, putting two fingers to his forehead and vanishing.

Vegeta sighed, slumping against the wall of the shower. "Yamcha will know whether you want him to or not koi...I will not permit this farce to continue any longer." He leaned his head back and stared at the ceiling. *The ningen doesn't have the strength, or the knowledge of basic Saiyan instincts necessary to satisfy Kakarott...he doesn't even have the ability to stay in a long term relationship with anyone..* Vegeta thought, remembering the complaints Goku had voiced before they had started seeing each other on the sly. *Yamcha can't take all that Kakarott can give, nor can he give Kakarott what he truly needs....he'll never understand him...hell -I- don't even understand him all the time* The prince chuckled. *But I come closer to it than all these pitiful humans....* Vegeta thought, wondering after everything that had happened with Chi-Chi, including a painful divorce, why the younger Saiyan would go and hook up with yet another human. "Ah it doesn't matter now..." Vegeta said quietly, jaw set with determination. "Soon the ningen will know what's really been going on, one way or the other...."

You don't have to hide, you don't have to share half your life with some other guy

Baby we're so strong, and it's been going on so long, it's time to make it right

want you to spend the night....

Well I ain't holdin back, I know where I stand

I just wanna be with you

Gotta face the fact, baby I'm your man

I gotta get it through to you

that I'm fearless

Yamcha paced back and forth across the kitchen floor, suspicions gelling in his mind as he went over Goku's activities in the last month. *No...this is nuts...Goku couldn't be cheating on me...could he?* The human paused, looking out the window, his features settling into a mask of guilt and regret. *Maybe it's just my own guilty conscience haunting me that's making me so paranoid...* He resumed pacing.

Goku appeared in the bedroom, completely naked, with bite marks and hickeys all over his torse, and visible bruises where Vegeta's hands had gripped his hips tightly. Goku sniffed, his eyes widening. "Oh man...I'm a mess. I..." He blushed as he looked down at himself, then gasped at the marks. "Oh shit! Senzu..." He raced over to the nightstand and opened the drawer, fully expecting to find the small bag of them he always kept for emergencies. "W..what the..where the hell are they?" He panicked, running around to the other night stand. "No..not here either.." The Saiyan stood in the center of the room, looking around with wide eyes.

"Goku!" Yamcha's head snapped around when he felt the energy signature of his lover in the bedroom. He quickly made his way up the stairs, and stopped just outside the bedroom door as the sound of drawers opening and closing reached his ears.

"Dammit! Where are they? I can't let Yamcha see me like this!" Goku muttered, searching the dresser with trembling hands. He froze, face paling as he heard the door swing open behind him.

"Can't let me see you like what Goku?" Yamcha whispered, stepping into the room. The human gasped softly as he walked up beside Goku and saw the bruises that marred the pale skin of his hips. "What...?" He trailed off, eyes raising to stare at the myriad of marks all over Goku's throat, chest and stomach. Yamcha backed up suddenly, sitting down hard when the back of his knees hit the corner of the bed.

"Yamcha...I..." Goku began, unable to meet his lover's eyes.

Yamcha leaned over, burying his face in his hands and staying completely still for several seconds. He sat up so suddenly he startled Goku. "So...I guess ....this makes us even huh?" He asked quietly, eyes shimmering.

Goku blinked. "What?" He walked over and sat down when Yamcha patted the bed beside him.

"I think we need to talk Goku..." Yamcha sighed.

Three hours later.......

Vegeta sat on his bed, toying with the bag of senzus he had taken from Goku and Yamcha's house the day before. *I knew you'd be back Kakarott. But this time I made sure to take away your ability to hide what we're doing.* The prince had easily brushed aside the whisper of his conscience that had tried to make him feel guilty for taking the beans, and for forcing the other Saiyan's hand. *He doesn't belong with him, he belongs with me.* Vegeta thought, lips set in a thin line as he slipped the bag into the very back corner of his nightstand drawer. *And I will do whatever is necessary to make him mine...*

I ain't holdin back, I know where I stand

I just wanna be with you

Gotta face the fact, baby I'm your man

I gotta get it through to you

that I'm fearless

Just as Vegeta shut the drawer and lay down on the bed, he felt the air in the room stirring, as a familiar energy built near the door. "Kakarott..." He said quietly, sitting up.

Goku appeared, four suitcases lying at his feet. "H..hey Vegeta.." He stammered, hand behind his head and a shy smile on his face. "Would..um..you mind if I spent the night?"

Vegeta moved over on the bed, crossing his arms behind his head and looking up at Goku curiously, and cursing his conscience, which seemed as if it had suddenly gone SSJ and come back with a vengeance. "Did the...did Yamcha kick you out?" He asked quietly.

Goku frowned. "No." He sat down and reached out, running his fingers through Vegeta's hair. "Turns out he's been seeing a woman...all the time I've been seeing you. Dammit!" He slammed his fist down on the mattress. "I...I was blind. You were right Vegeta..I should have told him earlier. All this time wasted...Making you, me, Yamcha and the woman he's been seeing unhappy..." He laid down, pulling Vegeta close.

The Saiyan prince lay still and silent beside his lover. *I've won...* He thought. *But why do I feel so lousy about it?* After a few minutes he growled in frustration, pushing Goku away, getting off the bed and yanking open his nightstand drawer. "You were probably looking for these when you went home..." He threw the bag at his lover.

Goku caught the bag and stared at Vegeta incredulously. "Y..You...you had them? But how....when did you..." He stood and gripped Vegeta's shoulders, staring into his eyes. "Why Vegeta?"

"Because I knew you'd be back tonight!" Vegeta snapped. "After the way you acted earlier this morning during the sparring session with Goten and Trunks...you pinned me..and almost kissed me right in front of them! Then.." He shivered slightly at the memory. "You wouldn't get off and let me up. It took Goten asking if something was wrong before you snapped out of your daze and stood up!" He glared up at the other Saiyan, eyes like black ice. "You weren't happy with the ningen, that much was obvious, and it was becoming clearer by the day who you did want to be with! Admit it Kakarott! Your grand-daughter's birthday party, you went upstairs to the bathroom, I was coming out, you pushed me back into the room. Five minutes later Yamcha comes looking for you and almost catches us kissing and groping in there!"

Goku sighed, his hands sliding off Vegeta's shoulders. "You're right..." He said softly, his arms wrapping around the older Saiyan's waist. "I guess...I was just.."

"Just falling back into old habits and staying with someone because of a misplaced sense of obligation." Vegeta said quietly. "Because it was easier and caused others less pain to play along, rather than rock the boat and go after what you wanted. Or so you thought..."

Goku sat down on the bed. "I cared for Yamcha...I still do.." He looked up sadly at Vegeta. "I didn't know he had started seeing someone else on the side too, I wish he would have told me he was that dissatisfied with our relationship..Mind you I should have said something too.." He smiled ruefully. "So I guess in a way, you accomplished two things Vegeta.." He leaned back, chuckling as he pulled a struggling Vegeta down with him. "You won..we're no longer a secret..." He pulled gently at Vegeta's spandex shorts. "And you made me and Yamcha talk things out, and find out both of us were unhappy, and probably should go our separate ways before we cause each other any more pain." He rolled over, pinning Vegeta beneath him. "So...now that you've got me Vegeta...what are you going to do with me?"

Vegeta gave Goku a wicked smirk before powering up to SSJ. "Oh I've got plans for you Kakarott...big plans.." He purred, darting his head forward and claiming the other Saiyan's lips in searing kiss.

Well I ain't holdin back, I know where I stand

I just wanna be with you

Gotta face the fact, baby I'm your man

I gotta get it through to you

that I'm fearless


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