By: Rena "Sama" / 'the light'

Part IV

I actually dream. I dream of my new love, my Kakarotto; as if I'm meeting him for the first time.

I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each otherís dreams we can 'play' together all night.


As I wake the next morning, I feel oddly light; as if some great weight has been lifted. Our heady scents still cling to the air and to the sheets under us. I try to open my eyes, but squint slightly at the bright shaft of light that flows in from an open widow. When my eyes adjust, I begin to see the outline of Kakarotto's body against the brightness. He leans over the windowsill, putting his weight on his crossed arms. The sun baths his handsome features in a warm glow and giving him an almost ethereal, unearthly air. He wears no clothing. His thick tail sways behind him; gliding across his delicious rear and tapping him lightly against his strong thighs. The same thighs that wrapped themselves around me as we found rapture in each otherís flesh.

That will always be my sweetest memory.

I just look at him. A look without malice, contempt, or jealousy. Just awe and love. I didn't realize exactly when I stopped wanting to best him. When did I cease my mad quest to control him, to oppress him? When did I realize power wasn't my objective anymore?

My objective was _ him_ It was always him.

It doesn't matter.

Now, I just want to love him, everything about him, right down to the last spiky hair on is head.

With a small smile gracing his lips, he stares, fixated on the world outside the window as if he'd never seen it before. Completely oblivious to my scrutiny.

Or so I thought.

"So you're finally awake?" he says warmly, not even turning his head.


"Aa.." he says. I wondered idly how long he intended to stare before the sound of rustling sheets reaches my ears. After only a moment, two strong arms make their way around my waist. I can feel warmth radiating from his smaller frame, and his heart beating against my back. He rubs his cheek over my shoulder blade, purring softly into my skin. I put a hand over his and rub his fingers as his tail coils my arm. I never expected such tenderness from him. He, who was at my throat only a day ago. He, who told me he loves me. He, who's touch has changed me forever.

I turn around in his embrace to face him. I look down into his dark, bottomless eyes. I'm taken aback by what I see. With a small smile on his handsome face, he looks at me with an openness and love I've never seen from him. Once I've seen his face so unguarded. Only at the height of passion. But still this is different. A look maybe even Buruuma may not have ever seen. He holds back nothing from me. His emotions, no longer covered by his perpetual mask of anger, pride, or aloofness.

For once he lets me see all that he is. He trusts me. I can't even explain how happy that has made me.

He looks up at me a moment longer before burying his face in my chest.

"Ai shiteru...Kakarotto.." he says just above a whisper and slightly muffled. I rub the back of his head, keeping my free arm around his waist. His soft words pull at something in me. I burned for him for so long, loved him for so long. I knew he shared my feelings. I don't know how I could have resisted my fiery prince for so long. Now I can never go back to the way things were. Nor do I want to.

"Bejiita.." I breathe, still running my hands through his surprisingly soft hair. I wonder if he heard all the elation and love in that one word. He looks up at me with his shinning midnight eyes.

Suddenly, a loud rumble sounds through the whole room; breaking our trance. For once my stomach is not the culprit. I turn questioning eyes to my love in time to see a small and unbearably cute blush spread over the bridge of my prince's nose.


I just stare up at him, my eyes slightly widened. I can feel the heat coming to my face. But his soft, breathless chuckle calms me. He smiles impishly before giving me a quick peck on the nose.

"Come on..I'll make ya something to eat.." he says still giggling.



I walk into the kitchen to see him roaming through the cupboards. Poking his tousled head in here and there. His tail swaying in small loops behind him. With a small cry of triumph he finds the pancake mix. I just watch in amusement as he bounces around the kitchen getting more ingredients.

He stirs the mix and prattles on about his time with Shenron, the odd places he went, and all the strange people he met. No stranger than the bums who came to earth looking to pick a fight I bet. Then something struck me.

" can cook?!"

He glances up from his stirring with his head cocked to the side.

"Oh yea! No one's gonna cook for me up there ALL the time! So I picked up a few new tricks. "

A small, not so innocent smirk makes it's way to his lips.

"I'll have to show you sometime.." he left the implication hanging.

"Hn" I got the hint.

"Food first, we can play later."

"I never thought I'd hear YOU say that. It's MY line after all." he says chuckling.

"Baka.." I jab playfully.

"Biiiiii" he sticks out his pink tongue. His talented tongue.

I realize how childish this is and get up to get a glass of orange juice.


Breakfast isn't the 'disaster waiting to happen' as I thought it would be. Kakarotto is a surprisingly good cook. I'm surprised he doesn't eat everything "testing the food for taste" he says. I hope he finishes soon, I'm starving and after all his frequent 'tests' there may not be anything left. I'm even more shocked I'm able to sit after...

"Ready!" he bellows and calls me to the table, breaking my train of though. I know where it was going anyway. "So what feast have you prepared that is suitable for your prince?" I say jokingly. He only tilts his shaggy head to the side and smiles, humoring me. He sets down piping hot pancakes, an array of fruits and syrup and a gallon of hot cocoa on the table. I almost forgot how much of a sweet tooth he has.

"Hn...this will suffice."

Little is said after that. The only sounds in the house for half an hour are from us chomping and tearing into our food. Guzzling cocoa that's a little too hot to be downed that quickly.

A while and many dirty dishes later, I lean back in my chair, rubbing slow circles over my now full stomach. "I take it you liked my cooking?" He asks somewhat smugly.

"Un, it was very good, you'd put any chef to shame, I knew you wouldn't disappoint me" I say stroking his ego. Probably the first compliment I've given him in a long time. He seems a little surprised and flattered by my unexpected praise as he smiles brightly, shifting from one foot to the other.

I tilt my head back and close my eyes, licking the sweet maple from my hand. As I lap at the sticky goo on my fingers, I feel a warmth at my side. I open my eyes in time to see Kakarotto reach for my hand and suckle on the one digit I'd neglected. I watch him with half lidded eyes as his hot mouth closes over my fingers. His delightful tongue bathes them with its soft caress. A shudder runs through me as memories of when he did this yesterday come flooding back. My body is already reacting to his touch. As it always did, no matter how light, casual or innocent it was. But this is anything but innocent. I hadn't noticed until now how hot it is in labored my breathing is. He released my fingers, pinning me in place with dark, smoldering eyes. "You looked flushed ouji. Is it so hot in here?" I feel a slight trickle of sweat roll down my temple. He watches it drips slowly, all the way down the side of my face. "I'll be waiting for you in the shower." With that, he gives my finger one last lick before transmitting out of the room.

It's a little while before I come back to my senses. "Hn..tease" I say aloud.

"Now you've done it."


The hissing of the showerhead alerted me that Kakarotto was ready to play. But I won't go to him right away. I make him wait a few minutes. For teasing me so. But the ache in my body forces me to go all to soon. The promise of ravishing his heavenly flesh again is too much to resist.

I make my way to the bathroom at the end of the long hall. The steamy water, amplifies his scent. It fills the whole hall and my nose, calling me like a siren. "I'm coming love" I say aloud as if he could hear me.

A few more steps and I am there. I can barely make him out with the fog and steam billowing out of the bathroom as I open the shower door. He stands with his back towards me; acting like he wasn't expecting me to come at all. I can still hardly see him, but where my eyes fail, my hands will guide me. He leans back into my touch forgetting the bar of ivory in his hand as it drops with a loud thud on the porcelain floor. Neither of us really noticed.

I close what little space there is between us and wrap my arms around him. One running along the rippling muscles of his abdomen, the other petting the peaks on his chest. "Unnnnn..nn" he moans deliciously leaning back further. The movement brings his soft skin closer to me. I reach in for a taste, biting and licking the warm, wet silk hungrily. I bring both hands to his nipples. I used the wet of the water to aid me in pleasuring my love. I tease the sensitive flesh mercilessly. "AH!!" he gasps loudly, startled by the heady and sudden sensation. I pinch, and twist and roll them with my thumb. I continue to lick all the skin in my reach and worship his body. The water from the showerhead rains down and glides over us like small, caressing fingers.

"Ohh.ngh..unn..un..unnn" He starts to undulate his lean hips and writhe in my embrace. His eyes probably closed tight in concentration. Our positioning and the thick air prevent me from seeing his blissful, flushed, aroused features. I love watching him when he comes. "Ohh..h!" I moan too, his movements and heated panting affect me much more than I think. Can giving another pleasure arouse me so much? I just can't seem to get enough of him! I think to myself as realize I'm jerking my hips in time with his. I let out a small, breathless moan every time my tongue makes contact with his body. His skin is even more delectable now. Water only seems to exaggerate his every taste and scent. It mingles with the dense, moist fog in the bathroom, overloading my senses, and obscuring my vision. If we weren't pressed impossibly close, I could lose him in the clouds of moisture.

I lick at his shoulder before I bite into it. Drawing just a little blood, I wonder if he's as tasty inside as he is out. "After today you'll be addicted to my touch and will crave it night and day" I remember saying to him. But it's me who's hopelessly addicted to him. "AH..ah..aaH! I piston my hips with him, losing myself in the sensation of his body rocking against mine for what feels like a blissful eternity, until suddenly he stops. I snap out of my daze as he turns in my embrace. He looks down at me with those smoldering eyes again before leaning in for a kiss. His lips are so soft. He still tastes of syrup and cocoa. I'm sure I do too as his tongue battles with mine. The kiss quickly becomes more desperate and heated I hear him moaning and mewing into my mouth. I pull him closer, wrapping my arms around his neck to reach his tempting lips better. His large hands run down my back and cup my buttocks. Now I groan into our kiss. He grabs them more tightly, lifting me off the floor. I can feel his hardened flesh pulsate, and rub deliciously against mine. "UHH!..unnghk.." we moan in unison as our swords clash. My incessant groaning and howling at his bucking hips is muffled by his smothering kiss. The only evidence of how painfully aroused I am is my tail whipping, and lashing wildly behind me.

He finally breaks our passionate kiss when my deft hands find the base of his thick tail. I stroke as much of it as I can reach. I can feel him shuddering now as he leans his head back on the white tiles biting his lip hard. I can tell his strength is leaving him as the arms that held me could barely manage to keep me up. He finally give up and I slide back down to the porcelain floor. I kiss and lick my way day his chest and well muscled stomach until I am kneeling in from of him. Face to face with my prize. A little of his seed is already starting to ooze down his hardness. I lap it up greedily, and run my tongue down the central nerve. " mm..more..Bejii..ta" he pleads. So I give it to him. My lips pulling and sucking him enthusiastically. My hands roam over his well made form before coming to rest; one on his hip the other playing with the dark curls of hair I buried my nose in. I massage the sack just below his swollen flesh. His eyes shoot open and then squeeze shut again. His mouth opens as if he would shout but only a hitch in his already labored breath comes out. I move my thumb over it again. "Aa!..uh!" A small, choked, high-pitched moan is torn from his throat before he holds his breath. Stifling the scream that wants to burst from him. I move my tongue from his fleshy hardness to the new area I've discovered and plan to tease.

His knees are bent, his legs are shaking. The force of the sensations my touch creates saps his strength. Only his back pressed up against the wall and my hands keep him standing. I love doing this for him. I love giving him so much pleasure. I love knowing only I can make him feel this way. His whole body quakes with barely controlled need, his breath comes in harsh little pants interrupted by small oohs and moans. I take both in my mouth, running my tongue over them, exploiting their extreme sensitivity. Kakarotto finally puts his hand over his mouth, as a last resort to silence himself. I continue sucking on them and use my hands to stroke the erection I'd been neglecting. Even behind his hand I can hear his moaning. I pause and pull his hands away. "No..moan for me...scream for me..let me hear what your pleasure sounds like" I ask. Still holding his hands, I lean my head down and suck the tip of his sex before swallowing him whole. "UHH..ungh!!.." I feel him straining to pull his hands away to cover his mouth again. I hold tight and listen to his guttural growls and breathy moans. His tail whips behind him until he brings it around to slap me across my shoulder before wrapping around my arm. He encourages me to continue my sucking and yet at the same time tries to stifle himself and not admit he's enjoying it. The only telltale signs are the sounds he makes around his hand and his twitching, trembling tail wound around my arm. "Ohh..nn" I hear him moan again. I groan around his shaft. "Nn..ah!..ya..mero.." I think I'm gonna come just from hearing him and..what? Stop? Why would he want me to sto..?

"Bejiita...not this way..not without you" he says. I look down at my straining erection, screaming for his touch and attention. I hadn't even noticed my own need. He pulls me up into a kiss. I bet he can taste his own smoky flavor on my lips as he tries to swallow my tongue. My legs are shaky too as we both struggle to stand after the onslaught of sensation hands, flesh and tongues can give. He reaches between us and wraps his large hand around our needy flesh, finally stimulating the part of me that cries for him, that aches for him. He runs his fingers over the part I want touched the most...where I need him to touch me. I reach around him and stroke the base of his tail again. I ruffle the fur slightly, scraping my fingernails lightly over the skin below it. He pulls on our flesh. His head lolls back to rest on the tiles again and he pants and gasps as he pleasures me and himself. I lean forward resting my forehead just under his left shoulder. I can hear his heart racing in his chest even over my own growling and groaning. We both arch into his hand as we come and scream our pleasure to the world.


We stay in this position for some time. Letting the warm spray of water wash over us. The only sound is of water hitting skin like rain as we hold each other in companionable silence.

"I think I'm gonna get out now. I'm starting to prune" Kakarotto says with a breathless laugh. "Un...I'll stay a bit longer" I say over my shoulder to his disappearing form in the billowing fog. I pick up the forgotten bar of ivory and rub it over my skin. I regret having to wash his scent and taste from my body and hair, but I will have other opportunities to drown myself in them later. If all goes well.


"I think I've been in here long enough" I say to myself. I wonder what my love is up to. I finally turn off the water that's been raining down for over an hour now. I'm surprised the hot water lasted so long. Even at Capsule Corp. we don't have an endless supply.

I walk out of the steamy bathroom rubbing a towel vigorously over my hair. As I walk into the bedroom I don't see him. I wonder where he is? Maybe he was hungry. I put on my usual leather pants and boots. I think I'll wear the red shirt today. I look myself in the mirror then realized this was almost the same outfit I wore the day he left with the dragon all those years ago. A twinge of worry twisted in my stomach. I quickly finish dressing and walk around the house. Of course I hit the kitchen first. "Hn, I can think of no better place for a man with a bottomless pit if a stomach to be" I assure myself. But as I poke my head in the door; no Kakarotto. Nothing in the kitchen was moved. There's no sign he'd even come through here. Maybe he went back to the living room near the door. He doesn't know this house very well, but it's not so big that he could get lost. I walk through the room. His clothes are gone as well. They were so torn up. Would he wear the same thing? He could have asked me for something else to wear. Something's not right. I push my minds eye out to find him. But I can't sense him. Not anywhere.

I hate to admit this, but I'm starting to panic. It amazing. If I don't have my eye on Kakarotto at all times, or I can't find him I turn into a nervous wreck. _Because he has a habit of vanishing into thin air and never coming back_ my mind states.

I know it's true.

I feel a lump stating to form in my throat and...wait! My head pops up. Could it be..? I run to the door nearly ripping it off it's hinges. He just teleported outside my door. Kakarotto stands with his back towards me but looks back over his shoulder, surprised. "Bejiita?" Before relief can wash over me. Before I can I say a word, a hauntingly familiar presence makes itself known. _It can't be!_ I see the gold outline of the dragon's winding snake like form. Then the rest of him slowly filling in and becoming less vague. His blood red eyes glowing brightly. Then he speaks:

"Let's go Gokuu"




I won't let this happen again! I won't!!

"K..Kakarotto! Are you leaving again!?!?"

He turns towards me...

"Leaving ME again?" I ask softly, too low for him to hear. But I can hear the hurt in my own voice.

and nods.. "Remember I live with Shenron in the heavens now? I can't stay for long. This isn't my home anymore. I have to go back." He says a hint of sadness in his voice.

This can't be happening. He would leave after all I had said and done in the past day? How could he..? I know it's not his fault. Not this time.

I look up through slightly wet eyes as he sits on Shenron's nose. Just like before. _I won't cry!!_ I watch expecting him to fade away forever. Just like before.

But he doesn't.

The sadness fades from his eyes. A small smile graces his lips. The golden light of the sun behind him almost makes him look angelic and untouchable. Seemingly forever out of my reach. Kakarotto, my angel. I'll always consider him mine, even if I never see him again.

My angel holds out one hand. Smiling brightly he speaks

"Come...come with me Bejiita" he holds his hand out further as if to coax me to move closer.

'Come with..?' How? I look up at him in complete disbelief. Is he serious? "How can I go with you?" He smiles warmly "I asked Shenron for a little favor" he says simply.

To say I'm shocked would be an understatement. But my legs move of their own accord towards him. I made up my mind about this long ago.

"I'd go anywhere if it means I can be with you."

His smiles widens "Then come with me now." I take the offered hand and sit next to him on Shenron's nose. He puts his arms around my waist as Shenron takes to the skies.

I feel so strange. But oddly happy. For so many things I felt I was destined be denied them. I felt I was being punished somehow and made to suffer for even wanting them and trying to obtain them. For a while this actually was the case. But now...such a strange turn of events that I would be reunited with the one I loved and still love for so long and gain immortality in the same day. Yesterday morning I sat with my face on the cold table, contemplating how to fill the emptiness in my life. Now I'm here and will be with my Kakarotto, always.

This time, I smile. A warm smile. It almost feels foreign on my face. It's been so long since I last smiled this way. Only one person has been able to make me smile this way. I look up into his dark shining eyes and pull him down for a kiss.


"Uh guys...please don't do that on my nose."

We realize where we are.

"Eheh..gomen gomen Shenron!" Kakarotto laughs and says a little red faced.


We decide to cool it until later. I gave him one last quick peck on the cheek as we disappeared into a cloud. It feels just like the dense fog in the bathroom from this morning. But the cloud obscures my view not just of his smiling face, but of everything. I can't feel his warmth at my side anymore. I can't feel anything around me. What's going on?


The breath catching in my throat stopped me from finishing the thought. I..I'm falling!! What?! I was sitting right next to him! I can't seem to call on my ki and fly. My arms and legs thrash wildly about as if that would slow my descent. Why..why is this happening. I can't see a thing! Just endless white. Is this the way to heaven?! I can't be. Something's wrong. Or, maybe somethingís right. I'm not going to heaven. I knew it was too good to be true. I knew it! But I deluded myself to think I could ever have anything I really wanted. I probably being hurled back down to earth. Tossed aside like trash no one wanted. I'm not allowed up there. Not even after all the good I've done or how much I've chan-


What? A voice sounds. It's so small. Am I imagining things?

"Bejiita" it calls again, echoing around me. That voice...its him! Where is it coming from?

I feel myself approaching the ground much faster as the wind rushes past me. Now I really start to panic. I can feel the wind whipping as it speeds by me. The hard ground rushing to meet me soon. I still can't fly "K..Kakarotto!! Help m-"

Suddenly, just before I can complete the probably deadly fall, the pressure on my chest finally lifts and I suck in air as if it were my first breath. My eyes snap open, darting about wildly. Still gasping and thrashing I realize I'm being held down. Whatever it is, it's has a strong but surprisingly warm hold on me. I pull at my invisible restraints but I can't seem to bre..

"Bejiita! Wake up!" His voice again. It's right next to me. I glance over my shoulder and my vision finally clears. "Kakarotto?" It's him holding me. Seeing his face calms me almost immediately. I look at him, then around the room. It's completely foreign to me. Even the basic structure and style of it seems totally alien. The only normal thing in the entire room is the bed we're laying on. I look back at my love, trying not to notice his state of undress. "Where am I?" He looks at me oddly before answering. "This is my house. No. Our house. I can't sleep on Shenron's nose all the time" he says laughing a bit. "We came here after I asked you to go with me. Don't you remember?" "A little." I frown trying to assess the situation. My warriorís instinct kicking in though I bet I still look a bit frazzled. He tilts his head to the side. "Did you have a bad dream?" he asks. A confused and amused look on his handsome face. I think about that for a while.

"Yea, at first, but it had a happy ending" I say smiling again. He relaxes and smiles as well, pulling me close for a soft kiss.


Control (c) 2001 Rena "Sama" / 'the light'


Author's Comments

This was a lot of fun to write. I wrote the first chapter of this fic in strange, broken up bits and pieces of scenes and episodes from the DBZ and DBGT series. By chapters 2 and 3, the writing is progressively smoother and the scenes flow together better. The events of the fic become clearer. It seems more and more like reality and less like a dream. Though many got the impression chapter 1 was just choppy writing not a literary technique. By the end of chapter 4 things start to get hazy again as if coming out of a dream. (EX: the clouds, fog in the bathroom, endless white obscuring vision) I wrote it this way to give it a hazy, dream like quality. After all it was a dream. It was Bejiita's dream that retold how his and Gokuu's relationship came to be. How it progressed over time and changed from hate, rivalry, acceptance, friendship and finally love.

This fic was actually my alternate take on Gokuu and Jiita's relationship in the show and why I tend to see many scenes between them with "YAOI lemon tinted glasses."

I named the fic "Control" because that seems to be Bejiita's one true desire. I think he always wants this because others have always had control over him, power over him. Like Furiiza having him as his "pet." Like Kakarotto always beating him. Bejiita wants to finally posses that ability as well and be the oppressor instead of the oppressed. Yet he never seems to truly succeed. At one point wanting Kakarotto was a result of him becoming the embodiment of all the power and control Bejiita always wanted to have. But then he realizes that power and control weren't his goals but Gokuu all along. The control also refers to their control or lack of control over their feelings, their dilemma, the turn of events in their lives and how they are always separated for whatever reason.

Well hope you liked the story. Thanx for reading ^^

I'm starting another series that will occur after the events of 'Control.' What mischief and havoc will Gokuu and Bejiita wreak in heaven? What strange challenges, people and adventures will our fav couple encounter? What new and inventive positions will they use to screw each other?

Only time will tell.