By: Rena "Sama" / 'the light'

Part III

NNGghh.." a sound of pain gurgles past my lips.

The pain...

The searing pain in my shoulder from Isshinron's punishing horns. I guess he really was fed up with my touching games. My new powers had long since faded with the beating I took. Only my tail remains.

Our power wasn't enough.

We weren't enough.

Ugh..kami the pain..

But the ache in my arm is nothing compared to the one in my chest.

"Ka..karotto.." I voice just above a whisper.

He's gone.

That asshole of a dragon saw to that. I couldn't believe my eyes when Isshinron had dealt the final, crushing blow. I saw the one I love and have chased for so many years fall to the ground with a lifeless thud. His eyes were blank and unseeing before they closed. Maybe forever. I saw the beautiful light that was always with him and my chances of ever truly being happy fade to nothing.


"Tousan! Minna! We should go! Rethink out strategy, and fight another day! There's nothing we can do here!! my son yells and flies off in a hurry. I linger a few moments longer. He's gone... and there are no more dragon balls to bring him back. The others speed away with Buruuma and Chichi in tow. But I stay.

"It can't end like can't!" I say to myself. "I'm going back! I'm going to avenge him...if it's the last thing I do with my life!' This time I say it loud enough for everyone to hear. No one moves to stop me. But Gohan, Goten and my son come to join me instead. Good. Even determined, I'm going to need their help.


I'll never get what I want. I choke back a sob.

" me. Give me the power to save the world..!" I voice nearly gone. Giving up all hope, I look down into the crater I've landed in. The same one where Kakarotto was blasted into. The dragon slowly approaches me. At least I'll die in battle...near the one I love. Maybe we'll be together in the afterlife. But a gleam of light catches my eye.


A chuckle filled with relief and joy comes from me.

"I see you've finally lost your mind" the dragon says smirking. I lost it long ago when I fell for the no class baka.

Ha..the fool's time is up. "Hn...asshole! Now it's you who will die at our hands!" I say confidently.


Then, as if on cue, Kakarotto rises slowly out of the crater wielding a massive genki dama. Energy, not just from us or the Earth, but the entire universe. I'm overjoyed to see him alive and well. His young but handsome face bathed in the light of the power that will save us all. Like he always does, and always will.


Kakarotto is victorious

Was there ever any doubt?

Maybe now, for once in a long, long time, we can lead normal lives. The strongest foe we could ever faced has been beaten. My love is alive when I thought he was dead for good. What could go wrong?


"Let's go Gokuu.." the dragon's deep voice commands. "Hai!" he says cheerfully. -'GO!?' Go where!-I am the first to react to the startling news. "Kakarotto!! Where are you going?! Kisama! Are you going off to train again?" I demand to know. I only wish it were that simple now. Before he eve opens his mouth to answer, I know it's was far worse than that. "I'm going with Shenron" he says happily as if his words held no weight or importance. "Good-bye everyone! So long!" Then he looks down at me from his seat on Shenron's nose.

"See ya Bejiita!* "

That was all.'t leave..-

He and the dragon take to the sky...

-Don't leave me...-

..and vanish.


But he'd already left.

'See ya?' was that all he could say to me?! After all that we'd been through!!

Everyone acts as if nothing were wrong. "Aww and I was gonna make Gokuu's favorite for dinner" Chichi whines. "He'll be back" Trunks says. "He's just testing us. To see if we can rebuild earth without relying on him or the dragon all the time. When we show that we can do that, he'll be back." Trunks figured. Everyone seems to accept this. One by one they fly away until only Pan, his whinny granddaughter and I are left. We know what's really happening. We know he wouldn't be back for a long, long time. If ever. I turn away from her, away from everyone so they can't see the pain and despair in my eyes. He may be alive in reality...but he's dead to me now. "You shouldn't keep that" I say, watching Pan finger his discarded, blue gi from the corner of my eye as a tear wells up and spills from it.

As the first tear falls, I know many will follow. Then...I take to the sky hoping I would vanish too.


Everyone flies back towards home. I fly aimlessly, in a sorrowful daze. I don't even make it home at all. I just fly around until my strength leaves me completely and I fall from the sky. A large cloud of dust and dirt erupts when I collide with the ground and skid to a halt some seconds later. I don't bother to try to slow my descent, or break my fall. I just lie there with my face in the grass as sobs rack my body. I cry the tears I held back while the others were around.


The next few weeks...years..decades; I don't want to know which; were a blur. I rarely sleep, or I sleep for days. My appetite has suffered so I rarely eat, or go to another extreme and I cleaned out the house. I train sporadically. What am I even training for? I guess old habits never die. Why do I do this day after day? Why do I do anything? To get stronger? Stronger than who?...there's no one to beat. Not anymore. Probably not ever again.


Shit! I choke back a sob as the memories and damned emotions start flooding back. I thought of him again! I spend so much time trying to forget him. Trying to purge him from my mind and heart. But it's like trying to shut out part of my soul. It's impossible. I try to at least bury my feelings for him hoping both they and him would fade from my mind forever. It's a futile gesture.

I could never forget him, probably not even after I die.

I wanted to die when I saw him leave for the last time. I couldn't just kill myself. Even now my pride wouldn't settle for anything less than a glorious death. But there are no battles to deliver me from my daily torment. Only my family can bring me back. I can't just leave them. I would never want to put anyone through what I endured...what I endure after he left. I guess in a way that is the one area where I always have Kakar....him beat. I would never abandon my family as he always had. He may have been kinder or gentler to them. But all the kindness in the world doesn't matter much if you're never around.

But, they are gone now. Eventually everyone left me. Buruuma..gone. Torankusu and Bura just hanging on by a thread. One day they'll leave me too. At first, I wasn't all that close to the other 'Z' fighters. Once, they were always just 'Kakarotto's idiot friends' to me. But they've grown on me over the years. I'm quite fond of them now. It's funny I spent so much time pushing them, everyone away. Now I'd give anything to have them back. But one by one, time took it's toll. I feel so empty and alone now, having outlived them. I miss them. All of them. But the emptiness I feel as the last of my friends pass away is only a fraction of the anguish I suffer now that Kakarotto has vanished off the face of the earth.

Now, I've truly lost everything.

For the first time, I actually curse the saiyajin blood I always boasted so much about. The heritage I was so proud of. My cells are barely affected by the passage of time. 'Our ki keeps us young' I remember telling him once. A lot of good that does me now.

Why do humans die so young?

I can't believe I'm over a century old and look not a day over thirty.

Why must I live so long?

There's nothing for me here.


I stopped training a few weeks ago.


I haven't seen the light of day in a long while so I open the doors and windows to let in the sunlight and fresh air. Sunlight always reminds me too much of him. Everything reminds me of him. So I shut my self away from everything. Spare myself anymore pain.

I just sit at a table near the door with the light warming my back. My forehead resting on the table's cool, marble surface. For once I think of nothing at all. Hopefully I'll drift to sleep, and never wake up. Just before much needed rest claims me, a small sound makes itself known. I only pick my head up slightly when I notice something blocking the light. It takes a full minute for my brain to register what I see. A silhouette of a muscular frame and spiky hair I thought I had long since forgotten.

I spin around suddenly; eyes wide, thoroughly convinced that I had fallen asleep and my mind concocted this dream.

But I'm wide awake.

"Yo! Bejiita!...Did you miss me?"

The world tilts on a slant, and a loud almost deafening ring sounds in my head.

I only look at him for a moment longer before something in me just...


He just stands there grinning like the fool he is. The idiot doesn't even have a chance to blink as I rushed him with the inhuman, blinding speed I hadn't used in decades. His eyes open in shock slightly as my fist connects with his jaw and I sends him sailing back out from where he came. I won't let him hit the ground. I rain punches and kicks down on him. Punishing him. Making him feel even a fraction of the pain I felt when... when. I can barely finish the thought. Why did he leave me!? Why?! I can feel the rage burning and screaming inside my skull. It's the raw, searing anger and hurt I hadn't felt to this magnitude in so long. Spots swim across my vision.

The little shit finally hits the dirt with a graceless thud. Wiping away the flow of blood that trickled from his mouth, he looks up at me confusion and hurt showing clearly in his eyes. Hn. The puppy dog look won't work on me! You'll pay! Pay for what I went through! My whole body is quaking with uncontrolled rage.

How could you just leave me...?

I was lost without you!

When the chaos in my mind finally ebbs, I hear a small noise. I snap back to reality. I'm straddling his chest with my hands wrapped around his throat. I notice the moisture on my cheeks and watched my tears roll off of them and fall on the face of the one below me.

"Why......why did you"

My voiced sounds so pained and small. My sanity had returned but my grip didn't loosen. "WHY?!" I yell, demanding an answer, squeezing again. "Bejiita..? he chokes. I loosen my hold on his neck a bit so he could explain. Though no excuse would ever be enough.

"I..had to go with Shenron. I had no choice. I said I would 'see ya' didn't I? I meant that."

'See ya...?' I never thought to take it literally. Just thought it was another one of his flippant remarks. Like leaving was so easy because he felt nothing for me.

My anger flares again.

"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT'S BEEN!?!" I scream; my voice cracking. The tears flowing freely now. He shakes his head as I allow him to breathe comfortably again. I just look at him in disbelief, my hands still fisted in his shirt. I unclench my teeth. My face once twisted with fury, slowly smoothes out again. Then I noticed the few bruises on his face. They do little to mar his beauty.

He's always been beautiful, brainless, and has never grasped the concept of time.

Some things never change.

"Gomen...Jita" is all he says. All he -can- say.

I lean down until we are nose to nose and I hold his face in my hands. "Baka..." I say softly and crush my lips to his. A frantic kiss, almost bruising in it's intensity. He stiffens in shock at first, needless to say. But soon his surprise fades and he returns the kiss, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close.

I feel my stomach twist and knot. My whole body begins to tingle. A small keening, high pitch moan is wrenched from me as our lips touch for the first time. From pleasure or overwhelming emotions of sadness and relief I don't know. I jam my tongue in his sweet, pliant mouth. The sensation of his gliding against mine sent shivers down my spine. Then I moan piteously when the arms around me crushed me to him and he sucks my tongue, as if trying to devour it. Spots swim across my vision again, but for an entirely different reason this time. I pressed myself as close to him as possible. Wanting desperately to be one with him, in every sense of the word.

I should be angry with him. I should be furious that he's been gone. That and the fact that I don't know if he will stay here with me, or is this a short visit before he leaves again. This may be the only chance I ever get.

But all my rage and anxieties fade the instant our lips touch.

Now I'm drowning in the feel of him, and I don't ever want to come up for air.

We give in to the desires we'd kept locked away for so many years.

It feels so good to just let go.


Finally I have him. Finally I can touch him, feel him. He can feel me. I can consume him, caress him and love him the way I always wanted. The way he's always wanted. It seems so long and yet only the blink of an eye I waited. God I couldn't stand another moment of that torment.

He moves to stand up and drags me with him, never breaking our sweltering kiss. I tangle my fingers in his unruly mop of hair. He runs his hands down my back until they cup my bum and pull me up off the ground. Pull me closer so I can have easier access to his delicious mouth. So I can rub against him. So I can feel how aroused he is. How aroused I've made him. "Nnnnhh..!" we both groaned in unison and take in a sharp breath as I buck my hips and writhe against him. My tail coming around to stroke another. Kakarotto nearly stumbles as he tries to walk towards the house and pleasure me at the same time.

_No. When you're with me, you give me ALL you attention!_

So you decide to teleport inside the house instead.

Once in my bedroom, he throws me down on the bed and stands over me. Smirking in a rather predatory manner. Sizing me up and licking his lips as if I were some kind of snack and he was ready to eat me alive. His thick tail lashing wildly behind him.

_Hn after today you'll be addicted to my touch and will crave it night and day!_

I smirk back mirroring his expression. He only held that look for a few seconds then climbed over me. Growling low in his throat before lying down on top of me, trying to cover every inch of me with his warm, delectable body. "Unn..Kakarotto.." Grinding against me and pinning me to the bed as if I would run away.

I would never leave his side. But this is not what I want.

I want to be in top!

Taking him by surprise I roll him over so that he's under me. Shock, and flushed arousal are evident on his handsome face. But he voices no complaint, not that it matters. He left me. He's wronged me. So now he has to make it up to me. My fellow saiyajin just smiles and waits for me to continue, cupping my ass again and rubbing lazy circles over it. I arc into his touch, purring loudly. My quivering tail coiling around his arm. My head lulls to the side as I almost forget I'm suppose to be taking the lead on our first joining.

I waste no more time, and rip the clothes off him, resulting in a startled yelp from the warm body below me. I remember how badly I wanted to do this once. The annoying cloth is gone, uncovering hot, and slightly bruised flesh. Wounds I have put there myself. I trace one with my finger. Then bend down to run my tongue where my hands once were; licking the sweet, coppery blood from it in apology. He winces and shudders at the same time. An odd mix of pleasure and pain.

_Don't worry I'll make it up to you_


I knew he would be angry when I came back. He's always angry when I'm away. I didn't realize how much my being away would hurt him. I was in total shock when his rage turned to lust and need. The sensation of his lips crushed against mine was something I've dreamed of for so long. Wanted for so long. What we both wanted. But we never acted on our desires. No matter how apparent they were. Society wouldn't accept it. Our wives would NEVER accept it. But when he finally touched me, kissed me, showed me a glimpse of what he really wants from me, all my resolve crumbled. My mind is no longer my own. My body acts on it's own accord. Striving to sate the need that's been burning me for years.

I feel his velvety tongue sweep across one of my many new cuts. The cuts he has given me over the years, a result of only being able to touch me with his fists in battle. But every now and then he slips. The little touches he would pass off as coincidence or accident got me so hot. He nearly broke me so many times. I don't know what kept me from grabbing him. Those times when I wanted to throw him to the ground and fuck him breathless. Our fights were our only outlet to vent our frustrations. The only way, until now. Kami...I want him. I always wanted him. I dream of him, his royal features, his body, so wonderfully and beautifully made. His deep, rich voice I yearn to hear sounding in my ear, screaming my name. These dreams haunted me for so many years.

Does he dream of me? I know he does. I know how he burns for me. I could always see it in his eyes even when he tried to hide it. I bet he though I'd never return. Thought I was dead to him forever. But I'm very much alive. And nothing stands in the way of us being together. Not anymore. I can't bear to be apart from him another second. His touch has changed something in me. Whatever mechanism I had to combat my need for him is gone. I can't resist him anymore. I can never get it back. I don't want it.

I have him now, and I will never leave him again.

I am his and he is mine.

I know that now.

But does -he-?

"Gnn...nhh..ah...Be...Bejiita" I try to say and delay his sweet torture on my lips. He finally pauses in his passionate kisses and gasp for air.

"Unn? Na..nani?"

"Bejiita" I continue, threading my fingers through his soft, upswept hair. "How long have I been gone Bejiita?" I ask. He pull back a little, surprised by the sudden question. Then sadness returns to his dark eyes.

"Over 60 years" he says simply.

My heart lurches in my chest. My eyes widening in utter shock. "I...I had no idea....that long? My Buruuma?"

A pause...


Bejiita just nods grimly. "They're gone" He reaches down to stroke my face.

"You're all I have left."

I stare up into his sad eyes..finally getting a glimpse of what he'd gone through all these years. "Bejiita..." I pull him close till our foreheads touched.

"I'm sorry...I'm've been alone so long. I knew you were hurt when I left. I could feel your anger and despair from the heavens with Shenron. All I could do was watch. It tore away at me, every time you shed a tear because of me. But I could only sense your feelings after a point. I thought maybe time had helped the others and they'd gotten over my leaving. I didn't realize it was because they were..." I couldn't finish the thought.

"How did you manage to go on?" I'd go crazy if I saw my friends dying all around me.

"I didn't always want to 'go on.' I thought about ending it all so many times. But something kept me going. No matter how much I tried to forget you, I failed. I never quite lost hope. I always knew...somewhere in the back of my mind you'd return one day. So I held on."

"And here you are.." he says with a small, sad smile on his lips.

"I'm sorry Bejiita...I didn't know so much time went by. There's no way for me to tell up there. But that's not an excuse" I feel tears well in my eyes at everything I had just heard, and at the realization of how much grief my constant absence really caused.

That will change right now.

"I won't leave you ever again. You're all I have left now too. There's been too much sorrow and strife in our lives. No more. I am yours, and you are mine Bejiita. I don't ever want to be apart from you again."

The prince of the saiya is actually speechless after my confession. I pull him close and kiss the lips of the one that calls to me.

The one who completes me.

The only one I've ever really wanted.

His surprise fades once our lips touch again and need over takes shock.

Lets drown out our sadness and loss with poignant delight.

I hear him growl low in his throat. The hungry sound muffle by our kiss. I move to pull off his clothes but he beats me to it and tears them off before he makes short work of the remainder of my own.

"Impatient aren't we Jiita..aaAH....uhnn!"

My sudden yell muffled by his hot mouth as our heated flesh finally met. He presses his lush body into mine and I pull him to me. Greedy for the feel of him. I spread my legs so he can move closer. So he can lean more against me. So I can feel that part of him that throbbed,

begging to be touched,

begging to be stroked,

begging for my lips to suck it to delicious completion.

I moan just at the thought.


I can't believe this is happening! I can't get enough of him, his taste, his scent. I feel light- headed and drunk. Overwhelmed by the sensation of his delectable, smooth skin under my tongue. He moans piteously when I roughly suck at the column of his neck. "I'll get more than a moan out of you yet" I declared. I want him to beg, I want him to scream for me to fuck him. I'm almost beside myself with need. So many years I waited to make him ravish him. I knew our first joining would be hard and intense. How could it not be with decades of repressed desire and love? The thought gives me a giddy chill up my spine and my stomach knots from fierce arousal and anticipation.


I roll off of him after my attack on his lips and throat. I sit back on my heels to stare at this marvel of creation. He is so wonderfully and beautifully made. I could look at him for hours. He makes a show of running his hand over his chest grazing over a nipple. He sucks air in through his teeth sharply and arches into his own touch. "Uhhnnh" he moans. I moan as well, even though I'm not being touched. The thudding of my heart is so deafening and I all but drool at the sight he makes. "Tease.." I say before moving to lap at the neglected nipple. He makes what sounds like small mewing noises until I stop my small licks and sucked it. Rolling the hardened nub with my tongue while my lips surround it. He arches his back, bringing the sensitive area closer, so I'd have better access. I lavish attention on it and he throws his head back. A loud moan pushes its way past his lips.

"Ahhh.....hnnn..Jii..ta" -Oh say that again..- I've longed to hear my name on his lips for seemingly an eternity. "Jiita?.." he says again. "Hn..?" I say around his nipple, which caused him to shudder again. I give it one more surreptitious lick before releasing it.

"What do you want? Tell me and I'll do it." He moves the hand that once teased his nipple to the burn between his powerful legs. My heart now beats irregularly in my chest as he holds out the heated rod of flesh that calls to me, that beckons me. "Please...Bejiita.." he pleads a little breathless. I smirk. "You didn't even have to ask."

I think I'll tease him a little too. I place wet, audible kisses on his hips and trace the thatch of hair there with my tongue. I hold his hips down and kiss the tip of his sex almost shyly. Even the my smallest caress has an effect on him as I hear him mew again. I sweep my tongue over it from base to tip before swallowing him whole.


He throws his head back. The tendons in his neck straining. I love the way the soft tip rubs against the ridges at the roof of my mouth. The way it nudges the back of my throat. Love the texture, the buttery, smoky flavor. It's the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I can't get enough of him. I love the hitch in his moaning voice when I run my tongue down his length.

I think of nothing but pleasing this beautiful creature before me. One I have burned for, one I have loved for so long. His head lulls from side to side. His mouth never closed, moaning and panting my name when I suck and pull on him harder. He loves that. I can feel it, feel him hot and pulsing in my mouth. His voice is almost scratchy now from his constant animalistic growling. But it's not enough. I want more. I want to hear him scream. I let his delicious, heated flesh slip from my lips for a moment. He whimpers slightly, lifting his tempting hips in offering. Things left unfinished. I look down at his flushed, enticing body, writhing under me in frustration. He's breathtaking. I quickly return to my earlier work, earning a throaty groan from my beautiful bishonen. It's not work. No trouble at all. I would do this forever if it pleased him.

How ironic. The prince of the Saiyajin once again made to serve and please another. But this time, it was by choice.


For once, I just forget everything. My pride, Kakarotto's departure, my years of anguish, long time dream of surpassing everyone. All that mattered in the world was him. I ride him hard. Thrusting in and out of him with reckless abandon.

"UH! Nngn...Ah..AH...HARDER!" he bellows, wrapping his powerful legs around me so tight it nearly crushes my ribs. But I don't mind. His tail comes around to stroke my ass sending shivers through me. I rotate my hips and thrust harder; jabbing that place inside him that makes him go crazy.


He tosses is head from side to side and howls like a wild man. His incessant moaning is driving ME crazy. He swats me with his tail and lets out a guttural moan. Bursts of vibrant colors swim all around me. I bend down to suck and nip at the flesh on his neck. I wonder how much longer he'll last. Then he moans my name.

"Ooohhh..say it again..."

"Ah!..Bejii..ta" he pants.

"No! Scream it! Scream! My! Name!"

He thrashes about wildly, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as if he were about to pass out from pleasure.

"DO IT! it and I'll fuck you so good and hard, make you come so nice and tasty you won't be able to move for a week!"

"And you'll never even _ think_ to leave my side again..." I add. My voice just above a whisper.

"You are mine" I say, punctuating my words with a thrust.








"BEJIITA! BOKU NO OUJI!.....BOKU NO...AI!!" he screams, his voice dwindling to a hoarse growl.

"Ahnn...uh.." I didn't realize how much of an effect hearing that had on me. My head and everything went hazy. I'll never get tired of hearing that.

"Now come for me."

I grab his undulating hips and plunge deeper into his tight heat. Buried to the hilt, I screwed him for all he was worth. And then some. He was past screaming now, his voice so hoarse he could only gasp for air and mouth the syllables of my name. A low keening whine sounds in my ears. But I can't tell if it's him or me. My own moaning is lost to me. I piston my hips against him, watching myself disappear and reappear after every thrust. My whole body shakes with barely controlled need.

"Gnnhn..uuh..oh God..Kaka...rotto.. you feel... so..good..."

I rest my forehead against his. I can feel his hot breath on my face as he pants. His eyes half lidded and glazed over with pleasure. I slow my pace ever so slightly, and roll my hips against him. I pulled back until I only the tip was still inside, just to plunge back into his delicious body. He's so hot, no scorching. He can burn me any day.

I know he's close. I bring my tail to the front and snake it around his straining erection. His eyes snap open and he arches off the bed, before collapsing on to it again, open mouthed and panting. I squeeze tighter, making him mew and purr. The friction over my hyper sensitive tail and the thought of what I was stroking with it sends another jolt of pleasure through me. I'm beyond screaming at this point as well. Kakarotto's tail continued to lash at my back side in time with my thrusts.

-I love the way you smack my ass-

"OH..ooh..spank me harder!" I commanded. But he stops. I start to voice a complaint when I feel the furry appendage that stroked and rubbed the curve of my bum then run along the divide and tease my entrance. I know what he means to do. I take one hand once grasping his hips to catch his teasing tail. I bring it to my mouth, wetting it, sucking on it. Lavishing attention on it as if it were another part of his anatomy. His body is racked with pleasure. He gives another animalistic growl. He's so close now I can taste it. One sweep of my tongue over his sensitive tail and he discovers his voice again.


I deep throat his tail a little while longer then bring it around to my backside again. "Hnn..go ahead" I said smirking. He pauses for only a second before he pushes his tail into me. It's a heady sensation. "Kakaro..tto!" I gasp suddenly and squeeze harder with my tail as he pushes his further into me. Searching for that place "..Oooh.." That place, that I know, if he touched it...would unmake me.

Break me Kakarotto.

He found it.

I couldn't scream before, but Kakarotto's touch changed that. The pleasure crashes through me and rolls over me like waves. Drowning me in it's depth.

"Ah...AAHH....KAKA...ROTTO..!! AI SHI..TERU!!" I scream my head off. I can yell, but now can't seem to drag enough air into my lungs. I don't care. I'm nearly sobbing from the overwhelming pleasure of filling and being filled at the same time. All I can do is moan his name and ride out the storm as the maddening, addictive sensation of his body seizes my mind,

and pushes me over the edge.

Kakarotto soon follows me to mind blowing bliss.


When I come to, the bright yellow light of the sun had turned to deep pinks and oranges. How many rounds had we gone? How many times had we found rapture in each others flesh? Good god I'm still hard! Kakarotto is already awake, and has been for some time now. He notices my "predicament" too. I snuggle closer to him and run my tail over his cheek, just under his full bottom lip, then over his nose. The touch becoming less innocent when it slides down his well defined stomach to his hardness again. Making him gasp.

"Umm...come more time.."

"You're insatiable Bejiita... " he says smiling and sitting up.

"You should talk" I breathe, squeezing him harder.

"AHhh!" He grabs me suddenly and pulls me into his lap, bruising my already swollen lips with a fierce kiss. He sucks my tongue again. Oh god I love that. I move to straddle his hips, spreading my legs wide. Moaning as I rub our lengths together. I reach down and grasp us both, pumping slow, but hard with my hand. We pant harshly as I stroke and pull on our sensitive flesh. My head rolls to the side, as I groan and we buck our hips against my hand. He moans deliciously in my ear.

"Be..jiiiiii..ta...I want to be inside you.."

His breath in my ear send tingles all the way down my back and my tail bristles and twitches, thumping the bed repeatedly. Man I'm sensitive today. Only a few words from him can turn me on so much.

I take my free hand and put two fingers to his lips. He sucks them as I had his tail before. I watch his tongue do a sultry dance over my fingers for a while. With reluctance, I pull them away. I bring my hand to my entrance and push them into myself. My breath quickens at the feeling. He watches me open mouthed as I prepare myself. He doesn't stare for long. He lowers his head and laps at my right nipple. I arc into his mouth, purring again as I finish stretching myself. A gentle tug on his tail alerted him that I was done.

"Are you ready for me..?" he asks, making a show of licking his lips.

"Yesss..." my answer turns into a hiss as his tail coils my waist.

"Then get your cute ass over here.." he says his voice slightly gravely.

"Don't tell me what to...AAH!" he doesn't let me finish the thought as he pulls me closer and plunges into me without warning.


I throw my head back. Enthralled with this new feeling. It's nothing like when he did this with his tail. He's just barely started and I'm already seeing stars. I wrap my legs around him and held him tight. Clinging to him for dear life as though if I were to let go he would vanish forever. Like he always seems to do. I moan deep in the back of my throat. A deep guttural sound. Over my own noise I can hear Kakarotto moaning my name over and over again. Shuddering violently against me. His eyes shut tight in concentration.

It was a good idea letting him be on top this time. "Ohh..gnn....uh..." So this is what I was missing. I clung to him and rode out the storm. My head back, my mouth never closed from my incessant shouting and moaning. Then he angles his hips so with every thrust he hit that place again and again. It drives me wild. He drives me wild. The world turns white and hot with ecstasy and then darkness comes over me.


I wake up the second time today. My head spun, my whole body still tingled and I'm pleasantly sore in some areas. But it's all worth it. I look down to see my lover licking the evidence of my orgasm from my chest and stomach. After all our other "rounds" I'm surprised I have any left. I chuckle a little at the picture he makes. His hair is even more tousled and unruly than usual. The small licks he uses to lap up my seed makes him look like a kitten over a bowl of milk.

"So you finally came to. I was wondering if I was too rough, you were screaming like a lunatic in my ear. "

I felt myself blush to the roots of my hair. -Was I THAT loud?-

"You were just as loud!!" I yell in defense

He continues as if he didn't hear me..."you yelled and moaned forever....that is until you started singing." He says smirking. I hope he's joking. "You have a really nice voice you know" he says chuckling. "Sing for me more often, ok?" he asks smiling sweetly. "Baka..." I say softly and snuggling close to him.

I finally have him. It took years, too many years, but he is worth every minute of them. Now I know how he feels. I will never be alone again. I will never sit here and pine away for him to return.

Now I know now he will never leave my side again.

I heard him purring softly, rubbing lazy circles over my back with his tail before I drifted off to sleep.

A sound, peaceful sleep.

I haven't slept well since he left that day.

But now I'm totally at peace in his arms.

And there's no other place I'd rather be.