By: Rena "Sama" / 'the light'

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Part I

I am the prince of the saiyajin!

But my strong, proud race, and my home are no more.

Only three of us remain.

And I the strongest of us all, made to kneel and give complete, and absolute obedience to the very creature that robbed me of everything.

My home. My people. My father. My innocence. My happiness.

My sanity.

He's made me what I am now. The cold, calculating, fighting genius....empty...and sad. I'm -intoxicated with the badness. I'm in love with my sadness- I'm consumed with it. I can't remember a time when I did not feel that bitter sting of anger.


Now I use that as my source of power.


That's what I want. Strength and power enough to kill the one that has taken so much from me, and to punish all others in my way.


"Kakarotto huh?" I said inquisitively. Why had Raddikusu not told me there was another of us alive?! Well he's already paid for it...with his life. I should have known he could not handle the job. Now I must go myself. Go and deal with this Kakarotto. One who would dare kill his own kind.

He'll pay.


Finally! He's here! I would have gladly killed every one of his pathetic little friends if it would have gotten him here faster. My patience is surprisingly short today.

Beating him to a pulp. Feeling the soft resistance of flesh against my punishing fists. A grunt of pain. The rush of adrenaline. The sound of a bone breaking under my punch. The blood of a beaten foe smearing my clothes and running down my twisted, sneering face. A fight. A victory.

That will improve my mood.

That will be his punishment for not joining me.

We could have been so good together.

Now he'll pay. That beautiful bastard will pay for his insolence. Such a pity to damage that face. That body.

I sneer at this joke of a saiyajin from my perch on a rocky hill.

"What happened to your tail? What they do? Get you while you were sleeping?" I ask derisively. An image of me stroking that very tail ....making him squirm under my touch flashed through my mind. My sneer turns to a grimace, and is directed at myself now. For letting him distract me. For letting him tempt me. Despite my annoyance with my own weakness I can't stop smiling.

I rush him suddenly taking him by surprise. Our battle finally begins with a flurry of kicks and punches. My last attack just grazes his chest and continues on it's journey; screaming towards the sky. My ball of fiery ki only a glimpse of the blaze that rages inside me. This fight has excited me. Just as they always do. I look up at him and the gaping hole in his orange and blue shirt. The opening revealing a well-defined peck, his pale and now slightly singed flesh. An image of me running my tongue over the scorched skin flashes across my mind. -I need to feel you- "This guy's too much" he says a little breathless.

I smirk again.

You'll see more of my hidden talents soon ...Kakarotto....


I can't believe he's beaten me! ME! The strongest of all the saiyajin! I feel my rage boil over, threatening to tear my last shred of sanity. I'm not strong enough to beat him. If I can't beat that mockery of the saiyajin race...will I ever have the strength to beat Furiiza!? I may never succeed. The face of the one who wouldn't join with me, the one who tempts me, the one who beat me so badly, the one who ripped away my confidence came to mind. I may never kill Furiiza...his defeat maybe in the distant future. My ultimate goal seems so far away now. But I see Kakarotto's demise much closer at hand. His defeat will have to do for now. It will cool the anger clawing at my mind and soul. For now. I will beat him, best him, make him pay for my battered saiyajin pride. He will acknowledge me as his high prince. He will serve me as I was once made to serve another.

I will make you submit to me.

I will see you kneel before me.

I sneered again at the arousing image that my perverted mind had created.


Namek is such a miserable planet. "Ugh..Damn it's too fucking hot. Will those suns never set!? I yell disgustedly. But the oppressive heat is a small price to pay for the dragon balls. They will give me more power. Get me one huge step closer to my goal: beating my nemesis Furiiza and my obsession Kakarotto.


"You little punk! Tell the dragon to make me immortal!! It's our only chance!" Finally my day has come! I will have my wish. Have my power. Have my vengeance! I smile, waiting for my dream to come true.


"I don't feel any different....I don't feel anything. What's the deal!?" I yell looking from Dende to the dragon. Something's not right. The dragon's color begins to fade before it vanishes all together. The dragon balls now lifeless and white come crashing to the ground with a deafening thud.

"Guru...Guru's gone.." the green runt says. "So you mean when that guy bites it....the dragon balls are useless!?" He just nods. NO!!! I was so close! I feel the rage returning. It's so great, and violent it makes my head throb. -Calm down- I try to assess the situation when I hear a familiar voice. I'll remember that sickening asshole's chuckle long after I die.


"Oh look at this...look what you've done. You tried to call the dragon without me. Naughty."

Fuck! My mind races to think of a plan, think of how I can come out of this the victor. Think of how at least I can come out of this alive. I don't even hear his muttering on over the pounding of my own heart in my ears. I know that becoming immortal was my one real chance to beat him. I know I don't have enough power. Not yet. I can't beat him now. I know I'm defeated before I even throw the first punch. I try anyway.


I blink up from my crater to see Kakarotto standing over me. He's a formless blob of dark orange and black until my vision returns. "Kakarotto you made it" I feel overwhelming happiness at his presence here. I know now the saiyajin race will be avenged. He truly is a suupa saiyajin. He has the power. The power I want. I'm almost delirious with a mixture of anger for having been surpassed by him again but overjoyed that soon Furiiza will be no more.

" don't get it do you Furiiza?! He IS a suupa saiyajin! You don't have a chance!! How fitting it would be for you to die at the hands of a saiyajin!" I continue laughing nearly hysterical now. "God must be good if he let me live to see this day!" I laugh until I feel the searing heat of a small ki blast penetrate my skin and cut clean through my heart. "Oh..OH NO!!" I hear you scream in disbelief as Furiiza has finally dealt me the final blow. I call my quickly dwindling strength.

"Kakarotto listen...Furiiza destroyed our birthplace...ask him if you want. He'll tell you....he's proud of it. It's all just a game to him." I feel the tears from years of pain, abuse, anger, and fear once buried away finally erupt. They flow freely from my eyes and over my face. "Please no more..."

" have to hear this...Kakarotto please... kill Furiiza. He made me what I am..Don't..let anyone else. Whatever it takes...stop him...please..."

I've never begged anyone for anything. Swore I wouldn't. But I did. I begged you that day to avenge me and our whole saiyajin race. Begged you; a third class warrior to do what the proud prince of the saiyajin could not...


You have beaten my enemy. Succeeded where I have failed. I was not strong enough to beat Furiiza. But you were. You have shown him what it is like being on the receiving end of pain as so many of his victims were once. They must cheer at his death from the afterlife as I did. Furiiza is no longer here for me to crush. Now that I am alive and well again...I have a new goal:

You had the power.

Have the power still.

I want it.

I will have it.

I will claim it.

I will claim you.

I will control you.


You've just emerged from the time chamber with Torankusu. You've changed a great deal in that year. Your muscles much more defined, more toned, and barely concealed by your navy spandex. After your nearly constant training, it's in tatters and shreds. The rips and tears revealing more well muscled, warm flesh.


I wonder if you thought of me all of those months nearly alone in the chamber. Did you miss me? Did you burn for me as you do whenever you're near me? I know you do. I know you. I thought of you constantly, even though you were only gone a day.

"So it worked out... I guess.." I say finally looking into your black eyes, realizing I had been staring the whole time. You just smirk. I love that. I even find myself doing it on occasion. " can leave everything to me now. I will defeat Cell so there's no need for you to attempt the training Kakarotto because I doubt you would survive it." I love the cockiness, the outright rudeness and insolence in your voice. I admire that you always say exactly what you feel regardless of how others will react. I could never get away with that. For one I'd never hear the end of it from Chichi. You love getting a rise out of people. I can tell.

I put on the saiyajin armor Buruuma brought us and continue to stare at your delectable body. No one looks as good in that armor as you do. I stare wantonly before you turn around again and speak. "There's no need for you to wear that. You won't even get a chance to use it. So why even bother putting it on?" you say smirking and looking so damn sexy I wont to grab you and screw you in front of everyone. -I need to feel you- Calm down. God! to have you touch me. -You need to feel me- Calm Down!!

"Is that because you plan to finish Cell all by yourself?" I continue our little verbal taunt. "Well I hope you can pull it off." I say smirking back. I only smirk that way when talking to you. I wonder if anyone else heard the double meaning behind our whole conversation? I know good and well I wasn't talking about Cell when I said you can pull it off. From the way you're staring at me now, so do you. -I love the way you look at me.-


Again you have surpassed me! And others as well! Why am I never victorious! Why am I never the strongest?! Never the one in the lead like I was always destined to be!? How much more must my pride suffer before I get what I want?

Cell has beaten me. Made a fool of me! Even your brat Gohan is stronger than me now. But he hesitates to kill Cell. He taunts him. Plays with him. Gives him too many opportunities to win. So like a saiyajin. He's thrilled with his new strength he wants to drag this out to show Cell how powerless he really is.

But he plays too long. The crafty Cell has thought of a way out. He threatens to self-destruct. Then you step in and "save" the day as you always do. Like I never do.

"You've done enough Gohan..I'll take it from here" you say confidently. No..NO! You can't!! my mind screams. I know what you mean to do. You put two fingers to your forehead and say good-bye. Why did I feel like you were only talking and looking at me?

Then you were gone. I had missed my chance. Never beat you, bested you, claimed you. Now it's too late. I feel a lump form in my throat at that revelation.


That was seven years ago. All that time I thought I had lost my chance forever, lost you forever. But here you are. It must be a sign. Perhaps today is the day. Perhaps today I will beat you, have you. I even let that green freak Babidi charm me to give me more power and insure my victory over you. I went as far as to kill half the people in the arena so you'd get angry. So you'd get angry at me. So you'd fight me. I remembered the look on your face. The enraged look you shot me and then powered up sent delicious chills up my spine. I love being able to get a rise out if beautiful saiyajin. No not


I stand in place waiting for you to get close enough. A look of lust masked by anger and determination on your face. I disappear before your fist can connect with my head. "Right here Kakarotto!" I teleport right behind you and wrap my arms around you tightly. I pull us both towards a long stalactite hanging from the top of the cave. I really had no intention to kill you that way. I wouldn't kill you...yet. Not before I have my way with you.


I wrap my arms around you again. This time nearly crushing you to me. -I need to feel you- God to hold you again. I press myself a little closer so you can feel my erection. Feel what you do to me. What you've always done. -You need to feel me- How I wish you would.

"Pretty good Bejiita... you've gotten me excited" My heart beat oddly in my chest at his words. Oh god stop talking! -I need to get your voice outta my head-


Even after all I had said to you that day. Said how much you've changed me and how I am in awe of you and your power and bared my soul to you, I was unsuccessful. You did not come around. You did not submit to me as I had hoped you would after I told you my true feelings. Told you that there was method behind my madness. Yes, you have driven me to madness. -I can't control you- I'm obsessed with you. I've always wanted to best you, wanted to possess you, caress you, consume you. But I can never have you.

Even after the help of Babidi's magic I tried to claim you, hold you close in my arms. Maybe then you'd understand. But you took it as if I'd meant to hurt you. In a way I did. I wanted to punish you, cause you pain. Punish you for taking my last bit of sanity. For never seeing me as I saw you. For always being stronger. For always doing what I never could. I wanted you to taste just a fraction of the pain I felt every day of my life. Maybe then I'd finally get through to you. Maybe you'd submit to me. Then I'd finally win over you. Even then, I couldn't hold you...for long. It was I who would only get a taste. The small, fleeting, pleasure of your warmth, your body close to mine. Your scent. Could I ever have your heart as well? I didn't think so then; feeling this would be all I'd ever get from you. You'd never truly reciprocate my feelings. But I am too far-gone to care. Too much in love with you, chained to you, drawn to you, trapped. -I hope that someday you will let me go....release me....release from this torment my love and lust for you have inflicted on me nearly from the moment I first saw you.


I thought by the time we fought Buu I had finally gotten through to you. Something in you, in your whole demeanor has changed. You are far closer to me than you need to be. You touches a little too often to be an accident. Every time you walk past me, every time you come near me, close to me, I could smell your sweet, tangy, sweat. Your musk. Your delicious scent. I lick my lips. I want you. My vision starts to haze and the colors aren't quite right. I can feel the constant reminder of my lust and obsession with you burning between my legs. Damn it! I can't think about this now! We have to find the others and get out of here before we too are absorbed. You prattle on about something. I suppose I should listen but I'm not thinking straight any ways. I just stare at you, and watch your muscles flex under your clothes as you walk.


I feel your gaze on me again. I see that look in you eyes again. Every time I walk by you, near you too close to you. -I love the way you look at me- Like you can just barely control yourself. You're probably not even listening to me as I speak. I love testing your control. You always strive to have it, whether it's over others, yourself, or your own urges. I can tell my teases, my touches, my nearness got you hot. Your spandex isn't THAT tight. I think I'll temp you some more. I love being able to get a rise out of you. Love making you burn. Burn for me I burn for you.


Damn you Kakarotto! He knows how much he effects me! Bastard! Beautiful, infuriating bastard. Why do I feel this way for him. Why do I feel for him at all? But I already know the answer by now. Damn him! And damn Buu. That pink asshole is making fun of me. He taunts me. He pops up only for a moment just to vanish again. Once he finally lingers and laughs long enough. I crouch low and prepare to attack but Kakarotto comes near again. Don't come any closer! my mind screams. But he can't hear it. He presses himself against me, close to me, too close. I can feel his heart beat against my arm, his erection against my rear. I can feel it pulsing through his clothes. -I need to feel you - so badly. I'm straining not to push myself closer to him. Not to rub myself against his heat. His whole body is molded to mine as we launch an attack together. Buu temporarily explodes into a cloud of pink mush. But Kakarotto still stays. Move!! His throbbing hardness still pressed to me, his scent even more powerful because of his close proximity. It's overwhelming, and my control is slipping fast. My heart thudding hard in my chest. "How long are you gonna squeeze yourself against me!?! We have to destroy the remains of Buu!!" 'Oh yea' he says laughing as if he forgot where we are. Such a tease. You'll pay for that one.

Move damn it!! I he doesn't soon my body might betray me. I contemplate just grabbing him and fucking him right here on the floor in front of Buu. I wonder if I could make him turn a darker shade of pink.