Title: Call It Love 6/?
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 4/2/05
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Rating: NC17
Pairings: **Jou/Seto**
Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: m/m lust, oral and anal sex
Status: in progress
Spoilers: no
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.

Summary: Seto Kaiba, obvious Top, dominant, seme.... and Jonouchi, natural bottom, submissive, uke. That's what they each think of each other. Until now.


We've got all night,
Let's take our time.
Tell me your secrets,
I'll tell you mine.
When it makes us feel better -
Call it love.

I play my hand,
You call my bluff.
We push each other
'Til we've had enough.
When it's all you've got -
Call it love.

-- Call It Love by Poco

Contentment was so foreign to Seto he barely recognized it. Lying there with his face against Jou's chest, with those long arms around him, he waited for the swirl of thoughts and emotions to rise up and shatter his moment of peace. Eyes closed, he took a deep breath, only to have his senses flooded with the scent of Jonouchi. That kept the whirl of thoughts at bay far better than the tranquilizing drugs his doctors tried to give him, so he took another long, deep breath.

When he opened his eyes, his first sight was the expanse of Jou's chest on which his cheek rested. He felt and heard the slow pounding of Jou's heart. One warm hand hand rested on his shoulder, and another lightly stroked his hair.

He'd felt Jou's arms around him like that yesterday, after they were done. He had the same sudden urge to pull away quickly, before he started believing that touch meant anything more than the mindless reaction of an affectionate puppy. But it was too late for that this time. The flicker of concern in his chest proved that.

He raised his head to search Jou's face and found the mutt scowling at him thoughtfully. Jou opened his mouth to speak, but he hesitated, so Kaiba spoke instead.

"Are you all right?" he said.

Jou's eyes popped open in surprise. Then his gaze shifted inward and he wiggled on the bed.

"Yeah, fine," he said. "Maybe a little sore, but..." With an alarmingly tender expression, Jou pushed a lock of Kaiba's hair out of his eyes. "It was worth it. Feeling you inside me like that, Kaiba... it was great."

He seemed a little surprised to hear himself say that, but not as surprised as he was that Seto had bothered to ask.

He stared into Jou's face, searching for a hint of suspicion, blame, or fear. There was something there, but he couldn't figure out what it was. At least it wasn't disgust.

His gaze darted from Jou's mouth to his golden-brown eyes. A new wave of desire washed over him. Even as sated as he was, he already wanted to taste that mouth again, and more. Instead, he asked another question.

"Does that mean you'll let me do it again sometime?"

This time, Jou's surprise was almost hidden behind that other expression Seto couldn't name.

"Does that mean you want to?" he countered.

Seto suddenly realized what he saw in Jou's face. It was only his characteristic stubbornness. The counter-question was a challenge, and he knew he'd be in big trouble if he didn't give the right answer. But even he wasn't that good a liar.

"As a matter of fact, yes. I do want to."

Now Jou searched his face. He didn't allow himself to smile. That would do nothing to win the mutt's trust now. Jou stared at him a second, then gave a barely noticeable nod of his head.

"Then you have to tell me two things, Kaiba. Why did you turn the cold shoulder yesterday? And.... what do you fantasize about?"

Seto laughed, not humorously. "I never expected you to actually follow me into that office yesterday. I never thought you'd let any of this happen. I expected you to suddenly remember you're 100% straight, and run the other way."

"A week ago I probably would've done that," Jou admitted. "Even before yesterday I still couldn't figure out what was going on with me. But I've got no regrets for anything I've done here, and you better not have, either!"

Jou's stubbornness always inspired mixed feelings of irritation and admiration in Seto. At the moment, seeing that familiar firm set of his jaw just made him smile.

"I don't have any regrets," he said seriously. It was nearly true.

"Good thing," Jou said. Then he grinned. "Okay, so that was one question answered. Now I want to hear the other one. What do you fantasize about, Kaiba? Just so I know, like you said. Well?"

Kaiba stared back at him without smiling. He'd rather not think about it at all. He wanted to hold on to the sense of contentment he had from having Jou this way, without wishing it could be otherwise.

"C'mon, Kaiba, spill it. You just got about as intimate with me as it's possible for two people to get, and now you're keeping this kind of secret? I promise I won't laugh, and I won't tell anyone, I swear on... on my sister's name! I don't promise I'll try to make it happen, though, like Bakura did for Ryou.

Seto raised an eyebrow at that. "Is that what it was about?"

"Never mind, it's their business," Jou said dismissively. "I just got caught up in it. We're talking about you, here."

Seto tried to distract and shut him up by putting his palm against a smooth cheek, feeling the strength in that stubborn jaw. He let his thumb run over Jou's lips. Jou kissed the tip of his thumb and laid his own hand over Seto's, but he didn't allow himself to be distracted.

"Look," Jou said, "How bad can it be? Let me guess.... you want to make love in a big vat of whipped cream, with cherries on top?"

Seto grimaced. "Honestly, mutt, that's as bad as the dog collar!"

"Okay, so... you want to do it on top of the table in the board room, with the whole KaibaCorp board of directors watching? Forget it, if that's what you want! I'm not getting naked in front of that bunch of pervy old men. And if it's got anything to do with my little sister Shizuka, maybe you better not tell me, 'cause I'd have to do some damage to certain body parts of yours that I'm starting to get attached to!"

Seto couldn't help but be amused by now, even if the outrageous guesses were so far off it hurt.

"I know," Jou said, looking inspired, and Seto braced himself. "You have erotic dreams about your Blue Eyes White Dragon jet! That's it, I bet!"

Kaiba laughed. He'd heard similar comments whispered behind his back. He knew people said that he showed more affection to his high-tech jet than he did to any human being. When Jou put it like that, it was actually amusing.

"Uh-huh, I got it, didn't I?" Jou said smugly. "You got a thing for that airplane. Man, there's some competition!"

"You idiot!" Kaiba said, but he couldn't help smiling. "No, I don't have erotic dreams about my airplane! Although, I have to admit, there is something erotic about being in control of all that power."

"Yeah?" Jou said. "I can imagine."

/Could you handle that much power, Jonouchi?/ Kaiba wanted to ask. /Would you even know what to do with it if it was given to you?/

Jou must have seen something shift in his face, because he stopped laughing suddenly.

"So, what is it really, Seto?" he said. "You're scaring me just a little, here."

He stared at Jou for a second. He was going to have to come up with a lie, he decided, but he couldn't do it with Jou's honest eyes watching him. He started to turn away. Jou caught him before he got far, and pulled him back gently but firmly. Kaiba was halfway onto his side with Jou pressed up against his back, their legs entwined and tangled in the bed covering.

He nearly groaned out loud. Jou was pressed against his backside, his cock soft but not entirely diminished, his body warm and firm. The desire to feel Jou inside of him flared sharply and caught in his throat. He turned his head away, pressing his hot cheek against the pillow.

One more experiment doomed to failure, he decided, and he rolled his hips so that his ass rubbed against Jou's uninterested cock. The only response was a puzzled sound from behind him. Kaiba closed his eyes and kept his face turned away.

"It's too bad you don't like to be on top, mutt," Kaiba said. "I'll gladly fuck you again, anytime you want, as long and as hard as you want. But the fantasy is that you are seme, and it's perfectly clear that isn't going to happen."

He felt Jou stop breathing. He let out his own breath in a silent puff of bitter laughter.

"Don't be so shocked, mutt," he muttered, voice edged with sarcasm. "You asked."

For another few heartbeats, nothing else happened. Then Jou's arms tightened around him, and Jou's leg slid between his.

"That's what's so damn annoying about you, Kaiba," Jou said. His breath was hot on Kaiba's neck. "You're always so sure you know everything. Let me tell you something: until a week ago, I never thought I'd get turned on just by looking at another guy. Then yesterday, I'm standing there in some video arcade getting all excited just watching some hot, smartass guy's butt as he walks away. Next thing I know, that guy's down on his knees sucking on my cock, and I'm in pure heaven. So the lesson is...." he paused long enough to run his tongue over the sensitive skin under Seto's ear. "Never say never."

"You're kidding," Seto said hoarsely. It suddenly felt like he'd forgotten how to use his voice. A gasp of surprise caught in his throat when Jou's teeth tugged lightly at his earlobe. Jou's hand shot down from his chest to his groin, and a soft voice laughed in his ear.

"I'm only kidding if you are," Jou said, "And I guess, since you're getting hard again after coming twice already, you're not kidding."

"Jonouchi," Seto said through gritted teeth. Even he wasn't sure if it was a threat or a plea. He grabbed Jou's wrist; without thinking he dug his fingers into it until he heard Jou gasp. He loosened his grip but didn't let go completely.

"You can't do this," Seto said. "Don't bother to pretend."

Jou leaned over him, and Seto finally looked up at his face. Shadowed by a thick frame of blond hair, Jou's eyes were gleaming.

"What if I want to?" he said.

Seto froze at the odd tone in his voice, but he was even more surprised at the way Jou's fierce, aggressive expression suddenly softened into simple hunger.

"Damn it, Seto," he said. He sounded helpless and as confused as Seto felt. Then his mouth descended and Seto raised his head to meet him. Meeting Jou's hunger with his own, Seto finally realized that he might just be completely wrong.


Jonouchi almost wanted to laugh out loud, realizing that he had Bakura to thank for all of this. Not only had that crazy scene with Ryou led to Kaiba coming on to him yesterday, but thanks to what he'd learned from watching Bakura and Ryou together, he had a few ideas about what to do in his newfound role as Kaiba's top. Kissing him senseless seemed like a good way to start.

He'd figured it out just a second before Kaiba actually came right out and said it, when he felt that amazingly hot ass wiggling against him like it was screaming for his attention. Even so, if he hadn't heard the words, he wouldn't have believed it. But if he hadn't learned what he'd learned a week ago, he might have thought all Kaiba wanted was a simple prostate massage. Something was telling him there was a little more to it than that.

Figuring out what Kaiba wanted was one thing, though. Seeing himself in that role was another. Not that he couldn't be tough and aggressive if he had a reason to be. It was just that, about the same time he'd decided bullying kids like Yugi wasn't cool, he'd also promised himself never to be a jerk about sex. He'd developed what he considered to be a healthy disgust for guys who figured they could just take whatever they wanted as long as it got them off.

But this was different. Kaiba's obvious state of arousal just from thinking about it changed the whole picture. Jou was impressed, even though he'd been about as quick to bounce back during the past week when his mind was plagued with all those fantasies - the ones that had included the idea of Kaiba bound and naked on that table, waiting to get fucked. He'd never gone so far as to imagine he'd be the one doing the fucking.

With one hand he continued to cup Kaiba's erection; with the other and the weight of his body he pinned a thin shoulder down against the mattress while he ravished Kaiba's mouth. Kaiba squirmed a little under him, got his hand between them to fist against Jou's chest, but he wasn't pushing him off. Kaiba was all twisted under him, his sharp hip bone digging Jou under the ribs, still caught with Jou's leg between his while his upper body was flat against the mattress. He seemed to like it okay that way for now, so Jou made sure he stayed that way, and kept on kissing him hard and deep until he felt Kaiba gasp for breath.

Then he pulled back quickly, holding Kaiba down firmly when he tried to keep Jou's mouth on his. He let up on Kaiba's cock as well so he could use both hands to hold him in place.

Dazed blue eyes focused quickly, glaring at him. He managed a decent smirk.

"Don't worry, I plan to do more than just tease you to death," he quoted Kaiba's phrase from earlier. "I just need a few more seconds to get warmed up. You got a little ahead of me, Kaiba, but don't worry, I'll catch up soon enough for you. That is, if you want to do this now. We can save it for another time if you'd rather. Or you can clue me in on how you want it and we can go from there."

He was hit with a familiar glare, the same "you don't know shit" expression that used to turn his insides into a pressure cooker ready to explode. This time, he stayed cool and stared back down at Kaiba with a grin.

"Do you have any idea what you're playing at, mutt?" Kaiba said.

He hesitated, trying not to let any doubt show on his face. This was Seto Kaiba, not Ryou Bakura, and the rules were bound to be different. If there were any rules. Maybe there weren't any, though, because maybe this wasn't any kind of game. He suddenly remembered the connection he'd felt between them and realized something that amazed him: Kaiba didn't want some fantasy-role-playing version of him. He wanted Jou just as he was, only on top.

"Okay," he said. He let up on the pressure on Kaiba's chest, but not completely. "I get that we're not playing some game here. I'm serious about what I just said. If you want to do this now, I'm ready - or almost ready! Just let me know how you want it, because obviously I've never done this before. I'll admit I never even thought about it, but now that I am thinking about it, I like the idea. A lot."

Kaiba still glared at him, full of some doubt Jou couldn't fathom.

"Would you rather hold on to the dream 'cause you think I'll mess it up for you?" he asked. "Look, Seto," he said, relaxing a little and leaning down so their faces were close together again. "Maybe I just need to make one thing really clear for you. I never would have thought you'd want me to fuck you, but now... I want to. Soon. Just show me how. "

They stared at each other for a few silent seconds. The longer he waited and thought about it, with the heat rising off Kaiba's body underneath him, the more Jou knew he wanted to do this.

He pulled himself off of Kaiba and untangled their legs so he could show him what was happening.

"Is this what you're worried about?" he asked, sitting back and stroking himself.

Kaiba's gaze flickered down to his nearly full erection. He stared as if mesmerized by Jou's hand riding up and down its length. When he raised his eyes to Jou's again a few seconds later, the desire in them was almost hidden behind a challenging glare.

Without a word, holding Jou's gaze the whole time, Kaiba sat up and rolled over until he was on hands and knees, legs spread so that Jou could see his balls dangling in open space.

Jou swallowed with difficulty. These waves of arousal he got from looking at a naked male ass were still taking him by surprise. Especially the sharp stab of desire he got from seeing Kaiba's ass in particular. He edged closer, with Kaiba watching his every move. Now his face was almost expressionless, like the look he'd worn yesterday when he sent Jou away. He wished he'd known then what that mask was really hiding.

Jou put his hand on Kaiba's thigh, snaked it in between his legs and up higher until his fingers just barely grazed his sac.

"You know how vulnerable you are like this, don't you?" he said quietly. "And hot. Shit, you look good, Kaiba," he said breathlessly.

Kaiba smiled back at him but his eyes were dead serious.

"This all started because you said you wanted to see me give up all that control," Kaiba said in that low voice that seemed to vibrate at the base of Jou's cock. "Well, that's what I'm doing."

"Actually, this all started because you heard me say something about you and a leash," he reminded Kaiba. He got a quirked eyebrow in response and realized it had been the same conversation all along. He'd been the one who had always imagined Kaiba wanted him on a leash, and not in any erotic way, either. He knew he could be slow sometimes, but he always made up for it once he caught on.

"You really trust me this much?" Joey said. He closed his fingers around those terribly vulnerable assets that were dangling there, and felt a shiver run through Kaiba's body.

"Not really," Kaiba said with an odd smile. "But if I completely trusted you, I wouldn't be giving up as much control, would I?"

"If there's logic in that, I don't get it. But then logic isn't my strong point, as I'm sure you'll be the first to tell me. The only thing that makes perfect sense to me at the moment is that you've got one hot ass, and if you're going to wave it in my face like that, something's gonna happen to it for sure, whether it's what you want or not."

He let his fingers play over the smooth skin, lightly brushing them over the puckered entrance exposed to his view. He felt a surprising thrill at the feel of it, remembering how sensitive and erotic it had been just a few minutes ago when Kaiba's fingers touched him there.

Kaiba was no longer smiling, but his eyes still held Jou's gaze unflinchingly. His ass did indeed wave about, higher and lower, circling slowly, and then he shifted his knees out a little more, opening himself up even wider. Only when he saw that Jou could not keep himself from staring at it did he turn his head around and lower it. He'd looked vulnerable and seductive before, but now he took Jou's breath away.

"Guess that answers that question," Jou said thickly. He scooted closer, kneeling between Kaiba's legs, but no longer touching him. A shiver ran down Kaiba's back.

"Do it," Kaiba said. His muffled voice was almost expressionless, neither a plea nor a demand.

Joey frowned. He wanted very much to "do it," at least his cock certainly did. From the sounds Kaiba made when he'd fucked Joey, and from how intense it felt being sucked off, he could only imagine how incredible it would be to get inside that tight, beautiful body. But something about Kaiba's voice just now made him pause a little longer.

He picked up the bottle of oil from the beside table, put a generous amount on his palm, and then closed his fist around his own erection. That felt good, the scent of it was already linked in his brain with Kaiba and sex. The anticipation he was feeling made it even better. But he had a sense that Kaiba needed something a little more. Little things kept tickling his brain, and one of them was Kaiba's surprising way with crude language when things got hot.

So instead of rubbing his well-oiled fingers into that waiting passage as he knew Kaiba was expecting, he leaned forward, over Kaiba's back, and reached underneath him. He lightly ran his fingertips along Kaiba's bobbing erection, smiling when he heard the swift intake of his breath.

"Do what?" he said quietly. "I think you better spell it out for me. And make it sound a little more convincing. Better tell me exactly what you want me to do, and how much you want me to do it."

Kaiba shuddered again. "Damn it," he said through clenched teeth. But his cock jumped against Joey's fingers. When he spoke again, every word sounded like it was being pulled unwillingly from the depths of his soul.

"Shove... your cock... up my ass... and fuck me... hard....Please, Katsuya." The last word was a whispered plea. Just what he'd been hoping to hear. And hearing it, he couldn't hold off any longer even if he'd wanted to.

He didn't waste a lot of time oiling Kaiba up. The way that ready ass opened when his fingers pressed inside made it clear enough that Kaiba didn't need or expect much preparation. And damn, but the tight, welcoming pressure on his fingers was incredibly erotic, sending sparks of anticipation from his hand down his spine to his cock.

Even so, of course it was incredibly tight when Jou finally started to press inside him. Wonderfully tight. They both moaned as the head of his cock plunged within the outer ring of muscle. Kaiba's whole body was quivering, but he steadied himself as Jou took a moment to catch his breath against the intensity of it. He'd never felt anything so good, unless it was having Kaiba inside him just a little while ago.

He moved, pressing in a little deeper. More shivers rippled up Kaiba's back,.

"Does it hurt?" he asked, not letting much hint of concern come through in his voice.

"Yes," Kaiba hissed.

"You want it anyway?"


"Alright. You got it."

Jou pushed himself hard against Kaiba's ass, and with just two intense thrusts he was in as far as he could go. For a moment he nearly forgot all about Kaiba and everything else A whole universe of sensation was centered in his cock. He realized he'd cried out, and he wasn't sure if Kaiba had as well or not.

"Damn," he breathed. "That's good!"

Instinct took over, prompted by Kaiba's slight movement against him, and he pulled back and then thrust in again. This time he did catch Kaiba's strangled moan as he got hhit bottom inside the tight passage. Through his own fog he realized he must have found that magic spot already. It might have hurt Kaiba like hell to begin with, but already the pleasure would be overwhelming the pain.

After that, it just got simpler. He shifted only a little to get a better angle for his own knees so his hips could flex freely, and then he just started pounding away. He kept a tight grip on Kaiba's hips, but it wasn't necessary; Kaiba matched him with every thrust. They started off fast and got faster. Jou soon felt like his brain was melting, but he didn't need it anyway. That sure wasn't what Kaiba wanted him for, and for once he didn't even mind.

He was suddenly gripped with a sense of determination to hold out longer than Kaiba had. Since he'd come so recently, even though the pleasure was intense the urgency wasn't quite as strong, and so he took his time, pounding away steadily, slowly reaching for the depths of pleasure.

He wanted to say something... something crude and dirty if that's what turned Kaiba on, or something tender and affectionate because that's how he felt right then. But all he could say was "Seto..."

All of a sudden he felt Kaiba bucking against him rapidly, out of synch with his own fast but steady thrusts. Kaiba's head was right down on the sheets, his knuckles were clenched and white. His formerly pristine white busienss shirt was tangled up on his arms and bunched up under his armpits, but his naked back gleamed and rippled with exertion. It was the hottest thing Jou had ever seen.

He leaned over that beautiful back again with what little presence of mind he had left, and reached underneath. His fist closed on stiff cock, and Kaiba let out a yell that he'd never imagined could come from that slim, cool body. Immediately his cock pulsed and hot liquid spurted over Jou's hand.

He felt suddenly triumphant, and with that and the feeling of Kaiba's body clenched tight around him he reached his own climax, pumping all he had deep inside Kaiba. For a moment he felt like it would never stop.

When the fog cleared, he was flat out on top of a limb body. He'd slipped out of Kaiba, but now they were stuck together by sweat and their own dead weight. Somehow he got his arms around underneath Kaiba and rolled him over to the side pulling him up against his own sweat-slick chest. Shirt-clad arms entwined with his, clasping them tightly together, but he was pretty sure the exhausted CEO was barely conscious. He wiggled up a little more so his face was against Kaiba's neck and placed a kiss on the sweat-soaked hair plastered to his skin.

If he'd thought of it, Joey reflected belatedly, he would have told Kaiba not to come until he'd been given permission. Maybe next time. Because he was pretty damn certain there was going to be a next time.


(to be continued - after a bit of a break, though. )