Title: Call It Love 5/?
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 4/2/05
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Seto/Jou
Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: m/m lust, oral and anal sex
Status: in progress
Spoilers: no
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.

Summary: Seto shares some techniques with Jou. Mostly sex happens.
(Constructive criticism is much welcome... is this too long, too fast, does it make any sense at all, ?????! Thanks!)

We've got all night,
Let's take our time.
Tell me your secrets,
I'll tell you mine.
When it makes us feel better -
Call it love.
-- Call It Love by Poco

Call It Love part 5

Seto always thought Jonouchi was the most completely predictable person he knew, but now, the mutt had surprised him twice in two days. It was almost the last thing he expected when Jou started to go down on him, to say nothing of going all the way through sucking him off and even swallowing. Not that he was complaining. For once, he didn't mind being surprised.

Jou's technique wasn't bad, either, especially if Seto was right in guessing that his experience was limited to one time with Ryou and yesterday with himself. As Jou always bragged, he was a fast learner. In spite of that, what had really made it spine-meltingly hot for Seto was the mere fact that Jou was willing to do it at all.

Having recovered his wits enough to roll over, Seto looked down at Jou and wondered what else the curious puppy could be coaxed into trying. For the moment, though, he couldn't think that far ahead. He was too caught up in the sight of the lanky, beautifully naked body sprawled out on his plush carpet. He could hardly decide whether to sprawl alongside him and run his hands through thick blond hair while nibbling on his neck, or diving right down to taste his cock again. The way Jou looked, almost anything he did would probably be okay with him.

He didn't dare hope he could get the one thing he really wanted most from Jou. He was still certain, almost certain anyway, that Jou would start having second thoughts about all of this any second and go running out the door. Asking him to do something that was surely against his nature would send him running away even faster. Seto preferred to take whatever of Jou he could get, even if that meant giving up his most cherished desire in favor of keeping the mutt around a little longer.

He finally stretched out alongside Jou on the carpet, one hand in his hair and the other playing with an attentive nipple, with one knee sliding up between Jou's legs. At the same time he reached in between them. Jou's half-closed eyes went wide and his breath caught when Seto's hand cupped his erection.

"I'm impressed with your self-control, Jonouchi," he said. He gave an experimental squeeze, delighting in the feel of a thick, pulsating handful of Jou against his palm. But from the sound Jou made, he decided maybe it wasn't a case of great self-control after all.

"Uh, Kaiba," Jou said with a squeak in his voice, "Easy, there... I was a little bit distracted for a minute; that's all." Jou squirmed cautiously. His fingers clenched Kaiba's wrist, but he obviously couldn't decide whether to pull the hand away or make it move faster.

"Don't worry," Kaiba said, easing off. "I intend to do more than simply tease you to death!"

"That's good," Jou said weakly.

"But first, let's move to the bed. I've already got rug burns from this carpet. Besides, I have something there that will make this even better."

Jou looked up at him with his eyes almost crossed as he gave the twitching cock one last, soft caress, then pulled away. He stood up and held his hand out. Jou stared up at him in surprise for a second before grabbing the hand to haul himself to his feet.

This brought them to stand close together again, face to face, fingers entwined. Seto could feel Jou's pulse in his hand, a rapid counter-rythm to his own. Jou's slightly unfocused gaze stared into his. Impulsively, he spread his other hand through the thick, tangled blond hair and pulled Jou's face to his. Jou's tongue slipped out to flick at his lip before their mouths came together.

Seto swirled his tongue around Jou's, dipping far inside to taste their mingled flavors.

"Mmmm," he said, pulling away slowly. "You were right. I like the taste of my cum on your lips."

Jou looked surprised to hear Seto put it so bluntly, but he licked his lips where Seto's tongue had just been. "Yeah. Told ya."

"I like the taste of you on my lips even better, though." Seto added, partly just to see the glazed look that came over Jou's face. "Come on, mutt. We're heading for the bed, remember?"

"Whatever you say, Mr. Kaiba," Jou mumbled with mock respect, but he followed quickly.

Somehow they made it across the wide room. If Seto didn't have a clear goal in mind, he would have let Jou tumbled him onto the huge black leather sofa halfway across the room, but he managed to keep them both on their feet all the way to the alcove. Jou tugged at the shirt that still clung to Kaiba's shoulders, although in its tangled state, it covered no more than his arms. Seto pushed his hands away and distracted him by cupping his nice, firm ass with one hand while nibbling under his ear.

Even so, Jou had recovered a little more of his wits by the time they got to the bed. Seto watched him for any signs of apprehension. Bringing Jou to bed could make the nervous puppy think he was crossing the line between just fooling around with another guy and really having gay sex - or making love. But he hadn't bolted yet.

He sat next to Jou, facing him with one leg bent under himself. He touched Jou's hair gently, nudging him to look him in the eye.

"What are you expecting, Jonouchi?" he asked in a low voice. "What is your fantasy, really? What do you want me to do?"

Jou couldn't seem to come up with an answer. Seto watched wariness cross his face, replacing the eager, determined look he'd had earlier, It was disappointing, but hardly surprising.

He reached around to the bedside table and opened an antigue lacquered box. Jou craned his neck to peek over Seto's shoulder, cautious and curious to see what was in the box. To his amusement, Jou looked relieved to see the collection of bottles, tubes and phials inside the box. What was he expecting, an actual dog collar and leash?

"Don't you ever use lube when you're jerking off?" Seto asked, grinning.

Jou looked surprised.

"Yeah, sure! Well, except, not usually. Just soap, you know, in the shower. And hand cream, once."

"Well, then, you're in for another new sexual experience, Jonouchi. One that I'm certain you'll enjoy."

He picked up one of the bottles and pulled the top off. A warm, musky, slightly spicey scent rose up from it. Jou sniffed curiously.

"Smells nice. You use this kind of stuff a lot?"

Seto grinned at him as he poured a dab of the oil into his palm.

"I thought you'd like the scent of this one. And it feels even better."

He demonstrated by sliding his oiled hand between Jou's legs and sliding it upward. Jou watched him warily until the warmth of the spiced oil started to penetrate. By the time Kaiba got his hand under Jou's balls, all of his doubts seemed to have vanished.

Jou had softened slightly while they sat, but that only meant Seto had the pleasure of feeling him swell and stiffen again under his massaging hand.

"Oh, yeah," Jou said. "I get what you mean...."

His eyes closed and his legs spread slightly wider. Seto massaged his entire length with the oil, knowing how its mildly spicey warmth would stimulate Jou's senses. While he rolled his fingers under Jou's sac, he pushed him back and lay down alongside him.

"Okay," Jou mumbled. It sounded like he was talking in his sleep.

/Mouth no longer engaged with brain,/ Seto thought with a grin. /Mission accomplished./

He nudged Jou's upper leg to bend up so that he could reach in deeper, while he resumed lapping at Jou's throat and chest. He slid his hand as far back between Jou's legs as he dared, drawing back when he felt the slight tremor and clench of thigh muscles against the soft intrusion.

Feeling the return of his own arousal, Seto twined his unoiled fingers in Jou's hair, coaxing his head back so that he could taste the skin beneath his ear, then over the rapid pulse in his neck. He curled down so he could flick his tongue over one nipple and then the other, feeling the sharp intake of breath this caused. He hummed against Jou's skin, smiling when Jou's cock jumped in his hand. Jou held his head lightly, caressing his hair with one hand, while the other rested on his hip, neither holding him nor pushing him away.

But when he slid his slick fingers under Jou's sac and deeper, further back, he felt Jou's body go tense again. He frowned, wondering if Jou had even thought about any other possibilities beyond hand jobs and oral sex. It was time to find out.

He slowed the hand that was stroking Jou, and brought his head back up to kiss Jou's chin and tug briefly at his lips before pulling back a little.

"You're not still thinking of Ryou Bakura, I hope," he said lightly.

Jou's eyes fluttered open. Seto was distracted for a moment by his long, light-colored lashes, and the lust-clouded depths of those deep brown eyes.

"Huh?" Jou said, focusing on his face. "Thinking? Who's thinking?"

Seto smiled and raised his head on his arm so he could watch Jou's face.

"It's not that I'm interested in what Ryou did," he said, "But I'm curious about one thing: which one of you initiated it?"

Jou's eyes narrowed. Seto knew the puppy was annoyed with his probing questions, in addition to being frustrated since he'd stopped massaging his cock. He let his hand rest quietly around it. He had to know more before he would go any further.

"It's still none of your business, Kaiba," Jou said with as much sharpness as he could muster. "But since you're so damn curious, I'll tell you. It wasn't either of us. It was Bakura's idea."

"Ah," Seto said, understanding immediately. He'd guessed Bakura must have been involved somehow. "Then I'm even less interested in the details, in that case. But I'm still curious about how they talked you into it. Was it something you wanted to do? Or did they take you by surprise?"

Jou didn't answer. He was frowning sharply at Kaiba now, and his arousal was once again giving way to wariness.

"I'm only trying to find out what you like, Jonouchi," Seto tried to reassure him. He smiled, trying hard not to let it look like a smirk.

The tension growing in Jou's body was not the kind of tension he wanted to feel. He touched Jou's face gently, letting his thumb brush pouting lips. Jou didn't flinch, but he didn't let his guard down again, either.

Seto slid closer, even though he felt Jou stiffen when their hips brushed together. He got his arms around Jou, and before the startled blond could pull away, he rolled onto his back and pulled Jou up on top of him. Jou's eyes went wide, staring down at Seto from under a curtain of blond hair. Seto wiggled under the thighs straddling his hips.

"What do you like, Katsuya? What do you want to try? Is it your fantasy to be on top... to be seme?"

Jou just stared down at him as if in shock. Seto writhed under him, but there was no response - no clench of muscular thighs around him, no tell-tale twitching of Jou's erection.

/Damn!/ Seto thought. /I knew it. The mutt is a total uke. So much for *my* fantasy./

After all, he told himself, it wasn't really a fantasy, not something he pictured like a jerk-off movie in his mind. Only something he thought of sometimes, something his body longed for. Nothing he couldn't live without.

He smiled, as much in irony at himself as anything, and gave a short laugh. Then he flipped them both over again, quickly reversing their positions. Jou landed on his back on the mattress with a soft "oof!" but he was too surprised to resist.

Seto gazed down at him and saw just what he expected to see. Now Jou's face was flushed, his pupils dilated, and his cock responded as Seto rolled his hips again, pinning Jou to the mattress.

He set his disappointment aside. It would be enough to have Jou at all, and that was more than he'd ever expected a few days ago. He could be seme if that's what Jou wanted, as long as he got to taste him at least one more time. Seto wasn't usually one to resign himself to merely accepting what he could get, but in this case, he'd enjoy it as long as it lasted -- until Jonouchi remembered that he was really a straight boy after all, or until he remembered that he hated Seto Kaiba.

Until then, he was going to give his beautiful, golden mutt the most pleasure he could give him, and enjoy every second of it. When Jou finally left, at least he'd have the memory of what they'd done to be his fantasy when he was alone in this bed once again.


Jonouchi found himself flat on his back, looking up at a vision that had haunted his imagination for a week: Seto Kaiba's grinning face staring down at him, sky-blue eyes burning into his. He felt the full weight of Kaiba's body on his, slim, muscular thighs pushing his legs apart, and that surprisingly firm grip on his shoulders pinning him to the bed.

Most breathtaking of all, he felt Kaiba's erection swelling against his own. Involuntarily, his hips spasmed upward, rubbing them together. Kaiba's smile widened.

"Mmm," Kaiba said, his voice a low purr. "Looks like you prefer being on the bottom. Fine with me."

Jou didn't know what he preferred at that moment. He knew he'd been shocked beyond words when he'd found himself up on top, looking down at that intense gaze. Jou knew putting him on top like that must have been a gesture meant to mock him, because there was no way in the world Seto Kaiba could ever be anything but seme. In spite of his imaginings that sometimes put Kaiba in Ryou's bound position on that table, he knew Kaiba could never be truly submissive like that. Even on his knees sucking cock, Kaiba had been on top and in control.

Still, Kaiba did look hotter than hell lying there on his back, with nothing but his tangled white shirt clinging to his arms, which only emphasized his naked beauty. However, he was even more gorgeously seductive from this angle -- looking straight up at him.

Jou watched that sly grin disappear as Kaiba lowered his head to lap at the hollow inside his collarbone. Fine manicured hands wandered over his chest, down along his sides, finally holding his hips down against the mattress, while that hot mouth and amazingly eager tongue trailed all over his skin. Jou got over being apprehensive and went right back to not being able to think, he was so aroused by what Kaiba was doing to him. He raised one hand to touch Kaiba's hair, and as his fingers entwined with the brown locks, he felt Kaiba sigh against his skin.

He still wasn't sure he believed Kaiba wanted to do this. Still couldn't figure out why Kaiba's attitude changed since giving him the brush-off yesterday. Didn't care anymore, really, as long as Kaiba kept going in the direction he was going.

Kaiba moved slowly down his body, tasting him all the way. His hands returned to their earlier task of massaging Jou's erection, and Jou couldn't stop his groans of appreciation. He found he was running his hands over Kaiba's face and neck and shoulders, feeling the tight muscles in his slim body. When he started to push the tangled shirtsleeves down Kaiba's arms, Kaiba caught his hands and pushed them down to his sides.

"Leave it, mutt," Kaiba said. His voice was husky. He raised his head enough to catch Jou's eye. Holding his gaze, he opened his lips and let a hot breath wash over Jou's erection.

"Kaiba..." Jou said hoarsely.

"Mmmm," Kaiba said, smiling, staring up at Jou through the brown locks that had fallen over his face. Still holding Jou's gaze, he got up on his knees between Jou's legs. He straightened up just enough so that Jou could see that he'd nearly recovered his full erection.

"I hope you've noticed the effect you're having on me, Jonouchi," he said.

"Yeah? You sure that's because of me?" Jou asked. It was still hard to believe that he turned Kaiba on.

"Like I said earlier," Kaiba answered, "I like the taste of you."

Before Jou could say or think anything else, Kaiba dropped down and took Jou's cock in his mouth. For a few seconds, Jou was mesmerized by the sight of Kaiba's face, lashes dark on his cheek, the tip of Jou's swollen cock disappearing between his lips. Then Kaiba lowered his head and started to suck hungrily, and he couldn't see straight enough to watch him anymore.

Kaiba's mouth was as hot as he remembered from yesterday, only moreso. His fingers wound in Seto's hair again and held him. He could still taste Kaiba in his mouth, and the scent of their mingled arousal along with the spicey oil was becoming familiar, like an aphrodisiac clouding his brain. Kaiba sucked and slurped up and down his length, drawing back to pause once and murmur his name hungrily.

Jou would have moaned Kaiba's name in turn, but he couldn't get his tongue to work. So he tried to convey his approval by his touch on Kaiba's hair and shoulders, without just grabbing on and fucking his mouth. That might have worked for Ryou, but it would probably make Kaiba spit him out and toss him out of bed - or bite! Anyway, he seemed to be getting the message that Jou liked what he was doing, since he kept doing it.

There was so much pleasure centered in his groin that he almost didn't notice when Kaiba's fingers began to probe deeper, first fondling his balls, then slipping back under them. Kaiba nudged his legs further apart and prompted him to raise his hips more so he could reach underneath.

A few minutes ago, being touched back there had made him nervous, but now he had to admit that it felt incredibly good to be stroked in that sensitive area just behind his balls. When the fingers pressed further back and deeper, he whimpered at the conflicting urge to protect himself or open up to the intense pleasure.

"Kaiba?" He knew he sounded nervous.

Kaiba drew his head back enough to place his lips against the wet tip of his cock.

"Easy, Katsuya," Kaiba said in his deepest, most seductive voice. "I promise I won't hurt you."

Jou didn't know why he should believe him. His voice was strange, Jou thought: calming yet arousing. There were alarm bells going off in his brain somewhere, but his body was in charge right now, not his brain. He relaxed enough to let Kaiba probe further. Another palm-full of warm oil melted the tension from tight, clenching muscles, and Kaiba's mouth sucking him in again prompted him to plant his feet and push his butt up off the mattress. Kaiba's finger slipped smoothly inside of him.

He was surprised how good that first, tender invasion felt. He was even ready when two fingers gently spread him and pressed deeper a few seconds later. Then something else happened. He'd read about this whole prostate thing, but he'd never gone and checked it out for himself. When Kaiba's finger hit the spot, he decided the descriptions didn't do it justice. He let Kaiba know how good it felt by moaning and spreading his legs wider. Kaiba hummed in satisfaction around his cock.

Jou could have exploded right then and there, but Kaiba slowed his motions and pulled back, only to start up again, slowly. He drove Jou to the brink again and then held off.

"Damn, Kaiba!" he groaned. "If you're trying to drive me insane here, it's working!" It was difficult to talk. He had half an urge to push Kaiba aside and finish the job with his own hand, but damn it, he wanted to feel Kaiba swallow around him again.

"Katsuya," Kaiba said. His voice was husky and hoarse.

Jou tried to raise his head. He looked down the length of his body to see Kaiba's deep blue eyes gleaming like some exotic jewels.

"Katsuya... if I make you come, will you let me fuck you?"

The fingers caressing inside him sent another intense wave of pleasure right up his spine. That made the answer surprisingly easy.

"Fuck yeah, Kaiba. Just.. . do it!"

Kaiba's mouth engulfed him again, and he flopped back on the bed with a sharp moan. Kaiba assaulted him with pleasure, his head bobbing up and down rapidly, fingers caressing inside him. Jou came in seconds, shouting in surprise. Kaiba sucked, slurped wetly, and swallowed. Jou came so hard he felt like he levitated off the bed. Only Kaiba's hands and mouth held him to earth.

The next thing he knew, he was panting to recover his lost breath, too limp to help Kaiba lift his legs. Waves of pleasure still washed over him, and he felt strangely relaxed and open. There was no room for the apprehension he should have felt when Kaiba settled in between his legs, pushing his knees back and up toward his chest.

It was exactly like the vision he'd had of being in Ryou's position, knees up high and spread wide with Kaiba bearing down to enter him. That struck him so intensely that he started to get hard again even though the tremors from his climax had barely ended.

But the look on Kaiba's face was different than he imagined. Rather than the familiar smirk tinged with an erotic edge, he stared down at Jou hungrily, as if he was trying to memorize the sight of him. Then his eyes closed and his brow wrinkled in concentration. At the same moment, Jou felt the thick, oiled head of Kaiba's cock slip inside of him.

It hurt even while it felt good, but he was only surprised that it didn't hurt more. It looked to Jou like it was causing Kaiba even more pain than him. He relaxed as much as he could, and immediately felt the pleasure increase, and saw the distress on Kaiba's face transformed into ecstacy.

Their eyes met. The connection Jou sensed between them yesterday was there again. This time, he wasn't going to let it slip away. He caught the sharp face in his hands.

/Don't look away, Seto!/ he thought desperately. /Please, don't look away./

Seto didn't look away. He kept his eyes on Jou's as he pressed deeper inside with each careful thrust, until his eyes rolled up and then fluttered closed in pleasure.

At the same moment, the head of his cock hit Jou's prostate. The caress of two slim fingers inside him was nothing compared to the bone-melting pleasure of feeling Kaiba's thick cockhead slide over that spot. Any remaining hint of pain was overwhelmed by that feeling, and by the sight of Kaiba's face above him contorted in pleasure. It was the ultimate thrill to know that he could make Kaiba feel so good he could hardly breathe.

They began to rock together. Jou flew toward the brink, propelled by the fullness of Seto inside him and by hearing him groan helplessly with every thrust.

He felt like he could have gone on like that for ages, but Kaiba couldn't. The beautiful body pounding into him went tense in every muscle, straining to hold back and make it last. At the final second, blue eyes opened and stared down at Jou with an expression of helplessness quickly replaced by bliss. Kaiba pulsed inside of him, his arms trembling as he held himself up over Jou's curled body. Jou felt his release deep in the core of his being.

Kaiba dropped down onto him at last, puffing and sighing. It felt like both of their skeletons had melted. Reluctantly, he allowed Kaiba to slip out of him, but even the slurping, wet sound and feel of his cock sliding out was erotic. He felt like, if it had lasted a little longer, he might have managed to come again as well. Then he remembered that Kaiba had climaxed twice in the last twenty minutes. No wonder he was barely breathing.

From his own side of things, Jou understood now why Ryou looked so incredibly happy and blissful, not just while Bakura was taking him but even afterward. He didn't think anything would melt this sense of pleasure away for a long time. Any little part of him that tried to say he should be freaking out because he'd just lost his virginity to another guy... well, maybe he'd freak out about that later. For now, it felt too damn good to hold that other guy in his arms.

Only there was one thing that would ruin it all, he realized, as he saw Kaiba's lashes flutter, trying to open. If Kaiba tried to pretend there was nothing going on here now, he might have to kill the bastard.


(to be continued. Very soon. It was going to take a lot longer: several more chapters where they eat, argue, go to school, doubt and angst over each other, etc, before they get around to doing what we all know they have to do. But then I was brushing up my guy-sex knowledge at Minotaur's Sex Tips For Slash Writers, and I read this:

"Q: I'm wondering what is realistic as far as recovery time after orgasms for a 17-18 year old boy.
A: Oh, about 2.5 seconds... seriously. At that age guys are just dripping hormones, and can be pretty much continuously erect for days. An orgasm will take the edge off, but not for very long."

You can therefore thank Minotaur for the fact that the next scene immediately follows this one. Hooray for teenage stamina! ~_^)