Title: Call It Love 4/?
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 3/23/05
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Seto/Jou
Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: m/m lust, oral sex
Status: in progress
Spoilers: no
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.

Summary: Jou gains yet another new experience: a taste of Seto.


If I didn't have money
Would you want me still?
When you look real close,
Do we fit the bill?
Call it what you want,
But only time will tell...
"Call It Love" by Poco

Call it Love chapter 4

Jonouchi had to admire the cool of Kaiba's driver. When he held the door for them at the entrance to KaibaCorp's downtown office, the only sign he gave of what he'd just seen were two bright red spots high on his cheeks. Other than that you'd hardly guess he'd just driven for ten minutes through downtown traffic with two horny teenagers making out in the back of the limo. Not to mention the groping before they got in and as soon as they got out again.

Jou found it fairly easy not to think too much about what was happening, or about what was going to happen next. Kaiba seemed determine to keep him from thinking anyway, and it made more sense to his distracted brain to go with the flow.

Once they got in the elevator, though, he did have a stray thought about Ryou and what went on last weekend, and about how a week ago he never could have imagined himself doing any of this, let alone with Seto Kaiba of all people. He also spared a moment to wonder why Ryou hadn't shown up, and what the hell was up with Honda. Whatever they were both so busy with, Jou hoped they were enjoying themselves.

But all those random thoughts were only to fill the long seconds it took for them to ride up in the elevator with several other passengers. Each of them greeted Kaiba politely, and all of them pointedly ignored the young CEO's skewed necktie, crumpled shirt, and mussed hair.

Kaiba avoided looking at Jou during the ride, but Jou didn't take it personally. From the fevered gleam in his eyes, it was more like he was afraid if he looked at Jou, he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off him, no matter how many people were standing right there watching. At least, Jou was hoping that's what it meant, because that's how he felt when he looked at Kaiba.

He refused to wonder about Kaiba's change of attitude. He knew it would just as likely change back again once the heat died down. At least now he was certain that yesterday wasn't just a random fluke, and it wasn't just Kaiba yanking his chain. There was more to it than that. What, exactly, there was, he'd have to figure out later. Right now he couldn't figure out his own motivations, say nothing of figuring out Kaiba's.

A guy who had to be Kaiba's personal secretary popped out of the woodwork as soon as they left the elevator. Jou guessed he was twice Kaiba's age and nearly twice his girth, but he sprinted along beside them, obviously accustomed to trying to match his boss's long stride. He ignored Jou completely while he attempted to relay a series of messages.

"Mr. Kaiba, you received several urgent calls from..."

"Leave them on my desk, I'll look at them later," Kaiba said without even a glance at the slips of paper waving in his face.

"Very well. The representative from Industrial Illusions arrived a day early and would like to meet with you this afternoon..."

"Ha! He can forget it. I'll see him Tuesday as planned."

"Yes sir. Your dinner meeting with the..."

"Cancel it."

They stopped short at a double door decorated with Kaiba's name in gold lettering. The secretary puffed discreetly.

"Shall I have lunch brought to your office, sir?"

Kaiba fixed him with a quick, sharp look, which the secretary returned placidly.

"No. Wait. Yes. Send in lunch for three. Make it four."

The secretary's eyes widened. Jou thought he looked both surprised and pleased.

"Certainly, Mr. Kaiba," he said with a bow. "I'll order it immediately."

He bustled off, giving Jou a very brief, speculative glance before disappearing through another door further along the corridor.

"You planning on company for lunch?" Jou said warily. He had a sudden vision of standing around all afternoon, waiting like a fish on a line while Kaiba met with suited businessmen.

"No," Kaiba said with a gleam of humor in his eyes. "I'm expecting you to work up quite an appetite."

"Oh." Jou blinked in surprise. Oddly enough, food was the furthest thing from his mind just then.

Kaiba opened the double doors and ushered Jou inside. He glanced around curiously, but it was nothing exciting. There was a wide, polished oak desk, gleaming office furniture, plush carpet, and a whole wall of glass with a splendid view of the Domino skyline. Actually, it was more traditional than Jou thought it would be, not as high tech as he would have expected of Kaiba.

"I don't actually work in here," Kaiba said, as if discerning his thoughts. "This is mostly for show. My real office is through here."

A smaller door to the right led to a much more cluttered space. Several desks and computer consoles nestled next to each other, and a large-screen monitor and control console filled one wall. There was a framed picture of Mokuba on one of the desks, amid piles of papers, printouts and diagrams. Seto walked by all this without a glance and opened another door.


Jou peered in past him and raised his eyebrows. It looked like one of those plush hotel suites he'd only ever seen in TV shows. He saw sofas and chairs, an entertainment center, a bar and a dining area. At the far end of the room, set off in an alcove, there was a great, huge bed.

"Very homey," he said, strolling in and looking around. He was really trying to be cool about this, but his heart was pounding so hard he thought it must be shaking the building. Especially when he heard the door close, and then felt Kaiba standing close behind him.

"Jonouchi." Kaiba's voice was strange, thick, with a pleading sound Jou thought he must be imagining. He turned around, almost afraid to look at Kaiba's face.

"Yeah. I'm here," he said, realizing that his own voice didn't sound quite normal either. "Now what?"

The look on Kaiba's face reminded Jou of the way he felt when a teacher asked him a question and he hadn't read the chapter. But then his eyes fastened on Jou's mouth, again. Jou was almost getting used to that hungry look. This time when Kaiba moved in to kiss him, he was ready.

He was relieved to feel the heat and hardness in the body that pressed eagerly against his. He still kept thinking this was all going to stop suddenly, but it didn't feel that way when Kaiba's arms closed around him. The fingers of one hand curled in the hair at the back of his neck, coaxing him forward into the devouring kiss, not that he needed much coaxing. The other dropped down his back. He nearly choked when Kaiba's hand landed on his ass for a change.

He had way too many clothes on all of a sudden. Pressed tight together as they were, it was a struggle to reach between them, scrambling at Kaiba's button-down white shirt and the knot in his black silk tie. Kaiba did a better job of getting his hands under Jou's tee shirt and pushing it up out of the way. Once again, just the same as yesterday, Jou reluctantly took his hands off Kaiba long enough to let his shirt be pulled off over his head. He managed to get about half of Kaiba's buttons undone before Kaiba pushed him back and started to kiss down his neck.

Kaiba's tongue found his nipple at the same time that his hand closed possessively on Jou's erection through his jeans. His legs buckled and he groaned. Kaiba made an encouraging sound, and they dropped to the floor together. It occurred to Jou that after coming all this way, they weren't going to make it across the room to the bed.

Being on the floor side by side made it much easier to kick off shoes, squirm out of trousers and jeans, and get their hands all over each other's bare skin. Kaiba kept making coordinated moves where he would stroke long fingers up Jou's hard length and fasten his mouth on his skin somewhere else at the same time. Every time he did that, Jou's mind went blank for a few seconds, and all he could do was flop back and let it feel good.

Jou couldn't be that coordinated. He just touched whatever he could reach and kissed wherever his mouth landed. In between, he just looked at Seto in wonder.

The taste of Seto's skin he'd gotten on the ride in was a revelation. He didn't know a guy could taste that good, and now he wanted to know more. What did he taste like lower down on his chest, what did it feel like to pull that taut nipple into his mouth and twirl it with his tongue? What kind of sounds could he get Kaiba to make by licking here, or there, or somewhere else? At the back of his mind the question seemed to throb... what would his cock taste like? How would it feel in his mouth?

He didn't know exactly what Kaiba had in mind, but he made up his own mind what he wanted to do. They were squirming against each other like, well, puppies, Jou had to admit, as he worked his way down Kaiba's body toward his goal. He found a flat stomach, hipbones inviting his tongue to slide over smooth skin, long legs spreading to let him get in between them.

He remembered noticing yesterday how beautiful Kaiba's face could be when it wasn't locked in an evil smirk. Now he found out how fine his body was as well. Slimmer than it appeared under all those fine tailored clothes, taut with strength and tension, Kaiba's body was almost what he would call delicate. Jou felt almost bulky next to him, and paler, too.

And his cock was beautiful as well, Jou decided candidly. He still felt a little strange as he stared at it, right up close this time. He glanced up to see Kaiba looking at him, and he saw surprise and doubt in those blue eyes. Okay, so he'd pretended not to be impressed yesterday, and now maybe Kaiba still thought he was just a straight boy fooling around, experimenting, and thought he would never actually return the favor. Or maybe, Jou realized with a flush of surprise, Kaiba was actually self-conscious about his body. It seemed bizarre that Kaiba could be insecure about something like this, considering all his arrogant superiority. But what guy wasn't just a little bit concerned about how he measured up?

Whether he needed it or not, Jou decided to reassure him. Anyway, he was curious and... he wanted to. Even so, he felt a little unreal when he opened his lips and lowered his mouth over the tip of Kaiba's erection.

He was struck by two things: he liked the taste, and he liked the way it made Kaiba breathe in quick gasps when he closed his lips around it. It was easy enough to remember what felt good when Ryou or Kaiba had done it to him, and then try the same things. The more of Kaiba he got in his mouth, the more he wanted.

He settled in between Kaiba's spread legs on the carpet and got his hands comfortably around slim, muscular thighs. He took in all he could, enjoying the musky taste and the wonderful, full feeling in his mouth. And then, because he liked how it felt and how it tasted, and because he wanted to see if he could really make Kaiba squirm, he started to suck.

Kaiba squirmed. His thighs trembled and his upper body flexed although his hips stayed still. Jou realized with delight that he was trying hard not to thrust himself right up into his mouth. It was a lot more consideration than he would have expected from Kaiba.

He managed to raise his eyes and catch a glimpse up along his rippling body to his face. Lips parted and cheeks flushed, Kaiba stared down at him through half-closed eyes. He still looked like he hardly believed what Jou was doing, or maybe he just couldn't believe how good it felt. Jou knew that feeling.

He suddenly understood the look of pleasure he'd seen on both Ryou's face and Kaiba's when they were doing him this way. There was a strange mixture of power and submission in knowing you could make someone else feel this good. Especially when that someone else was Seto Kaiba. Jou felt moved with the desire to give Kaiba the most mind-blowing blowjob he could possibly figure out how to give him. Just because he could. Even if he didn't really know what he was doing.

He nearly forgot about his own erection, concentrating so hard on what he was doing to Kaiba and listening for his responses. Even so, the sound of Kaiba's moans, steadily increasing in sharpness, sent a nice vibration through to his own cock. Every time he pulled up before plunging his mouth back down, he drank in the sight of Kaiba's lean body spread out on the pristine carpet, with nothing but his white shirt tangled around his arms and spread out underneath him, and that kept his cock interested as well.

When long fingers twined in his hair, tugging gently to encourage him to greater depths, he felt a tingle run down his spine. But it was the sounds Kaiba made that really did it for him. Especially when he heard his name moaned in that surprisingly husky voice.

"Katsuya.. yes..."

Jou felt a delicious surge of heated pleasure when he heard that. With his hands tucked up at the top of Kaiba's thighs, he suddenly felt his balls tighten up, and then his cock jumped in Jou's mouth. He had another second to realize what that meant, and to decide what to do about it, before he felt something hot and creamy spurt across his tongue. Reluctant to let that pulsing cock slip out of his mouth, he forced himself to swallow, and it was worth it to hear Kaiba scream.

He didn't quite get all of it. Kaiba jerked so violently and came so hard that Jou lost his hold. He stuck out his tongue and flicked the tip that was still spurting, making Kaiba scream again. A second later, Kaiba grabbed his head and curled up around him, panting desperately and shaking. Shocked, Jou stayed still, waiting for Kaiba to recover.

With a final deep sigh, Kaiba relaxed. He rolled down onto the carpet, pulling Jou up next to him, and Jou settled against his chest, listening to his heart race and gradually slow toward normal.

"Damn, mutt... that was good." It would have sounded like an impassive, matter-of-fact assessment, except that Kaiba's voice was still shaky.

Jou rose up on his elbow to look at him in shock.

"Did you just pay me a compliment?"

"Clearly, your tongue has addled my brain," Kaiba said with dry humor.

"I'll take that as a compliment too, then," Jonouchi said, grinning. He felt incredibly pleased with himself.

"You didn't tell me you've been practicing at that," Kaiba went on, still catching his breath. "Was it Ryou, or one of your other little friends?"

Jou paused. He wasn't sure he wanted to admit that his newly awakened hunger for Kaiba's body was his sole inspiration.

"Guess I'm just a natural, 'cause you're the first," he said, letting himself sound a little smug.

Kaiba raised his head enough to look at him skeptically.

"Anyway, let's leave my friends out of it, okay?" Jou muttered.

"Of course. Gladly," Kaiba answered immediately. "Anyway, it's nice to know there's at least one thing you're good at."

Jou was pleased enough with himself that he didn't even feel the sting of the implied insult. Stretched out alongside the slim, sweat-soaked body, Jou remembered his own arousal, but he felt strangely patient about doing anything about it. He was surprised at how satisfied he felt even though he hadn't gotten off yet.

"So, what you're saying," he said, propping himself up on Kaiba's chest to look down at his heavy-lidded face, "what you're saying is that I finally beat you at something, right?"

"Wrong," Kaiba said flatly. There was a gleam in his eye as he raised himself up and rolled them over so that Jou was beneath him. "I said you beat me *to* it, this time, not *at* it."


(to be continued! UkeSeto fans, be patient. I'll make it worth the wait, I promise!)