Title: Call It Love 3/?
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 3/19-20/05
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Rating: NC17 (well, maybe only R in this chapter)
Pairings: Seto/Jou
Original characters: no
Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: m/m lust
Status: in progress
Spoilers: no
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.
Summary: Seto can resist anything except temptation.

Notes: Wow. Thanks for the really, really great reviews. These guys are so much fun to write about! I'm glad their fans think I'm doing a good job with them. Hang in there, it should get even better.


Do we tell the truth,
Or do we live a lie?
Is the feeling good?
Is that what makes you cry?
When you say those words,
Look me in the eye -
Tell me why
You call it love.

"Call It Love" by Poco


Call It Love chapter 3

After Jonouchi left the arcade office, Seto stood and stared at the closed door for several minutes, trying not to think. Hands clenched on his upper arms, eyes wide open, he tried not to remember every moment that had passed since he first spotted Jou in the arcade. He could have resisted the temptation offered by the conversation he overheard the day before, if Jou hadn't come to this place where he tested his company's newest low-end games the very next day. When Seto saw him standing there with his long legs planted wide apart and his ass wiggling suggestively while he struggled with the stupid game, he had to give in to the urge to tease and smirk at him. That was really all he was planning to do.

It was an experiment that failed, just as Seto expected it would. His brief taste of Jonouchi had only left him wanting more. What he didn't expect was for Jou to want more of him as well. He'd expected the mutt would turn and run with his straight-boy tail between his legs - after punching a large dent in his face first, most likely. If he'd known Jou would actually take him up on his offer, he never would have given in to the temptation to make the offer in the first place.

Seto couldn't imagine how Jonouchi had happened to have sex with Ryou Bakura, of all people, although it seemed safe to assume that the other Bakura had something to do with it. The opportunity to tease him about it was just too perfect to pass up. But he thought whatever happened with Ryou must have been a random bit of boys fooling around, something Jou would never do more than once.

Well, now he knew better. He just hoped Jonouchi believed him when he said that what they did here in this office a few minutes ago was nothing, meant absolutely nothing. Because he certainly hadn't convinced himself.

Seto caught himself rubbing his hands up and down his arms while he paced the short distance across the office and back. He forced himself to stop, and clenched his fists over his arms instead, but then he found himself staring at the jumbled equipment and tools on the shelves. For a few minutes after his climax, after tasting Jonouchi's climax, his mind was still and quiet. That sense of peace had vanished quickly. Now everything was starting to swirl into a familiar chaos. He felt as if his skin was too tight and too achingly aware. Far from being relaxed after their encounter, he felt another kind of need gripping him, a need to find a way to stop the whirlpool of emotions rising to engulf him.

He couldn't stand here in this mess of an office all day, staring at the shelves overflowing with electronic parts, pliers and wire cutters and other tools for making makeshift repairs to broken arcade games. It all reminded him that there were worse temptations than Jonouchi, other things he was even more determined to resist. If Jou was still in the arcade, he would just have to walk right past him, ignoring him as he always pretended to do. Because there was no way he was giving in to that temptation again, either.

As it happened, when he left a minute later, Jonouchi was nowhere to be seen. If he didn't have to see him again until Monday at school, he thought he could regain his composure by then. He would go home, find Mokuba, and drown out his own thoughts by listening to his little brother chatter about his schoolwork and his friends. Tomorrow he could distract himself with work. By Monday everything would be back to normal.

Sunday was the one day Seto had completely free for business. By 11 a.m. he was riding into downtown Domino, briefcase open on his lap while he tried to plan his work for the day. It was only by chance that he happened to be staring blankly out the tinted window as they passed through a familiar residential neighborhood, and saw temptation itself walking into view.

Jonouchi slouched along with his hands in his pockets. His head was down, but that mess of blond bangs falling over his face wasn't enough to hide his scowl. He looked like a bulldog that has had its chew toy stolen out from under its nose. Seto wondered for a second if that black look was because of him, but then he remembered what he'd overheard on Friday. This was Ryou's neighborhood. Jonouchi was supposed to be meeting his friends to study, but he was already walking away from Ryou's place.

"Stop the car," he said.

The driver obeyed, and the car glided silently to a stop by the curb. Seto got out and leaned against it with his arms crossed. Curiosity was his excuse this time, and he knew as sure as he was standing there that it was a poor one, but he couldn't let the opportunity pass by.

Jonouchi was so busy scowling at the sidewalk that he didn't even notice the limo. Seto thought he might walk right by without noticing him. He knew he should probably let him do that, but he didn't.

"Well, well. Looking for more 'experience' already?" he said in his smoothest voice.

Jou jerked to a stop so quickly it looked like someone had yanked on his leash. Seto couldn't help but smile ironically at that. The scowl became a glare when Jou caught sight of him.

"Kaiba!" Jou spat out his name as if it was something disgusting - or maybe alarming.

Seto welcomed his predictable anger. It might put them back on familiar, safe territory, rather than the quicksand they had started to get into yesterday. Except that he couldn't seem to keep himself from stepping right into the same dangerous territory.

"Were you planning to make a direct comparison between me and Ryou? Or were you just looking for more sparring partners?" he said.

"Not that it's any of your business, moneybags, but I was supposed to do get together with Ryou and Honda to do homework," Jou snapped. "But they're not around, so I'm going home to study. In case you're interested, which I know you're not. What are you doing in this neighborhood anyway, Kaiba? It's the wrong part of town for cheap thrills."

Seto smirked at him, letting the verbal dig go by. He watched Jou's face as he figured it out for himself.

"Wait a sec," Jou said. "You knew I was coming over here today, you heard me talking to Ryou about it. So, what are you doing, stalking me now? Decide you wanted some more after all?"

Seto's smile froze. That wasn't why he was here. He couldn't let Jou think that.

"I'm on my way to work. I have an office downtown, if you remember. I drive through this part of town every day."

He was explaining more than he needed to, and he had a feeling Jou knew it.

"Yeah, right," Jou said.

Seto saw the spark of anger in Jou's eyes. The volatile blond took a step toward him, all tense and bristling.

"Look, *you* came on to *me* yesterday, and then you brushed me off like I was nothing. Don't think it's gonna happen again, rich boy. I'm sick of you acting like you're the one who's meant to be in control of everything and everybody all the time, Kaiba."

It was completely predictable. It should have been safe and familiar, but Seto felt the smile freeze on his face. Plunging into another experiment he knew was doomed to failure, he tried to guide Jou's anger back toward his own fears and inadequacies, away from what had happened yesterday, and away from the dangerous topic of control.

"It's not my fault you're so easy to jerk around, Jonouchi," he said. "You let yourself be led so easily, I don't even need a leash!"

Seto wasn't surprised when Jou took another step closer. They were standing toe to toe now. He could almost literally feel the heat from Jou's gaze.

"You know, I did make that up about you and the leash," Jou said, "but I didn't say who would be wearing the collar, did I? Somebody needs to put a leash on you, Kaiba. It's about time you gave up some of that control-freak attitude, you manipulating creep!"

Seto knew that look in Jou's eyes. He knew Jonouchi's mouth was now disengaged from his brain and he didn't really know what he was saying. That was the whole problem. If he knew what he was saying, if he really meant it, that would be a different story. But he didn't. That was why he had to stare Jou down, and then turn away and dismiss the whole encounter.

But his warning look only seemed to draw Jou's anger to a higher pitch. The next thing Seto knew, two angry fists were bunched in the front of his starched white business shirt, pulling their faces close together.

"C'mon, Kaiba, I know there's a real, live person in there somewhere," Jou said. His face was so close his bangs brushed against Seto's. "I saw one for a few seconds yesterday, whether you like it or not. When are you gonna let it out again?"

Seto forced himself to appear calm. He knew Jou was too distracted by his anger to feel his heart racing.

"Do you really want to see me lose control, Jonouchi?" he said quietly. "Are you certain about that?"

Jou appeared startled by his tone of voice. His eyes narrowed and he tensed up even more. Seto realized that he was expecting a fight, and he almost laughed out loud. His pride was wounded, and so the angry street punk in Jou was right at the surface, looking for an excuse to hit someone. For a brief second, Seto wondered if he stood a chance against Jou's fists. Probably not.

He grabbed Jou by the front of his tee shirt and swung him around. Taking advantage of Jou's surprise at his sudden move, Seto slammed him back against the side of the limo. He watched with amusement as Jou recovered quickly from his surprise, flinched and steeled himself. He actually expected Seto to hit him. It was the last thing Seto wanted to do. Instead, all he could do was stare at Jou's mouth.

"All right," he said, a final answer to himself. He did what Jou said he wanted him to do: gave up control, and gave in to temptation. When his lips met Jou's, he took advantage of the "mphf!" of surprise to slip his tongue inside.

After a second of tense shock, Jou's hands let go of his shirt and his arms wrapped around his body instead. His tongue greeted Seto's, encouraging further exploration. Seto fell against him hungrily, pressing him back against the side of the car, grinding their hips together. If only Jou didn't taste so damn good, he might have stood a chance.

Jou grunted and squirmed, seeking more of him as well. He didn't try to push Seto away, but at least this time Seto wasn't surprised. This time, instead of sucking on Jou's tongue suggestively as he did yesterday, Seto invaded his mouth. Jou made little moans of surprise as he explored every part he could reach. Seto felt the tense body under his melt a little.

Seto let go of his shirt and brought his hands up to cup Jou's face and touch his unruly hair where it fell over his eyes. With their chests pressed together now, he could feel Jou's heart pounding to match his own. Eyes closed, he continued to plunder Jou's hot, welcoming mouth.

He finally pulled away, gasping a little for breath. Jou took a couple deep gulps of air as well. It wasn't so much that they couldn't breathe with their tongues wrapped around each other and their bodies plastered together, it was just that they forgot they needed to. Panting cheek to cheek, Seto rested his hands on the limo on either side of Jou and pushed himself back to give them both room to breathe. Jou didn't let him get far away. Foreheads touching, faces close, they looked at each other in wary surprise.

"Are you sorry you asked?" he panted against Jou's cheek.

"No." Jou shook his head. "Wish I'd asked sooner."

"Good." he said. He was surprised at how much relief he felt.

"Damn," Jou said, nuzzling his jaw.

"I agree," he said. "Personally, I think at least one of us must be a complete idiot to be doing this. I'm just not sure which one."

"Shut up, Kaiba," Jou said, and Seto complied.

He leaned his head to the side to give Jou better access, and Jou took advantage of this by pressing his lips along his jaw and under his ear. He closed his eyes and let a sigh escape. No point in pretending it didn't feel good.

Giving in to the desire to feel every part of Jou, he let his hands slide down his sides over his ribs to his hips. Jou's hands on his back dropped lower as well, landing on his ass and lightly squeezing. He was a little tentative, as if he couldn't believe he was groping another guy's ass, so Seto encouraged him by moaning, and ground his pelvis against Jou's. He found what he was seeking. Jou hissed against his neck as Seto's hardness rubbed against his own.

"Wait!" Jou said weakly. "Not here..."

He was right, damn it. They had to stop. Didn't want to, Seto knew, but had to. He pushed himself off of Jou, reluctantly, especially when he could feel the heat and hard muscle of Jou's body through his thin tee shirt.

He managed to stand upright, prompting Jou to drop his hands. He made a feeble attempt to straighten his clothing. Jou's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"My office is nearest," he said pointedly. "If you get off the car so I can open the door, we can be there in minutes."

Jou still looked suspicious, but he peeled himself off the car and stepped aside.

"You got a bed at your office?" he asked bluntly while Seto held the door.

"I practically live there," he said. His voice was a little rough.

He smiled suggestively, but his smile must have looked more like his usual smirk to Jou. Before he got in the car he turned and faced Seto. Even though his face was flushed with arousal and he was still panting, he fixed Seto with a fierce, clear-eyed stare.

"Tell me this is just another damn fantasy, Kaiba. If that's all it is, I'm going home to do my homework."

Seto's attempt at a reassuring, suggestive smile faded under the assault of Jou's glare. The mutt was expecting another brush-off after all of this. How could he explain that it was too late for that now? He'd tried it once and failed.

He could only think of one way to answer. He put his hands around Jou's face and kissed him again. He kept his touch gentle, but let his hunger for Jou come through the brief kiss. Then, with his lips against the corner of Jou's mouth, he spoke softly, in the lowest, most seductive voice he could manage.

"Do you need more convincing here, or can we go now?"

Jou fell into the car ungracefully. Seto climbed in after him. He couldn't give the puppy time to think, and he didn't want to think too much himself. He figured he could short-circuit Jou's brain by doing the unexpected. As soon as the vehicle was moving, he threw dignity out the window and climbed onto Jou's lap, straddling his legs.

"Did you say you wanted a taste of me, yesterday?" he asked huskily.

Jou took the hint and tugged Seto's black silk necktie and top shirt buttons out of the way. Breathing in the wonderful scent of Jou's hair, Seto rode in to work with a hot puppy's tongue lapping at his collarbone.


(to be continued... Chapter 4 will be posted immediately after this one.)