Title: Call It Love 2/?
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 3/14/05
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Seto/Jou
Original characters: no
Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: m/m oral sex here. some bdsm-type stuff in later chapters; maybe other warnings to come.
Status: in progress.
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.
Summary: Sequel/side story to "Just A Fantasy." Jonouchi finds his own fantasies invaded by memories of the scene with Ryou mixed with unwelcome thoughts of Seto Kaiba; but when Kaiba finds out he's part of Jou's fantasies, his reaction is not what Jou expects.

You say you won't,
I say you will.
You make me crazy
But I want you still.
When it makes us feel better -
Call it love.
"Call It Love" by Poco

Call it Love 2

The private office was crowded with mismatched office furniture and a bookshelf stuffed with electronic parts. Arms crossed, Kaiba sat on an old metal desk, waiting for him. Jou half expected to see a leash in Kaiba's hands, but they were empty. He wasn't sure what he would have done if there had been, but he was glad he didn't have to figure it out.

"Close the door if you're staying," Kaiba said casually.

Holding his gaze, Jou pushed the door shut behind him. The noise of the arcade was suddenly muffled, making the room seem quiet. As if closing the door was a signal, Kaiba stood up and came over to him. He stopped so close that Jou could feel his body heat and smell the lightly scented soap he used. He placed his palms on the door on either side of Jou, pinning him there. Jou refused to flinch or even give him the satisfaction of looking uncomfortable. But he had to deal with one thing before this went any further.

"Look, Kaiba, whatever you think you heard yesterday..." he began.

"Don't worry," Kaiba interrupted him. "I won't spread any stories about whatever you did with Ryou Bakura. His little sex fantasies don't concern me. Yours, on the other hand..."

"I really did make that up about you and the dog collar," Jou blurted out.

"Oh, really?" Kaiba raised a skeptical eyebrow. "I'm glad, because that's such an obvious cliché. I'm sure you can come up with something much more original than that."

Jou stared him down. Despite the flush of arousal that Kaiba's voice and closeness were causing in him, he was determined to take some of the smug attitude out of him somehow.

"What about you, Kaiba? What do you fantasize about?"

He was certain Kaiba's smile froze, even though he didn't seem to move at all. His gaze fell to Jou's mouth again, but he didn't answer.

Jou decided it was time to take the initiative. He leaned forward suddenly, and felt a startled intake of breath when he took Kaiba's lips in his.

For a second, Kaiba stood there stiffly while Jou prodded his lips with his own. All at once, as if a switch had been thrown between them, Kaiba's hands fell onto his shoulders, pulling him forward, while at the same moment Jou wrapped his arms around Kaiba's body. Kaiba's lips parted, allowing Jou's invading tongue to enter and explore at will, while at the same time, Kaiba pushed him forcefully back against the door.

Jou's jeans were already uncomfortably tight, and now Kaiba's hips increased the pressure. He shifted his feet and wiggled his hips. Kaiba moaned into his mouth, just as Jou recognized the hard shape poking against his own hardness. He moved again, this time rubbing deliberately against Kaiba, who moaned again and drew his tongue in deeper.

Jou remembered how Ryou seemed to melt when he'd had his hair pulled. Instinct told him Kaiba probably wouldn't react in quite the same way, but he grabbed a handful of soft brown hair at the back of Kaiba's head anyway, tugging only hard enough to be encouraging. In turn, Kaiba's hands slid down from his shoulders to his chest. Still pressing him back hard the door, firm palms rubbed sensually through his shirt.

Jou plunged his tongue into Kaiba's hot mouth, exploring every inch of it he could reach. Kaiba curled his own tongue around Jou's and started to suck.

It was Jou's turn to moan out loud. The arousal that had been building steadily in him flared like a brushfire in a hot wind. That deep, sucking pressure on his tongue reminded his cock of the great pleasure it had received from Ryou's mouth. And Kaiba thought he could improve on that? Jou caught on suddenly: Kaiba had heard that someone did something spectacularly well, and had to prove he could do it even better! Well, he was welcome to try.

Then it sank in completely that his fantasy of seeing Kaiba kneeling between his legs might actually come true, right here and now. It wasn't just a fantasy anymore - it was something he desperately wanted to happen. He growled low in his throat and grabbed Kaiba harder, letting his hand fall down to his ass and grinding their hips together.

Hearing him growl like an animal, Kaiba laughed silently. Jou didn't care; Kaiba's mouth was too busy to make any stupid dog jokes. He growled again and squeezed Kaiba's ass. Kaiba gasped, slammed him against the door, and damn near swallowed Jou's tongue.

Kaiba practically sucked Jou's tongue out of his mouth before pulling back to catch his breath a second later. Faces close together, they both panted silently for a few seconds, staring challengingly into each other's eyes.

Kaiba took advantage of the slight distance that had opened up between them to push Jou's tee shirt up out of the way, placing his warm palms against Jou's bare skin. He rubbed his hands over Jou's pecs, squeezing a little, and then brushed his fingertips over Jou's nipples. Jou was surprised at how good that felt. He never realized before that a nerve ran straight from a guy's nipples to the base of his cock.

Kaiba watched his face intently as he lightly tweaked the little nubs. Jou tried to stare back at him impassively, but it didn't work. His lips parted in a small gasp as Kaiba flicked at each nipple in turn. Seeing this, Kaiba smiled and stopped what he was doing so that he could pull Jou's shirt up more.

Reluctantly letting go of his grip on Kaiba's ass and untangling his fingers from his hair, Jou raised his arms so Kaiba could pull his shirt off. He flung it aside, and then before Jou could do anything else, he lowered his head and took Jou's nipple in his mouth.

"Oh, yeah," Jou said in surprise at the wonderful sensation of Kaiba's stiff tongue flicking over the sensitive flesh. He felt like every touch of tongue and lips was relayed directly to the tip of his cock. His jeans were getting painfully tight, but he couldn't bring himself to stop what Kaiba was doing.

Suddenly he felt Kaiba's hand close on that hard ridge under his jeans. He jerked and yelped, throwing himself back against the door.

Kaiba laughed softly and lightened his grip. The wonderful torture on Jou's nipples stopped, and Kaiba lifted his head. Blue eyes seared into his, and Jou stared back breathlessly. He lifted his hand to brush a strand of hair out of Kaiba's eyes. Thin lips, usually pursed in a derisive smirk, were parted and damp. Jou tried to suck on that softly swollen lower lip, but Kaiba held him off. Smiling, he lightly ran his hands over Jou's bare chest, gazing it with an expression that surprised Jou: a look of appreciation.

"Would you rather sit or stand while I improve your range of experience?" Kaiba asked.

"Uh, Kaiba," Jou said, suddenly nervous again, "are you really going to...?"

"...Go down on you?" Kaiba finished for him, grinning at Jou's sudden shyness. He pressed Jou back against the door, his hands on Jou's hips, rubbing his thumbs down the crease at the top his legs. He leaned in close and spoke with his lips lightly touching Jou's.

"Only if you want me to."

Jou had been looking for ways to get his brain to stop working for days, and now it finally happened. Even his fantasies gave up in the face of this reality. He made a little sound that he hoped wasn't really a whimper and tried to catch Kaiba's lips again, but he was pushed back.

"If that's a yes, then you need to decide if you want it standing up or sitting down, mutt," Kaiba said.

"I think I better sit," Jou said weakly. He was already lightheaded, and he still had his pants on.

Kaiba stepped back. Taking a deep breath to clear his head, Jou looked around at the various chairs in the office. He sank into an old, worn-looking upholstered office chair. It was pretty comfortable, for an office chair. He flung his legs out in front of him and took a moment to catch his breath.

Kaiba stepped in between his legs and stood looking down at him. His speculative smile made Jou nervous again. He realized he'd put himself at a disadvantage by leaving Kaiba standing over him like that. Being on eye level with the very noticeable bulge in Kaiba's tight black pants didn't help his nerves any.

Kaiba started to unbuckle his own belt, grinning when Jou's eyes went wide.

"Uh, Kaiba?" Jou said nervously.

"Relax," Kaiba smirked. He opened his pants and gingerly released his erection. "You can flatter yourself that this -" he stroked his curving length lightly " - is your own fault."

/It is?/ Jou marveled, but he didn't say anything out loud. He was too intrigued by the sight of Kaiba's cock at nearly full attention. While Kaiba closed his eyes in relief and pleasure, he took advantage of the chance to get a good look at it. It was the smoothest he'd seen, curving gracefully in Kaiba's well-manicured hand. For a few seconds he just watched Kaiba stroke himself, feeling a new wave of heat rising in his own body. His own cock seemed anxious to come out and meet this new friend.

/So much for not being into guys,/ he thought, and waved that part of his self-image goodbye.

He realized Kaiba's blue eyes had opened again and were staring down at him with a knowing look. What Jou had just admitted to himself he wasn't quite ready to admit to Kaiba, so he glared up from under his bangs, trying to hide his fascination. He settled back in the chair, but that motion made him wince and tug at the inseam of his jeans.

Suddenly Kaiba dropped down in front of him and reached for his zipper.

"Need some help, mutt?" he said.

Before Jou could stop him (not that he really wanted to), Kaiba eased his fly open and carefully pushed his briefs down. Not satisfied with merely releasing Jou's erection, he tugged at his jeans, prompting Jou to lift his butt off the chair. The next thing Jou knew, his jeans were well out of the way halfway down his hips, and two slender hands were cupping his length. Kaiba's face was so close he could feel his soft, warm breath.

"Kaiba," he said, speaking with difficulty over his pounding pulse. "Have you ever done this before?"

"Not in real life," Kaiba said softly, just before his lips closed around the tip of Jou's cock.

After thinking it about it all week, the real sensation was overwhelming. Jou threw his head back and didn't bother to try to stop his moans. Kaiba took him in slowly, inch by inch, playing around the tip with his tongue all the while. His long fingers slipped under Jou and cupped his balls warmly. Jou slouched further down in the chair to give him more access.

Kaiba's touch with fingers and lips and tongue was light but firm, slowly increasing the pressure as he worked his way down Jou's length. After the first intense flush of heat, Jou's head cleared just enough to notice the surprising care with which Kaiba was savoring him. He would have expected merciless teasing, but that wasn't all there was to it. He knew Kaiba was trying to prove something, but for the first time, it occurred to him that there might be another reason he'd maneuvered Jou into this position. He might actually want this. It certainly felt and looked like he was enjoying it.

With another shock, he realized something else as he watched Kaiba work on him, eyes closed in concentration on his task. Usually, under the threat of that intense blue gaze, he never took the time to really study Kaiba's face; but now he realized something he'd known all along: Kaiba was beautiful. His brown hair, touched with highlights of red and gold, fell across his eyes and onto his fine cheekbones. His skin looked so smooth Jou just had to reach down and touch his cheek.

Kaiba's eyes fluttered open, unfocused at first. Then a spark leaped into them as he locked onto Jou's gaze. Some kind of recognition passed between them, something they could never admit in words. Then Kaiba closed his eyes again and plunged his head down, taking in all of Jou's length that he could.

Jou laid his head back against the chair and gave himself over to the pleasure. Slowly, Kaiba increased the pace, pulling back and then down again, tasting every inch of Jou's length with his tongue. He sucked a little harder every time he withdrew. Jou felt the pleasure building somewhere inside of him, surging in growing waves toward the base of his cock, but it came as much from watching Kaiba as it did from the sensations.

Prompted by Kaiba's own words, Jou couldn't help but compare this with the time with Ryou. Obviously Ryou had a lot more experience (with Bakura to thank for that, of course). But Kaiba was doing a fine job of feeling his way, and Jou had no complaints in that regard. However, in spite of Kaiba's position, it couldn't have felt more different. For one thing, Kaiba was still fully dressed, which Jou suddenly wished he wasn't.

Pale Ryou, kneeling there naked with his hands bound, had been focused entirely on giving Jou pleasure. There was nothing submissive about the way Kaiba was going after Jou, drawing longer and more desperate moans out of him with every stroke. In fact, Jou finally realized just who was in control here, and it wasn't him. His dick was in control of his brain, and Kaiba was in control of his dick. He should have known. Kaiba didn't need a leash. He'd been stringing Jou along from the moment he appeared at his elbow in the arcade.

It was too late to be figuring that out, though. Kaiba rolled Jou's balls in his fingers just the way he liked it, and when he felt them tighten under his touch, he made a humming sound of satisfaction in his throat and increased his pace. Jou tangled his fingers in the soft brown hair, feeling the dampness of sweat against his fingertips, but he didn't try to take over the action. Kaiba was doing just fine on his own. If control was what he wanted, Jou decided, he was welcome to it, as long as he kept doing what he was doing.

Vaguely, Jou realized that Kaiba's other hand was busy on himself. He tried to lean forward and watch what was going on down there. Just thinking about it in addition to what Kaiba's mouth was doing now was enough, heading quickly toward being too much. That incredible sensitivity grew in his cock until the heat and pressure were almost agony, but it was such a wonderful, perfect agony.

"Kaiba..." He was so close, he was ready to explode; he tried to warn him but he couldn't make words come out of his mouth. Kaiba's eyes were gleaming, staring up at him, and there was triumph and something else there, and that was all he saw when the pressure exploded inside him.

He started to yell as it all burst into that one hot point of pleasure. His shout was choked off abruptly when he felt Kaiba's throat convulse around him. The feeling was so intense that his vision went black for a second, and tears squeezed from his closed eyes. Then, just as it started to subside to something at least bearable, he felt and heard Kaiba groan. The shuddering vibration of his release was conveyed through his mouth back into Jou's cock like an overheated circuit.

Somehow, when he came down, Jou found himself curled low over his own lap, resting his chin on Kaiba's hair with his arms around thin shoulders. He had the sudden crazy urge to haul the man up into his lap and hug him. He still felt warm breath on his thigh, soft hair against his leg. Kaiba sighed. Then, to Jou's dismay, Kaiba drew away. Jou thought of holding on, but let him go.

With his eyes closed, Kaiba knelt back and swallowed once, then took a deep breath. Jou watched with a sense that something was slipping away as Kaiba pulled himself together and opened his eyes. When he looked at Jou's softening cock now, it was with a familiar look of smug satisfaction.

"Tell me that wasn't better than Ryou Bakura," he said. He sounded as if he'd done nothing more than played a better hand of Duel Monsters.

"Kaiba," Jou shook his head in disbelief. "You know it was. No comparison."

He wanted to say why it was better: not because Kaiba had some perfect technique, or even because he'd swallowed, but because of something else that had passed between them. But he knew he couldn't name that something. Kaiba must have felt it too; Jou was sure he did. From the look on Kaiba's face now, Jou realized he would probably never admit it.

Jou bent forward and looked down at Kaiba's lap pointedly. Kaiba's hand was full, wet, and sticky.

"You know, maybe I could have helped you with that," he suggested. "That's quite a handful for just one guy."

Kaiba gave him a short laugh. "What makes you think you have the proper touch?" he asked.

Jou shrugged. "Like you said, it comes with practice - either alone or with a sparring partner. I, ah, wouldn't mind a little practice with a partner."

Kaiba raised an eyebrow at him skeptically. "Oh, really?"

He reached for something on a side table next to Jou's chair, coming up with a handful of tissues. He handed some to Jou but used most of them himself, carefully wiping his hands dry.

He rose smoothly to his feet, and Jou quickly pulled himself up out of the chair as well. Zipping up his pants and arranging his clothes, Kaiba looked at him now with a cool expression. While he tucked himself in and went hunting for his shirt, Jou decided he wasn't going to let him get away with that. Finding his shirt near the door, he quickly drew it over his head and turned around to find Kaiba standing right behind him.

"You didn't tell me what you fantasize about, Kaiba," he said quietly. "I'd really like to know."

"Oh, would you?" Kaiba said, softly sarcastic, fixing him with his familiar blue-steel stare.

But Jou had seen that stern face with eyes closed in rapt pleasure, so those piercing blue eyes weren't quite so intimidating anymore.

"Yeah. I really would. Let me know if you feel like, y'know, broadening my experience a little more sometime. You know where I am."

He could see a flicker of surprise and doubt in Kaiba's eyes. Somehow, they were back at the door, with Kaiba's hand on the knob. He put one hand over Kaiba's and his other against Kaiba's cheek. The blue eyes widened in warning, but he darted forward quickly and touched their lips together. Kaiba didn't pull away.

"Nice," Jou said softly after the short kiss. "Never tasted myself on someone else's lips before. I kinda like it. Maybe you should try it sometime."

He stepped back. Kaiba stared at him unblinking, and for once, Jou couldn't read his expression at all.

The door opened. Jou's senses were assaulted by the din of the arcade as he stepped through it. He was about to do the cool thing and walk away without looking back, but Kaiba said his name. He turned around.

Still wearing that unreadable expression, Kaiba touched his tongue to his lip before he spoke.

"Jonouchi. This was just another fantasy," he said. "Nothing more."

He closed the door. Jou stared at it speechlessly for several long seconds.

"What the hell was I thinking?" he finally muttered to himself.

He shoved his hands into his pockets and walked away.

(to be continued, as Jou learns about Kaiba's fantasies, and discovers a few things about himself as well.)