Bitch, act 2.

By: Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte

Fandom: Inuyasha

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: NarakuXSesshomaru

Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon (tentacle lemon at that!), Language, Mild Violence, Light Bondage, dubious consent, bit of rough play (what, you didn't really think these two would play nice together, did you?).

Notes: OOC, AU, PWP, TWT, etc. Nothing here to see but pointless smut, just my own twisted imagination slapping together characters I want to see in steamy situations. You don't agree? Go find something more to your liking!

Summary: Naraku finds an outlet for some of his frustration, and gets a little more than he bargained for.

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Dedicated to my little sis, Dana *glomps* Thanks to Larania and Espaa for listening to ideas, and betaing for me.

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Sesshomaru inhaled sharply when he felt Naraku leaning against him, realizing the other man was completely devoid of clothing, then he shivered as a low chuckle sounded in his ear, warm breath fanning over his skin. "Release me at once," he growled, struggling against the hold of the golem. *How is it this one is so strong? I expected a simple creation such as this to be much weaker, I should be able to break its hold easily...* he thought, then bared his teeth, eyes turning from amber to red.

"It's useless to fight me," Naraku laughed again, hands picking at the sash around the other man's waist. "As you can see, my golems are much, much stronger now. This one should hold you long enough for me to have my fun."

*Fun... Exactly what kind of fun...* Amber eyes widened as dozens of possibilities flashed through his mind. Anything this dark-haired demon considered fun couldn't be good for his 'plaything'.

"Naraku," Sesshomaru hissed, twisting his head and jerking his arms and legs. "Release me!"

Naraku merely laughed softly, leaning up to gently nip the edge of the other demon's ear. "I think not."

"You will pay dearly for your impudence," Sesshomaru growled, "I am not some toy designed for your amusement."

"Hm, no, I don't think you were designed specifically for my amusement. However," Naraku paused, running the fingers of one hand through the other man's long, pale hair, "something so...pleasing to the eye surely wasn't designed solely for fighting, either." As the sash fell to the ground, Naraku stepped in front of the other demon and removed his armor, letting it drop to the ground with a loud thump. A smirk curled his lips as a loud growl bubbled up from the other man's throat, the demon's eyes glowing red in the darkness as he gathered his power to free himself. *I think a little distraction is in order,* Naraku thought with a wicked grin while he slowly pushed the other man's clothing aside to reveal more of the pale, flawless skin beneath.

Sharp teeth were bared as Sesshomaru snarled quietly, then he grunted in surprise, eyes growing wide once more as he felt lips closing around one of his nipples, fingertips ghosting over the other. He felt the hand massaging his manhood grow bolder, moving to find its way inside his pants to caress the slowly hardening flesh. "Stop this, now..." he hissed, red eyes clenching shut as humiliation burned within him over his own traitorous body's reaction to Naraku's touch. *No... I knew he intended to do something degrading, and probably painful, but this... I cannot, will not allow this.* He thought, trying to gather his strength for another attempt at breaking free.

"Stop?" Naraku murmured, smirking as his fingers closed around the other man's shaft. "But, my dear Sesshomaru, I've only just begun..."

The inu youkai shivered as the warm mouth moved away from him, allowing the cool night air to breeze over the sensitive nub. His now-amber eyes opened slowly, growing heavy-lidded as the other demon's hand slowly slid up and down his length. "Let me go," he said roughly, breath coming faster as he fought the urge to arch into the hands that teased him, "Naraku..."

"Careful now, Sesshomaru," the dark-haired demon chuckled softly, reaching up a hand to pinch lightly at first one nipple, then the other, "that almost sounded like a moan."

"Bastard..." Sesshomaru hissed through clenched teeth, tremors running through him at the other man's sensual touches.

"Hn, really, is that any way to talk to someone whose only interest is your pleasure?" Naraku purred, tilting his head and pressing his lips to the soft skin of the other demon's throat.

"My pleasure, indeed," the silver-haired youkai scoffed, "the only thing you're interested in is playing your pathetic games, and chasing after pleasure of your own."

"Well, yes," Naraku smirked, before he ran the tip of his tongue along the other demon's collarbone, "my own pleasure is always my main concern, that goes without saying." He pulled back and gazed up at Sesshomaru, a wicked smirk on his lips. "A game...yes, that's exactly what this is..." he trailed off with a soft laugh. "The objective being to see how many cries and moans I can wrench from you. Now, let's see," the demon mused, one hand trailing over the inu youkai's chest as the other continued to stroke his arousal, "where should we start? I know..." Naraku's gaze roamed over the other demon's handsome face, crimson eyes narrowed.

Sesshomaru jerked in surprise, baring his teeth with a soft sound of disgust as one slender tentacle slithered along his cheek, the tip brushing against his parted lips. It wasn't wet, or slimy, but it was cold, and a bit clammy, like some dead thing brought back to life. *What the hell is he going to do with...*

"Hnn!" He couldn't hold back the sound of surprise as the appendage tried to force its way into his mouth, only his clenched teeth preventing the intrusion. He did his best to shake his head, eyes shutting tightly, a growl bubbling up from his throat as his teeth started to ache from the pressure. He opened his eyes, giving the other demon a silent, baleful stare as his head was tilted down slightly, allowing him to meet his enemy's gaze at last.

Naraku watched with an amused smile, then reached up to stroke the older demon's jaw. "Come, Sesshomaru, don't fight it," he ran his thumb over the other man's lower lip. "It would definitely put a damper on things if that thing had to force its way into your mouth, breaking your teeth in the process..." His smile faded as Sesshomaru merely growled again, louder this time, still trying to escape the insistent appendage. "Very well, be stubborn," Naraku said, voice low, and dangerous, "I have my ways of getting what I want from you..."

Sesshomaru's eyes widened slightly as he felt Naraku's hands sliding down his hips, dragging his pants down as the other demon sank to the ground before him. "What do you think you-" he gasped as he felt the other man's warm mouth closing over the head of his shaft, the unexpected pleasure making him open his mouth slightly. A strangled sound escaped him as the tentacle pressing against his teeth immediately took advantage, squeezing into the small gap that was created and slowly, painfully forcing open his jaw. The tentacle was oddly devoid of taste, for which Sesshomaru was grateful. The inu youkai snarled, eyes narrowing to slits as the appendage brushed over his tongue, pulling out of his mouth a bit. *So, you think you can play with me so easily, do you? I think this is the perfect time to teach you otherwise...* With a growl, the demon clamped his jaws shut, biting down hard on the now-writhing limb.

Naraku's body jerked as the taiyoukai's teeth sank into the appendage, a faint ripple of pain making him gasp.

A split-second later the silver-haired demon gasped, body growing rigid as Naraku copied the move, his own teeth pressing into the head of Sesshomaru's arousal. He didn't bite nearly as hard as the other man had, but it was definitely enough to get the demon's attention.

"I wouldn't advise doing that again..." Naraku murmured, before swirling his tongue around the tip of the other man's shaft. "I can feel what you do to it, not quite intensely, but enough to know what you're up to. Rest assured any...unpleasant things you do to it will be reciprocated," he pulled away and glanced up, before darting his head forward and wrapping his lips around the youkai's length, sucking hard on the turgid flesh.

Sesshomaru clenched his eyes shut, fighting back the whimper that threatened to escape at the pleasurable sensations the other demon was providing. Shuddering in revulsion, he tried unsuccessfully to stifle a growl as the tentacle in his mouth slowly began to slide in and out, doing a crude reversal of Naraku's ministrations. *I will put a stop to this...somehow...*

Naraku pulled away and looked up at the other demon with an amused smirk. "Let me think... I'm sure I can come up with a little game for us to play." His smirk widened into a smile as the only answer he received was a muffled snarl. "As you well know by now, I'll repay any unpleasantness you cause to the golem's tentacle, but I'll give you a little incentive to play with me." He snickered then, wrapping both hands loosely around the other man's arousal and stroking him slowly, teasingly, directing the appendage to match the pace of his own hands, "For every...pleasurable gesture you make to the golem, I'll return your pleasure two-fold..."

Sesshomaru took a deep breath as his neck and jaw were released, letting his head fall back slightly as the tentacle moved deeper into his mouth. *Incentive... I will not play your game, not now, not ever!* He nearly gagged on the appendage, swallowing involuntarily, his tongue brushing against the underside of it. Jerking in surprise, he barely bit back a groan when Naraku immediately copied the movements, sending sparks of pleasure through the inu youkai's body. *He...meant it...* The silver-haired demon thought, running the tip of his tongue experimentally along the underside, shuddering as Naraku once again mimicked him.

The dark-haired demon didn't quite manage to stifle a soft sound of pleasure as his own body was gifted with some of the sensations provided by the inu youkai's warm, wet mouth. *Come on,* Naraku thought, red eyes narrowed to slits as he fought the temptation to simply rush the other man to climax, *show me what you want...*

As if he heard the other demon's thoughts, Sesshomaru closed his lips more firmly around the appendage, sucking gently, tentatively, a slight moan escaping his throat as he felt an answering suction on his own length. *I wonder... He can feel everything I do to it, perhaps there's a way I can use this to my advantage.* Amber eyes slowly slipped closed as he arched his neck further, increasing his suction and drawing the tentacle further into his mouth, the silver-haired demon feeling a strange sense of satisfaction at the low moan torn from his captor.

Naraku growled, then wrapped one arm around Sesshomaru's waist, lips sliding to the base of the other man's shaft as he sucked and lapped at the turgid flesh, a tremor running through him at the whimper that escaped the taiyoukai. He dropped his other hand down, wrapping it around his own throbbing length and stroking slowly.

Sesshomaru gave himself over to the sensations Naraku provided, deciding that at present it was easier simply to let the other have his way for the moment, rather than draw out this 'game' any longer. With a quiet groan he drew the tentacle in even further until it brushed the back of his throat, rubbing the underside with his tongue and raking his teeth over it gently each time it pulled out, then sucking hard as it slid past his lips once more. He began to pant, straining against his bonds as Naraku groaned softly around his arousal, then mimicked him again, his skin growing hot as pleasure coursed through his slender frame. He was so caught up in the pleasure of the moment, that he'd forgotten to watch for an opportunity to escape.

Naraku tightened his hand around his own length, barely staving off his own release, a soft sound escaping him as Sesshomaru's panting turned to moans, the inu youkai's muscles standing out sharply beneath pale skin that shone with an eerie luminescence under the dim light of the moon. He ceased stroking his own shaft, instead wrapping his hand around the base of Sesshomaru's arousal, continuing to coax the other demon to climax.

With a sharp cry, the pale-haired demon arched and twisted as much as his restraints would allow, head flung back, eyes clenched shut as he trembled, spilling his essence into Naraku's mouth. Bright points of light appeared beneath his closed eyelids, breath coming in ragged gasps as the tentacle slowly pulled out of his mouth, caressing his cheek in an almost affectionate manner before trailing down his throat, then moving away completely. *Bastard..* he thought bitterly, *now you mock me with this false show of affection, not even using your own body, but this...thing. You will pay for this, Naraku...* He sagged against his bonds, head falling forward, shame making his stomach churn as he came down from the peak of his pleasure. *No one uses me in such a degrading fashion...* He forced his eyes open, managing a half-hearted glare at the demon still kneeling before him, who answered the glare with a satisfied smirk, crimson eyes narrowed as they bored into his.

"Well, Naraku," he growled, biding his time until his strength returned, and he could try once again to break the bonds that held him fast, "you've got what you wanted. Bound me, subjugated me to satisfy your own twisted desires..." His lips twisted in a snarl, eyes flashing a brilliant red for a few seconds. "And yes, even humiliated me while doing so. You've had your fun, now release me!"

"Well, there's a little problem with that, my dear Sesshomaru..." Naraku laughed softly, before rising gracefully to his feet, arms winding around the other demon's shoulders. "Yes, it's true you've had your fun," he licked his lips and gave the inu youkai a cheeky grin, "but...I have yet to have achieve my own...satisfaction..." He pressed closer, groaning softly as his own still-hard arousal brushed against the other man's thigh.

Amber eyes narrowed to slits as the silver-haired man growled low in his throat. *He doesn't expect...after all that...*

Naraku laughed at the expression on his face. "Don't worry, we had enough trouble getting you to cooperate with the tentacle, I would never be foolish enough to trust you with my own flesh," he sneered, slowly moving around behind the other demon, "no, I have something else entirely in mind..." With a low, quiet laugh, Naraku let his fingertips brush over the other man's rear, grinning at the gasp torn from him, as Sesshomaru began to struggle once more.

To Be Continued....

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