By: Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte

Fandom; Inuyasha

Rating; NC-17

Pairing; NarakuXSesshomaru

Warnings; Yaoi, Lemon, Language, Mild Violence, Light Bondage, bit of rough play (what, you didn't really think these two would play nice together, did you?).

Notes; OOC, AU, PWP, TWT, etc. Nothing here to see but pointless smut, just my own twisted imagination slapping together characters I want to see in steamy situations. You don't agree? Go find something more to your liking!

Summary; Naraku finds an outlet for some of his frustration, and gets a little more than he bargained for.

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Black clouds filled the sky over a huge fortress, lightning flashed in the gloom, as thunder rolled in the distance. A chill wind blew across the courtyard, picking at the billowing clothing, and long black hair of the figure that stalked away from the buildings. The fortress that loomed behind him hadn't been here the previous day, the awesome power contained within the slender figure had placed it here, in this valley, after his enemies had come too close to finding it's previous location.

The threatening weather seemed to be a reflection of the demon's current mood, the failure of his latest plan sorely trying his patience with his minions.

"If they fail me again...I'll kill them," the demon muttered, growling under his breath as he started down a slight incline, making his way toward the hot springs.

Naraku frowned as he drew up beside a large pool, letting his garments slowly slide down off his shoulders. The whisper of silk was drowned out by the incessant droning that filled the air, drawing another growl from the demon. He spun around, crimson eyes narrowed as he gazed up at the huge insects that hovered nearby, their own glowing eyes trained on him. "Leave me, you will guard the perimeter," he murmured, waving one hand in a dismissive gesture, then sighing as he was left alone.

"Why is it that I cannot seem to rid myself of that damned female?" His voice was little more than a sibilant hiss as he sank down into the water, blood-red eyes closing for a moment. "Better yet, why can I not destroy either of them? The girl that travels with Inuyasha, I must get rid of her, she's caused me far too much aggravation already. As for Kikyo..." Naraku stiffened, annoyance in his gaze as he felt the tightening of the skin on his back, signaling the impending return of the spider-shaped scar. "She is the one thing that keeps me tied to the heart of Onigumo. If I destroy her, that will put an end to these foolish...longings..." Slender hands clenched into fists as those particular longings made themselves known.

Ruby eyes stared off into space as one hand slid beneath the water, caressing his stirring arousal. He tightened his hand around the turgid flesh, stroking quickly, no emotion whatsoever showing on his face as he sought climax. Seconds later he looked up, scowling as one of the wasp-like insects approached him again, buzzing loudly. "So," a decidedly evil smile settled on Naraku's lips, "it seems I have a visitor..." The dark-haired demon stroked his chin lightly with a fingertip, chuckling softly. "Very well," he purred, the nearly-completed Shikon no Tama appearing in his hand. "Why don't you go...greet him?" Naraku smirked as the jewel glowed in his grasp, the insect hovering for a moment, then turning and slowly flying away.


Sesshomaru glanced down, a hint of amusement in his citrine eyes as Jaken huffed indignantly when Rin yet again ignored him while he tried to tell a story. The small, toad-like demon often complained about her presence, and said nasty things when he thought his master was out of earshot, yet Rin never seemed to lose her temper with him. Instead she got revenge in her own subtle ways, like now, walking away in the middle of a story and annoying him to no end. But the guilelessness of her eyes made the Western Lord wonder if it really was revenge at all.

"Enough, Jaken," he said quietly, as the smaller demon began to rant at the child, "I grow weary of your complaining." He tilted his head down, a ghost of a smile appearing on his lips as Ah-Un snorted, as if agreeing with him, before his long tail lashed out, tripping Jaken.

Curses rent the air as the Staff of Heads flew from his grasp, the green-skinned demon sprawling in the dirt. " foul beast!" Jaken leapt to his feet, snatching up his staff and brandishing it threateningly. Ah-Un made a few low growls and sounds, narrowing his eyes and lowering both of his heads as Rin darted out of range and giggled at Jaken's tantrum.

"Be quiet, all of you," Sesshomaru snapped, eyes raised to the sky as he tilted his head slightly, "Jaken, do you hear that?"

"Wha..oh, yes, my lord," the other demon nodded slowly, "it sounds like...the drone of...insects?"

Sesshomaru's amber eyes narrowed as Ah-Un shifted uneasily beside them. "And that scent..."

Jaken yelped and ran to hide behind his master. "It is the scent of Naraku, we must have wandered into his territory. What should we do, Lord Sesshomaru?"

"You, Rin and Ah-Un will skirt around the edge of his territory. You will not stop until you no longer smell his scent, or hear the drone of those insects of his." As soon as the words were spoken, several sets of glowing red eyes appeared in the darkness, making Rin squeak and move closer to Ah-Un. "Go, now."

"But, my lord, don't you wish for me to stay?" Jaken asked, brandishing the staff at the insects, then shrinking back as their drone grew in volume until it nearly deafened them. "Never mind, we'll be waiting around the other side!" With that, he urged Rin onto Ah-Un's back, the three of them taking to the air and moving away rapidly, leaving the silver-haired youkai to deal with the insects alone.


Naraku sat, still and silent, eyes closed as steam from the hot water rose around him. The jewel glowed in his right hand, as he finally allowed his smirk to widen into a smile. "That's right," he purred, silently beckoning for several dozen of the giant insects to attack the taiyoukai, "lets just do enough to anger him, make him want to come through my territory rather than skirting around it, as his cowardly friends did..." The demon knew that his insects were no match for Sesshomaru's power, but it would greatly annoy the other to be attacked without cause.


Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed as the giant insects moved to surround him. "You should know better," he said quietly, before a long, glowing stream of energy trailed from his extended fingers. "No matter, you will not live long enough to regret your error." With a few flicks of his wrist, most of the insects were sliced to pieces. Those that survived backed away, pausing, as if waiting for something.


Naraku laughed softly, crimson eyes closed as he sensed the carnage in the distance. "That's it. Now," he breathed, slipping out of the water, "lead him here."


Sesshomaru growled as the insects swarmed around him once more, then backed off, instead turning tail and fleeing in a tightly clustered group. Angry at the sudden attack, the silver-haired man decided to confront the other demon. Moving quickly through the trees, he followed the scent of Naraku. As he made his way out of the forest, approaching a hot spring, the youkai slowed his step, gazing at the white fur-clad figure kneeling beside the spring with narrowed eyes.

"Why did you attack me? I had no intentions of starting a battle. Not," he stepped closer, hand clenching into a fist, "until you sent your insects after me without provocation."

"I had no idea it was you circling my fortress, Sesshomaru," Naraku said softly, a smirk curling his lips beneath the baboon mask. "Had I known, I would have stayed the attack. After all, I wouldn't want to harm that weak servant, or that fragile, little human girl you seem so fond of..."

The taiyoukai's eyes narrowed further. "I find it difficult to believe you would ever show any such consideration," he said quietly, tail shifting slightly on his shoulder as he drew Toukijin.

"Oh, come now, 'Lord' Sesshomaru," Naraku said, sarcasm tinging his soft voice. "Let's not be hasty, surely there's no call for fighting..." The figure suddenly shot up from the ground, held aloft by a huge mass of long, thick, brownish tentacles that writhed and slithered along the ground. "I can think of some more pleasurable pursuits to engage in."

"What?! A golem, but how? The scent..." The other demon barely had time to blink before the strange appendages captured him, one knocking Toukijin from his hand before wrapping around his arm, the others ensnaring his legs, stretching them further apart, while still another gently wound around his tail, pulling it free of his shoulder. "Do not think to toy with m..." His words were cut off as another tentacle wrapped around his throat, clamping his jaw shut and forcing his head back. Golden eyes widened as he heard the other demon's voice coming from directly behind him. *The golem...nothing but a diversion. What exactly does he seek from me?*

"Well," Naraku purred, "actually, that's exactly what I intend to do, Sesshomaru." He snickered and pulled aside the thick curtain of hair, raking his teeth over the back of the other demon's neck. "Hm, a bit disappointed in yourself at not being able to tell the difference? Why wouldn't one of my creations carry my scent, especially given the fact that you are within the boundaries of my...temporary territory?"

Sesshomaru growled, jerking hard against his bonds, hand starting to glow a sickly green as he curled his fingers around, intending to free himself. The silver-haired demon stiffened, gasping softly as arms wound around him. "Do not touch me..." He hissed, trying to turn his head and glare as Naraku rubbed his cheek against the taiyoukai's jaw.

"Really, Sesshomaru," Naraku smirked, leaning forward over the other man's shoulder. "You're trying to spoil all my fun. First I shouldn't toy with you, then I shouldn't even touch you?" He slid one hand inside the other demon's gi, fingertips tracing over the pale, smooth chest, while the other hand dipped down, cupping Sesshomaru's crotch. "Well, I don't think I care for that very much at all." The dark-haired demon smiled as he continued to stroke the other man's body, leaning heavily against his back. "Not that it really matters, in the end. As I'm going to do both, regardless of what you may have to say about it..." Both hands slid down, the demon's slender fingers cupping Sessomaru's manhood, gently massaging the sensitive flesh.

To Be Continued...

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