Title: JAFII: Breakfast With Bakura, 4/4
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 3/24/05
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou, Honda/Ryou
Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: PWP, BDSM, multiple partner sex
Status: complete (4 chapters)
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.
Summary: Bakura indulges Ryou's fantasy, even thought it means sharing him with Honda.

Chapter 4

When they were planning this, Bakura had explained to Honda how Ryou had practiced to become very flexible in order to please Bakura (and himself, as well). He'd learned some very interesting positions and could maintain several difficult poses for quite a long time.

Honda's face had taken on a glazed look when Bakura described this particular position they were going to use. He'd told Honda how Ryou had once placed himself this way on his own; how he'd contrived to bind his own wrists and then bent over forward with his hands bound at his back, legs spread wide, just to get Bakura's attention. He stood that way for a long time before Bakura even touched him, posed like an erotic statue while Bakura walked around and simply gazed at him. For long minutes he barely moved at all, except for the occasional flutter of his downcast eyes, and the slight twist of his wrists to test his bonds. His cock jutted straight out under his bent body and slowly dripped in anticipation the entire time, while Bakura did nothing at all but stare at him.

Bakura had told Honda about this, watching the brunette's eyes grow big and his cheeks flush crimson as he imagined what Bakura described. He didn't tell Honda how it made his balls ache just to see Ryou like that, and he didn't describe what came after, when Ryou's legs finally started to tremble with the strain. Only then had Bakura braced him with one arm while he applied a narrow paddle to his ass until it was flaming red, and still Ryou held himself in that same position, shaking and sobbing but determined. He didn't tell Honda how he'd fucked Ryou then in that same position, because that's what Ryou wanted all along. He didn't describe how he'd held the limp and trembling body up after Ryou came and he was still burning hard inside Ryou, until finally he reached his release and they both fell senseless to the floor. He left all of that to Honda's imagination.

Now, Bakura watched Honda's eyebrows quirk upward when he pulled Ryou's head down. Ryou bent forward easily, even with his arms up high on his back and his legs spread wide. His upper body was nearly a perfect right angle to his legs, his head a little lower than his hips, which placed his face right in front of Bakura's erection. Once settled there, braced lightly against Bakura's body and with a fist firmly holding his hair, he seemed quite comfortable, not straining at all. He was content enough to sigh happily as he nuzzled Bakura's thigh. Seeing this, Honda grimaced and shoved his fist into his mouth to keep from moaning out loud. Bakura grinned at him.

Honda looked down at the slim hips and round, white ass presented to his view, at the bare back with a few locks of pale, damp hair flowing over it, and at the bound hands gently twisting in the cuffs. A look of pure admiration lit the brunette's face. Bakura looked down at his lover as well, and smiled with pride. Ryou didn't care what they were busy staring at. He pushed his face against Bakura like a colt seeking its mother's tit. Bakura took the hint.

"Lick it," he said roughly, pushing his cock against waiting lips. Ryou's tongue darted out and caught the fluid that was already dripping from the tip of his cock. The sight of Ryou bound and willingly helpless had a tendency to do that to him.

Honda placed himself between Ryou's legs with his hands on slim hips, holding him in place but also helping him balance as well. Bakura found it amusing to watch Honda's mouth and eyes water at the sight and feel of Ryou's beautiful round ass stuck out there in front of him. He also found it surprisingly erotic to see Honda's butter-slick hands part Ryou's cheeks, fully exposing him and slipping inside.

The sound and feel of Ryou's breathy whimper on his cock made his eyes close with pleasure. Then Ryou's lips slipped down over the head of his erection and pulled him in. He tossed his head back and drew in a sharp breath through his teeth. When he managed to focus again a few seconds later, he saw Honda watching him with a knowing smile and a touch of envy.

Honda was patient, watching and waiting, just holding himself against Ryou's ass but not pressing forward yet. For the moment, he only helped steady Ryou and allowed Bakura to enjoy the full force of that hot mouth sucking on him. Bakura pulled Ryou's head up and down, not bothering to be gentle. The harder he tugged, the more eagerly Ryou sucked. At the same time, Ryou's ass started to wiggle, pushing back against Honda in a most demanding way.

Bakura laughed at Honda's startled expression. Despite what anyone else might expect, Ryou was not all that gentle himself once he got excited. In fact, that's how Bakura first discovered that Ryou liked to be overpowered, when he had to hold Ryou's arms down just to keep from getting the skin ripped off his back. That had been a moment of revelation that he would never forget.

Bakura didn't need to encourage Ryou; his mouth was so hot and eager, slurping hungrily up and down Bakura's length. He drew Ryou's head up slowly. Even with his neck bent at an awkward angle, Ryou took a moment to prod the tip of Bakura's cock with his tongue, seeking every bit of dew that was gathered there. Bakura swallowed hard and groaned before pushing Ryou's head down again.

Honda watched with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

"Do you want to join him here?" Bakura snickered. "Do you want to taste my cock as well?"

Startled, Honda closed his mouth with a snap.

"I thought not," Bakura said, somehow managing not to laugh out loud. He held Ryou's head still for a moment, twisting his handful of hair to command compliance. Honda looked down again. His fingers dug into Ryou's hips. Bakura nodded in satisfaction.

"Fuck him," he said simply. "Take his pretty ass. Now!"

Bakura felt Ryou's shudder of anticipation, and he thought he saw a tremor run through Honda as well. Keeping hold of Ryou's hip with one hand, Honda brought the other down to spread Ryou's creamy cheeks wide, once again pressing fingers into the slicked opening. Bakura felt Ryou's quickened breath across the head of his shaft, and he longed to start moving again, but he held still and waited.

Honda used his free hand to guide the tip of his cock to Ryou's opening, and began to push inside. His face became a lovely grimace of pleasure bordering on pain, making Bakura smile again. Even though Ryou was well practiced and well prepared, he had to be tighter and hotter than anything Honda's cock had ever before encountered. Bakura knew his lover was working to make it good and intense for Honda as well. He smiled down with pride again, and then watched Honda's slow progress. If he was trying to be gentle for Ryou's sake, he was wasting his energy.

"Take him! Take him hard! Fuck that tight little ass! It's all yours... for now."

With a deep groan and the slap of skin on skin, Honda plunged in all the way. The moan that welled up in Ryou's throat vibrated around Bakura's cock, and he thought he could feel the impact of Honda's thrust go right up through Ryou's body into his own.

Honda stopped, gasping for breath, with his head lowered over Ryou's' back.

"Damn. Oh, Ryou... what a sweet, hot ass...." Honda's face dripped sweat, but when he finally raised his head a moment later, he looked like someone transported to another plane of pleasure. He caught Bakura's eye with a look of intense gratitude. Startled by the emotion in that look, Bakura scowled back. But then the steel-blue glare returned as Honda stared down at Ryou again.

Lips pressed into a thin line of determination, Honda took Ryou's hips in both hands and braced the slim body. He flexed his hips back, pulling almost all the way out of Ryou with a soft, slick sound. Then, with a wicked grin, he pounded in again as hard and fast as he could.

This time Bakura felt the impact for certain as Ryou's mouth was shoved onto him. He hit the back of Ryou's throat and felt him start to gag. Before he could do anything about it, Honda pulled back for another thrust, tugging Ryou backward a little. At the same time, Ryou clamped his lips around Bakura's cock and sucked so hard he couldn't withdraw if he wanted to. He nearly screamed.

A few blind seconds later he was fucking Ryou's mouth in earnest, more or less in time with Honda's thrusts. Ryou struggled a little, trying to match their rhythm, but he couldn't do much in his position. Bakura felt him go partially limp, letting himself be pounded from either end.

It was good - better than he expected, in fact. Ryou tried to do the things he would normally do with Bakura's cock in his mouth, but he had to moan every time Honda's cock slammed into him again. Honda grew quiet, eyes nearly closed in concentration, while Ryou made those beautiful whimpering moans as their bodies slapped together.

Bakura found it surprisingly hot to watch his lover get fucked by another man - only because he knew he was going to take him back and claim him all over again afterward. As Honda's thrusts increased in pace, Bakura wanted to continue to fuck Ryou's mouth, but he realized he needed to see him even more. He was too close to coming, anyway, and he wasn't about to do that until he was inside Ryou.

He yanked Ryou's head back by the hair, momentarily throwing off their rhythm. Ryou gasped and almost stumbled forward, but Bakura steadied him. He dropped to his knees in front of Ryou, still holding him by the shoulders. Ryou had starting to tremble from the strain of standing this way, but Honda still held him by the hips, so he wasn't going anywhere.

Bakura looked up into Ryou's face. His mouth was wet and his lips swollen; his eyes were unfocused at first. But then he looked into Bakura's eyes with longing and desire, growing into distress.

"Yes, you are still mine, Ryou," he said in a low voice.

Ryou moaned and closed his eyes, and tried to lunge forward onto him.

He held Ryou's head rocking against his shoulder while Honda's thrusts suddenly became frantically quick. Looking up across Ryou's back, Bakura saw the dark-haired teen bending forward over Ryou with his eyes squeezed shut, teeth clenched in a grimace of pleasure. He knew Honda was close, and he was glad, because he wanted his Ryou for himself soon.

Just for a second, Honda's eyes opened, staring down at Ryou. Bakura saw some intense emotion revealed in that glance. Then Honda went rigid and let out a yell. Several more shallow, erratic thrusts signaled his release inside Ryou's body. Ryou shuddered and moaned against Bakura's shoulder.

For a moment after that, there was nothing but the sound of labored breathing. Bakura waited, barely able to hide his impatience. He raised Ryou's head a little so he could look into those deep brown eyes again. He smiled fiercely, getting a weak smile back.

"You look so beautiful this way, my Ryou, so beautifully fucked. You waited for me, didn't you?" He knew Ryou was still fully hard.

Ryou's eyes flew wide open. "Of course," he said. Then he lowered his gaze sheepishly. "I have to admit it wasn't easy, though," he added.

Bakura never doubted that Ryou would hold out, no matter what Honda did.

"Ryou..." Honda's voice was still breathless. Bakura stood so he could hold Ryou steady, because it was clear Honda could hardly stay on his feet himself.

Honda opened his mouth to say more, but couldn't find words or breath. He just shook his head at Bakura, making sweat fly from his brow. He looked as near to disheveled as Bakura had ever seen him; disheveled, but extremely pleased.

"All right. Catch your breath, and then hold our captive so I can have my piece of him," Bakura said.

Honda nodded. "Yeah. Working on it."

He took a few more seconds to gather his wits, while Bakura held Ryou's head against his thigh. Finally, Honda nodded again and pulled himself upright.

"Our captive can stand this way a little longer, can't he?" Bakura asked as he moved around behind Ryou. He ran his hands over Ryou's back and arms. He could feel the tremors in the bound body, but he couldn't be sure if they were from strain or anticipation.

"I can stand..." Ryou said. His voice was muffled by the hair that fell over his face.

Honda looked up at Bakura in question, noting the tremor in Ryou's voice. Bakura ran his hands down Ryou's legs. There was surprising strength in those tightly stretched muscles.

Ryou probably could stand, and would probably prefer to, even if it meant he would be too sore to walk for the next two days. Bakura decided he didn't want his lover distracted by straining legs and back, however, even though he looked incredibly hot in this position. He shook his head silently at Honda.

"On your knees, little slut," he said gruffly.

Honda took the hint immediately. Together they dropped Ryou down to kneel on the mattress. Then, while Bakura planted himself behind Ryou, Honda darted around and removed the clips from the spreader bar. Instead, the cuffs around Ryou's ankles were attached to the chains at either side that had held his arms spread wide earlier, pulling his knees apart. They left his hands pinned up on his back, though. Bakura knew Ryou would be disappointed if those cuffs were removed. Honda knelt in front, letting Ryou's face and shoulders fall onto his knees. It was awkward, but less of a strain than standing would have been. And he looked the perfect little captive in that position. Bakura was sure he knew it.

His lip curled in a possessive snarl as he pressed the head of his cock into Ryou, feeling the evidence that Honda had already been there. It was almost too easy to plunge inside, even with Ryou clenching to increase the pleasure for both of them. Just a couple of hard thrusts left him fully sheathed in Ryou's body. He leaned over and took Ryou's cock in hand. Ryou bucked against him and cried out. He squeezed, quickly gripping the base of the throbbing, jumping hardness in his hand. Ryou cried out again and stiffened, gasping in sharp breaths.

"Hold on," Bakura said through gritted teeth. "Wait for me, my host!"

He felt more than heard Ryou's moan of affirmation. He started to move, drawing out and plunging in, shifting his knees to change the angle until he felt Ryou shudder and melt under him. Once he found that perfect position, Bakura gave one more low growl and started to pound into Ryou. Trembling legs and hips matched his rhythm. The familiar sound of Ryou's rising, pleading voice filled his ears. With a flush of triumph he realized that Ryou had not made such sounds when Honda was fucking him. But at the same time, he knew that Ryou's incredible eagerness and need were fueled by the fact that he had been taken by another, and that other arms held him down now to be taken again.

He hated sharing. He never wanted to let anyone else touch Ryou again. He pounded into Ryou relentlessly, claiming him, branding him forever his.

Ryou's voice broke. Bakura opened his eyes, not realizing that he'd closed them, and looked down. He saw Ryou's face pressed against Honda's thighs, wet with sweat and tears. He looked desperate with desire.

Above him, Honda leaned over, staring down as well. For the third time, his stern expression shattered to reveal a blast of emotions - concern and distress for Ryou, desire, longing. Honda's hand pushed Ryou's hair out of his face, touching his tear-damp cheek, gently. It lasted hardly a second before he remembered himself and locked down his feelings again. The hand left Ryou's hair and clamped down hard on his shoulder, fingers digging into flesh, and the steel-glue gaze was back.

/Comfort him at your peril!/ Bakura thought savagely, quickening his thrusts. For a moment he wished he were a spirit again with all of his old powers. Then Ryou sobbed his name.

Ryou struggled and thrashed under him, while Honda held him down by the shoulders and Bakura dug fingers into his hip. His other hand flew up and down Ryou's length while Ryou bucked against him frantically. Making sounds of desperation, Ryou came in Bakura's hand, and Bakura waited, almost still inside him, until his convulsions and his cries grew a little quieter. Then he lifted Ryou's hips a little higher and drew him back and pounded into him, again and again. When Ryou cried out one more time, he let go, emptying himself into Ryou with a series of savage growls before collapsing onto his lover's body.

Vaguely, he became aware that he was lying on his side on the futon mattress, and Ryou had rolled back against him. His hands were still bound, which left them pressed against Bakura's chest. He released the clip at the collar but left the cuffs in place, and drew Ryou back against him. His lover rubbed against him like a contented cat and sighed happily.

"How does this fantasy end, little captive?" he asked.

"About like this," Ryou said, twisting around so he could press his cheek against Bakura's. His face was wet, but Bakura could feel him smiling.

Honda had moved away; Bakura heard him moving around in the room, apparently making himself busy with clean up. He sighed heavily, breathing in Ryou's scent - shampoo, sweat, sex, and a whiff of Hoonda on his skin.

"Is this enough for you?" he asked lightly. "Or should Honda go and invite the men from the garage to join us?"

"You wouldn't!" Ryou gasped. He managed to raise his head enough to see Bakura smiling at him. He looked sheepishly relieved.

"Of course I wouldn't," Bakura said shortly. "I wouldn't let that pack of rats touch you." But in his thought he added: /Only if you wanted them to, my Ryou. Only to fulfill your desire, I would let them all have you, one by one./

He ran his fingers over the collar around Ryou's neck. "This can come off now, can't it?"

Ryou nodded. He removed the collar and set it aside, then unclipped the cuffs so Ryou could move his arms. But he left the cuffs themselves in place on Ryou's wrists. He rubbed Ryou's stiff shoulders and felt him sigh contentedly.

He heard Honda move nearby and raised his head. Ryou looked up as well, and made a sound of surprise when he saw that Honda had already put his jeans back on. He turned and gave Bakura a questioning look. In answer, Bakura pushed the corner of his lip up in a smile, and shrugged.

"Honda," Ryou said, reaching up toward his friend.

Honda looked down in surprise at Ryou's outstretched arms. His eyes flickered to Bakura, who barely nodded. Honda hesitated a second longer before coming over and stretching out on the mattress next to Ryou.

Bakura reluctantly raised his arm to let Ryou snuggle toward Honda, pulling him in. But Honda stayed stretched out alongside him, and nudged Ryou back against Bakura's body, making it seem as if he was settled more comfortably that way. With his hand lightly caressing Ryou's thigh, he stared at them quietly.

"You have a fine treasure, Bakura," he said finally. "One very beautiful treasure."

Ryou touched his face, and Honda lightly kissed his fingers before pushing the hand back down to rest between them, under Bakura's arm.

"And my Ryou has one very good friend," Bakura said. "You play your part in this fantasy very well."

Honda nodded in acknowledgement of the compliment. "I'm glad we could make Ryou happy."

"You're both very sneaky," Ryou said happily. "I never expected anything like this when you left that note this morning!"

"I had to do something," Bakura said. "I couldn't stand sitting around watching you study all day like you usually do!"

Honda chuckled. Ryou started to as well, but then he gasped and jerked in Bakura's arms.

"Oh no! Jonouchi!" he cried.

"What?" Bakura stared at him in surprise, while Honda nearly jerked upright, glancing around behind him. "What about him?"

Bakura had his reasons for not inviting the blond to join them, which Honda seemed to understand without explanation. He'd wondered if Ryou would notice Jonouchi's absence, and now it seemed he had. At least, that's what he had to guess had caused Ryou's outburst, because certainly there was no reason for Jonouchi to be anywhere near this place.

"Oh, no," Ryou moaned, dropping his head onto his arm. "You made me forget! I invited Jonouchi over to study today. He was going to tell you to come over too, Honda. He probably went to the apartment already and wondered where we were."

Honda and Bakura exchanged a glance, mostly of relief. Honda settled back down next to them.

"He left me a message yesterday, but I was out all day getting this place ready," he said with a grin. "I figured I'd call him back later."

"Well, I hope he's not angry," Ryou worried. He fretted quietly for a few seconds. "He said he was okay with what we did last weekend, but I think it freaked him out a little, still. I guess that's why he's not here, isn't it?"

He turned his face toward Bakura, who simply nodded. It was a good enough explanation. They didn't need Jonouchi with his concern and his safewords.

Honda gave Ryou a reassuring smile.

"Knowing Jou, he just as likely forgot and found something better to do anyway. Maybe not quite this good, but better than homework, anyway!"

"I hope so," Ryou said.

Honda rolled forward to kiss the top of Ryou's head. "It's hard to imagine anything else as good as this," he said as he settled back onto his own space.

Pulling Ryou tight against him, Bakura had to agree that it was.

===The End===

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