Title: JAFII: Breakfast With Bakura, 3/4
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 3/24/05
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou, Honda/Ryou
Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: PWP, BDSM, multiple partner sex
Status: complete (4 chapters)
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.
Summary: Bakura indulges Ryou's fantasy, even thought it means sharing him with Honda.

Notes: I thought this was going to continue in Ryou's point of view, but that meant I couldn't describe Ryou and drool over him. Then I thought it was going to be Honda's pov, but Honda didn't want to reveal what was going through his head. So Bakura took over.
Thanks to everyone who reviewed! You all totally keep me writing and posting. I hope you like these next two parts as well.

Chapter 3: Heating Up

Honda turned off the steaming water, and Bakura reached over to grab a handful of towels. Together, they dried Ryou as he stood, with his arms still fastened above him and the blindfold firmly in place. Bakura found this task surprisingly enjoyable, even though he had to resist the urge to tease Ryou some more in the process. Simply running his hands over his lover's glowing skin, and watching the muscles ripple in slim arms and legs as he twisted around under their hands, were pleasures he could have indulged in for hours. But they had other plans for their captive, and he sensed Honda growing impatient to move on to the next phase. He was looking forward to it as well.

When they were as dry as they were going to get in the steamy room, he tossed the towels aside and moved behind Ryou again, then placed his hands under Ryou's arms. Honda stood directly in front of Ryou, staring hard at his blindfolded face.

"Now it's time for the real fun to begin," Bakura said softly. He felt the shiver that ran through Ryou's body at these words. Honda smiled.

It felt lovely to have Ryou in his hands like this, to see his slender frame stretched out with his arms high above him. He ran his hands down Ryou's sides, feeling the swift rise and fall of his ribs with his quickened breathing. He could easily have taken him then and there, if it wasn't for the fact that both Honda and Ryou desired a more complicated scenario.

This was part of the reason he'd decided to allow Honda to join them again, in fact. Bakura was willing enough to act out Ryou's fantasies, but grew impatient with arranging the details that he knew Ryou would enjoy. He didn't know how Ryou's punkish friend happened to know so much about this game, and he didn't care to know. All that mattered was that Honda seemed to understand what Ryou wanted from the first hint, and had the patience and care to bring the fantasy to life. Bakura had never liked the idea of sharing his lover, until he saw how much it excited and pleased Ryou. After Ryou responded the way he did on the previous occasion, he couldn't resist trying it again.

When Bakura first suggested to Honda that he should join them again, the punk's first reaction was surprise and suspicion. Those disappeared as soon as they started to plan the encounter. Honda caught on quickly to the idea of the scene Bakura had in mind, which was built on shy, whispered fantasies Ryou had confided. He was hardly surprised when Honda added a few original touches of his own. This shower bondage was one of Honda's ideas, and it had worked as well for Ryou as they'd guessed it would. The very next move was also Honda's idea, and Bakura was curious to see Ryou's reaction.

He stepped back, leaving Ryou tightly clasped in Honda's arms instead. He caught the brunette's eye, and Honda gave him a quick nod and braced himself. Bakura reached above and released the clip attached to Ryou's wrist cuffs. Ryou winced, his stretched muscles protesting as Bakura pulled his arms down and forward. But before their captive could relax, Honda hefted him off his feet, and Bakura dragged his arms down over Honda's back. Ryou gasped more loudly as he was lifted up and slung over Honda's shoulder like a sack of grain.

Bakura chuckled when Ryou let out a shocked, indignant cry and gave an experimental kick. Honda was ready for that, however, and caught Ryou's legs firmly. He lifted Ryou's smaller frame with ease, but the look on his face was priceless; Ryou's naked ass was right against his cheek. With one arm firmly anchoring Ryou's legs against his body, he reached up with the other hand and squeezed. Ryou yelped and squirmed so sharply that Honda almost lost his grip.

"Silence!" Bakura barked. He slapped Ryou's ass; the sharp "smack!" echoed off the shower walls. Ryou's body jerked, and unthinkingly he squirmed again. Bakura slapped him again, harder, and quickly yanked his head down by the hair.

"If you continue to struggle, we'll hang you back up here and leave you alone to anticipate your fate," he threatened. "Do you want that?"

He didn't think so. Ryou went limp. Bakura grinned, and so did Honda. He looked quite comfortable with his submissive captive now.

Bakura knew that Ryou would probably be perfectly happy if he continued to whack his ass in this position, but Honda might not standing there holding him all the while, especially considering what they were about to do next. He merely gave Ryou's ass one last light slap before stepping aside.

"Bring him," he said sharply.

Honda nodded and followed Bakura out of the shower room with his compliant burden.

Bakura spared a glance at Honda, who carried Ryou as if he weighed almost nothing. He briefly admired the simple strength of the brunette's body as he lightly carried Ryou out to the main room. But Honda's body didn't hold his attention for long. What caught and held Bakura's gaze were Ryou's slim back and pale skin, the slender legs dangling over Honda's shoulder, and the shiny curtain of hair that fell down over Honda's backside as Ryou hung there with his bound arms swinging behind. All of that, plus the large and obvious evidence of Ryou's arousal that was revealed as Honda set him on his feet again, made Bakura smile, and made his cock swell.

Honda set Ryou down at the edge of the futon mattress on which they'd fed their captive earlier. Ryou faltered, unsteady on his feet, until Bakura's arms came around him from behind.

The unruly captive couldn't seem to help himself: he wiggled his warm, damp backside against Bakura's crotch. Looking over Ryou's shoulder, Bakura saw a small, secretive smile appear below the blindfold. He growled low in his throat. Crossing his arms over Ryou's chest, he caught each nipple between thumb and forefinger, and pinched. Hard. Ryou stopped moving and his sly little smile became a grimace of pain.

"Behave!" Bakura said, twisting the tender nubs. Ryou stiffened, but lowered his head in submission. "That's better." Bakura rolled each nipple gently under his fingertips, feeling Ryou's quickened breath grow calm again.

While he was busy subduing the captive, Honda had stepped away to gather a few articles that were set off to the side. Now he handed Bakura the first of those items, and then stood in front of Ryou holding the others, waiting with a gleam in his eyes.

Bakura smiled in anticipation of Ryou's reaction before he pulled the leather collar around the slim throat. As he expected, Ryou's head shot up and he trembled from head to toe at the first touch of it against his skin. Then his chin dropped automatically when Bakura lifted his hair out of the way to fasten it behind his neck. He could feel the sigh of submission flow through Ryou when the metal clasp clicked, binding the collar in place.

Bakura paused for a moment, in spite of the fact that Honda stood ready with the rest of Ryou's bonds to be put in place. He hardly ever used something so common as a collar on Ryou. It was a symbol they didn't need. The Ring that Ryou still wore or carried always linked them in the same symbolic way, even though the ancient Item no longer held any actual power. They didn't need a collar like this to remind them how much he owned and craved Ryou's body - or how much Ryou owned and needed Bakura's heart and soul.

Even so, placing this collar around Ryou's neck while Honda looked on seemed to heighten their connection at that moment. Bakura stood there silently, feeling Ryou release himself willingly and completely into Bakura's control once again.

After a moment, Bakura raised his eyes to find Honda waiting patiently, his face still and expressionless. Bakura reached out his hand. Honda barely quirked an eyebrow as he handed over the leather strap and clasps. Then, without a word, Honda opened the clips that held Ryou's wrist cuffs together, and Bakura pulled his arms back.

"Remove the blindfold as well," he said.

Honda did this while Bakura bent Ryou's arms up behind his back. One end of the short strap was attached by clips to the collar, the other to the wrist cuffs, pinning Ryou's hands halfway up his back.

Ryou kept his head lowered with his eyes hidden behind his hair, even after the blindfold was removed. He didn't try to look his captors in the face until Honda lifted his chin.

Looking over Ryou's shoulder from behind, Bakura saw Honda's gaze sweep over Ryou's body. His erection jutting forward between his slightly spread legs; his smooth chest was pushed forward by the position of his bound arms. With a glance at Bakura as if for permission, Honda ran his palm up Ryou's body, smiling in appreciation.

Finally, Honda fastened his gaze on Ryou's mouth, bringing a flush to pale cheeks. Honda's fingers nudged Ryou's lips open and slipped inside. Watching Honda's fingers disappear between Ryou's lips, Bakura felt a flush of heat in his own body. He grabbed Ryou by the hair and moved his head back and forth, and Ryou automatically started to suck, making wet, hungry sounds around Honda's fingers.

Bakura watched with amusement as Honda's other hand curled into a fist and he unconsciously flexed his hips. The brunette's half-mast erection started to creep upwards along his thigh. Bakura laughed, even though his own arousal had become a constant ache by now.

He pulled Ryou's head back, and Honda dropped his hand, taking an unsteady breath.

"Yeah..." he sighed. Bakura peered over Ryou's shoulder at him and raised an eyebrow. Honda drew himself up and nodded. "Yeah. Right. Onward, then."

Bakura wrapped his arms around Ryou with one hand under his chin to lift it as Honda dropped down to his knees.

"What do you think we're going to do to you next?" he whispered in Ryou's ear. "What shall we do with our pretty, helpless captive, hmm?"

He braced Ryou as Honda pushed his feet apart, and then nudged them wider still. He held Ryou's chin up high so Ryou couldn't look down and see what Honda was doing. Of course, he knew Ryou would figure it out when the leather cuffs were fastened in place around his ankles. From the pounding pulse in Ryou's throat against the collar, he knew Ryou heard the jingle of short lengths of chain, and the clank of metal clips on the end of a wooden rod that was placed between his spread legs.

Still holding his chin high with the hand around his throat, Bakura dropped his other hand to reach between Ryou's thighs. Ryou jerked in his grasp and made a sound of distress when the hand brushed against his balls, at the same moment Honda locked the spreader bar in place. Inadvertently, Ryou's motion pressed his ass against Bakura's erection.

Bakura clamped his hand over Ryou's mouth, tight and hard, holding him still and keeping him quiet. His captive whimpered in his throat, but he stopped moving. Bakura's fingers were pressed under Ryou's nostrils; it would be easy to block his breath as well, and Ryou knew this. He pulled Ryou's head back and turned it so their eyes met. But over his hand, Ryou's wide eyes looked up at him, his deep liquid brown eyes, full of trust and desire.

That was a strange thing, Bakura thought, this trust that Ryou gave him. It bound them together like a fine silk thread, stronger than the bonds on his wrists and ankles. There was no reason for Ryou to trust him, but that was exactly what tied him to Ryou. The thread could be broken with a word, a single move. But it was a thread that Ryou spun, not him. And Ryou was so much stronger than he seemed, stronger than he knew he was. Stronger, even, than he wanted to be.

The safeword that Jonouchi had given him was meaningless, Bakura thought with a smile. Ryou would never use it. He would never have to. Bakura knew his fantasy completely; he knew his lover's desires and his limits better than Ryou knew them himself. After all, he'd lived inside Ryou for so many years, before regaining a life of his own. He knew every corner of Ryou's fantasy, his deep desire to be wanted, taken, and loved.

As if sex and love had anything to do with each other, Bakura had once thought. Now, while Honda checked the tightness of the bonds and started to run his hands up the insides of Ryou's spread legs, Bakura watched with delight as Ryou's gaze lost focus, overwhelmed by the sensations. But then he focused again on Bakura's face, peering up over the hand clamped over his mouth. Bakura smiled and tightened his grip. He brought his other hand up to touch the pulse fluttering in Ryou's neck.

Bakura laughed. If it was true that sex and love were not connected, then why was he bothering to do this at all? Why did the feel of Ryou struggling then melting in his arms, and the look of trust in his eyes, arouse him the way they did?

At the sound of his laughter, Ryou's eyes had grown wider. There was a lovely flicker of fear in them then, fear of what evil thought had made Bakura laugh. His pulse beat a little faster under Bakura's fingertips. So he laughed again and smiled, and he was rewarded with another shiver of delicious fear running through Ryou's body, and a startling look of gratitude.

If that wasn't love, what was?

Even Honda was only another symbol of his love and desire for Ryou. Otherwise, he would never let anyone do what Honda was about to do. Only because it was Ryou's fantasy to be taken this way would he allow it.

Honda stood up, once again waiting patiently, although his eyes were glittering and hard as he watched them. Bakura kissed Ryou's cheek, half glancing at Honda as he did so, but then he released Ryou from his tight grasp. He stepped around so that they were both facing Ryou, each with a hand on his shoulder to help him stay balanced. Bakura coaxed him to raise his eyes and look at them. Ryou let fear show in his eyes, and they smiled at him together: hard, scheming smiles to answer his fear.

"Now," Bakura said, "we're going to share you, my Ryou. To make sure you remember who you belong to, you're going to take me in your mouth while he fucks your pretty ass. And when he's done, I'll have your ass as well."

Ryou's eyes became huge and round. He swallowed convulsively, looking as if he wanted to speak but couldn't. Bakura expected such a reaction, and he smiled to see that he was right. Honda let an amused grin flicker through his stone-faced gangster stare for a second, before moving around behind Ryou.

Bakura again fastened his fingers tightly in Ryou's soft hair. He watched with pleasure when Ryou swallowed hard again, his delicate throat moving rapidly inside the collar. Honda stopped to pick up one more item that had been set aside - a container of butter left over from breakfast, half-melted in the heat of the room. After smearing some of it over his cock, he positioned himself behind Ryou and pressed forward just enough so that Ryou could feel his erection poking against his naked ass.

"Do you want that inside you?" Bakura said, tugging on his hair. "Yes, I know you do. I know how much you want to get fucked," he said. At the moment he spoke the final word, he gripped Ryou's hair so hard it brought tears to the soft brown eyes. "You want me inside you, too, so be careful - make me as hard as you can with your sweet mouth, my little pet; but if you make me come, you'll regret it," he added.

He pulled Ryou's head down low. Ryou flinched and struggled a little, panicked by his lack of control. Balance was difficult with his legs spread and his arms bound high on his back, so Ryou had to rely on his captors to keep him on his feet. They had no intention of letting him fall. They had him just where they wanted him.

(Continued in chapter 4)