Breakfast With Bakura (Just A Fantasy II) 2/4
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 3/19/05

Pairings: Bakura/Ryou, Honda/Ryou

Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: bondage, m/m/m, torturous teasing of innocent (!) bishies!
Status: in progress

Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.
Summary: When Bakura left a note telling Ryou to meet him for breakfast, this isn't exactly what Ryou expected.

Notes: I didn't plan it from the beginning - a few random words I happened to write in the first chapter led to this. You just never know.

part 2: Sharing Breakfast

The alley was bright compared to the dark doorway Ryou was pushed through. He could just make out that he was inside a short hallway with doors on two sides. The grimy window in the outside door let in very little light, but it didn't matter anyway, because as soon as they were all inside, Bakura held his shoulders while Honda placed a blindfold over his eyes. He shivered as his vision was cut off. Immediately, his other senses sharpened. He heard their breath and their movements, and felt every touch. He could smell stale odors and old, damp wood. Bakura's fingers dug into his upper arms. Honda's warm hands cupped his face for a second after the blindfold was in place.

"We don't have to gag you, because there's no one around who will hear any sound you make anyway," he said. His fingers prodded Ryou's lips. "Besides, we have other plans for that pretty mouth of yours."

Ryou didn't know why there was a nerve that ran straight from the roots of his hair to the root of his cock, but there certainly was one. Bakura pulled his head to the side by the hair and nipped at his neck just as Honda slipped two fingertips between his lips. His knees almost gave out. They both laughed.

"Let's get him inside," Honda said, withdrawing his fingers. His voice was unusually rough.

Ryou heard one of the doors open, and then he was pushed through into a totally unknown space. They gave him no time to feel his way and he stumbled a little as they crossed the room. It sounded like a large place, filled with dull echoes and the smell of dust and old wood and oil. He thought some kind of machinery might be stored there. There were other odors that he couldn't identify. For a second he thought he caught a whiff of coffee, but he couldn't be sure.

He tripped over the edge of something, but they held him up and kept going. He was walking on something soft and yielding. They stopped and pushed him to his knees on the padded surface. Bakura knelt behind him with one arm locked inside his bound arms. The other arm came around from behind and pinned him back against Bakura's body. Bakura was quite a bit stronger than he was, as they both knew. He could struggle, but he wouldn't be able to wiggle free of that hold. He heard and felt Honda kneel in front of him. His skin prickled, waiting for any kind of touch.

"Get rid of his clothes," Bakura growled.

"Sure thing," Honda said.

He only jumped a little when he felt the hand on his leg, and he only whimpered a little in protest when Honda pushed his knees apart. Fingers trailed up his body lightly, making him shiver. Honda tugged the bottom of his tee shirt out of his jeans. Then Ryou froze when he felt something solid and cool touch his bare skin. It occurred to Ryou that they weren't about to pull his shirt off over his head with his arms bound behind him like this. He made a small, questioning sound, hardly daring to breath, trying to imagine what Honda might be holding - a knife?

He heard the soft ripping sound as a blade cut through fabric, and felt it just barely graze the skin of his stomach and torso as Honda sliced his shirt open. Bakura pulled his head back, and Ryou didn't think of struggling, while the blade slid all the way up to the neck of his shirt.

Bakura's hand now dropped onto his bare chest, still pinning him back, while Honda pushed the tattered shirt off his shoulders. Now Ryou felt three hands wandering over his skin, and heard their sighs of appreciation at what they'd uncovered.

"Let's see the rest," Honda said. They lifted him up to his knees. Bakura's fingers closed on a nipple at the same time that Honda pulled his jeans down. Ryou gasped and squirmed.

"Hold still, little treasure," Bakura said softly in his ear, a threatening purr. "If you make this difficult for us, he'll have to cut your jeans off as well."

Ryou caught his breath and went totally still. Something flat and solid was pressed against his inner thigh, a hard shape against the inseam of his jeans. It inched higher. Then a hand closed around his crotch, kneading him lightly, running one fingertip right down across his denim-trapped erection.

"I'd have to cut right about here," Honda said. "We don't want this blade that close, do we?"

In answer, Ryou stayed incredibly still, not even breathing until they both laughed again.

He let them lift him and pull shoes, socks, and jeans off without any kicking or struggling on his part. Except for the tattered shirtsleeves, the handcuffs, and the blindfold, he was now completely uncovered. Their hands ran over his skin, emphasizing his nakedness with light touches everywhere. Bakura's hand slid down between his legs, and his cock jumped at the welcome, familiar touch. Two other hands joined his, fondling him until it was all he could do to keep from thrusting his hips up wildly. His captors gloated over him, making wordless sounds of appreciation.

Then all at once the hands left him. Bakura held him one-handed with a firm grip on his shoulder and pushed him back down to kneel on his bent legs. To Ryou's surprise (and disappointment), he started to remove the cuffs. But as soon as his hands were free, they each grabbed an arm and stretched them out to either side. Another set of cuffs closed around each wrist, attached to something that kept his arms straight out to the sides. Then something else was placed around his ankles and pulled them wider apart, so he was kneeling with his knees apart and his arms spread wide. His body was fully exposed to their touch. They both moved away; he could hear them moving around the room, but he could no longer tell which was which. Without even Bakura touching him, he felt more vulnerable than ever.

He could do nothing but wait and wonder what they would do next. The anticipation made him shiver with pleasure. The room was just warm enough for comfort, even naked and nervous as he was. What were they doing, he wondered... he heard the soft rustle of clothing. With a rush of heat he realized that they must be undressing as well.

Then he heard other sounds, rattling and clinking sounds, as one of them moved or lifted something, brought it closer, and set it down nearby.

All of a sudden he caught the aroma of coffee again, only this time it was strong and definite, and accompanied by other surprising, familiar smells of food.

He raised his head blindly and sniffed. Bakura must have noticed him doing this because he laughed.

"I did invite you for breakfast, didn't I?" he said, and Ryou could hear the sly grin in his voice.

From the sound of his voice, he knew Bakura was a foot or so away on his right, so Ryou jumped when something touched him from the left. Honda's hand lifted his chin, and then again, fingers prodded at his lips. Only this time, there was something sweet and creamy on the fingers. Ryou squeaked with surprise and licked the whipped cream off Honda's fingers.

He suddenly remembered the other specialty of the American restaurant: it served western-style breakfast all day long, including pancakes with all the fixings. The next thing that touched his lips was sticky and very sweet: maple syrup.

"You didn't realize that you were going to become breakfast, did you?" Bakura said.

Ryou jumped as something warm and wet drizzled on his chest. A second later, more of the warm syrup was brushed on his lips. While he sucked on the sweet fingers, another mouth lapped at his skin, licking the sticky stuff that had run down over his nipples. He moaned a little around the finger.

They fed him with bites and drops at a time, and fed off him as well, coating him with syrup, cream, and fruit, then licking it off. They gave him sips of coffee and bites of cinnamon rolls and ripe berries. They coated his face and throat with thick, tangy-sweet lemon sauce, then licked it off together, making him squirm as two hot tongues lapped at his skin.

It was delicious to taste and to feel, but he was totally at their mercy, waiting expectantly without knowing if he would have something warm, hot, sweet, or soft placed in his mouth, or where something cold or sticky or slippery would land on his body. One of them coated his thighs with cream and syrup, and the other dropped down to lick the gooey mess off. A whole peeled banana was thrust slowly into his mouth, and he licked it and curled his tongue around it, sucking it as he slowly consumed it. One of them sighed heavily while he did this; he thought it was Honda.

They used more than their fingers to feed him as well. He eagerly devoured the cream and fruit smeared over Bakura's chest, enjoying the hisses and moans of pleasure that his lover made as much as he enjoyed the flavors. Ryou kissed Honda for the first time, sharing tart slices of orange and grapefruit from tongue to tongue.

They could reach him from all sides, and his backside was not neglected. Something warm and thick and smooth was spread down his back and over his buttocks, and then licked off by two quick tongues, with a few sharp little nips of teeth as well. Then something even more warm and slippery was pressed between his cheeks, while from the front, a strawberry was offered to his lips.

He realized suddenly from taste and scent that the berry was held in Bakura's mouth. That meant it must be Honda who was behind him with those fingers delving in to his most vulnerable place, greasing him with something invitingly warm. The realization made him flush hotly and moan, but the sound was tentative and questioning. No one else had ever touched him there except Bakura. It felt exciting and dangerous and strange. Bakura pushed the ripe berry into his mouth, kissing him, running sticky fingers through his hair. Honda kissed the back of his shoulder.

"You're so hot," he said, "so hot... "

Ryou's breath became shallow gasps as Honda prodded further, and Bakura kissed him more deeply. His lover pulled away, leaving him gasping. He pulled at his bonds a little then, writhing with a mixture of pleasure and resistance. Involuntarily, he clenched against Honda's invading finger, but that only inspired a groan of delight.

"Oh yeah, so hot and tight...." Honda said through gritted teeth behind him.

"Remember, you are mine," Bakura said softly. "I can share you -- if I chose to."

Ryou whimpered then, trying to nuzzle his face against Bakura's, but he couldn't reach. Slowly, Honda's fingers withdrew, leaving him tingling and feeling more vulnerable than ever.

Warm, slick, sticky hands closed on his cock. He rose up with a muffle scream, straining against the bonds. They stroked him together for a few seconds, twirling their sticky fingers around his full length, until his hips started to twitch uncontrollably. Then Bakura's hand, he knew it must be from its sure touch, clamped down on him and made certain he could go no further just then.

Through his own pounding pulse he could hear both of them breathing heavily as well. He wished he could see them. He could easily imagine Bakura's aroused state, and thinking of that made his mouth water more than any other fruit. He could also imagine Honda's trim, muscular body, although he'd never really had to chance to see him this way. He remembered the shape and size of his cock from the other time, but he wished he could see if he had that intense, almost hypnotic gleam in his eyes that had surprised and excited him then.

After a minute or so, when they were sure he was in control again, he heard Honda sigh then rise to his feet. "Time to clean up," he said.

Bakura murmured agreement and took his hand off him. Ryou felt bereft as he heard them both move away, leaving him once again helpless and exposed - and now, sticky as well. He licked his lips, tasting the remains of fruit and syrup and the taste of their skin. He knew there was food in his hair and everywhere else, in spite of their best efforts to lick it all off.

His pulse slowed to near normal while he listened to them moving around the room, muttering to each other. One of them moved the food containers away, he knew that much. But he couldn't tell what else they were doing, and couldn't guess what might happen next.

They both returned and each of them took one of his arms. They left the cuffs on his wrists and ankles him but released them from whatever they'd been attached to, and then they pulled him to his feet. Once again, he was guided a little roughly across the room. He guessed they passed through another door into a smaller space that echoed differently than the larger room. The floor felt like stone and there was a musty odor. His hands were raised over his head and attached to something, and then his legs were spread and the ankle cuffs secured.

If he'd felt vulnerable before, having his hands over his head was even worse. He felt stretched wide open, although he wasn't really being strained in any way. But he was totally disoriented, confused by the sharp echoes in the space so he couldn't tell where his captors were with any certainty, even though he could feel the air brush his skin as they moved around him.

Hands brushed lightly over his body from all sides, just to emphasize his total exposure. He shivered, although the room was warm. Then Bakura's familiar hand was under his chin, holding his head up and back. That had become a signal to his body, it seemed; he waited for the other hand to begin teasing him in some terrible, enticing way.

What he felt was a total shock - a stream of hot water sprayed on his back. He gasped and nearly fell forward. Bakura steadied him, and other hands came around him as well. Two warm, solid bodies held him pinned between them while deliciously hot water poured down over all of them.

"Missed a little syrup, I see," Bakura said, licking at his collarbone. "A shame to waste any," he added.

"Mmm," Honda agreed, licking a spot on his ribs under his arm. Ryou squealed and couldn't help wiggling. Bakura knew well that he was ticklish there, and he must have told Honda, because Honda laughed and continued lapping at him there. Ryou was certain no syrup had landed in that spot.

They shifted around him, and all at once he felt four slippery hands moving all over him as they soaped him up. The water and steam engulfed them all as they closed in on him, holding him steady so he didn't slip while they scrubbed his body clean.

Now Bakura was behind him and Honda in front. He could sense Honda's face near his and nuzzled forward, seeking contact. At first Honda avoided him, teasingly, but then their lips met. They shared a wet kiss with water splashing over Ryou's shoulders onto their faces.

Behind him, Bakura's strong hands began to stroke his hair, soaking it down, and then, to Ryou's intense, shuddering delight, lathering his hair with his favorite apricot-scented shampoo. He loved it almost more than anything else when Bakura washed his hair. He'd never had it done this way, though, where he couldn't use his own hands at all. It made him feel like he could melt and run down the drain with the soapy water.

While Bakura lathered and rinsed his hair, Honda's soap-slick body pressed against his from the front, sliding against him. Their wet, slippery erections nudged each other. Honda made a growling sound low in his throat. Finishing his shampoo, Bakura pressed against him from behind so his stiff cock poked at Ryou's ass. Ryou sighed aloud and wiggled between them as much as he could. At the same time, he let himself tug on his bonds, just to feel them.

When Bakura's wet hand slid between his buttocks, Ryou trembled and moaned. He was surrounded by slick, wet flesh, both bodies pressed against his. He could feel steam rising off their heated skin. Bakura's slick fingers slid inside of him easily, even though he clenched a little, just to feel the sensation. Honda's hand, equally wet and slippery, closed around their two cocks side by side, and Honda moaned against his mouth. Bakura's other hand tugged on his hair. Ryou nearly came on the spot. He cried out, wordlessly begging for Bakura to stop - or to continue.

"Don't," was all Bakura said.

"Please, I can't... I'm going to..."


Bakura withdrew his fingers. Ryou flung his head back against Bakura's shoulder. His scream of frustration echoed off the walls, sharpened by the water pouring over them. He strained to hold back the wonderful explosion that was waiting, just waiting... one more squeeze of Honda's hand, one more breath from Bakura on his neck, and he would have to let it go.


"Please," he whispered.

Suddenly, there were no hands on him at all. The pressure was gone. He started to breathe again, short quick breaths. He still wanted to let go, so badly, but he could stop himself now.

He heard Honda take a deep breath. "Wow."

"You don't know how beautiful you are when you struggle this way, my Ryou," Bakura said against his neck.

Ryou sobbed once. With the steaming water cascading over them, they waited while he quieted himself. Four arms encircled him and he could feel their hearts pounding as they pressed against him, none of them moving.

"Well done, little captive," Bakura said admiringly. His head was nestled on Ryou's shoulder. "We will have to reward you well for your self-control."

"Yeah. We'll make you glad you waited for us," Honda said, with the sound of a sly grin in his voice.

"Do you still want him?" Bakura asked Honda.

"Oh, yeah. With your permission, sir, I want him very much."

Ryou's heart skipped a couple of beats, hearing the lust in Honda's voice, and feeling the power of Bakura's arms wrapped around him.

"In that case, I think it's time to dry him off and bring him back to the other room, so that we can take him together." Bakura nipped at his earlobe, making Ryou squirm. "Are you ready for both of us, my treasure? I'm willing to share you, only because I know you are completely mine. Aren't you?"

Ryou leaned back against Bakura's broad chest and sighed.

"I am yours," he said.

to be continued....